Monday, March 29, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 160 - Aprillian hangs her head in shame

Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Ran Has now completed [Herald Volazj kills (Heroic Ahn'kahet)] 8 And the only option for Frozen orbs was greed. Also, when one of the DPS left the group and we regrouped with another one, he appears right beside us.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Coilfang Resevoir. To tank or not to tank, that is the question. Just heal. It"s easier in the long run. And the Mage avoids the wipe again !


Coldarra Nexus

Bor'Gorok Outpost, Steeljaw's Caravan, Amber Ledge


3.3.3 - Many problems with loading screen. Not fixed with 3.3.3a patch later in the week.
Can get disconnected and not know it. Flying around Wintergrasp for an hour not seeing any herbs

10-man Raiding
Crazy Train
- Ony, VoA, ICC rep. One shot Marrowgar. Got the [Boned] achievement.
- Won a tanking ring off trash at Lady Deathwhisper - [Harbinger's Bone Band]
- ToC cleared in under 90 mins (Faction champs 2-shot after a bad first pull)

- Blood Princes down to about 10%, then got them down! Achievement [The Orb Whisperer].
- Now working on Blood Queen

- XT-002 on Ashayo, Asheal
- Patchwerk on Pudendal, Ashariss (PUG) - got speed acheivement.

25-man Raiding
- Up to festergut. Got to about 10%, which was quite good considering 5 or people were subs
- Did Sartharion 3D again.

T10 head peice for Asheal
T10 head peice for Ashayo
Got Zooe to make [Belt of arctic life] and [Boots of Wintry Endurance] for Ashariss. (Runed Orbs with Frozen Orbs)
Ashariss already built up 75 emblems of triumph - i245 head piece to replace i187 [Mask of Abundant Growth]

- Ashariss gearing up fast. Ran normal FoS and PoS for i219 gloves and cloak (run through by Zooe and Vyv - dragged me, Temp's warlock Teaze, and Chol's Warrior through). Already done heroic UP, VH, Oculus, UK, HoL (didn't finish - 15 min shutdown), ToC (Pants upgrade), CoS (gave [Northrend Dungeonmaster achievement], AN, HoS
- Healed Old Kingdom on Ashield. Got to the last insanity boss, and realised I had NO attack skills on my bars - not even a weapon!


More fun with my Canadian girlfriend - EU WoW

Another fine week of consolidation. Trying to operate across no more than 4 servers.

Discovered non Wrath accounts on the EU can currently get 17 days free play.

As I reactivate old accounts I keep finding little stacks of gold and stuff. It is like Christmas part 2.

I did some (oh dear) purging - mainly to free up good toon names.

Focused on some Horde toons - Hunter hit 70 and to celebrate....

Audio Submission

Hi, Guys! Thank you for the card. I made a recording of me redeeming
it on my phone. I've never done this before so hope it works. I didn't
do it for the Plushie since I am already a lucky and very happy
winner. Just thought the recording would be fun. Enjoy! I'll send a
screen shot of me and Burningsean with my prize this weekend. Thanks
for the laughs and great show every week.

For the Alliance!
XOXO, Jeannine


Email #1 from Acaldra

Hail and well met Ctrl Alt WoW crew,

First of all, I would like to thank you for playing my submission and I sure hope that Ashayo's (un)lucky dice rear there ugly or in my case, pretty head when it comes down to role time.
Well, on with the email. First of all I have been trying to level another Death Knight is this past week. I made a DK on Earthen Ring called "Patentpendin" but I really can't find the energy to level a 3rd DK to 80 (I already have 2 on other servers). So what I have decided to do is to experiment with, wait for it, Multiboxing! This is the main reason for writing this email is I have a few questions on the procces, I have done RAF once before but only used to briefly. My questions are as follows,
1. Should I do profs. while leveling from 1-60? Of course I will pick em up at 60 but would you recommend doing them while controlling 2 toons?
2. I would appreciate your input on good class combos, of course I could just do Shammy/Shammy or Priest/Priest but what about Shammy/Warrior or Priest/Paladin?
I am looking to get a Shammy, priest and druid all to 60. Currently I will be looking to granted 60 levels to the druid because I have had trouble leveling them in the past. Thoughts? Comments and/or concerns?
3. Lastly, how would you recommend leveling? I have looked at a plugin of sorts to the Tourguide mod that takes 3x's XP into account while questing but I have heard of people being able to do 1-60 in 8 hours /played just by dungeons... I might look to do a mix of the two, when I can find a kind soul willing to run be in exchange for a grateful teenager then sure I will do dungeons but when said person/people are unavailable, I will probably just quest.

Well any advice is welcome, keep up the great show and for the HORDE!

Acaldra of The Nightfall of Alea Iacta Est

P.S. Aprillian you still owe me a raid, maybe OS or Saph/KT in Naxx 10?
P.P.S. Sorry for any spelling errors in this thrown together ramble.

Email #2 from Juuno

Hello Ctrl-Alt-Wow friends! Yes, even though you don’t know me, I consider you my friends…you can come over for dinner anytime! ;) I listen to you every week and find myself very impatient in between podcasts (even though you are tres fabulous to us all by having them out so regularly…thank you, thank you, thank you!!) Just thought I’d send you all some love and blather on a little about my game…

I started playing WoW one day in 2007… I was home sick from work (really, I WAS sick! Lol) and was surfing the net when I ran across the 10 day free trial. Once I got it all up and running, I was HOOKED, and there was no going back. I am a true altaholic though…I’ve been playing all this time and yet my highest toon is only level 73 right now. *sigh* Someday my Draenie elemental shaman, whom I love and adore the best, will hit 80 and it will be party time for sure…hehe…I can hardly wait. I get side-tracked all the time though as I’ve made one of every race/class combination possible, I believe. They range in level from about 23 to my 73, with most of them being in the 50’s right now, and they’re spread across about six servers because I wanted to try PVE, PVP and even the RP ones. It’s terrible…there’s just so much to see and do! I’ve deleted a few here and there, but still have a full house and cannot wait to make a few worgen and goblin toons!

I got my Mom and two of my brothers (ages 14 and 22) into it also, and we have a nice little family-type guild on a PVE server (shhh…don’t tell my Mom about all my alts! She’d be jealous because she thinks I only play with her, but I solo A LOT on the others…teehee ;) My mom also already has three 80’s, which is totally not fair. We also have a local WoW group of players I found on and we all get together a couple times a month for beers in real-life, and a couple times a month on a PVP server called Vashj with our little guild of mostly gnomes and dwarves called “Death From Below”. Yes, Apprilian, I know those are all Alliance toons, but don’t worry, I go both ways (haha) and have many Horde toons also.

On a final note, I just adore all four of you… you’re all fabulous to listen to! Varishna’s laugh KILLS me (literally? Nah, j/k V… hahahaa!), Apprilian’s sharp wit and humor is sometimes shocking and ALWAYS funny, and Ashayo is just so cool and so wise!! I have to admit, however, I have a small fan-girl (rrr…fan-woman? ..I’m 37..haha) crush on Mr. Jeppy!! His voice is just SOOO dreamy…ooo la la…and I could just listen to him talk ALL day. You should let him talk MORE! Three-hour podcasts, anyone?? Just kidding….(about the three hours, not how HOT El Jeppy’s voice is) Hehehe! ;) Anywho, thank you all SO very much for all your hard work and dedication!


(For the Alliance AND the Horde!!)

Juuno from Korialstrasz

p.s. Teldrasil is a GORGEOUS “tree”, Apprilian!! And all my Night Elves are offended… HAHAHAA!! ;)

Email #3 from Lamongelo

Hey, everyone. Love the podcast. It's great to hear that others are addicted to alts also. I've been playing for a while ... can't remember how long ... the drunken haze of alts has distorted time, but I think I started shortly after BC came out. My son had been trying to get me to play for months and I finally gave in ... what a trip it's been. I have 5 level 80s on the Terokkar realm, but after hearing your podcast every week, I decided to try Earthen Ring. So, I started a toon there , an undead priest, and as I was leveling, I got the bright idea that I would do every quest in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms before going to Outlands. What was I THINKING? After three days, I'm up to level 16 now and finishing my last starting area, Razor Hill. This is not the fastest leveling I've done, but reaching my goal will be very satisfying. It's mind-boggling how immense Azeroth is. Well, hope to cross paths with ya'll someday in my travels.

For the Horde,
Lvl 16, Undead Priest

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
hope you are all well.

It has been an unfortunate week for some guildies with some personal (family) things to take care of and family members to take care of.
I do not have much to say about my wow play but I do have to say how inhumane some people are in games such as wow at times. It should not matter how old or young anyone is or why someone needs to take time off from a GAME! To take care of their family or health.
The reason I mention this, some people in our guild were mad that people were away from the game (for personal reasons).
It is truly amazing how some people forget what is truly important. I just need to get on my mo box and say once again, come on people of wow and other gaming worlds, there is a life outside of the game. Many of use do use the game for many reasons but when anyone gets mad or is just malicious in their comments, it is uncalled for!!

Hope all of you and all your families are doing well.

On other note, many of our guildies were able to return to game for us to patch up an icc run friday night, and mid week we did complete our weekly raid which was toc (for me annoying encounters to heal).

To answer some of your questions from last week, for St. Patrick's day I had a picture of the Chicago river as my twitter pic which they amazingly turn green for that one day out of the year (rest of the year the river is disgustingly dirty looking).
And the baseball pic I had was the 1919 Chicago White Sox names "Black Sox" as they allegedly gave the World Series away to the Cincinnati Reds.
If you would like to watch a great sports movie, Eight Men Out is about those names White Sox, with John Cusak among others.

That is all I have for now, Thank you as always and thank you for some new followers on Twitter that I recognizer as some of your wonderful listeners/emailers.
Always looking forward to talk more about wow or anything else.

Also on the iphone if any of your has one please try We Rule, as I am addicted and need help :)

Ok Mo out!!!

PS this email was not edited, proof-read or spell checked

Thank you

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 159 - Healbot FTW

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 159 - Healbot FTW

Aprillian, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Having an awesome week. Got 50 Champion seals and got my Argent Tournament tabard. Comes in handy.
Tues maintenance, got a heroic & Chillmaw/Cit, and a couple of others. Was able to do them again after maintenance.

Moved Prilly, level 60 hunter, from ER to JB from my 1st RAF acct to another acct. Back down to 5 accts

Did the weekly raid daily. Finally figured that thing out, thanks Iceflow and Caoboi. Easy Frost & triumph badges. Feel silly I hadn't been doing it all along.

Bought Sash of Jordan gemmed it up and then got an upgrade The Strip of Remorse from Halls of Reflection.

So back down to 31 on the Champion seals. New goal, want to get mount for squire. Hmmm at say 10 seals a day, if I can do the jousting, it will take me around 2 weeks

Decided Virinya needs a healer. Got out my level 48 Druid. First thing I did was load up Healbot Amazing!

Aprillian & Vrishna

After attempting Utgarde Keep with Aprillian, Auruk & Elyte with Virinya and failing last week, Ashayo offered to join us. We finished after Ashayo pulled in Jekle as a healer. Then I thought maybe we should visit some Outland dungeons and see if we would still get xp. We headed to Coilfang Resorvoir. We had tried Slave Pens before but only got as far


As for Utgarde Keep, apparently all my paladin gifted armor (for my pally tank) is NOT for tanking ....thanks Aprillian. No, seriously , my first run with Ashayo was awesome even if I did need a level 80 healer to survive ! Did Coilfang Resevoir, the first two segments anyway. Dinged 70 at Warsong Hold and Borean Tundra.


10 Man Raiding

Crazy Train - Onyxia, VoA, Ignis for weekly, ICC - marrowgar to 17%, then down! (with a full 30 seconds to spare)

DwP - Blood Princes. Re-specced Ashayo to help reduce spell damage ; made a significant difference. Lost a tank and got them to 50% by 9-
manning it. Here's the build:
ICC on Asheal - 1st wing easy. Won dps offhand.
One shot Rotface - won gloves
Brought Ashayo back in for Princes fight. Getting to about 40%

Weekly raid on Ashayo - Anub'Rekhan in Naxx - got him down before he did his first insect swarm.

25 man Raiding

DwP - VoA. No priest love. ICC - 1-shot Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Frost Giant for weekly (lots of running back in), Gunship, Saurfang
Struggled to get numbers to fill our ICC raid on 2nd night.

Sarth 3D - Twilight Vanquisher Asheal - 1min 21. Won [Reins of the Twilight Drake]!
I just /rolled and numbers went scrolling by. Someone said "there's a 100 in there" and I thought "yeah, that'd be right. lucky bastard".
Someone called out "It's Asheal". Still didn't believe it. Some corny joke coz I always roll under 10. But no, it was me. 100!
I felt bad for Qylen our tank, as he rolled 99

- Ran UK with Vrishni & Aprillian


- Working through Dragonblight with Anomander(DK) / Ashield(holy pally)
- Ashariss hits 79 doing Oracle dailies. Becomes Champion of Thunderbluff.
- Ashariss Dinged 80
Gear you can buy
- i226 waist and feet with runed orbs. (but waiting for next patch)
- i245 chest and wrist with crusader orbs.
Head and shoulder enchants because of BoA.
- Got i200 legs and boots made.
- Had i200 BoE items that dropped during heroics - shoulder, wrist, hands.
- Made i200 neck and ring with JC
- Thought about buying a battered hilt, but there's a fine line between buying your gear, and earning it by running dungeons.


I played a ton of WoW over the past couple of weeks - sadly it was mainly during fevered dreams.

I did do a wee bit on the EU servers where I am making good use of their current come back for 7 days free offer.

I have a rogue upto 72 and a druid at 73 and my guilty little secret BELF pally at 74.


Email #A from Kurly

Hey always a pleasure to hear your fantastical podcast...and I hope you have all had a great week!! once Undead Warlock, turned Gnome Warlock ding'd 80 early one morning last week. This makes four 80's. I have to thank all my guild buddes in Rabid Kittens (Jeff, Jess, John, Jeremy, Mel, and Peanut) for all of their help!! But sadly the last 10% before 80 was done at like 8:00am in Culling of Strathholme after a night of much grinding!! I always have a great time when ever I run anything with my guild buds.....from Heroic Occulos to Deadmines at level 15..we always have a great time! I have had each of my 80's doing one job (Questing for gold, PVP, argent tournament, gathering mats) while doing the random trying to everything everyday on all four (even on my days off) was just too much., um (cough), my next 80 is going to be my Holy Paladin, Anamia (and no...her name doesnt mean anything)
Also, I rolled a DK on J'ubai Thos (Maybellah) to fund my Priestling (level 19), Sizza (Shortened for your ease) as her having no gold was starting to make me cranky, and no one likes a cranky Troll Priest. I was going to respec her holy, but have decided to stick with Discipline. Also....I am skilling her up in Tailoring and Enchanting, and those two seem to go very well when you level in you almost always get a cart load of cloth and there are many goodies to disenchant and who doesnt need +2 to your health at level 19!!
I have not had the chance to run much of my toons on Ysondre (in the guild Living Dead Gurls [ a me me and only me guild ]) but are thinking about up loading Omen, as I have been tanking on two of my toons there.
So, enough of my all have a great day!!

Email #B from Keelhaul

Hi guys. It's been some time since I last wrote so I figured I would drop you a line. I've been pretty busy the last few weeks with work but I try to get in a random heroic as time permits. Ashayo mentioned the weekly raid quest and how you get 5 frost and 5 triumph for about 20 minutes of work. I rarely have time for a 10 man so this works well for me, also its a great way to get familar with a particular instance if you ever decide to run it fully later.
The random dungeon feature is awesome and perfect for my limited play time. I hear that in the next patch they will be adding a similar feature for battlegounds. Do you think Blizzard will ever add in a random 10 man queue system? Keep up the great work.
lvl Bear drooid
Clan of the Bear

Email #C sjfo FEOJF

Hey CtrlAltWow!

I'm not that jake guy because I'm a girl. Haha
Just wanted to clarify...

Email #1 from Tedrah

Hey Guys,
Tedrah from Unbroken on SoE again. Wanted to say thanks to Ashayo for mentioning Usually when trying to find a new spec I just copy the spec of someone in the guild who plays the class well. I found myself at an impasse this weekend for my new Marksman hunter because no one in the guild uses Marksman spec. So I went to after listening to the recent podcast and found a spec to use. So again, thanks Ashayo.
For fun here's my week in WoW:
Wednesday, my main Tedrah tried for the Undying achievement in Naxx with Unbroken and almost had it. We got all the way to KT and had a death to an unfortunate iceblock on one of our healers. We hope to get it next time. Plan to start with KT next time so we don't waste time on the rest if we have another iceblock incident.
Thursday we did our weekly Old World Raid night. This week we did Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon's Lair & Zul'Aman. Loads of fun and Moondance (thegatorwife on twitter and a huge fan of your show) got Mojo the frog. I'm so jealous. We will have to go back to farm as I must have a Mojo of my own.
This weekend was mostly lowbies. Joslynn, my mage is within three bars of 73 and working hard on her professions, tailoring and enchanting. My baby alliance hunter, Asheah, went from level 16 to 21 and just got her ram (and a marksman spec).
So that was my week in WoW. Keep up the good work and I'll see you next week.
This is Tedrah
For the Horde!

Email #2 Moondance

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo and Vrishna, Moondance here, just got through listening to the show and once again you guys filled my morning with laughter. I look forward to your podcast every week, along with Bind on Equip, The Addicted, Rawrcast and The Pugcast.

I started playing WOW on 8/9/07 when my good friend, coworker and now guild mate Tedrah gave me a 14 day free trial. I rolled an Alliance toon first as the Horde races didn't appeal to me. I had the trial version so a Belf was not available. My friend Tedrah was a Belf Hunter and on a different server. I picked a RP server as this was my very first MMORPG and wasn't sure I would like PVP game play. I made a Nelf Warrior and leveled her to 19 and decided that the warrior class wasn't for me.

So begins my alt obsession. I rolled a Nelf hunter named Teriana and I loved it. What's not to love, you get to shoot at people from a distance and you get a cool pet. After playing for a few weeks I knew this would be a game that I would continue to play so I went ahead and got the BC expansion. I immediately rolled a Belf hunter named Moondance on Tedrah's server so we could play together. I alternated between the two servers but found that I didn't care for the PVP server at all. Getting ganked while fishing or strolling along discovering the world, by a higher level toon was very annoying, and what's even more annoying was to have someone camp your body waiting for you to rez. So I decided to just play my Nelf HunterTeriana. I soloed her to 80 as grouping up with other players always seemed to turn out bad. I don't know why but I always ended up with people that were rude and acted like you were suppose to be born knowing everything about the game. I got tired of being called a Huntard or noob so I just soloed her up to 80 by doing quest. I went back and did the dungeons when I could solo them so I didn't get gear I could use, but I made good money from selling it and all the trash drops. Plus I got to take my time and see everything.

When I wanted to do something different I would just roll another toon and try a different starter area. I wanted to play Moondance again so I dusted her off and transfered her over to Sisters of Elune and remembered how much I had enjoyed playing her and she has became my main. Tedrah transfered over later as well and the good times just got better,as now I had someone to play with. She joined a guild and told them about me and they invited me as well. I leveled Moon to 80 and now I no longer just solo. I've got the Northrend Heroic Dungeon achievement and she has gotten some decent gear.

I have started using the LFG system on my own and have only had one bad experience with it. I've raided a few times but didn't care that much for it. Way to much drama for me. Tedrah has put together a Old World raid night that I really enjoy though. We have a lot of fun just seeing the content and hanging out. I am currently working on my Belf Warlock Rowan and I'm having lots of fun with her. She just dinged 29 and she will be my next 80. Well that's my life in WOW and I am very lucky to have a husband that doesn't care how many hours I play or when I play. He watches me play sometimes and finds it somewhat amusing as I tend to get really engrossed in my character and what she's doing.

My son who is in the Air Force calls me a WOW nerd and finds it highly amusing that on Sunday's I enter a fishing tournament on a cartoon. His son just thinks that his Nana is very cool. My daughter hasn't expressed and opinion one way or the other. But her son who is 7 loves to watch his Nana play the game when he comes to visit. Thanks for letting me share my WOW saga with you and keep the wonderful Podcasts coming. I would be lost every week without them.
Moondance 80 Belf Hunter(aka thegatorwife on twitter)
Teriana 80 Belf Hunter
Brylee 60 Belf Death Knight
Xunia 30 Dranei Hunter
Rowan 29 Belf Warlock
Calalilly 21 Tauren Druid
Saphron 21 Human Mage
Deldinn 19 Nelf Warrior
Laraye 17 Belf Paladin
Marie Laveau 12 Troll Shaman

Email #3 from WINGFOOT

Hello my Favourite alt a holics,

I have been playing for over 4 years and have many alts. 'one of us, one of us'. I have 4 x 80's and I am now working on my 5th.
I would like to say to Virishna (the last podcast) that okay you may feel like you are not contributing to content during the cast, as Ashayo and Aprillian have alot of knowledge at this time, that in fact the content you bring is for those people that have forgotten what it is like to play afresh or even for the 1st time. thank you for your input. I have been inspired with those things you bring to the table. thank you.

I love the dog noises and the other non podcast things that somehow make it into the podcast.. epescially the cookie eating.. haha

the question id like to bring is this:
I have a 70 alliance, dare i say gnome lock, haha kick a gnome, and i am not sure whether to tranfer to the horde side. Its not that i dont like the Horde side its more that GARONA was my orginal server and he is the last of the good toons there. What are your opinions on this? some how something you may say may in fact help me, in coming to a decision.

All the best with all that you do in and out of game

WINGFOOT - Pants on Head Jub Jub.

Email #4 from Ellipsis

Dear Vrishna, Ashayo, Jeppy and the ever-lovely Aprillian,

Just a quick note to thank you all for the podcast which I listen to every week without fail.

I bought the new plushies, but had to give the toy and code for my griffon hatchling to my 9 year-old and the toy windrider cub to my 4 year-old! My wife said it was someting to do with me being a grown-up and not needing toys....who's she trying to fool?

As a result I'm waiting for the chance to win a replacement griffon code, so you might get an entry for that competition when you run it hehe.

Anyway, I'm loving flying around with my windrider cub swooping about following me - money well spent I reckon.

Keep up the good work,


Ellipsis of Pants On Head, Jubei'Thos (can't mention the other toons names on a clean podcast!)

Email #D Jeannine

Hi, Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy, and Vrishna (and the ghost of Glanthar)!

I just heard your latest podcast and realized why I haven't received the loot card that I won in the draw on episode 151. I never wrote you back! Doh! I'm such a noob! L2P me! (What does L2P mean?) I'm excited to get it, and I will write you back right away and let you know what was inside.

Just so you know, when I found out I won, I was having a really crappy, frustrating day at work until I listened to your podcast at lunch. Then my whole day turned around, and I was happy and nothing could bring me down. Thanks for that!

My latest shenanigans in game involve trying to get the Salty title. I've got a LONG way to go, and I'm jealous of my hubby, Burningsean. I struggle and toil, but never get any of the fishing goodies to drop. Despite doing the fishing dailies daily, I still don't have a special fishing pole, pet, or anything good. Burningsean only fishes every once in a while, and he gets a drop just about every time. He's got 2 special poles, pets, mounts, you name it. Also, I have been fishing in Ironforge for weeks every chance I get to catch Ironjaw. No luck. Burningsean caught him in just a few casts, on every toon he has tried! I do have to thank my hubby for helping me with my fishing. When I try for the Stranglethorn contest, he scouts out pools for me and also harasses nasty horde opponents by fishing in their pools. (Hee hee, couldn't resist getting a horde dig in.)

For the Alliance!!!
XOXOXOX, Jeannine

Email #E from Bidkar

Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna, El Jeppy and Jasper,

Bidkar, undead 80 mage here. I haven't done much, but here it is. Bidkar picked up the exploration of Outland and Northrend. Not a big accomplishment, but it was a lot of flying around. I got a nice tabard in the mail for doing Northrend, so that was a nice bonus. The hard part was finding a rare mob in Outland to kill, but I found a rare orc in Hellfire, so that worked out ok. I finished up about half of the Eastern Kingdoms and a third of Kalimdor so I am well on my way to the Explorer title.

Allerea the 80 warlock just did the jewelcrafting dailies. I should be doing the Argent Tournament on her, but I just can't bring myself to go back there. It's just so boring after doing it on two other toons. I'll save it for later.

Joash the druid sits in Dalaran doing his transmutes. I'm planning on taking him out next week. He's at 75 and needs to go to 80.

Sagrado the shadow priest is the toon I have been playing the most recently. I leveled him from level 30 to level 66. The priest is so awesome to play. I thought he would be a weak toon, but wow was I wrong. He kills everything so easily. I can solo everything with Sagrado. I never knew that priests were so powerful. I haven't dual specced him yet. I probably will since I like to play different specs. I'm leaning towards discipline, but still giving it a bit of a ponder.

It's amazing to me how many new players are out there leveling. Everybody I have met recently is a brand new player. It's fun to quest with people who haven't been through an area before. Kind of makes it new for me also. That reminds me of one of my favorite things to do. The best experience I have had in game is when Bidkar takes new players to Shattrath or Dalaran. I usually will take them around to the Horde inn and show them where stuff is. I love to hear them oooh and ahhh over everything. One of the perks of being a mage!

I know I'm rambling, but I wanted to mention one of the most epic moments in the game for me. It's rather ordinary and people do it every day, but every time I do it, it feels so epic. The first time I went through the front gates of Orgrimmar, I was amazed at how large and bustling it was. Now whenever I go through the gates, I still relive that moment. Sounds odd, but it just seems so grand every time I see it.

My hunter Yancy, just went from 37 to 42. I just play him for fun. I really enjoy having a pet and shooting the gun. I still like to use proper rotation etc. but he's just a hunter out having a good time.

I played my ally warlock, Ashcroft, from 16 to 24. I have a funny story related to her. I named her Ashcroft because I thought it was Sherlock Holmes brother's name. I thought it would make an unusual female name, so I went with it. Then someone in trade chat corrected me and told me the name was Mycroft, not Ashcroft. I got a good laugh at myself. I haven't read those books in 30 years so I guess my memory of them was a little shaky. I still prefer Ashcroft to Mycroft. I think it's a cool name.

Jehi the paladin and Altheah the death knight did absolutely nothing. Not enough hours in the day. I plan on taking the death knight to 80 after I study up a bit. I think I would have fun if I played her correctly.

I'm getting the gear together to take my auction house alt out for a bit of leveling. He's a level 24 blood elf mage I stopped playing after Blizzard made some change to mana regen. I kept running out of mana all the time and that's not much fun. I think the heirlooms will make a difference. I want to level a mage again and see if I learned anything from doing it before.

That's it for now. Thank for the great podcast! I look forward to it every week. I hope Jeppy is feeling better and I am waiting in great anticipation to hearing from Glanthur. Maybe a bit of lore?

I am looking for Jasper to roll Worgen by the way. He's halfway there already.

For the Horde and for El Jeppy and Glanthur,

Bidkar and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You

MOMomoments - Worst week ever!!

Hello fine people,
hope you are all doing well.
The title of this email has to do with the real life happenings and not in game experiences; more specifically work!
I seriously had the worst week ever at work this past week. Everything you can imaging going wrong with work, well went wrong.
Thankfully we have the weekends to try to relax.
In game I have done the usual randoms and today (Sunday) will be in ICC 10 with my priest. I missed our Friday run with my hunter as we had a gathering at our casa del mo with some friends and coworkers. Always nice to start St Patrick's day or week I like to call it early. Everyone is a little bit Irish.

For my low level characters, I am still working on my druid, he is 66 now and a few weeks ago I reactivated my 2nd account and have been dual boxing again. I have been doing random dungeons with my druid, usually and resto, along with my 65 mage. I cannot wait until my mage is 70 so I can make a table full of food! I like free food in game and out of game.

I am also working on finding, hiring, doing something so my emails are proof read before they go out to you and any other podcasts. But as I mentioned to you Ashayo, my jokes are also funnier in my head.

For out of game, I hope some of the listeners do no mind when I follow them on Twitter after Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna, and El Jeppy (keep feeling better Mr Jeppy) read the listener's emails on the cast. And so you know I am @mohalen on Twitter.

Thank you as always for your podcast, we greatly enjoy listening in and writing in.

Have a great time in and out of game.

For The Life!!!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 158 - Northrend Bound Baybee

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 158 - Northrend Bound Baybee

Aprillian, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Did Forge of Souls with guildies and one non-guildie, who was the healer. It was my first time experiencing a bad healer.

Ran Gundrak. Did VH during my lunch hour, got the heroics.

Wed I realized Tiiaa was only 17 points from building her own Flying Machine. Oh My Goodness, it is so awesome I love it.

Been doing dailies: see
And Daily Heroics. Then did some additional Heroics, including Occulus.
Got 50 Triumph badges and can't figure out what to buy for Aprillian. Made a Glacial bag to replace soulstone bag. Kept running out of space. Do I really need to have 28 shards?

Aprillian & Vrishna

Multiboxed Epril, Elyte, Auruk, Primal & Tiiaa with Virinya. Working to get Virinya to 80.


Brrrr ... it's cold out there today ... it's cold out there EVERY day ! Northrend mobs @ 2000 xp a piece make for fine eating. Finally dual specced Virinya and was Aprillian too happy.aa


Crazy Train 10 man Raid
- Faction champs, Twin Val'kyr, Anub
- VoA - Got down Toravon the Ice Watcher - was in the middle of a white-out cast that would've wiped the raid :)
- Reset ToC and cleared it in one night, with only 3 goes at the faction champs (tough group with lots of interrupts and dispells)

DwP 10 - Spent the night practising Blood Prince council.
After the reset ventured into ICC on Asheal. First night without Ravanna on his DK tank. One shot marrowgar, deathwhisper, gunship, saurfang (new boots)
Oneshot festergut, 3-shot rotface (new gloves)

DwP 25 - Consistently clearing first wing of ICC, but stuck on Festergut.

Weekly raid was Razuvious on both Earthen Ring and Jubei'thos - completed twice on 10 man and once on 25 man.

Ashariss randoms - dings 77. Also started Oracles quest chain. Started doing Argent Dailies and dinged 78
Still running plenty of random heroics on Pud and only just now got [Looking for many] - 50 random people in dungeons.
Finally got [Share The Love] in Gundrak. Took ages to get everyone impaled. Less-rabi still eludes me.
For the Horde - SW



Email #1 from Jake Daniels

My name is Jake Daniels... (It's not)

I'm new to WoW, and I've upgraded all the expansions.
So Currently I have a 19 shaman with 9 more days.
And I strolled onto your podcast, and you've helped me play this game with your
giggles, and very very corny jokes! :) That DO make me laugh!
But let's get to the meat

I've heard that Blizzard never buffs Shamans, is this true?

Thanks love the show! <3

Jake Daniels (Is A LIE)

Email # 2 from sjfo FEOJF

Hey crew!
Final Fantasy 13 is out!

I'd like to ask are you guys playing?

But WoW related

In Cataclysm will we have to level differently since they're destroying all the zones?
Like half the barrens will be gone.

I'm not sure if that made sense, but yeah...

Email #3 Darkwithin

Hey there Ctrl alt wow crew!
I am a 80 Death Knight on the Ner'zhul US server and i am an altaholic and a huge fan of raiding, having a character of every single class on my realm besides a rouge and a few on other servers. My main the Death Knight Darkwithin has 5200 gearscore and i have been extremely lucky with tank drops this week such as getting the Onyxia 25 man Death knight tank helm, my ilevel 245 cloak from Lord Jaraxus and my bear from doing the FOR THE HORDE achievement. Even though i am a huge fan of raiding i have a huge disatvantage but still manage to keep my gear at a ToC25/ICC10 level. The disadvantage is the time zones... When maintinence is on it starts at 5:00pm and ends at 11pm! Most raiding guilds on my realm raid at 6pm and so i will have to get up at 6 in the morning to join in so most raiding guilds will not accept me and have to PUG most of the time. My friend who recently hit 80 gave me a laugh after he said he grinded 200 trimph emblems for tanking and then quit dungeons and raiding. Anyways do you think i should start my own Midday/Morning raiding guild or live my raiding time as a PUGGER.Anyways have a great week and may your repairs be cheap ,your rolls high and your drops often.
DARKWITHIN 80 DK on Ner'zhul US
KAELTHES 27 MAGE on Ner'zhul US
JOFELK 17 PRIEST on Ner'zhul US
BEZERKY 13 SHAMAN on Ner'zhul US
DOOMFORU 62 DK on Silvermoon US
SAYOS 15 WARRIOR on Ner'zhul US
Naibo 11 WARLOCK on Ner'zhul US
I know... its a lot.

Email #A from Heatly

Hey CTRL ALT WOW homies!

Heatly here sorry I missed you last week but late is better then never right?
First off I just wanted to thank you so much for the 30 day game card although I'm a bit confused on how I get it, is it digital or do you mail to me? I never win anything so I was nice to hear my name, I actually plan on doing a RAF when things calm down a bit here so that free month will defiantly help.

Any who since I always ask you guys questions this week I'm gonna talk about me!

Well not really I still have a question but just a little about me.
This week I didn't really play much. Tuesday did the first 10 bosses in ICC 25 and then got stuck on that damn dragon AGAIN! That was on my main heatly the holy pally. Wednesday we had seven healers on so I offered to sit and then Thursday I had a friend stop by so no raiding for me. During all this Blizzard announced that Darrowmere would be changing to a PvE server so the entire guild transfered AGAIN to a new server this one being vashj two server changes in about two months thats no fun.

Didn't touch any of my alts until Monday night which I usually raid but we had the night off because one of our tanks didn't switch servers with us, so I finally got time to play a few of my alts 4 of which are 80 and on the server Kil'jaeden. So Monday I did 3 VOA 10's 3 VOA 25's a toc 25 and 4 Ignis weekly kills, it was a pretty busy Monday but I defiantly had a lot of fun doing a bit of raiding on my neglected alts.

I also have a poor horde 80 DK sitting on Dawnbringer that have not touched in about 3 months, I have no idea if I'll ever get to play him again oh well.

That was much longer then I thought it would be so Ill save the question for next week.

Love the show al,l keep it up!

For the alliance!

Heatly currently of Vashj and his friends on Kil'jadean!

Email #B from Makiling

hello ctrlaltwow crew, makiling here

i just listened to your latest show and i just want to say that im really excited for vrishna and i hope he gets to experience northrend soon. i hope you get to play with ashayo and learn more about your class. personally, im not very fond of the pally. i enojoy the clothies more, and im still finding the warrior to be the most fun of the plate wearers. i just want to share my experiences in learning about my class, particularly my mage. a good learning activity is doing dungeons. and with the advent of random dungeons, you can get in a group with other people and ask questions about your class and comments on your play style. i remember the first time i got into outland and did ramps. It was there that i learned that a mage should primarily cast the spels from his spec, because back then, every single spell in my book was part of my rotation. good thing i learned from that! another way to learn your class is to do battlegrounds. it is there that you will see how spells or abilities work in a fast paced situation, and that helped me learn about pvp or play during hectic times in dungeons. and finally i suggest you read the articles in wowwiki on how to play with other players while grouped. before you know it, virinya will be doing dailies for the emblems, and raiding across northrend!

i havent been playing much wow on my lvl 80 toons in the past weeks, except for some dailies here and there. but i have been really enjoying leveling my alliance toons. i got my druid to lvl 15, and decided to buy glyphs. but the glyphs in the alliance AH were really expensive. how i wished i could send glyphs from my horde toons to my poor alliance alts. i decided to make my alliance bank alt get inscription, but that meant leveling her high enough to get the profession. so here i am leveling my human warlock, decked out in heirlooms from my horde mains. i cant wait till the time when we can send heirloms to toons in other realms!

i still dont have time to seriously raid, and grinding rep on one toon can be boring. but im finding that of all the things to do in wow, leveling alts is the thing i am enjoying the most. i'd like to think that its because of your show that im feelnig this way about the game, and for that i'd like to thank you guys.

before i end, i just want to share a discovery i made. while flying near the tournament grounds, i saw someone with a tickbird hatchling flying around with him. i was really surprised because i could have sworn that none of the pets could fly with you! i guess it came in when the plushies came out, but i didnt know that the old pets would fly with you too! not all of the winged pets will fly with you tho (onyxia sadly will stay on the ground), but i made a macro with my mount button to summon a flying pet for when im in outland or in northrend. hopw you guys enjoy this discovery as i did =)

Email #4 from Curme

Hey ctrlaltwow crew,

I wanted to follow-up on my previous email requesting some dual-boxing assistance. I rolled a priest/hunter combo on my home server (Wyrmrest Accord) and their both around 30. The hunter's got heirloom gear, so its even faster. I'm about to swap in my druid for the hunter's spot. As the hunter seems to work so well for dual-boxing, I rolled a hunter/shaman combo on Jubily wubbly and joined POH. hit level 9 in just over an hour's work. RAF is crazy fast. I haven't set up any macro's yet, just switching between windows and tab targeting with the non-hunter. It's been good fun. I'll let you know how it goes, and eventually i'll figure out the simple macros instead of right-click and "follow."

Curme (80 warrior tank, and now a LvL 9 Hunter as well)
Elecurme (lvl 9 Shaman)
Uldor (lvl 29 priest)
Ringwil (lvl 31 hunter)
Tuwanek (lvl 30 druid)

plus a few others.

Email #5 Acaldra

Hi Ctrl Alt Wow crew,

Acaldra a Holy/Prot paladin from AIE here. I wrote to the show once before talking about playing my way to 80 and rolling a few alt's along the way.
Well I have recently found myself losing interest in playing toons other then my Paladin. I have really just gotten the paladin bug and haven't been able to play anything else without getting bored and giving up after a level or two. As a result of said play time I have been able to flesh-out the gear sets for all three specs of the paladin class to a point where I could play any of them confortably in a raiding enviroment. Just as a reference point, about 5.1k GS for my holy set and approximatly 4.5k for my prot and ret specs. Granted my prot and ret set's still need some more work such as filling in a trinket or a ring here or there but overall it's been a lot of fun to be able to comfortably switch roles at the drop of a hat and not have to worry too much about it.
For example I was healing an Ony 10 a few days ago and a tank had to leave so I strapped on my tanking plate and succesfuly main tanked the rest of the raid.

In other slightly less egotistical news, I have been farming for my Darkmoon card, the int version of course! It feels like etting epic flying all over again! Only about 2k gold left and I should have it by the time you guys read this email.

Lastly, thanks Aprillian for coming on a few heroics. If I am forming up a raid and your are on, I'll shoot you an invite for sure!

That's all for now and thank you for reading my email, of course, For the Horde!,
Acaldraa of The Nightfall

Virishna, if you have any questions about paladin healing, feel free to ask me on Twitter or check out my healing guide on the AIE forums under the class section.

Sent from my iPod, sorry for any spelling errors.

Sorry, no Momomoments this week, but we have one for next week.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 157 - Where Have All The Dalaran Elders Gone

Aprillian, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Plus new contest, send audio file telling us how you play wow with your alts and be placed in a drawing for the Wind Rider Cub:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

What We've Been Doing:


Did Culling of Stralthome on Tue and Nexus on Wed

Didn't know you could get Champion seals in the money bag. Aprillian is feeling empty after spending those Frost emblems. Got a suggestion via twitter from "a friend". Told Aprillian to remove hit gems and put in runed cardinal rubies regardless of color bonus.

Then I realized I had two sets of pants

Shout out to Shootr of AIE for helping me with Chill/Cit even when he didn't have the quest. For some reason there wasn't any response in aielfg for those quest.

Finally figured out the rest of the tournament dailies. Felt silly that I couldn't find the hippogryph, finally found them right outside the Argent ten, the rectangle one. Trying to get up to squire mount

Rode around Storm Peaks herbing. Stopped in at the Hordir vendor and looked lovingly at [Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth]. That's perfect for a multiboxer, but I've got to get 8k first.

Went to VH on my lunch hour with Tarragon, felt like a noob when he volunteered me to do the crystals

Sometimes making time to do Heroics every day is like work, but it's worth it.

Aprillian & Vrishna

Finally got to play together on Sat. Took Virinya, Primall, Elyte and Tiiaa into Hellfire Ramparts. I was triple boxing but basically Dual because Tiiaa was doing her nails. She did ding 59 though. Wanted to bring Prilly but...


Been spoiling the plans of the Nagas in Zangamarsh. Did Hellfire Ramparts and just dinged 66 in The Blood Furnace. Happy to be getting 1000 plus xp when gaming on my own since that's what I get when sharing xp in group with Aprillian.

Thanks to Ashayo ...

Equipment Manager. Setting the rule within Ark Inventory to separate clothing sets is BRILLIANT !!!

Questions for Ashayo ...

1. Dark Portal (two-way ?)
2. Redemption (concerning pets)
3. Wanna show me how to play WOW?
4. Why can you sometimes enter a dungeon not in group but still not get kicked?


10 man Raiding

Crazy Train. Early in the week we one-shot Aub in ToC, Onyxia, and cleared the trash in ICC for rep. After the reset, for reasons not really understood, we struggled on the ToC bosses, and couldn't get the faction champs down again. Frustrating night!

DwP finally got down Rotface. Much rejoicing! Had a couple of goes at Professor Putricide. Asheal gets the Ashen Verdict revered ring. After the reset, we had the new 5% buff in ICC. Oneshot all the first wing, got down Festergut easily and downed Rotface again on our 3rd attempt. Ashayo gets the revered Ashen Verdict ring.

Weekly Raid - Malygos (did it on all of Ashayo, Asheal and Jekle) and Noth for Pud

25 man Raiding

Malygos is weekly, so went to Naxx to get EoE key off 25 man Sapphiron. Took Jekle and got new mace, boots, waist and trinket
In ICC, currently working on Festergut 25 man. Got down to 33%

DwP 25 - VoA - went on priest - druid healer and warlock gear dropped

PuG VoA 25 on Ashayo thinking I'd be the only warlock. There was six of us. And two warlock tier pieces dropped. Needless to say, I rolled low.


Starting running higher level dungeons on Ashariss - hit 75. Gundrak, Violet Hold, Drak'tharon Keep, Halls of Stone.

Dualboxing DK (Anomander) and Holy Pally (Ashield) through DragonBlight. Bought Tome of Cold Weather flying for both. Now 71 and 73 respectively.

Earned enough frost emblems to buy waist [Verdigris Chain Belt] for my tank.

Ashayo's gear was dropping behind, so bought some crusader orbs and made the 245 Merlin's Robe chestpeice. Not far from getting another peice with frost emblems.

Decided that's what I'll use all the triumph emblems for on Pudendal - buy Crusader Orb's and get some gear made for Ashariss.



Email #1 from Daladenn

Hey guys this is Daladenn on the Azshara server from the guild Brutality,
i was thinking the other day while listening to a few podcasts. What if blizzard gave us an instance where you can go in to a five man all the way up to a twenty five man instance or raid to practice your skills without
taking gear damage. and your teammates were just NPC's this way you could build up your skills and rotation while just not sitting on your ass in org dalaran or stormwind.
anyways love your show and thanks for reading

Email #A from Gabe

Hello Crew of CtrlAltWow,

After a long while of listening to the podcast I figure its time I should
write in to say thanks. I am a full time student at a local community
college, work full time at as a veterinary assistant, and run my own kitty
(and sometimes dog) rescue and adoption program. On top of that I love to
play world of warcraft. Life can be pretty hectic and downright depressing
sometimes. On days when I just want to put down the textbook/litter
scoop/iv catheter and walk away from the madness, I can at least listen to
CtrlAltWow and other non-elitist - non-turdfaced - non-asshat podcasts like
it (Bind on equip, The Instance, Outlandish, etc.) and get through the day.
CtrlAltWow may not have saved my life, but it definitely makes it better.

And now a bit on how I wow (I do miss that show), since you ask for it on
your website:

Alliance all the way! (well mostly...) Night Elf Hunter (That toon is
mandatory isn't it?) and Night Elf Druid(tank & heals) Mains. The rest of
my alts are low level Night elves or draenei that I can't seem to focus on
long enough to level up, lol. I do get to play with my brother which is
pretty awesome. We run dungeons, do dailies and level alts (of course!).

I am an obsessive casual if that makes sense. I play when I can during the
semester, either leveling an alt or running heroic dungeon with the big guys
but not as much as I want. BuT! During the summer/winter break all bets are
off. If I'm not working I'm in game doing something (even if it's running
around in circles in dalaran, half asleep). I don't raid, don't have the
patience for it and don't think I could handle dkp systems or whatever. I
did get into naxx once and almost imploded.

Alright last bit so I don't drown you in text!

Dirty little secret time:
Last week I made a horde alt. Inspired by Bind on Equips replay of their
"rocks the horde" segments, I randomly rolled my toon:Race, Class, Gender
and Name. Guess what I got? Female. Troll. Mage. Name: Vikdordort. I
almost quit the game. My brother got a female blood elf warlock. Lucky
turd. Vikdordort lived for ten levels... that's when I couldn't handle it
any longer. D-E-L-E-T-E. New toon: Blood elf paladin dude. I felt guilty
about not giving the troll a good chance, so I kept her name for the pally.
We're still running around silver moon, decked out in as many heirlooms as
possible of course.

Well, it's 1am and I have to be up at 5 for work so that means I gotta go.
Once again, Thank you Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo, Jeppy and of course and
MIA buddy Glanthur.

If you ever find yourself on the Skywall server (I'm too frightened to leave
my server lol) know you'll have a friend. I'll even help you abuse the
refer a friend system more (Jeppy).

BigBlueDragon on Twitter, Cereus 80 NE Druid, Paxx 80 NE Druid, And of
course: Vikdordort Lvl 11 BE Paladin, Skywall US

P.S. No contest for me guys, the pod cast is more than enough :D

Email #2 from Tedrah

Hey guys,

Tedrah here, from Sisters of Elune. Level 80 Belf hunter in the guild Unbroken. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your podcasts.

I've been playing WoW since Oct. 2005 but have only recently started listening to podcasts and I find yours to be particularly charming.

You all seem to really enjoy each others company and the game. And as a woman of 45, I really like that you don't make me feel stupid about playing or not always knowing everything there is to know about MMORPG's as some of the other podcasts do.

I've been using the refer a friend system trying level up at least one of each class. Been doing the triple box thing using Tedrah to run my referred lowbies. Was wondering do you always quest on your RAF toons or do you dungeon crawl on any of them?

And again, love the work you're doing on the podcast.

From Sisters of Elune, this is:
Tedrah, level 80, hunter
Pettrah, level 75, DK
Joslynn, level 72, Mage
Teona, level 63, Shaman
And other friends....
For the Horde!

Shout Outs & Thank You

MoMoMoments from

I am sorry I missed emailing last week, "believe me now, listen to me later" ,that I enjoy it as much or even more to write to you all and hear my email read on your podcast.
So on this email i will tell you about my last 2 weeks, so buckle up, ready.... GO!!!!

The previous week, as I was stuck in traffic on my way home, I was witness to several mini-small crashes of people rear ending each other as they are in such a hurry to get home. All it takes is taking a few seconds and taking time to be conscious of your surroundings (this goes for me too as at times I race to get passed a red light). No does this sound familiar to any of you gamers, wow players? Now please do not be offended by my comparison, as I mentioned these real life bumps on the road were with 0 injuries, as I was stuck with front row witness to them. Why am I comparing this to a gaming life, well for me it is a good analogy. In game we all just need to take a few seconds to be conscious of our surroundings which include other players; I am not just talking about the lovely pug'ed LFG. For example we pug'ed a few spots on our raid a few times, ICC and the weekly raid one as well; some of the players just had ants in their pants. They would keep attacking before the tank would! There will be cases that some of us will need to compensate for some others, but its such as life.
What do you think of this analogy, bad good, is Mo crazy?
Well hope it provokes some thoughts.

As usual I have been doing my best to do daily random Heroic on my 80s, I usually am able to get in one for my priest and poor origianal mo character Motauren is left out :( (he is not happy). For our Friday ICC10 run I was able to get my Hunter Mochi in right after I was able to get a gear with my frosties and upgrade some gems to get to the necessary, what is that called....oh yes gear score! Well GS is the new thing in wow now a days. And for our Sunday run of ICC my priest was able to get revered in rep and the upgrade ring is unbelievable, item level 271 I think! And I was able to pass on a waist item to my friend can pick it up on her mage. It was an upgrade for me but her gear needed more of an upgrade. It is nice to do that, yes as guildies or friends it may be expected but still nice to help out other wowers to get shines!!!!

On Friday's Icc run with my hunter, well I just do not know why I suck at rotface so bad :(
But we will keep trying.

I was able to have an old guildy from my old server join us on feathermoon and he will raid with us on sundays :)

And wow, as I was about to finish we downed ROTFACE!!!!! :)
now that is a good feeling!!!

Ok I will leave on a good note,
hope you all have had a good time in and out of game and please have fun!!!

For the fun!!!

From Saturday Night Live Transcripts:

Franz: Ya. Ya, girly-man. Hear me now and believe me later - but don't think about it ever, because, if you try to think, you might cause a flabulance!

Hans: Ya!

Franz: Poor little girly-man, alone in his girly-house!

Hans: Sorry, Mr. Girly-Man, but here's a treat for your girlfriend!

3/5/10 8:12
@Aprillian Hi Aprillian, big fan of your show. I listen every week and it makes my day. Never stop. lol

Sent with Tweetie

3/5/10 14:03
@CtrlAltWoW Unbroken on SoE downed 25 man Saurfang last week. We are hoping to get into the second wing tonight. Wish us luck.

Sent with Tweetie