Friday, August 10, 2007

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 033 It's Not All About the Levelling

Episode 33 It's Not All About the Levelling

What We've Been Doing....


I found a nice bit of writing in the game. As a BE, I had to help an undead NPC create a "new plague" and one of my quests was to test this plague on a human's dog, Stanley, in Hillsbrad Foothills. Well, as I was questing with my Draenei, Arlaerus, one of the Alliance NPCs said that his friend in Hillsbrad had to recently put down his dog Stanley because it "grew to an enormous size and attacked anyone who came near". Hehehehe. Yeah, sorry 'bout that - my bad. Just shows how in-depth this game is.

Arlaerus is Level 36 now. Almost to 40. I also have maxed out the number of alts I can have on Earthen Ring. =(

Made a new alt - Troll Warrior named Zuule.

Auntrillia hits 60 - I don't think I made a big deal out of it last week, but this is the first level 60 character I've ever had. It just dawned on me that this would have been the level cap back in early January.
Iwari is back in Crushbridge Hold - it was suggested she could go mine mithril in Tanaris. When I said liked being in the cave and having the convenience of multiple nodes. But the next question, but won't she stop getting xp? made me laugh. It isn't always about the leveling.

Play Styles:

Death Knight - What it means for alts - but more importantly: what is it?
If it's anything like Warcraft III, it will be like a very naughty Paladin.


Hey, this is orcbreaker of the dentarg realm, you've been talking a lot about twinks on your podcast and I still dont know what the hell one is, please tell me so parts of your podcast can make sense.
Well, hope you can let me, and other people know on a later cast.

Hey guys, this is orcbreaker again, I know I emailed you once today but I was just looking on and apparently in the new expansion for wow they are going to be adding a new class that starts off at over level 50 apparently, they call it deathnight.
Don't take my word for it because i'm not sure whether it's true or not but I'll keep an eye out for it again, cya

We talk about twinks and the Wrath of the Lich King

Finding the right vendor for fussy pets can be a right pain.
So what I do is buy up big - buy 6 stacks of fish for that turtle.
But you don't want to have it use up 6 slots right?
No problem, mail it to an alt. Then on your alt, just return the mail.
So then, wherever there is a mailbox, there is food! (There are alot more mailboxes than vendors or banks)

Also, treat your pet with higher level food.
For example, "Striped Yellowtail" says "requires level 35". But that's just for you!
Irkle, my turtle, is only level 33, and I can feed him those. This has the added benefit of having him gain more happiness from the feed pet effect. (You know to always keep the pet happy (green) right? That way they cause 125% of damage.)


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