Sunday, October 22, 2023

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 806 - Unboxing My Quest 3

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 806 - Unboxing My Quest 3

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My Path to VR

September 27, 2023 meta-announce the quest three. We all knew it was coming and we were expecting it but it was still exciting to watch the announcement and see the pre-order screen popped up. I immediately went to the website and placed my order, I had two options I could either order through Me or I could order it through Amazon the biggest difference would have been that ordering it through Amazon would mean getting it the next day. Both of them had free shipping and both would’ve charged the same $35 state tax so when of the I want I didn’t wanna wait has specifically stated October 10, 2023 Amazon would’ve been October 11 and I didn’t wanna wait that day in the time between the actual delivery and that day couple of things happened. The first was that they accessed the money out of my account initially they said your account would not be charged until it shipped, but they put a hole that then went away, some people had some problems with that Everyone doesn’t have money, just sitting around in their account and if it hit more than once with some people ditch retry, it would cause some kind of a cascade in the bank, but it hit my account and then it went away which just meant I had to remember not to spend that money. Then a few days later I got the notice that it was going to be on the 12th instead of the 10th that was kind of sad but what ended up happening is it did show up October 10 at 10:30 just like UPS said so it was exciting unboxing my quest three was so incredible. But those of you listening to the podcast you can see the video my YouTube channel AprilPvd, Ctrl Alt WoW episode 806.



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