Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 261 - MoP It Up!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Mists of Pandaria Discussion

What We've Been Doing:


Mount can go to any toon on any account on the Battlenet account on any server! <--- Jeppy said that last show! sheesh
Gave the mount to a toon who had the Tyrell! Realized after I should have given it to a non contract toon.
RAF toons dinged 41 in 1k. Had a hard time finding bar, thanks Abbra and Vrishna. Wasn't going to do the car parts quest, but turns out you have to to unlock the other quests. 
Got my boat, did the cannon quest and the outhouse one and putting out the fire, which was a lot like pissing. But they quickly out leveled 1k but didn't have the FP to Tanaris so I called Epril and had Epril take Py to Gadgetzan.
Can't trade heirlooms! Opened ticket.
Getting lots of Grisly Trophies

We got our ships!

I have a career!!



(So I don't ramble I am going to try and write stuff down!)

Day by Day


Farmed up a metric crap ton of skin, Bought a metric crap ton of Pyrite (higher chance for infernos) which was selling for less than elementium (32g per stack) got 160 stacks. All part of the continued Botpocalypse. Such a double edged sword. Waiting for the bots to be banned and either sell it back as raw or if rubies bounce back up prospect until my eyes bleed.

Boosting Rugged and Savage leather prices by buying copious amounts is far from fun though profitable. Brainfarts led me to buy my own stock of an alt!

Not One but two!

While farming Tol Barad during the record I finally got the Kit Cub. Must have killed several hundred Baradin Foxes over the past years so forgive me for the scream on the show. The scream I made when another dropped later in the day however was way louder! Wight and Belfish now have these sweet pets. Scared to kill anymore foxes now in case a third drops and I have to delete it.

Did a couple of Tol Barads - lost both. Still wearing last season PvP gear.

Lots of AHing. More spending or investing as I prefer to incorrectly believe.


Created Kuts (Worgan Druid) on Boulderfist PvP via SoR. Previoulsy the account he is on showed as ineligible having already received a scroll way back. Seems Blizzard has decided to allow us to have another pop at the cherry.

Kuts role will be to spend the 7 days farming skin (worgan druid is a skinning machine) then after grabbing lots of alliance pets and recipes jump ship to Earthen Ring with my ill gotten gains.

Selected the transfer as well as the boost but guaranteed that it would break as I had filled up the receiving realm. Now have 7 days to do stuff before I have to take the transfer. 

Created Hoody a Human Hunter on Proudmore *surprised that name hadn't gone* He is the AH toon for The Proudmore Shuffle.

For 1 brief moment I had the Greater Celestial market in my sweaty hands. Sold 15 at 100 each then the floodgates opened and the price dropped to 61! 

The Proudmore Shuffle

Proudmore is a high pop server and is also transmog heaven. Coincidentally it is renowned for it's high Gay and Lesbian population. Go figure? The idea of the proudmore shuffle is to take all the transmog stuff which is sitting gathering dust on ER and transfer it via SoR to proudmore - sell it for eye watering amounts and again via another SoR bring it back to ER. Also because the market is so jacked up in other areas use server vs server arbitrage to make money during the swaps. The spreadsheet for this is a freaking piece of art

Using I have been checking out other servers for future SoR arbitrage. This one looks messed up. Not sure I would want to be alliance over there. The AH on there is HUGE and I was invited to several guild as soon as I logged in. Took a 25 :)

Picked up a cheap (100 gold) recipe for Enchant Weapon - Executioner. Spent some time crafting, DEing and buying the mats to make it. A few scarce items also got me buying and relisting stuff.


Dailies on my farming team. Wight and Belfish. TB top and bottom in less than an hour including extra gutting and skinning of crocolisks outside Baradin Hold.

Overnight auctions a wee bit disappointing though I saw an increase in Glyph sales. The SoR effect continues.

Sold my second enchanter pet (Eternal Lantern 980g) lots of undercutting. Reds up and down and no movement on Executioner or Peerless stats. Elemental Goo the daily so HaiBai gets a day out (well 10 minutes)

Taking my foot of the Leather market accept to buy out the criminally low.

Thinking of making a hog as I seem to have the farmable mats.

What to take with you on a transfer? Spent a lot of time maximizing what to take to ER on an SoR toon.

Late night AHing. Must make a leather worker. Want one for the weekend.

*Yes I bought a gold making guide*


Another early start to beat the Daily reset!

Lots of tidying up and stream watching. Very little progress.


Farming Ascendants Rise with hunter team and Bonita in the air - she hit 85 and I got a lot of 77-80 and some treasure chests from the potion.



Panadern Overload

Hello Aprillian, Tedra, Jeppy and Ashyao

Hope your all having a great week.

Hasnt it been an amazing week for wow so much news I wasn't able to keep up,
The press event did excacly what it was supposed to and has got me really
exctied about the next expansion.  Especially the 11 charater slot. Thank you Blizzard!

Anyways attached is my audio, I do apoligies I did ramble on a bit woops.

Have a great week


P.s. only a week away before we start collecting chocolate eggs Yumm.

Resurrection help

Dear Ctrlaltwow crew:

           Resurrection recombobulation, this scroll deal would be perfect for me but I do not have anyone who could send me a request.  :(  I'd love to give someone a free cool mount if I can justify the time commitment of wow but I'd love to be bumped up to cataclysm from vanilla.  I just never expanded up because of time issues (MBA classes, work and family) and the cost which used to be over $100.00 to fully upgrade.  In the past I have sent in funny gnome stories of breaking legs off the stonewrought dam, quite fun and I would suggest jumping off the dam to anyone, episode 195.  If anyone could send me a scroll I'll try and start playing again and I'll even join the guild to try and help out.  I have enjoyed the antics of the Control Alt Wow podcast for over 3 years now and you keep me connected to the wow world without even playing.  Id recommend downloading a random old podcast sometime and listening, oh memories.  Keep your health bars full and most importantly have fun.

The Journey (nickname)

BrewDawg the Destroyer's End

Hail JATA!

Hope all are well.  Sorry for not writing for a while.  As the title
suggest my raid team downed Deathwing 5 weeks ago earning us the
Destroyer's End title.  We have all 8 bosses on farm now.  It takes
about 3 hours for us to clear the instance.  Our raid leader does not
want to do heroic Dragon Soul. For now we will continue to run it
until all the team members get the drops they want.

Even though we out-gear it we may go back to finish T11 heroics so we
can pull Sinestra.  She is a "hidden" boss and only comes out if you
have downed all the Bastion of Twilight, Thrown of the 4 Winds, and
Blackwing Decent Bosses on heroic difficulty.  It will be cool to see
the fight and get the Dragon Slayer title.

On our last kill of Madness Brewdawg finally got the polearm; Kiril,
Fury of Beasts.  It has a proc that increases his size by 10% every
second for 10 seconds.  Talk about a Big Bear But!  It's very cool.

Boileau's (Bwallow) team continue to progress and are now 6/8.
Assuming we don't have attendance issues we will get Spine down on
Sunday and have a few goes at Madness.  We have a good chance of
downing both.

I was going to write up a summary of my feelings about the Cataclysm
raid teirs but maybe I'll save that for when a little bird visits me
next week.

In SWTOR my Sith Inquisitor hit 50.  The story was very good but I'm
having trouble getting motivated to go through the gear grind to start
raiding.  There are so many missing elements and bugs in the game.
The big "fix everything" 1.2 patch does not address the key problems I
have with the game. No threat meter and no dual spec.  My toon is tank
spec so dailies are a real grind.  I never die but it can take forever
to kill high level mobs.  If I had not already paid for 6 months I
would un-sub until dual or multi-spec is in the game.

Below is a write up I did on tanking the bosses in Raid Finder.  You
can read them if you want or just post it to the show notes.  I
intended to send this weeks ago but kept forgetting.

Two Tanks, stack together inside his hit-box. Taunt after 3 stacks of
Crushing Armor. Taunt back when your stacks drop. Run out of black
ooze and hide behind rock.

Normal: no change
One Tank. Face him toward the raid until ball spawns. Run through him
facing him away from the raid. Use cool downs for his cone attack.

Normal: watch the ball after 3-5 bounces you may need to move Zon'Ozz
to make sure the ball hits him.
One Tank, face him away from the raid. Use cool-downs if de-buff
stacks get over 5. Stacks will drop during ooze phase.

Raid Finder Ooze Kill Priority: Purple > Yellow > Black > Red

Normal: no change for tank, ooze kill order can change based on raid
comp and ooze combo generally Purple > Green > Yellow > Black > Red
One Tank, strafe before/when she starts Frenzy. Lightning Phase
tank/kill add on the totem. Ice Phase stack on a totem then don't get
hit by the moving ice wall.

Note: two tanks are needed for the trash and DPS will often pull
before a tank can change spec. Off-tank can make this easy by staying
at range and taunting when she cast Frenzy it will break it.

Normal: No change, Ice Tomb toons stack on tank to get cleaved out.
Two Tanks
Initial/Main-Tank, use 1-2 cool-downs every "Hour of Twilight." Push
button with 3 seconds before "Fading Light" expires. Taunt back when
off-tank gets fading light. Remember to hit cool-downs for "Hour of

Off-Tank, push button before "Hour of Twilight" hits. Taunt when
main-tank gets "Fading Light." Main-tank taunts back when you get
"Fading Light." Hit button 4-3 seconds before "Fading Light" expires.
You will have to quickly hit your button again when you come back in
before the next "Hour of Twilight"

Note: "Fading Light" has a random cast time so you have to watch the de-buff.

Normal: no change
Two Tanks
Add Phase: each takes an add, switch the type of add you take each
wave. Tank them together so melee can cleave them. Stay out of
"Onslaught" if you are tanking an add, run in if you are not.

Boss Phase: taunt back and forth every two stacks. Strafe out of
"Shockwave" if necessary. Tank boss in the middle of the ship and far
enough from void-zones so that melee to get behind him.

Normal: use AOE abilities to help expose the Sapper. If you are not
tanking an add stun the sapper. DK's use Death Grip & Chains of Ice.
Two Tanks
Tank One: grab big add and move it to the front, taunt bloods to you,
when big add hits ~20% run him through puddles until he hits 9 stacks,
use a cool-down and bring it back to the front if you had move away.
When he starts to channel "Nuclear Blast" run to the back. Help DPS
down the Tendon. Repeat 2 more times.

Tank Two: gather up the adds and bring them to tank one. Help DPS down
the Tendon.

Normal: Use roll mechanic for adds but no real change, use offensive
cool-downs to help DPS the Tendon. If a plate gets pulled back down
tank the big add slightly off-center to the side of the Tendon you
were DPS'ing. The plate will go up again on that side and the Tendon
will be at low health.
Two Tanks
Phase One: Tank the "Mutated Corruption," use cool-down or green
button for "Impale," second tank taunt when first get's the impale
de-buff. Group up hemorrhage adds, "Regenerative Bloods" in the yellow
swirl if available. Help single target DPS the blistering tentacles if
when they come up. Repeat 4 times.
Phase Two: each tank picks up an "Elementium Fragment" when they
spawn, tank them in yellow swirl. Help DPS down the boss between add

Raid Finder Platform Order: starting platform then left, left, all the
way right.

Normal: not many changes for the tanks, use a cool down for "Impale"
and if the Bolt is going to hit the platform. It can be one tanked if
your raid's DPS can burst down the corruption before the second Impale
and burst down one of the Elementium Fragments before the tank dies.

Submission for 261

Hi CAW Sweeties,
Have attached an audio for you - hope you enjoy 
Have a great week!
Big hugs Leeta

Rigarmorty Update for Episode 61

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy and Tedra! (and to that awesome couple Caoboi and Iceflow they are sooooooooo awesome and you should have them on the show forever and ever and ever and ever -Caoboi did not type this)

Unfortunately no audio from me this week but that's just because of your recording schedule change this week and RL stuff getting in the way.

It's been a busy week though I've not managed to get much Wow time in. The main highlight of the week in Wow was about 20 minutes ago when Leita (Leetawow) joined Clan of Darkness! Woo hoo! It's been a long time coming! Other than that, my Undead Rogue Rigarmorty is level 82 and just over half way to level 83. Still questing in Deepholm but I really like the area. I've been playing the Auction House a bit and made 800 gold yesterday just selling off BOE gear and mats I gathered and sent Tiiaa (Aprillian) a further 990 gold.

In RL, busy week ahead as it's the last week before we're taken over. Lots of stuff we still don't know but I'll still be employed for the foreseeable future.

Episode 2 of Rigarmorty's Blight Night podcast came out this past week. I think I'm getting better at doing them and looking forward to having a better recording amount of spare time in the middle of April.

Well, that's it for me this week! Have a safe cruise Aprillian!

For the Horde And The Alliance
For Clan of Darkness



Submission for 3/24

Hello CAW Crew.

Wowsers this is an odd recording time for us, we didnt have time to record a song though, so I'll just have to make sure we get one in time for next week.

We started a blog to keep track of our adventures in video games, and to post our videos better. We've listed every episode in which we had a parody song played.

Well, my week in WoW I continued my "let's see how fast I can level Dawnblade. Got him to 70. Though I am now one dungeon shy of of the outland dungeon master achievement, had a group fall apart in the last fight of magisters terrace and havent been able to rerun it yet.

Morgaine has been playing her warlock, Shadowsleep a little bit, and has been enjoying leveling through Arathi highlands, as shes never done it before horde side.

Other then that, little going on for us in WoW.

For the Alliance, For the Horde, For the "Wren, are they recording right now?"


Wren and Morgaine.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 260 - Margin Call

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.
Hello Darlings!  A prillian, Ashayo, Tedra and She Who Must Be Obeyd's El Jeppy!!!  I was super busy these last few days, and didn't manage to get my recording done...:-[  I apologize!  But I wanted to shoot you a line to let you know I am thinking of you and hoping everyone's doing great!  Mom wanted me to say hello to everyone too....rrrr...I mean, Pixiegirl, that is...hehe.  Speedracer broke his leg three weeks ago and she hasn't really been on the game since then, so she wanted me to let you know why and that she'll be back soon.  Speedracer's doing alright though, thankfully.  He was riding his snowmobile and my older ginger brother (who doesn't play WoW because he sucks!  hehe) ran into Speedracer's snowmobile with HIS snowmobile!  What a buffoon, right??  (Bugs Bunny used to say something like that so I use it from time to time...hehe)  Anywho, it was just terrible but he's healing.  He just had his 16th birthday on St Patty's Day, by the way!  So anyway, that's what Pixie's been dealing with... she did log in the other day just so she could deposit 150 gold pieces into the CoD bank... lol!  She said she deposits 50 gold pieces every week and felt bad because she hadn't done it in three weeks. She said that someone had cleaned out the guild bank, and that it probably needed it as it had been crowded.  Then we both agreed it was probably Jeppy.... hahahaaa!  :-P
Sorry I don't have any WoW news... I mean, Diablo III finally has a release date though!  That's cool, eh??  Well, anyway, I have to get going... so... back to the dungeons with me!

I love you guys AND gals!
Big hugs & kisses!  *muah!*
For the Alliance, for the Horde, and for real life broken bones!  Woot!  hehehehee
Juuno of Earthen Ring, Nevikhoof, and Korialstrasz

Oh, PS!  I just saw CAW's tweet about donations!  I will make a donation by this coming Friday and happy to do so too!  You should totally pimp that Paypal button, Aprillian!!  xoxoxox!


What We've Been Doing:


Tried to do the transfer with gold, but it wouldn't work unless I unchecked the transfer button. Went back and there was no option to move. Going to try it with another toon.
By Wed the RAF toons were 37 and the Northern Barrens quests were green, so we hopped over to Brakenwall Village. Oh the severed pieces quest was bizarre.
Py trained a Blue Wind Serpent:
As I jumped from place to place, I kept running out of Quest Log space. Remember only having 10 quests?

The toon you get to level 80 and the one you transfer don't have to be the same one.
Was thinking of sending a chopper to Nevikhoof. And I did. Ran around getting parts. Now I have a
RAF twins dinged 40! Abandoned all green quests, went to Feralas and got a quest to go to 1K. My first time questing in this area.


- Got The Seeker title (3000 quests) 70 quests into Icecrown!
- Soloed "Basic Chemistry" - normally takes 2-3 ppl because of cooldown on the neutralising agent you have to throw into the couldron. Fixed?
- Argent Tournament quests don't count toward Icecrown!!
- Stuck at 115/140. Then found quests for weeping quarry out of The Shadow Vault. 121/140. Which opened up Vereth the Cunning at the Rise of Suffering. 127/140 , and 3 5-man group quests - The Rider of Unholy/Frost/Blood. Can't solo Unholy, and can't assist with horde toon - even they I can see them, they are different mobs! Soloed Frost.

- Group quests : The Ironwall Rampart (dude with a hellhound and summons adds). Opens Before the Gate of Horror - kill 6 skeleton Reavers
- Got Jekle's help with Banshee's Revenge (blow  a horn a kill a dude where the Lich King turns up). Opens up Battle at Valhalas. 137/140
- Found a rare mob Hildana Deathstealer - a Valkyr that hovered such that a melee cat couldn't hit her!
- Jekle helped with Coprous the Defiled. 139/140
- Shatter the Shards listed as 5-man, but can do without even killing anything as a druid

Icecrown: The Final Goal!
Loremaster of Northrend!

Finished 96% into 83


SoR Kutlet Leatherworker of the future

AH MADNESS - *sell sell sell*

Inscription twists my melon


Tedra did a scroll on a baby druid. Put Teadora in CoD
Claypidgin gave me a scroll and I did baby priest, so Saxie joined CoD.
My friend Dawan gave me one for Sisters of Elune for my last dead account, so I did a baby Shaman, Peradot is in Unbroken.

Tried triple boxing with no luck, so I did the first several quests in Hyjal doubleboxing Teadora & Saxie.
I got to do three or quests with Rigarmorty in Hyjal.

Teonna, my loremaster toon will be on hold until the month runs out on the new 80s.

Did a 2+ heroic & three 4+ heroics on Hoth with Fendarus (Alex), Laleh & Melyen (Alton)
Dinged 40 doing those.  Then we did the Colicoid War Games flashpoint. That was lots of fun, once we figured out how to succeed at the cannon portion of it.

Not going to buy next level of speeder because its 210,000 credits.


Scroll of Resurrection

Greetings and Salutations!

It’s been a while since I’ve drop more than just a tweet towards the Control-Alt-WoW podcast.  At the suggestion of our fine host Aprillian, I wanted to say that if there’s anyone who’d like to make use of a Scroll of Resurrection, I’m certainly willing to send out some, if someone needs one…or two…or three, or what have you.  I imagine, however, there may be little call for it, since unless you’re like Jeppy and have a spreadsheet full of old, lapsed accounts, you probably have enough of your own to perpetuate yourself. [Insert wry grin here.] ;-)

In other news, I’ve been pretty focused on Raiding, Raiding, Raiding since I’ve found a group that runs during the odd time-slot I have to do so.  However, I’ve noticed that all this Raiding is costing me more and more in the repairs department.  I need to find time to try to do my share of dailies and collect enough gold for repairs, as well as enchants when I get gear upgrades.  What a vicious cycle!

Well, that’s my news from this little corner of the digital world.

“Be well…”

Wolfbrother / Eranth / Lionchild


Hi Aprillian

Hope its ok, i've attached my very first recording that I've done ever! I was very nervous - how daft is that?

Don't worry about playing it if its not up to scratch as the people that write or record into the show are so talented.

Stay shiny


P.s. I meant to say 'Juno of Korialstraz'  not just 'Korialstraz' :)

P.p.s. if I ever had a video of the week this would be it for this week....

greetings friends

Greetings CAW crew

C.C. The Disgruntled Warlock here 

Sorry to hear about Virishna he was fun to mess with, I know, that's what she said.  But cheer up, the last time I checked wow had 10 million subscribers.  So if we figure that at least 3/4's of them are men and half of those are over 18 and if we subtract Aprillian and Jeppy's characters I figure that's got to leave at least a million people you may be interested in....... (evil wink) Hey Aprillian "how you doing"?

Anyhow I was listening the other day and was shocked to hear Aprillian's story about riding around in a 50ft mechanized monster laughing evilly while curb stomping helpless wounded POW'S and I'm the monster....... go figure. 

OK OK back to the point.  Having played since vanilla days I was getting kinda bored with WOW and gasp....... I let my subscription run out.  I know scary right. I still listened to you guys and after a while the shaking and the cold sweats stopped.  Of course that is when I hear about the WOW Ironman challenge and that sick little part of my brain starts to say "hey that sounds fun".  I have not signed back up, but I fear its only a matter of time.

Oh any chance you can send me Virishna's cell phone number so I can call him and play the bunny death sound? I know it would make his day.  Just kidding, but that would be funny.  That is all for now and I hope to write more later

C.C. the Disgruntled Warlock

and remember, bunny slippers are cute but LIVE bunny slippers make the most adorable sound when you walk!

Another Saturday in Chaos

Hi there CAW Crew,
Every Saturday we have a Heroclix tournament, here at my shop. I have learned to hate these games. Without fail, I start an email to send to you.  They never get sent.  Life in the Comic Shop has a vaguely surreal quality.  The patrons are like the characters of the Big Bang Theory only in herds.  I have trouble staying as positive and upbeat as the shop owner in that show.  Your podcast is a great comfort to me… there is intelligent life out there. 
I have pictured you all in my mind, and wonder just how close to right I am.  I have to admit, I have seen Juuno’s videos and she looks just like I pictured her.  
Aprillian looks like Pam Grier
El Jeppy looks like Leo McKern from the Rumpole series
Tedrah looks like Paula Dean from the covers of the Magazines at the supermarket check out
Ashayo looks like Adam Baldwin in Chuck

Vrishna looks like Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard from Big Bang Theory

Please tell me I am right!  Of course, unless we meet, I will probably just ignore your reality and maintain my own. For example, I “know” that the photo of Terry Gross from NPR on Wikipedia should look like the ones at Lee Meriwether site. (ok, maybe not the Cat Woman costume one)

For the horde, and for the herd of clueless comic geeks,



Rigarmorty CAW 260

 Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy and Tedra!

So awsome being back on the US side and home in COD and great seeing everyone!

Attached is my audio this week which turned into an 8 minute ramble.

For the Horde

For the Clan of Darkness

For achievements :D



Lvl 82 & lots of lonely toons

Hello Ctrl-Alt-WoW!  For the past couple of weeks I've told myself that after I hit [X level], I'll write in.  Then the week goes on and before I know it I've got a new CAW episode in iTunes - missed again!  So here I am.  Voltandra, the first toon I started on Earthen Ring, is now level 82, cruising around Deepholme.  I also have two others now in the guild - Narendra (lvl 30) and Jolantru (lvl 29).  I've been playing Voltandra so much that I'm sure someone will soon be notifying ATPS (Azerothian Toon Protective Services) to report me for extreme neglect.

I've been picking up the individual zone Loremaster achievements in a lot of zones, which is a new style of play.  I must say, it's been fun to follow the questlines through to completion rather than just zooming off to the next zone according to level.  I did get Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, but haven't completed the full set for any other continents yet.  I do admit to bailing on Blade's Edge Mountains - I just couldn't take being there any more!

Yesterday I did the Oracles dailies in Sholazar Basin for the first time, and ran into a little issue.  I was on the quest to slay 30 puppy-men, and I found a big crowd of them assembled on a large ledge.  I thought this will be great - just land in the middle and AOE the lot of them.  This worked very well, except that they respawned faster than I could pick up the loot.  Of course I didn't want to leave any shinies behind, so I killed the respawns - now twice as much looting required.  But they respawned again!  After a while, I had to walk away from the sparkling bodies and leave the loot behind. *Sniff*

Today I landed off to the side and sent a ranged attack at one Frenzyheart.  He came over and brought his little group with him.  This worked much better, as I could loot one group before moving on to the next, and they didn't respawn right on top of me.

I've really been enjoying playing in Clan of Darkness. Noblegarden is coming soon - time to dust off the baskets!
See you in game,

Voltandra, Narendra and Jolatru
rogueslayer1 on Twitter
Beth from Framingham, MA

Chained to the wheel

Once again it’s been a quite week for WoW well here’s my audio.
Big G

Submission for 260

Hi CAW sweeties finally managed an audio for you this week - hope it sounds OK. Also attaching 2 pictures of my transmogged DK and Hunter - enjoy :)
Take care
Big hugs Leeta

Alt-hopping and Yeti punting fun

Hello Ctrl Alt WoW crew,
This week has been filled with lots of alt hopping and playing some more on my warlock Shadowsleep. I got her up to lvl 30 and been working my way through Hillsbrad and Alterac Valley. My favorite quests this week have to be the new Welcome to the Machine quest line in Hillsbrad. It is so very campy, but entertaining as well.  I love the battle with the crazy undead mad scientist with Jenny/Johnny "Awesome" and all the parts with the undead dragon Kasha and her orc Kingslayer Orkus.
I also begged Wren to help me finish off a few of the 3 man bosses in the area. Boy was the giant Yeti, Yetimus, tough! He punted me clear across Hillsbrad! I got Shadow's skills up as well, mostly mining in the Yeti cave in Hillsbrad (while hiding from Yetimus).
Besides Shadow, I officially moved over my lvl 69 troll Shadow priest Niylaa to Earthen Ring  whith her bags filled to the brim with stuff for my alts. So now all my Hordlings will all be on the same realm and all my Alliance toons will be on their own realm separately. I'm looking forward to basically re-learning to play her, as its been ages since I played her, and getting her up to lvl 85.
I also really enjoyed playing my goblin mage, Icybellina, and getting her up to lvl 32 alongside of Wren's goblin warrior Turbocharge. We mostly leveled them in instances, and I enjoyed playing her in them for once.  For some reason I have no issue playing her in instances dps-ing, where as my warlock I enjoy playing her alone and questing. Maybe it is all the damage over times that warlocks do- I can't seem to get a good warlock rotation for instances.
I dabbled in a few of my other lowbie alts as well, but those were the major happenings this week in WoW for me.
I hope you all had a giant green beer yesterday (if not, you should!)
Happy alting and Game on!

Have you missed us?

Hooooooooola CAW Crew!

Life around the Kithore household has been very busy this last month or so. We take what life throws at us, and we laugh in return. Hahahahaha!! (Uhm, do that laughter evilly, please. Just for me.)  And of course, we rise above.

I have been playing a little bit, though not as much as I would have liked. Instead, I have been (dun dun dun)... Spring Cleaning!! It actually feels really good to have the house all picked up, even though I know it'll be messy again soon enough. Heh. Despite that, I was able to get my Oracle reputation high enough to be able to start buying the eggs and hoping for that proto drake drop, and I have bumped my mage, Inmyowndream, up from 50 to 55. I have also developed an unhealthy addiction to Double Bubble Gum in the last week I have been at home from work, I'll have to curb that come the start of school again tomorrow.

Kithore hasn't been able to play all that much this week, as he's been keeping himself busy at truck driving school. Guaranteed to be top of his class, he's doing a lot of learning, a lot of getting up FAR too early in the morning so he can get to class on time, and a lot of video chatting with myself and the kiddos. Send him good vibes, as he goes Monday to take his tests at the DMV. We miss him at home, but we are very proud of him, and know he's just going to do AWESOMELY. Of course, when he chose to become a truck driver, we did consider his WoW time. As most of the truck stops have wifi access... we think he will still have ample time to play. :-) He intends to get some more play time in this week, while he's still at school. I hear his instructors are learning his version of English very well, and are slowly taking it up, as they much prefer his accent over their own.

Well, this is getting kinda long.

So, for the Spring Cleaning, the Truck Driving School.... and the Double Bubble Gum!

This is Kithore and InMyOwnDreams
Lovin' ya'll forever!

My Submission - Am I the last one?

Hello CAW Crew. Aprillian, Ashayo El Jeppy, Teadrah (alphabetical order, so no complaining)

My week in wow was quite fun, my goal was to get my paladin to 40, and I did that during last weeks live stream. So when I hit 50 this week I was ecstatic. When I hit 60 and was able to get my flying moutn already I was over the moon with joy. Then I started leveling archaeology...and I know why I don't usually do that now. It's so odd to me how sometimes questing gives much better exp the dungeons, at least in a zone im familiar with. I'm uber-ecstatic about the info that's coming out tonight, can come fast enough. I'll be rabidly refreshing websites two hours into the live show to get the info. Wooo!

Anyways, outside of WoW life has calmed down, though I was able to start back up my old D&D group with a skype/maptools mixed with real life players as well, very fun, and VERY enjoyable, since most my friends and players live scattered about eastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.

Moving onto our audio submission: I decided to go with a plain acapella version this week because I honestly thought the vocals without pauses sounded better that way. Hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. (Ahem, cough, aheem *writing it three hours ago* ahem cough)

For the Alliance. For the Horde. For the D&D players!


Shout Outs & Thank You

Momomoments -cough cough and more cough! bloody hell!

Hello all,
hope you are all doing well and much healthier than I am.  I have been sick yet again and frankly I am sick of it! :)
I have played a bit of wow this week, not enough to go on too much about though.
I have a new 80 warlock on balanzar server names Flerzen, a random name pick which I like for some reason. He is a troll and a product of the scroll of mo-resurrection.
After fixing all the addons and usual things, I picked up inscription and herbing which I have always hates but wanted to try something new.  I really do not know how others and especially Jeppy do it! What Jeppy does is simply amazing, to be able to level up one single profession within hours.  For some players, the elitist lets say, think they are all that a slice of pie because they are able to raid and talk smack about how someone doesnt know how to play the game and etc.  For me its amazing how Jeppy and Aprillian and others play and how they are able to level up characters or professions or w/e so quickly.  At least much quicker than I can.  
After a few hours in the last week I have leveled my locks professions to about 150 almost, thats it!  Well we are who we are.
I will keep at it and maybe by halloween I will have it maxed out...probably not :)

Maybe this week I will be able to do more than dailies and get some dungeons done, oh and I forgot the new guild Ashayo was talking about last week.  If you ever need any type of mo-help please let me know.
Have a great week and hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patricks day and drank Guinness.

For the  Irish!

Clan of Darkness


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 259 - Resurrection Election

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno's Corner

Hello Darlings!

I hope everyone's doing great.  Great big hugs to Aprillian, especially, this week.  :-*

Juuno  =)

What We've Been Doing:


Did DMF and had fun getting extra levels. Logged into Shemain, went to DMF and ran into Morja. I looked in Shemain's bags and she had The Dark Iron Ale. Seems like it takes 2 mugs. After I set one out, I had to give one to the chick to complete the quest.
Almost did a big mistake, I was doing the Who killed Dallas quest and needed to make 300 simoleons before the end of Wed. I was maxed out at the level I was on and needed supplies. I couldn't send anymore requests, so I almost used simcash. But then I tried just writing, and bingo, I still made money.

Took my 20 something RAF's to DMF and only one could do the cooking quest. Then I decided to get Eekeya for the hunter. Did they move the bones closer to Crossroads.   What! Mor'sham Ramparts has a fp! And is now a quest hub. Finished there, except the collection quest, arrows. Bruzilla dinged 24, Py dinged 23. Almost a quarter level each turn in.

Couldn't figure it out without using the website. Then didn't finish quest because I dinged 30.
Note to self, when you have a toon on follow, do not click the glowing rope thingy.
Skipped from Ashenvale to Northern Barrens. The new quests are fun.

Resurrected an old account and took a level 1 Dranei Shaman to a level 80 Goblin Shaman decked out in greens:

Py was ahead of Brus, so I started swapping out heirlooms:

Scrolls of Resurrections handed out.

You can store whole rooms in storage and even trade them between beach house and home. Hugged Big G and the symbol of a specimen bottle popped up.
Worked on Loremaster toons, 

Watch Your Step

Free 7day codes for SWTOR


AIE Salus

Got a new PC and set both instances of WoW to Ultra. Completely blown away by the ripple effect swimming through water!! WOW!

Tried to delete a toon to make an Iron man toon and got "This character has mail or has an heirloom in their inventory or void storage and cannot be deleted."

DMF - Bought the monkey

Storm Peaks
- The Warm-up (defeat Kirgarrak  - yeti - with a bear mount) failing like quests in Shadowmoon Valley - auto attack not working on vehicle, so can't do enough damage. Ended up killing in cat form.
- Flying over Grom'arsh Crash-site and there weren't any quests there. Followed all the chains I had and came to dead end. Then remember I was alliance! Headed off to Frosthold and picked up the quests from there for the first time.
- Finished "The Summit of Storm Peaks" 30% into 83

- Picked up quest "A Daughter's Embrace" Lilian Voss joins you as a guardian, and she kicks butt! I aggroed a group of 4 and she took them all on. Thought I'd grind some mobs while I had her, but got too close to her father, and she ran off. Could've abandoned the quest, but moved on. Really wasn't an issue - there are LOTS of quests in the Undead zone that give you a 'helper' - Orc Sea Dogs for one.
- Tip: Not a great idea to aggro rare mobs - they can often hit harder and do more damage!
- Always worrying when you get a quest to kill elites!
- Undead story line and starting quests are pretty cool ; hadn't done in Cata
- Came across a Red Exclamation mark!!







@Prancelot sent me a twitter about the ghost saber cat you can get in Darkshore from cat figurines you can find around the ruins of Mathystra.  The cat spawned for me on the second figurine I found and I was able to tame it.

So Teonna now has 4 cats. I need some name suggestions as currently they are all still cat.
Teonna did a few quests in Ruins. Collected highborne relics for Balthule Shadowstrike, killed shatterspear laborers for Tysha Moonblade.
Her next set of quests was to go into the shatterspear camp and free prisoners, kill mystics and enforcers & destroy armaments. It was really weird to be killing trolls and tauren and burning crates with horde symbols on the side. Also when you find the prisoner she is mostly dead and asks you to kill her torturer.  When you do you get a key that will open cages just a little further back.  There is no quest symbol on the key or cages, but if you open them the NPC will come out and a quest symbol will appear on her. She's an escort quest but it's really short and she runs.
Teonna is only 19 but she is already working on quests designated as low level for her. She's now Friendly with Gilneas. Dinged 20 on the 33rd quest in darkshore. Was able to take the nightsaber at the quest hub back to Lor'danel so I could fly to Teldrasil and get my mount out of the bank. Ended 7 bars into level 20 and about to start the Shatterspear Vale hub at 36/90 for Darkshore.

Did a little of the DMF. I had some lag doing the tonks, took 7 tries to finish it, usually only takes me 2.

The guild is getting really close to level 12 and Matahorn was working on it yesterday. I'm killing critters trying to work on the Critter Kill Squad guild ach.

Zix & Aprillian did the Black Sun quests on Coruscant and the first of the Gree quests to restore the hydrosupply.
+2 heroic The Face Merchants - shutting down a lab giving new faces to criminals
Esseles Flashpoint - we were a little over level for it but it was fun.  We took our time and made it the whole way thru. Aprillian did have a small glitch while trying to load into the instance and then again when she had a fall mishap and died.
On Linx I got my Jawa - Blizz - companion.

Been having a little gaming A.D.D.. The Sims 3 new expansion pack came out this week so I played that some as well as LOTRO, EQ2 & I even patched my STO though it took so long I didn't actually get a chance to play it. Also played some Sims Social.

Wanted to say thank you to all the listeners & cohosts for being so welcoming.  I appreciate it.


The Chalice of Evermoon

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedra, and Jeppy,

I'll be very surprised if you folks ever heard of a radio play from WoW Radio called "The Chalice of Silvermoon," but you may have a vague recollection of the "Chalice" machinima that was done for the first Xfire/Blizzard contest way back at the beginning of 2006.  The radio play actually ran on and off from 2005 to 2009, and had a much higher production value by the time it died out than it did back in the days of the machinima, but anyway, I'm one of the two creators of that distant memory.

I'm writing you now because we've reconceptualized our radio play, taken the story out of the WoW universe, come up with a new universe for the story to take place in, and are now working on a web-based cartoon series called "The Chalice of Evermoon."  However, we're in need of a tiny bit of funding in order to make the project happen.  I was wondering if you kind internet celebrities could find the time to mention our GoFundMe site ( on one of your shows or your social networks to help us bring in some more donations.  Myself and/or my co-creator would also be thrilled to join you for a brief interview, if you feel compelled enough to have us, but anything you can do to help us get the word out there would go a long way.

Thanks a million,
Kyle McCarley
Donut Boys Studios

All quite on the home front

The Big G
Not much to report this week been busy outside of game and in sims so yes I ran a few dungeons and did a heap of dailys at the dark moon fair and that’s been about it for the week oh I said hi to varishna when he logged in so yer sorry so quick just on my way out the door as I am driving halfway across thestate tonight and really should be on my way.

For the horde

For the alliance

For the sandgrophers

And for ther chat with Tedra which was naughtier than you thought but cleaner than you feared seeya.

Taking Advantage

Hello Aprillian, Ashyao, Jeppy and Tedra

I hope you guys are all well, and had a great week in world of warcraft land,
With the new updates to scroll of resurrection, I have been taking advantage
On my old accounts and getting a free mount plus a level 80 and an upgrade
To Cata!!. People think Blizzard is just being desperate, but secretly there just
Giving some love to the altacholics.

Also from a popular warcraft news forum they believe MOP is coming out
Sooner than thought. So when the expansion does actually drop what will you
Guys do, roll a new toon. If so what race and class? Or will you try and get your 85s
To 90 first?

Well enough from me hope you guys have a great week

For the Alliance


Rigarmorty CAW 259

Hi CAW Crew!

Attached is my quieter audio or this week.

For the Horde, for the Alliance and for being back on US servers!



Hello and Morgaine's WoW recap

Hello Ctl Alt WoW crew,
Morgaine here (Wren should of sent his recap separately with the link to this week’s song).
In WoW I enjoyed some more time playing with my Undead Warlock, Shadowsleep. I got her up to lvl 25 and have been slowly trying to get her Jewelry crafting, mining, cooking, first aid, etc. up at the same time, so I don’t have to go back to the lowbie zones to level them up. I enjoyed playing her at the Darkmoon fair- especially when I got the 5 point center target on the first try with her from the cannon game. Yay!

I really have been enjoying the revamped undead zone and being Sylvanas’ buddy throughout the whole experience. Sadly other than playing Shadowsleep, I haven’t done a whole lot in game, except crafting stuff and sending things to alts.

In Facebook/Sims Social world I haven’t done a whole lot either.  After I finished the bar and unlocked the fish tank and did a lot of work on my beach house last week, I officially completed ALL of the general Sims Social quests and had to wait for the new weekly quests to come around before I had any new quests. I was sadly disappointed with the prizes for those quests when they did come up though. No offense, I’m not a fan of the whole “gangster” theme. I did just finish my Italian cafĂ© setup at my main house, and I’m trying to save up to unlock more land over there.

Wren makes fun of me for my obsession with the game besides WoW, but it helps me take all the cool ideas I come across while surfing Pinterest and put them in a virual house that actually has the room for those ideas. Haha. (If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, check it out- it is a cool site.)

Anyways, that’s basically what I’ve been up to. I hope to play Shadowsleep more tomorrow or when I get home from work at 2am and maybe play one of my many other alts waiting patiently to be played.
For the Alliance, The Horde, and all my fellow gamers everywhere,
Game on!


Hello CAW Crew!

Hopefully you guys had a great week.

My WoW week has been pretty simple, got my paladin up to 29, really wanna get him up to 40 by the end of next week. I really want the epic paladin mount. I decided that this character will be my horde side mount collector. Played the rest of my lowbie hordelings as well.

The NEW Scroll of Resurrection Proved to be a great boon to me.

What I did was I was ressed an account that I used for RAF for the mount years ago. I then created a lowbie alt on my alliance server, loaded it down with all the heirlooms I had except leather (still leveling a rogue over there and wanna save it for my eventual monk) and shipped it off via the Scroll of resurection to Earthen Ring - Horde so I could spread the love. Took a few items that are easier to get alliance side with so I could sell them on the AH, and easily flipped them for 8k when I arrived. So yay, for no long being an incredibly poor person. And now if I want a level 80 horde mage, I've already got one transfered over if I am ever willing to drop 25 bucks on it.

Life outside of WoW has been a little hectic, my company had its 30 year anniversary Wednesday and I pretty much worked From Tuesday morning till Thursday afternoon. Who needs sleep anyways.

We recorded our newest WoW Parody song, and its definitely one of my favorite so far.

I'm pretty sure Morgaine sent her own e-mail so this Wren signing out.

For the Alliance! For the Horde! For the "Man I'm tired, I'm just gonna sit down and drink some....Holy crap Sweet red wine is actually really good!"

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Monday, March 5, 2012

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 258 - DMF, again!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.


What We've Been Doing:


I sniped the Coalition from Vrishna who had sniped it from our coworker. Oh and Vrishna is keeping the guild because he heard people would start killing bunnies once he stepped down.
Did Grizzly Hills with Darshi and Nevahoof. Climbed the stairs to the taxi and had no problems getting on the flume. They both dinged 78!

Next day Nevahoof almost dinged 79:
On Friday, they almost got to 80.
And they nerfed RAF cross realm level granting in dungeons. Doesn't work anymore.
Saturday night, Darshi is half a bubble from 80. Had to skip the Brawlers ques    
They dinged 80 Sat night

Started back on my Loremaster toons. Brought in Tiia for her rocket, and so she could complete some low level quests. It wasn't easy. getting the Journal was hard. Figuring out the cockroach thing. But the hardest was theArcane Trail. Maybe I should have listened to Ashayo's LM segments. Don't turn in DMF skill quest until you train pass current max.




Jeppy Blacksmithing 1-525 / Mining via smelting 1 -500 Only left the city twice to 500
340 - 350
375 - 400
500 - 525

Bonita Tailoring 425-525 / Alchemy 1-525 went Transmute had to buy 4 truegold
Haibai Enchanting 500-525
Farthing Inscription 1-525

  • Mo sent me a 10 Pound Mud Sapper 'For your off hand pleasure'
  • Blazewing (Suze and Blazewing's Furious Kilt)
  • Phase levelling
  • Humbull filling the gaps
  • MFC high of my own supply
  • Milling a PAIN
  • First transmute (Decisions) 


Moondance wanted to say hi to everyone and say she hopes to be back in game soon.
Teonna level 16, started on the Cliffspring Hollow/River quests to get Foul Ichor from the diseased Duskrats.  While in the cave you now find cages with undiseased animals that you set free. You used to collect mushrooms in this cave but you don't anymore.  You do however kill Zenn Foulhoof which is the NPC that you helped in Teldrasil getting the wings, fangs & spider silk. All the quests in the Cliffspring cave get turned in to Tharnariun Treetender in Lor'danel.  Which last week I was calling Auberdine in error.

The next set of quests are for the ruins of Bashal'Aran. You still need to kill Anaya's shade and return her pendant to Whiteclaw in the inn in Lor'danel. Volcor who you saved earlier wants you to find his bear companion, Grimclaw.  One of the other NPC's who gives you a quest for there, named Glynda has a little speech bubble after you take the quest.  Make sure you read it.  The quest text doesn't tell you about the free ride to the area, but her speech bubble does.  You can take a nightsaber down to Bashal'Aran by talking to one of the NPC's next to one of the bridges leaving Lor'danel.  The correct NPC is sitting on a nightsaber.

Teonna at Grimclaw

The follow up quest for finding Grimclaw is interesting.  It's one of the ones where the questgiver asks you not to kill the animals. You are supposed to gather moonstalker whiskers while they sleep and bear fur while they are distracted eating fish by the water. I wasn't very good at getting the ingredients without killing the beasts.  Only succeeded a few times. Helped when I thought to put my pet on passive. Keeper Karithus gives you a quest to become spirit bound to one type of animal in darkshore. Teonna took the moonstalkers since I've decided she has an affinity for cats. Made all the moonstalkers neutral to me and gave me a buff.  It will work whenever in darkshore.

OMG Volcor is dead upon return. He did get to see Grimclaw before he died though, so he was happy. Two of the five you saved have died.

Picked up a quest to go to the wrecks off the coast.  At first I was not going to take them because I remember how awful the quest was before. I used to routinely skip it.  They've changed it completely now though. You become that little robot, you go in among the murlocs and detonate.

Dark Moon Faire started yesterday.  Spent time trying to get Teonna's professions to 75 so she can do the profession quests at the fair. Couldn't do the achievement for riding a pony because don't have riding skill yet. Did get the achievements Come One, Come All, Plethora of Pets, 5 Daily Quests, Blastenheimer Bullseye and Step Right Up.

Messed up and put copper ore up on AH for 15 silver, meant to do 15 gold.

5.5 bars from Level 19. Next stop Tower of Althalaxx.

Would like to do some heroics or PvP on Tedrah because I'd really like to try the LFR.  But I just don't seem to find the time.

Linx helped my friend Theo's sith warrior, Fendarus, with his class quest on Tatooine which continued on Alderaan then Hutta in an effort to get his next companion.  While on Tatooine we did the black box heroic so I was able to get the orange head slot gear for my companion to match Linx's.

Did space missions a couple of times. First time I wasn't able to complete one of the escort quests.  I usually try twice then give up for the day. Otherwise I get too frustrated.  I also do the grey space quests because although they only give 5 xp you do get credits which I figure offsets some of my fuel costs for traveling. Second set of space missions I managed to level Linx to 38.

Linx and Torian outside Linx's spaceship.

Linx space mission in progress.

Continually send out companions while doing space missions.  Always pick the missions that provide companion gifts when they are available.  Have Mako's affection over 7000 and Torian's over 6000.  Poor Gault gets very few gifts.

Zix and Aprillian turned in class quests and started next set of quests on Coruscant which deal with the Black Sun and the droids in the senate. First we did the quest to save Nia the dancer, but we left her in the nightclub and had to disappoint her husband.

Sims Social I managed to finally get my beach house.  Still working on getting what I need to build the fridge and the bed.


Rigarmorty CAW Audio EP 258

HI Caw Crew!

Attached is my audio for your episode 258!

Apologies last weeks was a bit loud.

The start of the recording seemed to have cut out me saying Aprillian



Audio Submission 2#

Hello Aprillian, Jeppy, Ashayo and the high ruler of the chat channel Tedra
Hope your all having a fantastic week full of wowness.
I though I might try another audio submission. I have hopefully sorted out the background noise (fingers crossed)
At the moment I am currently studying media in bangor university and for an assigment I had to make a presentation about MMORPGS and the communities inside of the games. How cool is that? Not sure what game to talk about though hmm any suggestions?
Keep up with the amazing work
For the alliance 

Hello CAW Sweeties,

Hope you're all having an awesome week.
I tried doing an audio but it epic failed :D oh well next week hopefully!
It's been a crazy week! Been busy levelling my IM toon, my pally & DMF has just started again. Got my pally to Lvl 48. The IM Challenge has got me totally hooked - had hard time not playing her, trying not to rush it but having so much fun! I finished Silverpine Forest (which I really enjoy the storyline) & headed into Hillsbrad. Hit lvl28 got through about half the quests in the zone when tradegy befell!! Well more like I fell ... Plummeted to my untimely death off Gavin's Naze!!! For about 5 minutes I sat staring at the screen not sure if I should laugh or cry! Eventually I said a "naughty" word then burst out laughing! I headed bk to Org - emptied out her bags, stripped her down & deleted! Then created my next girl - so take 2 lol! She's Lvl 9, undead warlock again.
Very excited DMF is back - got a new pet for Leeta DMF Tonk :)
Been playing a lil SWTOR but not a lot!
Very excited on holidays after this week - looking forward to a break :)
Hope you all have a wonderful day!
Big hugs Leeta

Sent from my iPhone

It's Tedra time

Just my weekly update for this week and once again the safe word is Banana’s
Big G

Holy Last minute Submission CODman!

Hello Caw crew.

As some of you may have heard, Morgaine got strep throat this week. That explains all her voice issues recently. and I cant wait for her to get well again.

In game, I've done almost nothing alliance side except transmute airs in ulduum on alts and sell it on the ah, its not a lot of money but its easy and pretty fast money.

Horde side I've started playing finally, but I'm have A-A-A-D-D Alt-Attention And Distraction Disorder. My poor warrior looks like it may get pushed to the sides as I've been enjoying leveling a blood elf paladin. Woo doing quests that are evil for the blood elves and forsaken. I think its more fun due to the reassurance of having that awesome evil horsie mount.

In the facebook side of things....Gravenau started hitting on my wife so I had to take pictures of me holding swords to threaten him with, which of course went terribly as he then linked a video of him with knifes. Stay away mate, I'm a crackshot with a rifle as well. As bill would say on true blood: SHES MINE.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with the show, but I made vodka infused gummi bears, and they came out perfect, yay!!!!

Onto the audio: I tried to work in references to various people from the show. If I didnt include you, or I butchered your name. I'm terribly sorry.

This is hopefully the last time where I will have to stand in for the wifey. Any male singers out there want in on our chaos? Please? I've got some great duet ideas.

For the Horde, for the Alliance and for the oh dear god why did we agree to let the tone deaf guy sing?! This was a terrible idea! Our ears will bleed from the pain.

Wren and his lovely, sickly and dangerously too optimistic wife, Morgaine.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness


Momomoments - ONE of YOU, again!

Hello all,
hope you are doing well.
before I go on I have a little moshort story for you:

"tis was a warm morning on the ides of March or the 4th of March at least.  A young chap named Mo sat in front of his computer, a device he uses to go into the meta-world! a wondrous world it is.  He logs into another piece of meta names WoW, World of Warcraft, to control his alter ego names Motauren.  As Motauren is riding along in this World of Warcraft, Mo hears faint voices in the distance however he does not know where it was from.  Faint voices of little elves, goblins, mage blood elves, one in particular names Yasamin screaming "what about us!?" we want to live again, please help us!?" In puzzlement Mo gets a notification at the same time from the lords of WoW, Blizzard, and this notification was for an email from the lords to reactivate the account Yasamin is on. 
So he did! And just like that Mo became one of you once again! And his characters onthe 2nd account celebrated by drinking mead, butter beer and doing dailies and just simply standing around hellfire asking Jeppy football questions.  And they all lived happily ever after.  The End"

Hope you enjoyed the long version of me telling you I did reactivated my 2nd account as I did want to play around with my 85 mage Yasamin and other characters.  Light week for me again as I just did some dailies, quested a little bit on motauren.  He is 83 going on 84 and questing in vashir or however you spell it.  I am actually enjoying the zone again.  That is wow for me through the years if I get bored or tired of some thing there are so many other things to move onto.  I also tried to do the fishing contest however I think I learned the hard way by fishing for a while to catch none of the prize fish.  I think you have to be maxed out in fishing however motauren is not.  I am not sure but I will go with that and get his fishing maxed before I try again.

I would like to do some instances here and there and will need to ask in guild chat if anyone else wants to.  I am a bit scared as it has been months but if you all dont mind a rusty moheal or any other characters than I think it should be fun.  I also have other levels besides 85 of course so just let me know in game or on twitter you can reach me at @mohalen and if i can jump on i will do so.

Thank you all and have another great week in game and out of game
Remember as the lord Blizzard says, everything in moderation.

mo-ps email

I hear there is a 64 bit wow client, is this true?
is it worth it?
please let me know your opinions.

Thank you