Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 101 - Blade, Just in the Nick of Time

Contest - Send in an email and be entered into the roll for either one month's free of WoW or an authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


Veyle is so close to dinging that I logged off on her and logged in on Primall ungrouped with Auruk following. I know I can go to a higher area and get better XP and I probably should. Maybe Winterspring. The only reason I was in Azhara was for the whelpling and I saw someone hawking in Trade Chat so the chances of me getting one has gone down. So after killing a couple of more for good luck, I hearthed and headed to WS. Winterspring was good. I also had Aprillian running around getting coins and when she ended up in Winterspring at the same time Primall and Auruk were there, I decided to do some summoning of lower level characters.

Primall ran around killing the Highbane spirit things and after Aprillian had summoned everyone she could, Primall dinged 58, I logged Veyle on and Primall gave her a level to get to 47 and then Primall killed a few more things and Veyle dinged 48.

Tuesday morning, no maintainence, just rolling restarts. Ran Primall with Elyte in Hellfire. Primall was getting RAF experience and she was 2/3 to 59 when I logged off.

Wed morning got on Shemain and Prillia and ran them around the orc/troll starting area while Aprillian did dailies. I also had Aprillian run out to Auberdine to get the elder there and when I found it was so easy, I ran Epril out and then had her summon someone on the RAF account and the Aprillian created a portal and did some more summoning.

Thur I ran Shemain and Prillia to Crossroads and then Aprillian came out and we did some more summoning. Then down to Camp T and then Camp and I had all the toons who hadn't done it do the Ezra Wheathoof quest.

Thu evening I decided I wanted all of my level 1 characters to get to at least 6 if not 10. Brought Theeapril out of Shat by creating a new undead and had her summon theeapril and then she summoned bankapril. The sound in the undead starting area is like the sound when you are dead. Figured another reason to get these low levels up and with coins, the stuff they buy at the vendors, pets, etc, are cheaper. Sat morning running Delish and AprilOfficer around. Took Delish first to undead starting area. The warlock quest to get an imp is way easier there than any of the other two, Belf you have to get to level 5 first, and Orcs you have to get to at least 4 and go over to the cave.


Icecrown quests - chain to open up Crusaders' Pinnacle as a quest hub - and finally the extra dailies from the airship

Asheal - Healed Heroic Violet Hold
Ashayo - Heroic Utgarde Keep ; epic ring

Oracles - another tickbird and cobra

Levelling tailoring by making frostweave bags for guildies
Asheal finally got around to making magnificent flying carpet

Jekle & Hiide in UK with Ecu tanking. Still wiped on last boss ; but romped it in with a 5th
Jekle and Hiide jumped straight to Dragon Blight and do the group "Wanted" quests.
Jekle dings 72 ; Hiide not far behind
Hiide - Azjol Nerub, Nexus

Went back to level Hiide's herbalism, coz I couldn't pick in Dragonblight. Ending up sneaking around Sholazar Basin to pick adder's tongue (best for inscription). Oracle area is good - quite a few nodes, and no aggro. Can also venture into Frenzy Heart because you're neutral with both until you've done the quest line.

Started questing in Storm Peaks at K3 trying to get Sons of Hodir dailies open there too.
You get sent to Brunnhildar Village, inhabited by the blue female Frost Vrykul.
You get transformed into one for the majority of the chain. These are quite a bit larger toons than players, which is most evident when I stand beside my now puny Felguard.
The proto-drake mounts also shake their head from side to side. On a normal toon, this doesn't move the player, but as a Vrykul, the whole rider shakes from side to side.
The quest chain is very long and involves fighting on bears. Eventually get to a point where you use a harpoon to leap from dragon to dragon and fight the rider, while all the
while circling the Temple of Storms. The harpoon has a chain attached, and it feels like your spider man, swinging from a web. Cool stuff!
Asheal hit 2000 quests on the last in this quest chain.

Vault of Archavon 10 man - rogue and priest ; we had none.
vault of Archavon 25 man - druid and rogue ; we had none.

Saturday - ISP probs right before Naxx raid
But got in. Did Arachnid quarter. Got trinket off last boss - [Dying Curse]
Then Plague Quarter - Heigan the Unclean ; horrible kiting between lava ; lag/latency is deadly


In yet another new guild - Sempiternal. So far... so good.
Still debating whether I should switch from mining to jewelcrafting.
Arlaerus in at 79. Almost... Oh, he's still Holy.
Glanthur has achieved all of the items you can acquire through the Badges of Heroism.
Respeced Glanthur to get fine tune his talents. Got rid of his PVP-geared talents (Silencing Shot / Aimed Shot).
Sangfroid is doing well in Hellfire. Should I dual-wield as a tank?
Healed Nexus (Normal) with Arlaerus - really like Beacon of Light.

Bladed Edge

The Bladed Edge

Hey all... Blade here...
I have to say... it is SO nice to be back in Northrend again, gaining *real* experience and *real* quest gold now that I've successfully completed not only the Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, but that of Kalimdor and Outland as well!
As of this email, I have less than 200 quests to go... then I'm going to give ol' Blade a needed break and start tanking again with Skullblade.
Oh... and level 80 completely snuck up on me, too... I wasn't even paying attention until I went to change my reputation experience bar to the Kalu'ak again from Netherwing... and I noticed my *actual* xp bar was a solid blue streak... a quick mouse-over... and I had less than 30,000 xp to go!
So... yeah... Ol' Blade's officially at the proverbial end-game... meaning I can't gain anymore official xp...
But the gold gets better now... from my brief calculations, it looks like a bonus of probably 25% from what one *would* have gotten before level 80.
So... from less than 500 gold yesterday... to just under 2000 gold today.
Granted, I *have* been pickpocketing like a mad fiend... so it's not *all* quest gold... but the majority of the Zul'Drak quests were netting me more than 12gold a pop... and I had quite a few left to do.
Lots of gold... oh! And a little surprise in the mail once you hit 80!
(Not telling, though...)


From the 'Dirty Little Tricks' Department...
More love for the Warriors... mainly 'cause I've been thinking a lot more about tanking once I finish the achievement thing with Bladetusk...
That said... this one's a no-brainer...
/cast Revenge
/cast Heroic Strike
Basically, it's a quick and dirty way to snag a bit more threat... if you're like me, and have your keybindings already mapped... #2 is Devastate (plus Victory Rush, as I mentioned in a previous episode...), #3 is Shield Slam, and #4 is Revenge... there's not a lot of room for extra stuff... especially if you add Charge, Thunderclap and any other tricks... or trinkets... or 'Oh Crap' health-recovery macros...
So... slip Heroic Strike into the mix underneath the Revenge button... which means if your Revenge isn't up, then Heroic Strike will go off... but here's where you will have to pay a little attention... it's not overly wise to use Heroic Strike with impunity unless you have more than... say... 50 Rage... doing so might throw off your 'shot rotation' and leave you short on Rage when you need it for a bigger-threat skill like Shield Slam. So basically, don't spam the button right away... Heroic Strike *replaces* your regular 'white' attack... and thus instead of gaining rage (as you would with a normal white attack), you actually *lose* rage. Doing that too often too quickly has the distinct possibility of shaving down your rage rather quickly... so... I wouldn't spam the button until you've gone through your rotation completely at least once (you should have enough rage built up by then)... after that... remember where it (your Heroic Strike key) is... and also remember that if you have the Glyph of Revenge, your next Heroic Strike costs no rage... so you can ignore everything I just said...

From Ol' Blade's Easter Egg Basket...
Deep into Northrend in the area of death and unliving voodoo called Zul'Drak lives a formidible individual... Wodin the Troll Servant... this guy's working with Gurgthock at the Ampitheatre of Anguish (which is basically the Ring of Blood (from Outland) version 2.0)
What's so unusual about this Wodin fellow? It is the fact that his goblin chum Gurgthock is riding on a really small mammoth calf?
Actually, it's Wodin's pet-companion... none other than Zena, Warrior Kitten!

Now... this next one is a bit odd...
In the northeast of the Hinterlands, there's an area called Seradane - one of the four locations of the portals that connect Azeroth to the Emerald Dream. Like the other three, it is an area populated with dragons and dragonkin... but that isn't the interesting part of this particular area.
If you follow a path northeast into the mountains, you will come across what looks like a large dragon skull partially surrounded by a circle of rocks, accompanied by the ubiquitous humanoid skeletons and skulls littered around the area.
Look at the rocks closely... do they have faces etched on them? Also... the tallest of the rocks seems to be radiating a blue aura around its base...
We've seen this sort of rock configuration before... in Arathi Highlands at the various Circles of Binding... but what is the explanation for the circle of stones and bones where it is located at Seradane?
I don't know the answer to this one... but I *do* know that it's been around since before either of the expansions...
There's plenty of places like this waiting to be discovered by the keen-eyed adventurer...

As always, an awesome podcast guys...

Until next week... For Tha Horde!



Email #1
So, it's Xandarr again. (Pronounced Zan-Dur)

My wife and I have spoken... I didn't say that you mentioned her rant in the previous podcast, but before that we had a talk. I read the email she sent you. And it is true, I play excessively on the weekdays. So now I am limiting myself to playing on the weekends and to a minimum.

It seems to be going well... it has only been a week and a half, but it is going well. Even to limiting myself to the weekend I am still lvl 35 with my hunter that i started only three weeks ago.

from Xandarr

Something for Blade

So I haven't emailed you guys in a while. But I do beleive I did tell you that things are going better with my wife and I. I have slowed down on my gaming time. It is usually limited to an hour on my lunchbreak at work (on my personal laptop) and then the weekends pretty much. Sometimes I can get in a couple hours on Thursdays while my wife watches her "shows" (Grays Anatomy and Private Practice)
Anyway, I was adventuring in Sholazar Basin and I found a little thing near a pond. Unfortunately I didn't get the coordinates. But you put your curser over it and it spouts off five different numbers. Hey Blade have you seen this? Could this be a reference to the TV show LOST?
Chilie (aka Xandarr)

Email #2 from MO
I enjoyed your 100th episode and I know its not an easy task to talk for 2 hours (even if you do love wow) but what an AWESOME podcast!!!
and than you so much rolling my way!!!
I told my girl friend who tolerates my wowing very patiently and now she expects me to win the lottery (i guess i better go play if i want to win that too).

I am truly great full for your work and winning.

With work and juggling everyday life stuff, wow time is very fun for me and believe it or not very relaxing, and listen to you all is fun as well.

It was nice to hear blade as well.

I cannot wait to see your wow video as I am too curious to see your wow dual boxing.

Well this week, you will not believe it, I am really speachlesss!!!
I got a Reins of the Green proto drake!!!!
It is by far the coolest thing i have ever looted in wow.

As you can imagine I am very excited and I will try to send you a screen shot of it

Well take care all till the next email and podcast.



Email #3 from Rick

Hey guys,

Thanks for reading my email it's great to find out I'm breaking the terms of service through my favorite WoW podcast.. Both accounts are paid for by me but I'm sure it's still against the rules. Hopefully I'll be 60 soon then I can leave my friends account in the dust :)

Don't think dual boxing is going to work for me at the moment, alt tabbing between my warlock and paladin in the Uldaman instance didn't work out so well.

Anyway thanks for the advice and sorry I didn't say hello to Blade last week or mention happy 100th episode, great show.



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