Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 305 - Groundhog Lunar Festival Day
Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Hello CAW Darlings!  

We hope you're all doing GREAT in and out of game this week....we've had some fun and hope you enjoy our little audio!  Also, we hope Ashayo had a wonderful vacation, and that Jeppy is doing well (we miss him SO much!!!)  

/great big hugs & kisses!

Juuno & Pixiegirl

p.s. Juuno's The Art of Blizzard Entertainment book arrived today (it's like $44 on and it is an absolutely gorgeous book!  *squeeeeeeee!*   

What We've Been Doing:


Shhamaya dinged 88 and later that day so did Epril

In the Valley of the Four Winds, Ghost Iron and Green Tea over abundance
Doing my Imperial Silk every day, don’t know why.
Finally used 3 harmony things on JC
Made Ghost Iron Dragonling for Epril & Aprillian





Greetings oh great and lugubrious CaW crew, Apprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Tedra. Its your dear long lost friends the Nekrobobs.

The missus and I, as you know, have been entertaining my dear old dad for the past six weeks. I was hoping, since I was on holiday, that I'd have plenty of time to play wow and record podcast segments but such was not to be. In his golden years my old dad has become quite the party animal, between trips to Hong Kong and the Philippines, late night gambling parties and exotic food binges, we've not had a moment to ourselves.  
Its been great fun having dear old dad here, he's a total hoot and we love him to bits and we're always sad to see him go. But as they say all good things must end and now dad is safe and sound back in his native Canada (that great frozen wasteland just north of America)
Goodness me but its so great to be back in the game. The only obvious side effect of being away so long was losing all our in game mail. Yes sorry Jeppy, but we lost thousands of ore, ingots and herbs and hundreds of miscellaneous bits of BOE gear and weapons. As a result my super sweet rocket mounts are that much further away (big sigh) On the upside all our toons have max rested XP :)

Please find our latest audio offering and a few screen shots of our poor toons trying to remember how to survive in the harsh, unforgiving land of Azeroth.

We love and miss you all and hope to see you in game soon,

and remember under love in forever…

Death by accidental flying dismount
(oops, thats a long way down)
Death by elevator malfunction
(thats what happens when you press all the buttons at once)

Death by accidental drowning
(oh yeah, forgot I can't breath under water.
Stupid Orc chef why can't you fetch your own clams)

And the most sad and painful of all...
Death by massive mail inventory loss!

My faltering return...

Good Morning CAW team,

I'm just writing to say hello again, and thank you for a couple reasons.
Firstly, I have taken a break from WoW and all MMO's for well over a year now. I'm just now starting my return to WoW. Largely in part due to the fact that I can play on my design laptop, which is a Mac. Not a lot of games run on that OS, albeit, more do now that they did in the past. Anyway, I had played WoW since Beta up until around the end of 2011. I decided to listen to C-A-W randomly while working the other day, and was instantly back to wanting to play.

After a long break, it appears the world of Azeroth has changed considerably since my days in the World. The pet battle system (ohmagawd! yes!) is really what brought me back for another look, and i'm loving it just to note. But the new talent system, character creation method, and other updates to the general game system seem to have made it a new game to me. Not to mention all the new content looks incredible.

The Pandas. I was shocked to find that I could create one without buying MoP, but had some content locked to my pre-xpac max level character, in addition to the level cap being unavailable without the xpac. I had expected the opposite. I wanted to see what you all thought of the choice Blizzard made here. Also, I was hoping you guys could spend a little time talking about the Monk class, and how it's playstyle fits into the groups, and what your thoughts in general on how it plays are. I'm mostly a solo player, and rarely participate in anything over a 5man, so i'm curious to see how they perform as a solo class.

Lastly, thank you for producing a great podcast! I've loved the episodes I've heard, and i'm currently working on catching up. I have an hour commute to and from work, and work as a Web Developer, so I have plenty of time to listen, and should be caught up quickly! Keep up the great work, and I hope to see some of you in game soon! I'm starting my new Panda on Earthen Ring.

Thanks again,

Dan - Acefisher1

Quick update from Razor70

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy and Tedrah,
Just thought I would send in a quick update about what has been going on with me in WoW of late.  Finally got my main Tayja to level 90 and have been running dailies so far, haven’t gotten into dungeons yet, but it is on my list for things to accomplish soon.
Also this week, I am finally going to get going on getting all the Lunar Festival achievement done.  It’s something that I haven’t really been in a big rush to do the last few years, but I am getting so close to getting What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been done, and this is one of the ones that I need to finish for that.  Looking forward to getting my mount off that achievement.
Finally got around to joining Clan of Darkness this weekend and really enjoying my time there so far.  Been a long time listener of the show and have always heard all the talk about the guild, sent in a few emails awhile back, but never got around to joining you all till now.  My Goblin Elemental Shaman Sili is really enjoying his time with you all, and looks forward to being a member of the guild for years to come.  I was a bit star-struck when I joined and saw all of you from the podcast playing the other night (Epril, Shhamaya, Everrose, Penelope and others) and wanted to thank you all for being so kind and welcoming to me so far.  You all rock!
Well that’s about it for this update, hopefully I will have more news about my other alts next week.  Also, if I get brave enough, I hope to send in a voice mail to accompany my email next week.  For the Horde..For the Alliance..and for Clan of Darkness!
Sent from Windows Mail

CtrlAltWoW 305 Update 05/2013

Hello CAW crew,

this week it's really going to be a short e-mail, due to lack of playtime.
I did some Lunar Festival achievements some pet battles and some work on my professions.
That's basically all i did.
I would like to say how happy i am that Ashayo is back, and i hope he had a great time at the beach,
man i wished i could do 2 weeks at the beach too, though.... that would mean i couldn't play WoW...,
now let me re-think that wish for some time, well anyway, it's nice that Ashayo is back, and i hope
ElJeppy is on the road to recovery again, we need that dude on the show too!!

Best whishes,
Grand Nagus

P.S.: To all our Aussie friends on the east-coast: Hang in there, I hope you guys get through
all the bad weather and the flooding coming with it, as well as the fires that are still not
extinguished around the country, All the best to you

Honoring the Elders

Hello to everyone at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!

As always, I hope everyone's having a great week.  This morning Everrose hit lvl 600 in jewelcrafting, and got the Jack of All Trades achievement. She'll have a little something to say about that in next week's audio, but for this week, Voltandra has been taken by the spirit of honoring the elders, and has put together the attached to share with you.  Enjoy (and please forgive her actual singing near the end - I haven't had the heart to tell her that she'd be much better off speak-singing...)!  

-Voltandra's player

I dinged 80

Sorry no audio this week haven’t really had anything major happen in or out of game. Went to the pub the other night and saw the new tom cruise movie it wasn’t that bad. Hope to have more to report this upcoming week.
For the horde
For the Alliance
For the sandgroper
And for getting to have something to report next week seeya  
Big G

Hello CAW Crew

No Audio this week, I promise a new one for next week though! No clue what yet.

Archeaology: I leveled Malmuria's (my alliance paladin main)
Archeaology up to 525, then got Nokomis (Morgaines Rogue) to 525. Then
together (which doesnt actually help at all) we flew across up and
down the Jade Forest and powered out out BoA Archaeology items. We
both finished up with the amazing looking Umbrella and the itemlevel
463 Agility Spear (which can be used at level 85, Wowsers!) and I got
my Quilen statue trinket and Morgaine finished up her training dummy
item. Then I flew off to the seat of Knowledge and finish training up
to 600. I definitely suggest that method of Archealogy to get the

Got my alliance monk to level 85. Sent her the BoA Spear, and upgraded
it to Itemlevel 471, and at level 85 my monk does more damage then my
Paladin whose been gearing up throughout the expansion. I then got my
horde monk up to level 25. I really love the monk playstyle.
Brewmaster is fun alliance side and "Fistweaving" is fun horde side
(melee healing is fun and new!)

Getting my alliance monk to 85, means once again I have leveled every
class to 85 alliance side. I will definitely be aiming to get them all
to 90 before the end of the expansion.

Morgaine got her alliance panda mage to level 20. Yay Turtle mounts! A
nice purple turtle to match the purple highlights in her hair!

Anyways thats our week in WoW

For the Horde, For the alliance, For the dig dig diggers!

Wren And Morgaine

Clan of Darkness

Hey Gang! here is this weeks audio! You all are AWESOME!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 304 - Thanks Alex
Aprillian, Rogueslayer, Tedrah and Rho from Realm Maintenance Podcast discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

CAW304 from Juuno & Pixiegirl

Hello CAW Darlings!

I just dropped an audio file in Dropbox for you, but realized too late that I named it CAW303 on accident...hehehee...I'm sorry!  It's late...I'm sick...don't know what I was thinking... <=)

Anywho, I hope everyone's doing great!  Great big hugs & kisses *muah!*

Juuno & Pixiegirl

What We've Been Doing:


Quad boxed Violet Hold with Aprillian, Epril, Astara and Tiiaa, finished and skinned all.

Leveled Tiiaa in Engineering so I could make  [Ghost Iron Dragonling]
Malygos sucks
Thanks Grand Nagus





Pet Battle Melody
Hello to everyone at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!

I can't really say what I've done ALL week, as I'm sending this on Saturday. I'm sure the rest of the week between podcasts was fun, though!  Voltandra and Everrose took some advice from last week's show and geared up with Herbalism and Mining bags, respectively. Worked out great - thank you!  

On last week's show, we did talk quite a bit about pet battles, and someone mentioned needing a pet battle song. Perhaps the attached will do?  I hope you enjoy it. Thanks again for letting me guest host last week. Although I can't even imagine being as awesome as Ashayo, I did have a great time!

Have a great week, everyone!

-Voltandra's player

Quick update

Hello CAW Crew,

Not much activity on my Level 90s on Korialstrasz except tending the farm. Spotty internet connection, birthday parties and football this weekend grabbed most of my time and attention.

I have been leveling my Clan of Darkness hunter and a Warlock on Korialstrasz a bit this week and that has been fun. I haven't played either class much and they will probably be the next two I level up to 90.

Other than that it was been mostly work and spending time with the boys. I've been listening to the CAW catalog trying to catch all the episodes I missed before I started listening to you guys. Is there a CAW loremaster achievement?

Anyway, between watching depressing episodes of Intervention and learning that my brother has cancer, I've needed a little WoW time to escape. Have a great week everyone.

Peace, love, and grits.


Clan of Darkness ?

Hello all

Is Clan of Darkness accepting new members ?  I am assuming this is a Horde guild.  I have a level 29 Blood Elf Pally on Lothar that I am looking to move.  I find that I favor the RP realms over PvE realms, less idiots

Yes I have to agree, I find the whole pet battle thing very cool and very addicting.  I find that I have been sucked back into WOW once again (I gave up WOW for about a year).   It took me hours and hours re-setting up all my past MODS and macros.  But its all good  


Ep 304 is all about the Huggles oh and Pets :)

Hi Sweeties,

Yes it's audio time!! :D


Huggles Leeta

So damm early
Lets see what can I say but thx dizni and pixiegirl big hugs to them both and here’s my audio. By the way christopher eccleston is second only to the great tom baker when it comes to the Doctors.
Big G

Rigarmorty Audio Update EP 304

Ayup Aprillian, Eljeppy, Ashayo and Tedra!

(Ayup is Yorkshire speak for "Hello, how are ya")

Attached is a short audio update. I managed to have a few minutes of quiet in the office and threw this together. Hope your all having an amazing 2013 so far!



CtrlAltWoW 304 Update 04/2013

in this past week i had the honor of being part of the (first?) CoD raid on ICC where we
killed the Lich King in our 3rd atempt. I was really impressed by the performance our
raid made, due to the fact, that many of our raid-members had never seen the fight
before, so i really want to congratulate CoD on a Raid well done.

As for the progress of my CoD toons this past week:

i really only got to play my hunter, Wanrong, this week, and she has, at this moment, made it to lvl 65.
I hope to get her through Outland by the end of this week and enter Northrend.
She's reached Skill 358 in mining and Skill 325 in Jewelcrafting by now, but again, she will not
go to Northrend before she's got both professions up to WotLk level, so she doesn't have to fly by any
node, just because she can't mine it yet (nothing is more frustrating then not being able to get that  ore
or flower, just because that 1 skillpoint is missing).

See you all in game, and best wishes

Grand Nagus

It's all about the mounts, oh yeah!

Hello CAW Crew!
Morgaine here, since Wren is working right now.
So Wren and I got our horde pair (His Tauren DK and my troll Disc priest) to 82. It's so amazing how much quicker leveling is in that range now! We hope to grind out getting them to 90, so we will have a pair at 90 both horde and alliance.
In Wren's world, He looted the green proto drake mount from oracles rep. Only took him 4 years! He also finished the landfall quest line alliance side and got the new high res gryphon and wyvern mounts (yay!). Besides all the mounts collected this week, Wren hit revered with golden lotus (took forever!) and got his alliance monk to 82.
In Morgaine's world, I've been chomping away at all my dailies and professions. I got my Fishing, Cooking (overall, not the individual types- though close in each), Alchemy, First Aid, and Herbalism ALL to 600. Last to tackle is Archeology- which is going to be a LONG journey. Other than increasing all my reps, hitting exalted with Tillers and getting my full farm to work on, just been busy doing projects around the house. (Real life stuff, who wants to do that?!)
Anyways, Have a super day!
For the Horde, For the Alliance, for the "I Got that damn drake finally!!!!!"
Morgaine and Wren

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness
Hey gang! Here is this weeks audio! Just under the deadline I hope! Man this stuff is hard! But fun! You all are awesome! :-)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 303 - Women of CAW
Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

CAW303 from Juuno & Pixiegirl

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow Darlings!  

We hope everyone is doing great in and out of game this week!  We've been having fun...hehe... Pixiegirl mentions the Brawler's Guild in this audio and the day after we recorded this, she got her invite! Woot!  She only paid 1557 gold for it..yay!!  And the wonderful Willopelt took her mage, Kiche, into the Arena of Annihilation!  Attached is a picture of her reward from that...her new, awesome staff that she absolutely LOVES and says is the coolest staff ever...hehehee!  

We love you guys and gals!

/great big hugs & kisses!!!

Juuno & Pixiegirl  

What We've Been Doing:


Found the Merry go round

Aprillian and Epril got the fp to connect
Merry go round allowed Treshel to go from 9800 to 10780 DMF turn in
Love it when I get seeds from garden





Delayed comminique- Dual-boxing of a kind

Hello CAW crew,

Sorry for the lapse in emails. I'm three weeks behind, but Happy 300th.

I have not played much WoW in the last week, and this has been by choice. I was getting concerned by my son's eagerness for the game. He is a bit OCD and I was getting a little PO'd with his constant requests to play. I cut his playing entirely, for the time being. I decided that I would try to play only when the boys were asleep or out of the house. So my playing time, even on the weekend, is greatly reduced. It feels like time for a little break in WoW playing. The dailies, LFR, Tilling the farm, selling on the AH, leveling alts. The game was getting a bit immense. Let's just step back a little.

WoW time had ruined my working out habits since I started playing just over a year ago.  Ironically enough my gym membership is $15 a month. It's time for that account to get more use. I sent a Scroll of Resurrection over to 'Workout Mars' and he is slowing leveling back up.   I'm working on getting my rep up with the gym with my workout dailies.

I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Zethora on Korialstarsz. She welcomed me into my first guild when I started playing. She was helpful and fun to play with. She really showed me how much fun the game can be playing with multiple players. So if you see her on, give her a /highfive or a /wave and tell her Mars sent you.

Lastly, I learned that I have BBC America on my cable subscription. The boys and I were watching a little Doctor Who on this past Friday. I enjoyed the 2 episodes we watched. I wasn't too impressed over the holidays when I watched Season 1, Episode 1. Should I just skip Season 1 all together?

Have a great week guys!


Last weeks update

Big G

Hi Gang.

Hi CAW crew!

I've had a great week in wow considering my extremely limited playtime this week.  Grizz hit level 90, receiving the "Double Agent" achievement...  Please don't judge me for being "bi-factional".  There is just so much to explore on both sides, though I will admit that I feel most comfortable in my horde skin.  Sharavanga has happily been inducted into the ranks of the Clan of Darkness and promises to uphold and abide by the stringent yet fair guild rules set forth by Tiiaa, the most benevolent GM.

So being an altoholic myself, I had what I believe to be a good idea, and since I'm quite sure that CAW is the artery through which Blizzard feels the pulse of the WoW community, this seemed to be the perfect forum for my great epiphany.
Blizzard announced that the Tillers farm will be purchasable in the upcoming patch 5.2 and many players think that this may be the first step toward player housing,  I totally agree and believe that I have come up with the perfect implementation.
Here's how it works:  You purchase the farm from farmer Yoon who moves to Flordaria to retire, so you receive his little shack as well.  The small size of the shack is not an obstacle, because using the same technology as was used to shove the whole of Naxxramas into a little pyramid, your little house will be MUCH bigger on the inside.  As you walk down the path you are greeted by all your combat and non-combat pets, overjoyed to see you and happy to not be living in a bag or on a pet tab anymore.  a nearby stable could house hunter pets, warlock demons, mage elementals and perhaps a nice hammock for death knights' ghouls.  When you walk into the house, all your current account's characters would be there milling about, conversing, dancing--just about anything but sitting on the login screen.  Any opposite faction toons would be relegated to the basement.  Interacting with your other toons would give you the opportunity to switch characters (without logging off) and either continue from Halfhill or port to their most recent questing area.  There would be closet storage equivalent to bank tabs.  You would start with one free slot and be able to purchase more until you finally have enough room to stockpile the roughly four hundred trinkets you gathered while leveling.
Send Jogu the Drunk to alcoholics anonymous and slap an auction house down in Halfhill and you'll be living the good life.  Furthermore, the farm could come with you to future expansions and therefore never become obsolete.  If the Kirin Tor can suck Dalaran out of the Alterac Mountains and drag it to Northrend, surely a well-equipped mage can do the same with a modest farm in Valley of the Four Winds.  This would help the mages recoup some of the lost portal market with a new trained skill:  Farm Sucking.

Let me know what you think.
Much Love,
Big Steve

Professional confessional

Hello to everyone at Ctrl-Alt-WoW!  

I had a very busy week. I dusted off a lvl 28 warlock I hadn't played in eons, and found I liked the changes. So of course, I started a new warlock on Earthen Ring, named Rogueslayer (my original toon Rogueslayer is on another server, but I felt like I should have a namesake in the guild as well). She and Spyka, my other newer COD toon, are both doing well (they could use a promotion, though...).  

On Saturday Voltandra traded in two maxed-out primary professions for two others. I had never maxed out a crafting profession while leveling, but took some solid CAW advice and tried it on a level 90.  What a difference!  By Monday afternoon I had not only hit 600 on Herbalism and Alchemy, but also dragged Archeology to 600 along the way. In the attached audio file, Voltandra shares how she got through the drudgery.

Have a great week everyone!!

-Voltandra's player

CtrlAltWoW 303 Update 03/2013

Hello CAW-Crew,

First off, i want to wish Jeppy all the best, last i saw a twitter-post he wasn't all to good, so i hope he's
better and back on the show soon!!

Not too much happening with my toons this week.
My EU toons hardly got any playtime at all, exept for 2 lvls on my Hunter, 86 to 88, and i changed race
from a Nightelf to a Pandaren. It looks like i found my love for hunters again, don't know where that
was hiding, but, that happens with altoholism, i guess .  My DK finally got to kill Yogg-Saron without
any keepers to help her on 25 man, now she only need the achievement that she gets witnessing all
3 visions of Yogg-Saron's mind.

In an update of the progression of my CoD toons: My rogue, Ekkhae, has reached level 43 and my hunter,
Wanrong, reached lvl 47 just before i started writing this E-Mail.
Ekkhae is a miner / engineer, but i am not really happy with that, she is going to get another profession
for mining, i just don't really know what she will get yet.
Wanrong doesn't have any professions yet, she will get them when she reaches 60, then she is going to get
Mining, flying around and gathering mats for her second profession, that is going to be either JC or BS, the
one i do not choose will go to Ekkhae.

Finally i want to send a special greeting and my best wishes to Pixiegirl, and wish her a speedy recovery
from her cold she got.

Grand Nagus

P.S.: It just dawned on my, that, if i'm right, this show will be a all female show... don't know what to make
     of that, have we ever had that before??? just asking .

The Valentines Gave Up The Ghost

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night to you people! Wonder if anybody said ",What do you mean you people!." Long email today. I truly apologize.

I suppose I'll start with the subject matter. Caochayi and Iceflow have officially stopped looking for a permanent raid group. I was sad at first but I realized it's OK. Cao and I are busy, our nights are more committed than they used to be. I'm not saying we will never raid again but if we do it will probably be when we can just breeze through content in one night. Do not cry for me, Argentina.

But we did see some raid content with Brudog's new raid group Heroes of Canton (great name, huh?). Raiding with them, we brought down the first two bosses of Mogu'Shan Vaults. Even though it was great fun, I realized that my time for raiding has passed. Anyone looking for a raid group, it's a good one.

I fully intended to do all seven days of Darkmoon Faire activities. I really want those mounts and pets. I managed two days. Very lackluster.

On the pet battling front, it's been coming up roses. On the last podcast, Ashayo talked about raining in Stranglethorn. I was doing the rain dance too. On Jaguero Isle on five different servers. I was camping the Baby Ape and somehow I got lucky! I managed a common, uncommon, and a rare baby ape! It took a few days but I got all I wanted. He's super adorable. Now on to a rare giraffe calf. That's even more of pain in the butt. I have a total of 497 pets but that doesn't include unique. Of those I have 239. I'm almost to that feral vermling! (Whatever that is.)

My rambling is done. Thank you all for sticking with this email. Not sure why you did. Oh, yea, because you guys are awesome!

Super sweet Valentine hugs to you all,

Ice and Cao

Submission for January 16th

Hello CAW Crew, with an extra special hello to Kimolly!

Sorry no audio this week, I've got bronchitis, and the codeine they've
put me on kills any creativity I could have.

Morgaines Week: Morgaine has been busy doing dailies on her main rogue
Nokomis. She was super happy to finally get her flying disk mount from
Lorewalkers and reaching Exalted with Tillers. She has been enjoying
doing Senarios and slowly upgrading her gear from her "shredder-esque"
getup she had when she hit 90. She's getting super close to hitting
600 in Fishing, mostly with the help of Anglers rep. quests. She hopes
to hit 600 in all her skills by this week. other than that, she's been
enjoying playing her lowbie Human monk.

Wrens week: My week has been pretty simple, on my current main
(Malmuria) I've been happily teaming up with Morgaine to do our
dailies at least a few days a week, so that we can get all those
delicious mounts you can get at exalted. I'm enjoying the occasional
scenario as well, Although I definitely see why DPSers love them,
instant q must be nice for a non tank. I've gotten quite a few toons
to 86 and 87 though I must say I absolutely DESPISE playing my shaman.
My monk is now 77 and I must put out a public service reminder:
Starting at level 20, monks get a daily quest that gives +50% exp from
quests and kills for 1 hour. The thing is, this buff stacks. I've had
it as high as 12 Hours personally, so I'm not sure of the upper limit.
However, this means that whenever you log in to do daily transmutes
etc. Hop onto your monk, and do their daily, the next time you play
them, their levels will skyrocket from this exp buff.

Lastly: I caught both a Scourged Whelpling and a Minfernal, completing
Northrend Safari. I now only have to wait till Summer for the Qiraji
Guardling to spawn to finish my pet battle based achievements.

For the Horde, For the Alliance, For the Pet Battles!

Wren and Morgaine

Group Huggles Time

Helloooo Sweeties,

Well it's that time again - group huggles time! Woohoo :)

Hope this finds you all well & having a good week both in & out of game. Sending Jeppy some extra special healing hugs too - get better sweet Jeppy, we miss you!

Firstly I'd like to take this time to say a big thank you for all the kind thoughts & words over the past month since I lost my nephew. It has been a very rough time for myself and my family and the support you all have given me has been truly amazing - so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Special hugs go to Pixiegirl - big big thanks for her wonderful support.

Not a lot to report on the WoW front other then pet battles, pet battles & more pet battles. :)
I'm levelling another team... Ok that's not quite true, I'm levelling another 24 teams! Yeah I know I'm a addict... Hello my name is Leeta & I'm a pet battle addict! Hmm could be a song title lol *taps fingers to table thinking madly* well you never know! :D

Well that's about it for me this week. May you all have a wonderful show, miss you greatly & hope to make the chat room again soon :)

Take care
Huggles Leeta xoxo


Not much to report this week it’s been a pretty slow week hope jeppy is better soon and this god awful weather go’s away

Clan of Darkness

This weeks audio

Donnie’s Report