Monday, March 5, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 014 Starting All Over Again

What's Going On

I spent some time "Seeding" Servers with my alts. The Lunar Festival is a great time to put alts up and get Flight Paths. Then when or if you want an alt on that server, then they already have the flight paths.

I wanted a Ravager on my Blood Elf. I figured out a way to get my Horde Character into the Alliance starting area. All it took was some trial and error and some dying.

WoW News
Lunar Festival Feb 16 – March 8
Darkmoon Faire Mulgore March 5 – 11

Alt Round Up
Ctrl Alt WoW Armory Page

Pril & Zee – Blood Elf Twins Pril = Hunter LW/Skinner Zee = Rogue JC/Miner
• Level 22/21
• Grinding for Leather in Southern Barrens. Quite successful, Thunder lizards and their yummy tails, thunderhawks and hyenas. Pril got her cooking to 125 and got the book from Aprillian
• And of course Pril got her Ravager from Bloodmyst Isle

Creed & Ctraltwow Blood Elf Priest Tailor/Enchanter and Orc Warrior Miner/Blacksmith
• Level 11/11
Aprillian Main Troll Hunter Miner/Skinner
• Level 54
o Ran out to Shadowsprey
o Did the trial run to Bloodmyst Isle
Rilfire Tauren Hunter LW/Skinner
• Level 48
• Grinding Scalding Whelplings for leather with Treshel

Treshel Orc Hunter Miner/JC
• Level 44, dinged in the Badlands
• Grinding Scalding Whelplings for leather with Rilfire
• Did some jewelcrafting, got a bunch of jewels prospecting horded iron ore. Hard to get tin for bronze

Theeo Orc Rogue Alch/Herb
• Level 19
• Hanging out in Silvermoon

Sherinna Troll Priest Alch Ench
• Level 14
• Still sitting in Ratchet

• Trex Draenei Hunter Skinner/Herbalist
o Level 12
o Dax Connection in the Vault of Lights
o Blood Elf Bandits Masks

• Illia
o Didn’t seel any moths, sold some comfortable hats and hides

The Dragonhawk Hatchling Connection
• Aprillian sends 4 gold pieces to Creed – costs 4 gold 30 c
• Creed buys 9 Hatchlings @ 45 silver a piece and mails them back to Aprillian 45s 30c X 9 = 4 g 7s 7c
• Aprillian puts them up for auction to April on the Horde/Alliance AH
o Aprillian puts them up for 25s, pays a 3s 12c deposit, the AH cut is 3s75c so Aprillian receives 24s 37c . So basically that’s 3s75c x 9 = 33s 75c
• Trex puts them up on Alliance AH

Favorite Places in WoW
Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isle

Server Selection
Blood Elf Bandit Masks 10 – 12 gold on Baelgun Alliance AH


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