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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 215 - Don't Panic, A Decade of Towellessness

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:


There's a Fishing Daily in TB and UC
Pets Stay with us
Flask of Mojo and many others grey
Thurs night
Did CW on Aprillian and Auruk. Auruk is close to being honored with CoD. Aprillian is 440 points away
Found Dailies in Thunder Bluff
Champions clap for you
Using Tiiaa to get CW done
Fri Morn
Running around doing dailies like crazy on Aprillian
CW in Dal, couldn't find it in Shat. Will google later
Visited Wyrmrest for the Dragon Queen, love the npc chatter between kids.
Got an Oracle hatchling!
picked up  [Arcanum of Blissful Mending] for Tiiaa on Aprillian and traded it right away.
just found out didn't turn in AT on several toons!
While on CW, did the Uldum Warchief quest, escorting into Uldum
Aprillian got exalted with aie
Spent 5k on heirloom backs and hats.
Ran around icecrown doing stuff for Argent Crusade. Out to Moonglade back to Wyrmrest
Found dailies on O's Hammer but weren't right dailies. Kept getting Tanuka rep
Did the last Argent Crusade quest and no dailies opened up ??? With Epril, Astarå and Tiiaa
Ran HOL but kept dying because...
Tiiaa became Exalted with Sunreavers, island dailes opened up
Astarå completed UC Valiant quest, now on to Orgrimmar, almost Exalted with UC, last faction
Bags were full when we did Get Kraken, open a ticket
Noticed everything has an ItemId no. now.
Got the cloth BOA helm for Astarå but now I really want the plate one, even though it has no int or spirit
Decided to log into all of my toons today.
Got a response to my ticket, got the tooth
used free 7 day trial on one account just to see what was there
Decided to go with the Leather helm for Astarå. I had brought one for my Druid Drame but they're on the same account
If I remember, I will switch back and forth.

Found some Argent Crusade dailies in Zul'Drak for Epril
Ran HOL with Epril, Auruk, Tiiaa and Astarå
Auruk got Crusader in HOL
Did the Argent Crusade Dailies in Zul'Drak and then found Orgmirr's hammer for the

Aprillian & Vrishna

Mon Night TOC!
Did Get Kraken with Auruk, Aprillian and Virinya got tooth


Winds of the North and 250 fish. Looking for that guards arm was a NIGHTMARE !

Guild at 29% towards level 4 !

I begin to understand the level of contribution Aprillian made as an officer in AIE. We have only 30 Guildies and 104 toons in COD and although I love all of our fans who have joined us, it IS work & time consuming !

Took guildies advice and renamed Silverlei's rank from Dark Lord to Dark Empress ! Speaking of the Dark Empress ...

Jasonmoos, Mehetabel, Thorwyn & Banxy. Please report to the Dark Empress for Promotion & Identification. There is NO PARKING in the RED ZONE !

Forge sent me a Mechanical Squirrel ! It' so cute !

All is forgiven Reltar. I LOVE the Bunny !



- Dual boxing Uldum. Seems to be more "collect 6 of these" that require double kills in Uldum
- Ashayo dinged 85 42 quests in Uldum
- Quest Tailgunner! for Harrison Jones - don't have to actually do anything!
- The Decoy : Intentionally aggroing a mob while on a flying mount to lure away from a quest item
- "Battlezone" from Commander Schnottz is bugged if you are in a group - lose vehicle when first toon completes. Needed to abandon on second toon

- Got alot of JC tokens. What to do with em!
- Cho'gall - 25%, 20% (into phase 2)
- BWD - Record kill on Magmaw and ach for not getting hit by parasites, ODS, Maloriak, one-shot Atramedes 
- Reset - New healing chest off Magmaw
Clearcasting (Omen of Clarity) is procing ALOT with a boomkin in the group

- Archeology 225, 260


Started questing on Wight Sunday night. 

Great time listening to fellow guildies in Skype.

Loving Hyjal.

Throwing bears and bouncing them of the trampoline 'The Bears Up There!'

Created an Orc Warrior as a bank toon - Banxy. enjoyed the new Horde quests in durotar so much I may just keep going. He is level 10 so far.

Like the escort quest where the orc lady starts flying. Kind of think she didn't need my help.Grandmatron Tekla (Spirits be Praised)

Also collected some crocolisk teeth for Misha Tor'Kren (Lost But Not Forgotten) and then proceeded to slaughter all her baby pigs.

Exploring bunny killing loopholes

Picked up a core hound in Hyjal. Called it cuddles


Hey Hey

Hey Hey CtrlAltWow Crew,
 This is Kadak from the Muradin realm , and I am an Altaholic.
 It all started when I first tried Wow in the Burning Crusade days. My friends convinced me to try Wow even though I was thoroughly addicted to FFXI. Some aspects Wow appealed to me, like the ability to solo a character to max level if you wanted through questing, but the way my friends "grouped" together to do quests was so foreign compared to the structured and forced party play of FFXI, I ended up quitting after 2 months. My realm character list was full though :)
 I came back to Wow in the beginning of the Wrath days and have resumed my alty ways. I have at least 20 characters made. (Ten horde and ten alliance, one of each class) It is my goal before I leave this game to level each of those to cap before quitting.
 Thanks to C.A.W I am the proud owner of a RAF 2-seat rocket, however I didn't get to enjoy all the RAF has to offer thanks to an older computer that gave me the blue screen of death upon Alt-Tabbing between characters. 
 I really enjoy your show. You are one show I am not embarrassed to have my son listen to with me. 

Thank you for your time,
Kadak , Shieldmedic, Vastra, Conflicted, Morphmonkey, Edgewick, and many more.

 p.s. hope this can qualify me to get into your guild :)

Darkness Rules

Hello Gang,
   Just want to drop a note to thank Vrishna for getting the guild together on Earthen Ring. I am happy to say I have joined, and actually moved one of my 85's over too. I was also part of the Guild Dungeon run that dinged the guild level 3. I already feel at home. All of you guys are very awesome, Aprillian too :), whom I believe ran one of her alts with me in the run, I was the Enhanced Shaman. Well anyway, just wanted to let you all know that this is just another reason you all are by far the best PodCast, and are definately why the game stays fun for me. Playing with folks who enjoy it for what it is. Keep up the great work........

Throw an Email on the Podmcast

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna


Melindria  writing to you – I have only written twice before, but that is still two times more letters than I have sent to any other podcast.

Although my original toon Melindria is Alliance, as with most altoholics I have played Horde and Alliance on a variety of servers. When you started a Ctrl – Alt – Wow guild on the Alliance side I was sorely tempted to start up a new toon to join you, but the demands on my time then were such that I could not count on being there with any regularity.

Now with your guild on Earthern Ring, the moons and planets are in alignment, and my husband and I have started toons in your incredibly friendly guild. We were having so much fun that we actually levelled through to purple AND KEPT ON PLAYING!!  We have no RAF running, nor heirlooms, so whatever progress we make will be the groundbreaking start for a flurry of new toons that may eventually join you.

I just wanted to let any other listeners know that joining is easy, after sending in an email to the show, and the fun, frivolity and camaraderie are great.  As those who have met me already in C.O.D. know I like to use vent  because my typing is atrocious. I can never get the spelling right  while at the same time being speedy.

I am an Aussie, and would love to hear more Aussie accents in vent ( or really any accents, since to me  Ashayo is the only one on CAW that has no accent). So if you live “Down Under” and have been thinking of joining, throw another email into the podcast, and sign up, because in the words of that  infamous advertising campaign “Where the Bloody Hell are you?”


For the Alliance

For the Horde

And For the Fun

Melindraya Clan of Darkness Earthen Ring ( 20  Hunter when I started this email 30  by this podcast I hope)

Melindria  ( Dalaran) ( 85 Hunter)

And many others

A long time comming

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Vrishna and El Jeppy

I am writing in again after a long time, with lots of inspiration encouragement from  my involvement with the  new guild I  have just joined. In a moment of madness my wife and I  rolled 2 Goblin’s on Earthen Ring called Fortetwo and Melendrya .

We did our research.

This was pre Patch 4.1 without  the guild advertising panel.
We looked at Guild levels, Raiding times, range of toons , guild ranking and their policy on killing Rabbits.  
With the last point being the most critical we promptly joined “Clan of Darkness”

We had a wonderful time last Saturday / Sunday levelling to 20 ish on our Druid that drops totems and a hunter and meeting some of your wonderful contributors in guild chat and vent.  

One question for Vrishna . At the northern end of Mulgore as you cross over the range into Stonetalon Mountains there are some rabbits with axes in their mouths and they kill Prairie dogs .

They look very scary – in fact they look like killer bunnies ( a great card game if you have never played it)
Can we kill THESE rascally rabbits  ??

For the Clan of Darkness ,  
For Elmer Fudd who never got those waskelly wabbits

PS thank you all for an entertaining and informative podcast  


audio submission take 2

hey all, please find attached my audio submission. hopefully better sound
quality though it appears i just have a quiet voice as far as the
microphone is concerned..

Rigarmorty Audio Episode 215

Hiya Caw Crew!
Attached is this weeks audio for Episode 215.

Contribution from a fan

Dear Control Alt WoW,


I started listening to the CAW podcast just before Verishna was allowed his own segment. CAW quickly became my number one WoW podcast.

Enjoying the updates and stories from the many show contributors has inspired me to at least try to participate.


Leveling was slow during the classic WoW days, especially on a PvP server. It took me several days to learn how to take down those wolves in Mulgore without dying. Just when I thought I would get my first wolf I accidently backed into a buzzard which proceeded to rip me apart. I fell, face forward with that Tauren half grunt, half moan sound. After a few more days I finally impressed someone enough that they invited me to join a party. My first party, I was ecstatic. I proceeded to follow him out of Mulgore into the strange new world of “The Barrens”. We soon passed through Camp Taurajo and onto a larger more populated town named Crossroads. During whole trip I was in awe of the vast extensive world. My new acquaintance eventually wandered off and I was solo again, but I didn’t care because this was a new world filled with new people all bustling about. In truth my party probably left me as I had yet learned to use the chat window and didn’t communicate beyond the white “say” text. I didn’t feel lonely though, there was a group of players outside the Inn running, jumping, throwing spells and seemed to be having a grand time. I stood by and watch for a few minutes. Suddenly, another party invite popped up, I eagerly accepted hoping for new explorations and adventure, and at the same time a big pole was planted in the ground in front of me. Did it have anything to do with the invite I just accepted? I wasn’t sure and didn’t have a lot of time to think about it because someone was stabbing me in the back over and over again until I went down on my knees. Yea, I still had a lot to learn in this brave new world, but my blood was pumping with excitement!


Hope to contribute more,



Hello CAW Crew

Greetings CAW Crew - Leeta here again.
Just wanted to drop you a line to say was thrilled to hear my mail read in Episode 213 :)
Had a very busy week in WoW with Children's Week - was extremely excited to find Blizz had introduced 2 new pets - one to the Orgrimmar Orphan & the other to the Shattrath Orphan. Plus they finally fixed the Dalaran Orphan as it was bugged last year. So 3 new pets - i was a very happy girl :) ... by the way I am a companion pet addict and currently I have 155 on Leeta. I also managed to get my Priest, Hunter & Death Knight all through the 3 Orphans with my DK getting The Matron title this year & my lil Warrior got 2 new pets as she's only Lvl 66 and didn't qualify to do the Dal Orphan ... always next year :)
One of the newest pets Blizzard recently added to the game is called Winterspring Cub. He is so gorgeous and you can buy him from a vendor in Everlook Inn for 50 gold. Honestly it is hard to pick a favourite pet - lol i love them all.
Raiding is slowly but surely getting there - one shot Argaloth in Baradin Hold and got some pretty new PVP legs. Then we went over and one shot Magmaw and I got a gorgeous new Dagger and finally went to play with Halfus - had a few wipes while we worked out the strategies however finally got him down. Had a great nite raiding and was so happy with getting some new gear.
By the time you read this email I'll be recovering from surgery as I'm having a shoulder operation in 2 days. Looking forward to listening to all my fav podcasts while I'm recovering, catching up on some DVD's and books. 
Thank you all for the wonderful podcast you provide - I eagerly await every week and maybe one of these days will figure out the live stream and come listen to you all live :)
Have an awesome week
Hugs Leeta

Greetings from Brew Dawg

Greetings from Brew Dawg,

I had a good week in game.  Did a little raiding and had the best in slot staff drop off of Halfus for Brewdawg.  Ran the new ZG with people from my Wrath raid team.  We one-shot or two-shot all except the last boss.  We ran out of time after 4-5 attempts.  It was a lot of fun running with old friends.  Did some research and now I know what we were doing wrong so we will get him next time.

In honor of BRK (Big Red Kitty) returning to WoW I dropped my Marksman spec for Beast Master on my hunter.  I've never played BM so it's been fun learning the rotation and taming exotic pets.  After a day of checking his spawn point and path every couple of hours I found and tamed Ghostcrawler my first Spirit Beast.  I'm normally creative with pet names but I just went with Greg.

"Shh we're Hunting Wabbits" moved to Cata dungeons last week.  To date we've completed normal Black Rock Caverns, Throne of Tides, and Stonecore.  Currently we are level 80-83. We tried Vortex Pinnacle but I had to bring BrewDawg in to complete the instance.

My DK Dureau (Du-roe) dinged 85 Friday and tanked  his first heroic with on Sunday.  Got  Grim Batol, only one wipe on the last boss.  DPS didn't follow my instructions and ignored the adds.  They heal and buff the boss so they must be taken down quickly.  Really like DK tanking.  He puts out a lot of AOE threat compared to my feral tank.  I'm spending a lot of time playing Dureau to get him raid ready.  I'll try to get him into Clan of Darkness soon(Trade Mark Blizzard Entertainment).

Keep up the great show!


It's almost Wednesday again?!?

Sorry I missed last week's show but at least I was able to whip something together for this week. Enjoy!



I'm Sorry .......

No audio this week as I have run out of time to record something but mostly my week has been spent lvling Dropbear to lvl 29 getting both my fishing and cooking daily achievements and chatting to guildies. I had a great chat with whats her name oh dam its gone right out of my head she knows who she is and she also has a toon called fortetwo or something like that and I like to say again I am the person she warns her kids about sorry if I had more time I would have looked up her name and used my talking voice but yer so.


For the Horde

For the Alliance

For the Sandgrophers


And for the clan of darkness theam song



New audio from kithore

Update for Iceflow and Caoboi

HI all!  

Just wanted to get this email off before I go to work.  I feel like Vrishna doing his show notes while Ashayo is talking because I'm listening to what Vrishna is doing while I'm writing this email!

We've been having so much fun  in Clan of Darkness.  Everybody is so nice and I love the community.  Caoboi and I have been working on our alts.  Caoboi was running with his hunter but he got a little tired of it and leveled a priest from scratch.  He was trying to catch up to me and he even got 18 levels in one day!  He's very committed.  My druid is 40 and his priest is 39. 

Neither of us have done any quests since level 15 outside of dungeon quests or fishing and cooking dailies.  Just pure randoming.  We invite people from the guild when somebody is around our level but it doesn't happen as much as we would like.  So we deal with the random people.  Most groups aren't bad.  Most are just silent.  I hate quiet parties.   But I finally got out of the range of Gnomer.  I was getting that every time and I think I wanted to die!  lol.

Caoboi is a great healer, never runs out of mana, and it's awesome to know that I dont' have to worry while I'm tanking.  If anybody in the guild has dps toons around our level and you see us on, hit us up and we'll run some dungeons.

Have you all seen the guild bank!  Announce that people need to take things!  It's sooooo full.  People are being way to generous I think hehe.

Our mains have been languishing kind of.  We've decided to just farm the content for gold but there are people with computer problems or real life problems so we haven't had as many people as we normally do.  I was excited to run with Allecia and Kalem last night in a raid.  They are so much fun.

Well I suppose we are off.  Time to go to work.  Boooo.  Take care.

For the Horde and Clan of Darkness,

Ice and Cao

Shout Outs & Thank You

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