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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 111 - Pour One Out for the Quiver

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Took Auruk and Elyte to Borean Tundra to try to complete those quests

Patch Day,

Post Patch Day - first thing I did was get on my hunters and stack ammo. So many things to look at. The Cockroach icon has changed.
Northrend and Minor Inscription is moved to the Inscribe

Took Elyte and Auruk to to complete some of the quests there. Server crash had each rolled back to a different part.

Spent Thur morning updating all mods that I could.

Took Auruk to Shat to do some fishing dailies and level fishing.

Brought both DK's to Warsong Hold to finish quests there. Brought in Auruk as well.

Someone keeps undercutting my pets. But I still made money. Made some gold selling glyphs, wonder why?

Back in Borean Tundra, completed some more quests and Elyte hit 70, took her to Shadowmoon to get her Flying mount.

Went into Underbogs with the Twins, Auruk and Aprillian. Jovam joined us and we had a blast Although Jovam left me halfway, I hope he's allright.

Sat morning took Auruk to Shat to do a cooking daily because Thu/Fri he couldn't do the daily in Dal. So I had abandoned the Shat cooking one and he still got a white exclamation point. My Scribe learned [Glyph of Raise Dead] No more Corpse Dust, yeah.

Listening to Chris and Dave, if you are not having fun don't play.

Wiped several times in Underbogs with the Quad, during breaks at work, I took Auruk and Elyte back to Agarmand in Howling Fjord to grind Shoveltusk. Got lots of Borean Leather Shoveltusk meat and Chilled meat. Elyte even got some herbs. Black diamonds.


Oracles: White Tickbird

Healed Azjol'Nerub (survived 1st boss, amazingly), Utgarde Keep, Drak'Tharon Keep
Noticed that I didn't have Circle of Healing on Healbot (noob)

Jekle and Hiide did the Wrathgate chain, but just handed it on Jekle.
Want to see if it has any impact on Hiide (who now is pretty much useless in Org and UC)

Jekle hits 77 and gets cold weather flying with 8 minutes till shutdown for patch

Dual spec Ashayo. Demonology (this time with Metamorphosis) in one ; Affliction in another. Happy to find that when geared up, affliction dps is comparable to demo/destr hybrid

Dual spec Asheal. Shadow and Holy

Dual spec Jekle. Resto and Boomkin - amazing difference when trying to solo daily JC quest

Specced Hiide Beast Master after thinking about Survival. Tamed a bear rather than keep Gorilla for Thunderstomp. Bear has swipe as well.

Naxx 10 man. Won tier pants, which granted 4-set bonus - increase spirit by 300 for 10 seconds on life tap... but what's the point of spirit for warlock now?
Stack with Glyph of Lifetap - increases spell power by 20% of spirit for 20 seconds

With 'track fish' on, minimap still shows herb nodes. Bug? Fixed?

Too dumbed down? No books 1st aid, no fishing quest, no fail on skin/mine/herb

Daily fishing quest in dalaran - epic 30 stam gem!
Fishing in wintergrasp - get the mats for Fish Feast ; don't need to find schools. (Fish feast is no longer BoP)
Tried doing fishing daily on jekle - level 1 fishing. actually fished up a deep see monsterbelly in the frozen sea! but no quest item.
But did it on Asheal at 144 after Deadlyvyv took it up and got the quest item at 155

Nice armory upgrade - can see glyphs and both specs of toons.

Healing 25-man Naxx.
rolled 13 on nice bracers upgrade - Maui passed after winning healing bracers :)
Haunting call - 1h mace
Fading Glow - wand

Druids got another re-spec after shutdown

First Aid vendor in Dalara sells intavenous healing potion

Quest Tracker showing quest item on screen is terrific

Game crash / corruption of patch.mpq
I run repair before patching. Came up clean. Patched and immediately copied all files before running game.
Patch.mpq gets corrupt and crashes game. Copy in backup. Game crashes again. Run repair. Unrepairable. Arrrrggh.

Trade chat filled with WTB Book of Glyph Mastery. Selling for up 5000g. I lucked on one for 50g! woot. Some people need to take more notice of what's going on around them!
Increased drop rate, but still selling for very high prices.

Tried 10-man and 25-man Emalon in VoA. Tough dude! Need high dps and fast response.

Spammers are back in force

Guppers tried 25-man malygos. Got to 3rd phase, but not quite there. Ran off to Naxx Military Quarter with tail between our legs.

Back to doing dailies - JC / Cooking / Fishingx2 / Argent Tournament
Jousting is hard! Suspect latency is biting me.

Exalted with Argent Crusude during heroics today.
Northrend Vanguard - exalted with them all


Glanthur is now officially a part of . He's super excited. Also been doing lots of Tournament stuff.
Arlaerus has been doing JC dailies everyday.
Thank-goodness for new flight paths that let you skip the screaming people in Dragonblight.
Email #1 from Keelhaul

Greetings again Ctrl Alt WoW Crew. I hope you had a great holiday weekend. I got some of much needed family time in and even a little WoW to boot. I ran my first heroic dungeon on my hunter and it was great, even if the gear that dropped was usefull to every class but mine :)

My Oracle egg finally hatched and "drumroll" I got the proto dragon whelp! Not the drop I was hoping for, but I'll take it. I have to admit my heart stoppedfor a second when I first read it lol.

I also played my pally a bit and he is now level 73 and a tanking machine. Well I hope you guys also had a chance to enjoy the long weekend and I cant wait to download this weeks podcast.


Email #2 from Karen

Hmm, I could have sworn I sent this email already (see below), perhaps it got eaten by the innertubes.

Most of it still applies, I suppose, though it's responding to topics from several shows past. Do with it what you will (but I would like a chance to win an iTunes gift card, I'm getting an iphone for mother's day).

Quick update:

Our three toon group has gone through the BC instances up to Auchenai Crypts (and, yes, we did them in the 'right' order). Next up is Caverns of Time: Escape from Durnholde Keep (which sounds like a bad movie sequel). I'm looking forward to it since we've heard about the instance but never been inside. We need to level up one level though and I'm glad 3.1 dropped so that I can dual spec my paladin holy/prot because questing with a mage/pally duo when I was holy was painful.

The Patch brings more fun dailies for my level 80 Hunter to do: the Argent Tournament. New non-combat pets for those obsessive pet collectors out there, like my hunter, Elsa!

Great show as usual, keep it up, can't wait to hear what you have to say about 3.1


ps I see that I sent the email below from a different address, so maybe I got caught in a spam filter. I'll try this one from the address I used before.

Email #3 from Mucklor

G'day Aprillian, Ashayo, Glanthur and possibly Blade. I am writing to tell you how WOW has affected my life. I started playing WOW a little over 2 years now and I am no doubt addicted to the game. I am married with two daughters and they really don’t understand the obsession I have for a PC video game seeing how I am 42 years old and work all the time. I play with my twin brother who got me into the game and whenever we are on we are on Team speak talking. What people outside the game don’t understand is that the experience is far beyond that of just a video game. The friendships you make in game and the entire community that has sprung up around the game is mind blowing. I would never put the game ahead of my family or work in my priorities even though if you ask my wife she would disagree. I really don’t see the attraction of just sitting on the couch watching the same ol same ol on the television. I get to talk to my brother who lives in PA and I live in TX .I get to exercise my mind (unfortunately not my body) and do something I enjoy. The hardest thing I have found is trying to explain in-game commitments to my wife. If I sign up for a raid on a certain day at a certain time that I know I have no RL commitments during that time it always seems that inevitably my RL commitments are changed and I am forced to choose between the two. I am by no means complaining I am sure there are plenty of players in the same position. This has come to light recently with BRK stepping away from WOW to spend more time with his family. I think the hardest part of playing WOW is not in the game but finding that balance of RL and WOW to be able to enjoy the game and enjoy your family and RL also.

Keep up the great Podcast I enjoy listening every week. Ashayo you did a great job on the BOE Podcast a few weeks ago and I think you have Wych scared :-).

Aprillian I still am amazed at the whole quad boxing concept.

Glanthur, Alliance really?????? why?? :-)

Lok'Tar ogar For The Horde, Mucklor level 80 Orc Hunter Kirin Tor US

Email #4 via Twitter from Ginsue

Good morning fine hosts of ctrlaltwow,

I am new to the twitter world and was wondering if you can only tweet to people who follow you.

Since you are all tweeters I thought I would ask you.

If this is the case may I bother you to add me to your list?

Thank you in advance,

Inacan - The artist formerly known as Ginsue.

Yes I changed mains again. I really need to look into that 10 step program.

P.S. My twitter name is the same as my Pali = Inacan.
I am following the three of you so I shouldn't be hard to find.

Email #5 from Valathilia

Hello guys
Valathilia here
So the new patch came out and sadly to say I don't love my new holy tree do u guys feel about the changes?new voa boss, raid, the tournment as well?
I now have to watch my mana which is even worse I been getting better on using it even with the 40% reduction to spirit. But I do love my new 1.48 greater heal cast after 3flashes.
Well love the podcast and keep up the good work :)
For the horde and sometimes the alliance

Gear check info, valathilia of the maiev server

iTunes Review (yeah)

Australian Review

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