Monday, April 13, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 110 - You No Take Easter Eggs

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG.

Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card.

What We've Been Doing:


Completed Tempest Keep on my own Sunday night. IT was awesome
Trying to do the Hellfire Penns Dungeons, got the key for Shattered Halls, thanks Maui
Grabbed everybody and got to the gates. Wed morning I will go in. Brought in Primall to do Summons, and sent Epril and Auruk to Dalaran and Howling Fjord for JC daily.

After getting the Dwarf thing on the first kill, Auruk and Epril grinded Shuveltusk for meat and skin. Auruk felt a little uncomfortable killing Shoveltusk in Howling Fjord, they have hoofs like me. Auruk is getting to level his LW. Got his 2nd Artic Fur. He is also getting closer to 70, time for another flying mount.

Wed morning, first thing, do dailies on Auruk and Epril. Then off to Shattered Halls. Aprillian was down to 2 soul shards but not concerned because the mobs were green, but she can't get from Shattered Halls

Auruk Dinged 70 and got his flying mount. Then Blade told me that Shattered Halls was too high and that maybe I should go to Coilfang. Did Slave Pens with Jovam

Went to Nagrand to get my envelope of gems. And mostly because I wanted to fly with Auruk. But then I got a whisper from Ralff inviting me to a raid on Darnassus. It was pretty awesome. So I'm 1/4 of the way to getting a bear.

I'm basically doing the JC and Cooking Dailies Everyday.


Oracle - White Tickbird

- Dalaran Jewelcrafting tokens did indeed climb beyond 60. phew!

Ashayo (achievement whore and gear upgrade week!)
- Inscription - Northern Research - learnt nothing! /sad
- Tempest Keep run with Guild Officers ; needed guild for Kael'thas Sunstrider.
- Zul'Aman achievement
- Oculus run with guildies new to it. Vyv, Cherry, Zhevra, Shadowkillz (tough, as it was a melee group)

- 10-man Naxx group; Sulfur Stave upgrade. It has a bat as the head - and it flaps!
- Progressed through Grobulus (which gave me 250 Emblems of Heroism), Gluth (nearly did it with 1 warrior. Dills ftw. 12,000 health left out of about 11m), and Thaddius (I died before boss. So did Solador. One (of two) healers died halfway thru. Shaman died at 10%. Still killed him.)

- 25-man Naxx group took down Sapphiron's and Kel'Thuzad ; last two bosses in Naxxramas. Nice pants upgrade
- Then later in week after reset, completed Heroic Military Quarter (Four Horseman), attaining [The Fall of Naxxramas] achievement
- Won a one handed sword [Life and Death]. Together with the badge reward offhand, increased spell power by 120 over staff just upgraded earlier in the week!
- Spent 60 Emblem of Valor on Valorous Plagueheart Shoulderpads.
- Nice cloak upgrade off Kel'Thuzad
(Just need a good head and wrist upgrade now)

- Tailors can land on top of Maw of Neltharion to make Ebonweave
- Healed Malygos 25 man. Full on! ( I had very little idea of what was happening, and very little instruction )
- Healed 25-man Naxx with Nightlife guild
- Starting to heal more heroics with confidence. CoS ; not timed run- Heal Drak'Tharon keep and got a bunch of achievements - normal, Heroic, 100 Stone keeper's shards, Guru of Drakuru
- Heal H Halls of Lighting with Bearbutt tanking. Fun! Got the daily quest done, but then wiped on Loken and trash respawned.
- Heal H Old Kingdom. Daily 1hr timer - can sneak behind insanity boss! "All things in good time"
- Heal H Violet Hold. Zuramat the obliterator ; shadow damage hard if afflicted party member doesn't take out the adds. But done!

- Healing more on Jekle too. Ran Violet Hold twice in a row and got same bosses and loot each time.
- Dual-box Gundrak - 2 healers! Vyv, Westleey & Ohrkid
- Heal VH on Jekle; hit level 76
- Jekle and Hiide have commenced the Wrathgate chain and trying to open Wrymrest dailies to gain rep for head enchant. (Tip: Check items you loot to see if they start a quest!) Hiide hits 75. New arrows! & Masters call

- BWL on Alliance DK & Priest (instant transfer!) Ah, the memories!



- Ran 10-man Naxx with
- Ran 10-man OS with
- Replaced my last blue item. Now I'm all purpley


- No one's buying my Titanium Spellshock Ring
- Continued doing Jewelcrafting Dailies
- Got exalted with Sons of Hodir (but I cheated and bought my way to there)


- Made a new alt.
- Currently level 11
- Going to be a feral druid eventually, but am not sure how to level her. Maybe Balance?


Oh when will 3.10 be released. I have placeholders in my bars for my rotation.
Ordering a new iMac on Monday that will have a great video card, tons of RAM, and a fast processor. Ultra Graphics Mode here I come!

Bladed Edge


Special Email from Wemb

Greetings you three! I bring you some information and some advice!

In show 107 April wondered what Wemb meant. I would like to think she wasn't far wrong that it is a cute aussie animal, maybe Temp would agree! Maybe a Wemb is a breed of Drop-Bear? Ask Ashayo what a Drop-Bear is, i bet he's already chuckling!
The truth is that a very close friend way back in high school decided my nickname was Wembley after the character in the show Fraggle Rock! I keep telling myself its because he, like myself has blonde hair, but i think its really because he is the fraggle that is ditzy and always gets distracted and wanders off!

The advice? April I know how daunting comparing gear and knowing if it is good for you can be, so i will give you a two step, simple way to do it on the run.

Step 1- go to a site called Its not the most comprehensive or up to date site, but it is the simplest site i have seen for learning the basics about a new class or spec. Down the left you will see links to all the specs for each class. Go to the one you need info about and have a look through. Take as little or as much info as you need, but what you are looking for is the main attributes you want to build for your spec. For example, a BM Hunter requires agility, hit rating and crit rating.

Step 2- Downoad a mod called Rating Buster.. When you are ingame, and you hover over any piece of equipment for your class, it will show you the difference between that piece of gear and the current equivalent piece you are wearing, for every stat. So again, if you are a BM Hunter, it will show you whether you will gain or lose agi, hit and crit by wearing that piece. It will also convert raw stats like strength and stamina into the attack or hit point bonus for your class and include that in the stats. It just makes the decision way less daunting.

I hope that helps, I know it helped me a lot.

Terrific show guys, i never miss it. Glanthur, don't feel alone and outnumbered sitting with those dirty Horde players, because I am right behind you ready to back you up with a well placed arcane barrage! (just don't be surprised when i lift my skirt and run, invisibility for the win!)
For the Alliance! Love Wemb.

p.s. If you read this on the show, don't include me in a prize roll, save that for your lovely listeners!

Auruk's new belt.

Email #1 from Zeclion

Hi Guys,

Although I'm somewhat new to this game (I started playing in early December last year) I have spent a lot of time looking up information and thought I might be able to give a few tips on gear to get after you hit level 80. While I was leveling and for quite a while after hitting 80 I was only part of a small guild that was created with about 6 friends so we could all play together. We where all at various levels so I spent most my time leveling alone, and spent a couple of months waiting for others to hit 80. I leveled to 80 on my priest at the end of January, which was quicker than a lot of my other friends so I spent some time getting all the pre-raid gear the I could, since we where not raiding at the time. Hopefully this will help those listeners that are looking for where they can get gear after hitting 80.

There is a very liner line for getting gear upgrades once you hit 80. The general order of gear goes something like this:

Normal Quest Rewards --> Normal Dungeon Drops --> Normal Dungeon Quest Rewards --> Rep Rewards --> Heroic Dungeon Drops/Items from Emblems of Heroism --> 10man Raid drops --> 25man Raid Drops/Emblems of Valor

If you hit 80 and you haven’t been doing many 5-man dungeons try to go back and get the quests for each dungeon since the quest rewards are very good, and it also guarantees that you will get a nice piece of gear from the first time you run the dungeon. You should also be grabbing one of the 4 tabards from the Argent Crusade, Kirin Tor, Wyrmrest Accord or Ebon Blade and be wearing it while running your heroic dungeons. Have a look through the quartermasters for each faction and once you find the item/s you want to go for, put the tabard on while you run your heroics to get reputation. Some factions are better for some classes than others so you will need to check the types of gear that each one sells to pick which faction you want to get rep for first. For example as a holy priest I choose Wyrmrest Accord first for the head enchant, the wrists, and the epic boots. These items where all just from rep with one faction. For all these factions, except for the Kirin Tor, there are also dailies that you can do to help get extra bits of rep.

If you use this as a guide then by the time you get the rep for a couple of the factions you will properly have accumulated a bunch of Emblems of heroism that you can spend in Dalaran for some nice pieces of gear. The first items I would look to get are the tier 7 chest piece (80 emblems) and the tier 7 gloves (60 emblems). You will also find some nice Amulets, Belts, Weapons and trinkets for these emblems as well.

After doing this you should be easily able to get into raiding if that is what you want to do. This is the path that I took and I am easily able to get through the 10man raiding content.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I thought I would chime in on this since I was recently in this position of trying to get gear without access to raiding. Love the show and keep up the good work.



Level 80 Holy Priest and GM of Ragnarok on the Gundrak US Server

Email #2 Valathilia

Hello guys
Valathilia here
Oh man aprillian I loved the Italian accent you gave my email lol. And it's funny you said that I already played a hunter, it was my first alt :). Later a warlock, and than my dear holy priest
Valathilia :) and the reason why I asked which of the two healers I should choose it's because in the 10man KT fight the restro shaman and holy paladin seemed to not go ooom in mana as Vala(if you don't mind can u do a gear check). Oh I was mad during my KT fight as we pug the dps that same fight and we kicked a rogue out of group because he was mad at are raid leader for some reason. He wanted to wipe us and he wouldn't leave the instance. Long story short he rejoin the raid but I felt forced to throw him heals lol guys great podcast and thanks for all the tips. :)
P.s do any of you have sterotypes for certain classes for example
Healers must be female except shaman in my case
Tanks male and rogues also must be females lol

Email #3 from Leralonde

Dear Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo,

I'm a longtime altoholic with about 25 alts on 4 european servers.

You probably had this question a thousand times but.......
Because of your podcast and aprillians youtube video on dual-boxing i got interested in dualboxing.
I recently got a second account to try dual boxing..... Its difficult!!!

I dual box on a macbook pro and a pc.
i got mine lvl 53 hunter on the pc and my lvl 11'ish warlock on the macbook.
but the lock died several times because he got attacked and i got confused with who was on what.
and hitting the pc keyboard while moving the macbook mouse didn't help either.

so i'm definetly doing something wrong.

in Aprillians video i learned that she is using a switch.
What kind of switch do you use and does it work on both a pc and macbook?

Do you have any tips?

and is using a hunter and warlock good for dual boxing?
because i hear that shamans are great for dualboxing, they say shamans are even better than hunters to dual box.

so can you help me out?

kind regards,

Leralonde (druid) from the european Azjol'nerub server.

ps: love your podcast!
keep up the great work ! You have a fan in the Netherlands! for the Horde!

Email # 4 from Ginsue

Hello fine hosts of Ctrl Alt Wow,

I would like to thank Glanthur for the generous gift of his own personal authenticator. Had I known it was your personal one I would have had it bronzed. Alas its bound to my account so I can no longer do that. Seriously though...thank you!

Grats on creating the term "nuber". You had the people in the cars around me in yesterdays morning rush hour wondering what I had in my coffee. I lol'ed for a good mile and a half.

Thank Keelhaul for giving me a noob moment during last weeks show. I have been grinding Oracle rep for weeks now thinking to myself...almost exalted...almost exalted...I can get my eggs. I heard you read Keelhual's email saying you can get them at revered. /facepalm..... I guess I should read more and pew pew less sometimes.

You had ask for stories about how Wow affects our home lives and other than sometimes putting off mowing the grass or some other chore for a day or two to play it has very little affect. Some people watch TV I watch a computer screen.

My wife did overhear me in Vent talk about the arena contest that Bilzz is putting on with a grand prize of like $10,000. She ask me if I was going to enter and I told her no. She ask why and I said I am not good enough to win the money. She (not knowing anything about Wow at all) raised an eyebrow and said "you play how many hours a week and you still aren't any good?" She said this in good humor and then I explained to her all that there is to do in Wow. I think she just nodded in the right places and went on with her life.

Altaholism has affected my in game friendships more than my real life. I have had many mains over the years and have raided most of them. I as I suppose many altaholics, get bored with a toon after a while and want to play something else. I fall behind in raid progression so I am unable to raid with my friends until I catch up if that is even possible. I guess it just goes with the illness. They say the first step is realizing you have a problem. Ya think there is a ten step program?

Thanks for the entertainment.

Happy Hunting,


Email #5 Curly

Hello all!!
let me say that I love your pod cast. I think its great fun, and I like it a lot.

So....I have 20 toons on 3 different servers. 10 on Norgannon, 5 on Ghostlands, and 5 on Earthen Ring (in Alea Iacta Est!!). I am single, live with a room mate, and work from 130pm to 1030pm Monday through Friday. My main is a level 76 holy human priest, and my other toons range from 71, some in the high 60's, a 40, two 30's a 2 27's and about 10 between 7 and 14, I pretty much have one of everything.

Since I am single I am lucky enough not to have to worry about WOW interfering with my life, and I play what ever toon I fell like playing at the time. I might jump on one for 30 min and then another for 30 min, or spend hours on one....there is no rhyme or reason, I just roll with what I feel.

I usually wake up around 9:00am have a cup of coffee, and jump on to one of my lower toon to try and squeeze out a level here and there. ( I do tend to, however, horribly neglect my professions)

The draw back to all of this, is that the friends that I have made on line to tend to out level me fairly quickly. One of my Horde guilds (I am in four guilds all together) has started doing heroics that my level 71 Warlock cant get in yet, and I have just not had the urge to play her.

So that is the meat and potatoes of it.

Please keep the podcasts coming!!

All the best.


Email #6 Groundbeaf

Hey guys love the podcast and wanted to thank you all for taking the time to do a new podcast every week, look forward to listening to it at work each week. I've recently ran into a slight problem, before wrath i had 2 70's, my main was a human priest that i raided with and a dwarf hunter that was used as my gatherer. I had other alts of the other classes in the 60's but when recruit a friend came out i leveled up horde alts of each class so i could see how the horde side lives. Since wrath i leveled my hunter/priest combo to 80 and then my warrior/druid were the next to 80. I have changed my main to the druid since the guild i run naxx with needed a moonkin and i really like the multiple roles the druid can play.

However i miss playing my horde toons and really want to get a couple of them to 80 so i can see how things are on the horde side. My highest level toon is a 61 warrior/priest combo but since i already have 80's on the alliance side i'm wondering if i shouldnt level other classes to 80 to give me more variety to play with.

My question to you is this, which classes and specs do you think i should try and level next. Since the warrior/druid & the priest/hunter are done that leaves the others fair game I just cant make up my mind right now and thought i'd maybe get everyone elses opinion.

Again thanks for putting out a great show, its always great to hear how everyone has fun playing WOW and gets their enjoyment in different ways, however i will say Aprillian I have no idea how you keep track of all your alts LOL. Ashayo its nice to hear how the raiding on the horde side is going and of course Glanthur its good to see you represent the Alliance side of things. Keep up the great work and look forward to running into you all in Northrend.

For the Horde, or should i say For the Alliance, I'm so confused.

Groundbeaf, AIE Guild Earthen Ring Server

Email # 7 Wowalterego

Hi Apprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur,

First of all I love your podcast, I started dual boxing because of it!

Here is a quick story,

A while ago I was dualboxing my hunters, doing a quest in DarkShore Tharnariun's Hope where you have to Kill the Den Mother.

Since Borean Tundra was a new realm, there was a line of people waiting to do this quest.
When it was finally my turn, a rude shaman and a warrior jumped in front of me and the shaman dropped a fire aoe totem with hopes of stealing my kill.

Well I was not going to let that happen, so I spammed tab autoshot, and I was able to tag every mob before the other 2 rude players did!

When I killed the quest mob, the warrior exclaimed "This is lame... and they both left"

Yes that was a great moment for me.

From Wowalterego.

Level 61 hunters Shaw and Winga
Level 66 Death knights Korat and Tarok on the Borean tundra realm

For the alliance!

And a /cry my RAF ended last month.

Thanks and Stuff

From Berte La Dwarf

I haven't checked my email in a while and maybe I'm just late but,
You already sent me an authenticator! ;-)
I haven't hooked it up as I have an Ipod touch and thought that would be neat to use (as well as bigger and brighter to read.... no, I don't need bi-focals...). But I've been hearing that people are having trouble with the Battle Net Login so I'm still procrastinaing.
Thanks again for a lovely prize.

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