Monday, July 25, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 226 - Hey Lich King, thanks for waiting for me

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


AH prices for Cata Ore has inspired Epril to head to new places to find ore
And Rhino meat prices sent Auruk to K3
Mon morning - Epril is 2 bubbles/bars from being exalted with CoD
Still want to get Astarå to 85, took her to Vashir and then Deepholm
Quint boxed Kraken Fri morn

Epril ran some dungeon with some people and got some title.

Black Rock Cavern

bought cata JC plans for Epril

Can run with Prilly on Jub Jub using Real ID

Aprillian & Vrishna






Nexbardus of Earthen Ring & Winterhoof

Hello CAW crew,

Thanks for another great show. I thought I would start off this week telling you a little bit about myself. I have lived in the Atlanta area for over 20 years but I am originally from Kansas City. I have a wife and two daughters, my daughters are 9 and 5. My wife jokingly refers to WoW as World of Warcrap but she is generally tolerable of my playing and I mostly try to play when she is at work or busy. My daughters both like to use the character creation screen to make toons but otherwise haven't played the game at all. I work for the school system so I get a decent amount of time off whenever school is out. I can't really believe it but I have been playing WoW since May of 2005. I have seen many friends leave the game but I am still as addicted to WoW as ever, and I am having a lot of fun as part of the Clan of Darkness and Ctrl Alt Wow guilds.

So what have I been up to this week? On Earthen Ring, Nexbardus the Shaman leveled from 40 to 65. I completed the Western Plaguelands, there are some quests there involving a Druid named Zen'kiki whose shapeshifting is out of control. It is a pretty funny and interesting questline. I then moved on to Felwood, Winterspring and Silithis as I hadn't experienced them since Cataclysm came out. Felwood has a fun quest where you raise a tree from sapling to one of the elders which becomes part of Irontree woods and an interesting questline where you help Illidan. In Winterspring I was viciously attacked by a rabbit and had no choice but to defend myself. OK someone may have mentioned it already but as part of a quest called "Altered Beasts" there are actually some rabbits that will try to kill you. But also when you are fighting them they morph into other forms so no worries. Silithis is pretty boring but I did have a Disgusting Oozeling drop off a worm there, first time that has happened for me since I have been playing WoW. I popped over to Blasted Lands at 59 but left for Outlands as soon as I hit 60. I was actually able to level from 60 to 64 just by questing in Hellfire Peninsula, I dont even have any gathering professions as this toon is Enchanting/Tailoring and I am missing the Helm/Cloak/& Ring Heirlooms as well. So Blizzard has definitely made it faster to level through Outlands and hopefully Northrend as well. Also, I teamed up with McStabbity to take down Arazzius the Cruel for the quest "Cruel Intentions" which made it easy and fun. Thanks McStabbity.
I then headed over to Zangarmarsh and ended up at level 65 for the week.

Over on Winterhoof I was able to level Nexbardus the Hunter from 48 to 50 in Felwood. Not much else to say but Nevik was on and gave me a promotion up to Fantastic Fan. So Thank you Nevik.

Everybody have fun, see you in game, Nexbardus

Submission for July 24

Hola CAW crew,

We hope that everyone is having a good week, in and out of the game. Here is our audio submission for the week, and yes, that is Dreams talking!

For the Horde!
Kithore and InMyOwnDreams of Earthen Ring, Dragonblight, and CoD

What's up caw

So I finally transferred a character to earthen ring and in to COD.  I was sitting in front of the computer for nearly an hour trying to decide which to transfer.  My priest who I enjoy piping and healing?  My warrior that is a blast on dps?  My pally that is fun tanking with?  My mage, hunter or rogue which are kinda fun?  Ugh....after all that time I just did a random roll to then get my priest over there. Now I miss my pally sooooooo probably going to have to transfer another hehe.
Well I guess I am off to work on COD rep now.  Hopefully I can get into a few guild runs this weekend. Not having any luck with time this week. Adios Caw.

Neph 85 discipline priest. CLAN OF DARKNESS. EARTHEN RING

SUBMISSIONS 6 (Maximumforce)

Hey guys, this week will be a little funny as I've had to swap a few things around to compensate for last week's
little mishap where my submission wasn't actually used! So this week I'm submitting lasts and this weeks. Enjoy :)

Hey there fellas!
Since my last aired submission, quite a bit of stuff has happened and there has been some big happenings since I
got my 359 bow! I will jump straight into it and I apologise in advance if this one is a little short as I'm
writing this before my last submission was actually aired and don't want to get mixed up!

In the way of my hunter, he has had quite a few nice little upgrades! He has, as mentioned, been getting into raids
and more hardcore dungeons recently as his power has climbed and my rotation has actually changed. The biggest and
probably most important changes this week has been the fact that I have modified my talent tree for Marksman, got
quite a few new Glyphs to support my new changes and made several macros which will simply make my hunter attempt
to get an Autoshot in before the skill starts for every drop of extra DPS he can put out. At the moment with these
changes and pulling out all my cooldowns I can hit 14-16k single target dps and up to 16-18k aoe!
In other hunter news, I managed to get my first Valour Point bracers! Of course these bind on equip things made
dollar signs pop up and I promptly sold them for 13k but pulled out my savings and bought me a much needed upgrade
to my 333 staff and went all out to buy my 378 polearm called the Ransuer of Hatred which then copped a +130
agility enchantment! Money well spent. On top of this, in a recent raid through Baradin Hold, I managed to score a
384 belt (unfortunately PvP) but I reforged this until I can get Honored Rep in the Avenger's of Hyjal to enable
me to buy my 378 PvE belt! At the moment, I am simply doing Heroics on him to get the Valour Points for my 378

On the rest of my toons, the most exciting thing I'd have to say happened was I bought my Shaman his shoulder
heirloom. I'm simply saving up at the moment for his chest slot and then I think I will have enough motivation to
knock him up a few more levels. Should be alot faster at that point!

This week I would like to ask you all a particularly interesting question! If someone came up to you in-game and
gave you 50k in gold, what would you buy/spend it on and why?

Hopefully next week I'll be in the swing of things again and it will be a better submission!

This has been Maximumforce for the Horde, for the death of the Alliance and for Apprillian's memory! (I'm only
joking! Much love! :))

Rigarmorty CAW 226 Audio message

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy!

Attached is this weeks audio submission. Not too many fancy sound effects this week and having run out of wind-proof candles I've now moved onto hurricane lamps instead. Link to image of a hurricane lamp:

Bits I forgot to include:
I'm now on Google+ which I'm quite liking so far. Actually, it's nice having it cause it ties in with all the other Google products I use.
Audio series, recording episode 10 at the moment.

Awsome hearing the other COD Anthem versions, Caoboi and IceFlow are awsome!



Great cooking tip

Greeting  Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock here.  

I have been a fan of your show for a long time and wanted to write in, but never had anything to say, until today.  I  was cleaning out my bank and stumbled across an old Argent Lance sitting around gathering dustNot being one to throw anything away, I wondered  what could I do with it.  My first thought was Dwarvish Lawn Darts, or Orcish marital aid, but no, way too dangerous. Then I  noticed a nearby player standing over a cooking fire, and it hit me.  Everyone loves to sit for hours and hours grinding cooking skills, there must be a better way.  So here is my tip for leveling up your cooking skill with fun and style. 

Step 1.  equip lance
Step 2.  find a good sized field
Step 3.  mount up,  ride around and skewer a number of different fruits and vegetables
Step 4. after every vegetable or fruit, skewer a rabbit
Step 5.  sprinkle with some  Northern Spices and cook (Tauren style)-- until done
Step 6. enjoy the fruit of your labor---- Yummy  Wabbit Kabob........(taste's way better than chicken)

Now you can't just stick a 10ft lance, covered in bunny and onions over any old cooking fire, so hop hop hop on down to Searing Gorge or Ungoro Crater and look for a good size lava pool to use.  Another thing  I found out, when trying to lance a little, fluffy, hopping ball of meat; always aim just under that cute little white cotton tail (they always seem stay on the lance better that way).

So there ya go-- follow my directions and faster than you can say "whats up doc?" you will be maxed out in cooking and have more "lucky key-chains" than you know what to do with..

P.S.  Everyone I know loved these cottontail candies so much, I now have stacks of  leftover tails. Do you think the Kithores would like use them to upholster there Cheeevvvy?

For the Depressed robots!

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock

Shout Outs & Thank You

Momomoments......where's MO?!

Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well.
I did miss last weeks episode and I know you know that we know, wait let me say that again,
we say ninja episode jokingly of course.  We are at your disposal and glad to listen in when ever you are able to do the podcast and thank you for that.

My wow time has been minimal and I am sorry I have not been able to be on for guild events and runs.  It is partially because of work and life of course, and I do have to say because of other games.  
I love football and I have been playing NCAA games when I am not in wow and of course iphone and ipad games.

Grats to everyone and COD for all the leveling and achievements.  I forgot to mention last time that I was able to buy the guild paige I think that is his name, it looks like Thralls cousin or someone like Thrall :)
And today (saturday) I bought the tabard that allows you to hearth to org! I cant wait to see what else we can get from us leveling the guild and getting achievements.  Thank you to everyone for all your work and sorry Im just freeloading off of your work ;/

I have not started my raf yet but I will soon, just need to take care of life things first.  Yes at times life has to come first believe it or not.

I will leave you for now. Hope you are all having fun and great job COD!

For the freeloaders! I mean...for the people that allow me to get free things...


Monday, July 18, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 225 - Rested XP For As Far As The Eye Can See

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 225 - Rested XP For As Far As The Eye Can See
Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Astarå dinged 84 in Vashir
Heirlooms don't take damage?
Went over to Nevikhoof and changed the permission
Reforged Astarå new gear. Removed Crit for Haste & Mastery.
I also leveled her enchanting up to 500 and got her Alch up to 525. She can now transmute Truegold - Yay?

Leveled Epril’s Cooking up to 500 so she can use th
e Crosolisk tails from TB
Kingslayer Title, Kingslayer Title, wherefore art thou
Did TB Inside with the Triplets. Died a lot. The outside is pretty cool
Obsessed with Kraken

Aprillian & Vrishna

Worked on Vashir with
Twilight Highland quest - Garrosh on ship on jumped to help. Delayed again ! How can I be mad when she was REALLY trying to save the War-chief !
Did AT together.


Ding-a-ling-a-ling ! Who says Argent Tournament is a waste of time ! Pics below !
Vrishna got 500 fish, Scarlet Monastery and lvl 85 ! While I was doing AT, I was about to kill the cultist next to Kul when this troll ninja-ed him, got the key and released Kul. Then went to get Chillmaw when this stupid DK deathgripped him away JUST before I could tag him , oh, wait, that’s Aprillian !
Trishna got Scarlet Monastery and leveled herbalism to 200 or so.
Took the new hunter twins to Scarlet Monastery. Got the dog whistle for both of them. And it’s true, I accidentally killed a bunny. I am so ashamed. I didn’t have to admit it but I thought I should.



Jeppy hates me ! Alexander is so cool. I’m so glad I had him as my son. He is the best thing I’ve ever did in my whole life.


Hey guys, time for this weeks audio submission! It will be a little longer this time as I'll explain some things
you guys had questions about last week and answer what my music peices are! I'll be swapping the songs every 2
submissions so look forward to every 2nd! I've added a new bunny + me with new bow and gears too!
Without further ado...!!

Hey there you zany altaholics!

This week has been a step in an exciting direction, which is not what I expected as my girlfriend tried to rope me
into a full week at hers (with no net possibilities at all!!) while her parents were on a cruise but something
came up and they couldn't go so I'm hardcore into WoW this week! I'm kind of focusing solely on my hunter right now
which is rather innappropriate considering you feature altaholics on here, but oh well!

As I mentioned last week, I've become kind of hooked on watching my ilvl slowly rise higher and higher! My hunter
has hopped in the driver's seat of my play at the moment and has climbed to an impressive 355 currently which is
the ilevel bar for Firelands raiding!! Currently attempting to replace my 333 polearm with a 378 which will boost
that level to at least 357-358. This week he has been very busy, having completed a successful run of Blackwing
Descent 25 man, with us changing to 10 man due to wipes in 25 on Nefarian the last boss. It was on this run I
got myself a sexy new 359 purple bow named Themios the Darkbringer and having also been doing Firelands trash runs
I have managed to get myself halfway to honored with the Avengers of Hyjal which are an amazing rep group that
award 378 epics at EVERY level of rep. Friendly awarded me a 378 cloak and honored will net me a 378 belt!!

2 submissions so tune in for each new change! I try to get the coolest ones I can find. My basic songlist so far is:

1st submission: Skrillex - Library Remix
2nd submission: Unknown - Mercury Rising
3rd submission: Globus - Europa.

As questioned last week, my Bane of the Fallen King title is from successfully downing 10 man Lich King on Heroic
difficulty and my companion isn't a wolpertinger, but a cute little Spring Rabbit awarded as a reward from cashing
in 100 eggs from Nobelgarden! And yes, it's still out!!

In regards to ilvl, the higher, the better. Each peice of gear has its own seperate value which influences your
average ilvl which is a big factor in your applications for PUG raids/groups. The maximum ilvl for purples in 4.1
was 359 with heroic upgrades of some of the vendor epics at 372. The new patch has introduced a maximum of 391
heroic versions with "regular" epics at 378. To give you an example of the differences between these I compared my
old 346 gun to the new 378 xbow.

My old gun: ilvl 346 had 552 dps, 95 agi and 143 stam
FL trash xbow: ilvl 378 has 744dps, 128 agi and 192 stam

Well i'm off now to get some raiding on the go to raise my power just that little more! It's stupidly addictive!
Before I go though, I have to ask my question of the week: Do you guys always think you'll be altaholics and play
whatever you feel like at the time or do you think, like me, you will one day take a foray into the territory of
mega weapons and suchlike in raid environments?? Let me know!

If theres any other things you would like me to clarify on during my submissions, or even if you want me to explain
some things like I have with the ilevels, just ask, I'm more than willing!

This has been Maximumforce for the Horde, for the Alliance who annoy me at raid gateways, and for my sexy new 359 bow!!

Bangobingo Update 2

Hey CAW Crew,

Once again I greet you with warm wishes and blessings for your time in and out of game. I wanted to take the time to let you know what I have been up to since my last update. My play time has again been limited by the OPTEMPO (Operational Tempo, military term for being busy) in my work and home lives. I did however, have the opportunity to pop in here and there to work on my engineering and mining. I am currently 523 in mining and 491 in engineering so not too much further to go on those. I have also been doing my Argent Tournament dailies and got the exalted champion of the undercity.  I would like to do the full bit for the crusader title but am not sure if I am up for the long grind again.

Fortunately, for a brief moment the stars aligned and both of my kids (ages 3 years and 5 months) went down for a nap at the same time and my wife was occupied with a craft of her own which allowed me to get a solid couple hours online this past Sunday.  I used the time to get my warrior, Bangobingo, from the tail end of 79 to a couple bubbles into 81. It is nice to get back to the cata content and I am loving the questing in Hyjal and look forward to pushing through to get my first 85 on this server. I will continue to try to make the Molten Core runs but for the moment it appears the timing of the raid and the unpredictability of my home life will continue to preclude my involvement with the guild.

That leads me to the question I will pose for this edition of my drabbling banter.  For those who have children (in particular younger ones), how do you prioritize your time in game? Do you have a list of goals to pick from each time you log on or do you have another metric to guide your time in game?

Thanks again for all you do for the community and I look forward to joining in on more guild activities in roughly 18 years when my son finally leaves the house. Cheers!

v/r (Very Respectfully)

Bangobingo, Lvl 81 Undead Warrior

altoholism and me

Good morning control alt wow crew!

Long time listener 1st time writer. (Please skip to TL;DR now if you'd like)

I've been playing since the launch of BC back in January '07 starting a Night Elf Hunter and racing her to 70 to start Karazhan with friends. Raiding, running heroics and grinding reps were a blast, but I didn't stop there. Next I leveled a Draenei Shadow Priest to 70 just in time for patch 2.4 to hit bringing all the raid nerfs and allowing her to jump right into The Battle for Mt Hyjal and Black Temple, while all the people I used to play with drifted away.

With the launch of WotLK it was time to leave the Hunter behind, and she still sits in Borean Tundra waiting for her chance to quest again. My Shadow Priest quickly hit 80 followed by a Human Unholy DK and a Draenei Resto Shaman which became my main throughout the expansion, hitting every raid of every patch, though never really finishing anything. As the expansion wound down and the Lich King was being farmed by the server I saw my chance to level a Draenei Frost Mage and a Dwarven Ret Pally, these two were so much fun face rolling heroics and PuGing the weekly raids.

Alas Northrend was soon forgotten as Deathwing emerged and tore the world asunder. Now my T10 Resto Shaman felt much too intimidated to try the new heroics let alone the Raids and was soon forgotten standing by the Jewel Crafting Daily quest giver in Stormwind. My Priest, DK and Pally stood close by, by the Cooking Daily. My Mage thought it best to abandon Stormwind for the safety of Orgrimmar and a new start as a cute little Goblin terrorizing the Alliance in Tol Barad. A new Worgen Balance Druid would soon join the others at 85 sitting in Stormwind (now reduced to dailies and the occasional Holiday boss) and a Goblin Demo Lock is just reaching the shores of Northrend to lay waste to the inhabitants of the icy north.

This brings my total to 6 max level toons, a 69 Lock and a 70 Hunter, hmm 2 slots left.. Guess a Warrior and a Rogue are in my future.

I wish I could play with my friends again, but WoW no longer holds their attention. I've been meaning to start a toon on Earthen Ring for quite some time now, transfer fees are really not an option for me :(
If I did I would love to be able to join your Clan and share in your wonderful adventures.

Thank you for the amazing podcast and keeping your enthusiasm for the game. Thank you for inspiring your listeners to contribute and add to your show, and thank you for keeping me so entertained for so long!

For the Dailies!

Alicedelarge 70 NE Hunter
Ashdelarge 85 Draenei Shaman
Bruus 85 Goblin Mage
Bruuce 85 Worgen Druid
Bruusdelarge 85 Human DK
Elandora 85 Dreanei Priest
Johnlafoot 85 Dwarf Pally
Tleilaxu 69 Goblin Warlock of Farstriders


Been playing 4-1/2 years, lots of toons, friends all gone, would love to join you on Earthen Ring, would that be OK? Love the show, c-ya's!

P.S. I would love to be in your drawing. ;)

Last Minute NINJA Submission

Yikes! A Sunday night Ctrl Alt Wow? Well at least I managed something to submit to you silly ninjas. Enjoy!



Clan of Darkness

Sat ran MC with Tedrah. Brought Drame, my Druid, got the achievment.
Kudos to Tedrah for running it, and McStabbity for letting Drame follow while Epril fought. It was relatively easy, although we had a couple of deaths. LOL. At the end Drames got thrown into the lava by Raggy, Umbrela had to jump into rez, then Drame & Um couldn’t get out. Alton, the goblin kept jumping in and out but we couldn’t.
Brew Dawg is going to run Epril through the Lich King and I want to know if Vrishna can get an invite as she is now ...

Almost lvl 13. 98% as 0f 10:30 pm.


Audio Submission and Contest gift

Greeting CAW!
Don’t know if this will make the 13 July show or the 20 July show, but I thought I’d go ahead and send it in today, just in case.  I haven’t had much time to play since I’m currently in the midst of moving from Germany to the US.  I’m glad to be back stateside, though I’ll miss a lot about Germany.  I think I may even miss my longer lag times since I now don’t have much of an excuse for not playing as well. J
Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the game soon.  I did at least get to complete the Thrall quests on 2-3 alts and to start on the world tree marks, though just barely.
Anyway, if I can figure it out, attached you should find an amateurish first attempt at an audio submission.  I decided to try it in one draft with no notes.  I forgot a bit of what I wanted to say, but I decided to stick with the original intent, so here it is.
Also, here is a cenarion hatchling code as a prize for a Winterhoof person. Since I made the podcast I thought of a possible contest: 100 quests completed on Winterhoof to qualify.  In honor of altoholics, allow one entry for every toon that completes 100 quests.  Give people a four weeks and start the count with where they currently are on quests.  We'll do honor system based on using what the achievement for quests completed says from the start to the finish.
Have fun!
Liteharted and his many alts!
Oh, yeah, I guess I should include the code! Don’t read this out loud!

Hello to my new Horde Family.
I hope this mailing of the electronic kind sees you all well.  As of the mailing my Priest Bloodfalcon and my just made DK Biggz have had fun immersing myself in the CoD love.  As I had hoped CoD will be a great environment to absorb the horde side of the lore. Lots of friendly and helpful people have been making my stay enjoyable.

Thank you Dreams for the add-on tip.  So sad that an alt-aholic like myself never had the add-on: Identity. And Anna for making me feel at-home my first night in.  I'd like to also say thanks to Tedrah and Jeppy for the invites for my two toons.

Well not much going on in game for me since I've been on a low toon, Falcon finished the two BE questing zones. WTF mate?! I left there at level 22. Has that always been a fast xp area? I mean he has no heirlooms. All I can say is dang man. This is going to be some crazy leveling on him.

Well Biggz has literally just been created so I haven't done jack on him but I plan on using him to try and catch up with some of you folks to run stuff.

Here's something I just learned about from WoW less Traveled. I can personally say I took the time to see this. It took me two and a half hours to see the event happen. Up in Trisfal there is an area only flyers can reach. There is a circle of mushrooms to the south and west of the big lake on the west side of that zone's map. The area with the shrooms will be named the Whispering Woods. If you have patience or don't wanna watch it on Youtube, if you wait there for like 2 hours or more (less if you catch it mid event) there is a great little: "What the!" moment involving fey hatchlings and music that you won't hear anywhere else in the game.  Yea it's on you tube like I said, so the people who don't want to wait go check it out. Supposedly the event has only been occurring since caty dropped.  No one know why it's there or what significance it has, but here is another instance of:

"Hey Blizz! You can make this random stuff in game. Stuff that no one may ever see or know about it. BUT... you can't make that dance studio? What's up wit dat?!"

Not that I really care about more dances, but really come on now. Oh well.  That's all I got for now. I guess I burned maybe 4 minutes of the show for you so I'll give who ever you gave the sad duty of reading this a moments respite.  Later peeps. See you all in game.


P.S. I'm still trying to get my recording setup straight, but soon you may hear my dulcet tones instead of dodging these horrendous typos. (Be glad I had spell-check or it would have been worse.)

Valentine Submission and CoD Anthem

Hey CAW Crew,

Here's our submission for this week sorry we missed last week. We also saw the request for Anthem submissions. We've included one from the Valentine's! The music is provided by the folks at Pretty Lights Music ( they allow me to use music for my show as long as I give them props. Hope you enjoy it!

Iceflow and Caoboi (Renee and J from the @Valentine Podcast :))

Sunday night is alright

Sorry for the poor sound as I am at work as I record this week I will try for more input next week. Hope your all doing well hi to the chat room hopefully I can duck in for a listen at some stage and yer IPhones for the win
Big G

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 224 - You Can't Do That While Moving

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 224 - You Can't Do That While Moving

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Hello darlings!  I hope I got this in on time...hehehe...I hope you all have a great day too!  Love ya!!

/big hugs

Juuno  =D

What We've Been Doing:


Drame dinged 62 auto flying through Outland

Did TB dailies with Aprillian, Epril and Auruk.

Sold Whelpling for 2300

Did TB dailies on Sun. Got to do the "inside ones" as well.

Tried to do Deepholm with Tiiaa and Astarå  but it was too hard, I had to bring in Epril. Epril got stuck between the floor boards on the ship.

Monday night I took Tiiaa and Astarå to Vashir

Killed Kraken while another party was shooting at him and got the tooth

Aprillian & Vrishna

Ran Gnomer & SM

Vashj'ir & TB. 

Frozen Throne, Kingslayer & bunnies


Trishna achieved lvl 30, Gnomeregan and Professional Journeyman. Actually stopped at lvl 33 because one can only stand so much purple in one's life !




Listener email from Reefberry

Fire Festival

Letter 4   ---  July 6
From Reefberry

Dear Control Alt WoW,

Ten days of mid summer fire hunting, and in a changed world. What a great way to start the summer. What could be more fun? Maybe if GravinAU had read my letter on the podcast while reading it into Rigamorte’s sound machine. Maybe its just more fun in my head.

The Midsummer Fire Festival was always a great way to explore and get experience, but with Cataclysm we had a new world to explore. A few surprises were in store too. Running from Hammer Falls into the Wetlands then through the tunnels into Loch Modan my level 52 Druid suddenly got “one shotted” running past the Algaz Station. I could have sworn those guards were only level 29. I didn’t see any Alliance characters. I ran my cursor over those Mountaineers again. Sure enough one guard with a gun, had the skeleton head in the level indicator, and he looked just like the regular level 29 guards. This happened several times. Not at the fires or near the towns, but usually at small camps stationed along the roadside. My poor little 36 warrior was ambushed near a camp along side a major intersection in Duskwood. I accepted the resurrection down an embankment on the far side of the road. I ran the cursor over the guards again and found the “??” level. I sat and watched for a bit and he disappeared. Jeepers, they were being summoned on demand. Even at a horde festival tent my level 24 goblin shaman got ambushed by stealthy NPC rogues, and that was just outside the Mulgore Gates. Our own backyard isn’t safe anymore!

Returning from the Lor’Danel fire, my level 30 hunter got chased by a flying alliance and he killed me with two shots. I resurrected, continued south, jumping and swimming through the stream now interrupting the road. I stopped for some forgotten reason just for a moment and WHAM; I got ambushed and killed again. I had stopped right next to another roadside camp just outside the Ruins of Auberdine. Again, a high level guard that looked similar to the Sentinals of Darkshore’s zone, had instantly appeared and killed me. I’m not sure of the radius or trigger and I never actually saw them “instantly” appear, but its fast. Maybe this is just for the holiday event. However, I don’t remember any such incidences on my Alliance characters. Does anyone else recall similar occurrences during the Midsummer Fire Festival or any other time?

Each of my non-eightyfive toons gained on average 3 levels and a new pet. Well, the shaman didn’t get the pet, she was too low to reach many of the tents and fires, but she did get drunk on fire brew. The fire brew, wow, after three drinks my screen was so blurry I could barely make out the puke stream. The dangers, pitfalls, and unknowns made my Midsummer Fire Festival fun again.

For the Horde, CAWs, CoDs, Contributors and Listeners


Guild invitation

Good Morrow Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Vrishna,

I have listened to you all on and off, mostly when I can sneak my computer into the room while my daughters are sleeping. So firstly, I would like to say thank you for having one of the most amusing podcasts that I have had the pleasure of listening to. Secondly, I would like to submit my application to join the guild on the Earthen Ring server. I am a good friend of dreams, well she is more like my big but much shorter sister, and she is the one that tuned me into your podcast as well as the guild.

I have been playing wow off and on since it's creation, and love it to death, but I am a single father so my time to play is restricted a little. But do enjoy playing with a good group of friends and she says that your fan guild has that in abundance. Please and thank you.

Aka Brandon

Nín hǎo from Melindreya and Fortetwo

I know I am a terrible typist, but i actually DID mean to type Nín hǎo ( it's said Knee how Aprillian), and it means " Hello - I am missing playing WOW terribly at the moment".
Currently Fortewo and I are in Beijing , along with our two childrren.Although we have aunthenticators, we REALLy did not want to risk  our accountr security while staying overseas, so since the dyay Patch 4.2 dropped we have been wowless.
We only had a chance to rearrange our toons on the log on screen  before we took off, and we certaintly haven't had a chance to RAF (YET !!!!!). I have managed to stretch out listening to episode 222 in five minute snippets over 10 days and have lived vicariously in Azeroth through that. One of the problems with doing that is leaving my new kindle's playback on pause. In the middle of a chinease accrobatic show at a critical moment in the performance when all was quiet i jostled my bag and an entire section of the audience could loudly hear "Rub ya Tummy Govna." Fortunately most people could not understand what was being said butIi spent a panic filled moment trying to find some way of muffling Jeppy's sultry tones.
So bad was our family's withdrawal from wow that we all were excited when my son spotted a gold farmer with a shirt proudly stating " Home is where the hearthstone is at." In the end it didnt really help us with our wow withdrawal it only made the pain worse :( .
We are looking forward to episodes 223 + 224 on masse while starting to set up our RAF accounts next week
Xièxiè ( Shee-ah Shee-ah) , 
That is  thank you for keeping our Wow  fix going
Melindreya and 42

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It is harder than it looks!

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It is harder than it looks!

Hello CAW crew,
I have learned a lot from your podcast. One thing I have learned is that on Earthen Ring if I put something up for sale it just might sell. On my old server when I put something up for sale I would see it 48 hours later in my Mail box.  Earthen Ring is not like that. I have been selling so much stuff it's great.
 I thought I would like a paladin healer, so I thought what would Vrishna recommend? I decided the only possible paladin healer would be a blood elf female. When I rolled the new tune called Nearmint I was surprised how quickly I progressed. Even more surprising was just how many people wanted me to join their guild. It seemed like I was getting another request every 5 minutes. I am sure it was because she is pretty hot looking. Finally, I gave in and called on the mighty CAW crew, and asked for an invite. What a relief no more guild requests. I am always amazed how the Clan of Darkness officers are able to help out at a moment’s notice, especially how I am sure you are all quad boxing or tanking, healing, and doing DPS all at once in the some heroic dungeon and still have time to help out those of us who are lost and confused.
I quickly hit level 15, and tried my first dungeon as a healer.  It was a disaster. I got lost, and then I died. After I died, I was able to scroll back through the party chat, and see how hard they tried to help guide me. It is funny how I missed reading the chat when I was panicking, running, and dying.  Maybe nobody will remember this crash and burn. Still the exp was fabulous; I am now level 17 and am now in Ogremar. Who needs portals?  Just die in dungeons.  
I tried a few dungeons as DPS with Comix, and it was pretty easy, just stand behind the healer and burn down anything the tank was hitting.  That was cool until they said I was pulling agro.  It would have been more useful if they said what they wanted changed. But we all died over and over again, after about 5 deaths I got so depressed,  I quit and went to fish and cook.
Sometimes the green guild chat is the only happy thing going on in the game, and I thank the whole Clan of Darkness for it.
For the Clan of Darkness and the Horde!
Comix, and now Nearmint

I'm on FIRE!

Good Morning JAVA!

So a funny thing happened this week, but rather than lose the inflection in my voice with the written word I have once again found enough time to record (and edit) an audio submission for you! Enjoy!

Your bud,


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Kadak Audio July 13

No Voice Submission (sad face)

Hola CAW crew! Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy, and Kithore's homeboy... Vrishna! (Did you read it with his voice? Come on now, did you? Awww... ok.)

We apologize for the lack of an audio submission this week. Kithore is still recovering from the unbelievable awesomeness of meeting Juuno, and was unable to participate this week. I'll tell you a bit of what I've been doing, however, just to keep things rolling so you don't miss us too overly much. I'm not going to talk for Kithore, I'll let him fill you in when he is fully recovered. He does, however, say hello, and he hopes you all are having a wonderful week in and out of game.

There has been so much going on this week, it's been completely awesome. Between running dailies, creating some RAF toons, and trying to gear up so my 85 is worth a bit more in a heroic dungeon, running cata regular dungeons, and leveling some of my smaller toons, I've never found myself short of something to do and good company to have. 

I've also been working on my level 40 priest, who now has tailoring up to 300. It's a bit of a bummer that I can't get the next level in tailoring until I'm level 50. I have some great gear I can make, though, and that should help me out as I make my way up. I have to give a huge thank you to Jehus, who sent me about seventeen to twenty stacks of cloth for my tailor to work with. He totally rocks, and it's going to be awesome using all that cloth in the future! All I could do with it, right now, was make some bolts, but it'll be rockin' awesome when I can get it higher and use it for more things. Tiger and JuJu also sent me some things - our guild is totally awesome and supportive. I'm very disappointed, however, that only tailors can use flying carpets! Mechano-hogs can be sold to other people for them to use, why  not flying carpets? :-(

I'm working on my enchanting on that same toon - much thanks to Jeppy for the strange dust, and Brandon for all of the things sent to me so I can disenchant.

I have to say, RAF is the coolest thing ever. Oh my goodness, the speed of leveling! That, out of anything else, is what surprised me with it. And it will last all the way through until October, which is totally sweet. (No, I didn't make a RAF account with myself - I don't think I have enough concentration to dual box at all. My RAF account was made with ElJeppy.) I am looking forward to the eventual acquisition of a rocket, as it will greatly help when wandering around and helping other toons level or running with someone.

I've run lots of dungeons with Xcronose, Annastazja, and Kobybeef this week, and of course there was the KINGSLAYER incident (oh so cool. It felt much better this time! Everyone did such an amazing job. Thank you SO MUCH, Brew Dawg, for taking us along) I won't speak too much for Kithore, but he's really happy about that title, too!... and the Shadowfang Keep Heroic incident. I don't want to talk about it - but I do want to thank Tedrah, Alex, Allton, and Kobybeef (Upullukill) for running that with me. Over and over. And over. And... yeah.

Now, I know some of you may be thinking, "Hey Dreams - I remember that poem you submitted last week, and my  name wasn't in there!" I do know that I missed some people, and I just wanted those to know that it's entirely unintentional. We have so, so many wonderful people in the guild, getting them all down on paper while running around on vacation (and meeting Juuno!) was very difficult. (And I could barely log in - my laptop did NOT like WoW.) I have a few that I left out who will be featured in some of the upcoming audio submissions, and hubby and I already have a few ideas on how to add them in. But I want everyone to realize... that there is not a single person in the guild that I don't like. Some I don't know yet! But none that I don't like. You are all absolutely awesome, and I believe, hands down, that we have the best guild out there. I don't care what other people think - numbers don't make a great guild, great people make a great guild. And we have great people.

Anyway, this is getting kinda long. (I'm sorry! I'm used to audio submissions, and we can speak pretty quickly sometimes! Read this... REALLY fast, and it'll work.)

You guys are wonderful! Thanks everyone, and have a great week. Hugs and loves.

From Inmyowndreams, and the Awe-struck Kithore

Rigarmorty Audio for CAW 224

Hi Aprillian, Eljeppy, Vrishna & Ashayo!
Attached is this weeks audio message! Work has now blocked Twitter, Facebook & Ustream, damn them! lol... If I get enough time I'll nip home at lunch and pop into the chatroom for a little bit.
P.S. One, random question relating to this morning's tweets about 2nd Life. Is it still a free thing or do you need to spend some to get anywhere with it?
For the Horde, For the Clan Of Darkness, For winged guardians!

Better late than never

Sorry for the non happening week but as co worker is still behind bars it sort of cuts down my play time hope your all well

Big G

Shout Outs & Thank You

Momoments - MOFAIL!!!

Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well.

I have played some wow the past week, not my usual hours of play time which is the result of some mofail!
Before I become debbiedowner let me tell you some good stuff.

I did finally get an invite to google+ and learning more about it and connecting with some of our wow people, I mean wow circles. 
In game I am slowly but shirly leveling my cooking and fishing on my druid Morfin and his leatherworking.  I did start the new quest line however was not able to finish the dailies.  That area is so busy as you can imagine so I will need to find a slower time to finish the dailies.  It may work as Im on the west coast; maybe late at night my time, we shall see.
I did get on my priest as well, Moheal on the Feathermoon server and did the new quest line on him as well.  On Moheal I was also not able to finish all the dailies as that new area is just so busy.  For some reason I did join the random dungeon queue for a heroic random.  I really was not looking for some punishment but that is what I was handed as I zoned in heroic ZG, which I have not done before; I have not done the level 60 ZG in a long time either.  As I zone in i say my usual hi to the group and tell them I am new to that instance and to be kind to me which they were.  We did lose the tank and some dps, I want to believe it wasnt all my fault as we did wipe a few times before the 2nd tank and dps people joined the group.   We treked on and wiped a few times on trash and another boss.   I really lost count on how many times we wiped as it had to be at least 5 times.
Finally before one of the bosses that requires a lot of aoe healing and the tank and dps say this in party chat.  I apologized and packed my troll tail and tusks and left the group so they could find a better healer.  I know I have consider everything: tank, dps, what everyone is doing and not doing,
however this time it was all my fault and my gear was not up to the level as it should be.  I also did not do my homework in learning about the instance and really did not learn anything while I was there.  Needless to say I felt like CRAP afterwards and went to the comfort of my couch and tv.

I hope you all had a much better week than I did and I hope to make the next guild meeting and raid runs if I am able to.

OHHH I almost forgot!   Isnt Blizzard shameless in taunting us with their RAF advertisements!?  for a week now the wow launcher has had the new RAF promo about it going up to 80.  Well they had me at hello along time ago and will do a new RAF soon.  I want to level a warrior and another class to 80 and level dk's to 80...that is the moplan :)

Thank you again for the great podcast and thank you to everyone in the clan of darkness guild.  I did think about logging on the winterspring server than I lost that thought.  A FINALLY welcome to Nevikhoof to the COD guild! about time man! I knew you would cave in :) we are have breaking points.

A shout out to The Addicted podcast for their upcoming 100th episode.  Check them out if you have not already, they are cool dudes.

oh one other thing, last week in my email I was attempting to take a scene from dumb and dumber and failed!!! (thats is my theme lately! mofail)
when I said: yeah! bird! yeah!
It was the car scene where they were yelling yeah to anything they said.  Home someone gets it now or else Ill have to cry ;)

Until next time, take care, for the not failing and feeling like crap!!!


Clan of Darkness

Dinged level 11

Ran MC with Tedrah, she is so precious. I got a corehound.



Hey Caw Crew

well this week my download has finally finished, I can finally play on the US servers, yay, so I would like to join the COD, I wasn’t jeppy'd in honest :p.

will give a proper update soon its way to late to be writing

Hads Outs
of way too many servers now

New window

Nexbardus of Earthen Ring & Winterhoof

Hello CAW crew,

Thanks again for another great show. I had intended to try and get in the chat room for the live show but unfortunately the RNG was not on my side and a lightning strike hit my house or at least very near it Tuesday night. It killed my cable modem and many other electronics. Of course getting back on the internet was of the utmost importance so I waited in a long line at my cable company for a new cable modem on Wednesday but ended up getting sent home with a defective one. Had to return it Thursday and was finally back on my precious WOW by that afternoon. Will see how it goes getting in the chat room this week but not sure exactly what time you start or if I will be awake early enough.

Anyway, what have I been up to this week? On Winterhoof I only played my Hunter Nexbardus a little bit. Leveled him from 45 to 48 in Eastern Plaguelands and then some in Felwood. I like what they have done to Light's Hope Chapel and the Tyr's Hand area. Actually had a Crusader Enchantment randomly drop while questing in Tyr's Hand, not sure if I will just sell it on the AH or give it too my enchanter. I dont see myself taking the time to make Scrolls to sell so will probably just sell it on the AH.

I am having a lot more fun leveling my Goblin Shaman Nexbardus on Earthen Ring. I leveled her from 19 to 40, this is the highest I have actually leveled a shaman and it is a lot of fun leveling as Enhancement. Also nice to get the faster riding skill. Finished Azshara and Ashenvale which has really been changed alot with its battles between the horde and alliance. Then I completed the Hinterlands which has changed some, think they made it easier to go from quest to quest and from one area to another there. Also completed most of Western Plaguelands, I like what they did to this area as well but I miss the cauldron quests that you used to do. Got the horde balloon last week but forgot to mention it, it can be annoying at times as it can float into your view.

Got a guild invite for my level 80 Druid Nexverto from Sarajean (Dreams) so thanks to her for that. Haven't played him at all yet, did get him repecced to Balance but will have to remember how to actually play a Druid since it has been awhile. Also created a bank alt, a beautiful female Orc named Sweatness, wanted Sweetness but it wasn't available and Sweatness seemed appropriate. Played the Orc starting area and it hasn't changed much at all, so pretty boring. About the only thing they did was put the boars in a pen so they are easier to kill. Also, for a lot of quests Blizz made it so you dont have to run back to the quest giver to complete, a box just pops up so you can continue on to the next quest. But not in the Orc starting area, you still have to run back and forth from the cave to the starting area multiple times. Fortunately they already give you flight paths in Senjin Village, Razor Hill, Org and Thunder Bluff so was able to head to Org to start banking.

Everybody have fun, see you in game, Nexbardus

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Ding Dong the Lich is Dead!

Hey CAW Crew!

Oak here... someday I'll get around do giving you an audio submission,
but for now you're just going to have to read this!

As you may recall I was out of town for a bit of last week on holiday,
but a lot has happened just the same!

First, I want to give a shout out to Brew Dawg and the rest of the
Clan of Darkness who so graciously allowed me to join them in downing
the Lich King!  It was a wonderful time, and just great fun all
around.  It was really interesting to experince all of the game
mechanics involved in end-game rading.  It was a real eye opener.

I also want to thank Brew Dawg for taking the time to show us the Fire
Lands.  It was an amazing place to see, and if you get the chance,
everyone should step inside just to see the place.

I have started a new project dungeon leveling a little holy Goblin
Priest named Oakshade.  If anyone sees me on him that's what I'm
likely doing, and you're welcome to join me in the qeue if you like.
I have him geared in heirlooms, so he levels pretty quick.  I have
only done a couple dungeons so far, but it has been really fun.

I did find it curious that the cloth heirloom gear has no spirit.  It
hasn't seemed to have any negative effects at low level, but it will
be interesting to see what happens as I get higher up.

That's all for now!  Have a great week!

For the Horde, and the Clan of Darkness!

Hail Kingslayers

Hail Kingslayers! and Aprillian

CoD returned to the Frozen Throne Friday night. After a few disorderly attempts it all started to come together. On our second solid attempt we made it into the second transition in good order & I knew we had it. As we all scrambled to stay alive in phase 3 Arthas' health continued to drop and we got him down!

The hardest part of the night for me was not being able to bring more guildies. I gave invite priority to the people that had been on the previous run and did a random roll to select the last few.

I will schedule another run soon hopefully at a time that Aprillian can make. Toons without the title will be given priority.

I made the mistake of trying to zerg 25 man OS3D with only 15 after the ICC run. This is hard for a geared group. We just didn't have the DPS. I should have split us into two teams & done it on 10 man.

BrewDawg ventured into the Firelands raid on Sunday. It took us an hour to clear the trash and we got several good attempts at the hunter boss. We know the trash pulls now and should be able to get to the boss much quicker next time.

Been running the new dailies on a couple of toons. I'm behind because I was AFK for almost a week after the patch. I'm not a big fan of them but it's probably because I'm always so rushed to get them done every day.

Hope y'all have a great week,


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 223 - 99 Red Horde Balloons

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Auruk dinged 85. Did Tol Borad triple boxing.
Leveled cloth

Aprillian & Vrishna

Stormwind, stealing the flame is so much fun.
And the Noob says "You can't do quests in a raid". Bingo! Balloon quest.

We keep forgetting to talk about "Breakfast of Champions" so I figured we'd talk about it in a week we didn't do it.


Trishna is 27. Leveling professions whilst leveling a toon is great ! All in unrested xp, all in 1 week. Love heirlooms !


- Into firelands on Jekle
- Can buy a 365 neck or ring pretty much off the bat

- With Molly, Ragnaros' Reach annoying - bar empties if you die. Tells party members to go to different totems
- Kimmi couldn't ride me
- Can get into Firelands in one day now
- Can't use Sandstone Drake in firelands :(
- Loving being able to banish and not go into combat (eg to kick turtles)



Much slower week.

Restocking after the 4.2 sellorama.

Volatiles getting cheaper especially fire/earth with the mass killing of elementals in Firelands

Elementium when made hard sells! 

Belfish hit 85 and is now doing Firelands and TB dailies with Wight. Hardest daily to do is healing the fallen druids.

HaiBai leveling enchanting hit several no stock blocks so spent a day running through instances. These included Stratholme and the Hellfires on normal and heroic. Lots of cloth very few greens!

PvPing to get the new vicious gladiator set on Wight and Belfish. Lots of fun for 2 hunters, Lots of HKs.

Achievements for Wight

* Exalted with The Guardians of Hyjal / Justly rewarded (30000 quest gold) 
* Finished all the fire festival / Torch Juggler hurt my wrist! [The Flame Keeper]


Maximumforce Weekly Audio Submission - Music Question

On episodes Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 222 - RAF-arama, I wanted to ask Maximunforce music where did he get it from? My question for you all is do you guys/gals use something to transcript all of the podcast notes if not what software do you all use?

Contest and a Howdy

Howdy CaW crew. Bloodfalcon here. First off, I'd like to thank you folks for an entertaining show. I've been listening for a long time (150 shows listened to and growing). Keep up the great work. Now off to the meat of this mailing of the electronic kind. 
Altoholic info incoming, so get your hard hats on.
 Looking at my list of alts I see many. On my home server (Gilneas) and what I call my home faction (Alliance) I have 7 85s: Mage, Shaman, Warlock, Rogue, Druid, Paladin, and Warrior. After that: in order to fill up my character slots on this server I have a 84 and a half Hunter, a 72 and a quarter-ish Priest, and a 65 and whatever Death Knight. Funny thing though. When wrath came out, I was apart of a "Race a Death Knight to 80" in my guild. After 2 months I got mine to 80 first, but funny enough I killed it a month after that when I realized I was neglecting my other characters due to DKs being way over powered at the time. Though I don't play on a RP server, I always have some kind of story for them, and I swear all my toons haunted me in my dreams screaming "Why man? Whyyyyyy? What have we done to be neglected? Did we not pwn like you asked? Did we not ding like you liked? Shelf that DK and come back to us! We beg of you!!"  Yea I guess I get a little TO into my toons.  Oh well.
Oh yea, I have a few low levels floating on 2 other servers due to friends asking me to hop on their server and play with them.  I may purge them since those friends have moved on.
Anyways to get past all this, lets get onto some interesting stuff eh? I'd love to join your guild so I'll be popping onto your server and say hi.  I've been wanting to see the horde side of things since I've been an Alliance member for so long (I started 4 months after release), but I never could find a cool sounding crew to run with, and since my home server is full I have to go on my own to another server. 
I'm a pretty laid back guy. I used to be a real Hardcore Player back in Vanilla, but after my life changed due to my wife leaving me I changed my tune.  I realized that I may have gotten a little to into the game and cut back a lot of my playing. Fortunately my current girlfriend won't take any funny business from a game, so she has no problem knocking me upside my head (lovingly of course) if I log a little to much time in game. Fortunately I haven't had that issue since I promised myself that I would quit for good if I ever did forget what my first love is: Her.
Well that it for now. Here's hoping I add to your fun and zaniness. Who knows? I may do an audio submission next since I know how much you all love others filling out your show, I mean hearing from your listeners.  See you all in game. Laters!

(Murlocs. WoW's version of gremlins. Just add water and you've got hundreds. Where the heck is Gizmo at when ya need him?)

clan of darkness

hi there this is littlebratt, i have been wanting to thank you for helping me with lunar elder in utgarde keep. my friend lamongelo listens to your pod cast all the time also, when i told him you helped me he said no way, then it was so funny at work one day he was listening and you mentioned helping me and i was on my speckled pony it was so cool, i am starting a new toon called mefree and would like to join the clan of darkness . list to you all the time and thanks again for all your help, FOR THE HORDE, littlebratt

Maximumforce's submission

This week is in and Firelands has hit! Here's this week's submission. Very nearly didn't get it in because our
internet provider in my rental place was doing server upgrades which knocked us out for 4 days!
Sorry if I sound a little out of it, I had a couple of Rums tonight and just for fun, I've attached a picture of me
with my current companion who has been out since Nobelgarden at the girlfriend's request!! :D Lets do it!

Hey fellas! As you've probably read, I almost didn't get this submission in this week! I am kinda annoyed that
pretty much as soon as the patch went live, my connection was dropped out! Luckily I had at least one night to
run through the new dailies start up and do Elemental Bonds. Honestly, as awesome as that quest is, I think that
the reward is far too overpowered for the time you spend doing it. An ilvl 365 epic cloak for something that takes
maybe 30 minutes to do? Pfft. Guess I shouldn't complain, it gets me alot more stats and they really look badass.

With my network loss I haven't been on much and since hitting a boring patch on my shaman, he really has taken a
back seat in my favoured character plays, especially since 4.2 has bought out a whole lot of solo-play content for
my hunter to enjoy playing through! I've really been enjoying doing Heroics now as I seem to breeze through them
now, probably because I've done the fights so many times. Managed to get him his 359 legs from the justice vendor
as my old valor switched to justice and I refunded the cloak I did buy just before doing the new quest. Was
contemplating buying a new heirloom peice for the shaman but I really do enjoy seeing the ilvl on my hunter tick
over! Probably just a bit of an ego boost seeing the dps my hunter puts out after playing my shaman for so long at
low levels. Averaging 11.5k dps at ilvl 350 in heroics! Awesome stuff.

Here's my question for this week: Do you guys have any interesting stories from your adventures in Azeroth, or even
any regrets? I have to say one of my recent regrets was on my hunter in 4.1, I had just got my ilvl 333 justice
legs from the vendor for 1850 JP and ticked over to my ilvl requirement for entering heroics. What do you know, my
first drop was an ilvl 346 set of hunter legs which was better than the ones I had just bought. And with the
long wait times, it had just gone out of the 1 hour refund period. Was spitting!!
Thanks guys, loving the show as always!

This is Maximumforce for the horde, for the mutilation of the Alliance and for Patch 4.2!!


Hello CAW crew,

Thank you for reading my email and for another great show. So what have I been up to? On Earthern Ring I was invited to Clan of Darkness by Virshna and had a great time leveling my Goblin Shaman Nexbardus to level 19. The goblin starting zone is a lot of fun and I think it is a little better than the worgen starting zone. By the 4th time I did the worgen starting zone I wanted to escape and try some other starting zones but unfortunately you cant get out. I have moved into Azshara now and so far it is great, eventhough I have already out-leveled the content with all my heirlooms and guild perks. Also there seems to be a scarcity of inns and a lot of running. Not sure how we ever got by when you didnt get a mount till level 40. Even ghost wolf isnt helping out much. I did a quick run through of Ragefire Chasm with a pug and had an easy time of it. I also transferred my level 80 Druid over from Thorium Brotherhood with 20k gold and heirloom gear. I had to change his name to Nexverto and hope to get him into Clan of Darkness very soon.

On Winterhoof my Hunter Nexbardus was invited to the Ctrl Alt Wow guild by Aiom (Nevik). I also leveled to 45 in the Eastern Plaguelands doing the Fiona's caravan quests. The best part of Cataclysm has definitely been the revamping of the old Azeroth. The human starting area was just okay but the Westfall questline is very good. Redridge has the very fun Rambo style quest. Duskwood hasn't really changed much but it has always been one of my favorite zones. Every toon I level up on Alliance side goes there. Anyone who doesn't go back and create some alts to enjoy this part of Cataclysm is missing out.

If you look at Cataclysm as a whole I think it is overall a great expansion. Where Blizzard dropped the ball is the high level content. They should have made the level cap 90 and added at least 2 or 3 more new zones. We only got 5 new zones in Cataclysm, but WotLK had about 8 1/2 new zones and BC had 7 new zones. Also some of the new zones in Cata are very tedious and seem to go on too long (mainly Vashj'ir). With the release of patch 4.2 I began doing the Hyjal dailies on a couple of my 85's like everybody else that plays WOW. After a couple days I have already dropped that down to only 1 toon and not sure how long that will last as I may concentrate my time on leveling my other toons. With Cataclysm I just haven't been able to get into the grind of all the dailies and haven't enjoyed the dungeons much either. Just wondering what you guys think of the dailies and the cata dungeons overall?

See you in game, Nexbardus of Earthen Ring & Winterhoof

My week in WoW

Good Morning my delightful Aprillian and your band of Merry Men, the dashing Ashayo, the daring Vrishna and the delectable ElJeppy. I went with a D theme today, for absolutely no apparent reason.
I've had a lovely week in WoW since I last wrote in.  Getting lots more done in game and my poor Sims are feeling very abandoned.
My little hunter Jaxie on SoE went from a level 51 to level 59 so she is nearing the Outlands. Although she is currently doing quests in The Blasted Lands.  This is the first toon I've done that area on since Cata and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.
My DK on SoE, Pettrah dinged 81 yesterday.  She is making her way thru Mount Hyjal.  I really have no idea how to play a DK, but I'm fumbling my way thru.
Created a baby rogue on SoE who hit level 9 last night.  Had a blast pickpocketing tons of alliance npc's on the beaches in the Lost Isles and sneaking my way thru the quests.
The big news is Tedrah left SoE and made the move to Earthen Ring.  She's having a little multiple personality and has decided to call herself Petrah.  Loved the Thrall quest line from 4.2 and the cloak reward is awesome.  Tedrah's doing her Hyjal dailies everyday and working on guild reputation.  Also trying to get Earthen Ring rep so running some dungeons and was able to get the Lightning Charged Tunic with my justice points.
Hoping Tedrah's friends, Alex & Allton, will be coming to Earthen Ring soon too.  Then some PvP action will ensue.
But for now,
This is Tedrah, or Petrah, whoever...
For the Horde
and the CAW

Rigarmorty Audio 223

Hello to the wonderful CAW Crew! Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo & Eljeppy!

Attached is my audio for this week!


Ten Minute Morty lol

FYI - The whispering in the background of the end bit is "Don't kill the bunnies" despite it sounding terribly sinister tehe

long overdue update

CAW Crew. Jeppy, Virishna, Ashayo and Aprillian.
     Well, where to start, with all of this Midsummer Fire festival stuff to do I was very busy.  To start with, my Hunter Robusta honored and desecrated many a fire, along with some questing and dungeons. He was able to get to 84 and be able to do the Ahune boss, sadly with many tries no pet. But I was able get to 85, so add one more to the count, my second lvl 85 hunter. gear is a mishmash of greens blues and with all the Justice points that I had a couple of epics. Konajohn and Kónadark did some Fire-festival stuff alonf with the cooking and fishing dallies, but not enough to gain any levels. Kónadark has needed the Ahune boss to complete the Festival achievement since last year, but alas still not at the right level to get in there again. Maybe next year. I have been trying to wrap my head around healing as a Priest and it is way different than my druids, more practice is needed.
    I have also transferred from my inactive acct, Kuahi lvl 80 human warlock, to the Winterhoof server and have joined the Ctrl Alt Wow guild there. My timing has been off so I have not seen to many on. Thanks go to Bidcar for some embersilk to help out with my tailoring. I have leveled Kuaho to 81 and have crafted some better gear for him.
    Now as for what really has been taking up all my time. I have been grinding out battleground honor and rep. Konajoe has gone from ilvl 320 to a fully geared season 9 PvPer with an ilvl of 360. I say being that hard as hell to kill resto druid has been a blast, many losses but also many wins, Call to arms has been Alterac Valley, so much time has been spent there. IN order to buy the PvP weapons you need to earn enough honor to be able to buy the item plus the actual honor to pay for it. I needed to earn 7500 honor this season in order to unlock the ability to buy the staff I wanted, then once I did that Pay for it with 3500 honor. I think that Blizzard might have done that for a couple reasons, one have it take a little longer to get such a nice staff and two have you spend your honor on other PvP gear. I was also surprised that when the patch hit that my leather working recipes for the PvP gear upscaled to the Blood Ilvl 358 stuff from the 339, nice not to buy new recipes there. Thank you Blizzard. Not only has Konajoe been doing PvPing I have been Pveing too. Able to earn some justice points and also craft the epic waist for him. I help Thrall get his self back together and Find his Life mate, very epic storyline there, oh and got a pretty cool cloak too. Shame that that quest chain made to Frost lords cloaks worthless. And speaking of him, Konajoe did get the Ice chip from him but no staff, I love the way it looks and the on use is kinda fun.
     Well enough of this wall of text, More to come later.
For the Love of the game and all those that make it worth playing
Kona and his many alts 

CAW Submission and BUMPERS!!!!!

Here is our submission for this week!!

Love you guys!

J and Renee aka Caoboi and Iceflow from the @Valentine Podcast :)

... *tumbleweed rolls by* ...

Greetings JAVA!

I hate to disappoint, (wait I suppose I've done that for the past couple of weeks with a lack of submissions), but this time I'm going to fore go the audio clip and stick with the written word returning to my roots in contributing to the show. Good 'ol "Classic Nevik" letters ...

Anyhoo ...

Over the past couple of weeks I've been up to a couple of things on good 'ol semi-forgotten Winterhoof. There's been lots of tears with my endeavor into the PAINFUL world of archaeology. Muddy robes are a pain to clean I tell ya ... I would use the word "HATE" to describe my opinions of said laborious chore, but I can be masochistic from time to time so I guess in a weird way I ... enjoy ... it.

Wait. No. No I don't. *SLAPS SELF* 

THE TEARS! They flow! They flow like rivers from my eyes ;_; 


Pull it together Nevik! 


Okay, I'm good now. I think ...

I've also witnessed Melchezadek and LizTailor ding level 85 on a couple of toons: Wolveriene and Sofialorena. CONGRATULATIONS Mel and Liz!

Prior to the patch I jumped into PVP pretty whole-heartedly with my mage. Instead of going fire for PVE and frost for PVP I've done quite the opposite. I am TERRIBAD at fire PVE *AND* frost PVP but do quite well with the reverse. 

And while I'm on the subject of fire and ice, during the Midsummer Fire Festival I chugged away long enough to obtain the Flame Warden title and was lucky enough to get the Frigid Frostling. Now I just need the mini-fire elemental pet (scorchling?) and my mage will be "complete."

Other than that I've been slowly working on my mage's tailoring to restock the guild bank after the great BAG'A'GEDDON a couple weeks past. I need to get her tailoring up anyhow for the bloodthristy PVP set that became available in 4.2 just so that my poor mage doesn't get called out again in a BG for having *GASP* GREENS! *GASP* THE HORROR!

So I think that's going to wrap up this classico-letter. Big shouts out to Melchezadek, LizTailor, Groenendael, Leralonde and Bytecha for holding the fort down when I'm not around.


Your bud,

July 6th submission from the kithores!

Hola CAW Crew and listeners,

I hope you have had a good time this week, in and out of the game. Well, the vacay is over, and we are headed back to our casita. Please forgive the quality of our audio - we used several computers and different locations to record and edit this week's submission. We hope you enjoy it!

Dreams and Kithore

Sorry no Audio

Hi Caw crew sorry no audio this week as I have run out of time and so no audio well as one of my co workers has found himself locked up in prision I doubt I will be getting much game time at all for the coming weeks.

For the horde

For the Alliance

For the Sandgropers

And for the lack of  sleep


P.S Last weeks audio was no a mistake just trying something new and if you like it I will stick with it

Shout Outs & Thank You

Mo mo moments

Momoments - mowork n mocation

Hello all,
I am so sorry to miss the last episode and not emailing.  Hope everyone is doing well.
Work has been getting the best of me which of course means less wow time lately.  For the 4th of July weekend I will have 0 wow time as we are driving up the coast on the Pacific Coast Highway up to Santa Barbara, on up to Monterey. Really looking forward to it; I love driving on the coast highway, so many sites to see.

About my wow time the last week or so, I have been of course trying to do dailies on many characters and trying to run a dungeon here and there on my druid morfin.  I have not been doing much of anything in relations to the summer festival and I think I will be missing the end of it when we are on our mocation.
Well that is ok since I want to do a new RAF! YA! triple XP! YA! Bird! YEAH!!!! :)

Thank you to Tedrah for suggesting that balloon question in org as I have completed that on 3 characters so far.

My mage yasamin is almost 85 and she will be my first 85 on my 2nd account.

Would you please confirm something for me...the heirloom gear we can guild from the guild vendor, do those really work till 80 or 85?

Thank you for being my wow go to reference :)

I am also sad I will be missing some guild runs or not contributing much in xp the next week but I will make it up when I get my raf going.  Oh how fun raf is.

Thank you again everyone for everything and hope you all have a great weekend, dont play too much with fire works, stay safe, and I will be posting lots of pictures as long as AT&T service allows me to.

Take care


Clan of Darkness Stuff

Guild Meeting
Circle on Google+


When inviting, send email & include their name & send

Gbank -Claypidgin

Guild Repairs updated



Hey CAW Crew!  Oak Here!

Before I get to my week in WoW, I just want to say THANKS! for the
Mechano-hog!  I have been in raffles many times throughout my life,
and I can honestly say I have never won a thing.  This is soooo cool.
Especially as I am unlikely to ever aford one as I am an engineer.
Anyway, thanks so much for conducting the raffle, and for giving me
the opportunity to win.

This week contained another major event for me, as my Pally Oakes
dinged 85!  Now I'm off trying to level his gear and professions up!

On that note, my engineering is now over 500, and I hope to cap it
soon.  I am a little worried that I won't be able to support myself
with engineering (see my statements about the mechano-hog), but I am
not planning to change it just yet.  I am hopeful that between mining,
farming volatile air, and making pets; that I will be able to bring in
a decent income.  Only time will tell.  I did get a blue enchant
formula world drop that netted me a couple k on the auction house, and
that has helped out.

I have been running a lot of battle grounds, and have managed to gain
several achievements in this regard.  I really enjoy them, and I'm
thinking about trying some rated ones.  I'm not sure about that

I hope to do some instance running soon, as I have been questing
mostly.  I am currently trying to finish off the Twilight Highlands.

A final note.  I am heading out of town for a few days over the
holiday.  I am taking the gnomes to see their Grand Pallies!  We will
be lost in the forests of northern Michigan on a small lake.  I can't
wait to get away!  Anyway, I'm sending this in a bit early, as I'm not
sure I will be back before you all are on air.

Have a great week!
For the Horde!
For the Clan of Darkness! (and any stray bunnies that happen by - Get
out of the way!!!!)



Here's screenshots of Scorpion mount with Clan of Darkness Banner.  Petrah is Tedrah.  Had to rename her when moved her.


Clan of darkness

Hi Everyone,
Well I finally made it into the guild. A big thanks to "Wight" (Jeppy) for the invite. My 2 Moo Moos (Miztake & Mizfortune) are thrilled to bits about being part of your guild.  They even talked their big sister "Miztrust" and very distant cousin "Riccadonna" (Blood & Frost DK's) into joining.
Then I was able to join in the guild meeting the other day after a lot of mukin around on my part.  Can't join a conversation if you have no mic plugged in. Ahhh well, these things happen.
My Moo Moo's are slowly leveling, and are now at Level 13.  They would be higher if they stopped arguing long enough to quest more, but hey...all good fun. I am hoping to level the DK's a bit faster so they can give the babies some money and bags and perhaps some new clothes.
Keep up the great Podcast as it always makes me laugh, and is an enjoyable way to make the work day go quicker.
Once again thanks for the invite and hope to catch you all in game.
From all the "Miz's & Ricca"

Aléx & Allton

[please forward the below so I kin get acceptimacated to your ER guild of silliness - thank you, Aléx]

Dear masters of the guild that I is attemptin' to join on bequest of the one formerly known as Tedrah, now known as Pettrah, and sometimes Amy or Theodora, dependin' on who's askin'.

Mah name is Aléx, and I'm lookin' to join mah brother, Allton within' the folds of yer army, clan, tribe... guild, that's the darn word. I ain't much ta look at, and mah fightin' arms kinda weak, but I talk a good game, and some people would call me funny (lookin'). Anywho, it would done be my fondest wish to join yer small, but impressively large family at this juncture, to hep with levelin' and stuff. I'm an alchy, but not the holy kind - I kin make flasks and caulrons and such, and I'm an engineer - but that don't bring much other than the occasional Jeeves to the party. Y'all need a jeeves? I kin make bows and guns and stuff too, fer yer hunter folk.

Here's the letter I wrote mah momma, lettin' her know me and Allton was leavin'. It's a bit sappy, I apologize in advance.

Thanks fer yer consideration,


Dear momma,

As you prolly know, me an Allton has been looked upon to be the next big boss of the Bilgewater Cartel, but some things done gone wrong with that plan. Instead, we be killing humies up in the Alterac Valley.
Them horde commandy fellers, they been honorin' us fer the honor we bring to the horde. I is decked out in the finest of horde leathers them commandy fellers could find, and Allton, he's got some as well, but he don't fight quite as good as me, and his killin' in a bit sloppy (plus he only likes to kill gnomes, so hes a bit persnickity in his target allocation). But I'm sure in a few more days he'll be as honored by the commandy as I is.

It done greave me greatly to tell you that we is planning on departin' the fair Sisters of Elune to travel to the Earthen Ring. Now, I ain't got no particular love fer the shaman kind missef, but I is a bit tired of livin' under the umbrella of night elves, if'n ya take mah meanin', ma. I ain't sure what accoutrements I'll be taking wit me, nor wut Allton has planned neither, but we'll be sure to done leave you wit enough monies and love to last during our departure. (Plus I'm sure Xew and T will keep you company, we know how's you look on them big dumb taurens).

Anywho, if'n this be my last missive to y'all, have a wunderful life and don't let no rogues steal yer stuff.

Much love,
your best son,

Guildies are the best!

Hi there CAW crew,

Another week gone and Domenatrix is level 36. This is thanks to a Guildy  named Xcronose. He ran me through Scarlet Monastery. He was triple boxing and was so nice as to let me have all the LOOTS. This was very helpful as I’m gold less on the US servers.

I hope you have received your second rocket by now Aprillian. You referred my Girlfriend and her new toon Singaling (one of us). I started another toon to level with her namedTingaling. We are level 8 now.

Keep up the podcasting greatness. You guys (and Aprillian) make us feel like part of the family.

Love from Domo and Sing

For the HORDE, the CAW, the COD and my awesome girlfriend who knows that couples who play together stay together ;)

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