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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 274 - We’ve Been Hads

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Darlings!  I hope everyone is doing wonderfully!  

This recording is weird cause I'm freaking whispering during the whole thing... lol!  And my dang air conditioner came on towards them end... /face palm... but I suppose something is better than nothing, right???  <=.D  I hope so anyway...hehehe... love you guys and gals!  

The screenshots are from the wonderful Pixiegirl...I hope you can open them alright, Aprillian...

/great big late-night hugs!

Juuno & Pixiegirl

What We've Been Doing:


Bael Modan


- LFR : managed to wipe on ultraxxion which is impressive for a spank and tank - went on to win a ring, and tier legs. Just one more piece for 4 set bonus.
- Needed 4 red gems, and still over 200g for blue quality. Wasn't focusing, and so used to cutting brilliant inferno ruby, forgot I was supposed to cut agility for the hunter!
- Got trolls on the scale fight that deliberately wiped the raid by killing corruptions to get more amalgamations
- Then someone started fight when half the people were still dead
- Exalted with guild [Time Flies When You're Having Fun]
- Exalted with Hellscream's Reach, but still need 52 commendations to get the Drake

- Great XP at 83 on DK! Dinged 84, didn't even get to Outlands
- Ahune ilevel gear is still 353 BOO!  Probably explains the long queues
- Did get Frigid Frostling pet though

- Healing for Sadistic Lemons
- New healing dagger, tier pants, and belt! Now 383!
- Had enough valor to buy a new cloak, and justice to buy a non-pvp relic. Cataclysmically Epic achievement - i385

- Happily questing in Azshara at 16 and get a quest to get some plans for Subject Nine. I ring the door buzzer on the Secret Lab archives, the door opens, a Mutant Goblin comes out,my void walker goes inside, the door closes. I managed to kill the goblin, but even dead there were tentacles still attacking me... dead
Idea: Level a toon ONLY during festival / world events


Damn you goldshire!!
Draenai brainfart
Vashjir Boogie
Can’t stop farming
Warhammer Stronghold > Stormwind
Deepholm ‘Aggra Tells - this is it brace yourself’
Pee from above



For the inspiration

I really haven’t got much to say about anything this week so heres my audio
Big G

Submission for: June 25th 2012 (25-06-2012)

Hello CAW Crew

Sorry for the lack of audios recently, we've both been fighting off sinus infections again. Blech.

Didnt have a lot of time to play this week. I did another bout of retro raiding AQ 40 with Speed Racer, Pixie Girl and Lastkiss/Necro though we couldnt get past the twin emperors, was a little tricky to do with our set up, and couldnt outdps it enough to ignore the mechanics.

We did however manage to nab all four AQ40 mounts for both Speed and Pixie, wooot!

Maybe I can start doing some OS runs for people to get mounts? I really wanna pick the black and or twilight drakes for myself, and I'm sure others do as well...hmmm...Suggestions? Interest?

I teamed with the wifey and we played our goblins together a little. Slowly trying to figure out the best way to transmog mine into a very engineery outfit.

I also tried to powerlevel up some professions and decided leveling enchanting is the most completely boring to level profession possible. Hands down.

Outside of WoW: We have fully started rehearsals for "The Music Man" and I have already started coming up with a few parodys, but I cant show them to Morgaine for fear that she may remember the wrong words on stage, However I do wanna go back and rerecord some of our older submissions, since I had no clue how to record then. Had a VERY heavy dancing rehearsal this saturday, and I am still sore from it. Lots of somersaults and women rolling across my back, man that sounds a lot more risque then it is!

Anyways, thats our week!

For the Horde, For the Alliance, For the "Sinus infections arent contagious, how did we both get one!" Submitters.

Audio for Ep 274

Hi CAW Sweeties,

Only took me 27 times to get this done today ... hahaha. It's been one of those days for me. Anyway hope it sounds ok - have had so many mental moments today that I wouldn't be surprised if I sent you a blank audio!! /touch wood  

Anyway huggles all round and have a great show :D

Rigarmorty Update CAW 274

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy & Tedrah

Attached is my audio update for this week.



Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 273 - What’s the Nekrobob

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

CAW273 from Juuno

Hello Darlings!  I hope everyone is doing great this week!  

I'm including mine, and Pixiegirl's, contribution for episode 273, with some links and an mp3 for a song (I included 20 secs of it on the end of my bit, but thought you might like the whole thing if you didn't already have it Aprillian!  hehehe!)  Okay, happy recording, and happing WoW'ing!  Also, I'm playing around with some new sound bites I got in this episode...hehehe...I hope they don't suck...

/great big hugs!

Juuno & Pixiegirl

p.s.  Here are the links!

What We've Been Doing:


I got faster Internet at the new place. Uploading last week’s podcast took 3 mins, it was almost 30 on DSL!


Death Knight is now 83 from running dungeons. No gear :/
Rogue! Started questing on a very neglected level 30 rogue in Southern Barrens. Slowly getting the hang of him.
- Exalted with Therazane
- Doing Molten Front dailes  - quite a bit easier in good gear!
- Finding MF dailies and TB dailies are quickest way to get weekly guild rep. Now 17000/21000. Should be exalted next week!
- Tamed Loque'nahak with great thanks to Binky - summoned me to Scholozar Basin, then to Dal coz I didn't have a BM spec, then back to the Basin on another toon! He even reminded me to put talent points on him! LOL
- Tried queuing for 1st half of Dragon Soul again, but they always seem to be fail groups.
- Queued up for 2nd half and went straight to last fight...again!
- Queued up, for whole raid, won tier chest and healing trinket

Dual-boxed AQ40 on Jekle and Hiide with Wren. Easy!

- Orc warlock is level 14 and making careful progress through Azshara!



Hey CAW/COD Crew,

I hope everyone is doing well in and out of game. I was glad to see that Jeppy was back online and is in better health. I may be heading over to the UK for an assignment in the next year and need to have a strong ally to assist me in ducking the bobbies in L-town. I also want to gain his trust and pilfer his guild bank but we’ll keep that between you and me.

Anyway, I have had an eventful few weeks in WOW aside from the daily drama of RL that is my life. My mage, Readytogogo, dinged 85 and began gearing up for heroics. While waiting in queues I was able to secure a decent transmog set that I am quite happy with. I mean, come on, she’s got an eye patch! I finally got the final piece and have attached a screenshot of  her Arcane outfit.

My Warrior, Bangobingo, after months of running Kara finally got the Shield of Impenetrable Darkness to drop. Now I just need to get a nice sword to complete his transmog set.

In other alt news, I was able to get my rogue, Tiptop, to level 65 in order to max out his professions. I am unsure if I will continue too much further with this toon as I also leveled my other rogue, CPTStabbin to 85. This brings my total of max level toons to 7 across two servers.

In RL I am happy to announce that my marriage dinged level 8 this week and I couldn't be happier with the woman I married. We are trying to better ourselves by beginning a daily exercise routine together. My job already requires daily physical training but I am going to try to supplement it with the Insanity and P90X workout programs. We will need a lot of support and encouragement as our eagerness to workout at the end of the day wanes constantly.

Well, that is enough for now. Take care and I‘ll see you in game!




Morning all!
Keelhaul here. No not that Keelhaul, the good looking one ;) I meant to do an audio for this week, but hopefully an email will suffice.

Inspired by Jeppy's success, I decided to give trade skill master a try. I figured if Jeppy can do it... Just kidding mate.

The add-on is overwhelming at first. It took me a few hours to get just one section working. I recommend Faid's video set-up guides at clockworkriot.com

I started off Friday night with 600 gold. Monday morning, I'm looking at 5000g.
I admit its not Rockefeller earnings but a heck of a lot more than I would have earned without TSM.

I'll cut it off here before it sounds too much like an infomercial ;) oh and I have been playing on another server. Alliance side at that!! So no AH competition on ER.

Thanks again all for the great show.

And many, many alts ;)

Sent from my iPhone

Raidin' Frenzy

Hail and well met intrepid CaW crew, Aprillian, Jeppy, Ashayo, Tedrah and today's special guest (if we have one).
It's been a "funtastic" week in wow for the Nekrobobs.

  The lovely Mrs. Nekrobob has been working Skylla, her loremaster toon, through Northrend and has thus far finished Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Dragonblight and is halfway through Grizzly Hills. She's reached level 82 (ding) and, very unexpectedly, has become exalted with the Horde Expedition (can you say Mechanohog schematic?) With a little help she did the Conquest pit quest in Grizzly Hills but the reward gear was not nearly as cool and shiny looking as the rewards from the Ring of Blood in Nagrand.

   Mr. Nekrobob has been working the auction house to raise money to fund his Rogue's "Fangs of the Father" campaign.
By "working" the auction house I mean to say that his Warlock Alhazzred went through the banks, bags and mail boxes of every alt and disenchanted everything that wasn't nailed down, soul-bound or actually covering someones virtual tushie.
  The enchanting mats (and hundreds of other miscellaneous bits and bobs) were then sold at auction for whatever price they would fetch. The money raised (just shy of 14000 gold) was used to purchase Valor Point BOE gear from the auction house.
  Using the gear from the auction house, gear purchased from Valor and Justice point vendors and gear won from Raids and Dungeons Lastkiss now has a Item Level of 380. She can walk through most heroic level dungeons with eyes closed and hands in pockets while the mobs and bosses drop dead all around from witnessing her sheer awesomeness. She's complete the Fall of Deathwing achievement and a host of others that came too fast and numerous to list. This is my first time experiencing current top level end game content and it's really quite fun and terrifying!

  Early Sunday morning Lastkiss went raiding with Wren and the gang in Ahn' Qiraj (or AQ40). It was a lot of fun.  A bunch of peeps got crazy bug mounts and funky vintage gear. She didn't get a bug but did manage to get a sexy new dagger called "Death's Sting" to add to her collection. Big Thanks to Wren for organizing the run it was awesome!

  The last random encounter for Lastkiss on Sunday was the Echo of Sylvanas fight. "Oh, no" I said to Mrs. Nekro, "Not Sylvanas, she's kicked my butt and rage-quit my group more than five times this week."
This time however, Lastkiss and her amazing new Rogue skills were totally up to the task.
The Dark Lady got cut three ways bad: long, wide and deep! That's right, the big bad Banshee Queen went down!!
It was indeed a truly epic moment for me and my little Rogue (even more epic than killing Deathwing which was really cool but happened so fast and furious that it was over before I really knew what I was doing or what was going on)
 I think in the next expansion I might try to join a raid group so I can work on the boss fights from day one, that way I can appreciate them more. Perhaps it would be fun to start a raid group from level one and raid our way through all the old expansion content at level right up to the end bosses of Mists.

Cheers and thanks for your lovely podcast,

The Nekrobobs

and remember undead love is forever….


  Lastkiss is now at the point where she needs to pickpocket the ring boss so she can get the quest that leads to the "Fangs of the Father" dagger set. The quest however does not work in the LFR, it only works wile in a regular or heroic raid group. It would be absolutely awesome if one of our guild mates, who's in a raid group, could pug her in so she can complete the pickpocket quest. Please send an in-game mail or whisper to Lastkiss on Earthen Ring if you can make this happen. Cheers and thanks.

Submission for 273

Hi CAW Sweeties,

Hope this finds you all well - Aprillian hope you have settled into your new place nicely, Ashayo hope your week with Iron Man Toon has been better then last week :) , Jeppy hope your feeling good & frolicking in the gold & Tedrah love seeing your craft projects & may the creative juices flow! Sending extra special hugs to you all ... Just coz :)

What have I been up to?!
Well I've not spent a huge amount of time in-game this week. Been crazy busy with work & rehab for my shoulder. When I have been in-game I've spent a lot of it hunting Time Lost Proto Drake. No luck so far, not even seen his corpse however have found & killed Vyragosa twice so far.
Did LFR and managed to get a good group this week (compared to the horrible ones I've had the past month lol) & won some new gloves. No staff dropped this week off Deathwing :( lol so try again next week!
Didn't play my Iron Man Toon - letting her get some rested xp for the moment plus still recovering over the horrendous Iron Man attempts from last week!
That's about it for WoW news from me.

I am currently taking few days off and am chilling out down at The Gold Coast. Weather is gorgeous, the beach & water look wonderfully appealing however cold as ice /brrrr !! The apartment is nice & very close to all the good shopping places :D

Well that is it for me - have a fantastic week everyone.

Huggles all round
Leeta xoxo

For the long pauses

working and watching way too much ABC 3 online this week hence the lack of fresh and exciting going on in my week.  Got to chat with kithore brifly today he is enjoying his work and says pinky pie is ok and told me to ask dreams for more details and to stay away from her school also chatted with Matt who has recently launched a new you tube channel with a new recording mike and hopefully some more Nac and Juuno in the not to distant future. Plus I need the new Mac book pro because they look pretty anyone want to buy me one for it is shiney.


HI Caw Crew!

Attached is my audio update for this week. I did a bumper for my show recently but you have a choice of whether or not you want to include it. There are two versions of the update attached.

Loving your work as always!



Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 272 - What's the Mata Horn?

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Hello Darlings!!  I hope everyone's doing great!  Here's mine, and Pixiegirl's, submission!  
I hope you're move is going great, Aprillian!  

/great big hugs!

Juuno & Pixiegirl

p.s. Here are links!



What We've Been Doing:


Ran out of fossils on Epril. Had to bring her in for Halls of Lightening, Astara and Tiiaa just couldn’t do enough AOE



Thanks to MacBurnie for pointing out my pet had no talents. LOL. I blame the Binky tame-a-rare-pet service for not reminding me!
Hiide questing:
  • Running random dungeons and never getting any gear because I always just greed instead of need. Finally decided I'd need on a cloak , even though it was more melee dps with strength. Immediately got called out on it, and when I said I'd be reforging it, was curtly told you can't reforge strength...noob! So I'm "ok, so who can use this..." BOOT!
  • Queued for LFR  - zoned in on last boss! Died near the end, but still got achievement and "Stood in the fire". And Won a Bow! woot!
  • After a couple more heroics, had enough points to buy a ring, a neck and trinket ; iLevel now 381. woot!

  • There's a couple of quests in the barrens where you ride in the back of a cart to get to a new hub. I accepted one called "Mor'shan Caravan Delivery" and my UI changed to have attack buttons. Enemy NPC's started riding and flying in at me, and I had to shoot them down. But the caravan started taking damage. I wasn't too worried because normally in vehicle quests, if you fail that, you just phase shift back and redo it. But then *I* started taking damage, and the enemy mobs were coming thick and fast. I considered jumping out of the vehicle, but decided that was even riskier. I died.

  • After leaving it a few days, I've decided I'm going to carry on. For me, dying on a vehicle quest doesn't count, and I'm unlikely to get to 85 or win any prizes; I'm just in it for the experience. Off to Ashenvale. LOLing at quest names. "Got wood?" followed by "Needs a little lubrication"
  • Happily questing away at about 26.5 and headed off to do "Condition Critical" at Raynewood Retreat. I'm looking at the map and homing in on the question mark, and see some horde nps's fighting. All of a sudden the alliance mobs they were fighting kill them all and turn to face me. All six of them with SKULL icons.... Death. A final death.

Shaman Power!
  • Decided I wanted to heal on my shammy, but his gear is crap - iLevel 353 - JUST high enough for HoT heroics. Worst bit was his shoulders and they are hard to find on the AH.
  • Even though feels like a waste to spend money on gear at this point in the expansion, I had a hankering!
  • So off to PvP! He didn't have much - about 200, and needed 1650. Did a Tol Barad, a WSG and two EotS and was at 1799 already!
  • Tried a heroic Hour of Twilight instance and got lucky with a tank slowly running a friend through End Time.
  • Tried again, and got Well of Eternity , which was a more typical pug. Queen Azshara boss requires interrupts, and the dps didn't and I couldn't heal though it, so they kicked me.
  • A bunch more PvP , and a bit longer, but fairly easily got 1650 for a trinket upgrade - which made me 372 and "ready" for LFR!
  • Started looking into how to heal better on my shammy. Learnt alot thanks to icy-veins.com - a great resource

eg. Basic stuff like
  • I'd only been putting riptide on one member. I'm used to druid healing and had in my mind that it would only apply to one person.
  • I had been using chain heal pretty much straight after riptide, rather than wait until it was about to expire
  • I didn't even have spirit walkers grace on my bars (allows movement while casting
  • Using VuhDo to show when earthshield, watershield, riptide etc are up on a target
  • Made me look closer at my spec that didn't have "Focused Insight" (inceases healing if you spell shock a mob) or Telluric Currents (retore mana by lightning bolt the mob)
  • I haven't been using spirit link totem enough
  • Unleash Elements is only generally efficient when used with Greater Healing Wave, or Riptide in a pinch

  • After taking all that into consideration, requeued and zoomed through the whole instance! Very pleased with myself!
  • Queued for LFR and killed Deathwing! Didn't win any upgrades. Pretty disappointing when you see others win 3 or 4 items.
  • Last heroic of the week, I replaced the PvP chest piece with a proper drop from Well of Eternity! Now iLevel 377


Blizzard stole my gold!


You think we would have learned by now?!?

Hi Team

Hello from down under and  we would like to bring you up to date with our recent exploits

First a story . We decided to set up a banking/ storage toon on Earthen Ring about 2 weeks ago  and we set her up with a guild bank .   At this point we would like to thank all guild members whose alts helped us set it up.  Once we set her up  Mel and I promised each other  that this toon would stay at level 1 or 2 and we would not level it AT ALL.  Well  that lasted 10 seconds and   I am happy to  let you all know that the toon is now at level 30 and maxed out on all professions.  ( Mel here- I don’t know what 42 was thinking – put a cute little hunter in front of me and I cannot help myself. I HAD to get them to at least 75 in their professions  before the start of the month).

Our question is how many of you have banking toons at level 80 or above? And if not HOW do you stop yourself from playing them? Our toons keep on telling us" level me " and we give in so easily to the  pressure .

This leads on to what we have been doing all week . We have been doing Darkmoon Faire on all our toons to max out all of them in their professions .  Again it is the same thing - all our toons tell us to "level me" and we give in. This means between the two of  us we must be doing close to 80 toons . Are any of you that crazy ?  Of course for some of these toons it is the only time they get  see by us in a  month, but it helps remind us to check their mail etc. By this point we have accumulated a lot of DMF tokens, so next month is the time to redeem them for a variety of pets and mounts across each account in preparation for the time when MOP drops.

We love the DMF and think Blizzard did a great job in helping folks get  past some of the choke points in professions like  leatherworking, blacksmithing etc. when the next 5 points are exorbitant in mats. However, the one profession that seems to almost universally loathed is the only one that at the DMF actually makes you GIVE UP mats that could give you profession points. Why on earth do you have to give up fossil fragments for archaeology? Every month it gives Mel a conniption over the silliness of that bit of design.

Oh we have spread sheet April so we can keep track  of who is done or who is not done .

Back to the  fishing / mining / herbing / cooking .... need I go on :-)

Have a good one

42 and Mel

Hey CAW crew,

Just emailing my latest gold making update. I started on March 25th
with 2,000 gold on my bank toon. I am now currently sitting at 118,000
gold in less than 2 months. I am pretty happy with myself. I have
pretty much made myself a MOG seller and have made quite a bit of
money on MOG gear. Some of the items I buy for 1 to 20 gold have gone
for as high as 850 gold. It makes me quite happy. The other thing that
makes me happy is for a day this week I was listed on The Undermine
Journal as one of the most active sellers on the Earthern Ring Horde
auction house. Now this probably doesn't mean anything to anyone but
Jeppy and myself but it is still very exciting.

Someone asked last week what addons to use for gold making. I figured
I would throw a few out here that I find very very valuable.

1) Auctioneer. This addon is pretty self explanatory and I would
assume most people use it. It allows me to see what an item sells for
on average so I can set prices and put items up quickly. I can also
see if something is worth disenchanting and what it disenchants into
because sometimes the item is worth more as the pieces than as the
whole item

2) Auctionator. This is similar to auctioneer but I use it mostly to
see who has undercut my auctions and it allows me to cancel the
auctions very quickly.

3) Trade Skill Master. This is the granddaddy of my auction business.
I create shopping lists and scan for particular items which it allows
me to buy quickly so I can resell them for higher. I use this for all
of my MOG purchases because the lists are so easy to maintain. Also I
use this for the other non gear items I buy. I put in a price that I
think is the cheapest price I will buy an item for. I combine all of
these items into a dealfinding list and it scans for those items. It
then ranks the items based on how much it is. So if I want a volatile
life for 2 gold or less it i will tell me the percentage of that price
it is at. So if the cheapest ones are selling for 1 gold. It will tell
me it is at 50% of my low price and allow me to buy them up quickly.
This also tracks every item I buy and sell and tells me what makes me
the most profit. And it tells me how much gold I have spent and
earned. Since I started using the addon I earned over 300,000 gold and
spent about 180,000 gold. My shopping lists usually take about half
and hour to run and go through to find my deals.

4) Finally I use Postal for my mailbox. This will scan the mailbox and
open and gather all of my items in the mailbox for me. So when I open
my mailbox I click the open all button and walk away. I come back a
few minutes later and it fills my bag and collects all my gold.
Usually my mailbox has about 300 items in it every day so I have to
repeat this process multiple times to get everything out of my box and
put it back up on auction.

The whole process works well for me. I usually gather around 2,000 to
5,000 gold a day. My high day however was 18,000. I was quite happy.

That's about it. If anyone has any questions feel free to let me know.
I will be happy to answer them.

PS Congratulations Jeppy. Still waiting for my Vial of the Sands
because when Bilbo turned Eleventy one he gave everyone else a

Hey all,  Its Aegon of Dawnbringer, and I have won the game.   

I obtained Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest, with the help of my awesome raid team.    
I killed Deathwing
I have leveled 10 toons to 85.
I have leveled all professions to level 525.
I have obtained 999,999 gold, 99 silver, 99 copper

I wrote you a while back about my goals, and had every intention of keeping you updated along the way, but I got to wound up in winning the game, and forgot to write the updates.......

I had a slight set back when I reached the gold cap, I spent 420,000 gold in a 1 hour period.    I was negotiating for the purchase of an active level 25 guild, and it wasn't going well.   So I talked a guy into transferring an empty level 25 guild to my server for 250k gold.   Within a few minutes of completing the deal for the transferred guild, the guy I had been haggling with for the active guild accepted my offer.   I paid him 170k, and so within 24 hours of reaching gold cap, I only had 580k left.......

Over the next few weeks, I found out that I didn't have the energy to manage an active guild.   So I sold them off for a slight loss.

Alas, as much as I thought I had won the game, I found that I still had a few more goals to complete.

1)  Level every class to 85  (some of my 85's are duplicates)
2) Obtain gold cap again, but keep the gold this time. ( I am well on my way, 917248g as of this writing)

So, now my real reason for writing,   JEPPY!!!!   pay attention.   

When selling gear for the transmog market, you do not have to maximize your profits on every deal.  Its not about the total gold earned per sale.   It's the gold earned per hour that matters.  Who cares if that piece of gear is worth 500g or 1000g.   The answer isn't to stop listing the items because you don't have time to research what every piece is worth.    Just use trade skill master to mass post all the low level gear for one set price.   When transmog first arrived, I had thought ahead, and purchased a bunch of gear for 1-10g per piece, about 500 pieces of gear in all.    What I did was post every piece for the same set price, I played around with 200-350g per piece.  Using this approach I can retrieve 50 pieces of gear from my mail, and post them on the AH in about 3 minutes.   500 pieces would take about 30 minutes.  So, If I come back 12 hours latter and find 2k gold in my mail box.   I made 1600-1750 profit in a 30 minutes, even with paying for the 12 hour deposit on all those auctions.   

Granted, that was in the earlier days of transmog, and I don't know the market is doing now.   But it might be worth a try, the only thing your risking is a little AH deposit money.    

I had to give up the transmog market myself, because a guy gave me a hard time about ripping off low level toons.  "stealing" all their gear, and then trying to over charge them for the gear they "needed".  After many in game emails back and forth, I agreed to give up the practice, once I hit gold cap.   I only made about 50k gold this way, but every gold counts when your shooting for the cap.   

I love the show guys.  Wish I had time to join you all on Earthen Ring, but too many toons, and too many servers already.   

Aegon of Dawnbringer

Hi Sweeties,

Managed to get an audio done for you :) did it in 2 takes this time however there is a few glitchs at times during the audio that I haven't figured out how to fix!! So you get this with warts and all!! HAHAHA

And it's a long one this week ... nearly 10 minutes worth!!

Also attached a picture! Enjoy!

Anyway have a great week everyone!

Huggles Leeta xoxo

PS - Pictures of my Iron Man Toon Experiences can be found at my blog - Leeta's Leet Speak.


Take care & huggles!

"LFD" (Looking for Dunderheads)

  Hail and well met CaW crew, Aprillian, Jeppy, Ashayo, Tedrah and who ever might be today's super special guest.
Its been a fun and frustrating week in wow for the Nekrobobs.
The lovely Mrs. Nekrobob brought her Loremaster toon Skylla to level 80 (ding!). She also spent some time playing games and fishing at the Darkmoon Fair. Using the contents of the "fished up" crates she was able to get her tailoring up to 525.
Thanks to her, Wraith the mage now has a complete top level crafted cloth armor set and is a lot less squishy when faced with high level mobs. Its great to have a lovely wife who is a master of the virtual sewing machine.

  Mr. Nekrobobs rogue toon Lastkiss was able to use her justice points to purchase the Dark Phoenix gloves from the justice vendor in Ogrimmar. She also found all the mats required to have a new set of "Brainsplinter" daggers made.
(The Brainsplinter gonna cut you three ways bad; long, wide and deep!)
These new items quickly raised her gear score to heroic level so she was able to queue for random heroics. Her first time in the heroic level dungeon the party wiped three or four times on the first boss and everyone dropped group. The second time through she landed in the middle of a dungeon and again the group broke up after several wipes. Copy and paste for the next three dungeons for a total of five.
(que hopeless situation music here)
  Luckily for Lastkiss she belongs to a guild full of generous and talented people.
(que triumphant solution music here)
Wren happened to pop online about the time of the fifth dungeon disaster and offed to curtail his forest flower picking frolic to bring in his pally thank and help with my disastrous dungeon dilemma. Wren was awesome and single-handedly kept the next random group together and fighting as a cohesive unit. With his skill and leadership he was actually able to get a bunch of total noobs through an entire heroic dungeon. Woooot!!!! (que kick-ass dungeon montage music!)
It took some time and effort but it was well worth it. Big props and thanks to Wren, you kick major dragon booty!!
  It seems to me that to run random heroic dungeons you need to be at, or near, raid level gear score. If your gear is a level above what it needs to be, you can afford to make a mistake or two. But if you've just reached the minimum gear score for heroics, you're still way too squishy and your DPS is still too low to complete the dungeon with a bunch of strangers in similar gear.
Lastkiss will probably have to be contented running seven regular dungeons per week till she gets enough justice points to purchase the available heroic armor pieces. That combined with the ultra high level craftable armor pieces should enable her to run an actual heroic level dungeon without too much difficulty.

  A special thanks to Jeppy for offering to craft some the high level leather gear for my rogue. I've included a list of the four items he's offered to make. I've never heard of them but he assures me that for a rouge of my skill level they are the best in slot…

1) Underpants of Venomous Gas
2) The Wrinkled Leggings of Nora the Batty
3) Wellington's Manky Boots of Malodorous Putrescence
4) The Barbed Gloves of the Epileptic Proctologist

Cheers and thank you CaW crew and Clan of Darkness, you make our lives both in and out of game so much fun :)

The Nekrobobs,

and remember Undead love is forever

  I recently solved the mystery of the 1078 justice points. Apparently you can only get 140 justice points per random dungeon and you can only receive the justice points award on the first seven random dungeons per week totaling 980 points per week. The 4000 point cap refers to the number of points you can accumulate in total over any period of time.

Thanks Pixie girl, for reminding us all to show a little finical love to our favorite podcast and its always a pleasure to chat with you in-game.

The Brainsplinter will cut you three ways bad; long, wide and deep!


The week that wasn't

Hears my audio and yes I screwed up 8 times and no I don’t edit
Big G

Hey all....

Hello my nearest and dearest friends at Ctrl Alt Wow!!  I hope the summer/winter is greeting you all well and that your lives are fruit full and rewarding!!  Sorry I appeared/disappeared a few weeks ago in the chat room, but I was coping with a tummy bug that decided to go full throttle just as I showed up.

Any who....things have been a little erratic with my WOW these days.  Typically I log onto my 85's and do bg's until I win one and then switch to another 85 rinse and repeat.  I have two other servers full of toons that I could level but I am not feeling all that much of any kind of rush to do so.  It kind of bums me out, too.  Leveling has gotten so monotonous I cant seem to handle it for more than maybe a half an hour.  The blokes on BOE have been recommending a leveling guide and I am thinking perhaps that I will give that a shot.  

I have also been spending sometime in the beeta.  I have rolled some 85's (which annoyingly I can not seem to delete no matter what the EFF I do) but have done a lot with them as how toon are played in mists is going to be a lot different then how we play them now.  There is a part of me that is actually more than a little nervous about having to relearn how to play toons that I just started getting comfortable with.  Have you looked at warlocks??? Its like a whole new class!!!

I have also been playing Diablo 3.  Not to the degree that some folks have been playing.  I know that its all the same thing over and over again, so, I don't see the need to rush.  It is a lot of fun and I do enjoy myself.....BRING BACK THE DRUID!!

So that's it for me for now.  I hope you all have a great day!!  


Hello CAW Crew,

Wrens Week:

I started leveling all my lowbies professions, making as many of them alchemists as I can while still have every possible profession. I likey herbs, always easy money with transmutes.
I teamed up with LastKiss to do some heroic runs and discovered that the attention span of people in those heroics has really gone to pot since the new ones came out. Also, due to to the spikey damage and expectations of crowd control that most people are too lazy to do, I actually find them harder then the current heroics.
Outside of WoW, me and morgaine went to a costume party as a couple but...ill post a picture to twitter showing the twist.

Anyways, thats my week, and now for Morgaines:

Firstly, I forgot to mention that I fished up the darkmoon seahorse pet while getting my fishing up to 225 at the faire last week on my warlock. I was super excited and squeeing, sadly it was 3am and no one was online (nor Wren awake) to enjoy it with me. ;(
Anyways, on to my week in WoW:
Besides doing more profession grinding, Wren and I played our goblins together more. We quested a tiny bit in Thousand needles (to get Wren's warrior the fun gearlike backpack) and hit level 41 in Feralas (where we headed off to after we got his transmog backpack). Yay, better trike for my mage now!
Then I played my Warlock a lot this week. I sent her off to Ungoro Crater so she could get her mining up on all the thorium there.
I did love the Maximillian of Northshire final quest- Killing the Devilsaur Queen. I love that you throw his armor at her, so by the end of beating her, he's pretty much in his underwear. Haha!
I got her to Level 54 before I got tired of the Crater and decided to drop her off in Silathis for the next time I play her.
Lastly I played my hunter a tiny bit over at the Faire. It was the first time I took her to the faire, and the very first game I played was the Shooting Gallery and got the Quick Shot achievement immediately on her. A perfect achievement to get at the faire- being a hunter and all. lol
Anyways, that's been my week in WoW.

For the alliance, for the horde, for the costumed theater geeks.

Wren and Morgaine

Rigarmorty CAW Audio Update EP 272

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy, Tedra and the Chatroom!

Attached is my audio update for this week. Hope eveyone's been well and grats to Aprillian on her new dwelling!