Sunday, December 5, 2021

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 731 - The Mage Tower Is Back!

 Recorded Sunday, December 5, 2021 2000

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 731 - The Mage Tower Is Back!

Aprillian, Constraxx, Grand Nagus and guest hosts discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners. Guild Round up from Constraxx.

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We also have an ongoing contest. Send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altoholic or dealing with it in your family life to be placed in a drawing for a WoW Pet or an Authenticator.

This week in WoW:

ONGOING: Darkmoon Faire.

(MICRO)HOLIDAYS :  Wanderer’s Festival (Krasarang Wilds, Pandaria).           

ENDING Monday: WoW’s 17th Anniversary celebration. 

                       Torgast: Chorus of Dead Souls.

ENDING Tuesday (reset) : Pet Battle Bonus Event.

                                   PvP Brawl: Cooking Impossible.

BEGINS Tuesday (reset): Timewalking: Legion.

                                  PvP Brawl: Temple of Hotmogu.


Endwalker release date is 2 days away for regular release. Dec. 7th

Timewalking: Legion for the first time with the Mage Tower and Mythic+.

Game Awards 2021 mostly without Activision Blizzard?

According to the host, Geoff Keightley:

From The Washington Post’s article:

Keighley said he is thinking about how to “navigate” the event’s involvement with Activision Blizzard, just as major game publishers have said they are reevaluating their relationships with the company out of concern over the lawsuit’s allegations and those reported in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

“We want to support employees and developers,” said Keighley, who added he supported people coming forward with their stories but also didn’t want to diminish developers’ opportunities to spotlight their games. “We have to think very carefully about how to proceed here.”

What We've Been Doing:



Grand Nagus

Sprout video of the week: A Beginner’s Guide To Final Fantasy XIV by Soldier_1stClass

The Road to 70 buff is now the The Road to 80 buff.

Logging into FFXIV after 6.0 went live I was in a 5000+ queue.


Level 80.

Almost done with the 5.4 content.

5.5+ to go in Shadowbringers.

Shadowbringers one of the, if not THE best expansions i’ve ever played in a MMORPG.

Endwalker expectations vs Shadowbringers quality delivered.

Endwalker patch content. Tying up loose ends and introducing new stories.

 Glam covers rings, earrings and necklaces too.

New PC:

Current PC is about 5 years old.

i7 7700 CPU, and i’m upgrading to a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

RAM upgrade that wasn’t a upgrade and it was “free”


Hello everyone,

The length of this blast from the past is a bit longer than usual so I'll keep this email short.  Enjoy the blast all the way back from episode 134 (cerca September 2009).



Each week GrandNagus takes a closer look at some of the most useful World of Warcraft addons out there.

You can find GrandNagus on Twitter @GrandNagus1, or by email at


Guild Updates: November 29 - december 5













Last week’s 120’s: no new updates this week

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:

  No new updates for this achievement this week.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun:

Guild Chat App - Discord 

Trying a 24/7 chat app for guildies to join and just keep in contact and have chats with during IRL :) Also has a voice channel just like vent/mumble! And very easy to use! :)

The App is Discord - 

And we have a CtrlAltWoW Server - so check out the link above for invite.


Shout Outs & Thank You

David/Vrishna passed away 5 years ago today and he will always be missed.

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