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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 154 - Destroying Podcasts for the Good of Mankind

Aprillian, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


In my day, Quest sharing meant standing nearby someone.

Got Crusader title on Aprillian. Went to get my

Aprillian & Vrishna

Did Valentine's day quest on several toons.m


Took Virinya for a solo spin in Outland. Quests quests and more quests. Flying and dropping into the fray. Every turn in gives better gear, and how !


Love in the air - Great with Tempeste with mage ports. Ulduar 2 man - shoot each other's dwarfs before it got nerfed. Got the title on Pud.
Ran the SFK boss several times, and saw the ooze ncp only once.

Crazy Train - Few tries on Hodir ; doing really well a couple of times, just requires a bit of luck. Reset, and cleared through to crazy cat lady again. Did some of the Freya trash for triumph emblems as well.

DwP 10 man
Wiping on Rotface. Down to about 15%. Oneshot Festergut. Had Ostira go invisible on Rotface after getting the debuff - allowing us to hand in ICC weekly! Trued Blood-Queen Lana'thel. Warlock has to tank Prince Keleseth and put corruption on balls to minimize shadow damage.
Raid weekly was Razorscale, and killed her in one pass for the first time.
ICC 10 man - reset and cleared 1st wing - Asheal

DwP 25 - Jekle! Soo many priests - VoA, cleared ToC. Nice Ring and Cloak upgrades

Dinged 74 on Ashariss running dungeons.

Pud running random heroics, have over 140 emblem of triumph.


Doing enough valentine stuff to get peddle feet on all potential 80s including EU

Tuskarrmageddon Exalted with the Kalu'ak - got my fishing pole (higher DPS than my melee pole arm) and Pengu.

Master of Arms on both hunters

Love fishing and cooking dailies. 3 porcelain bells in a row.

Got the two blue recipes Recipe: Delicious Chocolate Cake Recipe: Stormchops and green Recipe: Captain Rumsey's Lager

Slowly going through the remaining Northrend zones. Jumping between Sholazar, Storm Peaks and Icecrown.

Started Argent Crusade.

RAF Druids begins - noobs

Talk of JAE reforming a 25 man team. Maybe start of in Ulduar with plans to move onto ToC and ICC.

iTunes Reviews


Email #1 from Xamot

Hey there C.A.W Crew! First time emailer long time listener J Well I, like yourselves, am a serious altaholic! I’ve got 3 80’s (Fury Warrior, Ret/Holy Paladin, Blood Death Knight), 4 characters in their 70’s (Shadow Priest 75, BM Hunter 74, Demon Warlock 73, Resto/Enh Shaman 73) all of which are horde. Oh and not to mention a few in their 30’s (Mage, Rogue). Well I am getting ready to transfer Xamot (73 Shaman) from Staghelm US to Runetotem US as well as doing something I thought I’d never do, change his faction from Horde to *gasp* Alliance. Well one problem I see is that his name is already taken; so my hopes of having 2 Shaman Draineye with the names Xamot and Tomax are not a possibility L (Quick quiz – Where did I get the names for my twins from? Xamot and Tomax) So now I have to think of a name for him on the Alliance side. Do you guys have any ideas for some good sounding names? I’ve recently been getting my names from the different moons in our solar system. But I thought I’d hit up the C.A.W Crew for a possible name for my transplant.

Well with that one slot free that’ll open up a spot for a Goblin Shaman or Goblin Warlock J I still need to dip my toes into the Druid way of play. I haven’t been able to play a druid past 11-12 due to it’s slow play. I think it’ll be like the Shaman who is slow to level till you hit lvl 40 and they sky rocket and really pick up in leveling speed.

Well that’s it for me for now, maybe I’ll find something to send to you in the future…

Take care guys and keep the podcasts going!


Email #A from Makiling

happy valentines day ctrlaltwow crew!

my week in wow can be described as filled with a lot of realm hopping. the recent server maintenance left our oceanic realms with a lot of lag and a lot of mid-week maintenance. but it was a blessing in disguise because i had rediscovered other toons i had on different servers, particularly a lvl 18 warrior on the Haomarush realm. i queued her as a tank and got into a group for sfk. i have to say that it was fun playing a warrior tank! she didnt have all the abilities, but i saw the potential she had for tanking. it got me all excited to run and play a warrior. but im still contemplating on whether i'll make one on the same realm as my other toons for the heirloom items, or just run the young warrior and basically start from scratch.

another toon that i had rediscovered was a lvl 16 night elf druid on the Bleeding Hollow realm. i queued her as a tank and got in to a group for rfc! it was strange seeing gnomes and night elves as party members. i wanted to swipe them, but i realized they were the heals and dps in our group ;-p but it didnt look like they knew what they were doing when the gnome mage was pulling all the mobs she could see, and i was frantically trying to get aggro back. i dropped group after we wiped, and i found my ghost near razor hill. it was a long run to org, and i can only imagine how hard it would have been if you didnt know how to get to rfc.

this leads me to thinking of the advantages of playing the opposite race in the light of the new dungeon finder. knowledge is power, after all.

im glad i have found something else to do outside doing the end game stuff, and i hope i can encourage other people to step outside of their box and see the game outside of one faction.

thats it from me for now, for the warcraft!

Email #B from Kyle

Oh... my... god... /diesoflaughter
Your shout-out to the eastcoasters and their snowmagetton, that was so much funnier than it could have possibly been in your head! I haven't laughed so hard in a long while, it topped the week! I had to repeat that line and phrase many times on my ipod. It was just too funny!

Email #2 from Curme

Hey guys and gal!

I'm thinking of taking a trip down the rabbit hole and creating an additional account to dual box and get a healer and dps up to level 80, or at least 60 together and then moving them back to my main account once RAF is done. I've checked out for some tips but really I'd like to avoid lots of addons or macros. Any advice on how to get started? I've been tossing around some combination of hunter/shaman/priest or rogue and meeting up with my 29 Druid. If you've covered this many times and can point me to an old episode that would be cool.


Curme - the insiders 80 prot warrior
Curufin - the fallen 76 prot pally
Anarion - the insiders 79 unholy dk

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well and having fun in and out of game.

Lots of the same old same old things for me in wow: random heroics, raid here and there and weekly raid, some holiday questing and looting of the holiday boss.
LEVELING of course! :)
As I mentioned I did start another DK, another attempt at the class that many enjoy, so I created Deathbymo (yes I know creative name) BElf Unholy and I have made it to Hellfire and than a Shammy female orc named mocoloco and already level 10.
In out guild we are working to have a 2nd raid group and as always a healer is needed. Since I enjoy healing I have moved another of my characters to that realm, a level 55 druid named Moid, you know Im Mo and he is a druid, you know?! I will of course be going resto with him and a guildy friend will be leveling his warrior tank with me as we power level through dungeons. I figure it will be better to level that way as it will be great practice for my healing and his tanking.
Of course we have heirloom items so I wonder how long it will take us to get to level 80 for our raid groups...hmmmm we shall see.

Friday night we had a great ICC run did get a bit farther, we attempted rotface a few time and that encounter is just crazy but we will get the hang of it.
I was lucky enough to win some loot and get my 2nd T10 gear :)
It is a good feeling when you are geared and healing is easier and you can work on your boss strategy and movement for it.
I will leave you now and have a great weekend and week everyone.

Thank you again for a great podcast (I will be bothering you all once I get sto :))


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