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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 115 - Just Like Starting Over

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Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Decided to start some alts on BOE's server. Thought I would try out Jeppy's idea to start on a server with a group of DK's. At home quad boxing but at work during breaks have to two and two. Made two undead warlock bank alts, got their imps and ran them to Oggrimar. Spent more time collecting money, then sending the money to the alts and getting Glyphs, re:Raise Dead.

Still doing Dailies every morning. Auruk got the Wintergrasp fishing oen and was a little nervous about fishing in a BG but it wasn't that hard and he even got the Wintergrasp Victory achievement and finished the fishing daily and got the Chasing Marcia Achievement.

Finally got to the final battle with my quad DK all together at the same time. They went to see Thrall and then I took them to various places as I tried to figure whether to level up or level professions.

Did the Dailies Fri morning with Epril & Auruk. Auruk got the Wintergrasp fishing daily. Went to go click on the portal and it wasn't there. Then I thought I had to wait for WG to start. I kept logging back on and when the portal was there, I clicked it. It took me to some arena thing. I ran around and couldn't find the water I fished in before. I remembered getting a FP, so I hearthed back to Dalaran, ran up to the Landing and took a flight to Warsong Hold in Wintergrasp. I spent some time fishing there and


Oracle - 2 x Tickbird Hatchling, 1 x Yolk (Hiide is now revered and 4th egg is hatching)

Ashayo - Persisted with AT dailies. Can't continue the faction (non champion) daily quests after you finish, so if you want the gold, and not the title, don't hand it in.

Champion of the Undercity
Champion on the Horde
Exalted Champion of the Undercity
Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde
Exalted Champion of the Horde
Crusader Ashayo
Ashayo of the Undercity

Asheal of Orgrimmar

Hiide dinged 78. Can't handle pulling aggro off pet ; pay dual-spec to get BM on Hiide

Jekle dinged 80. - Druid flight form in Brunnhildar Village is hilarious - big flying/swimming blue woman!
- Tried Boomkin, but have no ideas about shot rotation.
- 10 man OS with 1 drake. Epic pants - much better even ungemed
- Then 10-man naxx ; military quarter, Sarth, KT
- Tried healing Heroic Nexus. failed miserably.

- Asheal Naxx 25 - healing ; feels pretty easy now.
- 25-man mid week naxx - clearing 4 quarters fine now ; just need frost resist gear to take down Sapphiron
- Riversky invited Asheal in Ulduar - wipage on Kologarn (have to kill his arms) and Razorscale

BOE Fun!
- DK on Oceanic PvP
- Pants on Head ftw

Thanks for Fierehoof for suggested shot rotation

Faire Fire, Moonfire, Insect Swarm
spam Wrath to proc eclipse
If <>GlanthurGreen Proto-Drake. ZOMG!
Still am going for more eggs for the AH and friends in Saga

Ulduar again and 25-man Naxx

Continued to do Argent Tournament dailies on both Arlaerus and Glanthur

Also got new pants from 25-Naxx, so I know have my set bonus for T7 gear.

Gave a charitable donation of a sixth bank tab to Saga. I love those guys!

Bladed Edge

Blade was busy this week but we hope to hear from him next week.


Email #1 from Kurly

Hey all. I hope that you have all had a great day and that this email finds you well. Since I last emailed you my Human Priest ding'd 80. YAY!! Nearly a year after I created him (not having even the slightest idea of what I was doing back then)! Its great having an 80 but I have to tell you that I have to actually BE 80. By this I mean the only things I really do on him is heal/dps in my guild as needed and PVP. Two of my friends/guildmates and I have been doing arena's but I think an Elemental Shammy/BM Hunter/Disc Priest are not the ideal combo as we have won 4 out of 37 matches and I have been the first to die in all but three of them. (Death Grip Sucks!)
I have, at last come up with a method for my madness. I have 20 toons on three different servers in four different guilds 2 alli and 2 horde. I play for at least a few hours a day and have set goals for four of my toons. When I reach those goals I will switch to another toon in the same guild and work toward its goals...and so on.
The bummer with this is....that I am having an amazing amount of fun on my Alliance Druid. She is one of my oldest toons and have been lucky enough to gear her up very well and have been having fun with her no matter where I go, but her goal is 50, and she just ding'd 47, but in order to keep to my schedule I have to put her on vacation soon.
I have to say that over all I enjoy all of the classes and races. Thus far I would say that since I started with casters playing melee fighters has been a great experience, and that so far my greatest challenge has been Rogues, but I am looking forward to learning, and hope to someday remember that you cant Sap someone in while they are in combat.

Email #2 from Lionknight

Greetings Ctrl Alt WoW
I'm Lionknight, a level 80 tauren prot warrior on Moonglade EU.
My 10 character limit is filled with 60-80 alts.
I got two 80s, a warrior and a paladin. I got 4 level 70s and 4 level 60s.
I started listening to your podcast after listening to the How I WoW podcast. I listen to your awesome podcast while leveling my alts.
I love Recruit a Friend, i made a new account linked with my friends account and leveled a warlock to 60, transfered it to my main account and canceled the account....
Not long ago... I couldn't resist, i made another account, linked it with my main account and duel boxed a dobbel shaman team and a mage/priest team, i just got them to 60.
I made the account just to use Recruit a Friend and level up fast, but now i really see the advantages of duel boxing, i use Keyclone and got one computer with two screens. I might continue being a duel boxer.
My question is: Is duel boxing really worth it? Is it worth paying the monthly fee twice? I want to hear some pros and cons :)

Email #3 from Insekt

Hi People of control-alt-wow
I have the answer for your "one of us" and where it came from question
It's from a a 1932 horror film about sideshow performers with a cast mostly composed of actual carnival performers.
They chant "one of us! one of us! one of us!" at a marriage in the opening scene and when the main villain is put down at the end.

Hope i have helped

Insekt 80 Hunter Alliance Frostmourne

Email #4 Patrick

Good morning everyone

How are things

I have a question for Ashayo, in the last podcast he talked about a web site were you can go to view the most popular builds. I thought he called it I did a few searches and was not able to locate it. Would you happen to have a address for this site ?

Things are slowing down for me a bit in WOW. I raid Naxx twice a week depending on my sons soccer practice (I am the coach of the team) and I do have several alts that I play and the prospect of grinding all the rep and doing all the dailies on my alts has me a little discourage at this point and I am getting a little board with my main. So I am just hanging around for the next Blizzard MMO and of course Diablo III !!!!

Sorry Aprillian I am not the one undercutting your sales. I moved my alts from Earth’en Ring to Wyrmrest Accord when they had the free realm transfers a while back.

That is all for now



The correct link is :

Email #5 from Keelhaul

Hey guys,
I hope you all are well in game and out. My in game time has slowed down a bit since summer is just about on us here in Michigan. Woot! I've been letting my dorf huntard collect dust a bit while working on my paladin. My pally is 77 and running strong as prot spec. It's so much easier to find a group as a tank. I have had no problems holding aggro even off of geared DPS with itchy trigger fingers ;) Yes I mean you mages and Death Knights :)
I was helping a friend set up the free 10 day WoW trial, yep a new victim Muhahahahah ... There were a couple of macro's that I set up for him becuase they make sorting out bags so much easier.
Here is one that will sell all of the grey items that you pick up:
/script for bag = 0, 4 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag) do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot) if name and string.find(name,"ff9d9d9d") then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Selling " UseContainerItem(bag,slot) end end end
Doesnt seem like a big deal, but it makes selling junk so much easier, just click a button and your done.
PS. Thank you Ashayo for pointing out that the Argent Tournament can be started at level 77, I'll have to check that out.

Email #A

I can't believe I won, yay! Thanks a lot!

So, April I was listening to Episode 18 "A Cool Fun Game or a Complete Waste of Time" and you were talking about a really interesting subject. I was wondering what ever happened with that coworker of yours, and if you, Ashayo or Glanthur had ever had similar experiences.

I interact with video games and gamers for a living and I experience this "gamerism" all the time. I can see how some people can view playing games negatively if a person has no other ambitions or drive in life, but what about all of us who have full time jobs, relationships, and other interests. It seems, from my experience, that there is definitely a generation gap that doesn't even want to understand or even listen about our hobby. Why do you think these negative conotations exist? What do you think we can do to change them? And how do you maintain the balance yourself?

On a totally different subject, Ashayo, thanks for the advice! I'm gonna go with the 1gig ati card. I know its a little over kill for 32 bit vista, but I'm waiting for windows 7. Have you heard anything about how wow will work with the new OS?

(Oh, and for the contest, can I get a mini please?)
(Horde Preferably :) )
(Sorry Glanthur)

Thanks All!
Have a Great Week!


Hi, and I would like to bring you momoments 1 and 2 but they are more like conditions, you can say a wow flu condition.

Well, first, the way I play wow is I use the (A, S, D, W) keys with my left hand and the mouse with my right, I think most people play this way.
At time your left hand does not want to listen to your brain and same with your right hand; well at least my body parts do not work together at times.
The result is your playing axis, x,y,z what ever you would like to call it but the camera is not point in the right direct but instead 45 degrees to the left or right and it is very difficult to play that way!
Also if you try to turn you just spin around like you are on a POLE!
How do you I do this!?!
And why!?!
And what is the solution because all I do is just keep on playing until it fixes itself.

Please help me as I have momoments many times on all of my characters.

Ok onto #2,
and this is very specialized condition as only one of my characters is affected by it.
Poor Mochi, BE Hunter on Balanzzar, for some reason is not able to shift click in the game,
as you know shift click does come in handy in the game:
for clicking other character names; to take just one item from a stack; to get into your item sockets, etc....

Well how did she get to this place of no shift click!?!

Any suggestions will be great fully appreciated and you too can help cure these Momoments.

Thank you

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