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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 766 - Insurmountable Odds vs the Kobyashi Maru. Today is a good day to die!

 Recorded Sunday, October 9, 2022 2000

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 766 - Insurmountable Odds vs the Kobyashi Maru.  Today is a good day to die!

Aprillian, Constraxx, Grand Nagus and guest hosts discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's greatest MMORPG. The show features audio segments and email submissions from our lovely listeners. Guild Round up from Constraxx.

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I had to move some furniture out of my living room because of Sword Mayhem

My Setup. There is a big barrier to VR. There are many steps setting up and there are difficulties, such as “drift”, damage, issues with internet speed. It’s extremely easy to break a controller or get locked out of your Meta account. Of course this is the price you pay for cutting edge technology. 

Got an egg from Big G


Celeste Perwinkle near Alliance Embassy in Stormwind (tomtom /way 51.52 17.73) or Eyla Pathleader near Horde Embassy in Orgrimmar (tomtom /way 39.47 80.35) offer the option to become a guide to new wow players.  The requirements to meet this new status is to be level 60 and have 3000 quest completed.  Upon application you will gain access to Channel 4. NewcomerChat, this will enable you to answer questions for newcomers to the game just like Final Fantasy 14 does.  It is a nice addition to the game and If you are not comfortable with this role you may return to Celeste or Eyla to stop being a Guide.  You will see new members with either a Murloc head above their character or returning member with a baby chicken head above their head i think, the new player sees a green icon above your head and is able to navigate easier with your counsel.  If you are on the same realm or connected realm you can hand over some starting gold or equipment, some players will be apprehensive of joining a guild since many of them are invited by their friends and will be wanting to join their friend’s guild.

Hi EJ an Raven and Honored guest whoever you may be,

I'm writing this week hopefully to inspire some people and hopefully foster a sense of community that I find lacking this expansion.

There have been many times in the last 5 years where I feel like I'm living the first episode of the Star Trek reboot : Chris Pine introduces us to Tyberius Kirk, what would have been William Shatner's iconic James T. Kirk's father.  The mechanics of the movie are very much the GODDAMN disney formula where we get to really like the character we just met and for the drama portion of the film intro we Kill somebody's father so the Mother and Son can get away from the "BAD GUY".  Fuck you Walt Dysney and Fuck your lame story, why do you think so many teenagers commit suicide in this world, i'm so tired of this bad bad story which the HOLLYWOOD assholes keep trying to sell to us.  We've hear the tale a thousand times since Bambi lost her mother all those years ago, and It costs americans Billions of dollars every year to visit disney world, when the company could run that place for free with all the royalties they collect from Snow White and Cinderella.  My wife visited dysneyland 17 times as a child, you never get tired of going there, her Grand Parents lived across the street in Anaheim and she started going at age 13, the first summer she spent out of the country.

Alright RANT over, back to wow.

I asked Wing the quick for Help this week and he said he was too busy, so I inquired, " I know you're super busy, but do you think you could spare 15 minutes of your time to help me in 1 hour, I really need some help in torghast to get some Soul Cinders, I'll pay you for your time if you want, it's been 105 weeks of people ignoring all my whispers, telling me to wait for 1 hour while they do their dailies, then they do their weekly's, then they do their mythic keystones, then they do their LFR, then they do their Raid, then they do their AH, then they do their farming, then they log off after 12 hours of me waiting for  a response. "  I used to ask Grand Nagus for help, but the "LESBIAN" lawsuit, I call it that cuz that's what it is to me, they got 18 million and Blizzard lost 40% of their employees and sold out to microsoft, so yes that's what that sexual harassment suit is.  I love blizzard, and have loved blizzard since 1996 when i got very ill with bipolar disorder and became suicidal for 6 months.  (you may see a running theme here)

Wing the Quick, or Wingy as Leeta knows him was not  ignorant to my cries for help, he said he would talk to me in 1 hour and he showed up with his Worgen druid to take me  on torghast run for my soul cinders so I can upgrade the Fucking Goddam Stupid LEGENDARY that Grand Nagus helped me with 105 weeks ago to learn and buy... It was supposed to take 7 weeks to upgrade that, i'm just not able to play more than 5 minutes a day most of the week.  Wing the quick has torghast level 12 unlocked so I was able to queue for a torghast 10 for more than 500 soul cinders.  We took a short wing with only 5 floors, 1 hallway to each floor, no twists no turns, i think it's called Coldheart Intersticia, only problem is the boss at the end.  Wing the Quick said oh we not gonna be able to kill this guy, he's wrong to our melee abilities, i told him, you just leave the killing to hiim and follow my lead on the last fight.  We did all the floors in  3 minute each, Wing the quick would do Big Pulls, we had flasks potions food, runes of augment and interrupts.  I have 3 CC/Interrupts, and the Bear form of the druid has a knockback that interrupts the casts of the entire group in front of it.  after about 11 minutes we reached the final boss, I was overjoyed an super happy, the vendor had a transmog for venthyr shoulders and I still had the currency that drops off the trash in torghast, 300 currency for the best looking shoulders i've seen in 10 years, heck ya.  I have had hidden shoulders since pandaria, cuz all the rogue shoulders look like garbage.  I explained to Wingy that the boss will do a cast bar and has too much health.  If the cast finishes, the boss heals to full and we wipe. if we interrupt every cast, we  got this.  The fight to the tree that looks like oranomoros in Ardenweald is super easy, interrupt every cast and you don't take damage. After about 5 minutes the boss lay dead on the floor.

My ring is now 291 and I gave wing the quick 30000 gold on Jubei'thos the pants on Head Oceanic realm, i used to have 215k on that realm, but i bought some newb a weapon heirloom and told him to upgrade it to 59, I handed over to him 85k for this purpose, i told the newb not to buy the other heirlooms, it costs too much money when you start. after that he had about 14k left, he plays a level 29 orc fury warrior.  I told him to buy the 1 handed weapon and equip in both hands.  Of course he got excited and bought the wrong weapon and now has a maxed out 2 handed weapon and only 14k left.  I'm not stupid, i'm not going to hand him more of my gold for him to buy all the heirlooms at my expense. I explained to him to switch to arms spec for now until he has the titan grip talent then he could dual wield 2 handed.  After that I took the player who's been on for about a week to North Rend Dalaran and told him to look at the traveler's tundra mammoth.  I asked him to please buy this mount it would make his life much easier, he can repair anywhere he can mount.  He told me he was short 6k, I told him not to worry about having a lot of gold for now, just try to have fun and go where your friends can help you. I handed over 20k to the new player, i made sure he learned the mount then I pulled wife aggro and had to bail on him.  He said that he had no plans to join a guild at this time.  I wished him well on his way, and he added me as a battletag friend in case he has more questions.

My tauren Druid has become a guide in the game.  I was walking by the horde embassy in Orgrimmar and Eyla Pathleader offered a promotion as long as I was level 60 with 3000 quests completed.  New players have a murlock icon over their head or a chicken head icon.  They see a green symbol over my head when I walk by them.  If they are on a realm I play on or connected to where I play, I will travel to orgrimmar to offer them 5000 gold and 5 x 32 slot bags.  Most new players are surpised and go "Really?"  I tell them to give a new player in the starting zone 100 gold and 1 bag.  World of Warcraft is a community and the other players are the fabric of the experience we are providing for ourselves.

I would write another 3 pages, too many things to talk about but I am going back to work on Tuesday after a 4 week WoW vacation, i need my routine back so I can get proper sleep again, no more 36 hour binge of LFR with 2 hours to sleep before attacking this content again.  Supercrit to the face on too much to do, did I mention I have very little time for pet battles these days, I love pet battles.

Don. a.k.a. @constraxxone on Twitter

Love you girls, take good care of each other, siri always plays your podcast as soon as I finish relistening to CtlrAltWowPodcast to see if I blundered badly  when we record Sunday at 8PM eastern (New York time)

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