Monday, February 19, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 012 Lunar Festival

What’s Going On
Lunar Festival I don’t know about you, but I spent the weekend running my alts from city to city to pick up ancestry coins. While it might sound boring, it was actually quite enjoyable. Some alts got new flight paths and all the reputation points were well worth it.
• Sometimes I only need 4 fireworks and 1 cluster bomb/got credit for 2 each time.
• I did mostly the ones I could easily access and I tried to do it without going online. I couldn’t find the guy in the Hinterland, but I took Aprillian L57H
• When opening the rest of your adoration packages, shift click to see what’s inside. The box of chocolate makes great buffs and are transferable in the package. You can hit esc and close the package back up and then mail it to an alt that can use it.

Wow News

World of Warcraft is pleased to announce our plans for the inaugural World of Warcraft Arena Tournament, scheduled to begin on February 16 in Europe and North America and March 3 in Korea. World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade players in these regions who consider themselves to be among the best in the game at player-vs.-player (PvP) combat will soon be able to prove it to the rest of the world. Will you and the rest of your team be up to the challenge? If so, gather your cohorts and begin preparing for the largest World of Warcraft competition ever held.

Eight Million Players = a Country
Five countries WOW is bigger than. Five countries WoW pwns Ireland - 4,062,235 New Zealand - 4,076,140 Denmark - 5,450,661 Israel - 6,352,117 Switzerland - 7,523,934 World of Warcraft - 8,000,000

Alt Round Up
Pril & Zee
• Pril L20 with 5 bars to go/Zee L20 and 1/3
• Zee can prospect iron, he is getting some nice gems and storing them in his 20 slot fancy gem bag
• Pril is 147 on LW and 186 on skinning. Oh she was fishing in Ratchet while they were waiting for the boat to Booty Bay when an Alliance Warrior, a level so high she couldn’t see, started fishing in the same school of Blackmouth. The funny thing was there was another school right where the ship docks. But of course if I could have stolen fish from an Alliance character, I would have done the same thing. So I got three of the fish and she got the last one, then I went to the other school and the boat came, but I knew I had enough time to fish the one more time before the boat would leave and I caught one more and then Pril and Zee hopped on the boat. The Alliance chick was with a friend, two blonde human bimbos, LOL.

Creed & Ctraltwow
• Creed went to get the Dragon Hawk Hatchlings, BE’s get a discount. I had sent Ctraltwow to get them and they were 50s, for Creed it’s 45s, after 9, that’s a free Hatchling.
• Picked up the RFC quest [15D] Testing an Enemy's Strength and [16D] Searching for the Lost Satchel while at TB
• Ran with Rilfire to get coins. It was nice because they can both ride their mounts and they have mithril spurs

• Got some Runecloth and turned it in at UC and OG

• Coinage As Well

• Got come coins

• Coinage

• Trex
o April got 12 Dragonhawk Hatchlings to him
• Actually got to Darnassus
• Illia
o Moths selling, spent some money on a Tuxedo

Favorite places in WoW
Moonglade, beautiful
• Moon Circles Representing Thunder Bluff, Darnassus, Orgrimmar, Undercity, Ironforge, Stormwind

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