Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 117 - Glanthur Dings

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Found out about the DK flying mount. Spent almost 2k to get it on my two DK's on ER, Love it.

Still grinding professions on PVP DK

Elune's Grace Podcast has done their last episode.

Made [Titanium Earthguard Ring] on JC on ER, sold for over 800g, nice.

Friday ran 4 DK on pvp server through WC. Got achievement, skinning up and some herbs and greens.


Oracles: 2 x Tickbird Hatchling, White Tickbird Hatchling, Cobra Hatchling

Jekle healed the end of Heroic CoS - just the gauntlet and Malgannis. Nice epic leather wrist - actual healing gear! And got the [Needy] achievement! Felt a bit bad for the Boomkin druid that had done the whole instance.

Shadowthrone - Ding 63 ; ran Ramparts and Blood furnace with 3 other DK's - massively overpowered. Later ran 5 man DK Ramparts - no healer!
Headed back to Thrallmar to find an alliance attacking the town. Mowed him down ... twice.

Ashayo - 10 man raiding ; tried Malygos - got to phase3 a couple of times, but couldn't beat him. Also tried 1 drake OS, but couldn't manage that either.

Naxx 25 - Asheal; nice offhand healing , and boots - [superior] achievement.
Cleared it! 1 shot sapphiron, 3 shot KT
Won priest tier head peice :)

- 1 shot Flame Leviathan
- Xt-002 deconstructor ; 6million left out 22.5million 1st shot, down 2nd shot. Achievement [Heroic: Nerf gravity bombs] (no one died from gravity bomb)
- Ignis the Furnace Master, few wipes, down to 45%. Loose adds causing the most issues.
- Kologarn; only two attempts, also unsuccessful

Jekle healed Heroic UP - great run with Retsmile, Solador, Ostira and Deadlyvyv

Pally Healing! ?


Have been leveling Arlaerum when I can. Still only level 60. Man, Death Knights are POWERFUL.
Have been doing the Argent Tournament dailies on Arlaerus and am now done with them on Glanthur
Glan got the Elywnn Lamb pet. Tragic. Awesome. Tragically awesome.
Ulduar Progression: Flame Leviathon, Razorscale, XT-002, and Kologarn are down.

Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Zebestes

The large wooden structure in the valley of wisdom next to Thrall's building is a recreation of Mannaroth, a demon that was killed by Grom Hellscream in The Third War just south of Ashenvale. The event occured in Warcraft 3 in the orc campaign. Grom and Thrall were alone facing the demon that enslaved the orcs to the demons in the first place. Grom takes a valiant swing and pierces Mannaroth's armor, killing him, but also mortally wounding Grom. In honor of his fallen comrade, Thrall erected the structure and hung the broken armor from it.

I haven't heard anyone answer the question yet, so I hope it helps!

Zebestes- Earthen Ring-US

P.S. I rerolled on Earthen Ring and I'm leveling this druid. I hope to be in AIE soon!



Email #2 from Thundyr

Hey again guys!

Well in reference to your responses from last week, it seems that with the over all view of how I left my guild was a poor departure, and I would probably agree for the most part perhaps it is why I asked the question. In my defense I would like to offer you a explanation, but in the efforts to keep this short I will spare you many specific in depth details.

Needless to say there were recent changes in the guild that were from my opinion something we had previously discussed would never happen, a guild alliance for one. I can not say that this was the catalyst, but contributed to a change of the overall feeling of the guild, and its direction. I would also add the reason for me leaving on my own was to avoid the tendency I have been become a custom to seeing in the recent past with the leadership, that would be the difference of /gquiting on my terms or being /gkicked on theirs.

I think I would have stayed, or posted my feelings if there were core of people I had connections to, though due to the a major departure of officers & guildies weeks earlier there was really no one left that I could connect to, or at least didn't know I was leaving already.

One thing I feel confident in, or at least I have a good feeling about being a fan of BOP as well, and hearing some of the goings on from Temp & their drama is if she was more aware of specific details perhaps it would not seemed such a drastic measure.

I guess it is really a error on my behalf in the way I posed the question in the first place, because the answers both Ashayo, and Temp delivered are probably more in line with opinions on what should happen, of course where I went wrong is I asked having all the history behind me.

Just so you know I did not move on to a raiding guild, me & my girlfriend have a guild of our own with just the two of us & our alts, and we both are enjoying playing once again.

Thanks guys, as always it is great hearing you!


Email #A from Gareth

Hey hun, just heard the Podcast and was shocked to hear i won again.

Seeing as i have won once i will pass on this but what you can do is next time your out for a walk and go past a flower shop, step inside and buy yourself a rose. And that would be my thank you to you for making a great Podcast.

And yes i am in the alliance but no i don't live in my parents basement, i am 28 years old not a snotty nosed 12 year old kid living in my mothers basement like some people lol

Hugs Gareth

Email #3 from Valathilia

Hello guys
valathilia here
So this past week alot happen...
Valathilia finally did ulduar and it was super hard XD I hate having dps not listening but I gave them a break since it was there and also my first time but seriouly we wiped on each boss more than five times, I am not saying that I wasn't to blame as well but it really just came down to following instructions especially with that boss that's a twist of the saphh and the final Nexsus boss. But in other news my Druid is now 50 and finally got my trents and tree form, I am excited about that. But enough about me I hope you all had a great week and I finally tuned in to BOE and wow they are funny, 5minuets into the show and there talking about a sausage fest LOL well love the podcast and keep it up
-for the horde

Email # 4 from Makiling
hey guys, this is Makiling,

thanks for reading my letter on your episode! i've been writing to the different podcasts that i listen to, but this is the first time one of my letters was read on air. so april, have you tried playing with the WASD keys? do you find it better than using the arrow keys? i guess if you played first person shooters like half life and quake, you would be using the WASD keys for WoW too, but i understand why you would try playing it otherwise. anyway, i just wanted to share that i finally got a death knight out of the starting area this week. im really not into melee classes, and although i have a couple of toons in their late 30's, i mainly focus on my main who is an undead mage. so now im using my death knight to hang around the neutral auction house for when i have some stuff i'd like to sell to the alliance. but the good thing about finishing the ebon hold story line is that i finally understood all the references you make to that quest line =)

thanks again! for the horde!

Email # 5 Kurly

I hope that you are all well! As always your podcasts have been great fun to listen to, and with the BOE Ctrl+Alt+WOW crossover, I am enjoying them all that much more!

I made the grand decision to delete some of the tunes that I knew I was never going to play. I had some duplicate classes that were turning out to be a huge waste of time to play on, so I took a deep breath, typed "D-E-L-E-T-E" and amazingly enough my house did not catch fire, nor did I go spontainiously blind. One of the advantages of being a toon whore is that you really do get a feel for the class or classes that work best for your individual style of play. And, now that I am getting into PVP, having a basic knowledge of how other classes work can certainly be an advantage when you are fighting one.

I rolled a toon on for Pants on Head (Kurliemoo) and having been having a wonderful time chatting and running with those hot messes from down under.

Some other WOW buds of mine (a couple across the country in Washington State [I am in Boston]) have rolled toons on another PVP server and have been having a great time running around together leveling them.

Let me stress that I think you all being guests on BOE is a universal requirment!!

Please keep the podcasts comming. I look forward to listening everyweek. You are all beautiful!



ShoutOuts and Blogs

From Xandarr2112
It has been a while since we have spoken so I thought I would drop you a line and see how things are going!
I got an interesting comment from my wife at lunch yesterday. I was sitting there eating my grilled stuft burrito from Taco Bell when she said "I want you to move forward with your podcast." Talk about my jaw hitting the table. I almost dropped my beefy goodness that is my burrito. This is the first real encouragement I have received from my wife when it comes to "That Game." She said it isn't that she doesn't like the game it is just the time I waste playing it. So cutting time down to weekends has paid off!
I am looking for someone to assist me in doing a podcast. I even extended an offer to our good friend "MO." Please pass the word onto your other listeners that I am looking for a tech erson who knows how to record better than I do, and I am also looking for a female perspective as well.
In addition to that we finally have a Horde Side experiment up and running. Thanks to the Bind on Equip gnomes I have an experimental guild forming using toons without "sugar daddies" and we are running Instances "at level." You are welcome to join us anytime! Guild application is at the bottom of the blog.
Thanks again for all your support and I look forward to joining your ranks!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 116 - Raiders of the Lost Alt

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Tempeste of Bind On Equip Podcast, which can be found at and on iTunes, joins us for some excellent hilarity and Raiding tips.

What We've Been Doing:


Decided to start a RAF since I was doing the Starting area on the oceanic server. You get the triple xp during the 10 day trial. Hmmm. I deleted one of my DK's to start an Ally one. I wanted to do the AH and the last PVP server I would get random gankage

Auruk got the tower key from fishing reward bag, 16g, not bad.

Took the quad in ER to BT finally found the way to Caldaraak

Trying Frost on DK.


- Objectives drop down is nice - able to minimise and get out of the way
- Equipment manager - basic, but functional.
- price drop in AT mount (and others?)

Oracles - 4 x white tickbird hatchling

Argent Tournament on A&A / J&H
- Hiide becomes champion of Orgrimmar and gets his gruntling. Figured out all the quartermasters sell the same gear.
- Jekle becomes champion of Thunder Bluff
- Hiide becomes champion of Sen'jin - and DINGs 79
- Got a champion's Seal in Champion's Purse with gold
- Ashayo bought the Argent Hippogryph (reduced to 150 seals in the latest patch)
- Sell your pets (40 seals) while the prices are still high on the AH

Naxx 10 man
- Ashayo finally got 'Safety Dance' achievement

Naxx 25 man
- Asheal healing - nice cloak upgrade

Warming up to start dual-boxing Death Knight and Holy Paladin
- Started with a big bag shuffle. Been hording stuff to level eng on DK. - need amazing amount of ore and materials to level. up to 440 (120 saronite ore for 5 pts)
- Some very sweet gear, and can use some of it at lower levels - no level requirement, just engineering skill level requirement
- A crap ton of bombs
- Mechanized Snow Goggles (of random enchant) - using "Of the Battle" on my level 68 DK - 1671 armor, 73 str, 62 stam, 32 crit
- Sonic booster trinket - 81 stam, proc for 430 atk pwr for 10 secs
- crit rating & movement speed to boots
- fire damage rocket launcher to gloves
- stun mechanicals to belt
- track gas clouds to belt
- agility and slowfall to cloak
Last 10 points will be tough
Specced paladin holy - How the hell do I heal? (And where do I get gear - blacksmith makes stuff all INT / SPELL DMG gear)

PvP Death Knight dinged 61 - and still plenty of quests to do in HFP.


Bladed Edge

I'd like to say that I'll have an audio recording soon...
I'd *like* to say it... but every time I have two seconds to rub together something else needs my attention...
Total time played this week I can confidently say is less than an hour. /sigh
That said, I have found an audio track to end my segment with... and finding the time to cobble it into my Audacity master-piece is proving to be a little less difficult than finding a spare moment to sit down to record my voice segment.

That said...

The Bladed Edge

Hey all, Blade here... you wouldn't believe the week I've been having.
Apologies to one and all for missing the last episode... when I'm finished school, I anticipate I'll have more free time on my hands...
That said, let's get straight to the meat-and-potatoes... and in a /nod to our guest of honor, the lovely and vivacious Tempeste... I'll slip in a few 'Australian-ese' expressions...
Now before I start... do keep in mind that Ol' Blade's not a fair dinkum Aussie... so I may get some of these wrong... don't rubbish me too much...

Evil Orc Laugh

From the 'Dirty Little Tricks' Department...
Dunno about the rest of you, but when Ol' Blade is questing, grinding or leveling his alts, I often neglect my 'peripheral skills'. You know... the skills you learn for your character when they're available... but forget to use?
(Ol' Blade has a Mage in his 70s that's still using Mageweave bandaids... doh!)
I was reminded of this the other day when I went to hit a regular hotkey to cast one of my regular rotation of spells on my priest alt, and I hit the 'wand shoot' button instead...
Wands skill level 1 ?!?!
Holy crap! How did I manage to forget all about wands? Not that they're overly powerful at lower levels in comparison to some of the level 80 cannons you can find... but having a little extra dps when and if your caster character runs out of mana can't hurt.
But how can you level up wands without putting yourself in a fairly hazardous situation as a cloth-wearer?
Attack spellcasters... specifically take your wand-user to a lower-level zone, farm some herbs or mine some nodes and toss off a few wand shots at a caster mob. You'll resist their spells, you're too high level... and your wand skill will increase as their spells bounce harmlessly off your paper-towel armor.
This also works in lower-level dungeons like Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns and the Deadmines... you'll resist their spells and gain a few (probably quite a few) levels in your wand skill - maybe even killing the mob - while they burn through their own mana trying to take you out.
Speaking of leveling up skills... the Scarlet Monastery is another good place - this time for melee weapon skills... take on a few Scarlet Chaplans. They cast heal-over-time spells on themselves and are normally a bit of a pain in the backside that way... but you can skill up pretty much all of your weapon skills to a very decent level with a couple runs through SM.
Anyone know if you can skill up your weapon skills or wand skill in a duel against another player?

Now... on to the ubiquitous macro:
From what Ol' Blade has been led to understand, Mages are getting bumped out of their places in the Arena teams for other classes... maybe... maybe not... in either case, this macro should help you in Arena combat... or in any other battlegrounds...

/cancelaura Ice Block
/cast [modifier:shift]Counterspell
/cast Ice Block

What's it do? Dunno if any of you are sick of getting chain-feared... I'm sure most people would be... this takes a bit of the fear out of the warlock's fear spells... Hit the macro to ice-block, hold shift when you press the macro to pop *out* of Ice Block and drop a Counterspell, then (if or when Ice Block is off cooldown) Ice Block again. Click it to get out of the first fear, then shift-click it to hit them with a Counterspell the second they start casting fear again. If Ol' Blade's math is correct, that gives you about 8 seconds before they can fear again (plus four more before they can do anything else... if they're like Ol' Blade... they haven't leveled up their wand skills either...

Evil Orc Laugh

You'd have to have a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock not to use *this* little trick to best advantage...

And... a macro to save a button-space...

/cast [nocombat] Pyroblast; Fireball

In a nutshell? Casts Pyroblast if you aren't in combat, casts Fireblast if you *are* in combat (ahh... the ever-popular Pyro opener... don't forget to add your trinket boosts, Presence of Mind boosts or anything else to kick-it-up-a-notch before you cast it (you can stick them into the macro for a one-button "IWIN" cast...)
But DON'T do it if you're in a raid or an instance... and your tank hasn't got solid aggro... that's a really noobish mistake...

Don't forget... if you want an edge for your particular character race or class... or want to find a dirty-trick way of completing a quest or aquiring an item... let Ol' Blade know...
Find Ol' Blade on his blog at
... or pester Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo at ctrlaltwow!

Evil Orc Laugh

From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket...

This week, I'll give you two selections that may very well be beyond the back stump for most people... and two that should be pretty easy to see...
For those of you tougher-than average raider, Ulduar holds few secrets... see what I did there? The Secrets of Ulduar? Holds few secrets? Bah! No one appreciates my punniness...
If your raid defeats General Vezax after defeating the Saronite Animus on regular or Heroic difficulty, you will earn the achievement "I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning". This is a reference to the 1979 movie Apocalypse Now, in which Lieutenant Colonel Bill Killgore (played by Robert Duvall) utters the very famous line:
"I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Smelled like... victory."
Also from Apocalypse Now... let's head back to old-world Azeroth - to northern Stranglethorn Vale. If I recall correctly, you Alliance-types have a quest to head to Colonel Kurzen's camp - he apparently gone a bit bushranger... went insane and raised an army in a small hidden compound... much like his namesake Colonel Kurtz (played by Marlon Brando). The backstories of the two Colonels are very similar... and, by extension, are references to the character Kurtz from Heart of Darkness, the 1902 novel by Joseph Conrad upon which Apocalypse Now was based.

Back to Ulduar. This time, raiders, you have to defeat 9 Guardians of Yogg-Saron within 12 seconds (on either Normal or Heroic difficulty) in order to get the achievement "They're Coming Out of the Walls". This is a reference to a line uttered by Private Hudson (played by Bill Paxton) in the 1986 movie Aliens as the small Marine squadron is attacked.
"They're coming outta the walls!"
Also in reference to the movie Aliens, let's head over to the Skyguard Outpost in Blade's Edge Mountains... every two hours or so, the Skyguard gear up for their flight attack on Bash'ir Landing. During their pep-talk, the Skyguard Lieutenant asks: "Anyone have any questions?" to which a Ranger replies: "Look man, I only need to know one thing. Where they are." Jenette Vasquez (played by Jenette Goldstein) says this very thing to *her* Lieutenant (Lieutenant Gorman - played by William Hope) during their mission briefing before dropping down to the planet below.

As always, an awesome podcast guys!

Loremaster Blade


Email #1 from Crossbow

Hi there gracious Aprillian, mighty Ashayo and "Allie"Glanthur. Oh yeah and Blade.
My name is Crossbow. I am a lv 80 Troll hunter on Dentarg(EU). I have been playing for just over a year and have 16 toons at various levels. (a total alteholic) Finances allow me to only have 2 accounts.
I'm playing from South Africa and l stay in a small town on the stunning Garden Route.
Unfortunately RECRUIT A FRIEND is not available to South Africans. Why Blizz?????? Aprillian I love your predicaments with the RECRUIT A FRIEND and wish we had that option available to us too. We pay the same monthly fee so why are we excluded?? Well, end of my rant for now.
I came across an interesting site a couple of months ago. I've been trying it since then and think I want you guys to know about it if you don't already use it. Its called ISBoxer Toolkit.
Here is the main site:
I am not a rep for them but could not keep this a secret because it helped me so much.
Here is a couple of YouTube vid's that shows the software in action. I was concerned that one can be banned for using this so I contacted Blizz and they didn't have any problem with it.
The setup is a bit daunting at first but after watching these instructional vid's I got started and can't believe that I was alt tabbing just a week before. What it does is put your whole multi boxing team on one screen and makes it possible to click to different toons with ease and fight as one.It also has a form of key cloner that works much better than the one you tried Ashayo. The features are plenty and I will let u go check them out for yourself. The only drawback is the fee. When I first listened to Jeppy and his plan to level 62 toons to 80, I was almost sure he must be using this software.
Instructional Vid's
Ashayo you are my hero. I think the way you approach the game is pretty much the same as mine. I can't wait to download every weeks episode from iTunes but once again we get shafted because as South Africans we can not leave a review.
I am a single, 30something dad of 2 and find WOW the ideal escape from a busy day after my younglings has gone to bed.
I love u guys and the podcast. Keep it coming. Sorry for the wall of text.

Email #2 from Thundyr
Thundyr from the Cenarion Circle US
Hello all,
Well I have fairly recently left my guild they were a medium end raiding guild, mostly people used the guild as a stepping stone to gear to eventually leave for progression guilds. I was a officer in this guild and I found as more, and more people left it became draining, and made the game less fun for me, it came to the point that even though I had been in the guild as a officer for over a year, I felt a need to escape.
So my this leads me to my question, I /gquit all my toons on a off time with out a word, then wrote a letter explaining my situation. Is this a poor departure?
Have any of you been in a uncomfortable guild situation?
Thanks a ton
My Alliance alt nation
Thundyr 80 shaman
Prophyt 80 pally
Wyldweaver 80 Druid
Wyrdwolf 80 Hunter
Darkprophyt 73 Deathknight
Rhette 60 Priest
Frostwynd 48 Mage
Drogg 40 Warrior
Darklore 33 Warlock
Smallshadow 31 rogue

Email #A

Subject: Stooges

Wait you guys have fans that email named Mo & Curly? Should I change my name to Shimp? nyuck nyuck
PS. Keep the "clean" rating, you guys are great just as you are.

Email #3 from Gareth

Hi Aprillian i just wanted to give some maybe useful advise, the daily's your doing at the moment in outlands seems a bit out of the way so i was thinking of pointing you in the direction of the faction 'The Kalu'ak' in Northrend.

Ashayo will be able to tell you about the three daily's you can get from them and where they are on the podcast, i'm sure it will be good advise for other listeners wanting to do some daily's that don't require you to be higher level.

The three daily's you get with them will give you a lot more out of them then the daily's in outlands, the only downside to it is that you wont be able to fly, BUT you will be able to take a boat to the 3 places where you can pickup the daily's.

1. you will get more XP,
2. more gold,
3. the best so far is you will gain rep with them (at exalted you can get the epic fishing pole AND a lovely cute pet)

Quite a bit has happened since last time i wrote in, my Druid called Dreamweaver has had a name change and is now known as Hitsuju (due to me having a silly a in my first name i was losing mail) I LOVE my alts....

Hitsuju - 80 druid
Aramite - 80 Priest
Nightweaver - 80 hunter
Daydreamer - 80 Death Knight
Shimato - 74 Warlock
Night - 71 Rogue
Voodoobaby 70 shamen

oh and another 80 Death Knight on Lightbringer EU called (might not get away with saying this on the podcast) caressmasacc who is still in the Gardeners of Gilneas (kind of fallen apart now as you might of guessed)

What you might find shocking is that i have never duel boxed in my life O.o its all been down to having time on my hands while I'm trying to save up for a new home, and yes i do have a full time job. anyhooo i need to get off to get ready for a 25 man ulduar raid with my fluffy druid.

All my best to you Aprillian, Ashayo and ofc i wont forget you this time Glanthur.

Best of wishes Dreamweaver aka nightweaver on twitter.

For the Horliance


Email #4 from Matt

hey guys love the show.

ok i want to start dual-boxing. but i want to be able to do it on one pc i need help finding programs (software) to do this i want to be able to use keys and mouse movements and how to set it up. i know that you guys are busy when you have time to put up walkthrough on how to do it with alist of software.

any help would be great

thank you for the help

thanks Matt

Email #5 Elsinne

Hello, Glanthur, Aprillian, and Ashayo

It's Elsinne again, from Earthen Ring.

This email is a direct response to Glanthur's achievement of hatching a green proto drake from the egg.

Every winter I take a break from WoW for a couple of months. I've been doing this for four years or so. It allows me to explore some other games that are out there that I have been ignoring for the past year and also it allows me to be more focused on my in-game goals when I start playing again.

Around the end of January, my time had come. I was going to leave WoW for my annual hiatus. My first ever oracle egg had hatched and it was a was a white tickbird. Not what I wanted, of course, but I would take what I could get. I bought another egg and flew back to Dalaran to whisper goodbye to my in-game friends.

I returned in late March. I was excited to be back. I wanted to get right into PvP. I PvP'd for about a week before I remembered anything about the Oracles. I finished up my last Warsong Gulch battleground for the evening and was just about to log out in Dalaran when I clicked on my cracked egg.

Holy flying lizards, Batman! Reins of the Green Proto Drake! Only the second egg in!

So much for logging off. Immediately, I would head out to my favorite zone in the entire game, Storm Peaks, and fly around. Unlike Glanthur, I didn't care about how cool it looked walking. It was my first epic flight mount. I was impressed with the SPEED. My ground mount would never see the light of day again (except in battlegrounds of course). I was impressed with the enormous wingspan of the thing. It was a creature of beauty.

Yeah. I know didn't do anything special to get it other than buy an egg for two Sunday nights in a row. Killing stupid puppy men or blowing flutes on mountain tops to get an exalted reputation only requires the minimum amount of brain activity, not much more than it takes to turn a doorknob or bring a sandwich to your mouth. I didn't down a giant raid boss or anything. But it's mine. My own. My precious.

My character that received this gift is mostly retired, but every now and then I might wheel out the old proto drake for a spin around Northrend.

Have fun with your ghetto epic flying mount, Glanthur. It's fantastic! Don't let anybody tell you different.


Elsinne Starsong/Earthen Ring (US)

Email #6 from Jason

Hey guys
I still love your show but at the moment my internet is completely screwed.....
it takes 45 minutes to download your show, and my In-Game latency is over 800ms
If you guys didn't have the [clean] tag on your show this e-mail would be filled with a swearing rant
keep up the good work


Email #7 Karen

Notes from RL

Greetings all,

I haven't had much time to play WoW (new job, training for a duathlon, life in general), but thought I'd bang out a quick note with some random thoughts.

I played the 'Try to Get Blizzcon Tickets' Game and lost, so no tickets yet for my guild. We live in Southern California and all went last year, so we'd like to go again (it's right at my birthday as well, which would be a fun way to celebrate). Alas, the RNG's were not smiling on me on the first try. For round two we'll bring out most of our guild and try a 5-man strategy. We'll see.

We had a good time going last year, though the long lines, dim light and loud noise made us a bit cranky. Can you tell that we're all mature gamers ;-)

I've had just enough time to complete my argent tournament dailies on one toon and that's it. She's my pet collecting toon, so mostly I'm trying to grind the champion marks to buy pets. I have my scorpion (which stings me when it gets bored) and my batling (which puts out a red sonic pulse when it gets bored).

We also made a try at Ajzul-Nerub on the alliance side. After some success with Nexus, we were a bit cocky and A-N handed us our heads. Of course, we were trying it with a different group makeup and our healer had switched to tanking while one of our dps was trying healing for the first time. Ah, the joys of a small, casual guild. We went back down to Utgarde and actually made it through that for the first time. My guild is not one of the ones complaining that it's too easy.

Finally two easter eggs that I don't think Blade has mentioned yet. One discovered while surfing the internet (who says you have to be in-game to have fun with WoW?), one discovered by my husband.

While trying to look up Tyke and Myke (two naked corpses that appear on our server near the mailbox or flightmaster of major cities) I discovered that Mike Rowe, the host of Dirty Jobs, is in WoW.

[From Wikipedia] he is portrayed as a fisherman named "Dirty" Michael Crowe, frequently saying "You might wanna stand back. Fish guttin' is a dirty job."

He's in Theramore, so looks like he rolls Alliance.

The second one is a bit more obscure. On the edge of the Sepulchre is a general supplies merchant named Edwin Harly. He's named after Ed Harley, the main character of the movie Pumpkinhead. And Ed Harley owned a little store in the movie. One of my favorite horror movies and I didn't even notice old Ed until my husband pointed it out to me a couple of weeks ago.

Well, that wasn't a short email after all, consider it a month's worth of musings brought on by CTRL-ALT-WOW.

I leave you with this little tidbit: my glacier worm seems to have ghoul envy. I swear he's trying to say 'sh-shiny' when he goes in to attack a mob.

Great podcast as always, keep it up,


Email #8 from Makiling

greetings! i stumbled upon your show after listening to aprils interview on an old how i wow episode and i have to say your podcast became an instant favorite for mine. i love listening to how people play wow, and in yor case, how to play "extreme" wow (ie. multi boxing). i just wanted to comment on your latest episode where april says she plays with the arrow keys instead of WASD. i find it hard to imagine how you will be able to play and assign hotkeys if your hand in on the arrow keys. WASD configuration places all your spells nearby and adding shift or ctrl functions adds more buttons. the only person in real life that i know of who plays using the arrow keys in wow is my friend who introduced me to wow, and the reason he uses the arrow keys is because his fingers are too big =) anyway, hope to hear more from you guys! -Makiling of Thaurissan


Hello CtrlAltWow, Aprillian, Ashayo, Glanthur,
thank you for a great show as always and this weeks email is short and hopefully sweet.

Like many of you, I do not discuss wow or play wow with some of my friends, family members or even coworkers. Also, similar to most of you, I utilize gchat as I too love anything Google!
So as the story goes, and it is a true story, one say while working hard at work, surfing the net, and of course on gchat with countless number of people, I was chatting it up with people that play wow and ones that do not.
As I was discussing the happenings of the guild with a guild member, at the same time I was talking to a friend about some life things at which point I started typing wow stuff to this non-wow person...of course her reply was ???? And asked "what are you talking about!? I did not see that and continued talking about wow and the wonderful loots I need or the farming I had done. Finally, my non-wow person had to use some bad word you may know that is similar to a puck, and asked me if I was mental.

So lesson learned, Please be advised on where you are typing wow stuff as you do not know who may call you Mental!!!

One quick note to all listeners, I had to resubscribe to CtrlAltWow on iTunes, for some reasone it was not downloading. Another way I listen to it is throw my Google Reader feed.

Thank you again, and until next week....

For the MO,

Shout Outs!

My Orc's name is Thirah, on the Moon Guard server. Thanks :) I look forward to the next podcast!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 115 - Just Like Starting Over

Please note: iTunes is having some issues getting the feed properly. The feed should be:

The only solution I have found is to resubscribe. I have contacted iTunes and

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Decided to start some alts on BOE's server. Thought I would try out Jeppy's idea to start on a server with a group of DK's. At home quad boxing but at work during breaks have to two and two. Made two undead warlock bank alts, got their imps and ran them to Oggrimar. Spent more time collecting money, then sending the money to the alts and getting Glyphs, re:Raise Dead.

Still doing Dailies every morning. Auruk got the Wintergrasp fishing oen and was a little nervous about fishing in a BG but it wasn't that hard and he even got the Wintergrasp Victory achievement and finished the fishing daily and got the Chasing Marcia Achievement.

Finally got to the final battle with my quad DK all together at the same time. They went to see Thrall and then I took them to various places as I tried to figure whether to level up or level professions.

Did the Dailies Fri morning with Epril & Auruk. Auruk got the Wintergrasp fishing daily. Went to go click on the portal and it wasn't there. Then I thought I had to wait for WG to start. I kept logging back on and when the portal was there, I clicked it. It took me to some arena thing. I ran around and couldn't find the water I fished in before. I remembered getting a FP, so I hearthed back to Dalaran, ran up to the Landing and took a flight to Warsong Hold in Wintergrasp. I spent some time fishing there and


Oracle - 2 x Tickbird Hatchling, 1 x Yolk (Hiide is now revered and 4th egg is hatching)

Ashayo - Persisted with AT dailies. Can't continue the faction (non champion) daily quests after you finish, so if you want the gold, and not the title, don't hand it in.

Champion of the Undercity
Champion on the Horde
Exalted Champion of the Undercity
Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde
Exalted Champion of the Horde
Crusader Ashayo
Ashayo of the Undercity

Asheal of Orgrimmar

Hiide dinged 78. Can't handle pulling aggro off pet ; pay dual-spec to get BM on Hiide

Jekle dinged 80. - Druid flight form in Brunnhildar Village is hilarious - big flying/swimming blue woman!
- Tried Boomkin, but have no ideas about shot rotation.
- 10 man OS with 1 drake. Epic pants - much better even ungemed
- Then 10-man naxx ; military quarter, Sarth, KT
- Tried healing Heroic Nexus. failed miserably.

- Asheal Naxx 25 - healing ; feels pretty easy now.
- 25-man mid week naxx - clearing 4 quarters fine now ; just need frost resist gear to take down Sapphiron
- Riversky invited Asheal in Ulduar - wipage on Kologarn (have to kill his arms) and Razorscale

BOE Fun!
- DK on Oceanic PvP
- Pants on Head ftw

Thanks for Fierehoof for suggested shot rotation

Faire Fire, Moonfire, Insect Swarm
spam Wrath to proc eclipse
If <>GlanthurGreen Proto-Drake. ZOMG!
Still am going for more eggs for the AH and friends in Saga

Ulduar again and 25-man Naxx

Continued to do Argent Tournament dailies on both Arlaerus and Glanthur

Also got new pants from 25-Naxx, so I know have my set bonus for T7 gear.

Gave a charitable donation of a sixth bank tab to Saga. I love those guys!

Bladed Edge

Blade was busy this week but we hope to hear from him next week.


Email #1 from Kurly

Hey all. I hope that you have all had a great day and that this email finds you well. Since I last emailed you my Human Priest ding'd 80. YAY!! Nearly a year after I created him (not having even the slightest idea of what I was doing back then)! Its great having an 80 but I have to tell you that I have to actually BE 80. By this I mean the only things I really do on him is heal/dps in my guild as needed and PVP. Two of my friends/guildmates and I have been doing arena's but I think an Elemental Shammy/BM Hunter/Disc Priest are not the ideal combo as we have won 4 out of 37 matches and I have been the first to die in all but three of them. (Death Grip Sucks!)
I have, at last come up with a method for my madness. I have 20 toons on three different servers in four different guilds 2 alli and 2 horde. I play for at least a few hours a day and have set goals for four of my toons. When I reach those goals I will switch to another toon in the same guild and work toward its goals...and so on.
The bummer with this is....that I am having an amazing amount of fun on my Alliance Druid. She is one of my oldest toons and have been lucky enough to gear her up very well and have been having fun with her no matter where I go, but her goal is 50, and she just ding'd 47, but in order to keep to my schedule I have to put her on vacation soon.
I have to say that over all I enjoy all of the classes and races. Thus far I would say that since I started with casters playing melee fighters has been a great experience, and that so far my greatest challenge has been Rogues, but I am looking forward to learning, and hope to someday remember that you cant Sap someone in while they are in combat.

Email #2 from Lionknight

Greetings Ctrl Alt WoW
I'm Lionknight, a level 80 tauren prot warrior on Moonglade EU.
My 10 character limit is filled with 60-80 alts.
I got two 80s, a warrior and a paladin. I got 4 level 70s and 4 level 60s.
I started listening to your podcast after listening to the How I WoW podcast. I listen to your awesome podcast while leveling my alts.
I love Recruit a Friend, i made a new account linked with my friends account and leveled a warlock to 60, transfered it to my main account and canceled the account....
Not long ago... I couldn't resist, i made another account, linked it with my main account and duel boxed a dobbel shaman team and a mage/priest team, i just got them to 60.
I made the account just to use Recruit a Friend and level up fast, but now i really see the advantages of duel boxing, i use Keyclone and got one computer with two screens. I might continue being a duel boxer.
My question is: Is duel boxing really worth it? Is it worth paying the monthly fee twice? I want to hear some pros and cons :)

Email #3 from Insekt

Hi People of control-alt-wow
I have the answer for your "one of us" and where it came from question
It's from a a 1932 horror film about sideshow performers with a cast mostly composed of actual carnival performers.
They chant "one of us! one of us! one of us!" at a marriage in the opening scene and when the main villain is put down at the end.

Hope i have helped

Insekt 80 Hunter Alliance Frostmourne

Email #4 Patrick

Good morning everyone

How are things

I have a question for Ashayo, in the last podcast he talked about a web site were you can go to view the most popular builds. I thought he called it I did a few searches and was not able to locate it. Would you happen to have a address for this site ?

Things are slowing down for me a bit in WOW. I raid Naxx twice a week depending on my sons soccer practice (I am the coach of the team) and I do have several alts that I play and the prospect of grinding all the rep and doing all the dailies on my alts has me a little discourage at this point and I am getting a little board with my main. So I am just hanging around for the next Blizzard MMO and of course Diablo III !!!!

Sorry Aprillian I am not the one undercutting your sales. I moved my alts from Earth’en Ring to Wyrmrest Accord when they had the free realm transfers a while back.

That is all for now



The correct link is :

Email #5 from Keelhaul

Hey guys,
I hope you all are well in game and out. My in game time has slowed down a bit since summer is just about on us here in Michigan. Woot! I've been letting my dorf huntard collect dust a bit while working on my paladin. My pally is 77 and running strong as prot spec. It's so much easier to find a group as a tank. I have had no problems holding aggro even off of geared DPS with itchy trigger fingers ;) Yes I mean you mages and Death Knights :)
I was helping a friend set up the free 10 day WoW trial, yep a new victim Muhahahahah ... There were a couple of macro's that I set up for him becuase they make sorting out bags so much easier.
Here is one that will sell all of the grey items that you pick up:
/script for bag = 0, 4 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if name and string.find(name,"ff9d9d9d") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Selling " UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end end
Doesnt seem like a big deal, but it makes selling junk so much easier, just click a button and your done.
PS. Thank you Ashayo for pointing out that the Argent Tournament can be started at level 77, I'll have to check that out.

Email #A

I can't believe I won, yay! Thanks a lot!

So, April I was listening to Episode 18 "A Cool Fun Game or a Complete Waste of Time" and you were talking about a really interesting subject. I was wondering what ever happened with that coworker of yours, and if you, Ashayo or Glanthur had ever had similar experiences.

I interact with video games and gamers for a living and I experience this "gamerism" all the time. I can see how some people can view playing games negatively if a person has no other ambitions or drive in life, but what about all of us who have full time jobs, relationships, and other interests. It seems, from my experience, that there is definitely a generation gap that doesn't even want to understand or even listen about our hobby. Why do you think these negative conotations exist? What do you think we can do to change them? And how do you maintain the balance yourself?

On a totally different subject, Ashayo, thanks for the advice! I'm gonna go with the 1gig ati card. I know its a little over kill for 32 bit vista, but I'm waiting for windows 7. Have you heard anything about how wow will work with the new OS?

(Oh, and for the contest, can I get a mini please?)
(Horde Preferably :) )
(Sorry Glanthur)

Thanks All!
Have a Great Week!


Hi, and I would like to bring you momoments 1 and 2 but they are more like conditions, you can say a wow flu condition.

Well, first, the way I play wow is I use the (A, S, D, W) keys with my left hand and the mouse with my right, I think most people play this way.
At time your left hand does not want to listen to your brain and same with your right hand; well at least my body parts do not work together at times.
The result is your playing axis, x,y,z what ever you would like to call it but the camera is not point in the right direct but instead 45 degrees to the left or right and it is very difficult to play that way!
Also if you try to turn you just spin around like you are on a POLE!
How do you I do this!?!
And why!?!
And what is the solution because all I do is just keep on playing until it fixes itself.

Please help me as I have momoments many times on all of my characters.

Ok onto #2,
and this is very specialized condition as only one of my characters is affected by it.
Poor Mochi, BE Hunter on Balanzzar, for some reason is not able to shift click in the game,
as you know shift click does come in handy in the game:
for clicking other character names; to take just one item from a stack; to get into your item sockets, etc....

Well how did she get to this place of no shift click!?!

Any suggestions will be great fully appreciated and you too can help cure these Momoments.

Thank you

Blogger endorsement

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 114 - Post Holidays Blues

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Doing Children's week. Was going to do some Northrend dailies with the kids on Aprillian and Elyte, the only two who don't have profession Dailies. Did 3 dailies yesterday, mana cell, gas goggles and Sunfury attack plans, and the goggles and Sunfury today and they got the achievement

Then I decided to do it on my alliance toon as well. You never know when I may play them.

Got 494g for the Runed purple out of the Fishing bag

Noblegarden Vendor is still there and you can buy eggs to plant and others can loot the egg you plant. My ally pally who didn't do any egg hunt, was able to get the achievement I found one, in Stormwind. Wow, wish I had known before, I would have bought a bunch.

Monday night, ran around with Auruk, DK Twins & Aprillian doing the Children's week thing. Got to COT and Aprillian didn't have the quest. I guess there are times when you have to actually have your orphan out. And she must have not had it out at the Elements place. She went back but it was time to go to bed.

Tues got up early and did some ally AH, had made a ton of the weekend and needed to restock, luckily Mon morning I had moved a bunch of stock over. Bought some Eternals for Aprillian along with some frostweave and then got on Auruk to do the cooking daily and Epril did her JC. Auruk was getting the last of the mustard as the server was going down and turned the quest in with 45 sec to spare. I got Aprillian to the elements and then Silvermoon, but her hearth was on cd. So I logged off and got Tiiaa to Silvermoon with Veyle to see if she made a portal and logged off if it would stay, and it did. Aprillian was able to log off and use the portal Tiiaa had made. Cool beans. Aprillian got to Tanaris as the server was going down. woohoo!

Tiia dinged 46 back in ZF and then headed to ST. We got into the instance, but then she was no longer on rested xp. Is it worth it to run her through for half?

Thu realized Children's Week was up tonight. Ran a few low levels around to get the pet. Never know when I might want to play them.

Took the Quad to Garrosh Landing. Just trying to get them up to 77 together. Decided I'm just going to go through each area and do as many quests as possible. Did the escort quest but one alt was fighting a little ways back, had to do it twice.

Back in ST with Tiiaa and Elyte. Got some good XP until Tiiaa again ran out of rested xp

Took the Quad to Underbogs, completed it with the help of Ashayo. Then went back to Slave Pens first by myself, but kept whiping. Then I got a call from an Angel, Ralff

Seen in Trade Chat: Need more for 10 man maly, need vent and will be wow hero'd! pst

Got a whisper on Auruk:

Became fascinated with running old instances. Did RFC and Deadmines

Don't need Mana loom for bolts of imbued netherweave


Oracles report: 1 x Tickbird, 1 x Cobra. Jekle has his first egg - standby for next week!

Fishing daily - completing them all gives the achievement [Chasing Marcia]. Lots of Brady Bunch "Marcia Marcia Marcia" talk in gchat!
Fishing - sealed vial of poison quest ; just hand in for gold. Also got a blue fishing pole reward that vendors for more than the purple one (Soulbound unfortunately)

The best indication of gear progression so far - did a CoS with 6 mins to spare on drake run.

First title on Asheal - Asheal of the Undercity. And Argent Gruntling

Exploring on Jekle - Got the explorer tabard just for exploring Northrend.
Found that Argent Tournament is available at 77. There is an NPC in Dalara flight deck to fly you up there even at 76

ZF in 15 minutes! Well, not really. Zerg it to run Eastley through before yet another server restart.

Elixir of water walking works while mounted. Was it always that way?

Anyone seen Minigob Manabonk
An npc in Dalaran that sheeps you and mails you a one-use wand to sheep someone else.

Tried to get a date with Tracyq, a chinese gold farmer on both Jekle and Hiide. Much to try and keep them occupied.

Hiide hit 77 - cold weather flying. Talent tree is stuffed - no points spent. Got free respec. thanks. I think.

Argent Tournament dailies continue ; on all 4 toons nows. Ashayo of Orgrimmar. Exalted with Sunreavers - 20 Exalted reputations
Nice! If you joust with a full bag, you get emailed the mark quest item! :)
J&H working on becoming champion for Thunder Bluff / Orgrimmar

Raiding was mostly Asheal this week
10-man Naxx ; nice ring upgrades and cloak, tier legs, spirit world glass trinket
25-man naxx First time mind control on instructor. 2-shot. But managed to wipe the raid 3 times on 4-horseman

Guppers 25 man did venture into Ulduar and we 1-shot the first boss. Props to Visygoth for prepping and explaining. Raid also downed 2nd boss, but I had to leave and missed it.
Also tried 25-man Vault of Archavon's new boss for 1st time. Got very close ; had to rush because WG was about to start. Next week for sure.

Tried to dual-box High Priest Thekal in ZG. fail. Stuns and silence and need to kill at the same time is tough to co-ordinate.

Jekle hits 79
J&H - K3 quests, lead into Sons of Hodir dailies. Not sure where to quest or what factions to grind. Probably non-tabard ones.


Found my own cool little Easter Egg. This is a lyric from a Depeche Mode songs called "Precious".
Also, I'm working on the Seeker achievement and Loremaster achievement on Glanthur in between raids.

I got to heal a bit on Arlaerus with Saga

Big news though is Children's Week and PvP. Hated every second of it, but yet had so much fun. I hear that's the life of a PvPer.
Lots of achievements in battlegrounds.
Real-life stuff kept me out of raids I had signed up for. Communicate with your guild!

Bladed Edge

Hey all... Blade here...
It's mudders' day... and Ol' Blade had to cobble together this edge real quick... but before I get to it... I just want to say a big thanks to Linai, Auttikin, Cloud and Malanus for dragging my sorry excuse for a 62 healer priest through Steamvaults...
K... yeah... I know what yer thinking... 'Steamvaults is a level 70 dungeon, Blade!'
Yeah... I know... I realised that after we started in and I actually moused over an enemy... eek!
... come to think of it, that's *probably* why I got two-shotted a couple times... Warlock Soulstone ftw!
We churned through the entire place and only got stymied at Warlord Kalithresh until a timely assist by another guildie (Malanus) turned the tide.
Other than that - what with the summer semester starting - I haven't been doing much... got my druid to 65 and - barring my getting *really* bored - there he will stay... 'cause 65 is the level you need to start doing the higher-level (as in Northrend) skill patterns of professions... and I just can't get into the druid for some reason... it feels off... on a rogue, you are gear-dependent... the higher dps you have on your daggers, the more damage you will do... with a druid that's all different, though...
Maybe I've just played gear-dependent classes for so long that anything else seems a not quite complete fit... which is probably why I've been taking so long leveling my caster classes...
Ah well...
Anyone have any suggestions on how to more-successfully level some squishy casters... short of what I'm already doing - which is logging in and hoping someone will be running a dungeon around my level...?

From the Dirty Little Tricks Department...
I had *had* the thought to make this podcast contribution a tribute, as it were, to Mother's Day... but I could only find two designated 'mothers'...
Mother Smoulderweb in Lower Blackrock Spire
and Mother Shahraz in Black Temple...
Neither of which I'd classify as mothers that one should try to emulate... one beng a great huge spider, the other being a concubine for... well lI dunno *what* she's a concubine for...
This week, I'm thinking I'll honor Mother Blade in a slightly different way...
One macro for each healer class...
... for all the times mom has been there to pick your butt off the sidewalk, put a bandaid on your scraped knee and make you suddenly feel a whole lot better.
Shamans - Purge or Cleanse (Which will Purge or Cleanse depending upon the criteria it sees when you mouseover your intended target... be careful though... it will remove a paladin's bubble so far as I know...)
/cast [target=mouseover,harm,exists] [target=target,harm,nodead] [target=targettarget] Purge
/cast [target=mouseover,help,exists] [target=target,help,nodead] [target=targettarget,help,nodead] [target=player,help,nodead] Cleanse Spirit

One for Trees... (pretty self-explanatory... Nature's Swiftness makes it an instant-cast heal...)
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [help] [target=player] Healing Touch

One for Priests... and because I tossed a few healing macros out there before... I made *this* one easy... it "loads" the heal spell into your cursor (the glowing hand)... all *you* have to do is click on the recipient - either in your fancy-dancy healbot addon or on the side of your screen when you're ina casual group... or heck... even in any situation where you can toss random heals around.
/cast [target=none] Flash Heal

and one for Healadins... This one has you saving the butt of whoever the boss is targeting... *you* target the boss, it redirects the spell to the boss's target. Well... not exactly... in order, this macro heals *you* if you right-click, or else it will heal your target (if they're friendly) or else it heals the target of your enemy target (when you're targeting the boss) or it will give you the 'glowing hand' targeting cursor if you don't already auto-self-cast.
#showtooltip Flash of Light
/cast [button:2,target=player][target=target,help][target=targettarget,help][target=none] Flash of Light

The best thing about these macros is that they're interchangeable between classes and spells... you can substitute any spell of *your* class (or any different spell) that would fit (be it a big heal or heal-over-time)


From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket...
More movies... Mrs. Blade and I like our movies.
There's a pair of NPCs on the second floor of the Alliance inn at Honor Hold (Anchorite Barada and Anchorite Klaatu).
Now... there's a little something extra to this pair...
Yes, their names are two of the three words Ash utters (or attempts to utter) in order to obtain the Necronomicon in Army of Darkness... but he is by far not the first one to do so...
The phrase itself... "Klaatu Barada Nikto"...


Did I catch you saying it?
Will there be an opening in the fabric between dimensions ushering in a horde of zombies and horrible nightmarish creatures?

While we wait for the chaos to overwhelm this dimension, a little background...
The phrase itself was first spoken in the 1951 movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still". The alien, Klaatu, arrives on earth with a message for Earth's world leaders... of course his presence is less than welcome... anticipating that things could go very wrong, Klaatu teaches a human woman the phrase in case something should happen to him...
Which, of course, it does. Klaatu is killed and his associate - Gort - unleases his robot force and begins to start destroying the earth. The phrase: "Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!" communicates *something* to Gort... in any event, Gort stops wrecking the planet, resurrects his buddy Klaatu and the movie ends on a high note.
Those 'three words' have become so ingrained into our subconsciousness... or maybe it's the fact that it's an awesome pop-culture classic-cult-movie phrase... that they appear (in some form or other) all *over* the place!
In television: Farscape, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and The Monkees
There are appearances in movies such as: Return of the Jedi, Galaxy Quest, Tron, Willow, Toys, and of course the slightly-altered version in Army of Darkness... Keanu Reeves also utters a phrase very like it in the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still", but the movie executives disallowed a direct translation, apparently...
There are appearances in the cartoons Darkwing Duck, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jimmy Neutron and a spoof-version in The Simpsons;
The music band Klaatu named themselves after the character;
Those of you that are running Firefox can type about:robots into your page line for a little extra treat...
Webcomic appearances of the words include PVP Online, Van Von Hunter, and Sinfest
In video games, there are appearances in Duke Nukem, Myth II: Soulblighter, Sacrifice, The Lost Vikings 2, and, of course, our beloved World of Warcraft... interestingly enough... as a side note, if you *kill* Anchorite Barada, *another* character named Colonel Jules (friendly to Horde and lying in front in the bed) will start floating - He will float into the middle of the room and back into the bed.
If you speak with Colonel Jules, he says the following:
"Be gone, ! Leave us be, or we will enter you next and show you true despair!"
Hmm... is the Draenei praying for our Colonel Jules... or is he trying to stop whatever is possessing Jules from coming into this world?
Thoughts to ponder...

As always, an awesome podcast guys...

Klaatu Barada Nikto!

Loremaster Blade

The Jeppy Update

We talk with THE Jeppy, Multi-Boxing extraordinaire of


Email #1 from Jason

Hey guys, love the show! just thought i'd ask a question....

What do you guys find is the best race & class combination?

hope to hear a mention on the next show!

Jason, in Ireland

Email #A from MO

Hello all,
listened to episode 113 and thank you so much for your great work as always.

To start out I have had this idea of sending emails to my favorite podcasts and blogs called Momomments or maybe I can come up with a better name but essentially ideas, stories, "noober" momments, whatever basically and of course wow related.

Hope I can have that to you for your next episode.

Wish me luck and hope you can read or play the sound clip if i can get that all worked out.

as for the game,

I just started doing the argent tournament on 2 of my characters on my main server, Balanzzar.
So far the beginning has been fun but I am not jousting yet, I must still be a peon argent "noober"

as my RAF is winding down, and as I cry, I am trying to level a priest, warrior with a hunter on the referred account.
they are at level36-38 so I think I can be at 60 before May 13th, we shall see.

Well I need to get to work on my segment if I want to get it out to you all and all the other casts and blogs that
choose to air it or post it.

Thank you once and always, and Glanthur, dont worry for all the Alliance bashing, I know there are some 13 year old that are rooting for you and the Alliance

Have a great start to your May and
For the Ctlraltwow, Horde, Alliance i guess and to all your listeners


Email #2 from Soulbiter

It is from Star Trek:TNG, Worf talks about love to Wealey Crusher.

Worf: Men do not roar. Women roar. Then they hurl Heavy objects. And claw at you

Wesley: What does the man do?

Worf: He reads love poetry. He ducks alot.

Soulbiter, AIE, Earthrn Ring

Email #3 from Ron

Hey guys,
Great podcast as always, haven't written in awhile (it was so long ago, I don't know if April even remembers......a contest she had where she asked for people to submit suggestions for a "tag line" to end her show with....well that was the last time I wrote...and actually won a flame tabard).
So I had a couple questions for Glanthur. On this podcast (I'm always a week or so behind on listening to podcasts) you mentioned graphic problems you were having with your computer that were being worked on. Well I thought you mentioned a couple weeks earlier that you were gettting a new computer with a Radeon 4850 vid card? The reason I'm asking is that I'm getting a new computer next month and am debating between getting the Rad 4850 or the Nividea 9800 GT, and was anxious to hear your opinion of the Radeon card. So if you could comment...that'd be great.
Also, while I'm at it, let me also ask you another one. After you left the show the first time after co-hosting for awhile (I believe that you got a new job and moved) April briefly mentioned that she had heard from you and that you were completely done with WoW and that you had deleted it from your computer. (If my memory is foggy and this was a Dallas-related dream sequence I'm sorry) But if this did happen, could you tell us why you did leave the game for sometime and what brought you back.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?
p.s. A coupIe weeks ago I think that I was the only person listening that caught Ashayo mimicking a voice from the classic "Muriel's Wedding"...nicely done

Email #B from Valla

Hello Guys
Valathilia here

So this week has been great :) just this week I got exalted with the trolls and started building my shadow set :) it didn't take me long to get exalted I just had to run strat for runecloth. And for my shadow set I just ran some heroics and ihave to say being a spriest rocks :) in other news I just got my2nd Druid to lv30 with refer a friend which is so awesome :) having done refer a friend it kind of spiced up wow for me again and I am no longer bored, well ty for the great podcast like always
Sadly I am gonna miss this one since I am going to the wonderful of Disney in Orlando :)
For the Horde

Email #4 from Bellaswan

Hello to all of you over at ctrl alt wow, my brother just told me about you guys. You got a pretty nice podcast going.
My name is Bellaswan from the Duskwood server. I've played wow since 2006 with my fiance and yes we are pretty much alt addicts. I do still have a soft spot for my mage, (which is my main character) but I have lots of other alts that I still love playing and I'm slowly leveling up. Anyways just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone!

Email #5 from Turbos

Hey Ctrl Alt WoWians

Thanks for reading my email last week! My fiance likes to watch even more now and she started to listen to your podcast a little bit too!
Anyways, I got around to listening to the first few episodes of the show. I really think you did a great job with the foundation and structuring of the show April.
How come you dropped the "wow at home" segment? You should bring it back!

I'm working on building a new system and I was wondering what video card each of you currently uses and if you had any advice on what I should pick up? I've heard good things about the new ATI cards and I know the GTX series are nice. Mainly I'm just looking for a 1gb card, hopefully in the $200 range, what do you think I should get?

Thanks for the wonderful podcast!
Have a great week!

Drak Tharon

Email #6 from Inacan

Hello fine folks of ctrl-alt-wow,

I just wanted to drop you a note telling you how right you are about dual boxing.

Now that I have tried it I understand why you think playing one toon at a time feels like your missing something.

I am doing refer a friend with a long time gaming buddy and we have managed to get a hunter and Pali to 60 in a week. Using my 80 Pali to run us through instances and watching the levels rise at such a rapid rate almost feels like cheating.

Its a bit of a let down when you get to 60 and the real leveling rate sets in.

Thanks for introducing me to the dual box aspect...Big fun.

Happy hunting,


iTunes Review

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 113 - From Bunnies to Orphans

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard’s great MMORPG.

Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Noblegarden - Decided I want to be Aprillian the Noble. Renata from Warcast has inspired me to do the daily on a couple of my low level toons 5 days in a row to get that achievement/

ZF - Tiiaa is out of rested XP. Funny run on Monday night. Got Veyle and Tiiaa down to Tanaris, Brought in Elyte. Got a fwhisper rom a leven 70 DK to Veyle asking if she wanted to run ZF. Told them Elyte was running the three through and he said he would join and would I invite Gladus. At first I thought it was someone I knew, but then realized it was a guy getting a runthrough. At first I was concerned about the XP

New DK, Undead Beaste Finishted the DK quest, was able to mail her glyphs, nice. Took her to og for Thrall's forgiveness and then hit the AH for mats for engineering. While Aprillian opened eggs in Silvermoon. "AIE figures"

Used an online levelling guide and got all the mats, then headed to Org. Good place for training and equipment but a long run back to to AH. Then I found UC was even better.

Aprillian got the title the Noble and my Bank Alt got the title Theeapril the Noble.

Children's week

Auruk got [Runed Stormjewel] a purple, from the fishing daily


Got an iPhone ; very next, breaking news of Blizzard issuing C&D on iPhone apps using armory. Are they *that* scared of my overuse?!

Oracles : Proto drake welp

Jekle hit 78 from JC daily.

- Naxx 10 man - wrist upgrade - last blue item replaced. Yay!
- 7 manned Thaddius. 3 quarters in one night. new record for us, so scheduled an extra night to complete.
- Naxx 10 man - extra night to try and clear. Sapphiron's Demise (2 shot), Kel'Thuzad's Defeat (, The Fall of Naxxramas

- Naxx 25 - priest shoulder upgrade. Not quite together enough to defeat Thaddius

- Tried 10-man Ulduar - Flame Leviathan vehicle fight. Pretty fun. I was launched onto the boss to take out the turrets. So close on many tries., finally got him.

Argent Tournament Dailies
- Make sure you pick up all Valiant and Champion quests, as there are overlaps.
- Got Exalted with Darkspear Trolls just by doing dailies - and the Ambassador title!
- Try to calculate how many writs you need to get exalted, taking into account the rep you get from doing the daily quests.
- Champion of Sen'jin, Exalted Champion of Sen'jin, Ashayo of Sen'jin title

Childrens's week
(The change to queue for PvP from anywhere was probably done to stop Dalaran being killled by lag)
- Delicious chocolate cake selling for 100g on 1st day
- Home alone was bugged - got it 4 times on first day
- You need to do the Orphan quests out of Shattrath for Veteran Nanny. Had me confuzzled for a while
- PVP - tried assaulting tower ; suspect latency causing me to be beaten. Assaulted a flag in AB and got it.
- EotS - guild group to help each other pick up flag and run to base. Shojobeat healing FTW!
- Daily Chores tool tip wrong. 5 dailies, not 1 for 5 consecutive days.
- Finally got AV flag - run straight for 2nd alliance controlled bunker
- Ran Utguarde Pinacle on Jekle (78 in 80 instance) to get some guildies [Hail to the King, Baby]
- Run again up to last boss then swapped to Ashayo ; Matron Ashayo. Children's week complete!
- AV healing & trying to help guildies get achievement


Got Glanthur the Noble title
Have only [Hail to the King, Baby] and [School of Hard Knocks] to go on Glanthur
Will continue to do tournament dailies on Arlaerus
ATI problem with my computer has been fixed as of Saturday. Hopefully I'll be able to raid again soon.

Bladed Edge

The Bladed Edge

Hey all... Blade here...
Things are moving ever-onwards for Ol' Blade... a level on an alt here, a few daily quests there...
Noblegarden has come and gone... and now it's 'Bring an orphaned child to work' week...
Anyone *else* find it a little cruel to drag an orphan across the countryside, eat sweet treats in front of them (but not give them any), place them in hazardous combat situations (both trying to attain specific (ridiculous) feats in various battlegrounds and taking down King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle) then taking the orphan *back* to the orphanage to say 'Thanks for the achievements! See ya next year, squirt!'
Personally, I think that we should at least have to pay gold for the privelage.
Also... what about choosing your orphan's race for a little faction rep at the end? Maybe letting people do it once for each race for the rep reward?
I mean... why is it always an orc kid? Three years in a row I've dragged an orc kid around Azeroth... Are there really no Tauren orphans? All the troll kids are safely tucked in their voodoo beds, then, are they?
Are you telling me that there are no Gnome children orphaned refugees from Gnomeregan?
(Not that we'd know... they're probably small enough that Ol' Blade might have used them for floss to clean the Stormwind Canal grit from between his toes! Or maybe THAT's what those two Deeprun Tram NPCs (Monty and Nipsy) have got in those boxes of theirs... they aren't Deeprun Rat Kebobs at all!
By the Beard of my old Uncle Throgg!
Gnome Kebabs are *real*!
I *KNEW* it!

Oh... and Glanthur... you were wondering why we were so 'vicious' to each other, Aprillian, Ashayo and I...
We call it: 'rolling Horde'.
See... Ol' Blade thinks of the two factions (Alliance and Horde) as rather like 'civilization versus wild'... in the civilization, one has pedicured poodles and pampered kittens with little bows around their necks all prim and proper... while in the wild, one has wolf packs and dens of mountain lions - savage, brutal creatures - beautiful in their ferocity...
The wolves in the pack fight amongst themselves to keep the pack strong... the lions in the den attack each other in 'mock play' to hone their hunting skills.
We Horde snipe at each other because it's what keeps us vigilant and hungry for victory...
If we were to stop, we'd most likely settle in one area, build a city... call it 'Stormwind' or some such and open up a variety of cheese shops...
Oh wait... that's been done already...

All kidding aside... Ol' Blade already knows the answer to your question: We don't look at you as an Alliance who has Horde characters... we look at you as a Horde who has the 'dirty little secret' of playing Alliance.

Moving on...

From the Dirty Little Tricks Department...
Something for Warlocks... these are mainly for pvp... 'cause a little bug in my ear told me that Warlock is one of the more-desirable classes in a 3v3 arena team... whether I'll get around to pushing my warlock to 80 is anyone's guess, tho...
Not having actually *done* any arenas on any characters to any success (one failed attempt at 70 with a mage was more than enough to leave a discernably bad taste in my mouth for it), I can only speculate, but these macros should help you whether you're in a 3v3, any *other* arena team combination, battlegrounds or in pve:
/cast Corruption
/cast [pet:Felhunter, target=teammate]Devour Magic
/cast [pet:Felhunter, target=yourname]Devour Magic
/cast [pet:Felhunter]Devour Magic
This one is fun... we're taking advantage of multiple cooldown factors here again... one press casts Corruption on your target and either causes your Felhunter to devour one magic debuff affecting a teammate (useful for getting rid of a polymorph, hammer of justice or similar spells in arena combat... if you're not a fan, take the line out) if your teammate isn't suffering any magical malady, it will turn your Felhunter in *your* direction and consume any debuff that *you* may be suffering from... and if *you're* not 'under the influence' of a magic effect, the Felhunter will devour a beneficial buff that currently affects your target.

This one's for anyone with a pet... and Ol' Blade's probably gonna get a /slap from some Shamans for this one...
/petattack [target=Healing Stream Totem]
/petattack [target=Mana]
/petattack [target=Tremor Totem]
/petattack [target=Grounding Totem]

In a nutshell? Substitute whatever names of Totems you like... add as many lines as necessary to fill out the list and put your highest priority at the bottom.
What's it do? Aims your pet at the ever-so-irritating totem(s) and lets you focus on the task of dotting your target down.
The nice part about this one is that *any* class with an attacking pet can use it... so not only Warlocks, but Hunters and Death Knights as well.
... and you lot thought that Ol' Blade /hated DKs... not so! With this totem-smashing macro, it might even free up a spot on your action bar so that you can add *another* skill or talent to your /facerolling auto-success!
Feel the love?

From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket...
Mrs. Blade's been challenging your favorite Loremaster again... she said: 'Find me something obscure, yet contemporary..."
After dodging large, heavy cooking implements whilst reading love poetry to her (props to anyone who just got *that* reference), Ol' Blade set to the task of finding her something "obscure".
How's the 'Life-like Mechanical Toad' for obscure?
See... this little engineering wonder (Engineering 265 required to learn the skill, the pattern being a random world drop with the best results from any of the five world dragon bosses of old-world Azeroth) is a reference to the movie Blade Runner...
Well... no... actually it's a reference to the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" by Philip K. Dick which was the *basis* for the movie Blade Runner. In the book, an incredibly life-like toad is found that turns out to be merely an ersatz animal.
(Ersatz meaning 'artificial' or 'synthetic').
While on the subject, when walking by the refugees in Shattrath City's lower gate, one of them can be heard saying "Hey, Man? Got some money? I got five kids to feed!". This is a line uttered by Benny the cab driver in "Total Recall", the movie adaptation of the short story "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale". Guess the author of the book! You betcha - Philip K. Dick.


Email # A from Valathilia

Hello Guys
Valathilia here

Well thank you for the advice, once I gather the gold(herbalism) I will be sure to get all those extra enchants and that belt socket. Sadly no I am not a pvp-er, well not anymore I just happen to carry my pvp set so when I go do wintergrasp so I can have resilance. Funny story I healed voa with that it was my noob moment. "reigns of the white polar bear" is a random drop from one of the dailys from the hyldnir ladies which you will have to do If u want to get rep with the sons of the holdir. In other news I am going to start a refer a friend because my best friend is joining :) he wants to role play on the alliance and my old friend treb is dusting her computer to rejoin wow and we shall be the amazing priest duo. And I hate female dwarfs they are a utter myth. Btw I rolled a DK on earthen ring (valathilia is her name so uncreative) and hopefully willbe transfering my 72 lock mardemina there as well. And I am a HE but my guild is convinced other wise
since I never talk on vent( puppy ate mic and haven't bought a new one) well thanks again for the great podcast and the laughs :) you complete my wow week :) and thanks Blade for the lore :)
For the horde?

And I would prefer the month please, thank you

Email #1 from Zooexhibit

Just a quick note for you the fish pools that you occasionally see in Dalaran are actually in the river below Dalaran in the crystalsong woods.



Email #2 Dave (& Erica too)

I am a Egg Ninja and my wife is too!

Where is the fun in camping a egg spawn?! Bah!
They give you a basket with a speed bonus to run around like crazy rabbits for a reason. I don't know if my wife and I, got more or less eggs running amok, but we were cracking up the whole time. Trash talking each other and /violin -ing all the QQ-ing campers, sorry! really I am, but come-on! It's supposed to be fun! I clicked faster! HA!

Oh and being a bunny with aspect of the cheetah FTW!

My wife recently joined me last week playing Warcraft, and with RaF she is up to lvl 22 already on her little gnome warlock (I was shocked by her choice! I keep thinking about they guys at BoE) I had not played WoW for almost 1 1/2 years and started back up in late March. I'm loving being back, still only lvl 48 on my main, but for me it's about having fun and exploring. Now more than ever. It's great spending good quality time with my wonderful wife in WoW (not trying to make you jealous!) It's a whole new game playing with some one you know , I soloed mostly before, never knowing how long I'd get to play. Hope we can find a laid back guild on of these days.

I also have a ton of alts that I just play around with, I've always liked starting areas, go figure... working on getting up to 55 so I can pick up WotLK. That will be a while, as most of my time in now spent with my wife, with a lv22 dwarf hunter. Hoping to get her to start an alt on the horde too, as it's not to be missed.

I really enjoy your podcasts, and they sure help during work when I want to play. But, between you guys and the crew at BoE, my co-workers must think I'm a bit daft snickering randomly at work.

Cheers & much Aloha!
Dave (& Erica too)
from Hawaii, playing on Uther

For Horde!? Alliance!? Gadgetzan?! Azeroth!

Email #3 Lite
Hi guys thanks again for a great podcast. You guys prove that even when you think you know this game you can still learn more. I learn something new every week.

Last week my lock buddy 2manned Dire Maul and Scholomance as level 64's. Feeling our Wheaties we upped the bar to attempt Ramparts. We were getting so much XP 2manning 60ish elites that we dinged while in the instance. We were getting on average 1100 XP per kill. So as level 65's we girded our loins and grabbed ALOT of drinks and food and entered.

To our surprise the Dire Maul warmups made us a work as a team better than before. I would hold as much agro as possible while my lock buddy did his beautiful rain of fire. His Healthstones were invaluable and my bubbles for him timely. We cleared the first 2 bosses with relative ease. The 6 mob pulls were challenging but we survived. On the final boss we had a strategy. When the guy (forget his name) riding the dragon was almost dead I dropped him and grabbed the dragon. My buddy Dotdeath burned him down while I kited the dragon around the fires. It was very close (Bet you never saw a prot pally bubble and bandage during a boss fight lol) but in the end we were victorious!

Feeling invincible the next day we attempted Underbog. Luckily Dotdeath could banish the elementals so the first 2 bosses dropped easily too. We unfortunately couldn't come up with a strategy good enough for the hunter/pet boss. They had over 50k hp each.After a couple of wipes we skipped him and went to the final boss but realized that our 2manning had come to an end. This boss would grab someone up in the air (me) and get his health back. So we called it.

We are looking forward to Northrend gear and coming back and hitting Mana Tombs and other mid-60 instances. The XP you get in addition to REALLY learning to play your class is AWESOME! Well thanks again for a great podcast!

Lite from Blood Heretics guild Runtotem Server


Email #4 from Maluz


Great pod cast, you three really compliment each other.

I like your pod cast so much you have inspired me to try out dual boxing wow.

In the casts that I have downloaded from itunes there are some references to a previous pod cast that had details on how to dual or multi box wow.

Could you please provide some links to resources on how to dual box and the best way to locate any previously shows that cover the ctrl alt wow way to dual box?

I have found wow wiki has a lot of information but I was keen to know how you guys are doing it.

Keep up the informative and friendly casts.

For the Horde!


AIE pleb

Earthen Ring

Email #5


Hey Aprill,

I'm a really big fan! I first heard you on the HowIWow podcast and you really inspired me :)
I used to play the sims on line a long time ago, and only played a few hours at most. I don't know how you lasted so long. lol
Ever since wow came out that's the only game I really play.

Anyways you inspired me to try dual boxing! Since hearing you, I referred a friend (myself) and made a new account. Now I have a lvl 36 druid (turb) and a lvl 36 shaman (turby) along with a 76 rogue and a 61 lock. I really love playing two characters at once. My fiance who also plays, really loves to watch me play both at the same time. We even made our own guild. Our goal is to eventually have a lvl 80 of every class between the two of us.

I just wanted to say thanks for your podcast I've been listening every week since around episode 103. Is there anyway I can go back and listen to some of the older shows? The oldest one I came accross was episode 99. I'd really like to hear some of the earlier stuff!

Aprill I love your style.
Ashayo your tips are one of my favorite parts of the show.
Glanthur .... really.... reroll horde already

Seriously though

Much Love to Everyone