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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 222 - RAF-arama

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner:

Hello Darlings!  I hope you're doing great!!!'s a little something...playing in Garageband is fun!  =D

*great big hugs*

Juuno  =)

What We've Been Doing:


HOL to get UC rep for Tiiaa
Finally got it

Epril had quit the Unfamiliar Waters quest several times. The one you get from the dude on Garrosh's right. Could see the number in Valley of Honor but couldn't find the anyone with a quest. Finally read the quest and had to talk to someone

Quint boxed AT for money and seals

Sat night & Sun Ran Drame through Hellfire Ramp/cit Drame was on unrested xp
Putzed around. Did not take advantage of

Elephant juggling on multiple accounts is hard
Making money is hard

Aprillian & Vrishna

Ran DK's with Epril & Drame through Ramparts

Came back from Ramparts and was whispered by Caza'rez to get  [The Blood is Life]


Even thieves get hungry

Finally got my DK's out of starting area

CoD -



- Tank, dps, heal Ahune, dps on hunter warlock
- Fires galore

- Won a great AV
- Tip: Don't type /afk in a BG
- AV [Frostwolf Perfection] - Win AV without losing a tower or captain. You must also control all of the Alliance's towers

- Crowd Control - no aggro
- Pet change to aggressive
If a player wins a Need roll under the Need Before Greed system on a Bind on Equip item, the item will become Soulbound to that player. The item will remain unbound if won via a Greed roll.
- no keys


  • Finally got 200 TB commendations and bought the excellent [Drake of the West Wind]
  • Completed Ice Crown and got Icecrown: The final Goal. Planning to do Loremaster backwards.
  • Did all the flames on Wight and Haibai. Wish this holiday lasted ALL year.
  • Picked up Exalted with Dragon Maw clan.
  • Farming XP in Icecrown on Haibai decided to give an instance a go. My goal to get her to 75 before 4.2


Violet Hold.

Relatively easy and quick (average 20 minutes) about 55 gold and some greens plus tons of skinning. At 74 Haibai earned 165000 xp,
Discovered if Haibai doesn't 'make it' through the door she still earns rep though oddly not the 10% from shoulders.
I do hate Ichoron though!

  • Made a load of Hardened Elementium and slapped it on AH before shutdown. All sold!
  • HaiBai hit 75 but actually I delayed the shuffle and started leveling her enchanting instead. Will turn jewels into rings etc and DE for dust.
  • Logged straight in at 7pm when ER came back up and started Firelands quest chain. Very psychological and epic. Funny alliance flagging themselves in middle of huge battles.
  • Did first set of dailies. Limited to 12 tree thingies each day.
  • Pushing Belfish to 85 so she can start them.


No longer 10 day trial for just Vanilla but a never ending upto level 20 trial (with same old restrictions) that includes BC. All vanilla accounts now upgraded to battle chest and include BC. Some level 59 twinks dinged before they knew lol.

No longer possible to buy just vanilla comes with BC as well (19.99 via Blizz)

RAF Goes to 80!!!

Zomg! Seriously thinking of doing a cascade. Bought 3 catas on Amazon for 19.99 dollars each :)

With all the changes the parade rainers are screaming this is the end for WoW. Pfffft!

Rumours the project Titan may in fact me WoW 2.0 not certain about that bit would be kind of cool if we could take all the stuff we have with us.


World of Warcraft

Hai guys.
Me again Blasje.

So the Legendary staff you taled about in Episode 221.
The Legendary staff is a caster weapon.
And the weapon that turns druids in a Fire Cat when in Cat form drops from
Majordomo Staghelm a Boss in Firelands as a normal epic.
Just wanting to tell you becaus you where confusing em i heard in the episode.
And my druid is going good atm level 57 now.
Lets hope i can keep it up.

Greeting Blasje and For The Horde.

Hi CAW Crew

I wanted to thank you for all the podcasts that you have done.  It is very fun to listen to you guys talk about WOW.  My toons are mostly on Exodar on the alliance side. I have only 8 85's on that realm and one horde 85 on Durotan.  I have an 85 of every class except rogue and warrior.  Since listening to your Clan of Darkness discussion I decided to create a shaman on Earthen Ring.  Zikar is now level 26 and looking to join the guild.  I did not know if I could ask to join until I emailed so I am asking now.

For the CAW crew.


Sent from my iPad


Hello agin this is huntrex I just wanted to say great podcast the other day. Ok now down to business I wanted to tell your viewers a little about me and why I play this char I play a Hunter lev 85 and that about the only toon i play I love farming rares and Have been Farming a Rare in the sea world lev abyss if your wondering what rare I am talk about he is a sea horse yea he was updated n the last patch to drop a sea horse mount like the one you prolly already have but the mount can be use an any body of water any where that u can mount so if you wanted to us the mount n the pond in ab you could awesome right I have been at this for weeks now and only seen him 1 time and me and a pally had an epic duel over this horse only to find a rogue kill him while we were dueling. dont worrie once we saw this happen the pally pointed at the rogue and I killed the rogue and the pally bowed to me and we both hearted out <pally and rogue were horde> <i am allie> <pvp server>  So i am still farming him no luck tho so to any one farming him Good luck  if  you have any questions about this mount or where he spawns email me or send me an in game message Huntrex BlackDragon Flight Alliance Happy leveling and Stay away from the  VooDo 


Maximumforce Weekly Audio Submission

Hey fellas at CAW crew, here's this weeks audio submission. I've changed up the music to some a little more...
EPIC!!! Hope you like the change and this week's update!

Welcome to this week's update guys!
This week has been pretty dead if I have to be honest. I've been focusing on real life happenings and my job which
I'm desperately trying to find a way to get some sort of self-employment going on to increase my income and reduce
my boredom. You're not listening to this for that though so I'll get to my WoW goings-on now.

I'll be honest. This week I've not been around alot because I have been anticipating patch 4.2s release and the
hunter upgrading that would come with it. Been planning to get my 359 trinket and do some new dailies in Hyjal but
alas, here we are on update day with no patch and not able to delay the submission any further. Damn.

When I have been on I have been tinkering on my Shaman who just got his level 43 and a lovely surprise in the shape
of the Feralas quest achievement. I've moved on through Thousand Needles by now though and just entered the awful
area of Tanaris. I'm not much of a desert guy and as I've done this at least once before on my hunter, it loses its
spark... At least the Cataclysm has given alot of new life to the lower level zones. I am sure you guys doing your
lots of alts have gone through these areas alot more than me but I can't stand low levels, they must be maxed out
which is probably my downfall. I already have an Orc Warlock at level 2 ready to go to 85 when this guy is done!!

Regarding last weeks question, I remember someone saying that the scaling wouldn't work because it would be unfair
to have a legendary that would last through all the patches. For one, after the considerable work getting it, I
think it wouldn't be such a problem and two, I said that there should be different raids for getting it that have
their inhabitants tweaked to be a real challenge to the level mode it is set on. For example, if you want a legend
that will get to max level 70 power (like some heirlooms stop scaling at 80), set it at heroic 70 raid difficulty.

This week's question is in regards to you guys personally! Just would like to know, what do you guys do as a job
or as work and do you enjoy it? Do you have any aspirations or a job that you have got planned and which country
are you all from! I'm sure you've already guessed by some comments, but I'm a Car Salesman from Queensland,

Hope you are all well,
This has been Maximumforce for the Horde, for the death of the Alliance and for a long useless wait for a patch
that still isn't out yet...

Hello CAW Crew

Well it's been a few weeks since we last spoke however it always feels like coming home to friends when I get to sit down and listen to you all on this wonderful podcast. 
I have been busy getting back into work mode - slowly but surely my shoulder is gettin better and every day I see improvements ... I will be doin cartwheels soon lol.
Patch 4.2 is supposed to hit tonite and I am so excited to see what Blizz has in store for us. What will be or was the first thing you do or did when you log in? I'm probably gonna be too excited to do anything and stand perplexed for about 10mins trying to work out what or where I'm goin to start and also getting my head around all the changes. Patches are always an exciting time.
Have spent most of the past week getting Midsummer Fires done on my DK and also my Warrior. Was able to get over a level on my Warrior with the xp and she hit Lvl 84. The whole time I was doing the fires on her I kept thinking " damn the xp is great!" lol
I also have been tanking some Cata dungeons with guildies - which has been an interesting experience, as until now I've mostly been DPS or heals, so it's certainly different seeing things from the tanks point of view.
Was very excited to finally get the Frigid Frostling on my Lock - yay it's so very cute and throws snowballs at people nearby.
Well I better go - hope you all have a fabulous week both in and out of game.
Take care hugs Leeta

Reforging follow up..

Hail and well met!

This is a follow up missive to my inquiry about reforging.

After sending my message the other day, I put out the call on Twitter, and got a rapid response from a couple of guildmates, including our own Caoboi.  Now, the Tao of the Cao says one should refer to Mr. Robot at and investigate the Gear Optimizer.  It seemed to be a handy tool to help you sort out what gems you should have in what slots (including ignoring socket bonus’), and what to reforge on your equipment for your spec.

Of course, it doesn’t go into detail why, but you are swapping out stats that are of higher order for your spec, so it should look reasonably familiar.  I’m sure that the focus is on getting you to your caps in as many important areas as possible.

At any rate, a tip-of-the-horns (hat) to Caoboi for the insight!

“Be well…”
Eranth / Lionchild / Wolfbrother

Nexbardus of Winterhoof & Earthen Ring

Hello CAW crew,

First of all, I would like to thank you all for your amazing podcast and for the commitment you all put into it. I began playing WOW a little over 6 years ago but only discovered WOW podcasts about a year ago. I was searching on Youtube for info about the Worgen starting zone when I came across one of Total Biscuits videos. I then discovered his podcast, which in turn prompted me to look on yahoo for more WOW podcasts, and I discovered the great CtrlAltWow podcast. CAW has become by far my favorite podcast. There is not any excessive snorting or unnecessary foul language every other word, and you dont spend half the show talking about obscure lore. And while some podcasters have either packed it in or put out a show when ever they feel like it, CAW is a podcast that I can look forward to every week. A couple months ago now, Ashayo and Jeppy were not able to be on the podcast but eventhough they thought about cancelling the show that week Aprillian and Virshna continued with the show anyway with some guests. It turned out to be a great show and it is that kind of consistency that is very important to myself and probably most listeners. So a special thank you for that.

Anyway, I to am an altaholic. I started playing with a friend on the Kel'Thuzad Alliance side PVP realm for a couple years and have many toons from 60 - 70 there. Then I switched to horde side on the Thorium Brotherhood realm to play with another friend and I have 6 level 80's there which I have pretty much abandoned since a while before Cataclysm came out. I wanted to have a Alliance presence on a non-PVP realm so I could acquire heirlooms and gold etc... to play a Worgen when Cataclysm came out. So by coincidence I picked the Winterhoof server where I now have 3 level 85's - Dwimmerlaik a Draenei Paladin, Vespal a Dwarf Hunter and Quist a Worgen Mage. I also have several other toons in the 70's. They are all in a great level 25 guild called Midnight Sun.

But, as always I am looking to level new toons and have created a Human Hunter named Nexbardus on Winterhoof who would love to help level up the CtrlAltWow guild there (if I could just find someone to throw him an invite, lol). I also haven't played a Goblin (or a shaman to a high level yet) so I created a Shaman named Nexbardus on Earthen Ring who wouldn't mind an invite from Clan of Darkness if possible.

Well this email has run on long enough. Thank you all so much for the podcast, Nexbardus of Winterhoof and Earthen Ring

Kadak - June 29 Submission

Smile :)

sorry for the length, ( about 5min )
but thank you for allowing me to do this.
I am having a Blast.

Greetings Jeppy, Vrishna, Ashayo and Vrishna,

Splashy, level 85 water elemental, Earthen Ring, companion of Jehus and Bidkar here.  I'm writing in since I do most of the work and feel I deserve some of the spotlight sometimes.

My companion Jehus transferred from Bidkar's home server of Borean Tundra.  He's actually Bidkar's second oldest toon, but never got the leveling love until recently.  Jehus hit 20 and after that all his leveling came a touch of RAF and lots and lots of holiday events.  Now Jehus has hit the big time and finally dinged 85 a few weeks ago.

I've been running the Cataclysm dailies with Jehus.  He's exalted with Therazane and Hellscream's Reach now and very close to exalted with the Dragonmaw.   Jehus picked up a nice staff and the flying mount with the commendation's from running the Tol Barad dailies.  I, myself, made small achievement in Tol Barad.  Normally when Jehus solos Problim in Tol Barad I don't survive the encounter.  I don't mind overly much since it's noble to give one's life in order to save another life.  The last two times though I survived!  Jehus thinks it's due to the honing of his "skills", but I have been going out at night and taking self defense classes.  One of us has to improve and it looks like it's gonna be my job.

Jehus should be exalted with the Clan of Darkness after he finishes another daily.   Jehus is just a whisker away from being exalted.  Almost forgot, Jehus also received the Cataclysm Loremaster achievement after finishing Vash'jir. Vash'jir was a horrible bugged sucky terrible tortuous area and I will never go back there again.  I finally found something I hate worse than vehicle quests.  If anybody enjoys that hell hole, I'm happy for them.  I wish I could work up a delusion so strong it can change reality.  One would think a water elemental would like a water zone, but, alas, no.

I've also went back to Borean Tundra and Winterhoof to run Tol Barad dailies with Bidkar and Bidcar.  Both are getting close to exalted with Hellscream's Reach.  I didn't like Tol Barad at first, but I've grown to appreciate the zone.  I think the dailies have actually made Bidkar and Bidcar improve as a mage and learn to play their class better.

I went with Jehus to face Ahune with the cool kids the other day.  I think Jehus messed up and he said to send his apologies to the cool kids.  He forgot to set his focus on the tank and suspects that may have contributed to the wipe in a major way. Probably not a good thing to be firing at things randomly though he honestly did not realize he may have been doing so.   He was very excited to be there and got nervous and all his brains went flying out the window.  He still had fun even though everybody died.  Better to try and fail than not to try at all.  More edification comes from failure than success.  We elementals tend to wax philosophical sometimes.  We spend a lot of time waiting to be summoned and need something to pass the time.

Please tell Jeppy to put his fingers in his ears for the next bit.  The other day I was in the sewers of Dalaran doing the Corroded Jewelry quest. I wasn't actually doing it, but was watching Jehus.  The fishing pole just slips out of my hands, darn my semi corporeal body.  Anyway Jehus fished up the sewer rat companion pet!   He was well pleased and so was I.  It's nice to have another companion to chat with.  Bidkar has the sewer rat on Borean Tundra and I like to hang out with Melvin.  Jehus named his rat Myrtle.  Turns out this one was a rat of the female persuasion.  If the sewer rat wasn't soulbound, Jehus would have gladly given Myrtle to Jeppy.

I guess that's it. Have a great week!

FOR THE HORDE, for the alliance and For the Clan of Darkness!

Splashy and his many alts!

Iceflow and Caoboi Audio Submission

We managed to get in an audio submission. It's all Caoboi's (my) fault for how long it is! LOL!

Here's our info for those that possibly get it wrong for our podcast and site.


Caoboi and Iceflow

The kithore's latest adventure!

Hola CAW crew,

We hope that everyone is having a good time, in and out of the game. We miss being around, but travel sure is fun! Here is our latest submission, hope you all enjoy it!

The Kithores
Earthen Ring, Dragonblight, and temporarily in Austin, Texas

Rigarmorty Audio For CAW 222

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy!
Attached is this weeks audio segment.
For the Horde and for the Fly-in Visits

Dinged 84

The Big G

Had a fairly quite week this week with work and dinging 31 in real life

Clan of Darkness Stuff

Mechanohog Raffle

CoD Emails

Love your Podcast

Hello everyone I just finished listening to your podcast-220 And well ty. It was a good way to pass the time grinding honor on my druid I would love to join your guild  I think that what I am missing in wow been play for over 4 year off and on and I need social interaction lol. Also I love doing  the old content like Naxx and yes Kara who dont love kara right. IMO kara is the best Raid in wow lol well anyways If I can join that be awesome I really like playing alliance tho :) But you all have a great week Happy leveling and about the bunnies .... how am i  suppose to get the critter achievement I promise that every second tuesday of the week will be No bunnie Hunting day lol all kidding aside Have a good week and Stay away from the Vodoo 


1 week later

Hi there Caw crew,

Firstly thanks to Aprillian for the referral and the one month game card. You are so awesome. I will be using that second referral soon and hopefully you will receive your second rocket soon after.

Just a quick review of my first week on the US servers.  My Hunter Domenatrix is level 24 now. I love the Cata changes to the old world. Everything so much more linear. I also started a Druid called Domenator and a Paladin called Deamonatrix. Any similarity in the names are purely coincidental. hiehiehie

Keep up the podcasting greatness and I hope to see you guys more often in game. I love Clan of Darkness.

Your Guildy

For all the fuzzy creatures I pass and pat on the head ;)

Sent from my iPhone

Shout Outs & Thank You

Happy Birthday Kimmi - 1st July !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mo mo moments

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 221 - Summertime and the Leveling is Easy

Yep, we had to do it in 2 parts again.
So get Part A -

Episode 221 Part A
Episode 221 Part B

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner:

Hello Darlings!  Happy Summer Solstice!  I hope everyone's doing GREAT~ I'm a bit frazzled this time because I'm still learning GarageBand and all that...hehehe...sorry bout that =D  I'm sure I'll be good at it SOON worries.  ;)

Hope everyone's doing great in game and out!  And hope to see you in-game soon!

*big hugs*


What We've Been Doing:


Forgot to turn in the Get Kraken quest and still was able to get the tooth, turn that in, abandon Get Kraken and get the new daily. I can then go back and get the tooth again, but won't be able to turn it in until the next day.
Opened ticket about authenticator
BlizzardCS on Twitter - Ashayo's Advice

Went into Deepholm with Epril & Aprillian Went up to boat
Aprillian dinged 85 picking herbs in Deepholm
Friday both Tiiaa and AstarĂ¥ completed the Valiant challenge in AT.  AstarĂ¥ is completely exalted with the horde so she got Crusader and the other quests opened up, including Kraken. She took the Gryffin and got the tooth.
Epril Died

Saturday Quint boxing AT It was very hard keeping up with all the quests
Took Tiiaa to Deathknell to rep grind, UC only thing stopping her from Crusader

Tues Quint box AT, did better. Went to HOL Heroic Epril Got Exalted with Kirin Tor

Aprillian & Vrishna

Ran ZF

Ran Heroic An-kehet and that other one, SO much easier than the last time we tried ....GEAR ?


Virinya-100 cooking awards
          -Exploring Bloodmyst Isle with Dreams
          - several ICC achievements

Vrishna-Explore Uldum
          -Champion of the Horde
          -Champion of Sen'Jin
          -Level 84
          -I Had it in MY Hand

Karinya-50 cooking awards

Narinya- only 41 cooking awards, what's up with that. I'm SOOO sorry Jeppy !


Gratz to DwP on being 12/12 - got Fidelis Reins of the Dark Phoenix, and bought me one!


- Did hit 525 Archeology last week and forgot to mention it
- Got first dig site in Mount Hyjal and disappointed to find it was just Night Elf fragments


- Really don't understand AV sometimes. All fought around Tower Point and seemingly did not much else, but we won
Got 500 Honorable kills, and [Everything Counts] (control both mines). First AV win. woooo
- Won an AB with all 5 bases
- Accidentally entered Wintergrasp instead of random. Tried to 1 man it. Failed.

- Quested in Thousand Needles on warrior. 41 to 45 very fast - no heirlooms or anything

- XP, gold, and guild rep. woot!


Last Week
Loving PvP. The hunter makes all the difference, Feels so much like Call of Duty I sometimes yell out medic.
Been gearing up for resilience. 
Brew Dawg gave some excellent advice and I followed it and spent my 4000 honor on

         [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Chain Helm] and [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Chain Spaulders]     

Lots of PvP achievements - Lots of Tol Barads and one weird Wintergrasp.

Queued for a heroic (lord knows why!!) and it threw me into Throne of Tides. Totally out of my depth!! Died 3 times and group broke apart at Lady Naz'jar. Felt ill during the whole encounter.

Ran Molten Core with an OP group.

Logging started on 06/14/2011 at 21:19:39.
You joined channel.
22:06:27 [Wight]: Recount - Wight Damaged Who
22:06:27 [Wight]: 1. Baradin Fox  1307033 (5%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 2. Shipwrecked Sailor  1287704 (5%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 3. Gorged Gyreworm  904061 (4%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 4. Imprisoned Worker  742384 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 5. Darkwood Lurker  741905 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 6. Alliance Warrior Infantry  723801 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 7. Exiled Mage  722627 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 8. Baradin Crocolisk  643528 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 9. Darkwood Broodmother  557020 (2%)
22:06:37 [Wight]: 10. Fungalmancer Glop  547105 (2%)
22:08:04 [Aprillian]: what was that
22:08:44 [Wight]: epeen
22:10:04 [Aprillian]: ooooh


This Week

Transferred over my 83 NELF turned him into a her and a BELF and called her Belfish 

Competed the Hijal quests lines on her in anticipation for Firelands in 4.2

Leveled JC on Haibai got to 450 in one day but couldn't go on as she was only 71

Started leveling her using Wight to run her around. She gets healed like a pet. Bought her the 10% shoulder

Ran through and completed the Nexus - not great XP. Better XP in Icecrown killing elites. The Bombardment is a good area quick spawns lots of elites and safe places for the boostee to stand (82 elite on rested = 2072 There are also some bigger elites) 

Some mass groups of mobs neither give XP or loot and are part of bombing quests

Weird phasing issues though. Can't see each other but can see mobs die.

Wight continues on a steady diet of boosting / dailies / mining and the odd reputation. Switched into marksman and tamed a spider for PVP. Much prefer the lion though.

Got a steelseries wow mouse and a huge mouse mat. Spent nearly a whole day working out the best way to use it.

ICC was EPIC!! BrewDawg was the dogs and a true diamond!

SUMMER FIRE FESTIVAL - the gold the XP *shudder*

Exalted with CoD on Tuesday morning.

HaiBai earning tons of XP from festival

Created RAF orc hunters - got them to 20 - hate wailing caverns!!

EPIC TB - I captured the flag at 0:00:58


Email from Iceflow and Caoboi too late for 220 but read for 221

Hey CAW Crew,

Caoboi and Iceflow here to tell you what we been up to this past week! As you may notice this is Caoboi writing today because guess what? (wait for it....wait for it.....) Iceflow didn't do much WoWing this past week and I've done tons! I guess you see how that works! Well this week Ice and I got our druid/priest(Icebud and Holycao) duo to level 60/61!!! Yes we are in outlands now! That was the highlight of the Iceflow/Caoboi.

So this is the part where I, Caoboi, has been playing like mad the past few days. While Iceflow was playing and beating LA Noire and trying to finish up Dragons Age. I've been playing my Goblin Hunter, Kabooey!! He started out at level 30 on Saturday and is now sitting at level 51!!! This is my highest level hunter ever! I always get them to level 30 and I just stop, I have no idea why but I just do. So I've been working on him and getting him up. I had tons of fun looting/"escorting" Aprillian through some dungeons as she quad boxed her toons and having Epril rip things apart and I had her other 3 following me. Now when I say escorting I'm not talking about being a tour guide or am I? Anyway I know this was too late for the show 220 but this is for 221 and I'm quite sure we may not play much after we get back from Nerdtacular. 

What do you guys think of having some sort of get together on the East Coast!??! That would be cool! Is anyone going to Dragoncon this year?

We love you guys!

Caoboi and Iceflow

PS please forgive any typos/grammatical errors the Caoboi wrote dis email ;-)

One of us, one of us

Hi there dear CAW crew,

I have been listening to your Podcast for many years. Al the way back to old Glanthur’s days. I’ve been playing on the EU servers for the last 5 years and as my old guild (The Dark Side) decided to call it a day, I have decided to move to the US servers to hopefully join you guys in having some fun. I hope to join Clan of Darkness this week, if you will have me?

Aprillian or anyone else, I would like to offer myself up to be referred. (RAF is your friend) I will buy my own game and game time. So please feel free to refer me on this e-mail address.  And don’t worry, you don’t have to level with me ;) So let the rockets flow.

Love you guys and hope to get that referral soon.

And I suppose FOR THE Bunnies???

Your loyal listener

PS I am male. I just like to play female toons. Much better view ;)

Sent from my iPhone

Bangobingo Update

Hey CAW crew,

I hope everyone is enjoying their time in and out of game and are doing well. Unfortunately, due to a high OPTEMPO in my job and family lives I have not been able to log in as much as I would have liked. However, there seems to be a break in the storm for the upcoming week where I may be able to spend more time online.

I have been slyly logging into the mobile armory app to catch some of the guild chatter from time to time but am hesitant to contribute much as I have not yet mastered the art of using the on screen keyboard on my iphone. I did bite the bullet and took Aprillian’s advice and transferred my level 74 Rogue, Cptstabbin, from my main server, along with a couple sets of heirlooms. For the short time I have been able to log in I have been leveling my engineering on Bangobingo (up to about 330 now) and playing my new mage, Readytogogo. I haven’t ever played a mage seriously but may start to focus more on her while I eagerly await a guild run in Karazan with my warrior. She is now level 9 and I am thoroughly enjoying one and two shotting at level mobs with all of my heirloom gear.

As always I cannot send an email without a question or two. The first one I have is about addons. I have used Carbonite in the past and have grown accustom to some of the features. The problem is my computer has been running a little slow due to about 48mb of addons for various functions within the game. The main feature I am looking for is the ability to have the quest list on the right side of the screen with an icon for any associated quest items next to it. I found this feature so much easier and more convenient than searching through my bags for the right quest item to use.  Does anyone know of an addon for this feature without having to use a bulky addon like Carbonite?

The second question is a little less direct. If you could be any type of bird, what would you be and why? j/k I’ll have more engaging questions in my next update!

Take care and I look forward to seeing you all in game.


Org Bank/ah

Hey CAW Crew,

I was catching up on an episode from 2 weeks ago, episode 219 I believe (apparently I need to get part 2), and heard you guys talking about the bank in little Thunder Bluff area of Org.  I wasn’t sure if you guys are aware that there are also banks and AH’s in the Troll area and the area by the fishing daily. 

If you know where they are, then you can skip the next section, if not here it is:  For the one by the fishing daily: the AH is the building by the dock with the mailbox out front and the bank is across the lake/river from that with the mailbox and billboard out front.  The other building on the side with the bank is an Inn.  As a blacksmith/jewel crafter I hearth there as it is near the forge and JC daily quest giver.  It is also one of the closest areas to the zone portals (just up the waterfall.)  In the Troll area the bank and AH are on the top floor of a building and in a location where you can access your bank and the AH without moving.  If you need a mailbox you have to go to the entrance of the building for that.  This is where I have my bank alt.  The building is right near the entrance to the troll area, if you were coming from the little Thunder Bluff area.

I’m contemplating trying out a new server, I guess I have to pick horde or alliance or just choose to kill bunnies or not, then I think about joining you guys. J

Hope you guys have a great weekend and I look forward to the next episode.

Aka… Jon

I’m just a lightweight monoboxer alt-o-holic… 
Dark Iron Horde:
Malekai - 85 Blood/Unholy DK
Miknoc - 85 Resto/Bal Druid
Righteouscow - 85 Prot/Holy Pally
Wilylumplump - 70 mage
Taselhof - 40 Rogue
SumDuud - 21 Shammy Banker

Hey folks

Hey hey and ho ho!!  I hope you have all had a great week!!   The weather here in Boston has been, to say the least, cruddy and we are all (not so) patiently awaiting the arrival of Summer!!
First, please allow me to apologize for the name snafu on the warlock I wanted to create on COD.  Naming a toon is something that I tend to put a lot of thought into and I seem to have a gift that allows me to come up with alternate spellings for words and make them sound like a name.  For instance. I had and undead rogue for a while and her name was M-o-y-z-t....yes...this is my gift.  I generally don't go for vanity names (Illhealu or Noobeater), and try to come up with something that works with the toon and is something I can life with.  Of course, I can be a filthy foulmouthed houligan, and are one of those people who giggle at things like "cut the cheese", and at times this shown in my name choices.  So, trying to come up with an undead female affliction warlock the name Phyllis popped into my dont need a whole lot of imagination to guess where the name went.  Rest assured the toon has been re-rolled with something a little less toxic...he he har har.
World of Warcast had a guest recently who is the Guild Master of an RP guild on Lightninghoof.  She sounded like a wonderful person, and I have always been interested in RP, so I rolled a toon over there and participated briefly in one of their RP events, and it was a lot of fun.  Its an entirely different way to play the game and, and everyone in the guild is very nice and very much my kind of people, so I think its going to be a wonderful experience!! Out of this I hope to be able to do some creative writing for a back story for the toon as well as some acting as my toon in game. I rolled a male Tauren Druid named Patronus.  Fun Fun!!
Also, I have been doing the Tol Barad dailies on three level 85's and I think I am sick to death of them.  If you have never done them they can be very repetaive, and if you run enough dungeons the gear rewards are not much of an upgrade.  Those three 85's are in various stages of gear, and Light forbid mobs spawn behind one of them, or I find that I'm dead before I know what hit me.  The zone is also noted for stealthed toons ganking away at people who are at low health after fighting something.  I, being the kind, gentle, shmuck that I am...still help kill anything regardless that its already been tapped by another player or weather they are Alli or Horde.
Lastly....a question.  I am wondering if any of you have heard about the MOD "Healers must Die".  It throws an "X" over the head of a healer and the player with the mod can call them out.  I am wondering what you all think about this.  I enjoy healing in BG's and I cant seem to fall one way or the other as to weather or not this is a fair add on.  It has a locked thread on the forums and there seems to be much ado about it.
Well that's it for me. 
Big furry man hugs to Jeppy!!! 
I hope you all have a great day!! 
And Happy Fathers Day!!


Hey guys Blasje again.

Started leveling a druid. Hes level 40 atm so everything is going well.

Everybody says my name diffrent tho.
But most people call me Blasj.
Hopefully i can keep up leveling my druid :p .

Greeting Blasje
And Lok'tar Og'ar

via BFG

hey caw.  nephrit here.  so i have been bging alot lately.  my disc priest is pretty well geared but i am still getting beat up often.  i got so used to owning in bgs that it is wierd.  i cant kill much of anything but takes forever for me to die.  but the darn arcane mages are beasts.  with all my gear i am almost 70% damage reduction and i am getting hit for 30k with the arcane blast.  been enjoying it anyways though.  talkin to the wife about moving my priest to earthen ring also.  well hope you guys have a good week.  later all

Nephrit 85 disc priest
Sent via DroidX2 on Verizon Wireless™

this weeks submission (maximumforce) audio

Hey guys at CAW!

Time for this week's audio submission! This week is going to be a bit different than last with a little info on my
in-game progress and also a question for you guys to spark a little bit of discussion! Well here we go!

*Start Audio*

Good afternoon guys, or morning. Or night, whatever it is whenever you are recording this week.. Um yeah. Okay.
This week has been pretty slow and lazy cause I hit a bit of a wall with my dungeon running on my Hunter and a
really slow questline in Desolace on my shaman that had a real "grinding" element to it.

That being said though, I think I mentioned last week that my shaman was level 23 and now I'm proud to say he is
level 34! No wait, sorry, he just dinged 35! Yay! Sorry, probably shouldn't be playing at the same time as doing
the recording, but what are you gonna' do, I have some free time and by god I'm going to use it!

It was a real momentous occasion hitting 30 a day or so ago when I finally got that Totem placement spell I
mentioned last week, "Call of the Elements". Its made the totems a hell of alot more user friendly and has made
levelling a little more fun. Also just knocked over 130 mining and 100 enchanting on him. I have to say, those
quest greens and blues that you can't use aren't always best for vendoring ;)

On the Hunter side of things, I've really not been on him much. I have done a couple of Heroics just to keep the
valor up a little, but with the announcement of patch 4.2 coming up, I've kind of stopped as I'm just thinking of
waiting until it goes live, then cashing in the points for some sweet 359 gear. When the valors and justice combine
I think I will have round about 1800 which means I'll have my trinket I mentioned!

On other news, today I picked up a little gaming addition that honestly has changed my way of playing. I'm not
trying to plug but I got my new Razer Naga mouse with the numberpad on the side. One handed combat ftw! If you
guys haven't seen the mouse yet, I'd honestly have a gander. They are a little pricey but luckily I got mine on a
$50 off sale so I got mine for $100.

Now for my question. With the new Legendary that is coming out with 4.2 and all the classes and specs whining about
whose turn it should be next, it kind of got me thinking that the old Legendaries.. aren't so legendary any more.
When a level 80 quest green can beat the snot out of a 60 or even 70 Legend, then things are a little skewed don't
you think? I believe Blizzard should have a way of scaling these, just like the Heirloom equipment so that all of
these REALLY HARD TO GET items stay legendary and current so every class will have a specific Legendary that is
current! Obviously, people are going to argue that it will destroy current Tier gear and epic content but a way to
combat this would be to make it like a Blue power and a half sort of item, so that current epics are still superior,
but legendaries aren't ridiculously underpowered. Oh, and make the dungeons you obtain them in have "level"
specific legendaries. For example, if you want a legendary that will scale up to level 80 power, make it a Heroic
difficulty for an 80, and if you want it to scale to 85 power, make it Heroic for an 85 and so on. What do you guys

Wow, really gone overtime on this one. I'm off!

This has been Maximumforce for the Horde, for the Razer Naga mouse and for the obsolete Legendaries!

Nice in game mail

Hey CAW crew

I thought you guys would get a kick out of this in game mail.  I bought a bunch of green items to DE from the AH, the next day i received this mail from the seller.  Turns out there are some very nice people out there still :-)

Onondaga - Clan of Darkness
Sent via Ashayophone on Nullnetwork 10

Listener Mail from Reefberry

From Reefberry
Letter 3   ----------  June 20, 2011

My letters are usually a few episodes behind the released podcasts so before I go on to the current episode, let me say the 4 hours of episode 219 A and B were great. However, when you start going 6 hours, I’m going to have a podcast receiver chip installed in my head so I can keep up.

Oh man, Juno’s audio about her hunter was awesome, especially the part where her pet spider gives her stares after being resurrected. I love the approach as a diary; I may try that myself for future CAW letters. My favorite skit is still Juno and Matt in the “Ghoul Store”… the hyper-talkative female annoying the sloth like ghoul.

      While I started this new letter, I was listening to CAW, and you were talking about playing with relatives. My major WoW partner is my wife, even though Cataclysm is rough on party questing with all the phasing ---- jeepers even at the lower levels. Warcraft is her first game, not just computer game, her first game, except for the occasional childhood outside games like jump rope and jacks. I knew I had my hands full when we were planning to make some her bags. I collected the required amount of mageweave from her to send off to a tailor. She kept giving me extra mageweave and saying she wanted bigger bags. I explained the next size up requires runecloth. She insisted that doubling the materials should be enough to make the bag bigger.

On Friday nights its myself: two younger brothers (there is a third who doesn’t play Warcraft), a step brother (he hates when I add step), a half brother, my half brother’s step son, a retired uncle (who is currently in upper New York at some large motorcycle riders’ gathering), and several friends of brothers.

Someday, I hope to add my 12 year old grandson. He loves the game and jumps on my computer to play whenever he is at my home. Even his ten year old sister jumps on my wife computer to play WoW, because she must have and do whatever he has and does. One evening, after spending the afternoon with me, his mother called and expressed concern about him going on and on about Orgrimmar. She wanted to know what he was talking about. I explained it to her then she  asked should she be worried. I replied “he’s fine, he will calm down in a day or two, but if he mentions Darnassus send him to his room.”

In closing, I wanted to say as kids we loved vacationing in Rhode Island, the Ocean State. Mom would pack up her own horde, and herd us down to Burlinggame State Park. We have many memories of Scarborough, Misquamicut, and Ninigret. Later as adults, my wife and I enjoyed tours in Newport and browsing The Fantastic Umbrella Factory.

Saving More Noobie Stories for Later,

For The Big Blue Bug,


Kithore's audio

Big G Epic Fail

Well Lvl 70 still alludes me but I have grown closer over the last week I have lvl my Druid to lvl 38 and now with the fire festival in full swing I am sure to make it soon I worked on both my Juuno and PixiGirl gaining honnered with Juuno and Friendly with PixiGirl I am still trying to reach exulated with the kithors hopeing soon to gain a mount well that’s my week sorry no audio this week just got no inspiration to talk this week.

For the Horde

For the Alaince

For the Sandgropher

And for the Old spice


6-21-11 submission

Kadak Audio

Rigarmorty Audio 221

Hi CAW Crew!
Attached is my audio segment for this week. Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you and apologies in advance for some missiam background sound effects, I ran out of time.

Momomoments - Mopvp!?

Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well.

short email from me this week and mainly I want to say a big thank you for Bidcar for helping me through my first Tol Barad dailies and showing me that place is not so bad...or is it!?
When I was grouped with Bidcar the dailies went by pretty smoothly, no deaths that I remember.  However the next time I did the dailies there, all by my moself! it was horrible! I died at least 5 times.  So I suggest grouping up if you are doing the dailies there, it just goes by so much faster.

I also learned the hard way about my justice points and not spending them.  Apparently I forgot to spend them and forgot there was a 4000 cap on the JP's, so I am not sure for how long I have been running instances and not getting any points :( yes sad isnt it.

And I want to say sorry to the guildies tonight when we attempted to run the holiday boss, arune, we wiped at least 5-6 times.  I lost count that is how many times we died without killing him.  I was dpsing and I just need to learn to say no as I know I cannot dps for instances.  I am always a better healer on any of my characters than a dps'er, even my hunter! (just kidding).

Hope everyone is having fun and I will do my best to make the 2nd icc run this week, just not sure when I will be home.

Thank you as always, and for the learn to say no, MO!


Clan of Darkness

Stonecore with Dreams, Brew

 Sylvanesboy & Spinderellah asked for assistance and the guild rose to the occasion. Sheildmedic, Lokwyn, Epril and Virinya came to his rescue.

Logging started on 06/19/2011 at 23:31:19.
23:32:26 To [Neok]: Neok this is Virnya standing in front of you
23:32:37 <DND>[Neok] whispers: grats?
23:33:19 To [Neok]: You failed, my guildies turned in their quest and I stayed just to let you know that
23:33:29 <DND>[Neok] whispers: thx
23:33:30 <DND>[Neok] whispers: cya
23:33:56 To [Neok]: You are the biggest loser, Good bye
23:34:00 <DND>[Neok] whispers: bye



Hey CAW Crew,

Tedrah here.

Just dropping a line to say I haven't abandoned you.  I realize I've been kind of absent from CoD lately, but rest assured I haven't been stepping out on you. I've been having a rough patch lately, but hope to be getting back to my WoWing ways pretty quick.

I managed to hear a little of episode 220 live before Ustream  cut out on me. It just doesn't like playing on my iPhone for some reason. But I was able to listen later that evening with the Instacast App so all is well.  I let you guys talk me to sleep and then listened again this morning. I'm so jealous I missed the second night of Naxx.  Sounds like you had an awesome time, which doesn't surprise me as the first night was a blast too.

Huge congrats to Mohalen for winning the MoHog.  It couldn't have gone to a nicer guy. He's just awesome. Another huge grats to Ashayo on his becoming a dragon and on the first try too!

I don't really have much of a "week in WoW" since I've been so scarce.  I did play a little on Gemsprocket.  She's 36 now, leveling slowly, but surely. I'm afraid I've played more Sims 3 than WoW, so I'll just hang my head in shame and shuffle off to the corner.

Hope to see you all in game soon.

This is Tedrah
For the Sims3 - no, wait.
For the Cafe World - that's wrong too.
For the Clan of Darkness & the Bunnies.

My First Week in Clan of Darkness!

Hey CAW Crew!

I thought I would drop you a line to tell you about my first week in
the Clan of Darkness.  But first, I would like to thank you for all
that you do for us.  Between all the time you put into this podcast,
and the wonderful guild that you have made available to us all, I just
need to say I really appreciate it!

So... on to my first week!

My time in WoW is somewhat haphazard as the only solid block I
consistently play is about 2 hours early in the morning.  There are
usually only a couple of us on around then, and Jeppy is usually one
of them.  As a result, he ends up performing all the guild leadership
activities then.  I also have made it on a few times in the evenings,
and have really enjoyed the environment in our guild.  Everyone seems
to be such great people, and really willing to help each other out.

Anyway, I moved another toon over, a level 80 Pally named Oakes.  He
happens to be my first toon, but had been neglected for many a moon.
In the past week I have leveled him to 84, and topped his mining at
525.  Unfortunately, his engineering has a couple hundred points to
go.  He has completed the Mt. Hyjal quests, and is now down in Uldum
soaking in some sun!

I also rolled a Druid named Oaksleaf, and have leveled him up to 29.
I haven't done much with Druids before, and I am finding them pretty

I had a great Father's Day this week too!  My kids bought me a Razer
Naga MMO mouse.  This is quite the mouse as it has 17 buttons.  It's
going to take some time to get used to performing actions from my
mouse.  For now, I am leaving my main attacks on the keyboard, and
binding secondary actions to the mouse.

Well that's my first week in Clan of Darkness!  Keep safe out there!


Audio file for the big Shoe

Hi Ctrl Alt Wow crew,
We had so much fun this week in Clan of Darkness and CAW we wanted to send in an audio....

Love your banter...Melchezadeck and Liz Tailor

identity crisis

Tiger here, writing in to give you a warning about creating a druid.  as if multiple toons arn't enouph to create a little bit of an identity crisis, creating a druid can leave one...well, confused.  Poor Shiftytiger learned this when she learned cat form, she found she was in the guild three times, her realitiy cracked and she had to ask the almighty power of the GM to heal her woes.  The result, a painful view (and possible record) of getting booted out of the guild not once, or twice, but three times.  yes painful, this is a guild she worked so hard to get in to.  ironic.  however a happy ending, there is.  once her mind was fixed by the almighty GM she was welcomed back into the guild (albeit to a confused list of guildies) but welcomed in non the less :) oh and to all you who multibox, dancing with yourself may not be a surprise but thanks to the GM i was able to pull it off. (single account)

Ctrl Alt WoW - World of Warcraft Podcast

Hi all,

I am writing to say hi again. Hope you are all well and having heaps of fun in-game. I seem to be having trouble getting an invite into the guild as I must be logging in when no-one is on. I have tried joining the chat channel but must be doing it wrong. Hopefully I will be able to catch up to another Aussie on at the same time so I can get an invite.

Have fun

Miztake & Mizfortune

Begging your forgiveness

Hello CAW crew,
 Segwick here. I have not written in for a bit because I have been on "holiday". I am writting in to let you know that when I left COD to go play with my "friends", well that turned out to be a bust in a big way. I should be used to it by now since they always seem to come and go, but this time was rather quick, LOL. So in saying that, I am "Begging for your forgiveness", and would love to come back. Hopefully by the time you read this, I will have already returned and once again can enjoy the wonderful company of all my new guildmates. And please let Jeppy know I have not forgotten about his "purples", :).
Anyway, to catch you all up, the time away was not all lost. I did manage to get my Warrior (Casidy) to 85, as well as my DK (Ardonious) different server, to 85 as well, making it a total of 7 85's to date, but the coolest thing of all, was when I was in Uldum on my Warrior. I had just started the quest line where you have to kill the elementals, and rescue the keepers who are stuck in the sand. I attacked, and killed my first elemental, and targeted my second when my whole screen tented red. I first thought my pc was acting up again, then soon realized, yes its true, Deathwing swooped down and barbequed me. It was awesome, got the achievement and was very pleased, until I realized all the mobs I needed to finish the quest were toasted, and not respawning. Well you cant have your cake and eat it too, but none the less, AWESOME.....
Well thats all for now, and cant wait to once again rejoin the best guild EVER :)
Segwick of Earthen Ring

"Defile is unfortunate"

Hail JAVA!

This weekend CoD headed into Ice Crown Citadel and made it all the way to the Frozen Thrown.

We one shot all the bosses except for Gun Ship, Dreamwalker, and Sindragosa.  We two shot all of those and the first attempt at Sindy didn't count.  She bugged and did not reset.  I had to explain the fight while we were in combat.  Even then we got her to 8% on the first try.

Phase 2 of the Litch King is a challenge at any level.  To quote Molsan of the Molsan Method "Defile is unfortunate." I'm planning on changing our strategy a bit and soon we will have a bunch of new Kingslayers.

I think everyone had a good time. Not everyone was there for both nights .  Virinya could not make it Saturday but Miss Molly joined us.  It's hard for me to keep track of everone I'm slowly putting voices, names and toon names together.

We ended Saturday on an up note by tanking down Obsidian Sanctum with 3 drakes up (OS3D) and InMyOwnDreams won the roll for a shiny new Drake.

In other news the tanking helm in ZA finally dropped for my DK.
Rolled a Warrior, Weaur, got her an invite to CoD and leveled her to 20.  Last of the tank classes I don't have at 85.
I tanked a Stonecore on my Pally for Dreams, Kithore, Epril and another guildie I can't remember, sorry.
BrewDawg is joining a more progression oriented raid team.  I'm hoping to get Nefarian Down before 4.2 drops.

(If I have time I'll try to record the following)

I thought I'd share the story of my first kill of the LK.

I raided in Wrath with my hunter.  We had 2 DPS, a healer, and one tank left going into Phase 3.  The other DPS got pulled into Frostmorne, and shortly after a the healer went down  We were very close. I was running for my life from the spirits dodging Defile praying for Kill Shot to come off cool down.  Chimera Shot came off quickly followed by Kill Shot, they both crit and the fight was over.  It took me a second to realize what had happened (NO SPOILERS!) then I jumped up from my computer and shouted YES, waking up the house.

I almost missed the loot roll, the crossbow dropped and I won the roll.  It was one of my greatest moments in WoW.

(End recording)

I hope everyone has a good week.

Brew Dawg

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 220 - We Can Dance If We Want To

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.


Hello again Darlings!
I stayed up late to get this in for you...hehe...I shouldn't have had to, but I got completely distracted earlier today and didn't get my submission done in a timely manner like I'd planned too... oh well, at least I did the right thing and got it done in the end, right??  hehehee...I don't want to miss any more episodes, darn it!  Anywho, I hope you're all doing great!!
*big hugs*
Juuno  =D
p.s. Hope to see you in game! 

What We've Been Doing:


After running Shemain as a healer, I realized I loved being a Shaman healer. I
Went to run Shemain & Mi through ZF and got caught up doing Achy

Had some Cata gems in my bag that I made while levelling, Epril put them on the AH and they sold

Monday, ran BRD and Strat SE with Coaboi. So much fun. We went backwards and got attacked by the Ring of Law folks

Getting volatile earth from mining scrapped mobs

Aprillian got to 525 in Herbalism in Deepholm

Aprillian & Vrishna

Wed Quad boxed AT with Vrishna

TB Dailies with Wight and Dreams, great fun.


DK trio. Vrishanya and deul-icious. Accidental Going Down. The vehicle quest, flying  over New Avalon from Death's Breach.


Siiverlei with Dreams ran a random in Stockade 

Arva ran with Kabooey and Aprillian in Zul' Farrak, 5 dungeon quests completed, and level 50 !

Thanx to BrewDawg, Hardened Elementium Girdle. WOW


- Tragedy in Three Acts : made a bunch of Nelf artifacts
- Druid and Priest statue set
- Diggerer : 50 unique common artifacts
- First caponic jar - recipe for vial of the sands!
- Race changed a toon to buy mats only to find they fixed it so that goblin rep bonus doesn't stack with guild level bonus
- Learnt on Ashayo - get achievement [Vial of the sands]

- WSG - [That takes class], [Grim Reaper], [Capture the flag], [Warsong Gulch Victory], [Warsong Gulch Perfection]
- AB [Arathi Basin Victory]
- Queued for a dungeon, got called into Throne of Tides halfway through a boss fight - won a staff!


Loving PvP. The hunter makes all the difference, Feels so much like Call of Duty I sometimes yell out medic.
Been gearing up for resilience. 
Brew Dawg gave some excellent advice and I followed it and spent my 4000 honor on

         [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Chain Helm] and [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Chain Spaulders]     

Lots of PvP achievements - Lots of Tol Barads and one weird Wintergrasp.

Queued for a heroic (lord knows why!!) and it threw me into Throne of Tides. Totally out of my depth!! Died 3 times and group broke apart at Lady Naz'jar. Felt ill during the whole encounter.

Ran Molten Core with an OP group.

Logging started on 06/14/2011 at 21:19:39.
You joined channel.
22:06:27 [Wight]: Recount - Wight Damaged Who
22:06:27 [Wight]: 1. Baradin Fox  1307033 (5%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 2. Shipwrecked Sailor  1287704 (5%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 3. Gorged Gyreworm  904061 (4%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 4. Imprisoned Worker  742384 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 5. Darkwood Lurker  741905 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 6. Alliance Warrior Infantry  723801 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 7. Exiled Mage  722627 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 8. Baradin Crocolisk  643528 (3%)
22:06:27 [Wight]: 9. Darkwood Broodmother  557020 (2%)
22:06:37 [Wight]: 10. Fungalmancer Glop  547105 (2%)
22:08:04 [Aprillian]: what was that
22:08:44 [Wight]: epeen
22:10:04 [Aprillian]: ooooh


Jeppy Hunter

Do some leveling or improving the hunter some every day, but do do stuff on other toons to keep it fresh. Pretty much want Ashayo said, Playing some of the other toons can be used also to help out the hunter with gold and materials needed to make him better.

Hello from a long time listener and first time emailer

Greetings CAW crew … Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Vrishna

I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I’ve enjoyed listening to your pod casts. It makes my 1.5 hour commute each way to work just a little more bearable. I, like you, am an alta-holic with 6 to 8 toons on 4 or 5 servers. Probably, child’s play to keep up with for April and Jeppy. lol

I wanted to ask a question of the group about destro ‘locks … does anyone know of a good spell rotation? I think I’m ok on my talents and glyphs, suggestions for those are pretty easy to find on the web, but I’m having trouble finding good suggestions on spell rotation to maximize spell damage. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Have a great week.

For the Horde!
lvl 60 Destro Warlock
AIE Gravitas
P.S. If you can use another healer in Clan of Darkness I need a good home for Holystic my Blood Elf Priest

Ilvl for heroics


I wanted to write a quick note regarding ilvl required for heroics. Regular Grim Batol and Lost City both provide ilvl 333 blues, so it's much better to queue directly for those rather than do the random just for a pittance f justice. Also, they both reward tabard rep to grab a few pieces off of the vendors. Additionally Twilight Highlands and Uldum questing reward 333 gear as well. There's also some crafted blues (non-pvp) 333/325 items. You can always enter the heroic dungeons directly rather than through the dungeon finder. So while the 339 PvP gear is an option, there is a true PvE path available without splashing the cash on the AH.


Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Crew

Been a long time listener and would like to say thanks for all the great episodes, they really help me get thru those long work days. Unfortunately I hate to say that recently I have had to quit multi-boxing (insert screams here). My computer was having problems running 2 clients of Cata so I had to make the rough choice and cut back to mono boxing for right now. I also made the choice to move some of my 80-85's from my 2nd account to my first. Like you all I really hate the character limit on realms so I had to move some toons off their server to Earthen Ring and decided to go ahead with faction change as well to play the higher levels of the horde.

Glad to hear everyone is having fun in WoW again, I agree that sometimes you just have to try something new to bring back the fun of the game. Loved listening in the last episode about your runs in Naxx, after spending many weeks in that place it brought back memories. It sounds like you all are having a great time and I would love to help out Clan of Darkness with guild leveling, dungeon or raid runs, pvp whatever would come up.

With that being said keep up the good work with the podcast and hope to see you soon online.

Tootanka 85 Tauren Warrior

Aterol 82 Troll Druid

For The Horde

Hello all!!

Hey follks!  I know its been a while, and I apologize for that.  I am still unemployed and are frankly starting to be over with it.  The time off has been nice, but at the same time I am getting that "not a productive member of society" feeling...AND I think I have gained, um...a few....pounds.  All of that aside I joined a gym a few weeks ago and I hope to start a regular schedule there asap. 
The one good side to the whole thing is all the WOW time!  I transferred a level 80 (now level 81) Pally to COD.  She is a holy Pally name Hanumana which is the name of an Inidan goddess of hope.  I also rolled an Enhancemen Shammy named Coradoka.  My guild over on Norgannon, Rabid Kittens, has seen a lot of activity the last few weeks as we have been doing the 7 guild runs a week for guild exp and have been having a lot of fun!!
I have also been tanking on my Draenei Warrior Fellanona, and my Druid tank Mezzaneen, and have been enjoying it for the most part, which is odd cuz I have never liked tanking.  Part of it is that Rabid Kittens hit level 10 recently and we have access to the heirloom cloaks.  As a heavy pvper this makes it a little less easy for opposing players to whomp my grass in bg's.  If any of you do go into bg's a toon that is in all the heirlooms is virtually impossible to kill if you are not wearing any.
Past that all is well for the most part.  Wish me well in my continued job search.
Love you alls!!

Lvl 70 I hope

Audio from the Big G
Hope fully by the time you read this I am lvl 70 or pray I haven’t died yet or succumb to the work monster

First Audio Submission fellas! Text below!


Maximumforce has logged on.

hey guys!

Thanks for reading out my email submission last week on episode 219! Was good to hear your views on the subject!
Thinking of doing this on a weekly basis for you guys so you can get an insight on some of my goings-on over on the
Aussie dominated realm of Jubei'Thos!
This week I've been rather busy in real life with my work and the fact i'm moving soon out of where I live now and
getting into another place which allows me to keep the pet i've wanted for a while! A cute little hatchling Coastal
Carpet Python! Let's hope I can find someone to take on the lease I've got here though! Hmm, really should talk about
WoW stuff huh.

This week when i've had the time I've been focusing on my new Shaman "Akamagosh" who was, at the time of writing
in last week, a measly level 16 but now have powered him up to 23 and still going strong! The totems are going to
get a little hard to get used to but it's not so bad as I just think of it as my Hunter's Mark that I'm very much
used to from my DPS! I had my brother take for a run too of wailing caverns and we got the achievement and a stack
of blues but it took us quite a while cause' the last time I ran that dungeon was back in Wrath on my hunter when he
was a baby!

On other news, I haven't really hopped on my tank since doing several heroics and not being quite up to speed. Maybe
I'm lazy or something but I like being in the background on my DPS and not having to worry about being killed and
having the group go off at me. On the tank there's alot of responsibility on my shoulders and it feels like work
which isn't what the game is to me.

On the DPS side of things I ran Zul'Aman the other day and the first boss I was faced with I got my 353 ilvl
Pauldrons of Nalorakk! This is real cool because just the day before I'd been looking at the Valor Point ilvl 359
shoulders and didn't really like the look of them compared to the Bear Heads! Funny enough, I really don't like the
troll themes of the 353 gear, especially the helms! Too tribal for me personally!
Apart from that, I cashed in some Justice Points for a new set of 346 legs and am saving hard for my first Valor
Point Trinket "Fluid Death"! Only 670 to go! I got kinda burnt out after a couple of wipes on ZG earlier in the
week though which is why when i've been on, it's been my shaman getting all the attention!
Not a real long submission but what can you expect from my first audio submission ever! It's real cold here and my
girlfriend's 20th birthday so apparently that means we are going bowling in a couple of hours. Kinda wanted a relaxing
weekend so I can get hard into selling some more Cars when I get back to work! Being a car salesman 6 days a week
is kinda hard so I'm glad for the public holiday!

Thought I'd also add that my girlfriend is a bunny FREAK and whenever I'm on WoW (even though she doesn't like the
game! SHOCK HORROR!!), she always shouts and points when a bunny hops past! Let's just say she told me to log on and
show her when Noblegarden was around!

Anyway, enough of the dribble!

This has been Maximumforce for the Horde! For the death of the Alliance! And my girlfriend will want me to say
For the Bunnies!

World of warcraft Fan

Hi guys.
Blasje here.

Been a fan of your podcast for quite a while so decided to write in for once.
I always lissen to your Podcast on Itunes.
Have like 6-7 Alts 2 are 85 one is 81 and a 70 others are really low.
I have been wanting to level a Druid for quite a while but cant get my self to it becaus i always get bored of them after 5-8 levels.
Do you guys maybe know a good idea to make leveling a druid more fun?

Greetings Blasje.
have a good day and Lok'tar Og'ar

First time submission


I am not sure when I started listening to CAW, but have looked forward to it each week.  It is really enjoyable and fun to listen to.

You could probably call me an altoholic.  I only have 6 level 85s, and various other alts.  I am almost out of room on my two accounts on my home realm.  Yes 2 accounts, so I am sort of a dual boxer, but a horrible one.  I started the second account for the RAF mount at the time, and promptly forgot to pick up the mount till just before they completely changed it to the rocket, so I held out for the rocket.  I transferred a mage over to my second account, so that I could have quick portals to major cities.  This way I can advertise in trade that I can go to any major cities for my Engineering skills. 

My main is a rogue, and I really like playing him, but I also like healing.  I have a druid, but have been interested in the other healing classes, so I currently have a shaman and priest leveling through dungeons.  I am enjoying this immensely, and have only had a few bad groups.  It is a breather from leveling, as I have not seen a lot of the lower level dungeons.  I usually quest to level and skip dungeons till I am capped.  This is all new content to me, and I like the quest givers being in the dungeons.  Not sure what I will do when I hit Outlands, and the leveling slows down.

I am currently guild master of a guild on my home server, and have been enjoying hearing about how Clan of Darkness is doing.  Sounds like you are having a lot of fun, and that is the most important part.  I thought of CoD when I read a ptr update about a new engineering item:

·  D.E.H.T.A. has recently placed a great number of critters under their protection, especially rabbits and squirrels. Because of this, Flintlocke's Woodchucker has been re-fitted to use wild chickens until an "agreement" can be reached.

So bunnies are once again saved. 

Keep up the good work, and maybe someday I can stop by Earthen Ring and say Hi.

Shadow Council

Hello Control Alt Wowers

    Like to say that I love your show. Your show is like no other, and I mean that in a good way.

Now the point of this e-mail. Do you think that we should stop Deathwing? What's the worst that could happen if the old gods return?
I'm thinking that we'd get lost spells and abilities once they return. We already turned off the Titan device that was holding them at bay. I say we kill Deathwing and let the old gods return.

I would also like to join your guild. I'm going to create a new toon and level them up. At this point I don't have a name yet. But I'm sure it I will by the time you read this letter. I currently have 2 level 85s and 12 toons between 60 and 76.

Analona (85 Hunter Shadowsong Server)

Beware of Open Microphones

Greetings JAVA,

How do I, *ahem* broach this subject? Well at the very least this audio submission will further explain why I can never join Clan of Darkness. Yah, I'll leave it at that. Enjoy!

Your bud, 


June 14 submission

Hola everybody!

I hope everyone has had a good week. Here is our submission with guests Xchronos and Cosmos. Enjoy, and hasta la vista!

The Kithores
Earthen Ring, Dragonblight, and Winterhoof

Rigarmorty Audio for EP 220

Hi Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Eljeppy!

Attached is my audio for this week. I'll be in the chat room at some point for the live show if your recording at the usual time. I will be trying to do another CAW Guilds song at some point. If I get a minute I'll do one and send it through when I'm on during the show.

For the Horde, For the Alliance, for the Chocolate triangles!



more updating

Good morning to all the wonderful hosts of Ctrl Alt Wow,
Jeppy, Ashayo, Virishna, and Aprillian :)  Kona here with more updates

     First off I would like to give a BIG shout out to all of those that contribute to this podcast, and make it what it is.
From Nevik to The Kithores and Rigarmorty to Juuno and many others that I seem to be missing, but I will give a shout out when I remember.
All of them add so much to the feel of what a fun community this is to be a part of.
     So Konajoe my druid hit 85 and with that i have been slowly getting His gear upgraded, this included lots of time making out my leather working and crafting some better gear.
It is still not the best but all the materials needed to buy the Recipes has been quite a task to get. I'm a couple of chos orbs from crafting the Epic belt, so who nows when that will happen, at least running heroics can get me some upgrades and Justice points to.  I have also gotten beack in to running the BGs, It is so fun to do as a healer, at least till you become the target and are killed very quickly. Having some craftted PvP gear has help some with that. I expect to hit 25k Honor kills with in the month, im about 6k away from that.

     Robusta has just hit LVL 83 and Konajoe was able to help out his gear to, in return for farming the leather that he needs. He is mainly staying in Deepholm where the mining is good and there is lotts to kill and skin. Robusta is slowing replacing Icc 25man gear, but it was hard to see Zod's Repeating bow being replaced, I am not sorry to see the UGLY tier10 shoulders being replaced though.   So I expect with in a couple weeks I should be moving my druid or Maybe my warlock to Winterhoof. I am looking forward to helping out the CTrl ALT Wow guild there. Sadly time and/or money would prevent me from joining the Clan on Earthen ring, maybee some time way down the road.
Well back to the RL for now.
For the love of the game and this wonderful community 
Kona and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

Sunday 11:45pm

Shemain tried to heal Dire Maul


From Nephrite
Hey caw crew. This is Nephrite again. 85 disc priest on wildhammer. Think that I might be transferring thus char to earthen ring to be in COD. If I am accepted. Been enjoying the show so much. I listen on stitcher and so I have never been in live chat. I really need to get to that as I think it would be awesome. Well off to work for me. Catch you later I hope

COD Invite?

Hey CAW and COD crew!

Wow! after months of silence, I find myself writing to you twice in as
many weeks!

Having gotten back in game more, I have been wandering around my many
alts, etc.  I had been leveling a human Pally on Aggramar, and having
a pretty good time.  However, I know nobody there.  My old guild on
Cho'gall has dissipated, so I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

I went ahead and rolled a belf Pally on Earthen Ring with the hope of
joining your fine crew.  I have been having so much fun with him that
I even decided to transfer a mule toon with heirlooms and a little

Anyway, I am writing this as my official (insert virtual salute here)
request to join the Clan of Darkness.  Oh! and my Pally's name is

Stay well!


guild member request

We have a friend (Kadak) who intro'ed us to your podcast and loved it (can't go very wrong with british accent). We would very much like to join the guilds on both Earthen Ring and Winterhoof.   We have followed our best friend (we know him in person, live in the same town, my husband and he work at the same place, they used to work together, known him for close to 15 yrs) to these two servers and are starting new toons.  We have never incountered a guild as yours, we have always had many bad expieriences with guilds (won't go into it, very bad stinky can of worms) however to be a part of a guild that is all about fun and not dog eat dog to get to the top is exactly what we would like to be a part of.  I even met another guild member just last night every bit as helpful and great to talk to! Oh and I don't like killing the bunnies either ;) or the gazells. Our toons are tigertalez and zurker on earthen ring and creegor and tigerwolfjr on winterhoof.  we have lots of other alts however these are the ones best to get our foot in the door :)

Clan of Darkness... .please....please...please

Greetings CAW and COD crew

I've been listening to CAW for well over a year and have to tell you I think it's one of the most entertaining shows out there, it's a lot of fun to listed to. I use to have a toon in the Ctr Alt Trek (Traden) and I have a couple of toons on Earthen Ring that would love to join COD and slay those pesky rabb.... err, I mean, keep those loveable rabbits safe.

I currently have six lvl 85 toons. most of them in AIE, about five in the mid 80's and a few 60's.

I spent a few months duel boxing back when your could get the Unicorn mount and I'm thinking about starting another account so I can get the rocket mount.

Anyways, it would be great if I could get a guild invite for my lvl 62 Undead Priest (Bonespur).

Thanks and keep up the good work on the show.


ShieldMedic : Redemption

 Hey Hey (as Kadak would say)
 This is ShieldMedic and these are my pics for redemption. I hope the Bunny Protector finds them worthy.

ps. it was only one hug from that dwarf

Guild application

From Zach
Hello! I just recently came back to wow..and I just recently started listening to the podcast again..I have made a new toon on winterhoof and would like an invite to the guild! Thanks for taking the time reading the email! hopefully see you guys in wow!

Momomoments - WE HAZ RAIDZ - More dots!

Hello all!
Hope everyone is doing well.

What a week in game we all have had. I do have to back track to the wonderful night last week, the momomotorcycle night :) thank you again to Mike Willow.  In my winning haste I failed to mention the mofailure I almost had!  Once I met up with Vrishna in front of the main Org bank he asked for my ticket.  I of course had my bag open and was moving the ticket over Vrishna's character to open trade however it keeps saying he is busy.  I was also afraid I was going to lose the ticket or delete it.  After several attempts on opening trade Vrishna asked for the ticket again. I tried, yes tried is the key word to trade him the ticket however! it was grayed out!!!! OMG as you can imagine I did have a moheart attack, and did not know what to do for a second.  Only thing I could thing of us to relog, which I did and was able to pass the ticket.  Phew!!! that was a MOment I dont want to experience again.

In game some of us were able to run Naxx and that was fun! Looking forward to running more raids, dungeons when I am able to.  I do click tentative on the guild calendar as I really dont know what we do every weekend and just in case I am not able to make the raid I feel better if I select tentative over accepted in my status.  We all I hope had fun, at least I did.

On my druid Morfin I have been doing the usual dailies along with dragonmaw which hopefully by next week I can hit exalted so than I can work on the next rep.  For some reason I have not taken him to Uldum, so I did! That zone is so great! Indiana Jones and the Mummy or Mommy if you like to say rolled into a wonderful zone. It will be fun to do all the quests there and I still have my mage to run through there too.

As you can imagine I am having fun with all my characters and Thank you to all the guildies that make time to run dungeons.  Please ask if you ever want to run something and please dont feel back if I or anyone else doesnt respond.  I truly dont think we are ignoring you just tuning you out if we cannot run a dungeon :) Hope that didnt sound bad, I did mean to say it with good intentions. 

I will leave you now as I am tired and have along hump day coming up.

Have a great week in and out of game everyone!

For the Clan of Darkness!