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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 761 - Darkmoon Faire Bonanza!!!

 Recorded Sunday, September 4, 2022 2000

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 761 - Darkmoon Faire Bonanza!!!

Aprillian, Constraxx, Grand Nagus and guest hosts discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners. Guild Round up from Constraxx.

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This week in WoW:


   Darkmoon Faire (Ongoing)

(MICRO)HOLIDAYS :            

   Darkmoon Faire (Ongoing)

ENDING Tuesday (reset) : 

   Fated Raids: Sanctum of Domination Ends

   PvP Brawl: Classic Ashran Ends

   Arena Skirmish Bonus Event Ends

BEGINS Tuesday (reset): 

   Torghast: Unbridled Darkness Begins

   Fated Raids Sepulcher of the First Ones Begins

   Timewalking Dungeon Event Begins (Burning Crusade)

   PvP Brawl: Packed House Begins

   Harvest Festival Begins

This week in FFXIV:

The Rising Seasonal event ongoing until Sep. 12 14:59 GMT


What We've Been Doing:


Rogueslayer’s intro

Mount 268 wow

Reigns of the blue drake

Sandstone drakedupe

,jewel onyx panther

New Skin - purchased


Darkmoon Faire profession Bonanza : Legion Master Jewelcrafter (via Darkmoon Faire, very few recipes learned, boycott 3 star system)

Leveling Vulpera Rogue, Three more level 58 characters that need to run a few dungeons to cap 60.

Logged in at 11 PM to go to Darkmoon Faire and found out realm time and local time were not synced so I had to wait a full hour to get into the Faire.  Using Wheee! Buff to get increased reputation when turning in Callings.  Getting my 1000 anima on 3 capped characters!  Exalted rep with Undying Army.

Collecting Polished pet charms at the rate of 200 to 500 pet charms per day.

Slowing down on transmutes, the price of materials is tanking hard and dropping fast.

Bought a WoW token for real money, spent Blizzard Balance by reloading with the Credit card, price is up by 40% and you get taxed on the advertised price. Sold 1 Vial of the Sands before buying the token, once I got Cashflow 209K fo the token I sold 4 Vials of the Sands on the same day.

Bought a lil’ ursoc pet from the Blizzard store, price for pets used to be 10$ in CAD, now the cost has gone up to 14$ CAD, up 40%.

Trying to acquire Aqir Tunneler from N’Zoth corrupted Uldum Area, it’s part of a world Drop quest so leveling reputation for Uldum Accord on my Rogue, drop  rate for the pet is 1.36% or 120k on AH.

Bought the Flawless Baubleworm off the AH for 224k, going to see how long it takes me to get another 10k pet charms, debating whether to spend the charms on more lucrative pets to sell or buy a second Flawless Baubleworm.

Finally got together with a level 3 hunter belonging to my coworker yesterday and donated  a level 1 blue Battie pet to him, he said his spouse stopped playing last year, it’s hard to see people you care about leave the game because they have stopped having fun.

Went to the Maw to get 20 souls, couldn’t get more so went to torghast to full up to 40 freed souls.

Once my spouse got to rest on Friday night, I spent 6 hours of hard leveling with Pet battles on Alts.  On Saturday night I watched “The Grey Man” with Ryan Gosselin, It’s a Netflix original, a cross between James Bond and John Wick, very violent a lot of 1 liners.

Maxed out Shadowlands Skinning and got Shadowlands Master of All achievement.

Grand Nagus

I found content I didn't know existed, again.

Crystarium Deliveries / Studium Deliveries (5.0 / 6.0 job/role quests)

All crafting jobs at 63+

Working on farming Crafter’s Scrips to buy the job tools at level 70.

Each tool costs 225 Scrips and every job needs a primary and secondary tool.

Myisland sanctuary has reached Rank 8


Hello everyone!

Busy time of the year!  Teacher workshops, school open houses, and of course the great Minnesota State Fair.  Not much time for gaming yet, I need to settle into a new routine.  In the meantime enjoy part 1 of clips from episode 451.


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Last week’s 60’s:

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