Monday, February 26, 2007

Episode 13 - Good Thing I'm Not Superstitious

No. 1. What’s Going On
• Dranei men sound like Worf’s father, is there a connection? Saw the Drainei mounts, very cool
• Tip: If you are near and heading back to the inn you hearthed from and you need just one more space in your bag, you can destroy the stone and get a new one at the end

House Cleaning
• I took all of my alts to their banks and cleaned out their banks and bags. You probably have some stuff that you needed to get your craft up to the current level, put what you don’t need on AH. Make it a fairly reasonable price. If it sells, you’ll have some more money, if it doesn’t, it will be mailed back to you, where you can keep it in your mailbox until you find another alt who needs it or you can use it, or sell it. This does mean you won’t know when you get new mail. But for me, that’s only important on my Banker alts to see if I sold something for big money on AH. You should already be sending all of your big AH stuff to your Banker alt.
• Cleared Out Quest.
o Looked for Quests that were collecting quests and completed as many as I could
o Deleted grey quests unless I needed the rep
Vendor in Alterac Valley – Rizz Loosebolt- I like those out of the way vendors, he can’t repair but he can buy the vendor trash so you can stay out farming a little longer. He’s in the area where the little fake cave is, it’s called Slaughter Hollow, directly opposite the opening to Crushbridge Hold.

Tried LOTR Stress Test
• The character creation is limited because it reflects only what was in the books/movie human –mf, elf –mf, hobbit –mf, and dwarf male. No dwarf females because I guess they weren’t in the book. But how do you get dwarf males without females? I also think you should be a big fan of the game before playing. I read the first book, the Hobbit, and of course the LOTR series is set after that. I couldn’t get into the movies at all.
• Some people were complaining that it looked like WoW, which is ridiculous. There’s a set formula for any MMORPG, people were probably saying WoW looked like EQ
• I didn’t stay on the server very long, but it looked pretty.

No. 2. WoW News

You Tube WoW endorsed Video contest,
• Great for Guilds, even better for people with alts. I stumbled onto this on It sounded promising, so I decided to give it a try. I was really impressed. For free you get a very well put together and customizable site that includes forums, roster, a calendar and a wiki.
• With a minimum amount of effort, I made a pretty nice site:
• It uses an addon on called Guild Launch Profiler

• There are several steps to adding characters that must be done on a regular basis or the info will be outdated. Once the addon is loaded, you have to right click your avatar pic and select Create Guild Launch Profile for each of your characters. If you want to include information from the bank, you have to take that character to the bank, likewise you have to go to the stable master to get all of your pet info. Also open all of your tradeskills, you’ll see a listing of what you can make scroll by in chat. This creates a file called GuildLaunchProfiler.lua which is located in "World of Warcraft/WTF/Account////SavedVariables/GuildLaunchProfiler.lua">. You upload this file on your Character Page and it uploads a whole lot of information up to the website about your character. Now you can easily see the skills, levels, items the character can craft even when you aren’t online. It also conveniently provides a direct link that you can later use to get

No. 3. Alt Round Up

Pril & Zee
• Zee has been helping Treshel with her JC.

Creed &
• Creed has been disenchanting the lower level JC that Treshel has been making. He put some of the Strange Dust on AH and made some gold
• Working on cleaning out her Quest Log, picked up the Errand for Apothecary Zinge - (Step 1) quest in UC while doing the Valentine’s day quest. This quest requires a trip to Tanaris. Which was great because she had the Wastewander Justice - (Step 1) Quest undone, so she took Rilf
ire with her.
• Also got another coin from the Elder in Un Goro Crater

• Made several Comfortable Hats with the recipe Illia sent her. Ilia paid 16 gold on AH for the recipe, but she’s already sold 2 at 3 gold so I should make my money back. Rilfire did the Errand for Apothecary Zinge - (Step 1) and Wastewander Justice - (Step 1) with Aprillian, both she and Aprillian made some serious gold just vendoring the stuff dropped and the money from the Wastewander Bandits and Thieves.


• She made the change, dropped Herbalism and took up Jewel Crafting. I spent some time trying to get the gem and mining bags for her. You have to go to Outland to get them. I was in Silvermoon when a 260ish level Jewel Crafter who was upper 60’s was asking what level everyone was. I asked him about the bags, he had one but didn’t realize it was BOE. Then he mentioned he was having a time with JC because he couldn’t find gold. Using Character viewer, I found a stack of gold ore and a stack of gold bars and offered them to him if he would go to Outland and get the bags. Turned out there was only one mining bag and he didn’t realize I wanted the Jewel as well, but I got the mining bag for the two stacks of gold, which was good.
• Also cleaned out some Quest stuff and managed to solo the Apothecary Zinge - (Step 1) Quest and the Into the Field - (Step 3) in Tanaris and did the timed quest Tanaris Fie
ld Sampling “Acquire acceptable samples for 8 basilisks, 8 hyenas, and 8 scorpions. Bring the testing kit back to Chief Engineer Bilgewhizzle in Gadgetzan before the power source runs out.” Which I loved.

• Didn’t do much this week

• Level 14 Just did the Lunar Festival Quest – She got the 2 for 1 deal with the rockets I tried to do it with all my alts just in case I decide to play them down the road. She had 6 coins so she got the dress and a pack of dumplings

• Trex
o April got 10 Dragonhawk Hatchlings to him
o Actually got to Darnassus and made Dolanaar his home. Did some quests there
• Illia
o Didn’t sell a lot of moths / the market is down. Did sell a pair of Ogre Kickers Treshel picked up from the two headed Ogre in Crushbridge Hold –d.
o Sold a Comfortable Hat for 3 gold, see where that goes. Someone on I think it was Thotbott said he sold them for 1.5 gold.

No. 4. Favorite Places in WoW

Least Favorite Place Darnassus –
• Can’t find a guard down in the popular areas
• Mailbox is no where near AH
• Too Many Bridges
• Coming from Dolanaar

No. 5. Server Selection

[Iridescent Pearl] Tonight 2/25/07
• On Baelgun on the Horde AH, they are going for 3 gold a piece
• On Baelgun on the Alliance AH they are 50 to 75 silver a piece
• On Lightenhoof on the Horde AH they are 1 gold to 3 gold a piece
• On Alleria on the Horde AH 2 to 3 gold apiece

No. 6. Emails

Hi Aprillian,

I am on the Korialstraz server and my main is a level 32 human rogue named Constant (male).
My alts are:
lvl 24 dwarf hunter Padar (male) w/ pets white polar bear (Snövit) & black wolf (Fenrir)
lvl 17 human warrior Sweettea (female)
lvl 16 human mage Renya (female)
lvl 12 night elf druid Talesin (male)
lvl 5 human warrior Banq (male) (my bank alt, hence the name)
Created a guild just for myself and my alts called

Love your show and I gave you a postive review on iTunes.

Just wanted to say thanks for the tip on getting flight paths via the Lunar Festival celebration.
Out of all the WOW podcasts you're the only one that mentioned this.
I just sent out all of my lower level alts to get the flight paths they could.

Again thanks much and keep the podcasts coming!


No. 7. Closing thoughts about the show

Good week, lots to do.

Lunar Festival is still going on, get those flight paths and rep points

I am enjoying doing this podcast, even though I don’t get a whole lot of feedback. I’m almost at 2800 downloads, so someone must be listening. No matter what, it’s a great learning experience. I also want to mention something cool that happened to me a few weeks ago.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 012 Lunar Festival

What’s Going On
Lunar Festival I don’t know about you, but I spent the weekend running my alts from city to city to pick up ancestry coins. While it might sound boring, it was actually quite enjoyable. Some alts got new flight paths and all the reputation points were well worth it.
• Sometimes I only need 4 fireworks and 1 cluster bomb/got credit for 2 each time.
• I did mostly the ones I could easily access and I tried to do it without going online. I couldn’t find the guy in the Hinterland, but I took Aprillian L57H
• When opening the rest of your adoration packages, shift click to see what’s inside. The box of chocolate makes great buffs and are transferable in the package. You can hit esc and close the package back up and then mail it to an alt that can use it.

Wow News

World of Warcraft is pleased to announce our plans for the inaugural World of Warcraft Arena Tournament, scheduled to begin on February 16 in Europe and North America and March 3 in Korea. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade players in these regions who consider themselves to be among the best in the game at player-vs.-player (PvP) combat will soon be able to prove it to the rest of the world. Will you and the rest of your team be up to the challenge? If so, gather your cohorts and begin preparing for the largest World of Warcraft competition ever held.

Eight Million Players = a Country
Five countries WOW is bigger than. Five countries WoW pwns Ireland - 4,062,235 New Zealand - 4,076,140 Denmark - 5,450,661 Israel - 6,352,117 Switzerland - 7,523,934 World of Warcraft - 8,000,000

Alt Round Up
Pril & Zee
• Pril L20 with 5 bars to go/Zee L20 and 1/3
• Zee can prospect iron, he is getting some nice gems and storing them in his 20 slot fancy gem bag
• Pril is 147 on LW and 186 on skinning. Oh she was fishing in Ratchet while they were waiting for the boat to Booty Bay when an Alliance Warrior, a level so high she couldn’t see, started fishing in the same school of Blackmouth. The funny thing was there was another school right where the ship docks. But of course if I could have stolen fish from an Alliance character, I would have done the same thing. So I got three of the fish and she got the last one, then I went to the other school and the boat came, but I knew I had enough time to fish the one more time before the boat would leave and I caught one more and then Pril and Zee hopped on the boat. The Alliance chick was with a friend, two blonde human bimbos, LOL.

Creed & Ctraltwow
• Creed went to get the Dragon Hawk Hatchlings, BE’s get a discount. I had sent Ctraltwow to get them and they were 50s, for Creed it’s 45s, after 9, that’s a free Hatchling.
• Picked up the RFC quest [15D] Testing an Enemy's Strength and [16D] Searching for the Lost Satchel while at TB
• Ran with Rilfire to get coins. It was nice because they can both ride their mounts and they have mithril spurs

• Got some Runecloth and turned it in at UC and OG

• Coinage As Well

• Got come coins

• Coinage

• Trex
o April got 12 Dragonhawk Hatchlings to him
• Actually got to Darnassus
• Illia
o Moths selling, spent some money on a Tuxedo

Favorite places in WoW
Moonglade, beautiful
• Moon Circles Representing Thunder Bluff, Darnassus, Orgrimmar, Undercity, Ironforge, Stormwind

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 011 Valentine's Day Comes to Azeroth

Valentine's Day has come to Azeroth
• Undercity Guardians are both male and female, they respond to both perfume and cologne.
• Silvermoon and Exador were bugged and you couldn't buy tokens, perfume or cologne from the innkeepers

Addons I like
• CharacterViewer
• Auctioneer

I'm still buying and selling on both Alliance and Horde servers. If you remember from a previous podcast I mentioned how I ran my level 8 Dranie
• Buying alliance bags and wool cloth that I couldn't get on the Horde AH.

I ran into someone with a Netherwelp and did a quick interview.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 010 Is Dual Boxing Cheating

I would love tohear your opinions on this. Please email me at

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 009 Dual Boxing and How I Do It

Today’s episode is going to cover my view of Dual Boxing

Mac Pro on the left, Cinema Display – leading character. Mac Book Pro on the right, following character with macro keyed to either number 7 or the hyphen
Following character invites lead character to group, following character sets group loot to free for all

Make sure we all have the same quest – I use FastQuestt Add on

I want to do something about the game inside the game

Each group has a set of goals that I want to get to next. I just try focusing on that goal. But sometimes I’ll hear about or think of something I want to try and then I’ll go try that.