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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 91 - Death Knights 101 and More

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

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Contest entries are rolling in. Prizes WotLK Collector's Edition. Second Prize CE minus key code. Third Prize Blizzard Authenticator. Discuss entries on next week's episode.

What We Are Doing:

Got my Death Knights ThePrimall and TheArdrion out to Silvermoon to train herbalism/inscription and mining/jc. We ran up and down the scar collection nodes of ore and herbs.

I also spent some money buying stuff for my herbalist/inscripter

By Friday morning TheArdrion was up to 126 in JC and 161 in mining and ThePrimall was 104 herb and 160 inscribe.

When I left for work TheArdrion was 129 in JC and 204 in mining. ThePrimall was 147 in herbs. All from running around Hillsbrad and up in the caves of Alterac Mountains.

Friday I decided to get Rilfire my level 63 Tauren hunter skinner/LW trained in Skinning after 375, for 35g and took her first out to Falcon Watch to kill boars, she picked up a purple ravager.

Sat morning quad boxing. ThePrimall in Hilsbrad picking flowers, came across an elite dragon Narillasanz, got a nice green piece for one of my enchanters to de. TheArdrion was in the cave in Alterac Mountains. Had spent the early morning getting JC to 200. Sent Rilfire to Nagrand to grind Skinning and had Aprillian in Terrakor forest grinding netherweave.

Also doing exploration on Theprimall, she fully explored Arathi Highlands and Hillsbrad foothills

Saturday, decided Veyle, my rogue, should be levelled so she can pick lockboxes. Took her to tanaris at first with The Ardrion, but the DK was too high. So I got Primall, level 55 hunter and

Pulled out the Jasper to level Enchanting and was going to bring Velye home to make a silver rod but one of my bank alts


Hours cleaning out mail before it was deleted. I really should housekeep that stuff more often! Glaciuss disenchanted a bunch of level 68 gear, and got Northrend mats from them!

Tanked Utgarde Keep on Ashield

Completed the Wrathgate quest line on Ashayo and Asheal - Hint: Wait for Thrall at UC if event in progress.

Tuskarr dailies - Should be exalted by Wednesday!

Levelling mining - Need to get to 75 on Jekle and do JC dailies for tokens. Need to research new profession traits like that.

Group quests in Dragonblight - Three of them that then open up a 5-man with a nice blue reward. (Don't start the event again by talking to quest giver!)

The Old Kingdom. Tanked by a DK. Last boss is cool - Phase out and fight each other pvp style

Quests are becoming more immersive. A quest in Dragonblight has "future me" turn up to help. Future me.. level 80. "keep us alive and get some better equipment" "look at you, no wonder I turned to drinking"

Discovering more dailes - Daily flying fight in Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight (can't /follow when on these quest type mounts)

Shaman Hinterlands - old school stuff!

Re-specced my Priest from full Shadow to Holy/Shadow, with aim of being able to heal instances. Yet to try to determine success!


Hey guys... Blade here...

I confess... I have tried dual boxing...
See... the thing was... I bought my copy of Wrath like everyone else did... hung out in a lineup and everything... but what I had forgotten was that I super-jumped the gun last year... the DAY they released word that Blizzard was working on an expansion... I went to my local store and tossed them a down-payment for the Collector's Edition.
Totally forgot about it, though... and bought my non-Collector's copy from ANOTHER store....
The local store didn't do 'refunds', only 'in-store credits'... and I didn't really plan to purchase any other games... mainly 'cause ol' Blade has barely enough time to play WoW let alone dumping time into console games...
So I had two copies of Wrath.
What to do?
Totally stumbled my way through the sign-up process... and still haven't figured out the RAF thing... (a little help?) ... but I made a few new toons and have been toying around with them... I took Wolf all the way back to Orc Kindergarten to start helping another Hunter... and I'm quickly realizing that it may be a very long slog.
Rolled a warlock team... and they're kinda fun... I'm looking forward to the huge gobs of dps they'll be unleashing in the higher levels... the new hunter, too... but I have to figure out a way to level him faster...

And now for something I like to call...
Blade's 'Sneaky Trick of the Week'...

Tricks of the Trade...
A Rogue skill you get at level 75... reads as follows:
"The current party or raid member becomes the target of your Tricks of the Trade. The threat caused by your next attack and all actions taken for 6 sec afterwards will be transferred to the target. In addition, all damage caused by the target is increased by 15% during that instance."
That's pretty nifty... naturally... you all can clearly see the benefit in a raid... the more uber-dps you are as a rogue... pop all of your damage boosting trinkets and skills... build up the charge, then pop this on your tank... shaboom... you literally FEED your tank a ton of threat!
But... here's one to ponder about... does anyone know if this works on SPELLS?
Like the majority of Paladin threat?
Or other spells... specifically healing spells? Hmm... well... yeah... that puts an awful lot of potential threat on your healer... but who says you even have to attack during that 6 seconds of time? Drop that on your caster, and stop attacking for 6 seconds... they, in turn get 30 seconds of +15% healing? Hmmmm!
Got one of those super-damage glass-cannons known as Mages? Heck... anything that is insta-cast (or fast enough to cast a few times within the 30-second window) should benefit from this buff...
Or... if you have a darn-good tank, who's to say you can't use this on yourself? Or on another dps who might be a little lower on the damage list than you, my fellow 'shankers from the darkness'...
The possibilities are endless...

From the Easter Egg Basket...
A hit...
Bambi... sorta... here's a couple of screen shots... of Bambi(na), Bambina's Mom, Bambina's rabbit pal, Thudder... and their skunk pal Flora...




Oh... the 5th screenshot? Uh... that's just one from my private collection... I don't know HOW that got in there...

A quick little FYI for you all though... clearly those characters are a not-so-subtle reference to the characters Bambi, Thumper and Flower (and of course Bambi's mom)... but here's something you may not have known... a fellow by the name of Felix Salten wrote the book Bambi in 1923... Disney eventually made it into a movie in 1942.
Which... is a long time ago... 66 years to be exact.

And a miss...
This is one you'll have to take ol' Blade's word for everybody... this is apparently no longer in the game...
(Ol' Blade hasn't talked turkey with a troll in some time...)
If you played Horde... (if you haven't you should... if you don't... well... let's just say there's a special place for you...) anyway...
If you played Horde previous to Wrath of the Lich King... we're talking a while ago now... you will have toyed around with the races and their emotes... to see which ones you like or prefer... and you will probably know about the male troll's predisposition to sound not a little - let's call it - "rastafarian".
Typing a slash-silly command, you might have heard the following:
"I kill two dwarfs in the morning. I kill two dwarfs at night. I kill two dwarfs in the afternoon, And 'den I feel all right.
I kill two dwarfs in time of peace and two in time of war. I kill two dwarfs before I kill two dwarfs. And 'den I kill two more."
If you look hard enough, I'm sure the interweb will provide you with that very quote...
This a reference to the Toyes' song "Smoke Two Joints"... it was apparently removed owing to "legal reasons" presumably related to copyright, although it is also possible that Blizzard was pressured to cut the joke because of the content that referenced a song that made reference to drugs...

That's enough for this week... gonna respec Blade and see if I can't catch up a few more levels...

As always, an awesome podcast guys!


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