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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 128 - On The Road to Blizzcon

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 128 - On The Road to Blizzcon

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Possible Interviewee's:

I'm thinking for the next show we could have as many interviews as possible, make it almost like a radio call in show.

Guest #1 from Matthew

hey Ctrl Alt WoW team. I have never emailed in before so I don't know who answers these mails.

Episode 126. You mentioned you would like to record short things with listeners. I would love to do this so I emailed in like you said. I'll worn you now though cause a lot of podcasters seem to hate players like me. And that category is young players. I am 15 and have been playing for a long time, so I know how to be mature and I am not the like the crybaby 15 year olds you meet in raids.

I know how to act on a podcast because I do my own. So if you don't mind getting a younger perspective of WoW (Which I think would be cool ... Im not boosting myself at all ... okay I am Hah) then just email me and let me know what time and what kind of hat I should wear hehe.

Oh also I live in england, but I'm on my holidays so anytime is fine with me. I don't have a bedtime.

Guest #2 Falkork

Falkork: Hey Aprillian I would like to come on the show for an interveiw that is if you want me to at some point ;-)

What We've Been Doing:


Doing my dailies on Epril. Then taking the 4 DK's around Terrakor forest, thinking of heading to netherstorm. Dinged 73 on Epril doing fishing daily. Was in Sholazar Basin fishing for the Ghostfish quest, got my quest item but wanted to finish fishing in the pool I had when a dwarf started fishing in my hole. I laughed when he aggroed one of the lurkers.

Got the Zhevra mount for my level 50 Mage. Now just needs level 40 to ride.

Realized RAF was running out. Panicked and did some


Spending Emblems:
- Had accumulated quite a number of emblems on Asheal and Ashayo
- Bought 226 pants for Asheal
- Noticed embroidery for cloak that has a chance to refund mana (as a tailor) Why didn't I notice that before?
- Bought valor wrist (BOE) for Jekle
- Bought all the Heirloom items for Ashrune the DK with Emblem of Heroism, since Ashayo had 250 of them doing nothing
Chest, shoulders, sword, mace, trinket
- Can't runeforge the weapons. Very disappointed. Knew you couldn't enchant, but this is different, surely.

- Out levelling with Cowwoman on him druid ; quickly levelled from 59 to 65, but have now run out of rested XP
- Goal was 65, as this is where you can learn Northrend Alchemy recipes.
- Wanted another Alchemist. Existing one is transmute specialist ; want a elixir specialist for making flasks for raids
- Got to 65 and power levelled alchemy up to 435,which is the point where you can make flasks, only to find you need to be level 68 to get the specialist quests. D'oh!
- So that's a goal for this week.

Ashayo re-spec
- Ashayo has been a hybrid warlock with points in demonology and destruction.
- Was deep enough in demonology to get decimation (a talent that reduces cast time on soulfire by 30% and removes need for a shard when a mob is below 35% health).
- This was really only useful on boss fights as other mobs didn't survive long enough under 35% health
- With thanks for advise from Norser, I've gone for a full destruction tree, and it's increased my dps by about 500.

Argent Tournament
- Ashayo/Asheal haven't really been gripped by the new dailies. Did them for a bit, but there's no goal, like the Crusader title.
- Get Kraken! quest stupid - fixed flight path ; mob to spear jumps about and you may not even see him ; had to run it 3 times one day
- Jekle and Hiide got exalted with the Argent Crusade, which was the last thing needed for the Crusader title.
- Shadowthrone Champion of Orgrimmar. Basically stopped there, because I bought all the vendor items that are useful for a DK.

Other dailies
- Ashayo finally got 100 dalaran cooking awards and bought the chefs had. Was sure I was going to get it earlier with bonus awards, and was only after the 100 that I found the fishing quest reward item in my bags that rewards 5 awards.
- Raptor mount daily. Different for different people. I get the dinosaur meat quest most days
- Up to 13 teeth
- He does get bigger as the days go on.
- Feel guilty doing the quest on my chopper, because he runs behind me in the exhaust

- Ran normal Trial of Champions on DK with PoH and couple of pug. Some stupid hunter rolled need on plate waist.
- H ToC daily - boot upgrade for Ashayo

- Both raid groups taking advantage of extended raid lockouts
- DwP 10 man - 2 towers up on FL ; in 3 attempts, Kologarn, Iron council (Got sprung dual boxing - got [1000 daily quests] on Ashayo while healing on Asheal :)
- Ulduar 25 - FL bugged. Went into combat as soon as we went into instance. waited 5 minutes, and whole instance reset.
- New 3 point strategy on Ignis. Success!
- 2nd night ulduar, did OS, VoA, naxx farming instead (basically farm emblems to gear up people faster to help in Ulduar)
- Did Obsidium Sanctim on Hiide!

DK's - shot rotations for levels under 80? Noticing runes on cooldown when trying to use the endgame shot rotation, presumably because talents change the behaviour./af


Dailies Dailies Dailies
Liking Frost DK builds more than Unholy
Only a few more days until Arlaerus gets his Argent Charger
Working towards Crusader Arlaerum
Glanthur finally downed Heroic ToC

Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Tom

Aprillian, i was wondering what addons you use and such to run 2 versions of wow on 1 computer. right now i dualbox with one running on my Imac and the other on my old 17" Powerbook mac but would like to get them both going on 1 computer. i had heard people talk about having keys set up to where they attack with the main toon and the other toon will attack also. didnt know if you had a link on the site.

this is not really a question for the show just had a question about this

thanks for any help


Email #2 from Facefirst

Hey guys,
Just finished listening to Episode 127, actually as our guild was making progress working on The Iron Council Hard Mode encounter. I nearly wiped us when I recognized a few sentences of my letter being read out behind the sounds of my Raid Leader calling out movements. Anyway, we spent about two hours wiping on the fight, getting the boss down to under 8% on one try. We are pretty confident that we will be able to cross that Hard Mode off the list, as well as one or two more, in the next raid lock-out period. We are also working a little bit each night on 10 Man Mimiron Hard Mode, which so far is the hardest fight I can remember since Sunwell. We are doing well, and have actually taken him to the enrage timer twice. We are also looking forward to the second boss in the Coliseum raid opening up.
Interestingly, the new raid has started drawing lines in the sand again amongst casuals and hardcores, and for the first time I am a bit torn in the argument. I tend to not care too much when the complaint is raised about casuals having too much access to what many believe are "our epics." As I have learned through your podcast, casuals have turned out to actually be people too! When high level gear becomes obtainable by more casual players, like with the new changes to the emblem system, I have always felt OK with it because common sense shows that those who haven't been able to obtain the gear through raiding at this point, still won't progress as successfully as those practiced in the art of raiding. I haven't changed that opinion, but the new content has irritated me a bit in that it is easier than Ulduar fights (at least so far), and rewards better gear. The Hard Mode gear that many of us have put countless time and effort into obtaining can now be trumped by the Coliseum gear, which is obtainable by players who have been unable to kill the bosses that we have. Unlike many, though, I don't feel that these players don't "deserve" the gear or the raiding experience. I just don't want all the hard work that I and my fellow guildies have put into obtaining the trophies of victory to be (for lack of a better phrase) in vain. It will be a sad day when I replace the neckpiece that I got from our first Hard Mode Hodir kill with a piece obtainable from a normal-mode encounter that requires far less work.
Anyway, by the time you read this I will hopefully have a couple more hard mode videos up on my youtube page. And as for the mention of me coming on the show for "variety," I would be happy too, so long as you only make fun of my Southern accent a little bit.
Take Care,
Level 80 Human Warrior
Epic Weapons Vendor, Khadgar - US

Email #3 from Syn

Hola April, Glanthur and Ashayo. Synrgy, 80 Orc Resto Shammy here from . I am sorry I haven't been on the DK guild very much as of late. Between working 60 hours a week, computer issues, and doing EBay selling, it's hard for me to fit in the time to play. By the time I log onto my toon, I end up having to log off and get a bandaid because my face slams into the keyboard from exhaustion.
I wanted to comment on the lack of Shammy love on most podcasts. I listen to a ton on podcasts at work and its the same on info on shamans at all. If there is, it's mostly about a lack of elemental damage, how enhancement shaman pull aggro too much in raids or how resto shaman just fail. (as a side note regarding a e-mailer from last week, resto shamans main stats are Int and MP5, add some haste here and there for Ulduar raids) Coming from a resto shammy's stand point (I level 1-80 restoration btw), I think we are extremely adequate in raids and one of, if not the best raid healers due to the effectiveness of chain heal. Most groups need a shaman for a bloodlust/heroism, great buffs that totems provide, and all around sexiness that shamans bring to the table. I can't tell you how many time I have had folks whisper me to heal them through heroic AN or Old Kingdom because that priest they have can't cure the poisons and heal the group fast enough. I am not saying we are way Uber, I just think shamans need love.
In closing, out of all the podcast in the WoW universe, I enjoy you all very much. Between BOE, Outlandish and Ctrl Alt WoW, my days always go smoothly while I continue to build military planes. I would also love to come on the podcast and talk about my experiances, my alt family guild (yes I too Syn, am an alt-aholic) and healing classes in general from lvl 1 to 80. Thank you for your time and I will see you in PoH. For the Horde!

Email #A from Makiling

hey guys, makiling here

i loved your last podcast, and i too am loving the new patch. i've been busy these past few days, so i haven't had a lot of time playing. and in the little time i have online, the latency had been really terrible.

so let me just share the top things i like about the new patch:
- the new dungeons
-the new dailies in the argent tournament
-and color coded races in chat

hope to hear more from you guys

for the horde!

Email #B from Kurly

Hey folks....its your old (39 years old!!) buddy Kurly.
I have a question for you all this week. I get confused over what attributes I should focus on for Healing V DPS on my priest. I think that spell power is good for both, but after that I get a little lost. Since both heals and damge can crit I know raising that helps, but is HIT RATING better if I am going DPS.
I know these are noobish questions and I apologize, but I have looked around and found conflicting data....wah wah wah!!
Any advice would be most appreciated!!
All the best from all directions!!
Email #4 from Wasabi

I have an twist on the alt-wow addiction. Not only do I have a toon of each class, but I am not content with only playing 1 spec. I was playing my mage in heroics last night I started as frost, then switched to a frostfire spec, then to an arcane spec. Even with dual specs I found myself spending 50 gold between the second and third heroic just to change things up. I'm well aware that most of you are not content with only one toon, but is there anyone at Ctrl+Alt+Wow discontent with only one spec?
Wasabi, lvl 80 mage, Thunderhorn US

Email #5 Bidkar

Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur,

Bidkar, undead level 80 mage on Borean Tundra here. I'm still on holiday on Borean Tundra and my goatee is growing in quite nicely. Just past the itchy stage and getting settled in now.

This week I finally achieved exalted with the Sons of Hodir. I'm still planning on doing those dailies, but it's nice not to feel an obligation to do so. Other than that I leveled my cooking to 450, bumped my tailoring a bit. I don't raid so there isn't much else for me right now. My paladin, Jehi, moved from 45 to 53 so I expect to be in Outland by next week. My other alts have been moved to the back burner for right now until I get the paladin to level 80.

I found it interesting when Glanthur commented on the fact that one of his guildies did not like blood in the game. I personally don't like any quests that require going into the water and I do not do them unless it's an important link in a quest chain. Even then, there's a good chance I'm not doing it. I don't like large bodies of water in real life and don't like them in my virtual life. It does seem silly now that I've written down.

I also don't care for the vehicle mechanic that Blizzard seem obsessed with implementing every chance they get. I usually try them, but I can't think of one that I can stand. I usually move on and abandon the quest. I tolerate the jousting, but I still don't like it. I want to play a mage, a paladin, a druid etc. not a dragon or a knight. The game does many things right though so I'll take the 98 percent good and skip the 2 prercent bad. I'm sure there are many things I like that other people dislike.

I've been going to the website every day now since I found out about it. It's like
Digg for Warcraft. Even though your "competition" is advertising for it, I think it' worth a plug. I haven't heard it mentioned on your show and I think it would benefit your listeners to know about site.

Thanks for your great podcast every week!

For the Horde and for Glanthur!

Bidkar and his many alts

Email #6 from Eranth

Aprillian, Ashayo and Gunthar!


I’ve not gotten to run any instances lately, so nothing new to report on that front. However, I believe I told you last time that I was working on the World Explorer achievement. I wish to announce, I have acquired the title of Explorer since last I wrote you. Additionally, I have become Exalted with the Oracles, and continue to collect eggs. I still have a couple of days before my next one opens, but nothing to worry about Ashayo, still no Reigns yet. Alas. While becoming Exalted with the Oracles, I also received the achievement for becoming Exalted with 10 factions now.

I’ve begun some of the daily quests around the Argent Tourney, but I haven’t done any of the instances there, I’m just really starting to get a hang of things up there.

That’s about it for now, just wanted to drop a line and let you know what meager things a casual Tauren has been up to. :-)

“Be well…”
Beastmaster Hunter of AIE

Email #D from Fayth

Hey you three!

Hope your week has been good both in and outside of wow!

I haven't had a lot of extra time to spend in Azeroth lately, but since I last wrote a few things haven happened. First of all, I've been healing for the new raid on my priest. Unfortunately, my internet connection has gone sour and I get pretty nasty delays at the worst times possible. A couple of times this has resulted in a dead tank. :( However, my guild mates are very understanding and the other healers are kind enough to cover for me when my lag kicks up. Sometimes the whole game just freezes mid-heal and all I can do is hope the tank isn't dead or that I'm not standing in ... various colored things you're not supposed to stand in.

On a more positive note, my pigtailed dwarf hunter has been rescued from her farmer-only status. With dozens and dozens of heroics being run now, many of my guild mates are trying to gear their alt tanks and healers - meaning I get opportunities to dps! I'm just saving my badges for the time being, since I can't seem to decide what to buy her. Maybe in the months to come she'll get a chance to roll on BRK's gun!

And lastly, although my time as been limited, I've been able to work on my tanking a bit. I was asked to off-tank a Naxx 10 run. It was scary! The nervousness I felt in my very first raid came back all over again. But once again, my guildies were awesome and I had a lot of encouragement from everyone in the raid.

You and the listeners have a good week!

Email #7 from Blood Avenger

Hello Ctrl Alt Wow,

Bloodavenger here again and I would like to thank you for reading my letter two weeks ago. I want to write in and tell you guys and gals that I hit 58 on one of my refer-a-friend toons and 59 on the other.That is about 3 1/2 days of /played. So I boosted my lv 30 priest to 59 and he is now in the broken land of Draenor. I haven't got to play alot, on him, since then due to 3.2 hitting and been running heroics to get badges. Really liking dual-boxing but need to figure out what to do on my main account to get room since I have 10 toons on there now. Anyways keep up the great work and For the Horde!

Bloodavenger of The Insiders on Wyrmrest Accord

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hope you all are well.
Happy Blizzcon week to you all. I am not going to the con but may be going to the meetup Friday night to mingle with some of the wow bloggers and podcasters.
It should be exciting and interesting to hear some of the things we have not heard or read yet. On the twitterverse this past week there were some interesting arguments being made about websites, bloggers coming out with upcoming WoW news from "sources" and such. What do you three think? Do you want to hear these leaks or do you prefer to wait and be pleasantly surprised? I do not mind waiting, not that the usual leaks ruin the entire surprise to come but also I am curious where these sources come from and how accurate they truly are or is it a case of some people are making educated guesses.
Well either way we know Blizzard to put out great content with some things that we like some we may not and I know I will enjoy it at some point.
For my wow week, it has been pretty quiet, I am working on transferring my priest to feathermoon to play with some coworkers, which should be fun and interesting.

And for the awesomeness news! my 80 hunter Mochi, who has engineering capped, was able to get the Schematic:Jeeves after only 10 mobs in Storm Peaks (off of the Library Guardians, just south of where Ulduar and the Halls of Light. and Stone instances are; they are the mechanical mobs on the robot mounts). Let me tell you this Jeeves character is the BEST!!!
Mochi is able to call him every hour to repair and to sell any junk in the packs AND to buy things from his little store AND!!! access my bank.
Now how cool is that!
Pretty cool if you ask me.
Every wow player I believe should have one of each profession to experience all the cool things that can be made, especially with engineering.

Well fine people that is a short Mo read this week and we are off to Chicago for almost 2 weeks. I grew up there and always look forward visiting it as often as I can.
I may be able to write again for next weeks episode if not I will catch up with you all the week before Labor Day hopefully.

Happy wowing and Thank you always for the great podcast :)


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