Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 248 - Return of the Lore Master

Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Glanthur joins us and we talk a bit about SWTOR!

What We've Been Doing:

Aprillian & Vrishna

Mostly Opening presents.


Feralas starts off with a common theme - mysterious corruption in the wildlife that you have to help repair.
We then find out that Feathermoon Stronghold was moved to the mainland because of the Naga infestation - I just assumed the cataclysm caused the move. How lame of them!
Also picked up a quest for Scarlet Monestary here - doesn't seem a place further away if they tried!
Took me a while to figure out how to get out to Sardor Isle - Quest says to find "Ancient of War on the shoreline" - I was looking for a boat. It's a big tree dude.
Found the 3rd OOX-22/FE mechanical chicken quest on a Naga out on the island
The "isle" of dread is no more - it sunk! But you can still "discover it"
The increased number of hubs in the zone is great - I used to loathe the running back and forth in the original content.
Get to fight Cho'gall in the Dire Maul arena!
Finished 25% into 54

Heading to the Badlands.
Some cool quests in there - a vehicle quest to fight off waves of troggs. A puzzle quest where you have to rotate statues to line them up across a room. Also a quest where three dwarves follow you around - Eric, Baelog and Olaf, and you use their abilities to fight mobs
The chain ends with a trinket that summons a whelp to fight with you every 10 mins
Finished 100% into 54 (377 exp to ding!)
Of course, had to stick around to do "The day Deathwing came" chain.

Mosied on down to Searing Gorge to do the 35 quests there. Some of the old quests are still there, but with a twist. An Ogre gives you a sub-quest and shows you how to get the quest items without killing. Also, there's a quest to collect bullets, and it counts when you get shot! Quite humorous! Finished 59% into 56

Felwood next cab off the rank. So much better flow now with more quest hubs; used to be such a drag running back and forth to either the top or bottom quest hub. Get to see Illidan and Arthas battle - not sure if that is new in Cataclysm? Finished 40% into 57

- Ran Heroic: End Time, and even though they complained about my low dps, didn't kick me. Got new wand, robe and cowl. Woot!! i352 to i362 in one run
- Then spent justice points to get i378 tier legs and gloves - jumped i365
DPS went from 8500 to over 14000 (and still not hit capped)
- Ran Well of Eternity and got new trinket and new belt - now i367. Close to being hit capped .74%
- Ran Hour of Twilight with a group where I felt very noobish - they were all doing 26k, including the tank! But got two ring upgrades , now i368 , and finally hit capped



Bangobingo Update #9

Hey CAW Crew!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and the holiday events in game.  RL has been quite hectic but I am finally on a two week vacation and able to log in more regularly.

I have been chugging away at the winter’s veil achievements on Bangobingo and just need one more to complete the meta and get the title. Yay! I am still dreading children’s week and the School of Hard Knocks as I am not very good at PvP. Otherwise I have been steadily gearing out my main on Nagrand, Derkdiggler, and have risen his iLevel to just over 370 with gear from the new 5-mans. Just need to switch out that pesky helm and should be good to go with that toon. I was able to get my mage, Readytogogo, to level 70 and can focus more on her leveling now that the XP required in Northrend is decreased.

Now for the question.  This one is directed toward Aprillian. I was wondering if you had tried transferring heirlooms through the real ID dungeon method you used to grant levels across realms?  Not sure if you mentioned trying this or not but thought it may be a way  to transfer the heirlooms across multiple accounts on the same account.  

Well just the quick update for now and I look forward to seeing you all in game!

Merry Christmas!



Fw: New Years WIshes

Hi CAW Crew

Mel and 42 here again . 

We have been very busy in the last few weeks but were delighted to hear Shandraya's emails. Well delighted is just one way to put  ( Mel really did tear up because Shandreya had put so much thought into it) but also proud that she cared enough about the things that give us pleasure to bravely send in her first email to a podcast ever
On the game front we have been doing the Christmas Greench boss many many times ( we now have 16 level 85's ) so it does take a bit of time . I think only one toon got the lump of coal . 

Also a big thank you to Tinokk  for allowing us to join him on the last 3 bosses in AQ40 . The 3 of us had a ball . We got bug mounts . No red ones  for us though , super uber gear for level 60 (Shame we were 85 ) and a few good laughs. It is such a long instance and we were totally lost and getting eaten by the last boss was lots of fun . 

Thank you all for a very enjoyable podcast and back to the 300 quests we have to do to open all the presents for ALL our toons

We hope that 2012 brings much WOW fun and adventure for all , and that we all enjoy  it in good health
Happy New Year CAWers
Melindraya and 42

Rigarmorty CAW 248

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo & Eljeppy!

Attached is my audio for this week. Apologies for the quality and 9 minute ramble. Recorded from my car so hopefully turned out ok.



happy new year

 Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy, happy new year and thanks for the great show last week :-)

The Necro's had a great week in WOW with their Death Nights dinging level 80 and getting their professions, enchanting and tailoring, up to grandmaster level.
The main focus for the DK's next week will be reaching exalted status with the Horde Expedition so they can get the Mechano-Hog schematic. 
When the new Mists of Pandaria drops the DK's will need some cool ground rides as flying will most likely not be available for the first few levels of the expansion.

Any advice regarding rep grinding would be well appreciated.

Many thanks,

The Necronomicons

Undead love is forever    

Hey April!

I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!



Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Guild Invitation


I have listened to the show and I am a real life friend with Lokwyn and Zoojin.  I've recently rejoined the game after a year and I would like to join the guild.  Lokwyn and I are doing a recruit-a-friend, so I should have a few 80s in no time.  My main charater is Laharal and I look forward to meeting you all in game.



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 247 - Five Years of WoW Podcasting

Aprillian, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a  WoW Pet or an Authenticator.


Happy 5th!!!

Hello Darlings!!  Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and She-Who-Must-Be-Obey'ds El Jeppy!!!  
I can't believe I don't have an audio for your 5th anniversary show!  Shame on me =(  All this holiday shopping has got me super behind DO the holidays sneak up on me like this when I KNOW they're coming???  Gar.  Last minute shopping, gift wrapping and holiday preparations have had me all tied bows...hehehe.  Anywho, I hope everyone's doing well and I wish you a super awesome Happy 5th Anniversary AND happy holidays too!  Happy Winter Veil everybody!!!  
I hope everyone has a really safe and happy holiday... watch out for those rascally reindeer, by the way.  You never know when they'll come pelting out of the sky.  ;)
Hope you get extra time to play WoW ( know...that "other" game that just launched...teeheeeee... ;)  
Don't spill egg-nog on your authenticator!  Do not "peek" at those gifts under the tree, either..that's just naughty (and Santa's still checking, you know!)  Don't forget to leave cookies and milk out on Saturday night....And do know that I'm thinking of you and wishing you all well and hoping you have extra special presents this year.  

Big hugs & kisses *muah!*
I love you guys, and Aprillian!
For the Alliance, for the Horde, and for the Winter's Veil!

Juuno of Nevikhoof, Earthen Ring and Korialstrasz

p.s. I'm sending you huge Anniversary hugs through the internet... can you feel them???  =D

What We've Been Doing:


Flying around Uldum with Epril and Aprillian looking for a rare that will drop the top hat pattern. Getting lots of ore and herbs at the same time.
Accidentally put Mechanohog on AH for 2k, Dartinus bought it, so I sent him this letter:
He wrote me back that he had already used the hog, he was happy at his good fortune and that he would cooperate if I wanted to petition Blizzard for it's return. I ended up meeting him in Dalaran and got a ride on his new Mechanohog.

He was very sweet and honest and though I was out 14k of mats, it felt good to help someone have a nice Christmas.

Aprillian & Vrishna





Happy 5th Anniversary!

Hi CAW Crew,

Congratulations!!!!!! Five fabulous, folly-filled, fantastic, flawless, funny, fearlessly festive years of great love and laughs from you all. Thank you so much for giving us this great community and showing us your excitement and laughter and candidness of your lives and letting us share our lives with you. Thank you so much it can't be said enough. We love you guys and here's to many more years of Altness!

Caoboi and Iceflow (J and Renee Valentine) 
@Valentine Podcast

Submission for 247

Hello CAW sweeties,

Hope this finds you all well and sending big Christmas hugs all round - especially to Jeppy hope you're feeling better, sending lots of good vibes your way.

Well it's been crazy busy with me the past few months however I really wanted to get a special Christmas letter in to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you all for the wonderful show you do. It's always a thrill to see the episode up and I always get lots of laughs from it :) thank you all again you all rock!

I've been busy doing World Events on various toons. Just got violet proto drake for my DK Leitar & working on Winterveil on others! I also had this crazy notion of doing Loremaster on my priest Atil (inspired by Ashayo) however think I'll slowly work through it - at the moment there's just not enough hours in the day ...

Also I've started playing SWTOR. At first I was running round like a mad woman but I'm slowly getting the swing of it. For me I find it's a nice change to try something a little different.

Anyway enough from me I better get to work!
Have an awesome day!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hugs Leeta

Merry Winter Veil

Just a quick message this week I'm afraid! Christmas time is busy busy! Also I can be lazy lazy! ;)

Long time, no write

Happy anniversary Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy,

Bidkar and Splashy present and accounted for.  Sorry I haven't written in much, but I can't miss the anniversary, so here is my missive.

Since the last time I had written in, I went in a random to fight Ahune on the last day of Midsummer's Fire Festival.  (It is rather embarrassing how long it's been since I wrote) and it was a successful encounter.  The fight wasn't bad at all and it was fun! It was the first time I had ever been in a random.  I generally eschew grouping up with other people or playing with other people.  It makes me nervous and I make tons of mistakes.  Anyway, I thought to myself "Self, that wasn't too bad at all, you should go in and do the next holiday boss random and give it a go."

Anyway, Hallow's End rolls around and I went in to fight the Headless Horseman on Jehus the mage.  The fight went quite well and I had more fun.  I ran the encounter on Jehus until I had the rings, which were an upgrade for me.  Then I took all my other ranged toons through and did the same for them.  I didn't take my melee through until the last day.  I don't think I'm very good at the melee fighting, it just seems like I mash the keys until something dies.  I found out I liked playing my melee guys fighting the Horseman and now I wish I had taken them in every day like I did my casters, but oh well, lesson partially learned.  All 8 of my level 85 toon picked up the ring upgrades.  Bidkar the mage got the sword and helm in  the same bag.  I de'd the helm and kept the sword. Allerea the warlock received the Horseman's Mount which is awesome.  Now I'm trying to work up the courage to to a 5 man dungeon, still pondering it.  I probably should, but I do know me and I probably won't.  Writing in may publicly shame me enough where as I will now feel obligated to run one.

I recently ran Bidkar solo through some of the Caverns of Time instances.  I saved Thrall, which was a ton of fun. I liked going around exploring the old version of Hillsbrad and seeing how it once was before Arthas ruined everything.  I helped Medivh open the Dark Portal, once again it was cool to see what the Blasted Lands looked like before they were blasted.  The last one I did was the Culling of Stratholme. It was so interesting to see the lore played out in front of me.  I had read the books, but to actually be a part of it was great.  I tried to go through Azjol Nerub in heroic on Bidkar, but failed.  I think I could go through there now I've been thinking about it, but at the time I was frustrated because I couldn't pin down some of the mobs and they webbed me before I could kill them.  I hopped on my paladin Jehus and he tore through that place like a knife through water.  I went through heroic Old Kingdom next, I didn't make it through there.  I think I killed the first boss, some vampire guy, then I got killed by a big spider/bug. I stopped there because I was lazy and didn't want to run through the place to start up again.  I like the content I've never seen,  I'm don't think I would like to see it over and over again.  Seems like it would be boring.

I've been taking 9 of my toons through the Greench every day.  I picked up the new pet, Lumpy, on Jehus on Earthen Ring.  Other than that, just the various racers and a couple of old Winter's Veil presents.  I like how they made the Greench a world boss. It feels a little awkward, but I really like the idea.  I'm sure Blizzard will come up with a way to master the concept.

I transmogged a bit of gear.  Bidkar is now going about in the Bright cloth set. It's very low level early tailoring cloth set, but I always liked how it looked.  I originally had planned to use the Runecloth robe on him, but then I saw someone with the Bright set on and that was that.  Bidcar the Winterhoof mage is going about in nice low level green robe and cloak.  I transmogged his off hand to the Kobold candle off hand from Westfall.  I loved the tooltip on the candle "You took it".  Cracks me up every time I see it.  Those poor Kobolds.

I started a mage on the Alliance side of Earthen Ring also. I started her there when I first came to the server.  I always like to see how the other side lives so I generally start a toon on the opposite faction on all my servers. She's level 38 now.  The Alliance on Earthen Ring seem more dedicated to role playing than the Horde.  One Sunday I stumbled on a service they have at the Stormwind Cathedral.  I stopped and took a seat to watch.  It was like watching a play.  I've been going back every Sunday to watch.  It was very exciting two Sundays ago when one of the group was revealed to be a member of the Twilight's Cult!!!!! They are pros at emotes too.  Much "Celestyne frowns slightly as she straightens her robe sleeve" and such.

I started playing LOTRO here and there.  I liked it except the gathering and crafting is extremely awkward, but it's free to play so I shall not complain nor bite the hand.  I decided to stick with WoW.  I didn't try SWTOR simply because I don't care for the Star Wars franchise.  Any problems I have had with WoW, boredom and such were all of my own creation.  I always get cranky when I feel like I NEED to do something, like the Molten Front, rather than WANT to do it.  I find I stay happy in game when I do what pleases me and not what Blizzard wants me to do.  Fortunately, Blizzard has made such a rich game I can do what I want to do.  I need to remember that sometimes.

I've really enjoyed all the audio submissions and letters on the show.   They always make me smile.

I've included codes for the Battlechest and Wrath to give away so someone can dual box, do a RAF or maybe even play the game for the first time!  You can decide how you want to give them away.  Happy Anniversary!!!!

Special hello to Jeppy.  We've missed you!  It's not the same without an occasional "That's what she said" or some other Isle of Wight witticism. I am glad you are feeling better to be sure.  It is the best Christmas present we can get.

FOR THE HORDE, for the alliance, for Ctrl Alt WoW guild, for the Clan of Darkness and Merry Christmas!

Bidkar and his many alts

Rigarmorty CAW 247 - Grats on 5 Years!

Season Greetings, Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo & Eljeppy!

So happy your back home Jeppy and hope you're  feeling better!

A huge congratulations from me and Tedra on 5 years of CAW!!! 

The original plan was to do a joint audio with her but we had some last minute technical difficulties and couldn't record but whatever the case, a huge congrats from both of us!

Attached is my audio for this week!

 For Christmas, For New Years & for Aprillian Following me on twitter!


Rigarmorty x

Happy fifth

Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy happy fifth anniversary!!!! The Necro's have been leveling their DK's through Northrend and have reached level 73. My lovely wife and I decided to get shiny new 21 inch Imacs for xmas and we are now enjoying wow in super wide screen. 
Don't tell Santa that we opened them early ;)

The Death Knight duo managed to do the Hellfire Ramparts 5 man by themselves (though the both dyed just as the end boss dyed and it was very dramatic) 

Happy holidays to the ctrlaltwow crew and guild we love you guys and your wonderful show. Looking forward to a new year full of new shows and new adventure.


The Necronoicons,

Undead love is forever ;)
PS we just dinged friendly with Clan of Darkness thats so cool :)

Welcome back Jeppy

Sorry for so lil audio this week just been busy with everything else

Big G
Link to what he was talking about in chat room:

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


A big thank you

Hi Shandraya again 

I got Mum and Dad to listen to last weeks podcast and both were so happy ( my mum started to cry).Mel said it was her best present and nicest surprise ever.  Many thanks for your help. 

Your friend

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 246 - It's Not Faire!

Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner

What We've Been Doing:


My level 60 DK goblin  got Darkmoon faire quest
Someone singing Lalalala in bank
Decided to level up BS on a toon for the Transmor

Took Beastie and Relaq mining for iron, trying to get Relaq's BS up. Discovered quite a few toons with low level BS. We did Ferales. At first Beaste couldn't mine because her mining was too low. Then I got the bright idea to check what her level was and she was just 5 points from mining iron and only needed to smelt some silver ore, which Relaq had.

Aprillian & Vrishna


For Vrishna from Tinnock:




In gratitude to a guildmate

Hi guys, Thanksgiving  is over and Christmas is almost here so I would like to share with you something great that happened last night. After a really crappy double shift I came home and hopped on to WoW so I could decompress. So I'm cleaning out my mailbox and starting the quests in Thrallmar and chatting with guildies when I was whispered by Shalick and invited on a run thru what's that dungeon's name right by there? Whatever that one was (I've only recently tried dungeons and am not good at them. Hopefully practice will improve proficiency), we went, and on heroic no less. I spent my time looting, that is after I figured out that I wasn't high enough level to make an impact on the fight( it was a dew minutes spent spamming keys while thinking "Why do my spells keep missing the target? Lol) and as soon as I realized I was supposed to grab as much loot as I could(sweet boy, that Shalick), I went and aggro'ed a big and nasty, and found myself laying in a heap. With my new friend and our lovely guild perk "bring a guild back to life" I was back in the game, off to robbing the dead once more. Well things don't always run smoothly with me, so while trying to be a greedy cow, Kharma ran up and smacked me. My mouse froze. So here I am, with 1 job to do, and no mouse. My keyboard worked, but I am stuck. What did I do you ask? Well I did what I do best, I started swearing creatively. That didn't work, so I tried to punch buttons hoping to open up chat, to let Shalick know what was going on. When that didn't work I panicked. I restarted the game, found Shalick( did I tell you he was a sweet boy?) who welcomed me back, and finished the dungeon. That's the nicest thing that's ever happened to me in game.
   He helped get me to lvl 60 and let me keep all the loot!! How awesome was that?  Thanks Shalick for putting up with me. This is the best guild EVER!
        For the horde and for the guilds! Moonah
Sent from my iPod

Parents !!!!

Hi Everybody

This is Shandraya. You don't know who I am so let me introduce myself . I am the daughter of Mel and Fortytwo from the night shift.

I am a  hunter but on the good guy's side with the alliance but I do play sometimes play on Mum and Dad's toons . I love to play in Battle Grounds and I enjoy  organising the correct strategy in the   battles . I like to imagine the reaction of the other players in the BG if they were to discover  I am only a 14 year old girl and I am telling them what to do  and that sometimes we even win  because of my advice   !!

First  I would like to explain social dilemma I have ...  I play a computer game that my parents play and My biggest fear is that my Dad will talk WOW with my friends... Well to my story . We were in the car a few weeks ago  and Mum was making us all listen to a podcast called Cnt Alt Wow and of course I was  not listening. Then I heard Mum and Dad's voice discussing WOW, not in the car , but on the podcast. They were in the part you call the COD piece. MY PARENTS. The embarrassment, the shame .

Well once I recovered my composure I thought I must get my revenge ( in a nice way) for the  embarrassment they caused me , because I am their daughter.

This is it.  Would you  please wish  Mel, 42 , your good selves  and the other  listeners and their children   a Merry Christmas  and a happy new year from me.

I do love the podcast but please don't let my parents talk again as I can't take any more scares like that.

Your friend

Shandraya  ( level 85 ... well 1 bubble short of 85 but I am in no rush )

PS I totally agree with the guild philosophy . Do not kill bunnies and I enforce that policy in our house . So if Mum or Dad kill one they answer to me!

My Week in WoW Episode 1

Hi CAW crew!

Another week another submission! I made notes this time, they can be found here.

Keep up the great work!


PS I meant to ask, did Virisna get round to playing Shamus?

submission 246


Bloody good DK fun

Good morning Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy, greetings from the other side of the world. 
It was great week in WoW for our Death Knights, Prospero and Kallisto. They have been death gripping their way through Outland on a steady rampage toward Northrend. Things were speeding along nicely until... they arrived at the dreaded "Blood Ring" in Nagrand. Since they'd had no trouble with any of the quests or mobs thus far they decided to give it a go. Needless to say they got their belf butts handed to them by the first elite boss. (Hmmmm, maybe they really meant the "5 player suggested" thing this time)
 As they were wondering what to do about this a Blood Elf Paladin named Rhin, offered to help them by healing as they bravely battled.  Six elite bosses later (and with some help on the last "surprise I can rez myself" boss from Rhins friend Amiss) they completed the quest. Thanks Rhin and Amiss, Its moments like this that make the game so much fun. 
The quest reward was the mighty (and very sexy looking) Honed Voidaxe. So with new uber weapons in hand the intrepid pair raced their way to level 67. Tonight we hope to reach level 68 and then on to Northrend where more legendary adventure waits.

Cheers and best wishes from the Necronomicons

and remember Undead love is forever. 

Transmogging is fantastic, we've been in Outland for two days and upgrading our gear the entire time and we don't look like we belong in a clown car. Thank you Blizz! 

Rigarmorty Update for Episode 246

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo & Eljeppy!
Unforunately, I didn't get round to doing an audio this week.
What I've been upto:
I've barely been in Wow this past week though I am keen to crack on with my DK and I want to abandon the quests I have outstanding on my level 72 mage so I can port him to Origammar and pickup the Call To Arms Quest. I've got several Karazahan bits of gear so I might do some transmogging but my evening gaming availability is non-existant at the moment so I'm not able to do any old raids with my EU guildies.
Other than that, I'm late getting Christmas stuff all setup and will be cooking and decorating tonight while your recording.
I'm also up late tonight as I've been invited as a guest on show at 3am GMT which will hopefully go well though it's my first time on a podcast.
I'm on holiday from the 20th and home for 4 days before heading up to Glasgow, Scotland to see the mother-in-law on Christmas Eve so fingers crossed I actually get some Wow time in!
Until next time...

Update from Caoboi and Iceflow

Hi guys!

First of all, we want to say that we hope Jeppy is doing better and we miss him bunches.  CAW isn't the same without him.
We are so glad that we are able to send an update with what we have been doing.  And I thought I had an update for you last week.  Well I'm not sure if that can compare to this week's update!

Last Tuesday, Muerten (aka Prodigalsun) invited Caoboi and I on a LFR run of Dragon Soul and The Fall of Deathwing and we got all of it done within a couple of hours.  The content is seriously dumbed down but you still get the achievment.  We think it's funny that we beat Deathwing and we haven't even beat Ragnaros yet!  Caoboi even got a couple of pieces of gear.!  A lot of rogue gear dropped but I had to compete with too many other people and didn't get anything.  There were 25 other people, after all.  I love that Blizzard is still finding new and fresh ways to present content.  I had a blast! 

And Muerten even did another favor for me!  To start the rogue legendary quest, you have to pickpocket the fourth boss in the new Dragon Soul raid.  He was so nice that he let me sub in on his ten man at the fourth boss to pickpocket the boss.  Then I  started on the quests after the pickpocketing.  They actually force you to use your stealth, distract, and sap skills in that one!  I got two epic daggers for my trouble but, sadly, the next part of the quests required 333 items that I would have to get my raiding.  I've hung up my raiding hat so that's as far as I go.

I've finally realized that the raiding phase for Iceflow is gone so I am no longer a raider.  But there is plenty of other content for me to enjoy.

While fishing at the Dark Moon Faire, Iceflow actually fished up the Sea Pony Companion!  It only took me about 100 to 150 casts!  It's super cute.  Caoboi got his as well even though his took about 1000 casts.  But he was persistent!  I did the dailies as much as I could but I probably won't get all the mounts and pets I want for awhile but I intend to keep at i!

You are a lazy sod for following people to get to the Dark Moon Faire, Aprillian, but it's really cute anyway :)

Iceflow is still plugging away at Tol Barad to get the pet and mount and still at the Argent Crusade trying to get my badges for the mounts.  Let's just say it's going to take awhile.  But I'm nothing if not persistent.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful time in and out of game.  Bye!!

For the Horde,

Iceflow and Caoboi

No audio for another week

Sorry for the lack of audio again but the curse has continued to kick my arse it struck this week in the form of some localised flooding and the loss of four of my brothers cows. Due to road train and rain we are now 4 cows less I recived the info on the place I wanted to rent today also so I can now try and move forward on the gaining of a rental property so I am now closer to the self imposed exile from the game and internet.

For the horde

For the Alliance

For the sand Gropher

And for who ever has laid this curse upon me seeks me out so I can introduce them to my collection.   

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 245 - Step Right Up

Aprillian, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner

Oh noes!!

Hello Darlings!  Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo (he's back! he's back!! Yay!!!) and She Who Must Be Obey'ds El Jeppy!  I hope Jeppy is feeling better!  <=(
SOOOO....I stink...I didn't get my recording done today like I should have and I'm awwwwwyyy...  I hope everyone's been having a great time in and out of game over the past week though and I'm uber-excited that Ashayo is back!  Woot!  We missed you Ashayo!  And I hope Jeppy is back this week too...I hate it when he's out sick. :
This is going to be a short one...I didn't get to play any WoW last week *sad panda face*  I am still sick and slept a LOT over the weekend.  I am going to get back on the WoW Sparkly Pony this week though...have to get back to the Firelands!  I did get to play some Sims Social though...hehehehe....and I must say, Aprillian, your house is looking FINE!  I had to clean your toilet, but it was spotless other than that.  ;-)
I can't wait to hear this weeks podcast...thank you soooooooo much for doing them for us...I really enjoyed Kurly being on there! It's a lot of fun getting to hear all these new it.  
Okay, back to the dungeons with me,
I love you guys AND Aprillian!
Big hugs and kisses *muah!*
For the Horde, for the Alliance, and for the Ashayo!

Juuno of Nevikhoof, Earthen Ring and Korialstrasz

p.s.  Next week I'll make up for this week by having a great audio for you plus that snow video I promised!
p.s.s.  Vrishna... "She flew away.  Gods truth!  She flew away!"  hehehe...

What We've Been Doing:


I've done nothing but try on clothes on various toons. I searched my bags for the Tankard of terrors.
Darkmoon Faire

Aprillian & Vrishna



Killing alot of rares - including a naga that spawned 3 times in 10 minutes! Not so rare...
(Where do you see the ach for that?)

Stumbled on the portal to Orgrimmar from Nordrassil in Mount Hyjal today. D'OH! Been there since 4.2 apparently.

Trivia: What's the largest and or highest level critter in the game? (level 5 ram in Loch Modan?)

Won guild lotto prize - 500g!

- Heroic Shannox - new shoulders 391 - [Flickering Shoulderpads of the Undertow]. But ugly, so transmog back to old ones
- Cleared firelands and doing extra boss for the legendary staff for Ostira

Darkmoon Faire
- Take : Dark Iron Ale Mug (Grim Guzzler?), 5 simple flour
- Quests for all your professions - including +5 to skill (need to be 75?)
- Grindy quest to kill 250 mobs ; elementals in Mount Hyjal are pretty good for it

New PvP season, so new potential upgrades to be bought with JP, VP, HP. Jekle was JP capped and received 500g tradein. 




Hi Aprillian,

i just want to thank you.
because of you i tried dual boxing, and later on triple boxing.
And because of you dual boxing went well, triple boxing ... well, lets just say that i don't have your multi-tasking talent.

Because of your thanksgiving WoW event tips, my cooking skill in WoW is high. (in RL its still zero).

you taught me some new ways to enjoy WoW.

so thank you.

a.k.a Leralond
proud member of the Ctrl Alt Wow guild on winterhoof

My Alts and the Nekked Bull Runn

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna: Loving the show, At first I did not like the laid back format of the show.
But after hearing so many winers, I find your show refershing, as you truly love the game as much as I do.

As for how I plaw WOW. (I Do not Raid or PUG Dungons- To many a-holes)
I have about 18-20 alts. across 4 relms My main relm is Lethon.US
My only 85 so far is "Ravenwings" a Nightelf Hunter.

As for my family & WOW.
My wife was on my back alot about how much time I spent playing the game.
Then she Rolled a toon, and needless to say she is getting nearly as meny Alts as I do.
Talk about killing "Wife Aggro"

February 11th is my birthday (#48 thank you vary much) , and I wanted to invite everyone to a party of sorts.

I am on the PVP realm "Lethon" US.
What I would like to do is have as many people as possible to write a Tauren and level it up as far as you can between now and Feb 11 2012

Then we log on about 7:PM Central (Dallas TX time) for an epic Necked Bull run on stormwind city, ending with us showing the King "The BEEF"

We will also need as many horde support members (Tanks DPS & lots of Healers) as we can get to run interference.

My Tauren's name is "Bullshyte" Look for him as I am leveling him up as fast as I can.

All the best.

Ray B

P.S. This is just for kicks and the EPIC screenshots

You get a horsey and you get a horsey and you get a horsey

This week’s audio may have to be a live recording only as I am honest and I don’t watch my words sorry but yes I am frankly terrified right now and life is taking a new course for me wheatear this is a good or bad one only time will tell. I like to thank everyone involved in getting me to do live recording over the last 12 months or so Juuno, Matt, Kadac and the rest of the awesome people that send in audio that is far and away better than mine I will still try to download and listen to the shows as best I can but after I make the move it’s going to be harder. I will try and stay in contact with twitter and the like but yes my submission will be taking a major down turn as will my gamming but I been promised if I knuckle down and show a wiliness to learn I can move up the food chain in the new job and they say a change is as good as a holiday. So in closing I just like to say it has been both a honour and a privilege to play with all my fallow guildies on ER and I hope to back some day but for the moment this is The big G signing out goodnight and good luck.  

Random News Buliten

Wingy here doing it live.


Hey guys new toons :)

Hey its the Nekronomicon's, we rolled two new Goblin toons and used our other toons to guild invite them. If you could verify them it would be great. Their names are Scribbly, a Goblin Shaman and Riffrocket, a Goblin Mage. They are brothers who enjoy adventuring together and blowing stuff up.

Many thanks,



Dang that Goblin starting zone is fun but its sure is hella long :)

update from the Nekro's

Hey there Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy (hope you're feeling better Jeppy), great episode last week. 

We loved your spacial guest host Curly ..... he was fabulous fun and we hope his is after show wax was a success. 

All is well with the Nekronomicons. This week we rolled a bunch of new alts including two new DK's, named Prospero and Kallisto, 

and yes the names are indeed Shakespearian and greek in origin. Be carful Vrishna, your S.A.T. score is showing ;)

We also rolled two new Goblin's, Scribbly, a shammy and Riffrocket, a mage. They are two Goblin brothers who enjoy adventuring for fun and profit and blowing stuff up.

We sent the new Goblins to the Fantastic new Darkmoon Fair Island. That place is so much fun. Riffrocket especially liked the whack a Gnole game. 

Scribbly tried his hand at fishing on the docks but did not catch any of the awesome loot that others had been bragging about. 
(bundles of Embersilk, high level herbs and even a seahorse pet)

I guess his fishing skill needs some work or maybe he's just too short to reach the water (insert Goblin laugh here)

We've been having a great time listening to some of your older shows with the crazy guests and even crazier audio submissions. 

If I can figure out the GarageBand on my mac I might even try an audio submission myself.

Cheers and thanks for the awesome podcast.

The Nekronomicons

remember, Undead love is forever 


I've included a picture of me backstage at Caesars Magical Empire way back in 2002. I worked there as a magician for six fun filled years.
Can you guess what tier level my Mage robes are?

Ctrl Alt TOR?

Will there be a CTRL Alt TOR?

Rigarmorty Audio CAW 245

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Eljeppy, Ashayo? Guest host? Oh and the amazing people who've made it to the live chatroom!

Attached is my audio for this week! I'm early with it this time round as your recording more near my lunch hour so I might even be in the chat room! 

Thanks for your kind words last week and hope everyone is keeping warm, apart from those in the southern hemisphere obviously... Wow, hard to believe it was 21 years ago the last time I was in the land of OZ.



Update for Iceflow and Caoboi

Hey guys!

Guess what!  We're playing WoW!  We actually got some good time playing on Darkmoon Faire Island.  I really loved what they did with a place and it feels very festive.  Make sure you go in the back and have a pony ride and you might get a special achievement ;)

I like that people can't troll the gaming areas by running through and the only one I had trouble with was the shooting gallery but that's because I was standing on the counter instead of behind the counter.

I really want the pets they are offering but I know i'm going to have to put in some time to get them!

I actually have prospects for raiding even though my raiding team has broken up.  Cao and I will probably fill in for other people.

Iceflow is close to getting her dragon mount from Tol Barad and Iceprayer is steadily questing through Twilight Highlands.  I'm a bit worried that I won't get everything done that I want to get done before MoP but I might as well put in a good showing.

Can't wait to see you all in game!

Ice and Cao

podcast submission

Good Morning my favorite pod-casters, the radiant Aprillian, the dashing Ashayo, the lovable Vrishna and the masterful El Jeppy. I'm being optimistic there and hoping El Jeppy is feeling better and back in the saddle. I'm eternally hopeful that all four of my hosts are present today.

It's been a long time since I've submitted, so it would be impossible to do a complete update on my toon activities, although for a while I had a small WoW break due to work/personal issues.  I'm back to playing and enjoying it much more.  I've also been doing a little bit of the SWTOR beta though, as well. Lots of room for alts in that game.  Maybe someone should do a Ctrl-Alt-SWTOR podcast, nudge, nudge.

In WoW, I'm finally closing in on 85 for my main toon on the Sisters of Elune server.  Jaxie replaced Tedrah when I moved her over to Earthen Ring to join CoD and it's been a long haul trying to get Jaxie to 85.  She hit 84 this past weekend while doing the Feat of Strength quest to kill 250 mobs for the Darkmoon Faire.  So hopefully she'll hit 85 soon and be able to work toward being able to use the raid finder.

Speaking of the raid finder, poor Tedrah (Petrah now, but I just can't stop calling her Tedrah) doesn't have a high enough iScore to use the raid finder so I've got to get some better gear to get in there.  Tedrah also needs to work hard at doing the Darkmoon Faire dailies.  It will take a while to get the 90 tickets each needed for the new companion pets.  I did get the adorable Sea Pony pet fishing off the dock at the Faire and that puts me 5 away from the 150 pet achievement that I'm aiming for. You get a little celestial dragon pet with that achievement.

I've only done one of the new 5 man dungeons. It was fun but confusing at first.  I wasn't really sure what to do so thankfully I was in there with friends who had already done it once or I would have been completely lost.  Nearra is great at explaining things and it really helps that she is also a hunter.  

Don't want to take up too much time, so hopefully I'll be seeing everyone in game soon. Having fun WoWing!

This is Tedrah,

For the Horde and the Clan of Darkness

P.S. For the SWTOR

P. P. S. For the Sims Social

Submission for 245

Hi all, it's Lokwyn.
With the release of patch 4.3 I've been spending more time in Azeroth.  I was away for a few weeks because I put close to 100 hours into Skyrim.  I'm still not close to being done with it, but the new content in WoW has pulled me back in.
Now, It's story time.  One evening last week I jumped into one of new 5-mans as my main (Lokwyn, the paladin tank) along with 2 guildies.  I've completed a few normal Heroics with him in the past, but by the second boss it was clear that I was in over my head.It is at this point I remembered why I like being in C.O.D. It's the non judgmental, yet overly helpfully people. 

Just for reference, I was wearing a range of gear from non epic PVP gloves to some decent tanking epics.  Shalick was immediately on the case.  He directed me and talked me through gemming, enchanting, reforging the strange assortment of gear I was wearing.  I was stacking stamina, but I should have been stacking mastery.  That was awesome, but then he went above and beyond the call of duty and hands me four of the most expensive enchants I've ever seen!  Since then I've completed several more heroics and I currently have an average item level of 361.  I will be back at attempting the new 5-mans soon enough.  If anyone needs a tank just ask. 

Shout out to my brother: Zoojin

Have fun,

P.S.  The new Darkmoon Faire is awesome.  It has mounts, pets, heirlooms, and transmogrification gear!


Hello, CAW crew! 

    Just wanted to send an overdue email to catch up and give some thanks.  In episode 244 you mentioned the EoE run that Dreams put together a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to add my thanks to Dreams for pulling together the run.  It was a ton of fun! You gave me too much credit for helping with the fight strat, as it was my first time in EoE since shortly after ICC came out in Wrath.  I did my best to help out and I appreciate the kudos but really I did very little.  Everyone who was there did an awesome job, the last phase mechanics are tough for any group going through the raid for the first time and actually we wiped way less than I expected to, as I probably wiped dozens of times at level on that phase. I enjoy helping when I can, this guild is full of some of the best people I have had the privilege of gaming with in WoW and the helpfulness and kindness of the guild mates is infectious (in a good way, lol).  I also wanted to again thank Ashayo for the embersilk bag that I won on a previous podcast. Can you say you won something when you are the only contestant? LOL, but really thanks again; my baby priest, Solblanco, appreciates the extra bag space.  It was great hearing Ashayo on episode 244 and I hope he gets to co-host more again soon.  Also, I hope Jeppy is feeling better soon and is back with you by the time you read this. Sending him good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    As for myself in game, I have finally leveled Solrojo to 85! Woohoo!  Yes, it's pronounced sole-ro-ho as Vrishna said. I have a running theme with my C.O.D. toons of naming them sun something in Spanish.  I have Solrojo which is red sun, Solverde - green sun, Solmuertos - dead sun, etc.  Since Grimsun was taken on the ER server, I just used the sun part and added a bit of a twist by using Spanish. So now you know there is method to my naming madness lol. Solrojo is already geared for heroics and is nearly geared for raiding.  It is amazing how fast you can gear up now, I think Blizzard has scaled the rate of getting better gear very well as the new raids roll out.  Even non-raiding folks can get some pretty awesome gear.

    My newest project is Solylluna (sun and moon).  He is a tauren druid and I plan to make him a boomkin (hence the sun and moon thing).  Here is the twist:  I will be leveling him ONLY using herbalism and mining and the exp I get from discovery.  No quests, no kills.  I am using a few heirlooms (hey, I'm not THAT crazy!), lol.  I had a very brief discussion with Dreams in game once about this, and she had mentioned trying it as well, so I hope I'm not stealing an idea (for all I know she has already done this).  Anyway... it should be interesting.  It will probably take me a long time since this is a side project and I am easily distracted, so wish me luck! :-)

    On another note, I have to say the new Darkmoon Fair is sooooooo much better than the old one!  I have my Jubling egg and can't wait for it to hatch. I hope to get all the pets and mounts eventually, but that will take quite some time.  

   That's really about it for my WoW week (month for that matter).  
    Now, I have a sort of random question for the hosts: To grats, or not to grats?  I've heard brief discussions on the podcast about gratsing (is that a word?) and it got me to thinking about the "good ole days" before achievements came into the game (insert "get off my lawn" joke here).  Before wrath, the only time I ever saw "Grats!" in gchat was when someone dinged or announced in gchat they have done something great like completing a raid or reaching max level.  Then.... Achievements came to the game.  Every opened mailbox, every haircut, every silly little things seems to warrant a congratulatory remark from everyone else.  This is fine, and I'm all for encouraging others, and I am not complaining because I do it myself.  BUT... should we feel guilty if we don't say grats for things like "Shave and a Haircut" or "Can I keep him?" achievements?   Also, does using an autograts addon like "Overachiever" mean the same as typing grats out yourself?  Do you feel neglected if someone doesn't grats you for minor things?  As for myself, I don't really mind people not saying grats to me - for anything really.  I also don't like autograts addons much because to me letting an addon do the work means you aren't really paying attention.  I do like to say it though - for about anything, lol.  I enjoy encouraging people. Sometimes I miss something, and usually for the more minor things I'll say something other than grats, like "Way to open that mailbox! Epic!" or "Gold well spent!"  Just wanted to get your opinions, I thought it might make for interesting conversation. :-)  

Now, CONGRATS! WAY TO READ THIS EMAIL! YOU DID AN UBER AWESOME JOB (insert host name here)! hehe j/k.  

See you in game! For the Horde, CAW, COD, and the GRATS!

Grimsun of Nevikhoof
aka Solrojo of Earthen Ring and <Clan of Darkness>

Shout Outs & Thank You

The Nekronomicons - Donation

Clan of Darkness

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 244 - I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Aprillian, Vrishna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner

Hello Darlings!!!  I'm back in Vegas, back with my computer and recording equipment...yay!!  Sorry I didn't manage to send you any audio for last week <=)  I WAS thinking about you, but didn't bring my recording stuff, etc etc...anywho, I hope you're all doing well and that Jeppy's better this week!  This audio is a little longish...but its cause of all the WoW I got to play on my WoWcation!  hehehehe...

/big hugs & kisses

Juuno =D

What We've Been Doing:


Running around not doing Pilgrim's Bounty.

I feel so stupid. I was using my RAF trial soon to hunt wild turkey. And she can't trade them! and I have 60 turkeys on a toon that I can't do anything with. she's not capable of making the turkey dinner and she doesn't have enough money to train. Logged in to emptyUC
as much as I love pilgrims bounty I haven't done a lot of cooking.Got to make a decision. Nevahoof and Ă…pril stuck on expired RAF.

SWtOR - 

loading circle

Aprillian & Vrishna

Tol Barad



Decided that I wanted to experience the other half - so started a loremaster toon on alliance side! No guild perks!
Still doing cat. Gets much easier once you have talent points to retain energy.

Did Darkshore and hit level 25. 
Needed gold, so took up mining and herbalism to start with. Herbalism was weird - mostly higher level stuff, and ended up having to go back to Dolonar to level it a bit.

Went back and did Westfall  ;only 35 quests there, didn't take long and didn't get much exp at all (all grey). Though the story line of Vanessa VanCleef was good. Same with Loch Modan (45 quests) 

Headed off to Bloodmyst Isle and really found myself just rushing through the quests, since they were all grey. Starts off easy enough, pick up 20 quests and run out and do them all. But toward the end, there is so much running back and forth from Blood Watch to the far side of the island, it's clearly just a big time sink. Hit 53/60 and had no more quests. Research showed that I had to go back to Azuremist Isle and do "A small start" to open some more. This causes the quest "Urgent Delivery" to become available from a wandering messenger at Blood watch. Which in turns causes a quest to be in your mailbox - The Bloodcurse Legacy
Additionally hard because some of the end quests are Draenei only!
Finally figured out a quest that required me to know Furbolg - which is a chain in Azuremist Isle as well. Finally completed 65% into 27!

Off to Redridge Mountain. Quite a different story line there nowadays, and some fun quests, including one of the last where you ride a tank - quite gory for WoW I thought. Easy to find 40 quests to complete this zone in quick time, finishing 60% into level 28

Asharmin did hit 84 during Hallows End and got the healing/dps rings. Didn't get any more mounts.
Also levelling LW
Hit 85 and ran first heroic - Throne of the Tides. Only a couple of deaths, and won the chaos orb.

- Heroic Majordomo - 5% and enrage timer on first attempt, 1% on second. Interwebs not nice and D/C'ed 2 members. Slaughter on normal
- Rags one shot
- Heroic Shannox ; no idea what was gonig on with the dogs. lol
- Normal Beth'tilac - new gloves
- Firelands! achievement
- Extra night and got down Heroic Majordomo as a first for the group. Gratz to Blank on finally getting the staff

Pilgrims Bounty
- All my 85's had 350 cooking , except for my shaman, so did PB on him, mainly for the cooking. Can level more even when grey on the turkeys - into the 400's

- Experience points needed in Outlands reduced by 33% !! That's going to make Loremaster more challenging! Flip side, they have made group quests soloable.
- They finally changed the icon of enchant scrolls so they look different to expired AH mail. woot!

Healed heroic End Time instance. Not too bad, Got a nice headpiece (378 to replace 346 blue!) and boots




My entry to COD

Hello CTRL ALT WOWers Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna
I am a long time listener and really enjoy your podcast.  Your perspectives on WOW and your delivery are unlike any of the other podcasts I listen to regularly - also the length of your casts ;)
I have an Enhancement shaman on earthen ring and would very much like to join your COD guild. My shaman's name is Totemtotaler and is a level 34 Goblin.
Hopefully this quick email will meet your rigourous entry requirements and I can get an invite in the near future.
thanks for your time and efforts!
Washington, PA

A truly WoW first week

Hey Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and El Jeppy, what can I say but WoW! Earlier this week the Necronomicon's rolled up some brand new toon's on a brand new realm. It was a little scary wondering off into parts unknown with our lil Warlock and Mage but we had great fun in Deathknell killing drooling zombies, hairy spiders and collecting pelts and bat wings. As we left the zone we contacted the guild channel and in no time at all we were proudly flying the colors of the mighty Clan of Darkness (with a little extra gold in our pockets to boot, thanks Petrah). 
We ran, huffing and puffing, all over Brill killing mobs, mining and herbing. Once we reached the magnificent Undercity we joined in the pilgrims bounty celebration, flying back and forth to all the major cities for the various quests. We even had dinner with Goblynn in Thunder Bluff (though we threw way more food than we actually ate). 
We managed to complete all the low level bits and acquire several achievements including the hard to get "Terkinator". 
We enjoyed the guild chat where we met Fortheheals who generously donated some more gold to our fledgling toons (thanks FTH). On the first day we made it to level 16 and level 22 the next. On day three a fellow guildy named Xcronose, asked if we'd like to accompany him to the Scarlet Monastery wile he did some rep grinding. So the Necro's trundled after the kindly giant Troll DK and tried not to get killed by the mad monks, evil magicians and big mean dogs. We looted our way to level 27 in a matter of a few hours (Thanks Xcronose). 
The last thing I did was travel to the barrens to find a leaping hatchling for my lovely wife. She has one on almost every toon and she always calls him Baby David. (from the british TV series Royale Family)
All in all our first week with CoD was awesome and we can't wait to dive into patch 4.3. 

Big thanks to everyone from Nekronomicon and Nekromantik the Undead newly weds
Undead love is forever


We included some pix from our spooky fun Halloween wedding that we mentioned in our last email enjoy :)

Far to much Skyrim!

Better late than never! Keep up the great work guys!

Nov. 30 submission from the Kithores

Hola CAW Crew, and Special Guest!
We hope that everyone is having a good week, in and out of the game. Here is our weekly submission, we hope you like it! By the way, sorry for having one last week, Dreams was trying to figure out how to stuff the turkey with was a bit of an epic fail moment! Everyone knows that the beans are stuffed AFTER the turkey gets cooked! Anyway, you all take care and have a great week!

The Kithores,
Earthen Ring, CoD, and Dragonblight

Rigarmorty CAW 244 Update

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Eljeppy & this weeks special guest host!

Attached is my update this week though it has minimal Wow content.

Each of you is amazing and I'm always see Aprillian playing sims in facebook. Just wanted to say how awsome you all are and I really appreciate what you do each week!



Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness