Monday, April 15, 2024

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 810 - Clan of Darkness is Back

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 810 - Clan of Darkness is Back On YouTube

AprilPvd is Virtual Reality

I will eventually record Live on our page Send an email to telling us how you play Virtual Reality as an altoholic or dealing with it in your family life.

My Path to VR

I am back to solo game playing

YouTube version:

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 810 - Clan of Darkness is Back

What I’ve Been Doing:

I have always had a  main game that I put all my focus in and that I used to build something. I did that with World of Warcraft for 17 years and then I did that with the rec room for two years and I did it with population one for two years and I’ve been doing the same thing with Zenith. I think that a lot of people in VR or in general are looking for the next new exciting thing. I’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube about virtual reality and they’re always focusing on. What’s the new game. I wish there were more that focused on Zenith or games that are already out there, but I guess once you try those games then you get bored and you move on. I think a lot of these, that game just came out they’re playing with friends are all excited and you know next week they’re in another game. I think it has to do with needing to get that next dopamine /endorphin release. I’m not wanting to put in the work. Or maybe they all have ADHD just kidding!

Other VR This Week:

XR Workout



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