Friday, August 31, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 036 Guilds: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Show Notes Episode 36 Guilds - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The show's subject was prompted by an email from a listener on how to deal with guild drama.

What we've been doing.

Ardrion, Level 28 was attempting to complete some quests in 1k Needle but ends up dying too much, so he brings in Aprillian.
Used Auntrillia to go to Winterspring and Moonglade to get enchant recipes for Veyle
Speaking of Veyle, she's my level 37 Rogue and for the first time in a long time, I played her. And I solved a problem that had been plaguing me. How to get her lockpicking skills up. I had done the boxes on the boat in Ratchet and the ones in Stonealon Mountains, but looking for them took time. Then I heard all this talk about picking pockets and it wasn't until Rilfire took Veyle to RFD and she started pickpocketing the Quillboar there and getting a bunch of worn lockboxes, that it all clicked.

Ashayo's two characters Hiide, a hunter, and Jekle, a druid have dinged 40 this week.

Email no. 1

Hey Aprillian and Glanthur,

I was wondering if in your next podcast you could talk about guild drama and how to handle it. Some people panic and go crazy at the thought of people leaving (like in AIE) and some just remain calm.

Uchihavino in Alea Iacta Est
For the Horde

Email No. 2

Hi, I'm Marco Aka Dorom from the WoWBOX podcast which will be coming to iTunes soon. I play on the Eu realms on the Shadowmoon PVP server and I listen to your show every week. I find your podcast more cheerful than others and I always have a smile on my face while listening to it. I have 2 questions for you. The first one is, how can I make good money in WoW while being a low level (Blood Elf Paladin level 16)? I always find it hard to make gold fast. Also, can you give me some advice on starting up a podcast and getting it out there?

Keep up the good work on the podcast and keep those episodes coming.


From Marco

PS> Sorry Glanthur.

Aprillian: Money is funny in WoW. When you are low, it seems like you never can get enough. But then once you get some, you get more. At level 16, you aren't suppose to have a lot of gold, unless you have a higher level alt. I started on a server, and I picked a profession I liked, two gathering professions, mining and herbalism. And I just started selling stuff on the AH.

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