Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 208 - Tiny Dancer On The Yellow Brick Road Again

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:
Decided to focus on getting Tiiaa and Astarå to 77
Tiiaa dinged 77 and learned Portal to Dal and the AT
Ran Nexus, first time both Tiiaa & Astarå died at the end, 2nd time Tiiaa died. Was going for the 3rd but Astarå dinged at the 2nd boss.

Strath's door is two way

Doing the Aspirant quests on Tiiaa & Astarå in AT
Dinged 78 on Astarå and then on Tiiaa running DThorn

Aprillian & Vrishna
Ran first wing of Mauradon. Not much xp but quick and fast.
We ran Strath living and then went down the road to do the undead
lvl 54 on the twins. Sunken Temple. is like 2/3 of the instance missing, or what? Blackrock Depths and flight paths galores. Now able to fly from Silvermoon to Stonard. Oooops, I think I dinged again, uh-huh. Yes, I dinged my twins.

No WoW AGAIN!!! So ashamed....
Semi Auto Milling

Email #

G'day Ctrl Alt Wow,

Just a quick response to Ashayo's question regarding an addon which auto mills herbs. While I don't think there is one which is fully automated, there is a plugin to the Auctioneer suite called Enchantrix.
Within the configuration of Enchantrix you can have it watch your bags for herbs. When it finds a stack of 5 you will be prompted with a small window asking if you wish to mill them.
As I said, it's not fully automated milling but it is still easier than the default Blizzard method.
By the way, this can also be used with disenchanting but use with caution.


Lvl 85 Undead Rogue

Email #

Hey CAW crew,

It seems that some people are having problems understanding my English, so I asked Mrs. Kithore to translate for me this week. We hope you enjoy (and better understand) our audio submission. Have a great week!
For the Alliance,
Kithore of Dragonblight
(elbigvato on twitter)

Email #

My Week in WoW (sorta)
Hey CAW Crew,

Claypidgin here just giving you my weekly update. Loved the show last
week and for some reason I feel like I should write again. Feel free
to stop me anytime.

Anyway, this week in WoW I decided to change it up a bit since I am on
vacation. I ended up making an Alliance and Horde toon on Winterhoof,
checked the CAW channel and I was alone. Went back later a few times.
I was a lone. I guess tis not the season to join the CAW guild but I
will keep checking. I also created a Worgen druid on Dragonblight
named Wordrik. Between Monday and Wednesday he is now level 18. Go me.
Granted I have heirlooms to help me along. Does anyone know whether
the 5% experience increase that guild members get required a certain
reputation? Worgen hunter to level 20 at the end of last week. I'm not
so sure I like hunters. Too much decided on what pet to get, feeding
them, etc etc. Not my cup of tea. I have 3 kids and 2 dogs already. I
don't need something else to rely on me to live.

Out of WoW I decided to work out with my wife. We were doing stuff
with Wii Fit but decided it was too easy so now we are trying EA
Sports Active 2. It has been kicking my butt, so I guess it works. We
shall see. I would like to be healthier for my family and as my wife
isn't a gamer any type of game she wants to play whether it is a
workout or not is something I want to spend time doing with her.

Anyway, short email this week.
Happy WoWing.


Hi CAW crew,

Attached is my audio for EP 208

Email #

Email #

Shout Outs & Thank You

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 207 - It's The Same But Different

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Audio from Iceflow and Coaboi

Hey guys,

Changed it up and sent a audio segment this time. It's a little long but it's no longer than you all reading an email with intteruptions ;) Love you guys and talk to you later!

Iceflow and Caoboi

What We've Been Doing:

Tuesday morning, got bored and loaded rift. Took too long to install.
Physics are off.

Sat= Triple boxed UK
Aprillian & Vrishna

Wailing Caverns to Scarlet Monastery to Zul Farrak

Heroic Ahn'kahet, Volunteer Work (Defeated Jedoga Shadowseeker on heroic without killing any Twilight Volunteers), instance lockout
Virinya- Almost a Crusader. Darkspear Trolls all that is left. Revered now and narrowing down on Exalted !

Karinya & Narinya

Somebody likes me (Bilgewater Cartel ... VROOM VROOM !), Wailing Caverns, Zul Farrak, Fast and Furious and 16 levels in 2 days, 10 in one night

Projected Textures wasn't on since Cata - makes a difference to see "the stupid" on the ground

- Was 75/75 in Arch and made 2 artifacts :(
- Magmaw down! Great kiting Ostira. Thanks to Rhyyk for great resto tips.
- Omnitron Defense System - lots going on, but as a healer, only have to worry about a few of them - standing in Arcanotron's blue circle buff, aoe healing during Magmatron's fire, Moving away from the group if hit by Electron's lightning, staying out of Toxitron's poison.
- Maloriak down again
- Halfus down
- Valiona/Theralion - 9%, but got a blackout in phase 2 when we were not ready to group up
- H Grim Batol & Lost City with DwP guys

- 525 herbalism

- Finished Deepholm. Seemed to go quicker 2nd time around. Hit revered with Therazane on same day doing the dailies. But can't buy/use anything till I hit 85!
- back to dual-boxing - Anomander/Jekle doing Therazane dailies
- Dinged 85 ; most of 84 from archeology

Ashamed not to listen sooner.

Email #

Hi CAW guys and gals,

I haven't written in quite awhile but I still listen to each and every ctrlaltwow as they hit itunes. I have had a sort of lackluster cataclysm experience until recently when I joined AIE. The 2 guilds that I have been in have pretty much split apart. Both of the guilds, one horde and one alliance are with the same group of people and were primarily headed by a bf/gf couple. But around Christmas they started having relationship problems and it affected the guild. It wasn't so much drama, just awkwardness and a level on uncomfortablity that accompanied any atttempts at guild runs.

I would still log on and the newness of the Worgans was very fun but I quickly began to miss the interaction of people. Pugs just wasn't cutting it. So I finally decided to give AIE a try. I had a few weeks before the end of the month and was able to get to lvl 18 before I joined. Once I got my instructions of how to join, imagine my surprise when I was able to request an officer for an invite and I say Ashayo on the list. I have to admit that I was smiling at the fact that I was able to get an invite from Ashayo himself. I guess I should say that my AIE toon is Qwisp, a goblin priest.

So far I've had a lot of fun since joining AIE. It amazing how much of a difference it is to have people to chat with a little and even just eavesdrop until you see something that you can add to. I haven't attempted a guild run yet, mainly because i'm low level and it most of the people who seem to be on have been many levels higher than me. I'm still having a good time doing the cooking and fishing daily and fitting whatever qwests in that I can. Oh, and I'm doing the herbalism and mining professions and I have to say I love getting xp for those. I've also tried archaeology for the first time and the xp is good but I know it will be a long haul to level.

Well I guess that is all for now. Thanks for all of the work that you all put into the podcast! I really appreciate it and look forward to every episode.


Email # from Lesman
Love the Show

Aloha C.A.W. crew, I just wanted to write in to let you guys know that I think you guys do a great show and I can't wait for a new show to download every week! Lately I have been just listening to the latest episodes of Ctrl alt wow, Bind on Equip, Liquid Wow and The Instance over an over during the last week and a half to get my WOW fix due to my gaming computer being stolen from my house along with other things! Everything is good though, me, my wife and kids were not home at the time and everything that was taken can be replaced by my house insurance. I guess the silver lining to this situation is that it is UPGRADE TIME! The bad thing is I am missing playing with my guildies in POH on Jub Jub and my guildies in Damage Inc. on Feathermoon. I don't have as many alts as you all do but here is my short list: Horde in POH, Lanakia 85 troll hunter, Fridgette 81 B elf Mage, Bigbearings 80 Orc dk and Lilnutz 13 goblin shaman. Alliance in Damage Inc. Kaledor 85 night elf dk, Majicmyst 83 human warlock and Romolus 29 worgen Druid ( leveling as a healer an loving it!). Well I hope to see all of you in game soon! Aloha, Lesman

PS. Don't enter me in the contest, I have an authenticator and the pets would be better off with someone who will enjoy them more( I'm just not into noncombat pets!) :)

Sent from my iPod

Email # Audio from Gravenau
Top of the morning to you

First things first this week I downloaded that other game as of yet I have not played it I also downloaded another game called magica and I have played that.

Email # from Kona

Hello to all of the wonderfull hosts of CTR Alt WoW
Kona here with another update, WEll I did it I made 85 right after my last email, woot. I started Konajack on January 23 and after 7 days 7 hrs of play time he hit 85 On march 8th.
i finished all the quests in Vashir and moved on from there to Twilight Highlands, I am about 10 quests away from finishing that zone achivement. Really liking the storyline and gaining rep with the Wildhammer clan, New blue helm to finaly replace the green that I have had forever. I'm also starting to run the TolBarad dailes and doing the battle there too, The Hoarde have the zone all the time so All I can do are just the first 6 dailies.
Konajack tries to run at least on random a day and I have had good luck with pugs in some of the heroics, But there was this one Halls of Origination, I came in late, as the instance was already going, and after many wipes and many many toons leaving and being replaced I finished it. There were none of the original party members left. What a grind that one was.
So let me tell you about the best part of the week. I logged in and was given as a rift from my guild the Darkmoon card Hurricane. That was awesome. It was for being the first 1-85 Toon in the guild. So shout out and thanks to Josh, Hannaha, Pete, Alaric, And Derrick for that.
Im hoping to give some updates on My other toons, Im sure they would love some time too. Till then
For the Love of the game Kona and his many alts

Email # from Kurly

Hey folks,
So ima hope to be with you on the Ustream this evening, but in the event I dont make it for what ever reason here is me email for the week!

First let me admit that I have been playing Rift, and I have to admit that overall it is a great game that is indeed a lot of fun. The drawbacks for me are that all of the races are very similar in appearance and each faction only has one starting zone. So any new toon is going to go through the same areas as the previous....which, hypotheticallty, could get boring if a person has already rolled four toons in each faction...cough, er, umhum.....

Okay....back to WOW
The majority of the last week I have been trying to level my Dwarf Shaman Kyradanka (Keera-dank-ah) as my friends are all in their low 70's and I am 69. I have been doing random dungons and have met with a limitless supply of bouche dags to a level I have never seen before. Holy Pally's trying to tank, Mages and Hunters pulling everything in eyeshot and at least one person has been kicked for being a total, utter, and complete tool. It really does drag the whole experience down and I wish people would just get over it and try to enjouy themselves!!

I dont know if I mentioned it in my last email.......cuz I know I have been mentioning everywhere else...but my friends from Seattle bought me a new computer for my birthday and I only have one thing to say...........60 FPS ON ULTRA!!!!! It really is a whole new is more beautiful than I thought and the processor is SOOO good, I can run two WOW's at the same time, with both toons looking at each other in a main city with no lag....can we say WOOOOT! If I was inclined to dual box, I think I would now be able too, since I now have two accounts, but I am afraid its not my thing, and I am happy now that I can roll leveling toons in my guilds.

On a sadder note, my roomate and I had to put our pooch, Jackie, to sleep earlier this week. I say so only because she used to sleep in a bed in the office while I played WOW, and have a pet or two named for her. We had her for nearly three years, and she went peacefully. She will be missed horribly, but I know that she is still saying: "When are you going to get off of that computer and take me out to pee!!!"

Jackie Mymzie Abazabooboo Poochka Von Ishkabibble: 1994 - 2011


You all have a wondeful night...and see you on the interwebs!!

(see photo of me and her)

Email #

Disco Dance Party
Hey CAW Crew,

Claypidgin/Londrik here. I have to say I really enjoyed last weeks
show. Juuno's blurb on the dance party in the chatroom was especially
entertaining. When is she going to be a guest host again with all of
you? I think it would be a great idea to have her on again. I am sorry
your ustream adventures didn't end the way you wanted. I plan on
trying to make the next one but 1:30AM is really late for me.

This week has been much of the same. Ran a couple randoms. Flooded
twitter with my inane ramblings. Farmed. Twitter. Farmed some more. I
did get back over 10,000 gold again. I am tempted to try and save
enough to get the Vial of Sands. It was "only" 47,000 gold on the
auction house. Quite a deal. Gives me heartburn to think about it. I
do have to admit getting my iPhone this week has caused me to play WoW
less. New toys tend to do that I guess *cough* Rift *cough*. A guild
mate of mine Sarajean and I have been playing WoW for about 2 and a
half years now. We both started playing full time about a month before
Wrath came out so I got into the game late. We have known each other
for over 10 years now online. We played MUDs together and then when
the MUD we played shut down lost touch for a bit. Then WoW brought us
back together and I met another good friend her husband Kithore and
the three of us have been playing since. I think an important part of
WoW is the community. I don't think I would have paid $15 a month for
so long without it.

I have a question for you all. What games are you all fond of that are
not online games? Personally I enjoy RTS type games like Sid Meires

Anyone, I guess I WoWed less this week than I thought because I just
sent you a Jeppy-sized paragraph of nothing.

Happy WoWing.
US Dragonblight
Want to Date my Avatar Guild

Hey all,

Here is another audio submission by kithore. Hope you all like,

For the Alliance, and the fuzzy dice!

kithore of dragonblight

Shout Outs & Thank You
Mo Mo Moments

Hello everyone,
hope you are all well and having a great March so far in and out of game.

Last week I had wrote to you stating I will have a more interesting, content full email.....
Well I am to disappoint (not really) I am sorry to say that this week has been wowless for me. I dont think I even logged in once.

So once again I have to apologize and ask for your forgiveness and work on some wow time.

I logged into rift for a short time because I received an email from Trion my account was on coin lock. I found out that is Rift's version of an automatic authenticator.
I logged into rift than had to enter a code to unlock my characters. Pretty cool and I know they will just improve on it.

I hope you dont mind me enjoying all the hard work you all do and listen in as always.

Until next time,

For the find some time to play wow!



Monday, March 14, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 206 - Can you Hear me Now

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 206 - Can you Hear me Now

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Hello darlings!

I hope everyone's doing great! Here's a little sum-sum I cooked up for ya.

*big hugs!!!*

Juuno =)

What We've Been Doing:

Triple Boxing Ah kahet

JC daily, levelling JC
Prospecting is like scratch ticket

Astarå dinged 76 in Ah Kahet

4 Froststeel lockboxes in about 10 mobs
Aprillian & Vrishna

Shadowfang Keep with Karinya, Narinya and Virinya

Virinya gets 1000 daily quests completed. Tried to grind rep in Thunder Bluff. Where has all the questing gone?


Stuff with stuff in WoW

Email from Kona

contest win acceptance from episode 202 the epic Ashayo 3 roll and and update

Greetings to all of the great Ctrl Alt Wow hosts,
Kona here again with an update on how things are going. Konajack once again has been taking all my time up, but I'm loving every minute of it.
Since I last emailed I have once again met up with Hemith Nesingwary and done his biddings, oh were will he show up again. Between that and doing the Argent tournament dailies and the quests they give out there, I hit 80 in a heart beat. SO off I went to the new cata zones, Vashir was my start on this one, I have gone much further in this zone than with any other of my toons. I have Helped out Bud, and have made my way into the head of some great creature being controlled by those Evil Naga. I have even been a Naga fighting Kvaldir in some sort of spirit world. Im nowhere close to being finished with Vashir but KonaJack is now lvl83. I'm going to do my best to finish the zone, but right now I moved on to Deepholm for better gear. I'm in no rush to move to a different zone, but i needed to get my ilevel higher to access more dungeons.
I have enough gold to buy the Epic 310 flight but have not yet, looking to get a little buffer of gold first. I do love dual gathering more so now that you can see more than one type of node on the map. Sadly all this leveling has made doing archeology kinda hard, always time down the road for that. My main goal right now is to start to gather up the mats I''l need to get the Kickback 5000 made, Not willing to spend 6k gold on a gun, and also grinding rep for some good lvl85 gear. I'm hoping to start running some 85 heroics with the guild soon.
As always "For the fun of the game" No matter how you play it
Kona and his many alts

Email Audio from Matt Diox

Hey Ctrl Alt WoW crew,

Yes, Matt is sending in an audio submission how weird.
I hope everyone is doing well.
This audio was done completely on the fly in between playing a game -cough- RIFT!!! -cough-

Lots of hugs and potatoes fused with Eggplants,

- Matt

audio from Gravenau

I know I said I wouldn’t subject you to the strains of my voice this week but then you changed the goal posts so here we go.

Email from Kurly.

Just what is going on with all of you..

So, just what in the name of all that is unholy was going on there last broadcast? Ashayo and Molly in your house? (where are the photo's! ) Ashayo going to the Space Shuttle Launch......Jeppy was gone for weeks.....just exactly who do all of you work for and what secret mind controlling pulse to you put in this podcast?

Okay...that was fun. So sorry I am yet again, sans an audio submission. I tried to do one last week, and started laughing at my self
in the middle of it and could not stop laughing every time I tried...this went on for about an hour so I gave up.....oh did I mention I turned 41 on March 3rd.....feel free to send gifts. I had a few days off and had a grand plan to work on my toons' professions on Norgannon. Now keep in mind that I have three herbalists, three miners, and three skinners each feeding mats to other toons that are doing all the crating professions and I still want to cry each time try to start crafting something. My jewel crafter/blacksmith cant smelt, but I forget she cant smelt so I send her raw ore that she really cant do anything with so I have to send it back to the miner who can smelt, who then sends it back to her. I break into a cold sweat when I look at inscription where you have to turn mats into something else so that you can make yet another something that you need to mix with something to make something......WHAT???!!!

My 3V3 team (cheers to Jeff and Ivan) have finally cracked a 1200 rating and as a result have been able to get some very decent PVP gear on my priest, Mhetzo, who is now at 2436 resilience and not an easy gal to kill in PVP...FUN FUN!

I have also been playing my Gnome Priest, Khurly, on Winterhoof, and I have discovered that Holy is a lot of fun, and look forward to leveling her.

I still have to learn how to tank...I have no friends with toons at my tanks levels and so its all LFG groups and they are often less than helpful.

So much for me this week. One of my WOW buds from Seattle is coming to stay with me in Boston 3/10-3/14 and we are going to PAX...if you know anyone going on the Friday, please feel free to to hook us up as I would love to show Jessica some fun, and I am quite dull.....


Email from

I won, yay (from vanhellsig)

I just wanted to apologize to you Aprillian. hearing my email read, I sincerely hope that you were not offended by message. I totally relate to your personality on air, which is why you are my favorite podcast.

I live in Canada so I understand if you can't send me the authenticator for any reason.

Email from Jonick

Whats makes me an altaholic

Hello CAW crew...From Jonick now a level 85 Hunter from the Midnight special guild on the cenarion cirlce u.s. realm.

Well I made it to level 85 with my Worgen hunter...and I have maxed out Mining....Skinning, which with a Worgen is 540, and also archeology. All of that is during the time of the Cataclysm. So I have been playing a fair amount over the winter, and the other day I looked down to realize I had gained few pounds over that time also. So I have slowed my playing time and gone outside... I live in Texas and it has been in the 70s here for few weeks.

I listen to the podcast while walking and ..sometimes jogging. Well the other day a strange thing happened, I was walking a wooded trail near my house and a deer crossed my path.. And I thought arrow...explosive shot...kill shot...skinning knife = 2 gold in the auction house.

This got me thinking might be an altaholic if:

5) during passion.. you let slip "Ohh Jaina Proudmore"

4) While shopping you mutter..."Anyone do leatherworking."

3)While working on your wifes car, she asks "whats wrong with it" and you say " 2 words.....Goblin technology"

2)During passion your wife says, "THRALL"....F....nnnnn Horde.....

1) You take the time to write an email to CAW.....

P.S. Well happy and fun Warcrafting....remember it is just a game...I think Stormwind needs a crazy guy running around saying.. "I'm winning...."

Email from Brew Dawg

Hello all from Brew Dawg,

I hope y'all are doing well. I apologize if my greeting last week was offensive. Listening to y'all every week I feel like we are old friends even though we've never met.

I also apologize for my spelling errors. I am a horrible speller. I learned to read on my own at a very early age. However I read English like you would read Chinese. I see words as complete pictures and don't really see the letters. I've been able to read at a collage level from the age of 5
but in many ways I'm still functionally illiterate.

My poor spelling actually kept me away from MMO's for many years. I was an avid D&D player in the 80's but avoided playing games like Ultima and Everquest because of my poor spelling. I have a degree in Physics but can't spell Dungeon without a spell checker.

I spent most of last week in New Orleans with my family for Mardi Gras so not much WoW. However with BrewDawg in raid mode I'm looking forward to having fun with my alts this weekend. I've been PVP'ing with my level 85 hunter, learning to tank with my 63 DK, healing BG's with a level 12 disco
priest and I've rolled a baby warrior.

I also have a level 75 Prot Pally. He is actually my oldest toon on Earthen Ring. Shortly after joining AIE he started running instances with a group of guildies. For over two years we run once a week and we only run together. Our group pre-dates the Random Dungeon Finder. There has been some turnover but three of us go all the way back to the beginning and four back to BRD.

All the other members had toons at max level. They thought me a lot about WoW over the years and the time spent in game with them is a joy.

Thanks for all the laughs and making my 2hr round trip commute to work a lot better one day each week.

Brew Dawg

Email #1 from Londrik

Hey CAW Crew,

It's been awhile since I wrote last. I did send an email back at
beginning of February congratulating you all on your 200th episode but
I guess it was lost in the mail. What have I been doing in WoW you
ask? Maybe not but I will tell you anyway.

Since Cataclysm launched I have gotten my DK and my Warlock both to
85. Congrats Vrishna on your 85 as well!! For the longest time my DK
was my main but I am having problems with melee in the new dungeons.
It stinks and I die a lot. Maybe I just need to LTP but I was fine in
Wrath. So I play my Warlock and the ranged characters seem to be doing
me justice. Pity I can't move my 53 mounts and 30 pets from my DK to
my Lock. But ah well, something else to work on.

I have been making a ton of gold picking weeds and mining ore and by
now probably close to 25 thousand of that has gone to leveling my
tailoring and enchanting on my warlock and getting gear for all my
toons. The thought makes me cringe. I was half way to getting the Vial
of Sands on the auction house. I really want to turn into a dragon
mount. Speaking of mounts, I found out also this week, in addition to
a 359 trinket and a 346 weapon there are mounts for sale in Tol Barad.
I have been 85 since December! Do you know how many dailies I could
have completed since then? I hang my head in shame.

Lastly, I felt this bears repeating from my lost email. I tweeted a
rockstar and they replied back to me! Who do you ask is this rockstar?
El Jeppy of course!

Londrik from the "want to date my avatar" guild
US Dragonblight Server
@claypidgin on twitter

PS -- Aprillian did you get an ipad 2? And have any of you seen the
new series that Felicia Day is in for Dragonage?

Email Audio from Rigarmorty

Hi Aprillian, Eljeppy, Ashayo and Virshna,

Attached is my voice message for Episode 206! I've brought back sound effects!


Rigarmorty (Eric)

Email Audiofrom Nevik

Despite my being sick with the man-flu all week I wanted to get *something* in at least. So here we go, it's short and sweet.


Shout Outs & Thank You


hope everyone is doing well.
Just a mini email this week as I have had a major case of insomnia and I am traveling to Sacramento for the weekend for work.

I have played a little wow this week and other games so I hope to send you a more content full email or at least a more interesting one.

Looking forward to listening in on the next episodes and be good everyone,
Have fun.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 205 - Moar Chat Room!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Call to Arms was answered


Hello Darlings!! I'm so sorry I missed last week...I was just so zonked out last week (mega fail, I know =( And thank you SOOOO much, Aprillian, for letting me know to get this in now...I would have been SO sad if I missed another week! I love you guys, and miss you too.

*great big hugs*

Juuno =)

What We've Been Doing:

Didn't bring my A game to play with Ashayo.
Really enjoyed the Ustream, wish I had thought to bring in people in the stream, might do that next time.

Moobya, guild AIE Approved Beef, GM hadn't played

Triple boxed Nexus on new MBP

Got new hotspot, iClear
Had to call in on on the phone protected one and reset my password on the authenticatored account

Epril dinged 84 - little bit of xp from power running dungeons, from fishing, cooking & jc dailies & AT
Just started the fishing dailies, lots of xp, and no real fishing so far.

Triple boxed Drak'thorn while watching Doctor Who and fast walking/running on treadmill

Still power leveling Astarå in Enchanting. Not in too much of a hurry, she can't go beyond 425 until she's 75.
Someone cornered the market on infinite dust:

Aprillian & Vrishna
Ran Grizzly Hill Dailies
Did AT Dailies
I so enjoy doing dailies with Vrishna

PVP in Blue Hills logging

Got exalted with Undercity and bought rep accidentally after I was done

Removed fizzle's hand and lassoed the thunder lizards


Virinya got 10 exalted reps

Finally broke down and bought another guild bank tab

Reported player

If Rift were WoW I'd be a king....

Email #A

By the skin of my teeth (Not)

Dear CAW crew,

I have been listening to your show for a couple months, just after returning to wow after probably 18 months off. I recently asked a friend about all of the toons out there with titles and he said that those come from seasonal events. I considered this for a moment before deciding to jump into the Lunar festival which was ending in about 5 days. I intially started the event with my Lv. 68 Shaman but then decided it would be easier if I did it with my lv. 85 DK due to the dungeons. Anyway I worked on the various achievements for the next several days until the last day of the event where I had just two achievements left, Elders of the Dungeons and elders of Northrend. Elders of the Dungeons was easy as I had already done everything but the Northrend dungeons and a friend was helping me. I had several hours to spare and only one hurdle to overcome, Wintergrasp was under horde control. The battle would be starting soon and as someone who had never done any pvp I was a bit nervous. The horde must have realized that if they could maintain control of the zone for the remainder of the day it would prevent any alliance players from completing the event because they came out in force. A dozen or so lv 85's against 4 80+ players. It did not go well, however I would not give up. A couple hours later I tried again with a similar turn out and results. I was now starting to worry. I would only get one more opportunity to win this battle before losing the achievement for the year. My friend told me anything could happen but I should prepare myself for the worst. I was becoming desperate. The thought that completeing this event would escape me because of a single obstacle threatened to drive me mad. I decided I would try to plead for assistance from other players. At approximately 12:20, just minutes before the final battle be fore zero hour, I went to Dalaran and requested aid. I explained how the Hoard was trying to prevent us from earning the event and it worked. When the battle started there were a solid 12 players and it continued to grow over the ten minutes it took to take the zone. I was riding an incredible high in the following days telling all that would listen of my valiant battle. I then decided to try for love is in the air event in which I eventually completed. I have now decided that I will get a Violet proto drake in one year. I would like to thank you for keeping me motivated to complete my task weekly. I couldn't have done it without you,

Thank you,

Darksteel Feathermoon
Isisa Feathermoon
RandiWallace Feathermoon

Email #B

Greetings to the Criminal from down under, the Pom from across the pond, my fellow "noob" Varishna and the lovely Ms. Aprillian,

I hope all are well. I've been busy since Cata dropped. I race changed my Hunter Treaul (troll) to a goblin (yes he's a goblin named troll) and leveled him to 85 in 5-6 days. After getting Treaul geared for Heroics I leveled my feral tank Brewdawg to 85.

My original intent was to raid with my hunter but the team I was running heroics with always needed tanks. Brew's gear progression outpaced Treaul's so when it was time to start raiding my hunter got left behind. I enjoy tanking. For almost 20 years I plaid Prop, front row in a Rugby Scrum, so tanking fits my personality.

The regular tanks from the team I was running with returned relegating Brew to bench warmer status. This just after CAW's own Ashayo helped move Brewdawg into that team's co-guild.

All things happen for a reason, a tanking spot opened with a different team who's raid schedule is a better fit for me. We've gotten 4 bosses down and are progressing nicely.

I had to laugh about Varishna spending 2k gold on gear. I've spent well over 50k gold on gear, enchants, and gems over the last few weeks. DPS and healers can overcome lower gear with skill but raid Tanks are gonna get hit hard so you need all the avoidance and health you can get your hands on.

Brewdawg now has most of the gear available outside of raids so I'm starting to feel free to play alts. However one of the great things about Druids is they can be 4 alts in one toon. I've been working on becoming proficient at kitty DPS for encounters that only require one tank. The Kitty "rotation" is arguably the most complicated in WoW. It's not nearly as bad as it was pre 4.0 but you can't top the meters anymore either.

It was great to hear IceFlow and Caoboi on the podcast and Miss Molly was a treat as well. Caoboi and IceFlow were very humble on the show so I want to boast on their behalf. Their raid team is one of the top progression teams on Earthen Ring.

They are shining examples that you can be Elite without being an Elitist Jerk.

I'll end my ramblings with a couple of tips:

Everyone should run the content they enjoy. However I wanted to make sure you and your listeners were aware of the Nerf Bliz made to XP gains with 4.0. Once you out-level the content of an expansion zone (60 for old world, 70 for outland, and 80 for Northrend) you only receive 10% of the xp from killing mobs and turning in quests.

And the little arrows your seeing above mobs heads may be from a hunter's "Marked for Death" talent. A Marksmanship hunter's Chimera and Arcane Shots automatically apply it. It's similar to a Hunter's Mark however it's not dispellable and will not prevent stealth or invisibility.

AIE For Tuna!
E Pluribus Unum

Audio from Nevik:

205 Submission even though you didn't ask /sadpanda

I can take a hint. I'll get on those bumper-stickers master of the whip. But hey, I did add some iPad covers to the CAW store.


Email #C from Gravenau

Sorry I have no audio this week mainly because I just knocked off work and besides lvling my hunter a couple of lvls not much has happened I hope to pour some seriouses time into it over the next couple of days but I also have to help build the front porch. Listen to the live CAW and had a moment of worry with the high five with the size difference could have ended badly also haven’t got to play that other MMO that begins in R. Now I am off to bed catch you all later and it’s always awesome to hear new eps.

For the horde for the Alliance for the sand grophers

And for ctrl alt wow force

P.S Remind Nevik to use his translator on this email

Email #D from Jonick

Hey listened to the podcast...I won the role and would like the pets...thanks alot...

jonick on the cenarion circle u.s. realm

Email #E

Here's my message for Episode 205 recording today! Hope I made it in time!


Rigarmorty (Eric)

Email #F
Hey guys,

I wanted to write again to let you guys know how aprillian has changed my life.
Whenever I say something silly, or a joke that no one gets, my first thought is "oh well, it was funny on my head"
And I think of you guys.

I wrote in a few weeks back asking about mages. I asked which spec to use for leveling.

My Mage is now 85 and running heroics.

My experience is the best spec for leveling at the moment is arcane. Nether vortex puts slow on automatically so as long as u pull carefully and don't grab packs ( arcane Has lackluster aoe ) mobs die in like 2 hits from arcane blast. Arcane blast can hit for over 60k for me right now with a 4 stack ab buff.

I'm switching to fire for pvp now instead of frost, as I Don't do arena. Fire has less survivability but crazy aoe and single target. If I get a combustion on you, I may die first but you are going down soon after.

Thanks for the fun show, I would be in the contest please, but only if you have an authenticator. I wants me a cute baby corehound... Oh yeah account security is nice too.

Vanhellsig the worgen formerly known as ghitta - resto Druid ( my main from vanilla, sadly parked in stormwind, but was the first to get to 85 )
Kilrogg server

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Email #G from Iceflow and Caoboi

Hey CAW Crew!

Going to make it short and sweet this week. I know we haven't been writing a lot, but to be fair, we haven't been playing WoW a lot either.

J and I have been on a rep grind lately. We grinded some BC reps and duoed some BC heroic dungeons. It was a joke how simple it was.

Iceflow finally got her Netherwing rep and all of the mounts that go with it. It takes forever to do it if you do it sporadically.

We've been raiding regularly and now we are 10 out of 12 bosses down for this raiding tier. It's fun but it's pretty much all we do in WoW these days.

Well just wanted to say hi to you all. We love you guys and talk to you soon!

For the Horde

Iceflow and Caoboi

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
Happy midweek!
Thank you to our wonderful hosts we were given a heads up for this awesome midweek surprise of an episode.
It was great to experience our favorite podcast in the ustream page and chat while we listen in (and play for some of use :)

I look forward to future shows that might be ustreamed and chat with other listeners.

For the past week or so for me, I have not played as much as I would have liked to however I still have some news.
I was able to get into Nevik's guild Awry on Cenarius (horde of course, was there a doubt :)) with a DK I had made. I informed the officer that invited me that I would like to get a feel for the guild and also so they can see how I am as a wower. I may be one of the few wow players to not have a DK above 60 or 61, I think I have one somewhere that is level 61. I just have never been into that class and never been interested enough to level one to max level. I know I will challenge myself to level a DK one of these years so we shall see. Any of you feel the same way about the DK class?
As mentioned, with my minimal playing time, I was not on Cenarius long so I do hope I can spend more time there in the hopes of transferring my priest Moheal to that new server and join Awry guild if they will have me :)
On Moheal (who is still on feathermoon) I did some dungeoning as I helped a guildy get to heroic level and also tried some heroics, ughhh were they ugly. I was making mistakes and so were others. I switched my spec again to help with some mana issues but as we know "it takes a village" ok in wow it takes a group to be successful. If the tank is not capable of moving on a fight where they have to move of course I will run out of mana and we all die. If the dps is not able to move or do what they have to do and I heal them more than I really need to, you got it! I will run out of mana and we all die!
I guess that is why we punish ourselves in random dungeons, for those wonderful challenges we may face.

On sad news (please tell Aprillian and Jeppy to not listen to this part! Please!) I have let a RAF expire and I have only leveled the characters to level 30 :( So sad.
what is more sad than that? in game of course.

Like many of you alters I have many things to work on, many players I would like to level either to 85 or lowbies to just level up.

And yes I have also tried rift and it is not bad so far. So if you have not tried it, you are warned, you may be hooked on it. I still cannot pin point what is different about rift compared to wow, besides the rifts duh!

Oh I forgot, on Moheal I was able to buy the mammoth mount that has the vendors and the epic flying. From leveling and selling things from leveling 80-85, mining I was able to have enough gold to get that.
The quest gold is pretty crazy and when you get the dailies going on a nice routine, I wonder what gold dump they will make next. I still do not have a chopper, or mechano hog so that will be my next gold sink.

Thank you again for all you do.
Hope to see you in the meta world!

For the Ctrl Alt Wow!