Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 040 - Alts Tips and Stuff

Episode 40 Show Notes - Things that help

First we would like to apologize for the poor sound quality in the previous 3 or 4 episodes. We were experimenting with internet recording and obviously we haven't worked out the kinks yet. So we are back to recording together in Aprillian's "studio".

Second, someone asked if we had message boards. Well we aren't really geared for that. But, if you would post a comment in this blog, we will respond to it. In fact, I think we will be commenting on thing from the podcast in the blog, so check out the comment section.

What we've been doing:

Glanthur - I leveled up my BE mage (Palanor) and I am really digging a mage. He's extra squishy. I think that even my warlock and my priest are more resilient to damage. To compare and contrast, my paladin absorbs around 60% off all damage. My mage absorbs about 15%. Yeah. I also decided on herbalism and alchemy for my professions with Palanor. I'm excited to get to 20 since then I'll be able to start going into instances. It's going to be a lot of fun since my mage is already shaping up to be one of the highest damage-dealers I've played yet. I know this is common for mages, but I'm just not used to actually killing MOBS before they can even reach me. Thanks Frostbolt.

Aprillian - Had a personal tragedy, lost a really close friend, Azeroth helped make it bearable. Spent some time working on leveling Pri, my level 17, now 18 Rogue Twink to be. It was very satisfying to lash out at things in Azeroth to help deal with the pain of losing someone.

Addons we find helpful

Guild Mail

Appropriate professions for alts

Don't start out in Engineering or Enchanting.

New stuff since the patch

Voice Chat is here but not enabled - doesn't do much for alts.
Mac video is cool and easy to use.
Key binding for addons, very nice.
New icon for disenchanting.


  1. This was a fluff podcast, we know. We wanted to get together and do a good sounding podcast. We did cover some interesting things. Particularly about priest and learning how to play different characters.

    So what did you think?

  2. Hi,
    I enjoyed the podcast and hope that you will not do a podcast unless it is good quality like the last one. It's ok to skip a week. Nobody is going to unsubscribe because you miss a week. But one thing that would help is if the volume was higher. Seems like you have a habit of recording at half volume. I have to turn my car stereo up almost full blast for it to be loud enough. Then when the podcast is over, the next thing I listen to blasts me to death (ok, not literally since I am typing this).
    Keep up the good work! Also you dont need to say "we'll be right back" and have music cuz for us listeners, time does not pass when you hit the pause button. Just pretend you took a breath between sentences.

  3. Oh and although this may sound mean, I just wanted to say that your dog choking made me laugh.

  4. Darrell, thanks for the comments.
    I will try an experiment next podcast, I will turn the volume up full and see if that helps. I worry about the quality. But I could be worrying unnecessarily.

    As for the dog, he was more hacking than coughing and I admit it is a little funny. I think he was just trying to get in on the show.