Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 130 - Inside Blizzcon 2009

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


After listening to Wemb & Ashayo in episode 129 I took the DK Quad back to Blood Furnace 1400xp a kill. Thanks to the POH Hynotoad and Murlock. Got lots of xp & all DK's dinged at least one level

Did cloth CD on Aprillian, felt funny being on her.

Epril did Icy Prism and got a Zul, tried to figure out a good recipe and got frustrated and just picked one. Brought her a new set of Leggings. For some reason she had a pair of leather pants. Probably some quest reward.

Went to do JC daily with Epril & brought Auruk along. Decided to try running those two at work. They got killed in HF trying to kill a dwarf when I got called away. Most likely by that big thumping thing.
Got kicked again doing DAngerously Delicious while dual boxing fishing


Ashayo completed the Raptor mount quest. Bouncy like the troll mount, but still cool and worth the effort.

Been running daily Heroic most days to get Emblem of Triumph.
Running with Kiele as a healer and a pally tank friend of hers. Very fast runs. eg UK - under 20 mins
Finally got Achievement for beating all bosses in Heroic ToC

Spent Conquest emblems on Warlock level 226 chestpeice [Conqueror's Deathbringer Robe]. Nice upgrade.

Plenty of DK levelling this week.
Ashrune hit Northrend with Cowwoman and questing in Borean Tundra. ( Bought Tome of Cold Weather Flying - woot! )

- Ulduar 25
reset it this week - FL, Razorscale, XT
Maui couldn't make it, so I got 2 x Fragment of Val'anyr. submitting ticket to try for transfer (didn't have 2hr timer on them) - successful
- 25 man Trial of the Crusader. Working on Northrend Beasts. Got down Gormok and The Two Jormungar, but didn't have enough left for Icehowl.

Pants on Head
- Tanked Slave Pens on PoH
- Ran SP and UB with PoH
- Ramps, BF - Wemb, Temp, Straddle, Hypnotoad
- Onyxia on two DK's with PoH. Pudendal dings 64


- Respond to Paladin changes in the Holy Tree (Bidkar)

Bladed Edge


Email #A from Ritaheyward

Hey guys, Ritaheyward again
Thanks a ton guys for reading my email and your great answers to my
questions. You really have helped me make some very important decisions
about my character. I am happy to report that during the last week I was
able to jump from 26 to 30. (which, for me, is nearly amazing) I have also
dropped engineering due to my lack of patience and am just going to gather
with my main as I enjoy it more than worrying about what I need to buy to
make the next item. And finally I am just going to rely on my instance
gear instead of wasting money on buying stuff.
To answer your question, Aprillian, yes, even us runners love Hot Pockets.
:) I have a few friends who play WOW that I ran with in college, so we
aren't really that rare of a breed either. I think video games are a great
complement to athletics as we all still need time to sit back and relax.
I would like to give a quick shout out to two of my guild mates, Avagardner
and Hedylamar of The Fishing Vixens. I hope you like their movies as well.
Anyways, thanks for rolling my number Ashayo. I would love an
authenticator, just let me know what I've got to do. You guys are hands
down the most entertaining podcast I've found so keep up the great work.
For the Horde!

Email #1 from bloodhuf

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow!
I love your show! It is the best show in the podcasting in community.
I have a few questions for ashayo, what is the best spec for a leveling druid? Which professions would be the most useful? Currently i'm in the twentys with my Druid. Thanks guys.
For the horde!

Email #2 from Matt

Hey April. Thanks for mentioning the cast on your show :D I was smiling for ages after that.
Thanks for the compliment too. I was nervous, cause obviously a lot more people would be listening to me on your show than they are mine. But thanks to you the numbers should rise.
I know it was more being polite than honesty (Or is that just me being judge mental? And having little confidence? Who knows) but you mentioned having me on again (This was at the end of my interview) but if you ever do fancy having the flustered young hordie from Britain on the show again. Let me know cause it was a real experience and would love to do it again :D. 50seconds to 50 hours is fine with me. Hehe.

Thanks again.

Email #3 from MCwild

hey there Aprillion,ashayo and glanthur
great show,i have only recently find your show but have listened to everyone i can get off of itunes,here in the uk.
i started playing wow about 6 months after it was released.and now have many characters over several realms,as does my wife and 2 grown up sons. i started as a orc rogue but when my sons started they wanted to be dwarves so had to join them as they needed there daddy.(they are 22yrs old) i have 2 lvl 80s a elf druid and a dwarf hunter my wife as lvl 80 gnome lock and human priest.
between my wife and i we have that many alts we use 2 accounts each and our main realm character allowance is nearly full.
at one point our 2 daughters also played and daughter in law had her own account.
so u could say we are a wow family.
sam (my wife) and myself do not raid often if at all some months we prefer the social aspect of the game and battlegrounds. she likes the bg's that much that in our guild she is known as the queen of the battle grounds and her characters have most if not all of the pvp set.
keep up the good work you make my travel home go faster.
fellhand elf druid (martin)
hidihi human priest (sam)
from trollbane eu server
ps not sure how posteage etc is to across here in the uk.
so its fine not to enter us into your draw
have fun and even tho i play alliance my heart is still FOR THE HORDE

Email #4 from Karmaa

Hey there intoxicating Aprillian, Tempting Ashayo, and Adorable Glanthur ;)

So i wrote an email to the BOE podcast (out of character for me, i know!) and i've felt guilty for the past 24 hours because i have to send an email to you guys too, otherwise ill feel like im neglecting you guys! and thats unacceptable because i love you all equally! so here i am.. when i should be working on classwork.. emailing the podcasters i love! here goes!

so we've spoken Aprillian about how i just recently hit 80 on my troll shaman. i like her but darned if i dont get pwnt every time i try to pvp. i like my enhancement spec, it fits my personality, but im having a hard time getting her dps where it needs to be. i want to own people dangit! i want to feel the spatter of elven and human blood across my face! i want to remove gnomes and dwarves from their spines! FORTH WITH!!

*ahem* sorry about that.. got a little over excited. anyway. my only real alt, Miba-CHINA ;) stays at around lvl 63 i think.. i was on the other night for the raid on that dragon.. onixia? was that her name? i dont know maybe not.. but i didnt make the achievement because i died, and i asked if i should release and run back in to help in the battle... and SOMEONE.. i dont know who.. i think his name starts w/ a W and ends with a ... EMB... said yes, release! and then i did.. and was locked out until the encounter was over.. YAY! thats ok.. from what i hear we will be doing it again this saturday. i havent been playing as much since i started school.. and every night i go by without logging in i always think dang.. i coulda logged in to do my cooking daily and some ah work at least... but it never ends with that so i just save myself from long nights and inadvertent in class nap time...

so for a little bit of an off topic ill be leaving for Dragon*con in 6 days. the omgwtfholyshnikes has begun and my inner fangirl is waking up from her long slumber. im ready to go squee over patrick stewart, lenoard nemoy, and HOLYCRAP william shatner. not to mention all the 20+hour in depth intricate costumes that people slave over all year. ill be twittering pictures for weeks to come. you guys will HAVE to come next year... you wont be able to resist the temptation of fan girls in bikinis and corsets.

ok i guess thats a big enough wall o' text for today. ill talk to you guys later :)

Karmaa 80 Enhancement Shaman- Underbog
Mibachina Member of the BOE pants on head DK army-Jubei'thos

plus a couple bank alts.. dont judge me...

Email #5 from Bidkar

Hi Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo,

Bidkar, undead level 80 mage, Borean Tundra here. This week I didn't play as much as I usually do. Borean Tundra and Auchindoun was down for a long time on Tuesday so I lost that day. Friday was spent updating an old computer I had so I could give it to a friend who lost his computer to a power surge. He can't afford a new computer so I helped him out with what I had.

Anyway, my paladin remains parked at Thrallmar accumulating rested xp. I leveled my warlock up to level 20. I also picked up some heirloom shoulders for her for the 10% xp bonus. I am planning on also getting the chest for her so I can stack the xp even more. I also started a priest this week, so I think I'll just mail the heirloom pieces back and forth between the two of them.

I also started a human female paladin on Runetotem. I thought it might be fun to see what it's like to play on the evil faction. I plan on picking up my druid again in six days when I'll have enough champion seals to buy the heirloom leather shoulders for him. I finally remembered to reserve Mytzlplyk for my goblin when Cataclysm comes out in the far future. Bidkar continues to churn thru dailies to provide gold for everybody.

I recognized my first gold farmers this week too! I was playing cub to the Sons of Hodir bear when I noticed the same two players out by the Jormunger cave and the frozen battleground no matter the time of day. I asked my friend who used to play WOW and he said they were gold farmers. Another noob moment for me!

Thanks for the great podcast!

For the Horde and for Glanthur!

Bidkar and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
just a short email this week as I will be away from home for 2 weeks and no wow.
Yes no wow for 2 weeks!!!
Call my doctor now!
I know we will hear everyones opinion on the upcoming content for wow but WOW!
I dont know about all of you but I am excited and confused at the same time and I want to see mo'!

I am excited to see all the new things coming up and all the things they have not said yet that will show up when the patches or expansion come out which I think will be December (just a guess really :))

I am also confused because there is so much more to do now and so many more alts to start.
I mean Goblins and Worgen!!!!
I really need to create one of each class for them, they better increase the number of characters we can have on each server.

Well I will place a bet for Arthus in Vegas and in Chicago I will be yelling at the Cubs game Tuesday.

Thank you as always and take care.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 129 - Ctrl Alt Wemb

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Blizzcon Report

With our man in the field with his pulse on Blizzcon - Wemb from Bind On Equip Podcast

What We've Been Doing:


Flying around Outland with my Death Knights is kind of weird, I was so used to walking everywhere. Did a few Zangarmarsh quest. Got FP but seemed silly. Went to Nagrand but no exclamation points. Thinking of going back and grinding

Took Drame & Tiiaa around with cloth from ZF. Love the convenience of the mage.

Can't decide whether to do the Wrathgate on ER with Aprillian and her crew or level the DK's on JT. Took Auruk and Epril out to do some quests in Venomspite. Then switched over to the DK Quad to the Slave Pens.


Bought Argent Crusader Tabard on Ashayo/Asheal - teleport to AT grounds.

Ulduar 10 - Actually got in on Ashayo
oneshot FL, XT, Razorscale, Ignis, Cat lady, Iron Council
Tried Hodir a couple of times, but called it.

Naxx 10 run ; full clear, with some speed achievements

Levelled Ashrune to 68 picked up Elixir mastery - eventually.
Ashrune 68 - master of transmutation (4 primal might)
Flew back to Shatt , then realised I hadn't picked up the quest to swap. Fly back out to Netherstorm spire
Finally train. Made 4 flask of pure mojo - procced 4, 6, 2, 2
Made 3 FrostWrym - 4 , 2, 4
Hit 450. Learnt epic transmutes. Started 5 day quest
Learnt eternal earth to shadow - most useless transmute!

Hiide Finally procced an additional epic gem with a transmute

Hanging with Pants on Head crew with another DK ; ran Ramparts a couple of times, then Blood Furnace. Feeling like I should try something different on this one, like only levelling instances.


Email #1 from Xandarr

I feel so horrible that I have been out of the loop in listening to your podcasts as regularly as I have in the past. I lost my job at the end of June and in so doing I lost my iPhone in which I listened to your podcast in my car and any other free time I had to pop the headphones on and listen. I have been trying to listen on my computer but I have fallen so far behind I find it more and more difficult. But I still value your thoughts and opinions very much so.

Recently I finally got to witness the arrival of my newborn son, Calib, on August 8th. Now I find myself in a real pickle and I would like to know your opinions. As I have done before, I have created a little one in virtual space. Calib is a gnome rogue on Trollbane (US) along with his older sister Shelbimay have been a couple alts of mine. With my WoW time being at a premium, sometimes I only have time to do the dailies for the Argent Dawn. But I would really like to get some heirloom pieces for Calib and play him up using them. Is it worth my time to grind harder and harder with Xan to get his gear up more, or shall I work on getting what is needed in order to get heirloom pieces for my alt?

Anyway, still playing WoW as much as I can. Studiing and trying to get my lisence to sell insurance in Utah is another time sick that I am grinding through in order to get a better job, that will hopefully afford me more free time and money. I love your shows when I can cath them in their entirety! Contact me if you ever want a guest on your show. =]


Email #2 from Grim

G'day Aprillian, Ashayo, and Glanthur :-)

Listening to episode 128 and, is it just me, or does Aprillian's audio keep cutting out? It sounds like Glanthur and Ashayo could hear Aprillian perfectly while you were recording, but when I downloaded the episode, and I tried streaming it too, Aprillian's audio keeps dropping out. I'm 29 minutes in at the moment but I'm still going to listen to the whole episode because you guys are JUST THAT AWESOME!

Thanks for the fun,

- Grim

Email #A from Falkork

Hello Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo

Thank you so much for having me on the show last week i really enjoyed talking to you sorry i was not more Talkative as i was a little but nervous.

On from last week alot has happened.....

To start with i have lead my first raid into Naxx 10 and after 2 nights (with out the raiders) we cleared the whole raid and half the people had never even seen Naxx before.

Also i got my First 226 Epic piece of gear The Frozen Tear of Elune.

On the Ulduar front my guild Divine Edge are still flying though the bosses and have reached Yogg-Saron. i feel sad that i am not part of the raiding team but i know my day will come to throw myself into healing though those Epic Fights.

As i mentioned on the show that blood elf is still in Winter grasp Ganking people left right and center but i have got him back a few times lol.

As always i love listening to the show and look forward to the next one

For the Alliance.


P.S. you don't have to include me in the /roll as hearing your show every week is a prize in itself :-)

Email #3 from Dwarfvader

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow,
It's me... Dwarfvader again. It's my Birthday this week! Wahoo! Im turning.... old. So anyway, back to WoW. As you read from my last email about how I was thinking about trying it out. Well, I did and I love it. It feels weird leveling 2 toons at once but it is so much fun to one shot a bunch of mobs your own level. Thanks for the help with dual boxxing. By the way, gratz to Aprillian on hitting level 77 and getting her epic flying! and Sorry to Ashayo for having to spend 6k gold on something you can never use. Well Love the show! May the force be with you.
P.S.- What do you call a Tauren with no legs at all?
Ground Beef!!! Hahahaha

Email #4 from Ritaheyward

Ritaheyward here. I just started playing WOW about a month and a half ago.
I don't have a ton of time to play due to work and different races on the weekends that I have been competing in. (triathalons and marathons, etc)
That being said, my main is only a level 26 blood elf hunter with mining and engineering. I have a few alts that are primarily used for the gathering professions and I plan to go the Aprillian route and have an alt for each profession. I have been dual boxing my main and my skinner/herbalist primarily for gathering supplies to sell for gold. I do still try and run the low level instances with my friends and PVP to try and vary my WOW experience, but I think I almost enjoy farming the best. Knowing that I can go out and pick up everything available is really cool. I've got just under 1000 gold at this point through various lucrative auction house investments on the Sen'Jin server. In my opinion, gold isn't going to be an issue for me, so I might start to focus on actually leveling
for a while. So, that is what I've been up to. Couple quick questions for you guys. 1. Do you think that engineering is a worthwhile profession. At this point, it seems to be extremely difficult to level, so I am not sure I will have the patience, or knowledge, to do so. If I stay with it, which path would you take, goblin or gnomish? If I move away from it, what professions are your favorites that may benefit me? 2. I don't know what kinds of opinions you have on this, but what spec, in your opinion, should I focus on for my hunter? I really enjoy PVP and might enjoy doing that a lot, but I also want to have epic pets some day. Finally number 3. As far as gear goes, how far above my actual level should I focus on for my gear level. You level so fast at the low levels that it is very hard to keep up with gear, but there have to be some ideas on this. Thanks guys, and great podcast. You really make my work days fly by!
For the Horde!!

Email #5 from Mullets

Hey guys.

Last week you got an e-mail from Tom, asking about software and addons to run two WoW clients.

Seeing as he is a Mac user, I unfortunatly can't help him out.. yes i am a dirty PC user.

But i might be able to help other PC users that wanna try out dual or multiboxing.

I recently got into dualboxing myself, and i tried out some different software that makes it easier to run two WoW clients and all of these have a key copy function that will copy your key strokes to the other clients.

The Software i tried was.

I found that Muboxer is very easy to set up and it works very well.. though it have to be said, that it gave me a lot of trouble while trying to type outside the game.
Therefore I have to shut it down if i want to browse for something while in game.

I would recommend this for a starter, because of the nice guide that comes with it. Also this addon makes it simple to launch two or more WoW clients.

You will have to pay 20$ for keyclone. but it also offers more options than Muboxer. It have a nice tab where you can setup exactly how you want the multiple WoW clients placed on your screen. and keyclone have a pause function for the keycloning so that you can talk in guild chat without all of your slave toons spamming the same thing.

It's a bit more difficult to set up if you haven't done it before. Turpster have made a great video about it over on that should be able to help everybody set up keyclone.

Overall keyclone is in my opinion better than Muboxer, but Muboxer is indeed more beginner friendly.

So if you do not want to caugh up 20$ Muboxer is a good alternative, even though it might leave you frustrated when trying to type outside the game.

This addon is the best a multiboxer can have. I heard you mention it on last weeks show so i won't go into details here.

This e-mail have now grown into a giant wall of text. I would have gone into greater detail but I know how wall of texts can take away interrest.

If you ever need a guest for the show, hit me up with a mail.

This mail is not intended to be read on the show. This is more for you guys to get some information about the PC side of things.

I hope this mail can help you guys, answer the questions Tom had if any PC users asks you a similar question.

I am sorry if you guys already know all of this. But my good side forced me to try and help out.

Love the show..

Best regards

chatroom moderator
The rawrcast show.

Email #6 from Maztar

Hello Superior 3,

Maztar of pants on head. I just wanted to let you know what I have been doing in the world of warcraft. Well after a slow month and then letting my sub run out I decided to come back to the game of course. I did however, get through it with a help of a few podcasts that I listen too. Now I'm back from a Canadian vacation and back to the game as well. I had a bit of a scare while listening to the podcast though. Every time Aprillian would talk she would cut out, I thought it might be some kind of interference from the closet but I then tried to get the podcast again from Itunes and well, all was well. So off I went to H VH and began to learn how to heal again. Thanks for a great podcast and wonderful show. FOR THE HORDE Matt (Maztar) level 71 druid in a distinguished guild PoH.

Email #B from Bidkar

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur,

Bidkar, undead level 80 mage on Borean Tundra here. Once again, dailies dailies dailies. I picked up a few more epics, got a good deal on the Orb of Deception. I've always wanted the Orb of Deception since I've heard of it. I haven't equipped it yet because I still don't know which toon I will be playing all the time. Playing a paladin is tons of fun and druids are awesome. My pally is up to 59 and in the Outlands. Outlands is more fun than I remember it being. I think not getting ganked all the time by death knights may be adding to the experience.

I started some more alts. It's been a couple of weeks since I started a new character and I needed a fix. I started a blood elf warlock and a tauren hunter. I've always been curious about those classes and I have found the best way to learn about a class is to play that class.

I think Cataclysm looks pretty good. I've always loved anything that pertains to a major disaster and this expansion looks like a big knock on the chin for Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. I'm not too sure about the goblin thing, but I guess the Horde needs a gnome equivalent. I will be playing a goblin for sure since they are certain to have a new starting area, plus I'm sure a level 18 goblin female will be called for during the next Noble Garden.

A quick question for Glanthur. I started to take my paladin up to 80 because you made it sound like so much fun. Have the recent changes changed your gameplay with the paladin? I haven't noticed anything that bothers me, but I'm leveling Ret and I am planning on dual speccing into Holy. I want to play a Holy Paladin at 80 and do healing. I've read some people complaining about the changes. I want to hear the opinion of a person who I know is 100% rational and not just folks who do all QQ'ing first chance they get.

As always, love the show, keep up the good work!

Bidkar and his many alts.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Shoutout #1 from Karen's Husband Ted

Hey guys! I love your show and have been listening for a couple of months. My wife, Karen, has written in several times and I'd love to get you to wish her a happy birthday for August 23rd. It's going to be a big week for her - Blizzcon on Friday and Saturday, plus she has tickets to the Women's Professional Soccer Championship (also on Saturday).

I have toons on both horde and alliance, including a level 80 Troll Hunter and 80 Night-elf Druid. I've even been trying out multi-boxing with a Mage and and a Death-Knight, it's pretty fun :)

Anyway - keep up the great work.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 128 - On The Road to Blizzcon

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 128 - On The Road to Blizzcon

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Possible Interviewee's:

I'm thinking for the next show we could have as many interviews as possible, make it almost like a radio call in show.

Guest #1 from Matthew

hey Ctrl Alt WoW team. I have never emailed in before so I don't know who answers these mails.

Episode 126. You mentioned you would like to record short things with listeners. I would love to do this so I emailed in like you said. I'll worn you now though cause a lot of podcasters seem to hate players like me. And that category is young players. I am 15 and have been playing for a long time, so I know how to be mature and I am not the like the crybaby 15 year olds you meet in raids.

I know how to act on a podcast because I do my own. So if you don't mind getting a younger perspective of WoW (Which I think would be cool ... Im not boosting myself at all ... okay I am Hah) then just email me and let me know what time and what kind of hat I should wear hehe.

Oh also I live in england, but I'm on my holidays so anytime is fine with me. I don't have a bedtime.

Guest #2 Falkork

Falkork: Hey Aprillian I would like to come on the show for an interveiw that is if you want me to at some point ;-)

What We've Been Doing:


Doing my dailies on Epril. Then taking the 4 DK's around Terrakor forest, thinking of heading to netherstorm. Dinged 73 on Epril doing fishing daily. Was in Sholazar Basin fishing for the Ghostfish quest, got my quest item but wanted to finish fishing in the pool I had when a dwarf started fishing in my hole. I laughed when he aggroed one of the lurkers.

Got the Zhevra mount for my level 50 Mage. Now just needs level 40 to ride.

Realized RAF was running out. Panicked and did some


Spending Emblems:
- Had accumulated quite a number of emblems on Asheal and Ashayo
- Bought 226 pants for Asheal
- Noticed embroidery for cloak that has a chance to refund mana (as a tailor) Why didn't I notice that before?
- Bought valor wrist (BOE) for Jekle
- Bought all the Heirloom items for Ashrune the DK with Emblem of Heroism, since Ashayo had 250 of them doing nothing
Chest, shoulders, sword, mace, trinket
- Can't runeforge the weapons. Very disappointed. Knew you couldn't enchant, but this is different, surely.

- Out levelling with Cowwoman on him druid ; quickly levelled from 59 to 65, but have now run out of rested XP
- Goal was 65, as this is where you can learn Northrend Alchemy recipes.
- Wanted another Alchemist. Existing one is transmute specialist ; want a elixir specialist for making flasks for raids
- Got to 65 and power levelled alchemy up to 435,which is the point where you can make flasks, only to find you need to be level 68 to get the specialist quests. D'oh!
- So that's a goal for this week.

Ashayo re-spec
- Ashayo has been a hybrid warlock with points in demonology and destruction.
- Was deep enough in demonology to get decimation (a talent that reduces cast time on soulfire by 30% and removes need for a shard when a mob is below 35% health).
- This was really only useful on boss fights as other mobs didn't survive long enough under 35% health
- With thanks for advise from Norser, I've gone for a full destruction tree, and it's increased my dps by about 500.

Argent Tournament
- Ashayo/Asheal haven't really been gripped by the new dailies. Did them for a bit, but there's no goal, like the Crusader title.
- Get Kraken! quest stupid - fixed flight path ; mob to spear jumps about and you may not even see him ; had to run it 3 times one day
- Jekle and Hiide got exalted with the Argent Crusade, which was the last thing needed for the Crusader title.
- Shadowthrone Champion of Orgrimmar. Basically stopped there, because I bought all the vendor items that are useful for a DK.

Other dailies
- Ashayo finally got 100 dalaran cooking awards and bought the chefs had. Was sure I was going to get it earlier with bonus awards, and was only after the 100 that I found the fishing quest reward item in my bags that rewards 5 awards.
- Raptor mount daily. Different for different people. I get the dinosaur meat quest most days
- Up to 13 teeth
- He does get bigger as the days go on.
- Feel guilty doing the quest on my chopper, because he runs behind me in the exhaust

- Ran normal Trial of Champions on DK with PoH and couple of pug. Some stupid hunter rolled need on plate waist.
- H ToC daily - boot upgrade for Ashayo

- Both raid groups taking advantage of extended raid lockouts
- DwP 10 man - 2 towers up on FL ; in 3 attempts, Kologarn, Iron council (Got sprung dual boxing - got [1000 daily quests] on Ashayo while healing on Asheal :)
- Ulduar 25 - FL bugged. Went into combat as soon as we went into instance. waited 5 minutes, and whole instance reset.
- New 3 point strategy on Ignis. Success!
- 2nd night ulduar, did OS, VoA, naxx farming instead (basically farm emblems to gear up people faster to help in Ulduar)
- Did Obsidium Sanctim on Hiide!

DK's - shot rotations for levels under 80? Noticing runes on cooldown when trying to use the endgame shot rotation, presumably because talents change the behaviour./af


Dailies Dailies Dailies
Liking Frost DK builds more than Unholy
Only a few more days until Arlaerus gets his Argent Charger
Working towards Crusader Arlaerum
Glanthur finally downed Heroic ToC

Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Tom

Aprillian, i was wondering what addons you use and such to run 2 versions of wow on 1 computer. right now i dualbox with one running on my Imac and the other on my old 17" Powerbook mac but would like to get them both going on 1 computer. i had heard people talk about having keys set up to where they attack with the main toon and the other toon will attack also. didnt know if you had a link on the site.

this is not really a question for the show just had a question about this

thanks for any help


Email #2 from Facefirst

Hey guys,
Just finished listening to Episode 127, actually as our guild was making progress working on The Iron Council Hard Mode encounter. I nearly wiped us when I recognized a few sentences of my letter being read out behind the sounds of my Raid Leader calling out movements. Anyway, we spent about two hours wiping on the fight, getting the boss down to under 8% on one try. We are pretty confident that we will be able to cross that Hard Mode off the list, as well as one or two more, in the next raid lock-out period. We are also working a little bit each night on 10 Man Mimiron Hard Mode, which so far is the hardest fight I can remember since Sunwell. We are doing well, and have actually taken him to the enrage timer twice. We are also looking forward to the second boss in the Coliseum raid opening up.
Interestingly, the new raid has started drawing lines in the sand again amongst casuals and hardcores, and for the first time I am a bit torn in the argument. I tend to not care too much when the complaint is raised about casuals having too much access to what many believe are "our epics." As I have learned through your podcast, casuals have turned out to actually be people too! When high level gear becomes obtainable by more casual players, like with the new changes to the emblem system, I have always felt OK with it because common sense shows that those who haven't been able to obtain the gear through raiding at this point, still won't progress as successfully as those practiced in the art of raiding. I haven't changed that opinion, but the new content has irritated me a bit in that it is easier than Ulduar fights (at least so far), and rewards better gear. The Hard Mode gear that many of us have put countless time and effort into obtaining can now be trumped by the Coliseum gear, which is obtainable by players who have been unable to kill the bosses that we have. Unlike many, though, I don't feel that these players don't "deserve" the gear or the raiding experience. I just don't want all the hard work that I and my fellow guildies have put into obtaining the trophies of victory to be (for lack of a better phrase) in vain. It will be a sad day when I replace the neckpiece that I got from our first Hard Mode Hodir kill with a piece obtainable from a normal-mode encounter that requires far less work.
Anyway, by the time you read this I will hopefully have a couple more hard mode videos up on my youtube page. And as for the mention of me coming on the show for "variety," I would be happy too, so long as you only make fun of my Southern accent a little bit.
Take Care,
Level 80 Human Warrior
Epic Weapons Vendor, Khadgar - US

Email #3 from Syn

Hola April, Glanthur and Ashayo. Synrgy, 80 Orc Resto Shammy here from . I am sorry I haven't been on the DK guild very much as of late. Between working 60 hours a week, computer issues, and doing EBay selling, it's hard for me to fit in the time to play. By the time I log onto my toon, I end up having to log off and get a bandaid because my face slams into the keyboard from exhaustion.
I wanted to comment on the lack of Shammy love on most podcasts. I listen to a ton on podcasts at work and its the same on info on shamans at all. If there is, it's mostly about a lack of elemental damage, how enhancement shaman pull aggro too much in raids or how resto shaman just fail. (as a side note regarding a e-mailer from last week, resto shamans main stats are Int and MP5, add some haste here and there for Ulduar raids) Coming from a resto shammy's stand point (I level 1-80 restoration btw), I think we are extremely adequate in raids and one of, if not the best raid healers due to the effectiveness of chain heal. Most groups need a shaman for a bloodlust/heroism, great buffs that totems provide, and all around sexiness that shamans bring to the table. I can't tell you how many time I have had folks whisper me to heal them through heroic AN or Old Kingdom because that priest they have can't cure the poisons and heal the group fast enough. I am not saying we are way Uber, I just think shamans need love.
In closing, out of all the podcast in the WoW universe, I enjoy you all very much. Between BOE, Outlandish and Ctrl Alt WoW, my days always go smoothly while I continue to build military planes. I would also love to come on the podcast and talk about my experiances, my alt family guild (yes I too Syn, am an alt-aholic) and healing classes in general from lvl 1 to 80. Thank you for your time and I will see you in PoH. For the Horde!

Email #A from Makiling

hey guys, makiling here

i loved your last podcast, and i too am loving the new patch. i've been busy these past few days, so i haven't had a lot of time playing. and in the little time i have online, the latency had been really terrible.

so let me just share the top things i like about the new patch:
- the new dungeons
-the new dailies in the argent tournament
-and color coded races in chat

hope to hear more from you guys

for the horde!

Email #B from Kurly

Hey folks....its your old (39 years old!!) buddy Kurly.
I have a question for you all this week. I get confused over what attributes I should focus on for Healing V DPS on my priest. I think that spell power is good for both, but after that I get a little lost. Since both heals and damge can crit I know raising that helps, but is HIT RATING better if I am going DPS.
I know these are noobish questions and I apologize, but I have looked around and found conflicting data....wah wah wah!!
Any advice would be most appreciated!!
All the best from all directions!!
Email #4 from Wasabi

I have an twist on the alt-wow addiction. Not only do I have a toon of each class, but I am not content with only playing 1 spec. I was playing my mage in heroics last night I started as frost, then switched to a frostfire spec, then to an arcane spec. Even with dual specs I found myself spending 50 gold between the second and third heroic just to change things up. I'm well aware that most of you are not content with only one toon, but is there anyone at Ctrl+Alt+Wow discontent with only one spec?
Wasabi, lvl 80 mage, Thunderhorn US

Email #5 Bidkar

Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur,

Bidkar, undead level 80 mage on Borean Tundra here. I'm still on holiday on Borean Tundra and my goatee is growing in quite nicely. Just past the itchy stage and getting settled in now.

This week I finally achieved exalted with the Sons of Hodir. I'm still planning on doing those dailies, but it's nice not to feel an obligation to do so. Other than that I leveled my cooking to 450, bumped my tailoring a bit. I don't raid so there isn't much else for me right now. My paladin, Jehi, moved from 45 to 53 so I expect to be in Outland by next week. My other alts have been moved to the back burner for right now until I get the paladin to level 80.

I found it interesting when Glanthur commented on the fact that one of his guildies did not like blood in the game. I personally don't like any quests that require going into the water and I do not do them unless it's an important link in a quest chain. Even then, there's a good chance I'm not doing it. I don't like large bodies of water in real life and don't like them in my virtual life. It does seem silly now that I've written down.

I also don't care for the vehicle mechanic that Blizzard seem obsessed with implementing every chance they get. I usually try them, but I can't think of one that I can stand. I usually move on and abandon the quest. I tolerate the jousting, but I still don't like it. I want to play a mage, a paladin, a druid etc. not a dragon or a knight. The game does many things right though so I'll take the 98 percent good and skip the 2 prercent bad. I'm sure there are many things I like that other people dislike.

I've been going to the website every day now since I found out about it. It's like
Digg for Warcraft. Even though your "competition" is advertising for it, I think it' worth a plug. I haven't heard it mentioned on your show and I think it would benefit your listeners to know about site.

Thanks for your great podcast every week!

For the Horde and for Glanthur!

Bidkar and his many alts

Email #6 from Eranth

Aprillian, Ashayo and Gunthar!


I’ve not gotten to run any instances lately, so nothing new to report on that front. However, I believe I told you last time that I was working on the World Explorer achievement. I wish to announce, I have acquired the title of Explorer since last I wrote you. Additionally, I have become Exalted with the Oracles, and continue to collect eggs. I still have a couple of days before my next one opens, but nothing to worry about Ashayo, still no Reigns yet. Alas. While becoming Exalted with the Oracles, I also received the achievement for becoming Exalted with 10 factions now.

I’ve begun some of the daily quests around the Argent Tourney, but I haven’t done any of the instances there, I’m just really starting to get a hang of things up there.

That’s about it for now, just wanted to drop a line and let you know what meager things a casual Tauren has been up to. :-)

“Be well…”
Beastmaster Hunter of AIE

Email #D from Fayth

Hey you three!

Hope your week has been good both in and outside of wow!

I haven't had a lot of extra time to spend in Azeroth lately, but since I last wrote a few things haven happened. First of all, I've been healing for the new raid on my priest. Unfortunately, my internet connection has gone sour and I get pretty nasty delays at the worst times possible. A couple of times this has resulted in a dead tank. :( However, my guild mates are very understanding and the other healers are kind enough to cover for me when my lag kicks up. Sometimes the whole game just freezes mid-heal and all I can do is hope the tank isn't dead or that I'm not standing in ... various colored things you're not supposed to stand in.

On a more positive note, my pigtailed dwarf hunter has been rescued from her farmer-only status. With dozens and dozens of heroics being run now, many of my guild mates are trying to gear their alt tanks and healers - meaning I get opportunities to dps! I'm just saving my badges for the time being, since I can't seem to decide what to buy her. Maybe in the months to come she'll get a chance to roll on BRK's gun!

And lastly, although my time as been limited, I've been able to work on my tanking a bit. I was asked to off-tank a Naxx 10 run. It was scary! The nervousness I felt in my very first raid came back all over again. But once again, my guildies were awesome and I had a lot of encouragement from everyone in the raid.

You and the listeners have a good week!

Email #7 from Blood Avenger

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow,

Bloodavenger here again and I would like to thank you for reading my letter two weeks ago. I want to write in and tell you guys and gals that I hit 58 on one of my refer-a-friend toons and 59 on the other.That is about 3 1/2 days of /played. So I boosted my lv 30 priest to 59 and he is now in the broken land of Draenor. I haven't got to play alot, on him, since then due to 3.2 hitting and been running heroics to get badges. Really liking dual-boxing but need to figure out what to do on my main account to get room since I have 10 toons on there now. Anyways keep up the great work and For the Horde!

Bloodavenger of The Insiders on Wyrmrest Accord

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hope you all are well.
Happy Blizzcon week to you all. I am not going to the con but may be going to the meetup Friday night to mingle with some of the wow bloggers and podcasters.
It should be exciting and interesting to hear some of the things we have not heard or read yet. On the twitterverse this past week there were some interesting arguments being made about websites, bloggers coming out with upcoming WoW news from "sources" and such. What do you three think? Do you want to hear these leaks or do you prefer to wait and be pleasantly surprised? I do not mind waiting, not that the usual leaks ruin the entire surprise to come but also I am curious where these sources come from and how accurate they truly are or is it a case of some people are making educated guesses.
Well either way we know Blizzard to put out great content with some things that we like some we may not and I know I will enjoy it at some point.
For my wow week, it has been pretty quiet, I am working on transferring my priest to feathermoon to play with some coworkers, which should be fun and interesting.

And for the awesomeness news! my 80 hunter Mochi, who has engineering capped, was able to get the Schematic:Jeeves after only 10 mobs in Storm Peaks (off of the Library Guardians, just south of where Ulduar and the Halls of Light. and Stone instances are; they are the mechanical mobs on the robot mounts). Let me tell you this Jeeves character is the BEST!!!
Mochi is able to call him every hour to repair and to sell any junk in the packs AND to buy things from his little store AND!!! access my bank.
Now how cool is that!
Pretty cool if you ask me.
Every wow player I believe should have one of each profession to experience all the cool things that can be made, especially with engineering.

Well fine people that is a short Mo read this week and we are off to Chicago for almost 2 weeks. I grew up there and always look forward visiting it as often as I can.
I may be able to write again for next weeks episode if not I will catch up with you all the week before Labor Day hopefully.

Happy wowing and Thank you always for the great podcast :)


Monday, August 10, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 127 - Patches I'm Depending on You Son

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Patch 3.2 - The abridged patch notes:

  • Trial of the Champion - 5 man dungeon
  • Trial of the Crusader - 10 and 25 man dungeon
  • New Argent Tournament dailies for Crusader ; mounted squire ; tabard for port to AT grounds

  • Trading soulbound items in raids

  • Summoning mount is 1.5 seconds

  • Druid : Innervate gives half as much mana, but can be used twice as often
  • Hunter : Can have one of each trap down at a time
  • Paladin : Nerfed healing
  • Shaman : Simplified totem bar ; allows putting them down in groups
  • Warlock : Banish cancelled if re-cast

  • Doubled paned quest log
  • Character name auto-complete
  • Colourized class names
  • Druids see mana bar when shape shifted
  • Item comparison: hold shift
  • Option to show item level
  • Vendor prices listed on items

  • Wolvar and Gorloc orphans in Dalaran ; will be around for Children's Week too
  • Portal to Blasted Lands Dark Portal - & fly direct to Shatt
  • Zepp from Org to TB
  • More mailboxes
  • Horde Venonhide Ravasaur mount in Un'goro
  • Alchemy
    • potions stack to 20
    • epic gem transmutes ; quest for Cardinal Ruby
  • Engineering
    • lots!
  • Fishing
    • Over 300 Waterlogged Recipe in fishing reward bag ; tradable ; dalaran cooking awards
  • Inscription
    • Master's Inscription increased
  • JC
    • recipes for epic gems
    • prospect titanium
  • heirloom item - Tome of Cold Weather flying - use on alt at 68

Special Shout Out

Xandar's wife had a baby boy last night.

What We've Been Doing:


What to do, what to do. I decided with my DK's that I would split them up and do quests Dual Boxing. Went back to do the Shat City Quest. Tried to do it quad boxing but couldn't.

Patched 3.2 using WoW Wiki mirrors. First thing I did was get flying for DK on JT. At first I summoned a deathgate and had one go back to Ebon Hold, 970 gold, not including the training. Then I flew one to Thrallmar, 570 training and around 45 for the mount. Had another go to Dalaran where the training was 600g and 60g for the mount.

Summoning mount faster

Made a Horde toon on my Alliance Account.

Zeppelin from TB is in rt

Speed bonus #2 from Unholy

Did Blood frenzy on Epril and noticed the blood in the water was more substantial.

Had to find money for all 4 DK's to get flying and then spent time flying around Outland to get Exploration and FP's

All Flying, Stonebreaker Hold questing


Game corrupted ; managed to go back to 3.1.2 and repatch from there.
Decided to delete WTF folder and start over incase something in there was causing corruption. Of course this means completely resetting upall mods and UI for all toons. Gah! On the upside, MUCH faster logging in and out.

Can't fish in Wintergrasp while a battle is on (without queueing)
DK talent point refund ; didn't save

Alchemy - learnt epic transmutes. Quest Cardinal Ruby ; transmute 5 epic gems. So minimum of 5x20hrs to complete.

JC over 400 get quest in mail for Writ of Reward - 5 JC tokens
Was at 448; Did an Icy Prism and got 3 blue gems ; next day got 3 blue gems and a dragon's eye! Think I'll stock up on frozen orbs and do every day!
Prospected 100 Titanium ore ; got 5 epic gems
Bought designs for them

Trained new glyphs on Ashayo

Equipment manager upgraded ; better equip/save option and shows what you have to go in each slot.

Options menu shows ! for changed items

Dalaran orphan quest chain on Ashayo & Asheal - get [Curious Oracle Hatchling] ncp

Back to fishing daily - change of cooking awards. Got a strand crawler pet in the bag.

Quest in Dalaran to go to Thunderbluff, so took the portal to Org and hunted for new Zepp. Pretty much only useful if you don't have the FP

Raptor mount quest in Un'goro - needs 20 dailies to compelete.

Jekle - Ran heroics to get some guildies closer to [Glory to the Hero] achievement
Old Kingdom heroic - 4 man : [The Party's Over] , [Respect your elders], [Volunteer Work], [Volazj's Quick Demise]
Azjol-Nerub - [Watch him die] - First boss without taking down adds. Pally kiting. Mage last man standing - iceblocked and living bomb killed boss.
[hadronox denied] - cheat by mage vanishing and boss/mods despawn so we get in position
[Gotta go!] - Defeat Anub'arak in less than 4 mins

Shadowthrone dailies in AT and Hodir
Jekle and Hiide now Champion of the Horde

New dailies available even when not Crusader

Bought Argent Pony Bridle - Achievement [Pony Up]

Speced DK DW Unholy. Props to for great info and Molsan for putting me onto the site.
Different approach on Jube'thos ; spend spend spend. Bought a Titansteel Bonecrusher and an offhander, making me poor.

Hunters got respec later in week ; surprised many hunters

Bought flying for 600g on level 60 DK. 47g for a 150% flyer. woot!
Quested up to 61 in no time.

Wanted to do more heroics this week to get badges, but only had time for a few. Ran Nexus and some farming of 10 man Naxx

Ulduar 25 man DWP
- FL ok
- Razorscale ok, but seems to be more fire, and more focused
- XT - bugged ; too many adds.
- Ignis - changed so we can't use ledge method ; adds evade
Voa, OS and Naxx instead of Ulduar. Took Jekle to Naxx, nice healing trinket

Trial of the Champions - Heroic ; Healing & dps
Jousting ; then fight 3 variable bosses
2nd boss - had to look away or be stunned ; throws hammer ; have to dispel and throw it back at him
3rd boss was Black Knight. Have to kill him about 3 times.

Won [Embrace of madness] - chest peice for Asheal

Ulduar 25 man Guppers
- Did FL with some new 80's and got close to record (don't know exactly - lost history with WTF reset)
- Had to fight XT-002 in the middle, as adds now come from both sides
- Didn't have DPS for Razorscale ; Did OS instead

Heroic Nexus - Ashayo
10 man Naxx

Ulduar 10 man with Gobu's group. FL bugged - did 2 towers, but was buffed with 3


Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Kurly

Hey Folks....tis yer faithful buddy Kurly here.....DING! My Night Elf Drood Viranela (on the Norgannon Server) ding'd 80 this past Friday (7/30). This makes 2 level 80 toons...WOOT. I have been playing her in BG after BG after BG to get her honnor up so I can get her in some Resiliance gear. Getting used to melee is not easy after playing for such a long time on my priest.
So now what? be honest I am not so sure. I like playing various toons, and I have a lot of fun doing so, but there is also much more of a sense of accomplishment when you stick with one toon and get stuff done. Since Nelda hit 80 I have been bouncing around on all of my other toons trying to get a sense who wants to be leveled up next? Not that my toons talk to me or anything........but, I think you know what I mean.
The two that I have narrowed it down to are Kurliemoo, my DK in the DK Army, or my little Dwarven Hunter. I spec'd Kurliemoo enough into Unholy to get the pet, and have the rest going into Frost, which has her a little underpowerd at the moment, but she still does okay.
So, I hope to see you all out there on POH sooner or are all the best!!
Great big hugs and kisses

Comment #2 from Orthien

Your half right on how to heal as a paladin. While there is nothing wrong with your advice for 5mans it will start to cause problems if you head to raiding with it. While you do want to stack crit and Int its not so you can heal through Divine Plea(which should never be used in combat, unless you are at a phase change etc) Its due to the mana return and higher spell power for the talents Illumination and Holy Guidance.
The aim is to keep Sacrad Shield up at all times while using low cost Flash of Lights and the occasional Holy Light to top them to full if needed. With this you should be able to go several bosses sometimes with out drinking or even Divine Plea and not have to touch MP5.
This is ofcause until 3.2changes when we may need to look at it again.

Email #A from Makiling

hello ctrlaltwow crew,

first of all i would like to say that it is an honor to get invited to talk with you guys in your show. i definitely want to chat with you guys! but when i think of how we can make this happen, some major obstacles come into mind, the biggest of which is the fact that i am a doctor in the philippines. this means that to make this work, we have to struggle with our time difference and my work schedule. but i am open to any suggestions you might have with regards to my situation, and i look forward to hearing from you guys.

the biggest thing i would like to share with you guys this week is that our guild went into 10 man ulduar for the first time, and brought down flame leviathan and xt-deconstructor! now as you know, i have been going into normal and heroic ulduar pugs. but this is the first time i had gone into ulduar with my guild, and i have to say that i have not had this much fun in all my time in ulduar! i had been inviting them to ulduar for the longest time, but they felt under geared and quite hesitant. but after weeks of persuasion, the raid finally pushed through. in our first run with FL, i was the only one in the raid who had fought him before. i was leading them through the formation grounds and clearing the towers. i could feel their excitement in Vent, and that really pumped me up. you see, my first time in ulduar was in a pug with an experienced guild who was kind enough to let me raid with them. my vehicle passenger at the time was ever so patient in instructing me on how to drive through the encounter. i kept telling my guildies how fun it was, but none of them could relate at the time. our guld run in ulduar brought back all these memories. and my unrequited excitement finally found kindred spirits.

we didn't get FL down in our first night, but got him down to 400k. we felt tired from all the failing, but probably because it was almost morning. but in our 2nd attempt the next day, we had 1 more player who had ulduar experience and we were ready to rock! we 2 shotted FL, and it was awesome! we wanted to see how far we could go, and i thought XT would be the logical choice. after clearing his adds with just a few deaths, my guildies were ready for the big robot. after a brief talk about the boss fight in Vent, we got in and 2 shotted XT!i was really pumped up, but had to stop it there because i had work in the morning. i felt really good after that run because i felt that my guildies had more confidence than they had before getting in ulduar. so a big shoutout to my guild: Markang Bungo (in english it means Skull Mark)and everyone in the raid group.

finally, thanks a lot for the prize. and i hope to hear fro you guys soon =)

for the horde!

Email #B from Eranth

Aprillian, Ashayo and Galnthar, well-met!

It’s Monday and I’ve been listening to Control-Alt-WoW, as well as giving Aprillian some gruff for doing her recording this last week in the Wailing Caverns. It told her that I’d send a note with my recent updates.

Over the weekend I received my Explorers Tabard for having finished my exploration of Northrend. Additionally, I finished the exploration of the Outlands. While those were nice to have done, I have also managed to acquire the title Ambassador Eranth by attaining Exalted status with all of the main races of the Horde. I think next I’ll continue working through exploring Kalimdor.

Hey, Ashayo…I got another Tick Bird, so I’m still looking for those elusive reigns myself.

That’s it for me for now. Good luck to you, and Happy Hunting!

“Be well…”


Beastmaster Hunter of AIE

Earthen Ring

Pt 2

Hey, just a quick follow up from my last email. I was asked to run DPS in Obsidian Sanctum 10-man. We did it with 1 drake up, I think that’s what you call it, right Ashayo? That’s my first time to run in a 10-man, and I had a good time. Oddly enough, it wasn’t with AIE, it was No Prayer for the Dying. They seemed like nice enough fellows. :-)

Yay us, go team!

“Be well…”


Beastmaster Hunter of AIE

Earthen Ring

Email #3 from Facefist

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, and Glanthur,
I'm writing this from the perspective of someone who I don't think you would consider to be your average listener. For one, I pretty much have no alts and despise the leveling process so much that I seriously doubt I will ever have any more that get past level 20 or so. Also, I am what most would consider a "hardcore" raider. I have a level 80 warrior on the Khadgar US server decked out in full tier 8.5, and multiple hard-mode items, over 20,000 Honorable Kills, and around 6200 achievement points, many of them raiding-related. I originally developed an interest in your podcast before Ulduar content was released because, like so many other raiders during the Naxx era, raiding had become tedious and boring for me; listening to the differing ways which you three seem to play the game, and the various things you find entertaining about it that don't involve raiding of any kind, I found ways to keep my love of the game going during a time when so many other "hardcore" raiders were turning away from the game in disappointment. It is interesting for me to note how this small faction of raiders dislikes so thoroughly the things that Blizzard does to beef up the experience of those not interested in their aspect of the game at all. And while your podcast helped tide me over the months of boredom that came from farming the same content for months on end, as well as the hours of boredom spent driving around town all day for work, since Ulduar has been out and raiding has once again taken on a new and exciting flavor, I have been craving raiding content in my podcast experience. This is why I have been delighted recently at how Ashayo has been updating us each week on his raiding progression through Ulduar, and find myself silently rooting for him in my head as he begins listing each new boss encounter mastered in his journey through Ulduar, hoping he is about to check another off the list. I envy you the boss kills yet in front of you, as many of the Keepers (Mimiron in particular) and Yogg Saron himself are enough to bring at least a small cheer out of even the most stoic of raiders when you finally see them go down. Having raided Black Temple and Sunwell in The Buring Crusade, many of the boss kills so far in WOTLK have seemed but pale reflections of those epic encounters, with the exception of my first kill of Sartharion with all 3 drakes up, Mimiron, Yogg Saron, and the various heroic hard modes we have had success with.
Secondly, I have caught myself inwardly smiling when in each of the past two episodes there has been mention of warrior dps. I was a prot warrior through most of The Burning Crusade, but have been a dps warrior through pretty much all of WOTLK. Yes, Glanthur, warriors can be astounding dps, but this is mostly through Blizzard's inability to balance the class and the way it scales with gear rather than the skill the player behind them might have. However, I imagine that is a topic for another forum.
Anywho, just wanted you guys to know that you have at least one member of your audience who most would consider part of that "elite" rank of hardcore raiders with no interest in what the "casuals" might enjoy in their WoW experience. You'd be surprised at the number of tells I get from warriors on my server seeking advice from the main dps warrior of the top Alliance guild on the server who are all astounded at my willingness to look over their gear/spec/rotation and offer advice when they assumed I would be an elitist jerk. Keep up the good work, keep having fun in whatever ways you enjoy, and I'll keep hoping in vain that Aprillian will hit 80 and allow some geared folks to take her on at least a sight-seeing tour through some of the end game raiding instances that, at least for some us, are the most enjoyable thing WoW has to offer.
80 Warrior, Khadgar US
Guild - Epic Weapons Vendor
P.S. - I'll include a link below to my armory, as well as a link to my youtube page that includes videos of the Ulduar Hard Modes I have done recently. I guess this is partly because I am proud of the way I play the game and want to show off (9.5k dps on Hodir hard mode as a Fury Warrior, 6.1k on Thorim Hard Mode, and 5.5k as Arms on XT Hard Mode), and maybe because I am intersted in one or all of your reactions the music. lol.

Email #4 from Ben

Hello ctrl alt wow,

The ctrl alt wow and bind on equip podcasts seem to have a special connection: you have each other on the others podcasts, you are always referencing and recommending each other and I was wondering if there was a chance to have a big special podcast with both the people from ctrl alt wow and bind on equip podcasts. I understand different time zones and the complications of life such as work may make this extremely hard and you would have to either lose your clean tag or bribe the BoE crew, but all of this could probably be worked on.

Oh well, just an idea that I hope becomes reality, Hope you're having a good morning/evening, Bye.

Email #5 from Zell

Ctrl Alt Wow Poem



You are the shitz.
Never stop.
Altoholism is not the disease it is the cure.
Your an inspiration to are entire organization.

Just a small poem for my favorite podcast keeping my cottage time without wow eventfull! On a game note I play a 80 Orc Warlock and play many alts, I wanna ask Glanthur I'm leveling a resto shaman and wanna know what main or two stats should I focus on for gear in end game(I love his idea?) Anyway love the show! Zeil or Zeilory on twitter. Later!

Email #C from Vala

Hello ctrlaltwow
Valathilia here
Well I apologize for not writing in a while but alot has happen in the real world. But patch 3.2 finally came out and I am loving the totem bars and my new Druid skins. Vala is now holy again so no more disc :) I am enjoying the new daily heroic as well. So I came to the conclusion that as much as I love Vala I enjoy playing alliance so much more :) well great podcast and keep it up :)
For the alliance

Email #6 Bidkar

Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur,

Bidkar, level 80 undead mage, Borean Tundra server here. I've had a somewhat eventful week for myself.

I was doing dailies Sunday morning when a level 80 dwarf hunter decided that I was easy pickings, which I will freely admit that for hunters I am easy pickings. I can kill a death knight, but hunters just seem beyond my mage skills. He ganked me, I came back and resurrected and went on. The hunter came back, ganked me again before I could get myself situated. This of course went on for awhile and I finally did the spirit healer resurrection and left.

Unfortunately, this was the capper for a week of harassment from the ally. All week I was ganked doing dailies and I had enough of that fol de rol to last me a lifetime. I emptied my mailbox and switched servers. I know people will say "What do you expect rolling a toon on a pvp server?", but to be honest I am not a gamer at all and I did not know a pve server from a pvp server and I was level 30 something before I finally figured that one out. I didn't want to leave the server then because it was my home server.

I overreacted by switching so quickly, but I think the reason goes back to when I first went to Outlands, I could never play because I got ganked continuously. I literally would go out of Thrallmar or the post in Zangarmarsh and there would be level 75 to level 80 ally killing everyone. I stopped playing altogether for awhile, but the siren call of WOW beckoned me. That was when I started playing a bunch of alts so it turned out to be a good thing in the end. I found out later that the reason for the ganking fest was Spring Break and the ally were bored apparently.

Though I am not overly happy to be on Borean Tundra right now, I am making the best of it and making tons of gold. Gold falls from the sky on these pve servers. Once I get loaded up with gold, I am going back to Auchindoun. Auchindoun is home and right now I feel like I'm in an alternate universe where everyone has a goatee. Like Fry said in Futurama, "It's just feels like a Universe B".

I also leveled my paladin up from 38 to almost 45. I would have leveled more, but I stopped many times to help out other people with their quests. I never mind helping the new people with their quests. Other people helped me out when I was new and didn't know what I was doing, so I think I should help out others by doing the same. One level 80 even ran my low level toon all the way out to the Crossroads on foot when I first started! It feels great to help out other people and I recommend it for everyone.

Sorry for the wall of text, feel free to cut out anything you want!

As alway, your podcast is the best and I look forward to it every week.

For the Horde and for Glanthur!

Bidkar and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
Happy August and sorry I have not been able to write to you all the last couple of weeks.

As patch 3.2 is in full effect for all, for me and all the Mo alts, I have to say all those new instances will mean nothing unfortunately for a few reasons.
One and most importantly, none of my characters are well geared, heck I am not even geared for some heroics. Also lately time is, well it usually is the issue as I play on and off or sometimes I do not log in especially during the summer (as we do try to enjoy the outside world as often as we can).
However, I am also partially sad that I am not able to see some of the game content. I would be nice and I can hope one day when we are level 100 I can walk into naxx or other places I have not been.

Everyone is stating their opinion of the patch and a week after the patch we are all still trying to fix out addons. What is worse you think...being a altaholic or addonholic??
I am both :(
I do not have that many addons anymore but I am really hooked on some, so much so that I do not play the game for long if the addon is still broken. Yes yes I know some people think that is just ridiculous but well enjoy the game in our own way.

I wanted to mention the zeppelin they added which takes you from Orgrimmar to Thunder Bluff, I wanted to check it out for myself. So I logged in my 55 druid (changed his color first, I will get into that later) and I did not know where to go in Thunder Bluff so I flew to Orgrimmar and was still lost. After asking this fine guard, he knew where everything was!!! I went to the west zep post outside of Orgrimmar and waited where the onboarding would take place onto the zeppelin...and I waited, waited some more, perhaps 5 minutes later (which felt like 30 minutes!!!) the zeppelin finally came. You cant miss the arrival of the zeppelin because the Goblins yell it out, very loudly.
I took my spot on the zeppelin, and we were off. It was very nice flying over the little raptors and boars and other wild life; we flew into the Barrens zone. At this point I was waiting for the UI to change to the screen with the map and the dotted line from Orgrimmar to Thunder Bluff....but it never came. I was in shock! We were actually on a real, well as real it can get in game, ride from one city to another city!!!
My druid really did not know what to feel. He was anxious, impatient and speechless!!! Part of me was asking why did I take this stupid zep as it is taking forever! Yet another part was enjoying flying over the lowbie zone where all the leveling and growing up happens; oh and all the stupid Barrens Chuck Norris talk happens too!

So the end result is = take the ride! Take the 5-10 minutes to enjoy this fine game we play and yes smell the roses, as they say.

As for druids and the new colors, they are very cool. My druid was a brown cat, which at first I was not happy with so I changed to white, than I was not happy with that but they both look so cool. When I am on my druid I think I may change my color every level or every other level. I know that is crazy but you cannot tell me they do not look cool!!! :)

I am sure we will hear your opinions on the episodes but just in case we do not, Aprillian, Glanthur, Ashayo, and listeners, what do you think of the changes; what do you like and dislike?

Before I say goodbye, one thing I have been working as much as I can is doing the daily cooking quest on Motauren, and I have 1 away from getting my hat! I am excited about that.
Also on my engineer, hunter Mochi, I learned the new talents and they sound delightful!!!!

As always thank you very much for your great work and have a great time in game and out of game :)


Shout Out #2 from Matt

The show can be found at I need to change the sites address cause the show is actually called 'Walk Alone Gaming' But that's the link all the same.

Shout out #3 for Xandar

Due to the advent of 3.2 there has been a little change in the T.E.N. Guild on Twisting Nether. For a time being the guild will be on hold. (Time to gain the maximum rested XP) I will keep you all informed as to the plans of T.E.N. Guild bi-weekly. If you have questions about if we are doing a guild run or not, feel free to email me. I feel that all of us are excited to venture forth and see the new content from 3.2.

Xandarr (Trollbane US) is busily FINALLY getting some level 200 DPS gear inside the Trial of the Champion 5 man instance. Hopefully he will be hitting the Heroic side soon enough.

Nkaala (Trollbane US) has been feverishly working to level to 80 as well to get into the Trial of the Champion as well. However at level 75 she still has some work to do.


Shout out #4 from Kurly

Hey folks...I have started my own little blog.....if you all want to keep up with me....
Love you all to bits!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 126 - This One's for you Jeppy

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Big Shout Out to Kyle:


So hopefully if all went well you should have recieved 3 30day gametime codes from the blizzard store. You are free to do with them as you wish, either divide it up between the three of you for the personal account of your choice, of if you all want to use them in place or in addition to your regular prizes, or whatever. Thank you all so very much for your wonderful podcast! I look forward to all of your future episodes!!



Moved and spent little wow

Did Discover Crystalsong Wood. Did cooldowns, love the ability to fly straight.

Cleaned up some old quests on the DK Quad, including running over to Nessingwary to deliver that horn. While there I took the DK to Deadmines and we completed the achievement.



Apologies for Twitter spam this afternoon

Ulduar 10 - DWP
[Orbital Bombardment] - one tower up
One shot Ignis - woot!
One shot Kologarn - on fire!
Auriaya - two shot
Iron Council - two shot!

Power Auras mod: Priest auras:
Serendipity : Bind or Flash = faster Greater or PoH
Surge of Light = instant flash

Shadowthrone - Open Hodir dailies and Oracle dailies. (Just waited in cave until some alliance sucker came along and killed the mob)

Ulduar 25 DWP - Asheal
Razorscale - won [Guiding Star] mace
XT down
Ignis - had a tough night with healing. Only had 6 healers, and only priests and shaman. Druid and Pally needed in the mix.
Took 1.5hrs 2nd night to finally down him

Argent Tournament
- Ambassador Hiide
- Jekle is ready to hand in the last quest to become Crusader

Shadowthrone dings 80
And buys epic flying.
Working through Champion of Silvermoon. Tip: When playing a DK, don't bother standing around in the tent where all the other classes get quests!

Ashield - healing UK with Solador,Ostira,Gobu alts


Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Kurly

Hey All, sorry for the incomplete and abruptly ending email last week, I didnt mean to send it as it wasnt finished, and then some personal things came up that needed my sorry again.
Getting from 70-80 is tough. At last check my quest log was full and I have green quests all over the place that I feel like would be a big waste of time.
I have been trying to complete the Wrathgate chain, but of course that would require me doing some research and who the frig has time for that.
I can not wait to hit 80 so I can haul my cookies into the BG's, and I am considering converting my human priest to an undead one, and transferring him to POH!!
As always you guys are the best!! If you and Glanthur ever want to have coffee, let me know!!
All the best!!

Email #2 from Kevin

When I play wow I like to play with my friends. We level alts togather all the time as well as group on our mains. My little brother and his fiance play on one of my servers and i am a healer for their groups. I love to make alts, twink them out and get their tradeskills up their to help my main. I am always changing around from my alts to other alts and Just generally playing to have fun. I don't get into the hardcore part of it as I would rather have fun then see it as something I have to do.

Email #A from Makling

hey guys makiling here,

i just listened to your latest episode and i loved it. its really nice for you to bring in your significant other, aprillian. hearing about his adventures as a real wow newbie makes me feel reminiscent of the days when i was now to the game too.

i would also like to comment on the audio of your recent podcast. it was a great improvement from episode 124 where i was straining to hear aprillians voice. i could swear that i her her moving around the room, as it seems you record in stereo channels =)

i also liked the other email you had read. i could really relate to the other listeners. your show has filled a niche in my WoW life. the void that is the lack of real life people to talk about WoW has been filled up by your show. and i had recently proven that your show has done that more than other podcasts i listen to.

i feel for those who sometimes experience burnout in the game. but listening to you guys talk about it every week is like fueling the WoW flames. my only request is that you please continue to let us share our experiences with you.

to tell you about my WoW week, i had recently gained the heroic fall of naxx achievement. i find it funny because i have been getting into ulduar pugs and getting achievements there, but had only completed the whole of heroic naxx recently. a shoutout to We Raid Naked guild for pulling it off. if you think the pugs in are realm are amazing that we can get to auriaya on heroic mode, then you would be surprised to know that stuff like this happens all the time. and im pretty sure there will be heroic pugs once the new raids come out.

finally, id like to thank you for picking me again in your raffle. i was supposed to give the first one i got to my sister's fiancee, but he decided not to play because they are busy planning their wedding. so im using the first prize you gave me. i wont mind if you give away the prize you gave me for this week, but i would be thankful if decide to give it to me anyway =)

until next week, for the horde!

ps. i loved glanthurs interview on BoE. i hope the BoE-CtrlAltWoW crossover pushes through

Email #B from Michael

Hey C-A-W Crew,

Thanks for reading my e-mail last week.

I was playing back some of the old archives from when Glanthur first started co-hosting. It is fun to listen for how many times Aprillian refers to Ashayo as "she."

For the record, I am male but like Ashayo, I like to play both genders. It kind of depends upon what mood I am in when I am looking at the character creation screen. My main is a male Human Paladin:

And I also have a male POH DK who was on the Darnassus/Exodar raid that I need to get back to leveling soon:


p.s. You can leave me out of the contest, too.

Email #3 from Baccharus

Aprillian, Asheyo, and Glanthur,
CTRL-Alt-WoW is a must-listen for me every week. As I have a 45-60 minute commute each day, at least one day a week is "Ctrl-Alt-WoW Commute Day", which I very much look forward to.
My altaholism stems from a deep desire to draw on every experience WoW has to offer, and playing a multitude of classes and races is one way to do that. My two mains (Baccharus, 80 Human Mage) and main-alt (Bacchardin, 80 Human Paladin) were drastically different leveling experiences. What a change going from ranged dps to melee tank/healer!
Like Glanthur, I don't dual-box; I think it would cause me anxiety as well. I've got over 30 characters at various levels on various realms, all on a single account (including some horde, yes - love the horde lore / storyline. Someone else commented that it's more complex, which I definitely agree with.)
Guild: Awesome to Work with Guildies
Our guild (If I may, I'd like to request a shout out to Virtute et Armis on Eonar, and our founding deity Zelec) is very family-oriented, so guild chat is active and groups are always forming to run this or that instance or battleground. With that much activity, I don't ever feel lonely. On top of that, 5 of us work together, and so our lunch conversations revolve around WoW; I feel bad for the non-WoW people that occasionally stop by for lunch - they are so lost! Well, perhaps we'll get a couple to jump in and expand our group.
Impact to Home / Outside Life
My wife - doesn't get WoW, and she's not interested in WoW - let sleeping dogs lie.
My 7 (yes, seven) sons - all of them play! Oldest son is 15, and has an 80 undead mage and many alts, Next oldest son is an 80 gnome DK and guild Offtank, along with many alts. All the younger boys (all 5 of them) have low-level characters that they play with Dad's help. It's a real bonding experience for us, and I really enjoy talking to them about their experiences. 1st & 2nd sons each have their own accounts, so it doesn't impact dad's playtime. ;)
Sooo, if Asheyo's going to roll, can you read this one, er, earlier? :D (Just Kidding!)
Keep up the fantastic work on the podcast, I learn something new every time I listen.
Baccharus, 80 Human Mage on Eonar - "For the Good...of All"
P.S. Glanthur - you fit into BoE like a glove That was my favorite BoE episode to date. But don't leave Ctrl-alt-Wow.

Email #4 from Deathskeeper

Hello My Name is Deathskeeper and I'm a Altoholic...

I'm a fellow member of AIE. I play Deathskeeper my main (DK), Voohoodoo (Lock), Lifesblood (Priest), Beaststyle (Druid), Themonk (Paladin), Namekian (Hunter), Armyofone (Warrior), Deathbyice (Mage), Ancestorbles (Shaman) & Kissmysteel (Rogue).

Right now I'm duel boxing again thanks to you Aprillian. When I heard you on how I wow I tried it the first time but I didn't really get the hang of it until later and I was playing Alliance then so I gave that account to my wife. She loves her Gnome Mage. Now I've started another account to help level up my alts since I just started playing Horde again. I have ADD so it hard for me to play one thing for to long accept for my Undead Lock my first toon and now my DK. I have 2 guilds ShowJo Monks & Deaths Seekers for the banks I'm glad to find a pod cast to make me feel more normal about my game play. I love the show and BoE as well. Keep up the good work.

Email #5 from Bidkar

Ally healing Horde

Hi Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo,

Bidkar, undead level 80 mage on Auchindoun here. This week was fairly uneventful for me. I did a ton of dailies on my mage. I am essentially done with the Argent Tournament but I am leaving one faction uncompleted so I can keep on doing the dailies for them. Thank you Ashayo for that tip!

I played my troll death knight, Viha, for a bit this week and got her up to 70. I only started her so I could have an alt with inscription so I could make vellums for my enchanting whenever I wanted to. I find though I do like playing the death knight, but I prefer the paladin. I played my paladin on the Borean Tundra server this week, got him up to 38. I find playing on a normal server much easier than playing on a pvp server. I don't miss the pvp at all.

I did find out this week that an ally can heal a horde! I was helping out a random fellow out in Grizzily Hills with a quest and came upon an ally paladin on the same quest. He did not attack and all of us moved to the elite the quest required. I noticed when I was attacking the elite mob, I was receiving healing from the paladin. I didn't know that was possible! We killed the mob twice so everybody finished the quest and diplomacy between the Ally and Horde moved forward a step.

Sorry if this email sounds poorly worded and punctuated. I had to write it in a hurry and haste makes waste! No need to put it in the drawing for the prizes either. The opportunity to listen the the podcast every week is prize enough for me.

For Glanthur and for the Horde!

Bidkar and his many alts

Email #6 Bloodavenger

Hello everyone at ctrl alt wow,

I wanted to write in to say I love the show. Even though at first I didn't. I started listening to your show after Aprillian was on Bind on Equip and when I started listening I thought "where is all the music?" After the musical that is BoE it was alot different to come over to your show. However after I got over that I really liked your show. I enjoy the way you three act around each other and whoever you bring on.

A little bit about my wow experience. Well I am mainly on Wyrmrest Accord server and have a level 80 Blood Elf Palain named Bloodavenger in the guild The Insiders, named after another podcast Inside Azeroth, thats . Anyways back to my toons, I am a very big altoholic, though not as bad as you Aprillian. I have a lv 60 BElf DK, a lv 35 BElf Warlock,a lv 34 BElf Rouge, a lv 30 BElf Priest, a level 25 Orc Hunter, a lv 18 Troll mage and a lv 14 Tauran Druid. Can you tell I like Blood Elfs?

Anywho, after listening to Ctrl Alt Wow I decided to do something that I had never done before, dual-boxing. So I started by refering myself and got a trial account. And started leveling a Orc Shaman on my main account and a Orc Warrior on my other account. Two classes I have not ever rolled. So far it is going great I am using the Warrior as the main damage dealer and the shaman as support and heals and I am amazed at how fast you can kill suff when you never have to stop. Well in less than a day I got to level 20 and realized that there must be a block to keep trial accounts from going over 20. So I have upgraded the one account and continuing on the path of triple exp. I just hope I can reach 60 before the 90 days are up.

Sorry about the wall of text. Keep up the awsome work on the show.


P.S. It's my...well you know. Hey hey.

Shout Outs & Thank You

Thank you #A from Karen

Subject: Thanks for the Sandbox Tiger

Bast loves it (as you can see in the attached screenshot) and she looks appropriately ridiculous when she rides it. Her gnome partner, Hapenny, likes it as well (yes, Bast runs around with a gnome firemage backing her up and has for 79 levels).

I'm only 4 bubbles from 80 on Bast and predict that Aprillian will find the journey from 77 to 80 easy once she starts the Argent Tournament dailies. And there's a good altoholic reason to collect the Champion's Seals: when patch 3.2 drops, you'll be able to purchase heirloom items with them and give those to your lower level alts. Those are going to be much easier for my two mains to obtain since I don't have the blocks of game time to run (or pug) heroics.

On the horde side, my resto druid is still working on the BC 5-mans with his 3 DK pals. We did Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad and are heading off to Sethekk Halls next. We're looking forward to going through all the BC and Wrath 5-mans together. And he has some pretty sweet gear (since if it's leather, he gets it), though that makes the quest rewards from normal quests a bit of a disappointment some times.

Keep up the great work on the podcast, I'm enjoying the mixing of BOE and Ctrl-Alt-Wow, though you guys are completely confusing my husband, who is finally listening to both podcasts and enjoying them, but can't keep the names and people straight.

Thanks again for the loot card.