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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 169 - A Hacker Gave Me Gold!

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Hardly played Aprillian. Did some running through Scarlet Monastery with 2nd set of toons.

Transferred a Nelf DK to Winterhoof.

Was preparing to run some toons through SM again on Sunday morning when I noticed a familiar name on my friend's list. It was a toon I had had on a RAF
Aprillian & Vrishna



Crazy Train - getting Dreamwalker up to about 80%. Tore through Marrowgar, Deathwhisper , Gunship, Saurfang. But to top off a week of disrupted raiding, rolling restarts hit at 10pm

DwP - Working on The Lich King
- First night, just getting into phase two and struggling to get a Val'kyr down
- After reset, we were on the 20% buff, but had a problem extending the raid - LK was gone! One member out for graduation. Another disappeared - comcast maint. Another lost power. Was not meant to be! LK came back by end of night, but too late to try him.
- This week we are consistantly getting multiple Val'kyr down and staying out of the defile, and even made it into Phase 5 a couple of times. Lowest is 39%


Pud - bought T10 headpeice - checked loot tables after having tier legs replaced and saw tanking chest drops, but no headpeice from ICC bosses we are doing.

Ashield - Bought the spell power libram with the triumph emblems earned while levelling.

Ashariss - Tier10 legs with Frost emblems


Ashield dings 80. Ran a couple of randoms (VH & Gundrak) with Molly and Bonzaii

Next toon levelling is another Death Knight. Bought leather rogue heirloom shoulders and chest. Dinged 72. Not having any problems questing in it. Completed Wrathgate - subconsciously!
Dual-boxing with Jekle to do the group quests in Dragonblight. Very easy! Ended up with [Might of Dragonblight] with 130 quests.

Ashariss - Tried to do a rushed VoA, but wiped. So we hung around to do a guild run Wintergrasp - actually had fun slaughtering alliance and got 4 achievements. Then returned to VoA and got him down.

Pud - random was HoR. Healer starts off by telling us how he is used to tanking and hasn't got great healing gear. Plus he was a pally, and there's lots of party damage. But we got through it with relative ease. Suspect the gauntlet event has been nerfed.

Ashariss - Reins of the Blue Drake from Oculus.

Ashariss - Switched to resto and ran a random to get 95'th frosty - dps'ed most of the way.

Pud - HoR random - got through 10 waves with no deaths, then healer left. Almost got through gauntless - one dps died on 2nd wave, got all mobs down but LK killed Sylvanus

Ashariss - Random and got into PoS after 2nd boss. Tank didn't keep aggro and we wiped. He left, got another tank. Got through gauntlet, but last boss bugged out.
The long dark tea time of the soul - or levelling without RAF

Mobile AH = controlling the economy from the toilet.

Email #1 from Pumi

Hi there Ctrl-Alt-Wow

This Puml in AIE. I just wanted to take time to say Hi to one of my favorite podcasts. You guys and Aprillian are all about having fun and not being Elitist at all. I hope that if the opportunity comes about that I would have chance to join any one of you in game. In Closing I just want to say to the lovely Aprillian ...My sexy wife like You enjoys a Bowl Of Bananas. It's no surprise why it's my favorite fruit. She and I like it your way Aprillian ;)

For The Horde!

Puml - lvl 69 Pally

Jynjer - lvl 80 Rogue

Email #2 from Garret

Well first off good morning/evening. I currently can not play WoW at the moment as I am deployed. Although when I get home I have talked the wife into start and account and play with me with. We both will be getting brand new accounts and working together to level up our toons, she has started reading up about the game and even started talking to my sister who is addicted to WoW and has multiple 80's along with her boyfriend. So I believe when I return back to WoW I will have a much more pleasurable time with the game. Keep up the good work with the podcast, I am working on a logo for you all also.

Very Respectfully,
SPC Garret M DuPont, US Army

Email #A from Eranth

Hail and well met, Aprillian, Ashayo, Jeppy & Vrishna! (Thusly done in alphabetical order, so no offense can be taken!)

It’s been a while since I last dropped you a line, and I’ve been meaning to, I’ve been wanting to, but I’ve been horridly busy of late, so sometimes it’s hard to find time to focus on a message, even a quick one that’s meaningful.

I’ve been up to the usual, getting in Argent Tourney dailies, and a daily LFG Pug several times a week. I’ve been lucky enough to find a group that runs in a timeslot I can sometimes make for Raiding, so I’m getting to see ICC content occasionally, which is pretty nifty.

For those who are watching such things, I’ve managed to get my GearScore up to 5200, so I don’t feel like I’m dragging down many LFG groups that I wind up in, though I have to concentrate to keep my DPS up high enough for some of the ICC content. I may have to consider finally letting go of the Beastmaster spec in my other slot and take up a Marksman Spec in hopes that it’ll push my DPS up to the next level. I’m running Survival now, so I only feel guilty when we’re in those fights which are DPS races.

However, on to something that really stuck me about what Juuno said in her last audio comments: Why should we care what others think of us in LFG/etc? Well, I think that depends on your point of view. But, the way I see it, is that if we don’t care what others think about how we game, being at least civil, if not outright polite, then no one will like grouping up with folks they don’t know. LFG would see less and less use for actual random groups. So I think my answer to that would be that you should treat others the way you want to be treated, and if that fails, be as civil as possible. They may not talk about how good you were in a group, but they’ll sure talk about how poorly you treat other people.

That would probably come straight out of one of Mr. Manners lessons!

At any rate, thanks for taking the time to listen to me blather and banter.

“Be well…”


AIE Hunter on Earthen Ring

Email #3 from Londrik

Hello Aprillian, Vrishna, Ashayo and El Jeppy,

I have been listening to the show for over a year now and this is my first time writing in. I normally run heroics on my level 80 Death Knight and have been dabbling a little in raids but mostly now I am on a gold making mission. I am trying to get enough gold to buy myself the Traveling Mammoth and 16k gold seems so far away. Right now I am sitting at about 7000 after about 3 weeks. I have been farming for herbs and nodes when I log in and selling what I can on the Auction House. It makes me wish I had a sugar mama who can help me out or someone who will make a bet with me to get a character to 80. It has taken a lot of will power not to cash in my 92 frost badges for primordial saronite to make the trip easier.

I do have an assortment of alts although I do tend to use mostly my Night Elf Death Knight. I do have a level 57 rogue which I used basically to get myself a death knight. I have a level 24 mage, level 23 druid and a level 13 warlock. Most of my characters are on the alliance and no I am not a 12 year old nor are the people I play with. I do find turning off all the global chat channels helps keep the children away. I am on what I believe is a west coast US server based on the server time I see when I login. This is good for me as I am usually on at around 9PM eastern time here in the Providence RI area. So I am getting on at the same time most people are starting to log into my server so there is plenty to do.

Now for my problem. The last episode I listened to was episode 166. When I log into itunes on my ipod it tells me 167 and 168 are available but as soon as it gets toward the end of the download it tells me it cannot finish the download. I listen to a number of podcasts and only those two episodes have been doing it for me. Not sure if you knew but at this point I am sure it is not me because when I look you up in itunes episode 168 isn't even listed. Of course being a fan of your podcast I haven't been able to get my weekly fix. Yours is the first podcast I want to listen to every week and for the last two weeks I have been unable to do so. Please help me get my fix.

Londrik -- Dragonblight US server.

PS This is quite a wall of text. I think Jeppy would love to read it.

Email #4 from Cheezey

Hello ctrl alt wow,
I just wanted to tell you about my week in wow. This week I decided to make my level 80 Druid a tank. I bought the triumph badge idol and some shoulders. I had some tanking items from Icc runs that nobody wanted that I ended up with. So I did my first run and what do you know Halls of reflection. Ugh, I apologized to the group and decided not to even try to tank H-HoF as my first heroic. So after the 30 minute debuff, I requed and got halls of stone. My first pull went well. Then the hunter in the group started pulling mobs. He yelled at me calling me a terrible tank even though I hadn't done anything wrong. I just ignored his insults throughout the whole run, but as soon as we got to the Brann event, I was kicked. With no wipe or any problems, I was kicked. What is up with that? I hate people that do stuff like that. On the healing side of things, I healed 10 and 25 man voa and of course nothing dropped that I needed. On our weekly icc run, we one shot the first 4 bosses. We had trouble with festergut and rotface, but we got them both bellow 10%. Eventually we will be able to get those pesky whatever they are down. Thanks for the great show and lots of laughs,
Resto Druid

Twitter #1 from Big Blue Dragon

Heya :D dual boxing! First time i've recruited my same e-mail. Can you later change the generic wow1 name you get?
and do you use heirlooms in situations when only one toon (the veteran) can use them? lol and how are you, jayson, jasper and vrishna?

Dear ctrl alt wow crew,

After hearing junnos excelent audio submission I felt compelled to write in with a response. Junno expresses that she was hesitant to run dungeons because she hasn't researched her class or anything of that nature. Certain people on other types of podcasts will say stuff like this and it's true to an extent.
If you are interested in raiding then yes, please please please research your class. However, if your interested in seeing dungeons there is defiantly no need to to go and research your class to a tee. Just hit that button and enjoy your dungeon. If people are mean, retaliation is never a good thing as it will just encourage them to continue. Just ignore the trolls and enjoy the dungeon.

On a more personal note, this week I regemmed to SP as an experiment. Although walking around with 40k mana will defianitly be missed, 4k SP plus the ICC buff is simply supurb! Also, I have bought two darkmoon card greatnesses for 3k each and am looking for buyers on the AH.
Also, this week a friend and I have been messing around with my rocket (BOE content). We went outside of Dalaran and I mounted up and my friend hopped on. Then, we would go up to a very high height and eject. In a James Bomd type fasion, I would chase after his falling body and let him jump back in, defiantly fun times!
I have found myself not playing that much warcraft other then flying rockets and Ahing on my iPod this week as a result of studying for upcoming finals but after, full throtal :). Lastly, this summer I have found a job so I have a feeling that some more multboxing will take place.

Hope you have a supurb week in game and out,

Sent from my iPod, sorry for any spelling errors.

Email #C from Kurly

Tis your good buddy Kurly here....happy to have my computer back after a week as it was off being repaired, and my slow return back to sanity as I never knew how much it was a part of my life.....oh....and of course, Warcraft.

To make a long story short there was an issue with my mother(bleeper) board that started to corrupt windows, resulting in crash after crash. So, from Saturday May 22, to Friday May 28 I was computer-less.....and it sucked. So much of my winding down from my day is done on line and for those first few days I felt kind of lost.....but I got to watch the finale of Lost, and cried (I kid you not) for like three hours.

So getting my machine back and trying to get back into a groove is harder than I thought. I have decided to put my Earthen Ring toons on hold until after Cataclysm as I think it will be a great way for me to level in the new zones.

I spent a most of the time leveling my lowbies on Ysondre, getting my level 13-15 arse repeatedly mangled in Warsong Gulch....I swear I am always on the side that looses! I have been thinking about pre cataclysm rolling a Pally just to do some hurtin' but I don't want to roll a BElf, so I am gonna wait....I am.....really....I am.

I am finding that I am getting a little bored with doing dailies on my 80's (you can only do the same thing so many times.......). I find it to be great fun running around the starting area's, trying to figure out the best way to maximize my 7 talent points, and not getting killed by a mob I didn't see behind me, annoyed that a level 13 area borders a level 22 area, and praying I have enough gold to learn all my new skills.

All my good cosmic essence to Jeppy, and wishes on a speedy recovery!!


Email # D Mattdiox

Greetings Crtl Alt WoW hosts.

It's Mattdiox.

I've finally returned to WoW and on my first day back laughed my rumpus-machine off listening to your show. It was as brilliant as I remember.
Anytips for a guy who has returned to a game that changes seemingly every other day?

Lots of love.

Special Email from Jede

Hello – hoping you can play this voice memo on the podcast – if you recall you read my email on show 167.

I have also donated 2 months of wow separately. You should get it soon.


Steamwhedle Cartel Server

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,

Hope everyone is doing well and in the states everyone is ready for a nice holiday weekend of BBQing and wowing and whatever makes us all happy!

I am sorry to report that it has been a slow wow week for me as we have gone out after work a few times to get our drink on. I believe we all need to unwind in our own way, for me wow is part of than along with
going out with my lovely mrs :)

I was able to get the weekly raid done on my priest and hunter, get a few jc dailies done
on my other hunter, who also made it to 78!

For my 80s,on my priest I did get in our icc25 pugalicious which was real bad this week but it happens as we all know. I missed out of our Friday icc10 as I had a date with my lady :) so we shall see if I can continue our icc25 or pick up where the guild left off on icc10. My 80 hunter has had a quiet week, no raid yet, just the weekly quest.

For my RAF, the Pally/mage combo hit 60 and just as quickly they broke up! I know its crazy. My mage on the RAF account hooked up with my 56 shammy, names Moshaman of course and quickly he hit 60! So now I have been trying to figure out what I will level and where?! On feathermoon I only have 1 slot left and I really do not know what I want to grant levels to but I have a couple of months (hope I do not forget about it like some people do :)

I forgot to mention last week I was able to update my wow armory iphone app and try the mobile AH. I posted one item and 24 hours later I collected my gold. That is my report on that, it is not something I would pay $3 for. Now knowing Blizzard they will add other features that will make me change my mind but for now I am ok without it.

I will keep it short this week and hope to make a longer email next week. Everyone be safe every where, have fun, also let me know if you need help or need leveling friends, I am always happy to help when I can.
Oh I know, I was going to mention since we all love Ctrl Alt Wow and our fine hosts, we can make the CtrlAltWow members only club (yes members only, or listeners only, something like that) meaning we can reach out to each other and in a WOW way help each other out when we can. What do you think?

Just a Thought.

Have a great weekend and for the WOW!


Email from Grothgar

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say thanks for picking my number Aprillian. IF you are out of authenticaters, the pet will do nicely. I must admit I have fallen a week behind due to RL, but promise to catch up. Let me know if you need any further info from me. Keep up the great work and look forward to each Podcast.

P.S. I also got a few more listeners from work to join the gang.....

All the Best


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