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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 284 - No Grats til MoP

Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

iTunes Review

Juuno’s Corner

Hello Darlings...I managed to get a little something recorded, just wanted to say hello as I missed you the last two weeks (emails don't count...hehe)  Love you all, big hugs!

Juuno & Pixiegirl  xoxoxox!

What We've Been Doing:


Space, not enough room on your hard drive!!



  • AoE Looting Rocks! Fetch makes it rock even harder.
  • Love Dire Beast Lynx Rush (BM) and Murder of Crows (Marksmanship)
  • Lost a ton of stats when my stat stick was taken off
  • Was having a hard time building focus
  • Not the Glyphmas goblins expected
  • Guild exploit
  • removal of HGWT has ruined my whole damn process
  • Glyph of crittermorph is super fun



Audio from Curlie


Awesome Show!!!

Hey Gang! Wow what a fantastic show last week. Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh! Aprillian…you did awesome with the voice impersonations, although your Pixiegirl reminded me of the movie “Robin Hood” when Kevin Kostner played the lead and about 10 minutes into it his English accent somehow disappeared.  I was wondering how long you could carry on and surprisingly you went further than I expected and you ever so subtlety eased back into your own voice. Done like a true pro! And your Necronomicon was awesome and you rode that one the whole way!
And yeah Jeppy! You should go for realm first with the RAF trick! Man I had no clue what you were even talking about so I’d just like to see if it can be done! That stuff is way over my head!
And Ashayo…you crack me up…”Oh I haven’t been doing much”. No…you do your Friday Night fun stuff! Then do every freaken (can I say that) dungeon in the game for some Dungeon Master Title! Then hello….Ironman! Sheeshkabob!!!
And Tedrah…well its great to have you in fine form back in charge of the chat room! It may be ONE job, but it takes a bit of work trying to insert the comments in just the right place and time between the ringmasters. You are awesome!
Speaking of awesome…Voltandra!!! OMG what a great audio! I was taking a sip of coffee when the dwarf blurted out the suck bit! Have a bit of cleaning to do on the old dashboard, windshield and steering wheel on that one.
And Leeta, your audios always put a smile on my face. And I noticed you two forgot to mention you hooked me into DIGGING!!! But that’s ok…I really like it!
Great to ‘hear” from Big G! know what's really cool? "we don't have an audio from Junno" aww man, "but we have an audio from Leeta" yay!!!!! "We don't have an audio from the Necros" aww man, "but we have an audio from Voltandra" yay!!!! "we don't have an audio from Wren and Morgaine" aww man. "but we have an audio from Big G!"
How awesome is that?!! So again gang, thank you soo much for putting this podcast out each and every week without fail! Because if you didn't, and if I may borrow a line from my friend Voltandra's audios, "THAT WOULD SUCK!!"
Take care see you in game.

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Hail and well-met, Brothers and Sisters of Control-Alt-WoW!

Things have been in a bit of a lull as we await with baited breath first this new patch, and next Mists’ upgrade.  I wasn’t one given to the thought of being wholly consumed by vanity that I thought I needed to pursue rare sets of armor to transmog my look.  But, I broke down and looked at what armor sets were out there and I found a few sets that appealed to my eye, and weren’t ultra rare or nearly impossible to get.  So, I wholly broke down and spent a few days looking for them, and attached are the results of my labors.

I don’t think I look too overstated, nor am I terribly flirty looking.  Pretty much an all-business sort of Tauren.

At any rate, enjoy the screen shots, and good luck to all getting used to the new systems.  I still haven’t gotten into the pet system just yet, but I imagine that’s not too far off in my future.

“Be well…”
Wolfbrother / Eranth / Lionchild

Not much to say this week just been busy and working and the like seeya

They found where they took my parcel then they went and asked for it back no questions asked. They have so far declined to do so. On Wednesday I find out if it's come back if not Aussie post will pay me the money it lost with the parcel.

P.s Just got off the phone with a catholic priest he wants to catch up next time I am in Perth great guy. Who accepts that I may be the anti Christ and yet still calls me friend

Big G

Nekro Update

Greetings oh effervescent CaW crew, Apprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Tedra. I hope everyone is fantastically well both in and out of game.
Mr. and Mrs. Nekrobob have be busy happy hunters this week leveling and taming and trying to complete gear sets so everyone looks fun and fashionable. We've upgraded two of our four accounts to deluxe Panderia status and we'll upgrade the others soon. Please find a few screen shots attached for your viewing pleasure along with this weeks audio.

Thanks a big bunch for your wonderful podcast do keep up the great work

Much love from the Nekro's
Mr. and Mrs. Nekrobob on a romantic moonlit walk through their favorite little town
Squeaks on her new pink love bird wearing her new pink armor with Floyd and Pinky.

All she needs now is a new pink shotgun :)

Hi CAW Crew,

Welcome to the new world. Azeroth five point oh-my-God! So many changes across all my characters, I'm scared to log in and play some of them right now.

I did play my druid a little, in the day or two immediately after the patch dropping, in a vain attempt to seem ready for a Dragonsoul LFR taking place on the Friday night. But even then, I was left scratching my head, wondering how the class was supposed to be played. I'd still not learned how to play properly in the pre-patch world (my raid dps is witness to that), so I held little hope in being any use in the raid on Friday.

Friday came around, and we were all forming up for the raid, when the question was asked "what is your most favourite thing about the patch so far?" To be honest, right then, it was probably that I had all my pets and mounts across all my characters. A little underwhelming when the best thing about the game isn't about the character you play. But then something happened that blew my mind. I applied a glyph, that said something about changing my moonkin form into an astral form. I was expecting a sparkle pony version of a crit-chicken. Oh how wrong was I? That one glyph, and I stress that it's a minor glyph, not even a major one, made the patch for me. I can finally see my equipped gear when I switch to moonkin form, as all the glyph does, is make my normal un-shapeshifted form a little translucent. It is awesome! And when in this astral form, and I mount up, my mounts also take on the astral effect.

But this wasn't the highlight of my Friday night, oh no... That came when the cry came over Vent 'Rokasako is on this server! What's her ilevel?', followed by the next fifteen minutes with guildies crafting and buying gear for Rok so that she could join us for the first time in Dragonsoul. I'd like to thank everyone involved that night in helping make that happen. It meant a lot to me to have Rok in there with us, and I know she had a lot of fun playing with us.

In other WoW news, I can report that elemental shaman are a blast to play. Totemtarn is now sitting on level 83, and has some awesome single target dps at his disposal. 85 shouldn't be too hard to get... Only one thing stands between Totemtarn and level 85. It rhymes with 'build bores flew'. I don't know if we're allowed to actually mention it's real name in this podcast. I'll just say it is amazing, and leave it there.

May all your hits be critical.

Slash moo,


Hey there ... uhm ... CAW,

I could try to be clever and high-larious, but I think I'll let the audio speak for itself.

Nevik of Nevikhoof, Nevik'ng it up.

The reorganization shuffle

Now that the new patch has dropped, we've both been busy updating mods, specing out our toons and trying out the news abilities. We've also been "oooo"-ing and "ahh"-ing over certain toons now being able to use certain mounts.
Wren leveled his Alliance rogue up to 75, mostly through archeology, in hopes of someday making the Vial of Sands on him. He also has been playing his Tauren Death Knight with Morgaine's disc Troll Priest in dungeons. The dungeons have been going well for both of those toons, however we've had some major fail dps' with us. We've noticed a surge in warlocks in the que for randoms, probably since they have had so many epic changes to them.
Morgaine played her Warlock some more, mostly in Zangermarsh once she got her mining up to snuff. She also decided to re-roll her Horde shaman as a goblin, since she adores the goblin totems, and has been happy ever since the change, with her shaman now to level 13.
Now that we've all re-organized our action bars, we are pumped for Mists to come out, and hopeful that we will hear news about our future home before it drops- nothing's worse than packing things up for a move while an expansion drops... but we shall see. (*fingers crossed* that truths have been said instead of never-ending hope-inducing lies).

For the Horde, for the Alliance, for the "Oooo... I am in love with THAT ability,"
Wren and Morgaine
(though we haven't updated it with this week's stuff yet)

Howdy y’all,

So…. Patch week eh?.... how’s that going for everyone else? For me all I have to say is “Holy broken add-ons batman”. I’ve had to disable the majority of my addons, which I probably should have done ages ago… because of this patch I’ve figured out that I don’t actually use many of them . So I think I’ll be actually getting rid of everything and only using a select few, like Auctionator, titan bar, atlas loot, postal, prat and of course Archy.

Archaeology has been a lot of fun since patch day… 6 digs per digsite. This is awesome. 4 digsites in uldum is gonna be the bomb now. I’m trying a little something strange for MoP. I’m going to try and hit 600 Archaeology first on the server. Now to do this I’m going to make sure I am completely full on fragments for ALL races, and where ever possible have a rare ready to solve (since they give 15 points instead of 5). So if I have 5 rares ready to go, then I’m only going to be 5 solves away from 600 archy… and that’ll hopefully mean server first…. Now the main problem. I don’t have that day off work yet… but I always seem to get sick around release dates… I think it’s called “expansionitis” *cough cough*

Some other things I did this week is the first half of LFR. We have a group of about 8-10 of us (sorry, my memory is terrible but I’m sure it was the repeat offenders for the Aussie Friday night crew), and we queued up. Then Sam aka Rokasako joined the group and wanted to come along as well… but her iLvl wasn’t high enough. So it turns out that the first boss for the evening was the iLvl boss. And typical of our raid, we banded together to beat this boss. We all checked her out (yeah we did *said in a slightly sexual way*)… and then went about trying to improve her iLvl. We got both Justice Point BoE’s (wrists and boots… I think) and that still wasn’t enough, we got some PvP blues, still not enough. We were exhausting our avenues without wanting to spend a small fortune… so we disbanded the raid, and made a 5 man group and tackled the Hour of Twilight heroics. We completed the first one, and then ABM (Aussiebluemoon) said she had a 372 iLvl. We had finally taken down the first boss!

We queued up for LFR and almost wiped on Morchok… the first boss in LFR… really couldn’t tell it was patch week eh…. But the rest of the raid went fairly smoothly. Although I did find out something annoying. You can no longer trade items after you win them. I won the set piece gloves and I tried to pass them onto Rokasako… but it said “You can’t trade soulbound items”. That made me sad.

Haven’t really done too much more this week. Fiddled with my toons (mind out of the gutter Jeppy) and tried to find out which spec works for me.

Oh yeah… I also hit 85 on my 9th toon on Earthen Ring… my little Goblin Mage named…. Yup you guessed it… Teennookk!! I’m really liking the mage I must say. Now the only characters left to get to 85 are… my lvl 53 rogue and my lvl 1 monk.  Then I guess I still have 11 toons to still get to lvl 90. Sigh… it’s gonna take a while.

With that said though, panda monk is going to level so quickly. There is now another heirloom piece for each armor type…. PANTS!!!!

Ok… now I’m done…. I promise… until next week… <insert dramatic music here, but since April doesn’t read emails before the show, she will probably just say “insert dramatic music here”>

Have fun y’all.

Tinokk the Troublemaker.

Dearest CAW Sweeties,

Hope this finds you well and having a fantastic week. Huggles to you all :D Sorry no audio for you this week - I am unwell at the moment. Decided to spice things up with funky font for you :D (hehe am sick - I need to get my thrills somewhere right? :P )

Well first things first - how is everyone coping with Patch 5.0.4? So many changes!!!

For me the first few days were extremely over-whelming and took me some time to sort through it all and figure out where to start.

Now that some time has passed and I've managed to get my head around most of the patch, things are still confusing lol well not so much.

Have done alot of reading sorting out specs and rotations for some of my girls. Have mostly been concentrating on my Warlock though and OH MY GOSH!!!!! How many super duper changes have they gotten??? Millions!!! Trillions!!! Kabillions!!!!       

OK maybe not quite THAT may but it's been alot!!!

I've decided to go Destruction for her main spec and Affliction for Offspec! Re-did macros and keybindings for both specs ... and now my head hurts!! Ouchies!! Lol

Everytime we go through this - everytime there is a patch and everytime there is a new expansion!!

So Friday night we decided to go try our new specs /talents in LFR!

Firstly we managed to get Rokasako's iLevel up to 372 - and huge thank yous to everyone who helped with gear and those that went on the dungeon run with Aussieblossom & Rokasako :D

Then we hit LFR and again ... OH MY GOSH!!!! We all seemed to have alot of fun figuring our DPS and the changes to the Loot System seemed good. Was great fun and once again big thank you to everyone who came to play!

I managed to get my Warlock exalted with AIE salus! Yay so very happy with the amount of guild rep given for quests and the no cap daily limit!! All very exciting!!

Am also working through guild rep on my Priest - Attil and she hit revered however the old burnout on doing dailies began!! (Jeppy my OCD kicked in bigtime with the removal of daily limit!!)

So to kerb the burnout I decided to the one thing that I find most relaxing in game ... NO not fishing!! (However it does relax me too! Yes I know I am strange!!)

I went Dig dig dig dig digging!! I am not currently chasing anything in particular to create! It's just nice to fly around Azeroth and dig!! It's like an old friend ...

So for those of you out there who have not tried it ... I say to you this - Give it a go!!

*** Sing to Old MacDonald has a farm*** :D

"With a little dig here and a little dig there!

Here a dig, there a dig, everywhere a dig dig!!

Everyone should have a dig

Dig dig dig dig dig!"

**repeat chorus above as many times as you feel**

I am also having a quandary - with all my pets - how on earth am I to come up with individual names for all my pets???!!!! I logged into all my Earthen Ring toons on my main account and I have 793 pets!!! Yes alot are 4 or 5 copies of the same pet however as you can't cage them at the moment all I can do would be to release some of them or hang on to them til MoP hits. Even so I looked at naming them last night and just went "Too hard basket ... deal with it later ... I'm going dig dig digging!!!!"

Hehe so any thoughts on names let me know!

Well that is all for me this week.

Have a great show tonight - will see everyone in the chatroom ... woohoo!!

As always big group huggles to you all! Aprillian, Ashayo, Tedrah and Jeppy - thank you for the wonderful podcast that CAW is!! For the fun and hilarity every week! Thank you all for being part of this wonderful community that WoW has!

Have a super awesome week!!

Love Leeta xoxo

PS - Did not get to play Druids or Pallys this week :( hopefully when patch settles down soon for me, I can get back into levelling them!

PPS - Oh My GOSH!!! Silly addons!!! Seriously though huge shutout to all addon writers who must be running overtime with no sleep trying to get them all working right with the patch!! Great job guys - woot!!

PPPS - Super special shutout to Juuno - hope she is recovering well from her surgery! Sending lots of virtual hugs and get well vibes! xoxo

Ok that's it from me :) laters all xoxo

Hi Aprillian, Ashayo, Eljeppy and Tedra!
Attached is my audio update for this week!

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