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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 423 - Iron Maidens

Aprillian, Leeta and Rogueslayer discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments by Grand Nagus and Donnie of Clan of Darkness.
If you want to join the conversations on the show, we have a live chatroom with in-game giveaways moderated by chatroom-chick Marzana. So come and join us every Friday at 6 p.m. EST / 8 a.m. (Sat. Australia’s time) on our Ustream page!

We also have an ongoing contest. Send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno and Pixie Girl!

Hello Darlings!

Yay! Got some audio for you this week, though it's without music...hehehe.  And some screenies!  And you were right...that weird one from last week was indeed the one from Kromog's feet, lol, sorry for the confusion.  

great big hugs & kisses!

Juuno of Earthen Ring & Korialstrasz

p.s. threw in a shot of an...ummm...interesting toon name from an LFD I ran, hehehe...and I labelled the others so hopefully you can tell what they all are this week... love ya!!

Rift LOL
Shredderon of fireflahs, nice gun, Wingy
Lokwyn birthday
Ogre shame
Thank you Juuno

What We've Been Doing:


1/ CoD Scavenger Hunt

Big thanks to Lokwyn, Sideburnz, Mata and Juuno for coming out for some fun!
And big thank you to Wingy and Ashayo for helping organise the scavenger hunt!

Garrison Party!

Grats to Sideburnz on winning the hunt! He was awarded with a Lvl24 Sky Fry pet!

2/ Timeless Isle
Spent few hours grinding Ancient Spineclaws with Wingy - managed to get 4 Monstrous Spineclaws to appear… no pet!

3/ Blood Thirsty - Shaman
Went from Lvl14- Lvl15
Have decided to do a couple of quests to break up the grind!
4/ Healers - Pally Lvl45 - 46
We did Dire Maul Warpwood
Wingy and Ashayo
Why does it have to be Demon?
What? Not a selfie?
5/ Warlocks - Lvl67 - Lvl68
Sethekk Halls
Ashayo, Mata and Wingy!
Fire and Brimstone!
Someone is ready for the beach! What the…??
Rain of Drain Fire and Life!
6/ Mounts
Ran many raids! Took down many World Bosses!
Nalak Down!
Finally Malyagos…
Mount 249! \o/
And then…
Huge thank you to Wingy and Ashayo - heart you both <3
I made…
Mount 250! \o/
Which then gave me…
And then...
Mount 251! \o/


Tiia died and then went to Epril’s Garrison

Screenshot 2015-05-23 07.45.41.jpgScreenshot 2015-05-24 17.00.57.jpg
Screenshot 2015-05-25 19.05.44.jpgScreenshot 2015-05-24 21.21.18.jpg
Screenshot 2015-05-27 19.44.43.jpg
Screenshot 2015-05-23 14.16.17.jpg
Doing Randoms with Vrishna

Screenshot 2015-05-24 21.48.46.jpg
Photo May 29, 19 48 22.png
Photo May 29, 19 48 03.png


Sat Razorfen Downs

We finally read the quest details and no special info, just kill kill kill !
Ain’t it always the way !


Gorebreaker, human hunter blood thirsty
  • 27 -
  • Huh, first foray out day after podcast:
  • WoWScrnShot_052315_080020.jpeg

Ironrokrgirl, blood elf paladin ironman
  • 40 -
  • First foray out after above incident:
  • WoWScrnShot_052315_091839.jpeg

Ironeficent, undead hunter ironman
  • 23 -
  • Nozzlepot’s Outpost, Ghostlands, Hillsbrad
  • Four netherweave bags at 6 gold each!
  • Hillsbrad Foothills Quests (took out the Stormpike in two waves)
  • Lvl 30 - New stopping power Ability - “Choose a talent…”
  • Arathi Highlands Quests
  • Concentrating on one toon vs. allowing for rested XP
  • Now 35, Northern Stranglethorn

Ironcrazed, night elf hunter ironman
  • 18 - 25, in Duskwood

Paxoneficent, undead monk pacifist
  • 1 -
  • Got a few starting quests (thread, talk to, corpses)
  • Gave me 96 copper - enough to train mining, herbing, but 3c shy of mining pick
  • sold off my staff, boom.
  • Tirisfal Glades, then Eversong Woods, Durotar
  • Hit level 5 upon stepping off the zeppelin in Orgrimmar
  • Tirisfal, Eversong
  • Lvl 8 tried jumping on the zep to Org…
  • 8, Razor Hill

Gorecrazed, night elf hunter blood thirsty
  • 1 -
  • Lvl 10, over to Elwynn Forest for Terapis, back to Dolanaar
  • 15, Darkshore


Contest Submission - Pet!
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.
This week is flying by I've been so busy.
In order to have the Graves pet I need to be level 20 in Heroes of the Storm. I am terrible at these games but I am already level 11 and having fun as Tyrande.
I have a heal and shoot people!
I was a guest last week on Azeroth RoundTable,  and this Sunday we record Hunting Party Podcast with always awesome guest Big Red Kitty which will be fun!
Twisted Nether Podcast 7th anniversary is tomorrow so I spent more time working on a present for them.
7th anniversary is copper and wool. So I got a Black Lamb and An Elwynn Lamb, levelled them to 25 and hit them with a blue battle stone and then realized the Black Lamb is not tradable.
I rolled up a hunter on Hydra ' s server and levelled up to make enough to buy gift wrapping and pay the mail fees.
Of course, you know what this means. I'm thinking maybe I could make her my unofficial Iron man challenger.
But I'm so busy levelling up pets and doing garrisons that I don't know how often I will play her. But I won't delete her. She is in Stormwind currently.
I have a lvl 71 nearly 72 druid that is levelling in Hyjal by pet battles and levelling pets for friends too.
Is pet battle xp allowed for Iron Man?
It feels like I'm always in WoW but I have had barely any time to run any old raids.
I think i am playing WoW by not playing it. IE I am ignoring the 100 life except for the garrison missions.
I spend all my time in the old , flying enabled world's but sometimes use a ground mount out of nostalgia. I'm not keen on no more flying, ever, but I don't mind ground travel so long as travel is not frustrating.
Which it is in Draenor, so I'm not sure going forward what will happen.
I think as much as the Dev's complain about flying, that they expected us to have it soon so they built Draenor as obnoxious as it is assuming we would be flying over it anyway.
But I really wonder. The selfie contest to get yourself killed over and over in Orgrimmar until you get the shot right, I don't see anything fun in that. If it only needs to be in front of the AH, that is not what the directions say. If you don't need to be attacked, it isn't clear and honestly, it feels like some mild sadism that was completely unnecessary.
We could easily have been taking pictures in front of some neutral waterfall or whatever.
This pointless decision killed my enthusiasm for the contest.
I am finding WoW is becoming death by 1000 pin pricks, not by one final death blow that would cause me to unsubscribe.
My apologies for feeling this way.  I enjoy the game mostly, so long as i don't play it with goals. If I do what I feel like and there is tons that players can do.
Having people like you and podcasts like this keep me inspired and logging in so thank you , all of you.

What hey what happened to my week
Sorry no audio this week and I want my week back dammit sorry I been on a month of closes and my sleep pattern is jacked up I wanted to do so much at the start and yet at the end I am sitting here going what happen to it. Would have loved to play anything short of Facebook games this week but I just couldn't find the time or will power.

For the horde

For the alliance

For the sandgropers

For the wasted week hopefully I won't waste next week

New Listener to the show - Not Contest Submission
Hello dear Ctrl Alt Wow crew & chatroom,

I'm Constraxxone (pronounced Konstraks), I'm Mostly an alliance player on Thorium brotherhood US.  I have many alts about 35% are horde, 17 or 18 overall.

I'm super excited when I listen to your show, first and foremost because you talk about GAMEPLAY.  There is no discussion of Guild Drama just plain good old laughs and some horror stories with IRONMAN challenge.  Keeps me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end.  I only started recently to listen to your show and I get lots of Ideas of how to tackle some really really interesting content, I'm more or less cowering in my chair when rogueslayer starts to talk about her latest adventures in the Ironman toons.

I want to congratulate Leeta on her mount runs, I follow her exploits on twitter with glee.

Marzana is super awesome at handling the chat room, I was in the chatroom briefly last week and everyone is so much fun to chat with in there.

I hope I find more time to level my blood elf paladin, I'm kind of on a pet battle binge for the last 3 weeks, I want to raise my rank on I'm currently rank 21 on my realm.  Maybe you could tell me how to get Graves from Heroes of the Storm promotion, if I can get that pet in 4 hours that'd be awesome, perhaps the chat room can offer a strategy to power level to 20, I have no experience in Heroes of the Storm at all.

It has been 8 or 9 shows I've listened to so far, I listen 2 or 3 times in a row to a show cuz I want to hear all the mini-jokes and the context of all the comments, Aprillian's  back and forth last weekend with Hunter multiboxer was incredible fun to listen to.

Your fan as always,

Don. a.k.a. constraxxone

And that was my week !!!
Hello Ladies :)

No screenies attached this week sorry :( but here is an audio for all to listen too :D, I suppose I best put a disclaimer in and say the music that I have been using as backgrounds for my submissions are the copy right of Dr Who and the BBC and also Blizzard for Nightsong.,



Rigarmorty Audio
Greetings CAW crew,

Attached is a short audio recorded in the car. Sorry for poor audio quality.

For the Horde, The Alliance and creating new alts xxx
What level was priest

Hiya C.A.W. crew

Welcome to another episode of Alztraj's almost monthly, but hopefully always entertaining ramblings. Since I've waited to the last minute (as usual) I'll make this a short one.

As usual I've been doing my best to turn everyone's favorite MMO into a solo adventure. I love farming old raids for pets, mounts and transmog gear. Too bad the RNG gods just don't have the same kind of fondness towards me. I've only manged to acquire one random drop mount over the last few weeks, Experiment 12-B. Pretty cool since I had no clue that it actually existed, but it's not one of the better looking drake mounts IMHO.

Feeling kinda like I've been short changed, I decided to try some old raid achievements. At least they are guaranteed to award a mount. I set my sights on completing both the Glory of the Cataclysm Hero and the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider achievements. Long story short I was able to knock them both out in the same week and walk away with two cool new mounts.

Riding high with newfound sense of accomplishment I turned my attention towards the celestial tournament. Ooh boy did that take the wind out of my sails. At first i was determined not to use one of the many guides available online, but after bashing my skull into the wall for the dozenth time I relented. Yes the guide made it a piece of cake (mmm cake...), but it also robbed the whole event of any fun. Then again I wasn't exactly having a blast anyways. Oh well Xu-Fu is cute enough to make it all worth it.

I also used my meager tax refund to buy a new PS4 and I've spent an embarrassing amount of time playing Diablo 3. The game is great on the PC but I feel like its was just meant to be played on a console. It was awesome of Blizzard to bring back the cow level as an anniversary event. Or maybe they didn't... #Cowspiracy.

OK it's getting close to show time and I've pretty much run out of things to say, so have a good show.


PS I wanted to attach an audio submission, but sadly my dog ate it.

Yeah... that sounds good. They'll haveta beleive that... /evil grin

Setnuh's week
good evening ctrlaltwow folks. I hope everyone's week was superb. For me it was a very productive week. I spent most of my time leveling in Dreanor. I made short work of frostfire ridge although I have to say its not a very easy zone to get around in. It's zones like that that make you wish there was flying. When I left frostfire ridge I was up to 10 followers which I thought was a lot, but maybe that's just the norm. In gorgrond I pretty much just collected the the followers there and moved on to talador. Im at 95 now and I hope to be 100 by next weeks show. I also registered on so hopefully I will start the climb up those rankings as I am way down at 225. That's ok though as I was never serious about it until now. I don't know if anyone has looked at the content coming in 6.2 but there is a lot of stuff for pet battlers. Take care everyone and have a good week.

PS I cant remember who the firewing pet was from, that I received from last weeks giveaway. but thank you and just so you know, leveling it to 25 was the first thing I did this week

Addon Spotlight:

Audio segment by Grand Nagus
You can find GrandNagus on Twitter @GrandNagus1, or by email at

Clan of Darkness Guild Updates

5/22 - 5/28






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We are doing it live! Ironman Challenge

Chatroom Giveaway Winners: ArizonaBlack & ElJeppy

  • Chatroom giveaways from Hhark and Constraxxone:
    • Mechanical Axebeak - Arizona Black (Smooze)
    • 2nd pet to Jeppy

---Shout Outs & Thank You---

Thanks Constraxxone for the Chat Room prize!!

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