Monday, March 31, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 56 - Patch Day oh Joy

Epiosde 56 - Patch Day oh Joy

How do you like the more detail? Was last week's 1.5 hours a bit much?

Affect of patch day on the economy

What We've Been Doing:


Had Aprillian and Ardrion in the Badlands but didn't get much of a chance to play until Wed morning. Back in the Badlands we tried to take down some of the elite dragons, but my timing was off. She was doing the Broken Alliance quest and ran up to the pole to summon the big bad dragons. That was when she noticed a higher level human running around killing dragons. He was over by the pole when she summoned and then she and Ardrion ran away. When she looked back, both dragons were slayed. She ran back over and found out she could loot them and complete the quest. Talk about dumb luck.

Been experimenting with running Aprillian and Ardrion side by side but not in a party. Ardrion had the water quest in Tanaris, taking this beaker to the small pond out past ZF, very simple but then these level 48-50 elite bugs pop out. Ardrion feinted death and Aprillian ran away until she was killed and then used her soulstone.

Ardrion did some PVP while 39.
Friday morning

Ardrion had one bar before 40. Ardrion hit 40 slaying Turtles in Tanaris, he now has a chicken to ride.

Aprillian had rested

Pug and why we don't like them.

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