Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ctr Alt WoW Episode 31 - Stop Your Whining

What we've been doing....


* Twinking out my twink Pri, level 14 Rogue Orc.
o Running her through Deadmines
+ With Aprillian, level 32 Warlock (for soulstones and summons)
+ With Rilfire, level 50 Hunter, to clear mobs

Stop your whining

Battlegrounds - the truth behind AV and AB.
Twinks are they really bad...?

misconceptions -

Complaining about the AH and that they didn't want to buy a recipe on AH, they wanted to know where to get the drop. AH is overpriced. But then the same person complained that his stuff wasn't selling on the AH.

We got a good review on iTunes! and an email from Auho
Hey guys I was listening to your latest podcast and I just wanted to mention another way to find resources about World of Warcraft. There is a mod called Lightheaded which takes the comments from wowhead and lets you read them in game from your quest log. (Here is the link ). Thank you for doing such a fun show keep up the good work.

Auho lvl 68 human paladin

And another email

This is Fecklarr, Phecklarr... ect. from AIE - Earthen Ring

Great Podcasts. guys.. just listened to Eps.30 and the refeance to Barrens chat made me think ... have you heard the podcast (old style radio show) The Chalice of Silvermoon. . Man is it Funny. the one with Barrens chat is Eps. 29... on the floor, curled in a ball with laughter.

A little back ground... I have been playing WoW since beta.. My wife also plays.. I have 1 lvl 64 Hunter, she has 2 70's...she is not an alt person. We have been play computer games since the late 80's.. Yes we are older gamers... i just had B-day and turned 50..
I really like this guild we're in, its the best I've seen.
Feel free to ask question on stuff ... I've seen ALOT of in game stuff... and know hunter's really well, but U do luv My Shamen (lvl 54) (Windfurl) ftw...

Well keep up the great work and hope to see you and group with you in game...

Fecklarr, Phecklarr & Ohryen

p.s. your email address is incorrect, the one in the show notes

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