Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 53 - Doing What Works

Episode 53 - Doing What Works Thursday March 6, 2008

What We've Been Doing


Dual Boxing Auntrillia and Rilfire in Outlands
Working on getting Aprillian to 50 so she can get tailoring over 300.


Ashield and Asheal hit level 40.
Completely forget that Paladins get free mount, which was a nice surprise when he went in for training.
Really enjoying being a protection paladin doing AoE. This is normally a "slow kill" method, but with a shadow priest on the side, we are ripping through mobs.

Ferting at Stormwind for the leap year celebration
Fishing Club with Despair/afk

Jekle and Hiide have started doing the daily Ogri'la and Sha'tar Skyguard quests in Blades Edge Mountains. Nice money earner. The bombing runs are great, because if you are close enough, only one toon has to do it.

Ashayo made her first foray into Tempest Keep's The Eye - A 25-man raid dungeon. After one-shotting Gruul for the last two weeks, we got cocky and decided to try Void Reaver in TK. We need some more co-ordination and dps - best we've done is about 30%.

- Discussion point - "Naming all your alts" Staying RP. Breaking Blizz policy. Using real-world names. Using umlauts/dipthongs. Whether it is the officers responsibility to police Blizzard policy.

What Works - Hunters and Druids/Palladin and Priest.

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