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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 383 - O Captain, My Captain!

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 383 - O Captain, My Captain!

Aprillian, Leeta, Rogueslayer and Tedrah discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. With segments by Grand Nagus and Donnie of Clan of Darkness. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

Juuno and Pixie Girl!

What We've Been Doing:


Dual boxed in Towlong steppes with Auruk and Epril doing actual quest, then we went to Timeless, Epril found a piece of Flameheart Shawl - Earning Legend of the Past - Find one of the lost pandarien artifacts on TI
lots of vermin for poor Astara
Aprillian got an Imperial silk


1/ Warlocks - Lvl61 - 63
Ashayo, Wingy and I ventured into Slave Pens
For us 3 manning this dungeon - was not as intense as I thought!
DrainLife Screenshots

Voidy’s Unite!
Crab Stew!
The Big Green Monster!
The Underbog - Lvl63 - 64
Wingy, Ashayo, Matahorn and myself
DrainLife Screenshots
Even Bigger Big Green Monster!
3 Heads Are Better Then 1!
Rawr I’m A Bear!
She’s Got Legs!
2/ Healers - Pally - Maraudon Lvl34 - 36
Matahorn, Wingy, Ashayo and myself took off to try Maraudon again. 4 has got to be better then 3!
Got the Clan of Darkness 2 Guild Achievement!
Everything Just Had To Be Green!
Landslide 0 - Healers 1
3/ Leeta
a/ Mount Runs - Did the usual suspects - Tempest Keep, Stonecore and Zul’Gurub
The Raptor mount dropped!!!
Grats to Ashayo on winning the roll!
b/ FINALLY!!! Huolon Feasel was no longer a weasel!!
Kill No. 187 Huolon’s mount dropped!! \o/
Thunder and Lightning!
c/ Legendary Cloak Quest
Got all the Secrets and handed that into Wrathion. And Anduin stopped by to see how I was going.
Chillin’ with The Boys!
Had to go throw a spear at Nalak!
Thanks to Ashayo for helping me!
Doing the Solo Scenario was certainly a challenge at first as I had NO idea really what I was doing but after a few tries I understood the “dance” and got through it.
I am now on the collect 12 Titan Runestones. So more LFR for me!! Woohoo lol
I did get a smexy new Staff this week called Gaze of Arrogance :)
Leeta’s iLvl now 553!
d/ Chaos Bolt Crit!
Chaos Crit.png
I have NEVER seen numbers that big!!!


  • Someone transmogged my white chickens!

Hellacia - compassionate BE rogue
  • 47-

Sommerlin - worgen druid
  • 88 -
  • Professional Zen Master - 600 in skinning
  • Soggy’s Gamble, this happened:
  • Pandaren flight, picked up quests for Thunder Isle and Meet the Scout, shopping at Timeless Isles
  • Tagged on a Niuzao takedown - Haunting Spirit
  • Queued for TB, flew to Halfhill for Tiller suckage
  • A Taste of Things to Come (Terrible Turnip)
  • Can harvest in flight form, can’t till.  Planting autoshifts
  • Strands of the Ancients - Drop It! (kill 100 carrrying Seaforium), Ancient Courtyard Protector (kill 100 in Courtyard of Ancients)
  • Temple of Kotmogu - ToK Victory, I’ve Got the Power (control 4 at win)
  • Arathi Basin - “We Had It All Along *cough*” (win by 50 points or less)
  • Used One With Nature -> Jade Forest. Finished Explore plus got Treasure of Pandaria
  • Had an awesome Strands run, great EofS and AV, then total rout defeat at Strands
  • Silvershard Victory
  • BFF Gina, Friend on the Farm - can’t hire yet, but got a postbox
  • Pandaren Gourmet
  • Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm!!
  • 1000 Conquest Points
  • Delayed flight transform - swimming in air


A report from Warsong Gulch

Dear CtrlaltWow,
Dear members of the mighty Clan of Darkness,
here is a report from the battleground.

Date: August 10th 2014
Lvl: 10-14
Me: female undead disc priest

A typical easy win battleground, we were stronger and the alliance scum was no real threat to us. When only 6 minutes left to play, we had a comfortable lead of 2 - 0.

I told my group that "hey its only 6 minutes left, lets get that last flag too!", I ran up myself and got the flag but a rogue backstabbed me before I reached the tunnel. Not a friendly player in sight, I opened my map, and there they ALL were, cramped in our flagroom (!!)

Here is a transcription of what happened next in chat.

Me: FFS why are you all in our base???!!!!
Fõllowed (Moonguard): Needed to ensure win
Me: Are you stupid?
Me: We had 2 - 0
Me: We could have gotten THIRD flag!  
Me: But no...
Me: Stupiidoo!!
Fõllowed: coulda shoulda woulda
Me: Learn BG
Lilltefeetz (Gorefiend): Then go get it
Vesperz (Gorefiend) raven, its called turtling
Fõllowed: too late now
Me: turtle at 2-0 ?  STUPID
Fatcobra - instance leader (Gorefiend) anyone need a tissue?
Quadi (Stormreaver):  lol, chill
Littlefeetz: then leave
Vesperz: when would you turtle?

And then the bg was over, and they all left.
So, the question is,
When would you turtle?

For the Horde,

And did I mention I'm having to brush up on some reeeeeally old and unused (read: mostly forgotten) coding skills for a possible promotion? Fingers crossed for me? Pretty please? ;)

Anyway, here's my audio.


Sent from my iPhone

Long time
Audio by Mark

I managed to stay awake
Yay for the blizzard cinematic and for more time to play wow next week and anyone in Aus that didn't get up for the release date and cinematic well your not really a fan now are you not looking in anyone particular direction just east wards.

Sent from Big G

Screwed around with the audio this week hopefully it sounds better

Addon Spotlight:

with Grand Nagus

Clan of Darkness Guild Updates

8/10 - 8/16

Monday night when took top ten screenshots, was ONLY person on CoD! Again this morning just before show.

Clan of Darkness II:
  • Level 22! (Working Overtime - 20% increase skill up chance). Next: Bountiful Bags (extra ore, herbs, skin, de’s)
  • Draenei Slayer, Mauradon






Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:
  • Cy
  • Razmini

Top 10 / Top 5
Top 10 CoD 20140811.pngCoD2 Top 5 20140811.png

  • Pixie
    • Sea Pony - Stegatamad
    • Moon Moon - Xandalynn
  • Xandalynn:
    • Toxic Wasteling - Raztastic
    • Toxic Wasteling - Maryskellie
    • Ghostly Skull
    • Macabre Marionette
    • Clockwork Rocket-Bot
    • Clockwork Rocket-Bot
    • Proto-Drake Whelp
    • White Kitten
    • Frigid Frostling
  • Leeta:
    • Sinister Squashling
    • Wolpertinger
    • Ghostly Skull
    • White Tickbird Hatchling
    • Sinister Squashling
    • Leaping Hatchling
    • Tiny Snowman
    • Red Moth
    • Blue Moth
    • Winter’s Little Helper
    • Cockatiel
    • Tickbird Hatchling
    • Silver Tabby Cat
    • Siamese Cat
    • Imperial Silkworm
    • Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot
    • Winterspring Cub
    • Spring Rabbit’s Foot
    • Tree Frog Box
    • Truesilver Shafted Arrow
    • Voodoo Skull
    • Sea Pony
    • Green Helper Box
    • Captured Flame

Shout Outs & Thank You

Clan of Darkness

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