Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 90 - Death Knight or 70

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

A full week of WotLK, how are we doing guys?

Contest is posted on the blog and we've received some entries


Aprillian dinged 65 and went to train at the Landing. Wow, expensive!

I've decided to move to a new server. I can't take the queues on ER. I already have limited play time and having to wait even 10 mins to get in, much less 45 mins is hard. Plus I play at work and sometimes I have to do something and I'm idle for more than 15 mins or I need to move my laptop from the office to the break room and I'm having to log back in. I'm in the process of moving 3 characters to Lethon. I already had a guild there named Ctrl Alt WoW. So I'm transferring over Iwari, Auntrillia and a new Dranei DK. Oh and I'm doing another RAF.

I have Trez, level 14 Shaman in Eversong woods killing dragonhawks for their eggs. It's that time of the year again.

Monday was a busy busy day. Transferring a character is a lot like moving. You need to pack up all the stuff you want to take and make sure you got everything you need because you can't come back. I also had to get stuff off of my "referred account" because I was going to let that one sit unrenewed for a while.

Free server transfers. I sent some toons to Dawnbringer.

Wed night, took off. Hubby is at work. Going to dual box 2 dk's RAF from start to finish. The Sweets Blood Elf and Belover Orc. So far no RAF exp. Nevermind we weren't grouped. There we go, yep RAF exp. They were 59 after turning in the quest to kill the villagers and crusaders and the skulls. Belover gave Thesweets a level, so now we're doing the persuader quest with the sweets at 60 and Belover at 59. Doing the horse quest was neat. I had

Moved two DK to Dawnbringer for free. Had to get one up to the mail box because she had the pet in the mailbox.

Unholy tree gives an extra speed when mounted and makes the one following break follow.

The ghoul pets have strange names like the warlock pet. Pebbleravager

Doing the flying thing with two is cool. Didn't realize I had to to start the battle at the end, I guess the last two times someone else started it.

Did one last transfer to my new RAF account. Didn't have a level 55 on the referred because I transfered her to another account. So I decided to transfer a level 50 over to it. But then I wanted the pets and I had them but not the actual pet for the Netherwelp. I checked the account page and that account only had the Wrath CE, so I searched each toon and found the actual pet thing. I sent it to the level 50 I was transferring and then realized I had transferred a dk off at the account on to Dawnbringer and didn't give it the pet, so I made one real quick and now am getting it to the mailbox. Had the DK learn it and

Friday morning, got chores done, did some exercises and now have an hour and a half to play. Goal today: Play the two RAF on ER Primall 50 and Ardrion 44 both Hunters to get them to 55, I got them to 55. At the same time I am running two DK's on the other two clients. TheJasper, a Tauren DK and Celeen a Dranei DK. I'm playing on ER during the day while there are no queues.

There's some kid in the DK starting zone who says he has no more quest and he's 55

By the end of the morning, before I had to go to work, I had completed up to the Harvester quest on the DK and the Tauren dinged while the Dranei didn't. Hmm. I took them both back to Ebon Hold. Thejasper so he can train and Celeen and Thejasper so they could get rested exp. Every little bit helps.

And I completed two quest on Ardrion and Primal. Well 1 and half, Ardrion finished the Ornament quest. I didn't take the time to let them both collect 30. I think I'll take them to Booty Bay after this. And Ardrion dinged 45, yeah. Friday night on my lunch and break at work, Ardrion and Primall did the Dew thingy and Thristleshrub quest. They eached dinged a level.

Later Friday night, Belover and Thesweets are in Durator levelling skinning and herbalism. Kind of like the thought of the Mighty Death Knights having to level their skills so humbly.

I love the way the citizens feared themselves and cowered.

Saturday evening, did some AH stuff. Had pulled Ardrion out of Felwood to Tanaris for the neutral ah but Primall summoned him back. We flew to Moonglade earlier to get to the Furblogs up north. I was worried about going through the tunnel. Primall hadn't gotten hostile with them by accidentally killing one in Azhara. But I guess she had gotten to unfriendly by doing the southern furblog quest and now she was able to run through the tunnel. Noticed Primall wasn't getting the RAF rep and also that she had a level to give Ardrion. After she gave it to Ardrion and he got to 48, she got RAF rep but not exp. Hmm. Then they finished the quest and Ardrion dinged, cool. He's 49 and she's 51. Hopefully I'll get them to 55 this weekend.

Decided to seed some realms to get the 4 year anniversary bear on characters I might want down the road. Be funny if it wasn't worth the effort. So they turned out to be account bound, but that only means passing to another toon on the same server on the same account, so it's good that I seeded some extra realms. Now I just have to visit every toon I have within the next 30 days to get the bear, so it doesn't get deleted. Even new accounts made today got the bear. I wonder if it will be for everyone who makes a new account who had an active account today.

I also took some time Sun morning to use RAF to summon some new characters to places where there is a mailbox.

Ally alt on ER making a fortune on horde pets. Buying herb stuff for DK levelling, could killy Jokey for selling peacebloom and silverleaf 1 at a time.

Sunday night hubby had an office meeting. I was determined to get the RAF pair to 55, but it's not always as easy as it seems. Had them in Winterspring and finshed the Furblog quest but Ardrion still needed to get to 50 to do the totem one. So I flew them to Badlands while levelling the Jasper in enchanting.

Monday morning I took Primall and Ardrion back to Felwood. Ardrion reached 50 so he could take the totem quest from the Furblogs in the tunnel. Did the moonwell quests and the saber quest and the escort quest in Shadow Hold.

Got to 55 and 54 and Primall gave Ardrion a level and I made my DK's The Ardrion and The Primall. Got them to 58 after the ghoul harvesting.



Email 1

Hey guys... Blade here...
What can I say... but Northrend is an awesome sight to behold... here's a couple of screen shots from Wolftusk to show you Coldarra... and a really REALLY big tower.
And Malygos.
I'm feeling disproportionately inconsequential... despite the fact that I'm starting to get recognition for my contributions to the podcast from guildies!
(Woot! Minor celebrity status ftw!)
What else can I say? Northrend is awesome... the zones are huge - they will seem even moreso when the majority of people gain levels and spread out a little... it seems more balanced, though... so you don't truly appreciate JUST how many people are in the zone with you... as you only ever see maybe a dozen at a time in specific areas due to how well spread out the quest-areas and quest-givers are.
But gaining the levels between 70 and 80? For the "average, casual gamer", it's gonna take a while... 1.5 MILLION experience points to get to level 71. And with 'complete' quests averaging 20 thousand... it's a bit of a slog... but with determined focus, some are hammering away at the levels... I've seen some Death Knights in their 73s and 74s... and I've heard of a few 80s already in guild and outside...
The best I've managed is level 71 on Bladetusk, most of the way through 70 on Skullblade... and 74 on Wolftusk... the reason for which I will hopefully be able to share next week...
I admit, I rolled a Death Knight... and it's an interesting take on things to start as a Scourge and then break free of the Lich King's grip and start down a purported 'path of redemption'... oops... was that a spoiler?
First impression?
DKs are WAY too overpowered.
Seriously. I've said it before... I started playing on the DK and decided to come back to playing Wolftusk (the hunter) to give myself a challenge. (Note to all those that missed the irony: hunters are considered - as Ashayo and Aprillian have mentioned a few times on the podcast - as the 'easy button' class...)
I had NO idea what I was doing in one of the first quests with the DK... I had to fight another guy (I won't spoil it by saying WHY) but all I was doing was literally button-mashing... so I'm betting I didn't even have all the tricks at my disposal... hm... come to think of it... I haven't spent any of his talent points, either... I still pasted my opponent into the ground and curb-stomped him three-ways from sunday... (I got to fight a Gnome... maybe it was pent-up aggression...)
Come the next time I play, I'll do a bit of reading about the skills and put the Death Knight together properly... so I can have some REAL tanking-dps goodness!
Oh... and for the record? My opinion? The term 'hero class' is not (I repeat NOT) because it's supposed to be bigger, badder, rougher and tougher than the other classes... it's a 'hero' class due to the story arcs and lore that surround it.
So... expect a nerf as soon as enough DKs hit the battlegrounds and enough non-DK players QQ about how OP the "hero" class is.
As far as lore is concerned... the Death Knight story arc feels very 'lore-intensive'... so it's something I will not be doing unless I have the time to sit back and appreciate the hard-work that went into it.
Speaking of story-arcs and spoilers... there is a large quest chain in Dragonblight that you will be doing when you are around level 72-73... and though I wasn't entirely clear what was going on at the time (I sent a few queries through /gchat with mixed results) once things started HAPPENING (emphasis there... big happening) I clammed up.
This is something you truly have to experience.
No... I'm not gonna spill the beans and spoil it for anybody... if anyone WANTS to know about it, I'll tell them or direct them to websites (like the AIE forums for example) that have the cutscene link for anyone to see... I just don't want anyone QQing all over the place... I left my rain-gear in Zangarmarsh.
All I will say about it is... THIS questline, story arc and resultant cutscene is the reason I have supported Blizzard to the exclusion of all other MMORPGs over the time I've been playing WoW.
I was awe-struck for a good half-hour... and as a fellow guildie says in the forums about the scene "I forgot how to blink".
Absolutely amazing.
Oh... speaking of Q's (queues)... anyone else notice that they're gone?
Last week? I was #979 and had a huge waiting time... I felt very insignificant... this week?
Not a queue to be found... it let me right in... I felt like I was on the 'A' list...

A bit more... for those hunters who are lv69 and haven't yet done so... find a hunter pal that HAS tamed a rhino or tame one yourself... if only JUST to see the knockback slam talent it has...
It's absolutely hilarious! Especially when it gets a half-dozen mobs on it!

Some more from Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket...
~ I've read somewhere that if you pickpocket a naga... there's a chance to loot 'A Shiny Dinglehopper'... though... I have to say... none of those Nagas look anything like Disney's Little Mermaid...
~ Oh... because it's an interesting quest in Stranglethorn Vale (and worth a fair chunk of xp)... and then a second set of quests in Nagrand (of course I'm referring to the Nesingwary quest chains... Ol' Nesingwary is also the target of the D.E.H.T.A quests in the Borean Tundra... and more hunting quests in Sholazar Basin (in Northrend)... this guy (and his family of hunters and friends) really gets around!

Here's a little tidbit about them you may or may not have known:
'Hemet Nesingwary' is a a sort of anagram of 'Ernest Hemmingway' (there's one more 'm' in Hemmingway... but it's close enough)
Hemmingway (like our pal Nesingwary in Stranglethorn Vale) was also a hunter and a writer - and one of Hemmingway's more-famous works was a book entitled 'The Green Hills of Africa'.
~ Hrm... the Blizzard employees must really like Ernest Hemmingway... there's ANOTHER reference to him... this time in Booty Bay. The fishing vendor is named 'Old Man Hemming' - a probable reference to Ernest Hemmingway and his book 'The Old Man and the Sea'.
~ And speaking of the sea... here's a bit of a mystery for you:

Nat Pagle... not only does he appear in Dustwallow Marsh as the Artisan Fishing trainer... (and the questgiver that lets you eventually fish up Gahz'Ranka in Zul'Gurub)... but he ALSO appears in the credits of the game!
Is he a real person? Hm... he must love fishing...

Email 2

as always thank you for a great podcast.

i was wondering if you are able to suggest or state what video settings you and/or the audience uses.

i have been trying to tweak my system video card settings and also in game settings but it seems like i still only max at 30 fps,
with a nvidia 8800 x2 dell xps m1730 system,
i have the sli disabled and i have tried every settings.
i do have some addons, the usual major ones, which some of my friends suggest that is the problem,
i dont want to believe that so please prove them wrong.

if you can please list all the settings that a system such as mine can be set for maximum wow enjoyment.

and yes i love to hate blizzard as i love their work and hate that they pull me back in everytime!!!

wrath is impressive or more, than burning crusade.
i am slowly leveling and enjoying every pixel, well when im not annoyed about my low fps.

thank you for any assistance.

happy wowing people


Email 3

Hey Guys,

I just have to say the last show was great! It was so nice having Glanthur back even if it was for one show. I don't know if this is even possible but I think it would be great if CAW went to a three host format. I know i am probably asking the imposable but it would just be really fun.

I guess if i am going to to enter your contest I should mention my alts huh, lol. Well since wrath came out I have only played two of my characters. My priest who is currently 73 whenever my fiancee is at work and can't play. And my 71 druid with her her 71 hunter when she can. Most of our time is just spent running around exploring (looking for ore since she is a miner/engineering) and working on our professions. That has been our experience so far with the expansion and I am loving every minute of it.

Thanks and talk to you later

Auho, Deathwing PVP

Monday, November 17, 2008

Win a Collector's Edition of Wrath of the Lich King

Send in your emails to Ctrl Alt WoW to be entered into a drawing to win a Collector's Edition of Wrath of the Lich King!

Write to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com

We will be doing a drawing in the next few weeks. Runner's up can win either a Blizzard authenticator or a slightly used Collector's Edition, all the disks and book and mouse pad minus the code. Since I quad box, I bought 2 regular and 2 Collector's Edition, but I don't need the second box. It's nice to have even without the pet.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 89 - Queue Queue

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

Glanthur joins us.

Issues to Discuss:

Mail was returned and timer reset, good job.

I was amazed at how smooth things went. Yes there were queues, but hey.

What We've Been Doing


Spent time levelling Iwari to 55, so my new account could get a DK.

Stood in line at Gamestop, got my c

I love my Orc DeathKnight,

Then I ran my level 30 mage out to Vengeance Landing via the zep

So much to write, hope I remember it all.

After the Wrath

I am loving my Death Knight.

I want an alliance DK, just because I love the way the Dranei DK looks, but I also want four Horde. I don't have any level 55's on any other server. I decided to see if I could transfer a DK to another server on another account, and it worked.

Found out from Shat the quickest way to the Zep was through Silvermoon portal

If you are grouped when you dual, each win counts for the both.

Saw a Rhino in SW, ,way cool

Still funny


In Outland and Northrend and on a Dark Knight


Email 1

That last quest Ashayo was having such a tough time finding is an insanely random NPC spawn. I've only been able to catch it once leveling 4 toons through Nagrand even though I'm always looking for her to get the easy XP. He was very lucky to catch her.

If you look up the quest on "Wowhead" you'll find out that the npc is named after one of the blizzard developers.

*One more thing*
Since you once recommended the podcast "Yet another world of warcraft" podcast, and eventually got tired of the abusive language, (just like I did.) I thought I'd recommend a wow podcast to you.

Here's a podcast that's tagged "Explicit", but the show is very entertaining to listen to and the podcasters are a lot more mature than the YaWoW kids.

Tryout "Outlandish: A World of Warcraft Podcast".
Each episode starts with a song parody with WoW references. My favorite was "I had to leave Trade Chat" sung to the tune of the Billy Joel song "We didn't start the fire". It's hilarious. Plus, the guys dual-boxed a lot of alts up to level 60 using the Refer-a-Friend bonus, so they also (as you say) "love playing many Alts".

Xannguyen-Khadgar Realm

Email 2

Hello guys I don't have much to say. I just wanted to let you know that I prefer the mp3 version of the show because my mp3 player (Sansa SanDisk) does not play mp4's. Thank you Aprillian for taking the time and expense to host the show. And thank you both for doing it.


Friday, November 14, 2008

The Wrath Launch

I handed out some flyers and candy at the two Wrath launches I went to. If you have one of those candies, write us at ctrlaltwow@gmail.com and tell me your number. I will be auctioning off a Loot card and an authenticator.

It was great to meet you all.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 88 - Are you Prepared again!

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

Lots of complaints about the file. This episode is only being released in Mp3 format.. Will see how much room I'll have towards the end of the month and what the listeners think of it before determining if this will be the only format.

Plans for Wed night:
Aprillian will be in line at the local Gamestop handing out cards and candy and having a raffle to win a free Authenticator.

What We've Done:


Did random stuff Monday night, all pretty stupid. Thought it would be good if Aprillian used her cloth cooldowns, but she didn't have any neitherweave cloth so I sent her to grind out by Falcon Watch

Tues night, don't know which pair to work on. Then I decide I want a Devilsaur. Auntrillia ventured into the Crater alone. It didn't go well.

I took my level 35 Druid, Drame and a level 30 something mage, we died

Wed morning took Auntrillia, Rilfire and Aprillian into the Crater and got the Devilsaur. It's amazing.

I'm hopelessly lost with the RAF. Two days left.

Decided to focus on my Mage. I gave her some levels and now she's 38. Took her to the Flats, Then she had to go to Dustwallow marsh for some Warlock quests. Did some triple boxing with some higher toons. She got to 39.

Got up Fri morning to play and the realms were down. Notice said rolling restarts but ER didn't come up for some time. I got on my Dunemaul Alliance toon. I had a level 2 on the main account running around with a level 9 in the Dranei starting area. I knew I had some levels to give but got him to 6 before I got to give him 3 levels. I changed to my Earthern ring account and my RAF was over. I felt all alone.

So I thought I guess I should focus on getting to 70



Still trying to get the epic undead chest piece for Hiide, which means Glaciuss has been collecting more void crystals.
Alot of fun to AOE the undead - am now revered with Argent Dawn on both Pally and Warlock. Cleared a couple with Mata, who got his Rogue geared. Cleared a few with Tarqq, Deirdrea, Sigurn and Johnni

3.0.3 patch - 3 sec broom cast time :(
Updated Ark Inventory - search function

Working on achievements with Ashayo
- Snuck into Zul'Gurub to get the fishing achievement
- Working on Heroics
- Completed daily cooking achievement
- Completed Nagrand achievement - only needed 1 quest, and had real problems finding one
- Stratholme ; quested too to get trinket that increases vs undead damage

Jekle got ZA achievement ; wondering if I should've made my healer the achievement toon.

Guild MC run - 9 red core hounds, including one for Hiide!

Black Temple run - Downed High Lord Naj'entus and Supremus in our first night there.
Sunwell Plateau Suicide run - Wiped over and over on trash ; even after finding Eye of Kilrogg 'exploit'

ZF with Shaman


Email 1

Hey guys...
In response to your request - as you know ol' Blade will deliver when asked - I'll tell you all about how my family reacts to my Warcraft play...
Now... ol' Blade works hard at his job and at school... and I don't think it'd have been possible for me to have gotten Bladetusk or any of my alts to lv70 without someone as understanding as Mrs. Blade.
Before you ask... no she doesn't play, yes she does listen to me rant about the few things that might irritate me in the game (mainly how I think there should be a curfew for Alliance toons)... and she does so with one-part patience and two parts skepticism... yeah she'll listen - and even offer advice now and then... but By The Fist of My Old Uncle Throgg is her tongue sharp!
So I get support... she reads and does her own projects while Ol' Blade is mercilessly cutting down beasts and Alliance in Azeroth... but I'd better have the dishes done before I do...
That leads me to our two 'kids'... kittens we named 'Goblin' and 'Sprite'... ironically, the names had nothing to do with the World of Warcraft... Goblin is a jet-black kitty, and Sprite his little sister... When they want attention, they will stop at nothing to get it... clutching at cables, crawling on keyboards... and crawling up Papa Blade's back... the list is endless...
We chose their names because of the fact that we have a fey-like garden in our backyard with ponds and flowers and trees... 'mystical' the elves would call it, I guess...
Though I have to say... Ol' Blade cuts down the grass just as mercilessly as he mows down the Scourge...

A few things from me... and Ol' Blade's a man of his word... a shout out to Jusdoit and Soxie of the Ghostlands server... for helping me clear some bagspace by taking some non-combat pets off my hands (on Wolftusk) and for cluing me in to an interesting achievement that I think Aprillian might like to get started on:
50 mounts = an Albino Netherdrake!

Now... some Easter Eggs to whet your appetite...
In Nagrand, at the Nesingwary Safari site, there's a crashed plane nearby... if I recall correctly, it should have an engineering vendor right next to it named 'Pilot Marsha'. I wonder what those snakes are doing crawling all over the plane... is this a reference to anything...?

Now... back to Thunder Bluff with you... head to the Pool of Visions and talk to Clarice Foster (if I recall, she gives you a quest to take a necklace to her husband's grave in Silverpine Forest... but notice her name? Now harken back a few years (to 1991) and the movie Silence of the Lambs... and Jodie FOSTER's character... CLARICE Starling...
Oh... look closely at the NPC... her lips are sewn shut - perhaps an homage to the movie poster?

I know I said I'd go into details about the hunter pet trees this week, but I think this email is long enough... so I'll leave you with a few hints on how to more-easily tame your various and sundry pets that you can now get as a result of the new Beast Mastery talent tree...
The first one... something obvious for those level 20 and above... Freezing Trap... if it doesn't resist, your future pet will be immobilized and 3/4 or more through the Taminig bar before it even has a chance to attack you... very very easy way to do it...
And for those of you not quite at level 20 (the level at which you learn Freezing Trap) have faith!
There's a quest in Sen'jin Village at level 5 (the lowbie Troll area in Durotar) wherein you have to go and gather 'Intact Makrura Eyes' and 'Crawler Mucus' for Master Vornal. The REWARD for this quest is something called 'Really Sticky Glue'. Toss this at your future pet and then hit the Tame button right away... the critter will be held fast to the ground where you hit it with the glue... voila! A new pet!
(I hear this stuff is really awesome to use in PVP as well! Woot!)
Of course... there are other ways of snagging or 'rooting' a future pet... Netherweave Nets... Gnomish Net-Guns... the list goes on... but these two methods can be used - specifically by lowbies - to catch pets with little-to-no risk of harm.
Happy hunting!

That's it for now... as always an awesome podcast guys!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 87 - Zombies: Good or Bad?

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

What We've Been Doing


Aprillian was still stuck in limbo. I would log on to her and get kicked off the server immediately. I solved the problem by logging on on a different client running on the same computer, some file must have been corrupted. Then I logged back on

Tiiaa, the mage that accidentally dinged 30, went to Silvermoon to get her chicken, there are Skeletal soliders and Spectral Undead there.

Don't go AFK, you'll come back and be a zombie

Deicded to do some questing with Primal and Suyna, well at first it was to get shards for Iwari so we went out into Badlands, but the mobs were too low for Iwari. But Primall got the Sigal of the Earth quest, which is one of my favorites. I decided to ride them out to the Elite Whelplings figuring Iwari would find something she could suck. We got out to the first small whelplings

Saturday night queue for ER

Someone pst me about using my alts to get feed for the Chicken Quest. So I headed to Westfall when I got there, there were a bunch of guildies

Dreamed about Zombies all night long.

Auntrillia got the zombie brain.

Losing track of who needs what and really silly trying to get all the candy on all 30 something alts. Still getting the minor glyphs for Vapril, although she ran out of the parchment while she was in outland. Had one of the mages port to Thunder Bluff then get summoned back to Outlands.

60 toothpicks on one toon.

Been getting levels left and right, kind of nice because it's across board. Got excited about Weea getting to close to 30 because she would be my first undead. She did all of the candy quests and was a third to 30, so I had everyone send her their wool and silk cloth and with a couple of turn ins, she was able to get to 30.

I realized Iwari needs to get to 55 or else I will only have 3 DK's.

Any use in Bobbing for Apples?

Figured out that the pumpkin thing is once a day.

Spent over 100g on the AH getting herbs for Vapril to level up Inscription, correction 200g. Crazy. Later I would regret this time spent.

Woke up Sat and realized the Hallow's end ends today at 4am

Keep bags full, have two toons with herbalism, one with bag full collects gets points then second one gets herb

Panicking Saturday. Everything is over at 4am. Running Iwari around to get all the candy with Primall, realizing she needs to be 55 and this a fast way to get her there.

I kept getting disconnected at work. It was almost surreal.

Saturday night I had planned to be up until 4am, but ended up conking out before 1am. I did get the candies of Azeroth finished on a lot of characters including Iwari and Treshel. Treshel dinged 58. Of course she's not getting much attention because she's not on the RAF accounts.

Invited Blade into the guild.

I created aliases of my game applications and gave them names.

Sunday, back to normal. Felt weird not logging in to each character to TOT.

Tay, Ally AH Whore, got an email from GM with pets enclosed. They thought I had accidentally deleted pets and they restored it. I took a screen shot of the actual error and emailed it to them. Then I got a whisper from a GM. Turns out the problem was old pets, so I spent almost an hour putting pets up and then moving the ones that had problems. Then I got fresh ones from my horde side, at the same time I found out how to use the new Auctioneer.

I enjoyed the zombie invasion ; a refreshing change to the predictability of world events. Hiide got infected and took the portal to IronForge, which resulted in a disconnect. Was told that holding down W while logging in won't get you disconnected. Being in a completely over-run Orgrimmar and trying to avoid dozens of zombies was fun!

Ashayo bought all the trinkets from the AD qtrmaster - Argent Knight bubble-hearthing is hilarious.
Also ran Kara on Ashayo to get the batling pet.

Jekle - ran with Bippers doing Mount Hyjal, and we got the 1st boss down - Rage Winterchill.
Also did my first full clear of ZA

Ran HH over and over and over ; never once saw the mount drop. ( Got a screen shot of 12 dead HH littering the GY)
Got a broom in the last hour, so I'm happy!

Realised I should be doing the Scourge events on my other 70's to help gear them up.
Got the pants of the rare mobs for most toons (including 62 mage) Bought the gloves and shoulders of the Qtrmaster.
Getting the chest peice is a little more challenging.
Farming the rares with hunter/mage to DE - 24+ void crystals
Cleared several full-health necrotic shards and the elites with Muerten - pally+warlock AOE ftw (even pulled two at once just coz we could)

Cowwoman got dark whelping in Dustwallow marsh while questing with warrior/shaman

Achievements - Exploration ; just missing one or two areas in most zones, collecting herbs as I go - on my broom of course.

Other Stuff to talk about

Contest for WotLK CE - Stories

Recording from the store the night of the release


Email 2

For the Alliance!

Hail, my friends. Just wanted to give you some thoughts on 3.0.2. First, it's all about the little things. The fact that boats now have crews makes the game that much more believable. I mean, who was driving the boats all this time? LOL. Also, I LOVE the new Paladin judgment/seal system. It's so much easier than before, and it's making my AOE grinding paladin, Arlaerus, so much more fun to play. Plus, with marksman hunters, the Rapid Recuperation talent, combined with the Rapid Killing talent, I've not had to use my Aspect of the Viper yet while grinding. Combined with Go For the Throat, my pet is always full of focus and I'm full on mana. Naga beware!

Also, I love the new Achievements system. I went to Glanthur to see how close to "World Explorer" he was, and I was surprised to see that after three years of playing WoW, there were still parts of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor that I had never ventured. Now though he's all set for Northrend.

Currently Arlaerus is level 65 in Zangarmarsh and I'm hoping to go into Terrokar Forest soon. Nagrand is my favorite zone in all of Outland, but I won't be ready for that till I'm 66/67 I think.

Oh, and poor Arlaerus got the urging for brains! I was one of those players that felt the plague was cool until I got infected. By the time in the event I finally did catch the plague, the countdown was down to 59 seconds. You try getting to an Argent Dawn healer from the Lower City in less than a minute while fighting off zombies. LOL.

I also had a great time running SFK with Aprillian on Palanor. He now has some great blues, and once I get Arlaerus to 70, I'm going to focus on getting Palanor to 30 to get his chicken mount.

Anyway, I also wanted to comment that the podcast now sounds so professional. I hope that once real-life calms down a bit, I can start to become a regular contributor again since it was such an honor and a privilege to be a part of the Ctrl Alt WoW podcast.

Oh, and one other thing, a few episodes back you talked about how annoying it was to get to the Warlock trainers in Stormwind. A little bit of lore for you...in Alliance NPC culture, warlocks are not looked upon to kindly by the Alliance. Stormwind has the largest cathedral in Azeroth, and is dedicated to preserving the Light and all it stands for. You can imagine that in the NPC culture, Warlocks don't fit in well with either Ironforge or Stormwind culture. Just wanted to share that cool little tidbit. All right, take care, keep up the good work, and let me end the way I began...FOR THE ALLIANCE!


Email 3

Hello again,
even though it is Friday today and the greatest holiday of them all, yes Halloween,
however I have sad news.
11 days, that is the sad news.
i have 11 days until my refer a friend wonderful xp bonus runs out and than i will have to go back to the past and just play one character and just gain measly normal xp.

i am doubly sad because i dont know what to do.
i have created so many alts that i have scrambled my brain so please shed some light, should i just concentrate on getting the close characters that are around lvl 30's to lvl 40 or i dont know,
please let me know and maybe i can get some production out of the days left.

thank you as always and happy trick or treating.


Feed Issues

I know you guys switched podcast feeds, but I only see the podcast being posted in Mp4 format......is that how its going to stay?


Good morning Aprillian and Ashayo

You guys must have changed over to a new set up. Unfortunately I can not longer listen to your pod cast here at work because of the change. I listen through Google reader and I noticed that you can subscribe through Google reader which I did, but once I tried to play back the episode, nothing happens.

Just a FYI for you


Sorry you are having problems Patrick, we did change our feed. Our new feed is:

And the new website hosting the feed is: http://ctrlaltwow.podbean.com/

Hopefully that will help. The old company shut down. I tried to do everything possible to make the transition as smooth as possible. Thanks for letting us know.

Aprillian and Ashayo.