Monday, May 5, 2008

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 61 - Orphans are Fun

Aprillian and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Another Fun Children's Week in Azeroth.
What We've Been Dong:


Went to ZF with Aprillian Treshel and Auntrillia and another player. It was awesome. I don't normal/g Nly go with someone because it's not the normal way to do an instance. But this rogue was great. ZF has 3 or 4 mobs that hang out along with a lot of pats. The rogue would sap
Aprillian respecced for Demonology and got her very own Felguard.

Spent Tues night at work in Shadow Hold in Felwood. I love that place. Lots of quest, fun layout, lots of mobs

Wed morning: I brought Treshel in because she Cenuarian and she helped Aprillian run through Shadow Hold pretty quickly.

Children's Week: Took Aprillian, Treshel and Auntrillia around to all the spots


So I've been playing around some more with Keyclone and progressing in finding it useful to multibox the two mages.

Here's my setup.

KC has the concept of 'do not pass'
So for example, when you hit TAB to target the nearest enemy, that may not be the same for each toon, so I don't pass TAB
Also, I simply can't (and don't want to) get out of the habit of using W most of the time to move forward, so I don't pass W

I used keybindings to bind the ` key (the one above tab) to one of the right action bars. In that slot on the 2nd toon is a macro:
/follow focus
/assist focus

When I first login, I do a "/focus" on the lead toon.
So after fighting a mob, I just hit the ` key and start moving either with W or using the mouse.
If the lead toon targets a mob by using TAB, I just hit ` as well (it's right next to it) so they are both targetting the same mob.

I did try messing around with binding TAB to the above macro the on the 2nd toon, but quickly realised that's probably not what I wanted, because if I hit TAB to make the 2nd toon target the same mob, the 1st toon changes target at the same time. Bad.

In key slot 2 on the 1st toon is the Frostbolt spell.
In key slot 2 on the 2nd toon is a macro:
#showtooltip Fireball
/assist focus
/cast fireball

So pressing the 2 key causes the 1st mage to cast frostbolt , and the 2nd mage to cast fireball, both at the same mob. If the distance is about max range, they usually die before they reach me.

Key Clone also has a feature called round robin. A perfect candidate for round robin is the Frost Nova spell to freeze mobs in place.
So I put Frost Nova into a slot and bound Z to it.

If a mob gets too close, I press Z then use the keyboard to move away. Typically Q to strafe left, then D to rotate right so I'm back facing the mob. The Q and the D keys get passed to both toons. I'm no longer in 'follow' mode when I do that. So both toons strafe left and the rotate to face the mob. Then start spamming the frostbolt/fireball combination again.

Polymorph currently isn't bound to a key - I just mouse click that. Typically it's only used pre-fight as CC, so this isn't time critical.

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