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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 274 - We’ve Been Hads

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to ctrlaltwow@gmail.com telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Darlings!  I hope everyone is doing wonderfully!  

This recording is weird cause I'm freaking whispering during the whole thing... lol!  And my dang air conditioner came on towards them end... /face palm... but I suppose something is better than nothing, right???  <=.D  I hope so anyway...hehehe... love you guys and gals!  

The screenshots are from the wonderful Pixiegirl...I hope you can open them alright, Aprillian...

/great big late-night hugs!

Juuno & Pixiegirl

What We've Been Doing:


Bael Modan


- LFR : managed to wipe on ultraxxion which is impressive for a spank and tank - went on to win a ring, and tier legs. Just one more piece for 4 set bonus.
- Needed 4 red gems, and still over 200g for blue quality. Wasn't focusing, and so used to cutting brilliant inferno ruby, forgot I was supposed to cut agility for the hunter!
- Got trolls on the scale fight that deliberately wiped the raid by killing corruptions to get more amalgamations
- Then someone started fight when half the people were still dead
- Exalted with guild [Time Flies When You're Having Fun]
- Exalted with Hellscream's Reach, but still need 52 commendations to get the Drake

- Great XP at 83 on DK! Dinged 84, didn't even get to Outlands
- Ahune ilevel gear is still 353 BOO!  Probably explains the long queues
- Did get Frigid Frostling pet though

- Healing for Sadistic Lemons
- New healing dagger, tier pants, and belt! Now 383!
- Had enough valor to buy a new cloak, and justice to buy a non-pvp relic. Cataclysmically Epic achievement - i385

- Happily questing in Azshara at 16 and get a quest to get some plans for Subject Nine. I ring the door buzzer on the Secret Lab archives, the door opens, a Mutant Goblin comes out,my void walker goes inside, the door closes. I managed to kill the goblin, but even dead there were tentacles still attacking me... dead
Idea: Level a toon ONLY during festival / world events


Damn you goldshire!!
Draenai brainfart
Vashjir Boogie
Can’t stop farming
Warhammer Stronghold > Stormwind
Deepholm ‘Aggra Tells - this is it brace yourself’
Pee from above



For the inspiration

I really haven’t got much to say about anything this week so heres my audio
Big G

Submission for: June 25th 2012 (25-06-2012)

Hello CAW Crew

Sorry for the lack of audios recently, we've both been fighting off sinus infections again. Blech.

Didnt have a lot of time to play this week. I did another bout of retro raiding AQ 40 with Speed Racer, Pixie Girl and Lastkiss/Necro though we couldnt get past the twin emperors, was a little tricky to do with our set up, and couldnt outdps it enough to ignore the mechanics.

We did however manage to nab all four AQ40 mounts for both Speed and Pixie, wooot!

Maybe I can start doing some OS runs for people to get mounts? I really wanna pick the black and or twilight drakes for myself, and I'm sure others do as well...hmmm...Suggestions? Interest?

I teamed with the wifey and we played our goblins together a little. Slowly trying to figure out the best way to transmog mine into a very engineery outfit.

I also tried to powerlevel up some professions and decided leveling enchanting is the most completely boring to level profession possible. Hands down.

Outside of WoW: We have fully started rehearsals for "The Music Man" and I have already started coming up with a few parodys, but I cant show them to Morgaine for fear that she may remember the wrong words on stage, However I do wanna go back and rerecord some of our older submissions, since I had no clue how to record then. Had a VERY heavy dancing rehearsal this saturday, and I am still sore from it. Lots of somersaults and women rolling across my back, man that sounds a lot more risque then it is!

Anyways, thats our week!

For the Horde, For the Alliance, For the "Sinus infections arent contagious, how did we both get one!" Submitters.

Audio for Ep 274

Hi CAW Sweeties,

Only took me 27 times to get this done today ... hahaha. It's been one of those days for me. Anyway hope it sounds ok - have had so many mental moments today that I wouldn't be surprised if I sent you a blank audio!! /touch wood  

Anyway huggles all round and have a great show :D

Rigarmorty Update CAW 274

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy & Tedrah

Attached is my audio update for this week.



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