Monday, June 28, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 172 - Pole Dancing for Gold & Achievements

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Aprillian -
Only did a couple of randoms on Aprillian, the one on Sat
Aprillian & Vrishna
LFG Randoms

Obtained [Foreman's Head Protector].
June 26, 2010 12:05 AM
Obtained [Foreman's Head Protector]. (Equipped)
Completed step [The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth] of achievement [Well Read].
June 25, 2010 11:48 PM
Completed step [The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth] of achievement [Well Read].
Completed step [War of the Three Hammers] of achievement [Well Read].
June 25, 2010 11:44 PM
Completed step [War of the Three Hammers] of achievement [Well Read].
Earned the achievement [50 Quests Completed].
June 24, 2010 1:23 AM
Earned the achievement 50 Quests Completed for 10 points.
Obtained [Tooth of Eranikus].
June 23, 2010 3:03 PM
Obtained [Tooth of Eranikus]. (Equipped)
Earned the achievement [Sunken Temple].
June 23, 2010 3:02 PM
Earned the achievement Sunken Temple for 10 points.

Earned the achievement [Maraudon].


Running Ahune on Pud & Ashariss & Ashayo
Got the pet on Ashariss (after Molly and Temp got there's in the two runs earlier!)

Bought Heirlooms for my 62 mage to do Midsummer - so getting 6000exp per flame honoured instead of 5000, and 12000 for desecrating
Get disconnected getting the [Flamekeeper] achievement, and poledancer

Pud - VoA - Two healed with Temp/Tranith. Wiped a couple of times, but got him.

Ashayo - DwP - Nearly got the Lich King - 16%

Crazy Train - Saurfang , Festergut, Rotface (1% wipe!), 88% on dreamwalker
Crazy Train - Got Dreamwalker down. One shot Blood Princes!. Working on Blood Queen. Got her to 30% odd, but folks got mind controlled because they didn't realise they had to bite more than once.

Pud - HoR for Temps priest again - still no offhand.

Pud - Heroic Underbog, Slave Pens, Steamvault, Magisters Terrace, (then again with the quest so we can open heroic) Where the Phoenix Hatchling dropped! Won by Sharp, then Heroic mode

Pud - T10 Chest Piece - now have 4 set bonus

Anomander finished up in Grizzly hills with healing help from Jekle
Headed to Zul'Drak and did Amphitheatre of Anguish with some awesome AIE folk. Hit 76 and headed for the Basin
Then realised I'd forgotten to do the Venture Bay quests to get a relic upgrade

Pants on Head level 1 undead run from Vengeance Landing to Borean Tundra

Double Bubble

Email #1
Hey all,

I wanted you to know that I blame Aprillian. My wife plays WoW on another server and is Alliance. All this talk on Ctrl Alt Trek about gnomes must have seeped into my head. I have been brain washed I tell you!!! I rolled a Gnome Death Knight on my wife's server. And not even a Bouva named one. For those of you that do not know I name all my alts with Bouv in them. Bouvi, Dabouv, Bouvalock, Bouvatar, Bouva something.

Anyway I am just about to hit lvl 70 and wanted to blame someone for making me roll a gnome. Could always use a iTunes card to throw stuff on my iPad or new iPhone4.

Love you guys, keep up the good work.


Email #A

Greetings JAVA (Yes, even Vrishna despite what anyone may think I won't begrudge him for his indifference towards Chocobos)

It's your friendly casual gamer Nevik here.

*Gasp* Wait. Wait. Did I just utter the "C-word?" I did, I really did. /facepalm

In my absence from WoW I've picked up this nasty addiction to casual gaming, especially on my mini-iPad. We Rule, Depict, Words with Friends, Tilt to Live ... so many fun little games to play in bed while my wife uses her MacBook Pro.

Speaking of my wife, she's tickled that she'll be recipient of a Celestial Steed care of Juuno from my winning logo submission. (Thanks Juuno!) It'll be a little bit before she will be able to redeem the code as our accounts are still inactive. We won't be reactivating our accounts until we get back from Disneyland the week of July 4th as we will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary as well as our daughter's 5th birthday.

But let's bring it back to WoW. This isn't Ctrl Alt Casual Gaming, Ctrl Alt Life or Ctrl Alt Disneyland after all.

For my wife's birthday I picked her up two things for her Macbook: a sexy green Incase hardshell case and Wrath of the Lich King. So once we do come back to Azeroth, we will be creating Alliance DKs on Winterhoof to witness the Jeppy army ourselves. I might even create a gnome DK named Addillian.

I kid, I kid.

In all seriousness, I can't wait to get back in-game and catch up with friends. I really want to stab the Lich King in the face, but at this point I mainly want to get back to prepare for the Cataclysm. I need to make sure to get all of my heirlooms in order and see if my wife and I can get our 'lock/tankadin combo to 80.

Anyhoo, there is one final thing I would like to bring up. I have these cards for an in-game wind rider cub and gryphon hatchling laying around and I can't think of a reason for me to redeem them.

I'm not a pet fanatic, but I know that many of your listeners are, so I would like to give them out to two of your listeners. I'll leave it up to you to determine what kind of contest you would like to hold for these pets. But perhaps some stories of how much some of your listeners love chocobos? Okay, I kid, I kid.

For the Frontier! *cough*ville*cough*


PS. To clear up any potential confusion over Vrishna's reluctance over awarding the Celestial Steed to me/my wife it wasn't because of the whole chocobo thing. It had more to do with my reluctance to accept the award if one of my logos were chosen, but that I would give the steed to my wife if I did win.

PPS. I know I may have gone a little overboard on Vrishna with the whole "chocobo-hater" thing, but I thought it was quite entertaining. I almost sent in a rebuttal to Vrishna, but I really didn't want to give Vrishna the impression that I thought less of him. /hug.

PPS. The logo you described on the show isn't the "winning" logo on the show notes. Which one did you like more?

Email #2

Short time listener, first time mailer.

Greetings one and all (I'll show no preference)

Just wanted say how much I'm enjoying your podcast. I discovered it on my return to WoW a couple of months ago and haven't missed an episode since. I find the banter between you all highly entertaining and have to restrain myself from laugh while on the train.
Well the point of this email is to let Eljeepy know I admire his skills with RAF. I've had mine a month and I've still not got a toon to 60. I'm doing to quest route to try an null the boredom. I guess I must just be one of those people that want the fruits of the labour but can't be bothered to do the work. I'm on holiday from work next week so I'll try to give it my full attention. Well unless I have to unblock the sink again or get caught to do other jobs around the home.

Well take care all and enjoy your week in wow.

Dárklust on chromagnus EU (alts; Vallon, Kàrayan, Unhøly, Møss, Anhur)

Email #B

Lore Stuff

Hey all
I hope you have all been well! Sorry I have not been in touch for a while, but my schedule changed for the month of June, and I have been pretty busy. I have been playing on all of my toons, with a particular focus on my Human Paladin, Annamia, and my Troll Shaman, Karamie. I have been healing on both and love love love it. I think I am healer at my core,

So I have a lore question! Although I am into the lore of Warcraft I am not at all a lore nut, but there is something that kind of bothers me that I wanted to run by you all. I was doing the Water Totem quest for my Troll Shaman (a female troll) when the female Orc giving me the quest called herself a "woman". When I think "woman" I think human female....(woe to man bologna)....and tend to think that a non human race calling themselves "man" or "woman" would negate the individuality of that race. Should "woman" and "man" be for humans only?

Just wondering what you think.

All the best, Kurly

This whole thing came to me from an episode of Star Trek: Next Generation. Someone asked Worf what kind of "man" he was and he replied: "I am not a man". It was down hill ever after. all rock......but you know that

Email #C

Instead of giving you a free month or a pet code I thought i'd give you something a bit more interesting ;D how about a Landro's Gift loot card? well just the code 'cause posting involves moving away from my computer. xD

I've actually got 10 which i got cheap from someone in poland, so i figured i'd give a couple away to my favourite podcast ^^

I'll give you one for a competition or something maybe episode 200 if you want to start gathering up prizes.

And then the most important one, one for you guys to fight over! :D I'm thinking Ashayo will have the best reason for having it, since he has a main that he plays regularly! xD

Anyway keep up the amazing podcast!

Cloudwolf, Lightbringer EU.. For the Horde!! And the Alliance!

Explains what the card contains.


If they don't work just email me back and i'll /rage at the person in poland. :D

Email #D

Hello again C.A.W hosts it's the one and only Mattdiox again.

Although last week I betrayed WoW and hardly played it at all unfortunately. I did come up with something to say.

An emailer mentioned getting his girlfriend into World of Warcraft and it made me think of how I have often gotten friends into the ultimate nerd maker: Manga and it always feels brilliant when they come back to me with one of my many many many mangas and say: "That was great, can I borrow the second one?"

Now onto the actual point of this strange email. Aprillian how did you feel when you got your lovely lover into world of warcraft and he said he enjoyed it?

And do any of you other wonderful hostie toasties have any stories of getting anyone into stuff you like and what it felt like when they said they liked it?

It has a real sense of power and strength of mind when you change someone's own interests. Sorry, falling into evil genius mode.

I hope you all have a fantastic week and try go outside at least once y'know, I know the sun is scary but it's useful for growing stuff.

Lots of love and potatoes.
- Mattdiox For the British!

P.S Because you always forget. Walk Alone Gaming! Just think WAG for the order of the words.
P.S.S As always, I will send you a potato without hesitation. I'll send it to a PO box if you don't want the address at the wind's mercy.

Email #3

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and Jeppy,

So I wrote a couple weeks ago about getting my Tundra Mammoth. Still not quite there yet but I am much closer. Maybe another week left of grinding for gold and I will get there. By the way I am glad the fire detector has been fixed. At first when I heard it I thought it was the Carbon Monoxide detectors in my basement. I checked it a couple times before I put two and two together and backed up the podcast 30 seconds until I heard it again.

The reason I am writing is I heard a lot of your RAF talk over that past few weeks and wanted to suggest an add-on that has helped me level. Tourguide is similar to quest helper in that it tells you where to find the items/mobs to complete your quests with a couple extra features. Each guide you open is for a range of levels either on horde or alliance. It doesn't take you through every quest in an area it just takes you through the ones that will get you to the max level of that guide the quickest. It even includes hints on where to find the quest giver or item if the answer is not obvious. Finally it suggests places to make your home and after it takes you through a range of quests it will even tell you when to hearth to turn them in. I find myself getting about 70% through each guide before I out level it because of heirloom items but it is much much quicker than if I did it without the help. I would imagine this would be of interest to Jeppy who loves questing. Maybe not so much for Vrishna as I seem to remember him not liking things that could be viewed as help/cheating.

The other thing I wanted to tell you is that I don't know if it is still me or not but I figured out why I haven't been able to download the shows through my ipod. For some reason any show you post with the show notes in it will not download directly into my device. I have to download it on my laptop and use my sync cables to get them on my ipod. One extra step but well worth it to listen to your podcasts every week. You cleared 3 hours last episode!! When is the 8 hour marathon show coming? I can't wait!

Londrik - US Dragonblight Server
PS The rabbit dying sound cracks me up.

Email #E

Acaldraa audio

Email #4

Dear Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy,

Garygygax here again. Thanks very much for answering my RaF questions. You cleared it all up. Maybe you guys should be writing Blizz's FAQ! Have you seen that thing?

Anyway good to know at least one of you is in touch with your roots and knows who Gary Gygax was - sheesh. I'm sure you are all very thankful to Jeppy for the education. Better tell them what a d20 is this week =). I actually still play books n dice games (but the graphics aren't as good).

So to an update. Unfortunately not much progress to report. My wife seems to be intent on spending all her time in RL... waddupwitdat eh? She probably thinks if she came back to the fold I would spend even more time playing lol. Possibly true. At the same time I can hear the siren song of RaF powerlevelling and the allure of multiboxing, running my own group through instances sounds like cool fun. I want an 80 shammy, cause I'm loving healing on my priest at the moment, but staring down the barrel of 65 levels does not appeal lol. Oh well we'll see...

Do you have any advice about running multiple instances of WoW on a Mac and any other software that would be useful, keycloners for Mac, etc.? (You've probably answered this before, sorry.)

I also wanted to comment on that blue post about "...tolerating multiboxing for now." As if Blizzard does anything but encourage it. If they didn't want to encourage people to buy and play multiple accounts they should make the rocket BoA, instead of giving you one BoE. Clearly they are very happy to have us buy and play as many accounts as we can. The condescending attitude expressed in the comment is especially offensive considering it is aimed at some of their biggest customers, I guess they're feeling pretty comfortable at the moment. /endrant

Oh Blizz how can I stay mad at you (snookums).


One final thing. I know I'm too late for your logo contest but I made these so I thought I'd send them, maybe you can use them for something down the track or whatever. I hope you like them. (If you want larger files just let me know.) Sorry for the book length mail.

May all your hits be crits.

Garygygax 80 dwarf Hunter
Funshinebear 80 dwarf Disco (aint dead) Priest
Nagrand Oceanic

Email #5

Coffee Spills & Podcasting

Aprillian & Vrishna,

I wanted to suggest that you put off a character transfer or two, and invest instead in a couple of the Contigo brand Autoseal West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mugs (with vacuum insulation.)

Delaying the pleasure of a character transfer or two, while investing in this cup may well pay off greatly in coming weeks, months or years. Imagine the heartache and embarrassment you’ll avoid by not having to stop a podcast when you knock over your coffee? With this Travel Mug, it’ll keep your hot coffee hot for hours, and prevent you from easily spilling the morning coffee at inopportune times!

Or, in lieu of olding off the character transfers, Aprillian, Vrishna could simply work a little overtime and surprise you with a wonderful gift! (Or, vice versa, though with the new iPhone4 upgrade …well, no telling.) ;-)

Keep up the fine work.


Hunter of the AIE Guild

Earthen Ring Server

PS – I didn’t mention our fine co-hosts who speak non-American English, since they don’t seem to have issue with their tea and biscuits during recording. ;-) It must just be something about the coffee. Perhaps you could switch to tea, Aprillian?

PPS – Why do we insist on using these silly PS/PPS statements in the world of cut-and-paste?

Email #6

Hey there peoples of various genders! And Aprillian?

Okay, so raiding has went from terrible.

The Cataclysm blues and the Summer blues have made raiding just about unbearable.

Our Ret Pally recently left, and our chances of getting Heroic Lich King have went from a small chance to just about no chance at all. The team hasn't really decided much, but it's apparent that people are getting tired.

However, I have found a good way to pass the time before Cataclysm; I've become an Achievement -- erm... that word's not safe for this podcast (More of a BoE word...). I've been doing Old World Reps, and mount runs, for mounts like The Baron's Mount (I'm sorry Wych, I got it on my 5th run ), the White Hawkstrider (Elusive), and the Raven Lord mount (more elusive). I've been doing these with two of my buddies, and hanging out in vent the whole time, and it's been a blast.

Hope you all had a great week!

Email # F
Hello Aprillian's Merry Band of Podcasters!

I hope the week is finding you all well. Just wanted to say, "Keep up the good work". I continue to be amused and entertained by your skill and wit on air. Please don't listen to anyone saying negative things about the show length. I love being able to spend several hours at a time with the voices of sweet Aprillian, sexy Ashayo, exciting El Jeppy and the ever charismatic Vrishna.

It's been a while since I wrote in and I don't want to take up too much of your time so here are just the highlights.

I've gone from having only one 80 to having three. Tedrah, my hunter, has been joined by Joslynn, the Mage and Pettrah, the death knight. Tedrah has now seen all the fights in ICC. Unfortunately, she hasn't managed to kill Professor Putricide, Sindragosa or the Lich King.

Joslynn is working on leveling her tailoring & enchanting. Pettrah is trying to make money mining & skinning to help fund all my lowbies.

I was excited to get Ice Chip from my third kill of Ahune. That makes 106 companion pets for Tedrah. Tedrah has also acquired a rocket to ride.

I'm currently working on getting a baby warlock, Teadra, (pronounced the same, I'm partial to that name) to at least level ten in hopes of applying to AIE in July. I'm looking for a place to socialize and level when Unbroken is doing their 25 man raiding. I've had to cut back to just ten man raiding as I was burning out from raiding too much.

Anyway, I'll let you go now and hopefully I'll be seeing some of you, if only in passing, on Earthen Ring.

Signing off -- For the Horde!
This is Tedrah from Unbroken on Sisters of Elune.

Sent from my iPad

Email #G

Hello CtrlAltWow crew,

Bidkar here. I don't have much to report this week. I have just been leveling toons like crazy so I don't miss out on any Recruit a Friend opportunities.

You did mention last week about one of my toons named Averill and it being close to Avril. The funny thing is her name was originally Aprillian, I thought it would be funny to start a gnome warlock named Aprillian. Obviously I deleted her. I thought it felt disrespectful to Aprillian and not really very funny since it is her name to use and not mine. The name Averill I used is actually from "Anne of Green Gables". It was the name of a heroine in one of Anne's stories. The story Anne wrote "Averil's Atonement" ended up being submitted without her knowledge to advertise baking powder much to her chagrin.

Also, Ashayo has mentioned several times he doesn't understand why people want to level up so fast. I gave it a ponder since I think he is right but I still want to level fast. I think, for myself, I only want to speed up through certain parts. My favorite time in game is when I hit Feralas, Hinterlands, Felwood, Un'Goro Crater and Winterspring. I love questing in those areas and am impatient to get to them. I don't really care if I get to 80 since I have no interest in raiding or dungeons of any sort so the game ends for me. I wish when they add a raid, they would also add quests for soloing. There hardly is ever any new content for the solo player. The last time I can think of was Valentine's day. I really enjoyed those quests.

Next week I will have the rundown on my recruit a friend. It ends on June 27 so I still haven't concluded all my granting levels etc. I really enjoyed RAF, but I am looking forward to fixing my toons that I have leveled. I always level all professions when leveling but I skipped a bit to save time. Thus, to me, my new toons are rather unpolished and need attention. My thanks to Mo and Jeppy for their server suggestions. I really like Winterhoof and Jub Jub.

I hope you are feeling better Jeppy.

For the Horde and For the Alliance,

Bidkar and his many alts

Email #7

Hey guys, love the show.

Was just thinking that shammie could have used your Ss, pop up and run to an area that is safe before death. Then use her ahnk to safely rez.

I recently started my 4th RAF and got my 6th toon to 80. The latest 80 is a MM hunter and survival for pvp. I have decided to make the hunter my new main because I just love the mechanics of kiting, jumpshotting, and the fact that I'm topping meters.

I have a question/delema;

I am wondering which trinket to use,
I have an agility greatness deck - +90 agility and a 300 agility proc
I also have a ilevel 245 battlematers rage - 256 attackpower and about 5k health on click for someodd seconds.

The battlemasters trinky is better for my gearscore and admittedly I have only been 80 for less than a week so my gearscore is less than I would like.
(about 5000, 2700 wow-heroes)

Thanks in advance!

Love u guys and aprillian

Sabrehawk, kilrogg alliance ( I'm in my 30's so there)

Sent from my iPhone :)

Email #H

hello ctrlaltwow crew, makiling here

first of all, i hope our prayers of healing have helped jeppy in making him feel better. i pray for the health of everyone in the podcasting community.

next, i'd like to talk about my week in wow. at the time of writing, we are already a week into midsummer festival, and it has been a really good holiday for my toons. my mage finally got her violet proto drake after completing the flame keeper meta! ive been flying around doing ogrila dailies on my sweet sweet 310% drake.

my lvl 80 druid and priest have been doing the Ahune boss fight and have gotten some sweet upgrades to their cloaks. im still hoping that the cool cool staff would drop for my priest, and i have a week of dailies left to do it.

my alliance alts have also been celebrating the fire festival by doing the torch throwing and tossing dailies. so far i've found that ironforge is the best place to do it in the alliance. and for the horde, its either thunder bluff or silvermoon. what do you guys think?

my night elf druid is stil exclusively tanking instances for leveling, and the fire festival dailies give good exp to help get her up. but i had recently discovered an even fasetr way of leveling. it just so happens that the call to arms this week was warsong gulch. after a whole afternoon of doing mana tombs and underbog, i decided to hit the bgs for some variety. after running around and getting the flag in cat form and winning the bg, i was able to get a whopping 20% worth of exp! it was unbelieveable! winning 5 bgs would effectively level you up! so i went and did a few more until she dinged, and now she's lvl 67, and i havent even started questing in nagrand! hopefully i get to northrend before the fire festival ends so i can fly around there and get the fires of northrend. have you guys tried doing bgs for leveling?

thats it from me for now,

keep those long shows coming!

for the BGs!

Shout Outs & Thank You
Hello all.
it seems like forever since I have emailed or listened in but it has only been what about 9 days or so...
hope everyone is doing well.

My strange wow week has continues since I last emailed for your last episode (which was last wed.) which includes the wow patch, wow issues and crashes, and just not enough wow time.

On Tuesday we had a new patch and of course QQing! Ruby RUBY RUBY Sanctum was not part of the patch and some wow issues with some laginess, graphics, etc.
I was not QQing about Sanctum of the Ruby but wow WOW was so buggy for me. I think Tuesday, after servers were up, many of them were having issues. Than when I did log in late on Tuesday night, I was real laggy, which is not normal for me. So I relogged and did the usual things with no difference. To make it better, wow crashed on me.
I was told to clear my cache file, so I did.
I logged in again and after a while, all the graphics went black or it would disappear, real strange! So I just gave up and did not get on wow until Thursday with the same results. Friday I did not log in at all but tried again Saturday. I was able to get my JC daily done than wow crashed again. At this point I really wanted to cry and did not know what else to think of. I logged into my other hunter and later my priest, did some things with guildies with no issues.

But wait!

Wow crashed again!!!!

I posted a tweet about it and the kind @Kitsuno (hope you dont mind me mentioning you) suggested a few things including..."did you try the Repair Program?".....Should be in your main World of Warcraft Folder, "Repair.exe" should be the target name."

Now in all these years, 5+ to be exact, I had no clue this existed. I am glad I never really needed to repair wow but did you all know this file existed?

I started the repair.exe and I just chose to scan the files or what ever it is called ( not reset them) and after I did that just a few minutes ago, so far so good.

Hope all of you have had better wow weeks and I am hoping I can get my RAF into gear like @Bidcar as he is in high gear! he has been a leveling machine! Grats dude!

And just a bit of non-wow things (I know this is not Addicted podcast :) I attempted to get the iphone 4 with failing several times but I did get my mopad,oops I mean ipad :) so I will take any suggestions you have for that.
I wanted to ask you all, have you read any of the wow books? what do you think? any good? I have always been curious.

Ok I should end this now before I go on for another page or 10

Have fun everyone and have a great 4th of July if you are in the states and have another great summer week if you are not.

For the geek knowledge!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 171 - Be Very Quiet, We're Hunting Rabbits

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Want to Donate to Ctrl Alt WoW Podcast? Simply buy time codes or pet codes on the Blizzard store and send them our way. Thanks!

Logo Contest for Celestial Steed Courtesy of Juuno

Mollyshot's Submission:

From Ctrl Alt WoW Photos

Winner Nevikjames

From Ctrl Alt WoW Photos

Juuno Here
What We've Been Doing:

Transfered Elyte - Level 75 DK to Winterhoof. Logged into her in dal and then felt stupid because she couldn't talk to other alts. Faction changed and she ended up in Exador. Note: move inn to neutral hearth prior to faction change

Got a Rocket on Elyte & took Ethere to Outland. Tried Achidoun, ended up in Ramparts. Graveyard run shorter

Ran SM after Vrishna went to work. Forgot to reset.
Aprillian & Vrishna

Scarlet Monastery Babyee




Pud - Utgarde Keep - Temp let me die on 2nd pull!

Shadowthrone - ran a heroic as dps! VH. Went ok.

Awesome HoR run with Zooey, Fantasie, Fur and Berat

Asheal - Random - VH - Ralff on healer, Secondaid on tank, Thy on boomkin, Molly on hunter (get a wriggle on with that alt Molly!)


Crazy Train - Now tearing through first four bosses with 2 healers. Getting Saurfang down almost before a mark goes out. ZooE doing a great job with the Darnovan weekly quest. Got Festergut down with only one tank swap and two-healed Rotface. However still bashing our heads against Dreamwalker with 93% our best attempt.

DwP - Still making progress on the Lich King. Best attempt is about 38%. Actually got to go inside Frostmourne and kill a Spirit Warden. Not bad considering we've swapped off-tank and a new dps and occassional new healer.

Pud - Weekly - Ignis - single tanked it, got [Stokin' the furnace] achievement

Asheal - Weekly - Patchwerk - 25 man with Ralff & Molly etc

Pud - weekly - XT - Killed him during the last heart phase
Ashariss - weekly - XT - single tanked by Straddle

Asheal / Ashayo - weekly - Noth - dualboxed the 25 man weekly. Was trying to figure out why healbot was acting funny on me, which is difficult to do when summoned into an instance and immediately fighting, plus dualboxing. Figured it out just before we pulled the boss - I was in shadow spec.


Pud - Won tanking Chest off Deathwhisper
Ashayo - Tier-10 chest. Probably won't equip until I get the 4th piece for the set bonus.


My latest DK is working his way through Grizzly Hills and about 4 away from the zone achievement. Forcing myself to not just use the ingame quest helper, and actually reading quests.
Tip: With the quest "Free at last", re-use quest item once mob is non-elite and it procs more often.

Rogue - Now questing in Ashenvale. Getting the hang of the rogue again.


Pud - Quested in Zangermarsh to get honored with Cenarion Expedition. Only took an hour or so.

Pud - AQ40 - summoned in for last boss and got acheivement

Pud - VoA - took 16 stacks before dying.

Tip: You can land on top of inns in places like Conquest Hold and logout as though in the Inn. Also found there is an "inn" at camp Oneqwah, and you can be mounted inside it.

Helping Wemb with Battered Hilt quest line. And now Temp has one too!

Alchemist discovered Flask of Mighty Restoration - outlands level flask?

Another moral dilemma!

Email #1 from Xesu

Hey there, APRILLIAN, and other subordinates,

So, I think I'll start writing to the show weekly...hopefully

Xesu's now relaxing, waiting for Cataclysm.

After my raid team got our Frostwyrms from the ICC-10 meta, I thought I'd like to level an alt. I'm thinking of waiting until Cataclysm, to level a Troll Druid, I have his name reserved already.


That said, are there any characters that the y'all are looking forward to leveling come Cata?


Email #2 from Xandarr

X marks the spot Pt. 2

Hello to my favorite Altaholics - Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Jeppy!

I am about a podcast behind when listening so I just barely heard
about Vrishna "dinging" and wanted to say congrats on being one year
older.... and hopefully wiser too. You are definitely a wise man to
find it in your best interest to hook up with Aprillian, she seems
like quite a lady. Even though she hides how many RaF's she might
have from you.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Sir Jeppy and hope he is all
better after his stay in the hospital and his laughing bout with the

And Ashayo... what can I say about you, my friend. I guess only two
words come to mind.... "man crush."

Anyway! Back to this weeks installment of "X Marks the Spot" and
another go at the prize!

I have spent another week away from home working in a four letter word
of a town in Nevada, finishing up a job. We no longer had trade with
the local hotels so they sent me here to finish up because I can stay
at my grandmothers house. *SIGH* Can anyone say CRAPPY WIRELESS
INTERNET and less than full size bed? Oh well... playing WoW until I
couldn't keep my eyes open made sleeping in the fetal position every
night almost tolerable until.... CRUSHRIDGE GOES OFFLINE FOR NEARLY
48 HOURS?! Good lord that is too long!

OK, enough about the gripe. On to the Alts... well a couple funny
stories anyway.

You have all been to the Deadmines, correct? You have all faced Mr.
Smite the level 20 elite Tauren. You know the guy... first mate to
Captain Greenskin. Anyway, I didn't know there were still people out
there who hadn't been inside Deadmines, but "Niightshade" (my NELF
Hunter) found one! A Rogue, whom he is lucky I forgot to write down
his name. He was running ahead of our tank and sapping folks as we
went along. He was pretty good at it, until he saw the treasure chest
on the landing where you fight Mr. Smite. He instantly dashed towards
the chest before we were finished with the trash right before and
wouldn't you know it he got all the way to the chest only to have the
two stealth rogues and Mr. Smite on him like white on rice. I didn't
think wipes were possible in low level instances anymore... but I
guess Blizzard still finds a way to humble us.

Story number two... same instance, different toon. This time I was
running through on Gobber, my warrior, on DPS. And AGAIN a rogue!
This time in the smelting area with all the goblins. I asked the
group if there was an engineer in the party. That way they would be
sure to pick up all the boxes of engineering crap scattered throughout
the area. The rogue said he was and proceeded to pick up the boxes
before we were done clearing the room. He made it around to the back
side of the smelter as we were clearing the trash, all but one... this
goblin saw the green haired little gnome sneaking around his boxes of
junk and ran to tell his boss, Gilnid the Smelter. Luckily our tank
and healer were in heirloom gear and kept everyone alive, except the
rogue. We told him to release and run back. We figured that would
teach him a lesson. He ran back, humbled, and bringing an Evoker in
hot pursuit.

Needless to say, even though I was two days without WoW, I still had
stories to tell and things to look back on and laugh. I will be
listening to Episode 170 on my drive home on Thursday evening.

Until next time.... FOR THE ALLIANCE.

P.S. Is it wrong to have so many blue items at level 22? 66% blue items.

Email # A

Hello everyone at Ctrl Alt Wow. Mattdiox again. I'm a pest I know.

I hope you had a fantastic week and did lots of ... WoW like ... things.
Anyway, I was surfing around on youtube and found a World of Warcraft parody song. It's a song about a player who has many many alts and has yet to level to 80 which now because Ashayo bribed her; Aprillian now has done. But I still think the song fits a little and is funny. (Accept the part where it says the person can't play. Don't hit me!)

Okieodkie here's the link:

I just thought I would let you know my Strength Priest is doing very well and has proceeded to dominate the battle grounds. Did you know that adding strength to a priest actually turns them into a super priest who shoots lasers out of their eyes and has a tactical nuke strike inside their ... well I'll leave that up to the imagination of the lads on the show.

This has been Mattdiox; For the British!

Email # 3 from Ruker
Hello guys. I wrote earlier to tell you all about my 100 plus random heroic runs as a healer. I was never picked for DPS. Well my healing streak has ended. My guild leader invited me to a random run and I got picked for DPS. It was fun searching my bars for any spell that would do damage before having to just sit down and switch to shadow spec.Holy priests just don't have much muscle. Oh how the highs and lows of this game stick in my brain. Like when I stayed up til 2am farming the Jeves recipie only to find out the next night that our Flame Leviathan kill had a 100% drop rate of that recipie for engineers. But the best thing was when my level 28
Paladin was questing in Duskwood. I ran out of the the catacombs of Raven Hill cemetary and aggroed 5 mobs.I was fighting to stay alive, when after killing 2 of the 5 mobs I leveled. Full life and full mana, I just paused and said "How do you like me now?". It's almost like cheating. Keep up the great podcast and For the Alliance.

Ruker and a few Alts, Azuremyst US

Email #4 from Velinath
Hey, guys and Aprillian. This is Velinath from the Pants on Head guild. I spend most of my time running on alts when i'm not running raids with the Ironman group. About a week ago I was making a new Enhancement Shammy and I was thinking of you Aprillian. So, my new alt is dedicated to you. Her name is Foshock and she is lvl 11 and she is an adorable Female Orc with pigtails. I plan on using her for pvp if she ever hits 80, I know that you don't pvp but that's kinda why I needed a Shammy. Anyway, I love the show everyone and keep up the great work.

Velinath - 80 Shadow Priest

Email #B from Jede

Hello Again! – hoping you can play this voice memo on the podcast!


Email #5 from Nade

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about the shaman not using their self resurrection (or ankh reagent if you don't have a glyph) because it would rez them where they died... in a group of mobs. No, this is not an option. It's not like your dead body is able to move around the room, unlike when you release and your spirit runs back to around the area of your dead body (outside of an instance).

I'm sorry, but please tell me how using a soulstone is different. You don't get to choose where you resurrect when you hit the Use Soulstone button. It just brings you back to life. If you died standing in a group of mobs, you're probably going to die again.

The shaman was right and I blame Ashayo for letting the noob squad run amuck on that discussion.

Keep up the good work!

Email #C from Acaldraa

Hey crew,

Acaldraa here again with a fun and exciting week. This week has been my first full one with no silly school to get in the way and in terms of Warcraft, it's been amazing. As Ashayo can tell you, I have been raising late into the night and am always looking for more crazy folk to join me. This week i have transferred over my DK (Acaldro) and have been gearing him up. I would list all the raids that I have done hut we would he here all day and listeners would probably fall asleep. But hey, here's just a few I did ICC 10 and 25 on both toons. VOA 10 and 25 on both toons. TOC 25 on the paladin. OS 3D on the DK for a title that I could wear with some amount of self respect. I also did the weekly on both toons of course and have already done it for next week on my DK but had to go to bed before I could find a group on the paladin at 4 am. To top it all off, I spent a few hours in Ulduar 10 getting Firefighter and a few other pesky achvs. Firefighter made me really want to cry... It was just that hard even when we over gear it by so much. Big shoutout to the guys over in the guild Shadow Remains for taking me and also to Miss Ravashing and Kekku for coming in and helping out. Way to represent AIE in such a great way!
Well this ended up being longer then expected (always does)

Have a great week in and out of game,

Acaldraa and Acaldro
Paladin and Death Knight

Sent from my iPod, sorry for any spelling errors.

Hey guys, quick mid week update. Got the drake from Skadi in UP on my Death Knight. 1.6% drop rate so I am very excited. My only wish it had been on the paladin. It looks like a Rusted Proto Drake but blue. Thanks and hope this can get tag onto my email

Sent from my iPod, sorry for any spelling errors.

Email #D from Bidkar

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna,

Bidkar, mage etc. here. This week Bidkar danced on top of the bank in Orgrimmar and blinked around a lot.

My more productive toons fared a bit better. Millicent, human warlock, and Averill, gnome warlock, are now level 27 and going well. The two warlocks together started out a bit rough, but now are leveling well. I must say that I do prefer when one toon is a healer, makes things easier, but with a warlock it works out ok. They are now in Lakeside and Duskwood. I tried the dwarf areas. Did not care for them at all, but I am happy for those who do enjoy them. The two hunters, Monada, dranei, and Marilla, dwarf, are only level 11. I like the Dranei starting area and the subsquent quests so far so I am looking forward to working on them. I got wrapped up in the warlocks but I will go back and get them to 30 so I can implement my master plan of leveling one of them to 60 with the grant a level ability.

The pvp server toons, Mykroft the undead warlock and Bidkar, the undead mage are doing well also. I reused the names. I really like the name Mykroft and I like having the chance to "re-level" Bidkar again. They are now 27 and questing in Tarren Mill. I have only seen two ally toon so far in all this time. A dranei shaman at Crossroads and a night elf druid at Hillsbrad. They were both skulls to me, but they deigned me worthy of mercy and did not kill me. The auction house on this server is great too. They buy everything at ridiculously high prices. I would never pay 1g 50s for a piece of stringy wolf meat, but they do. I can't spell the server name since the game is down right now, but it's the one you talk about all the time with Pants on Head on it. I love the difference between "real" time and "server" time. Mo put the idea in my head to level a toon on there. It's a great server.

You mentioned last week that Blizzard put forth the question about the additional character slots. I would pay for additional character slots if I wasn't paying the subscription fee. If Blizzard wants to make Wow a micro-transaction game, I would be okay with that. I have a feeling when that happens though, I would probably be playing their new secret MMO that they are working on.

Dinged 45 Tuesday. I think I am holding up well, people still stare at my hair when they are talking to me, so I must still look fairly young. I've always had big streaks of white going through my hair since I was 14 or so, so I've gotten used to people looking at my hair while they are talking to me. I assume it's because someone who looks so young shouldn't have white hair, right? :)

Have a great week and thanks for the podcast.

For the Horde and For the Alliance

Bidkar and his many alts

Email #E from Daya

Dear April, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy,

Thanks for reading my email on the cast. When writing I played out what I would do if I won the competition; with a dismissive shake of the hand I would say “On no I couldn’t possibly accept. My modesty forbids it.”

But getting my mits on some shinies, my eyes widened with filthy greed. I would love a little KT. Was that possible? If not I will pass. You are very kind to offer these prizes.

Rather than telling you what I have been up to in wow I thought I would go all meta on you and share three things about wow, that are not wow, that have made me happy.

* Wow bash. This contains screen shots from chat in wow. All human life is there. Not all is safe for reading on the cast.

* Cranius’s Ulduar song, Call me soft but this is beautiful and tender. Mind you Ulduar is old hat now so it's showing it's age.

* Gevlon’s blog. Refreshing to come across someone who does not fun with the crowd.

Kind regards,

Daya of Eternal Phoenix guild, Doomhammer EU.

PS. I have a 60 day game card gathering dust on my shelf. I bought it in case of global financial meltdown where I was locked out of my expired wow account and my credit card did not function. Knowing that the banks are all very safe and I have nothing to worry about, my counselor says it would be good for me to give up this safety blanket. Bought in the UK would the code be of use to you, perhaps as a prize?

PPS. Would love to cheekily ask whether the World Cup has impacted on your wow playing?

Email #6 Curme


I wanted to respond to the person having trouble getting over the hump. 45-58 is grueling, though where you level can make a difference. Tanaris and OnGoro are way better than the plaguelands. But here's the suggestion.

Get your warrior to 55, upgrade to WOTLK if you haven't and roll a death knight on whatever server you want. You'll end the starting area at 58 and go right to the plaguelands. Mining/skinning are easy to level up in a few hours and you'll have plenty of gold to buy flying as soon as you hit 60. Stick around outlands until you hit 70 since you won't be flying in northrend until 77. I'd recommend a modified DPS unholy spec that picks up dodge, 'on a pale horse' and the cooldown reduction for death grip. You can also grab the armor talent, 'toughness,' from frost before topping of the unholy tree and it's more beneficial for leveling than the gargoyle. Make sure you get the perma-pet talent and glyphing your bones will add survivibility. You'll be able to solo group quests by using frost presense and death strike (self heal). Glyph of disease also helps out for soloing group quests (more frost/unholy runes for death strike) and should allow you to tank instances easier. You should be able to cruise through outlands in no time. DK's are way OP until the upper 70's where they kinda level out. After doing some instances you may find you want to work up a different class to do a different role, but a DK is a nice melée DPS with magic abilities and can tank to boot. Plus their awesome in PvP.

Best of luck


PS. My RAF was a failure by your standards. 2 level 58's and no granted levels. At least I've got the Druid and priest through the vanilla grind. I haven't been playing long enough to consider it nostalgic...

Email #7 from Gongrim

Hi all

Gongrim here been a while since I last wrote been busy at home keeping her who must be obeyed happy doing some decorating and going away for few days :)

But I've been busy in wow to I've now got my 4 piece tier 10 bonus for my warrior, and have run through the first 4 bosses of ICC a few more times but still no drops from there :(

My hunter is in all 245 ilvl gear and my DK has gone to level 68 and chosen Elixer spec as his specialisation in alchemy and is now making the flasks for my raid group. Aswell as a few extra gold on the AH.

I have also levelled my paladin as prot from 30 to 40 and started a tauren horde hunter who is level 10. And planning out how I'm gonna level my chars when i start my RaF account.

Speaking of which I have several of the 10 day free trials and have used a few to trail out my computer settings and how i wanna do it and I was pleasantly surprised at how well my laptop handled two instances of wow.

Anyway enough rambling for now

Gongrim 80 Dwarf warrior Dragonblight EU
Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone from Virgin Media

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
Hope everyone is well and of course having fun in life and in game.

I am writing this email pretty late in the week, it is actually Wednesday morning. I had another night of disrupted sleep pattern. I compare my sleep the last week or so to a bad pug; so unpredictable and do not know when or when it will be corrected.

I have not been on wow much for many reasons. One our raid groups have imploded mainly because of peoples schedules or conflicts. I also have been trying my best to workout but that has been interrupted because of my corrupted sleep pattern. I have missed the weekly raid quest on my 80s for 2 weeks now! Crazy I know. My one hunter that is not 80 yet did hi 79 and he should be 80 soon with the JC dailies and random dungeon here and there. I also have him in Sholozar Basin going through the quests there. I like that zone but I wish the hunter had a gathering profession. He has JC and enchanting. Do you all know of another zone that is as rich as Sholozar for gathering? Maybe the zone next to it, which is Icecrown right? I am so bad with names sometimes.

I have also been in a wow funk, where I really want to play with my RAF characters and raid at the same time to help my guild but than I end up not doing either and just do something else non-wow related. I cannot explain it but I know the lack of sleep has to do with it.

I noticed yesterday we had a mini-patch updated; I am curious when the next big patch is with the new dungeon and raid.

I leave you be now and hope everyone has a wonderful week. Hope you have ordered your iphone 4 as I was finally able to.
I will not receive it until July but that is ok, I am able to wait.

Take care all and FOR THE SLEEP ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz


Shoutouts: Gratz to Baret on his 15th 80. (no RAF, single account)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 170 - Don't Worry, Be Happy - Says Mo

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 170 - Insert Clever Title Here

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

I rolled a gnome!
Thank you to Matt at Outlandish Podcast which can be found at They do a great job on Parodies based on World of Warcraft. Their entire library of parodies can be found at:

I love my Dranei Pally:
Aprillian & Vrishna

Housework vs Running toons through DM


Crazy Train - Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Rotting Frost Giant, Gunship, Saurfang (won off-spec chest), Festergut, Rotface.
Dreamwalker - 4 healers, not enough dps ; switching it up to 3 healers. Getting to about 90%

DwP - Working on Lich King, but the gods keep putting road blocks in our way.


Outland heroics - Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Shattered Halls, Old Hillsbrad
Need to get more rep to buy heroic keys

Pud - HoR - Temp healing , wipe on last wave. Got it done, but healer offhand didn't drop :(

Ran Oculus Heroic on Asheal with Molly's hunter and got the speed achievement. No drake though.


Jekle hit revered with Kirin Tor - just from JC dailies. He's bought all thc JC patterns anyone ever wants, and still has over 120 tokens. Should've converted to dragon's eye and sold before the price dropped.

VoA 25 pug on Asheal - no lootz

Pants on Head - Tempest Keep. Had to pug in a few extras to get the last boss down. Kael'thas Sunstrider last phase was a bugger with 12 - lots of mind control and fear and stun - and we were too proud to use the weapons with special abilities

Ran Molly thru SFK on her little pally.

Pudendal - After thinking last week it'd be ages before I had enough Frost Emblems - T10 shoulders
Pudendal - Bought 5 primordial saronite and had tanking boots made. Down to 800g on ah, can probably buy cheaper direct

Rocket Man!
Jede where are you?
Email #1

My name is Garygygax (Ally side -Nagrand) and I'm an Altaholic.

This is where you say "Hi Gary".

...Anyway. Hey Ctrl-Alt-WoW Crew,

Love the podcast.

How I WoW. Well I've been playing WoW on and off since Vanilla. But my first end game toons have been in Wrath (never been able to grind the distance before - lol.)

I love raiding but I don't get the time to do it much because my wife, who has played in the past but is not playing now, wants to spend time with me in the evenings... go figure right? As a result I end up pugging most of my raids and they tend to go even better than most RDF groups! (no they don't, they go much worse) (much much much worse /palm).

So I've been hatching a nefarious plan to woo my wife back to wow. This has led me to RAF, not to mention that badass rocket. I have a few questions about it I was hoping you could answer in your infinite multi-boxing RAF blitzing wisdom.

Here's the setup. My wife's old account is languishing somewhere deep in Blizzs' data banks unpaid for. She has some old toons there and so do I. So I was thinking maybe I'll transfer some to my current account, then she can have a dabble with her old toons and might get the taste for it again. So I'm reading up on account transfers and I see that toons can only be transferred between accounts held by the same person, not even between family members. So this means that I will not be able to transfer these old toons to my current account, the old account being under my wife's name. Ok then to plan B, (unless I've missed something?)

This brings me to RAF. So reading up on RAF it seems you have to use a different email address from your main account, otherwise it's not so much Recruit-a-Friend as "Recruit-a-multiboxer" or "Yeah-I'll-buy-yer-damn-game-again-now-gimmie-that-rocket."

Soooo if I've got it right. I need to pretend to be someone else in order to make a RAF account? How does that work? I just make a dummy email addy? Seems a little OTT. I'm still gonna end up using my real credit card. Also if I do it this way and I want to transfer toons to my account at a later time I'll be in the same predicament again? So is it as simple as; you can't have it both ways?

Sorry for the long rambling question and the noobinoobishness of not knowing such things and thanks in advance.

May all your hits be crits

Garygygax 80 hunter
Funshinebear 80 disco priest
and my plethora of alts on Nagrand Oceanic and other servers

PS. Why is every good podcaster, except Jeppy, Horde Side?

Email #A from Mattdiox

Oh How Forsaken

Holy Eggplant parmigiana it's Mattdiox again!

It's Walk Alone Gaming XD How hard is that? Well it is a pretty odd name.
Anyway, thanks for the strange plug.
We update once a month but talk very little about WoW. Mostly just mentioning it and making fun of it.
We still would love to have any of you guys on the show so let us know.
Thanks for the tips.

I also have another question for you all.
Which is more important for a discipline priest: Spell power or intellect?

Lot's of love and potatoes Mattdiox.
(I am still willing to send you a potato)

Email #B from Ma Kee Ling

hey ctrlaltwow crew, makiling here

i just listened to you last show and i'm glad jeppy is back and feeling better.

i cant help but notice that whenever aprillin and vrishna talk about leveling new toons, its always aprillian who has the heirloom items. what about vrishna and his toons?

my week in wow involved "new" raiding. earlier this week i got into a voa 25 pug on my mage, but was surprised to see that the leader wanted to push through with only 21 players. sure enough our dps was not enough to kill the frozen orbs, and the raid pretty much disintegrated after our first wipe. i was so frustrated and determined to just level my alliance toons.

my druid hit 58 yesterday, and i was finally able to quest in outland. but since i specced her feral tank, and had no money for dual spec i was killing orcs in hellfire as a bear. it was so frustratingly slow, and the novelty of seeing the inside of the alliance town and the equivalent quests wasnt enough to keep me interested in questing, so i decided to just queue for randoms. but i found out that at this level, fewer people are doing randoms, and in my impatience i decided to log back into my mage to do some rep grinding with the ogrila.

but as i was logging into dalaran, i saw someone looking for dps for an AQ40 run. i have not done that achievement, so i joined in and saw that the group was composed of around 25 people. we went down to silithus and into the raid instance, and we pretty much plowed through the bosses. i was able to get the green battle tank, and although the red one dropped, i didnt win that roll. cthun was a surprisingly quick encounter, but i can just imagine how hard he must have been, back in the day.

when i got back to org, someone was looking for a healer for the weekly, which was malygos in our server, so i logged into my priest. i was looking forward to this raid for my priest because he was the only boss left for her to do to get the "Champion of the Frozen Wastes" title. we had a few "kingslayer noobs" in our pug, but the raid leader was patient enough to teach the encounter. we wiped once in phase 3, but they made me solo heal that phase in our second try to have more dps, and we got the boss down! i was abl eto get the title, the frosties for the weekly, and my own key to the focusing iris after turning in the quest in wyrmrest temple.

i was really satisfied with that run, but as i was turning in the quest in dalaran, my guildies started looking for players for an ulduar 10 hard mode run. i got in as a healer, not knowing how the hard modes worked, but i was in there with another player in icc 25 gear who hadn't even been to ulduar. i knew the raid leader was going to be patient with him, and true enough we got not 1, not 2, but 6 bosses and their hardmodes in less than 2 hours! it was really awesome! granted, they were wearing mostly icc 10 and 25 gear, but i can now see how it is possible to do drake runs with a really skilled group augmented with the really powerful gear. i had to quit at freya because i was falling asleep at my keyboard, but went to sleep with the really awesome raid runs in my mind.

the raids were so awesome, it got me to the point where i was more into raiding than leveling. i know i might not be able to do this again anytime soon, but i'm just glad the game gives me these options for fun.

thats it from me for now, for the raids!

Email #2 from Xandarr

Hello everyone!

I have to say that getting back to where I have long drives and am able to listen to podcasts again is a great blessing! You are in my rotation and get played almost first every time. I used to listen all the time, as you may recall, and even had a small appearance on one of your podcasts (Episode 111) when Glanthur was around. I will have to say I do like the new line-up with Virshna and Jeppy. Although now you all say "For The Horde" in your sign off and that is a dirty rotten shame.

I had a quick question about your email contest and the possibility of winning the 1 month of WoW. Can that gift also be used for realm transfers? I might try to keep emailing y'all until I get 2 months of WoW and do a RaF of my own. It will be hard to justify keeping it after that 2 months but at least I would get the rocket, right?

It has been a while since I have written and would like to give "MO" a run for his money on the MO-MO-Moments! Shall we consider "X Marks the Spot?" I am really getting into the ALT scene with several alts building up.

Xandarr lvl 80 Prot Pally Crushridge-US ALLIANCE
Gobber lvl 20 Fury/Arms Warr Crushridge-US ALLIANCE
Xxandar lvl 23 Shad Priest Crushridge-US ALLIANCE
Xanddar lvl 21 Assn Rogue Crushridge-US ALLIANCE
Niightshade lvl 25 Marks Hunter Crushridge-US ALLIANCE

(Shall remain anonymous) DK ALLIANCE

Nvmahpnus lvl 11 BM Hunter (PoH Member) Jubei'Thos-OC HORDE

I can hear Aprillian now... "one of us... one of us..." Yes, it has been fun to level up some toons in the hopes of having some more flexibility with my play time and possibly even seeing inside a raid past boss #1! *GASP*

The level 80 I do have seems to have the right 'gear score' to get invited to raids, but it seems that no one wants me. Either I am not getting the right timing or I just have really bad luck. I keep trying though and run the random dungeon to get my 'frosties' and then hang around in Raid Queue to try and get a nibble and if after a while I don't get a nibble then it is on to one of my alts to run through their blue XP. Besides doing a RaF, any tips on going through XP and leveling quickly? I usually run quests with the Random Dungeon Finder queue running constantly. HOORAY BLIZZARD on a well done addition to the game. (Now if only the Raid system was that effective)

Well I hope that every week I can drop you all a line and let you know how the leveling is coming with my own "X Marks The Spot" feature. Until next time, love your show...


Email #C from Acaldraa

Hey Ctrl Alt Wow crew,
Acaldraa here with an achievement and a few shout-outs. This week has been a short one for me with exam prep and all but I did manage to get into ICC 10 and snag 2 upgrade, 1 BOE set of legs and and achv! I finally got my Exalted for the Ashen Verdict and picked up my shinny new ring. So make that 3 upgrades! In other news, last nights Craft Fair was pretty epic and loads of fun! A big shout out to Shojobeat and Mkallah for the help in getting me the mats for 450 JC for my main. Also, massive shout-out to Tetsemi for giving me ALL the mats for 1-375 enchanting on my DK alt. Thanks a lot guys if you're listening!
Also, this week I have been thinking about starting a Youtube channel with instructional videos.
Exams starting tomorrow so pretty nervous about that but will be all done by noon on the 9th...

Wish me luck!

Acaldraa of the Ashen Verdict
Blood Elf Paladin of Alea Iacta Est

PS- Thank you..... Aprillian! Thanks so much for the whelp! I am selling it :P The gold before the expansion is something I am way into! Next time we run, I am paying for your repairs and consumables! I defiantly owe you one! Thanks again! Also, didn't mean to drop abruptly but I gots studying to do! One more final left!

Email # D

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow

First of all I want to address the defender of names Vrishna. My name is spelled P-u-m-l (that's a small L pronounced like pummel). No problems Ctrl Alt Wow its an easy mistake with Gmail fonts. The mispronouncing of my name just added to the Hilarity of the podcast. Episode 169 kept me laughing so much, I missed a time commitment at my job. This resulted in me receiving a disciplinary action. I'm not worried about it because your show keeps entertained when I'm out on the street. Thank you for reading my email and including me into the show. I had no intention on entering the contest. I was surprise when I was picked as the winner. I would like to choose the pet as my prize. I was just happy that I can contribute to the show. Just one question in closing. When Ashayo was suggesting that i choose a bowl of bananas for my prize, would that be a fresh of bowl bananas or Apprillian's bowl of bananas. Thanks again Aprillian , Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna for putting on a great show.

PUML lvl 69 Paladin AIE- Earthen Ring

Email #3 from Marlox

What's up Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and El Jeppy,

Let me start off by saying that I love the show. I listen to a number of different WoW podcasts and stumbled onto yours about a month ago. It quickly jumped to the top of my queue because of your awesome personalities, the fun and interesting content, and the chunk it takes out of my days at work. =) Keep up the awesome podcasts!

With that out of the way, I think I need some advice / motivation. I've been playing WoW off and on for a little over a year now. I got into it last Spring with the encouragement of my friends and cousin. I gave it a shot and loved it. I started leveling a blood elf pally and stuck with him through the early summer, leveling him up to 42. It was at that point that I got bored with the class. I decided to re-roll a undead priest. Again, I was excited to start leveling a new class. The same thing happened, however, and I got bored with the class at level 46. When fall rolled around, school started back up and I didn't have as much time to play. I messed around with a hunter and a rogue. I got the hunter to 26 and the rogue to 45 before I got bored of each. In the winter I took up a druid. Guess what happened...lost interest at level 40. Recently, I RAFed with my cousin (I rolled a warrior), figuring it would speed up the leveling and allow me to keep interest. Well we got to 52, and then he decided to transfer his main to the realm we were playing on. Problem was, the character he transferred had the same name as the one he was RAFing with me. He decided to delete lowbie to transfer his main, figuring I could handle the remaining 8 levels on my own (he did ask before he did this and I said it was okay because I honestly believed I could handle it on my own). Well, 2 levels later, I don't have much desire to keep playing the warrior. I'm now working on warlock, currently level 14.

So I guess my question is...what is wrong with me? Do I have commitment issues? Is it normal for people to get bored in the 40s and 50s, but is just something that everyone else except me can seem to just suck up and get through? Have I just not found the right class for me yet? I love watching videos of high level toons in instances and PVP with all their sweet gear and sincerely want to have an awesome 80 of my own, but I just can't seem to get there. So what do you think I should do, oh mighty CtrlAltWow gods? Help a brother out, please!

For the Horde...well til level 54 at least,


PS - If one of you is going to buy a new account and think you're up to the challenge of RAFing / motivating me to 80, I wouldn't be opposed. =)

Email #4 from Daya

Dear April,

Thank you for the charming podcast. Heard your talk about how one of your accounts was hacked. It is a certainty that a bot was used, standard MO for gold farmers. I mean who the else visits Azshara? Blizzard will probably ban the account in a sweep so I suggest keeping a careful transcript of your conversations with them about the status of the account and your suspicions if you want to keep it. Hell if you want the account I would suggest offering the gold back to them and have a GM take it away from you. Sorry this is hard to swallow!

On an entirely different subject

May I suggest another pleasure for you or your listeners. One you may have just have dismissed with a cold shudder down the spine. With one of your 80's, try a little pvp and when and if you enjoy it try some arena. I tried it recently with some trepidation. With the ranking system you start with a high rating and get beaten down to your level (assuming you are anything like me) and you then start to play opponents of your level. So kicking taken, you find your own grade of people to play against. As you now match them you start to win and lose battles on a more consistent basis, and not just die horribly every time. This is the beauty of the of the ladder system. Whilst I would love a 1500 rating it's not going to happen but hell, I enjoy playing at my level and can accept the game for what it is. It also gives me an appreciation of the skill needed to get even a modest rating.

Arena is fun even if you are not an awesome pvper. Warcraft offers many different ways to play - it is worth exploring all of them.

All the best,

Daya of EU Doomhammer, Heal/DPS switcher for the Eternal Phoenix guild.
Healer for 'Not That Good' 2v2 Arena Team with the Orphee the warrior.

Email #E from Bidcar

Greetings CtrlAltWow crew,

Bidkar, mage etc. here.

I finished up my Alliance druid/priest duo. Both are 60 and waiting for attention after my RAF runs out. I started up a warlock/warlock alliance duo, and a hunter/hunter alliance duo. I was just curious how they would play. I'm planning on taking them to 30 or so, then use my "grant-a-level" ability to take a warlock and hunter to 60.

I also started a mage/priest horde duo on a pvp server. I hate pvp but yet I miss pvp. The perils of starting on a pvp server initially I reckon. You hate it, yet you love it. The pve servers seem to lack the randomness that pvp servers bring.

I have also reconciled the selling of the mount in my mind. I rationalized it out Blizzard is a god in the game and what they say goes. Period. I still won't buy one, not because I disagree with them any longer, but because I only like things I can actually earn in-game. I did not pick up the free robot last summer for the same reason. That's just me, I don't begrudge others their fun.

I am still leary of and looking forward to the changes that are coming, to that I will freely admit to. I don't really care for Wrath anymore, that's why I have retreated into the Old World and Outland. Wrath was fun the first time through, okay the second time through, third time through I was bored to death. My toons stop at 70 now and level on cooking and fishing dailies. I think if I stay away for awhile, it will be okay again. I just hope that Blizzard doesn't think they hit perfection with Wrath and continue on with tons of vehicle quests and awkward mechanics in Cataclysm. I am still planning on buying the expansion. I don't mean to sound negative, I am just very apprehensive.

For the Horde and the Alliance listeners and hosts!

Bidkar and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You
Mo Mo Moments

Hello all,
hope everyone has had a fine week in and out of game.

I am writing this email on a Tuesday, at work (dont tell anyone ok :) and it is not just any Tuesday. It is maintenance day of course and for the main server I am on, feathermoon, we were informed by blizzard that the server will be down for the entire day pretty much! (play dramatic music here)
What am I to do?!
Where should I go?!
Should I call the emergency services!?
Blizzard really needs to have a hotline for these scenarios.

I am hoping some of the other servers will be up by the time I am home from working out after work but it is still a major concern.

Are you on a server which will be down for the entire day?

For my wow news the past week, well it is still minimal I am sorry to say. I was in some raids and our ICC25 was a fail again as this time the pug players were fail and were not understanding the mechanics but hopefully they learned. (it was so bad that we did not down any boss! :( )

On additional sad news, I have not been able to do much RAF!!! (more dramatic music) I am so sorry for be debbiedowner or modowner but it was a quiet week for wow for me.

Part of the reason was the raids that just took up so much time from me on some days which lead me to play Civilization.
I love that game, I can play that game for hours, days, years and not get tired of it.

Oh but wait, on more sad news, we had a few guildies basically taking a wow break because of real life reasons. Our guild Icc10 progression group is now in an unknown state. I also told my guild that I will be logging on later each day as I will be attempting to workout.

So before I really depress all of you, I will conclude this email and will do my best to send a cheery one next week.
Thank you as always and listening to you all talk and read everyones emails is truly one of the highlights of my week and I do appreciate all of you.
Thank you and FOR the be happy dont worry!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 169 - A Hacker Gave Me Gold!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Hardly played Aprillian. Did some running through Scarlet Monastery with 2nd set of toons.

Transferred a Nelf DK to Winterhoof.

Was preparing to run some toons through SM again on Sunday morning when I noticed a familiar name on my friend's list. It was a toon I had had on a RAF
Aprillian & Vrishna



Crazy Train - getting Dreamwalker up to about 80%. Tore through Marrowgar, Deathwhisper , Gunship, Saurfang. But to top off a week of disrupted raiding, rolling restarts hit at 10pm

DwP - Working on The Lich King
- First night, just getting into phase two and struggling to get a Val'kyr down
- After reset, we were on the 20% buff, but had a problem extending the raid - LK was gone! One member out for graduation. Another disappeared - comcast maint. Another lost power. Was not meant to be! LK came back by end of night, but too late to try him.
- This week we are consistantly getting multiple Val'kyr down and staying out of the defile, and even made it into Phase 5 a couple of times. Lowest is 39%


Pud - bought T10 headpeice - checked loot tables after having tier legs replaced and saw tanking chest drops, but no headpeice from ICC bosses we are doing.

Ashield - Bought the spell power libram with the triumph emblems earned while levelling.

Ashariss - Tier10 legs with Frost emblems


Ashield dings 80. Ran a couple of randoms (VH & Gundrak) with Molly and Bonzaii

Next toon levelling is another Death Knight. Bought leather rogue heirloom shoulders and chest. Dinged 72. Not having any problems questing in it. Completed Wrathgate - subconsciously!
Dual-boxing with Jekle to do the group quests in Dragonblight. Very easy! Ended up with [Might of Dragonblight] with 130 quests.

Ashariss - Tried to do a rushed VoA, but wiped. So we hung around to do a guild run Wintergrasp - actually had fun slaughtering alliance and got 4 achievements. Then returned to VoA and got him down.

Pud - random was HoR. Healer starts off by telling us how he is used to tanking and hasn't got great healing gear. Plus he was a pally, and there's lots of party damage. But we got through it with relative ease. Suspect the gauntlet event has been nerfed.

Ashariss - Reins of the Blue Drake from Oculus.

Ashariss - Switched to resto and ran a random to get 95'th frosty - dps'ed most of the way.

Pud - HoR random - got through 10 waves with no deaths, then healer left. Almost got through gauntless - one dps died on 2nd wave, got all mobs down but LK killed Sylvanus

Ashariss - Random and got into PoS after 2nd boss. Tank didn't keep aggro and we wiped. He left, got another tank. Got through gauntlet, but last boss bugged out.
The long dark tea time of the soul - or levelling without RAF

Mobile AH = controlling the economy from the toilet.

Email #1 from Pumi

Hi there Ctrl-Alt-Wow

This Puml in AIE. I just wanted to take time to say Hi to one of my favorite podcasts. You guys and Aprillian are all about having fun and not being Elitist at all. I hope that if the opportunity comes about that I would have chance to join any one of you in game. In Closing I just want to say to the lovely Aprillian ...My sexy wife like You enjoys a Bowl Of Bananas. It's no surprise why it's my favorite fruit. She and I like it your way Aprillian ;)

For The Horde!

Puml - lvl 69 Pally

Jynjer - lvl 80 Rogue

Email #2 from Garret

Well first off good morning/evening. I currently can not play WoW at the moment as I am deployed. Although when I get home I have talked the wife into start and account and play with me with. We both will be getting brand new accounts and working together to level up our toons, she has started reading up about the game and even started talking to my sister who is addicted to WoW and has multiple 80's along with her boyfriend. So I believe when I return back to WoW I will have a much more pleasurable time with the game. Keep up the good work with the podcast, I am working on a logo for you all also.

Very Respectfully,
SPC Garret M DuPont, US Army

Email #A from Eranth

Hail and well met, Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy & Vrishna! (Thusly done in alphabetical order, so no offense can be taken!)

It’s been a while since I last dropped you a line, and I’ve been meaning to, I’ve been wanting to, but I’ve been horridly busy of late, so sometimes it’s hard to find time to focus on a message, even a quick one that’s meaningful.

I’ve been up to the usual, getting in Argent Tourney dailies, and a daily LFG Pug several times a week. I’ve been lucky enough to find a group that runs in a timeslot I can sometimes make for Raiding, so I’m getting to see ICC content occasionally, which is pretty nifty.

For those who are watching such things, I’ve managed to get my GearScore up to 5200, so I don’t feel like I’m dragging down many LFG groups that I wind up in, though I have to concentrate to keep my DPS up high enough for some of the ICC content. I may have to consider finally letting go of the Beastmaster spec in my other slot and take up a Marksman Spec in hopes that it’ll push my DPS up to the next level. I’m running Survival now, so I only feel guilty when we’re in those fights which are DPS races.

However, on to something that really stuck me about what Juuno said in her last audio comments: Why should we care what others think of us in LFG/etc? Well, I think that depends on your point of view. But, the way I see it, is that if we don’t care what others think about how we game, being at least civil, if not outright polite, then no one will like grouping up with folks they don’t know. LFG would see less and less use for actual random groups. So I think my answer to that would be that you should treat others the way you want to be treated, and if that fails, be as civil as possible. They may not talk about how good you were in a group, but they’ll sure talk about how poorly you treat other people.

That would probably come straight out of one of Mr. Manners lessons!

At any rate, thanks for taking the time to listen to me blather and banter.

“Be well…”


AIE Hunter on Earthen Ring

Email #3 from Londrik

Hello Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and El Jeppy,

I have been listening to the show for over a year now and this is my first time writing in. I normally run heroics on my level 80 Death Knight and have been dabbling a little in raids but mostly now I am on a gold making mission. I am trying to get enough gold to buy myself the Traveling Mammoth and 16k gold seems so far away. Right now I am sitting at about 7000 after about 3 weeks. I have been farming for herbs and nodes when I log in and selling what I can on the Auction House. It makes me wish I had a sugar mama who can help me out or someone who will make a bet with me to get a character to 80. It has taken a lot of will power not to cash in my 92 frost badges for primordial saronite to make the trip easier.

I do have an assortment of alts although I do tend to use mostly my Night Elf Death Knight. I do have a level 57 rogue which I used basically to get myself a death knight. I have a level 24 mage, level 23 druid and a level 13 warlock. Most of my characters are on the alliance and no I am not a 12 year old nor are the people I play with. I do find turning off all the global chat channels helps keep the children away. I am on what I believe is a west coast US server based on the server time I see when I login. This is good for me as I am usually on at around 9PM eastern time here in the Providence RI area. So I am getting on at the same time most people are starting to log into my server so there is plenty to do.

Now for my problem. The last episode I listened to was episode 166. When I log into itunes on my ipod it tells me 167 and 168 are available but as soon as it gets toward the end of the download it tells me it cannot finish the download. I listen to a number of podcasts and only those two episodes have been doing it for me. Not sure if you knew but at this point I am sure it is not me because when I look you up in itunes episode 168 isn't even listed. Of course being a fan of your podcast I haven't been able to get my weekly fix. Yours is the first podcast I want to listen to every week and for the last two weeks I have been unable to do so. Please help me get my fix.

Londrik -- Dragonblight US server.

PS This is quite a wall of text. I think Jeppy would love to read it.

Email #4 from Cheezey

Hello ctrl alt wow,
I just wanted to tell you about my week in wow. This week I decided to make my level 80 Druid a tank. I bought the triumph badge idol and some shoulders. I had some tanking items from Icc runs that nobody wanted that I ended up with. So I did my first run and what do you know Halls of reflection. Ugh, I apologized to the group and decided not to even try to tank H-HoF as my first heroic. So after the 30 minute debuff, I requed and got halls of stone. My first pull went well. Then the hunter in the group started pulling mobs. He yelled at me calling me a terrible tank even though I hadn't done anything wrong. I just ignored his insults throughout the whole run, but as soon as we got to the Brann event, I was kicked. With no wipe or any problems, I was kicked. What is up with that? I hate people that do stuff like that. On the healing side of things, I healed 10 and 25 man voa and of course nothing dropped that I needed. On our weekly icc run, we one shot the first 4 bosses. We had trouble with festergut and rotface, but we got them both bellow 10%. Eventually we will be able to get those pesky whatever they are down. Thanks for the great show and lots of laughs,
Resto Druid

Twitter #1 from Big Blue Dragon

Heya :D dual boxing! First time i've recruited my same e-mail. Can you later change the generic wow1 name you get?
and do you use heirlooms in situations when only one toon (the veteran) can use them? lol and how are you, jayson, jasper and vrishna?

Dear ctrl alt wow crew,

After hearing junnos excelent audio submission I felt compelled to write in with a response. Junno expresses that she was hesitant to run dungeons because she hasn't researched her class or anything of that nature. Certain people on other types of podcasts will say stuff like this and it's true to an extent.
If you are interested in raiding then yes, please please please research your class. However, if your interested in seeing dungeons there is defiantly no need to to go and research your class to a tee. Just hit that button and enjoy your dungeon. If people are mean, retaliation is never a good thing as it will just encourage them to continue. Just ignore the trolls and enjoy the dungeon.

On a more personal note, this week I regemmed to SP as an experiment. Although walking around with 40k mana will defianitly be missed, 4k SP plus the ICC buff is simply supurb! Also, I have bought two darkmoon card greatnesses for 3k each and am looking for buyers on the AH.
Also, this week a friend and I have been messing around with my rocket (BOE content). We went outside of Dalaran and I mounted up and my friend hopped on. Then, we would go up to a very high height and eject. In a James Bomd type fasion, I would chase after his falling body and let him jump back in, defiantly fun times!
I have found myself not playing that much warcraft other then flying rockets and Ahing on my iPod this week as a result of studying for upcoming finals but after, full throtal :). Lastly, this summer I have found a job so I have a feeling that some more multboxing will take place.

Hope you have a supurb week in game and out,

Sent from my iPod, sorry for any spelling errors.

Email #C from Kurly

Tis your good buddy Kurly here....happy to have my computer back after a week as it was off being repaired, and my slow return back to sanity as I never knew how much it was a part of my life.....oh....and of course, Warcraft.

To make a long story short there was an issue with my mother(bleeper) board that started to corrupt windows, resulting in crash after crash. So, from Saturday May 22, to Friday May 28 I was computer-less.....and it sucked. So much of my winding down from my day is done on line and for those first few days I felt kind of lost.....but I got to watch the finale of Lost, and cried (I kid you not) for like three hours.

So getting my machine back and trying to get back into a groove is harder than I thought. I have decided to put my Earthen Ring toons on hold until after Cataclysm as I think it will be a great way for me to level in the new zones.

I spent a most of the time leveling my lowbies on Ysondre, getting my level 13-15 arse repeatedly mangled in Warsong Gulch....I swear I am always on the side that looses! I have been thinking about pre cataclysm rolling a Pally just to do some hurtin' but I don't want to roll a BElf, so I am gonna wait....I am.....really....I am.

I am finding that I am getting a little bored with doing dailies on my 80's (you can only do the same thing so many times.......). I find it to be great fun running around the starting area's, trying to figure out the best way to maximize my 7 talent points, and not getting killed by a mob I didn't see behind me, annoyed that a level 13 area borders a level 22 area, and praying I have enough gold to learn all my new skills.

All my good cosmic essence to Jeppy, and wishes on a speedy recovery!!


Email # D Mattdiox

Greetings Crtl Alt WoW hosts.

It's Mattdiox.

I've finally returned to WoW and on my first day back laughed my rumpus-machine off listening to your show. It was as brilliant as I remember.
Anytips for a guy who has returned to a game that changes seemingly every other day?

Lots of love.

Special Email from Jede

Hello – hoping you can play this voice memo on the podcast – if you recall you read my email on show 167.

I have also donated 2 months of wow separately. You should get it soon.


Steamwhedle Cartel Server

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing well and in the states everyone is ready for a nice holiday weekend of BBQing and wowing and whatever makes us all happy!

I am sorry to report that it has been a slow wow week for me as we have gone out after work a few times to get our drink on. I believe we all need to unwind in our own way, for me wow is part of than along with
going out with my lovely mrs :)

I was able to get the weekly raid done on my priest and hunter, get a few jc dailies done
on my other hunter, who also made it to 78!

For my 80s,on my priest I did get in our icc25 pugalicious which was real bad this week but it happens as we all know. I missed out of our Friday icc10 as I had a date with my lady :) so we shall see if I can continue our icc25 or pick up where the guild left off on icc10. My 80 hunter has had a quiet week, no raid yet, just the weekly quest.

For my RAF, the Pally/mage combo hit 60 and just as quickly they broke up! I know its crazy. My mage on the RAF account hooked up with my 56 shammy, names Moshaman of course and quickly he hit 60! So now I have been trying to figure out what I will level and where?! On feathermoon I only have 1 slot left and I really do not know what I want to grant levels to but I have a couple of months (hope I do not forget about it like some people do :)

I forgot to mention last week I was able to update my wow armory iphone app and try the mobile AH. I posted one item and 24 hours later I collected my gold. That is my report on that, it is not something I would pay $3 for. Now knowing Blizzard they will add other features that will make me change my mind but for now I am ok without it.

I will keep it short this week and hope to make a longer email next week. Everyone be safe every where, have fun, also let me know if you need help or need leveling friends, I am always happy to help when I can.
Oh I know, I was going to mention since we all love Ctrl Alt Wow and our fine hosts, we can make the CtrlAltWow members only club (yes members only, or listeners only, something like that) meaning we can reach out to each other and in a WOW way help each other out when we can. What do you think?

Just a Thought.

Have a great weekend and for the WOW!


Email from Grothgar

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for picking my number Aprillian. IF you are out of authenticaters, the pet will do nicely. I must admit I have fallen a week behind due to RL, but promise to catch up. Let me know if you need any further info from me. Keep up the great work and look forward to each Podcast.

P.S. I also got a few more listeners from work to join the gang.....

All the Best