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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 133 - What A Long Strange Trip it's Been

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.


What We've Been Doing:


After grinding Borean Leather on Auruk for several days, I was surprised at how cheap it was on the AH.

Tues servers were up, ruined my plans to do housework. Could not find Eternal fire on ER. Recorded The Addicted

Leveled in Eversong Woods, Tanked Ragefire Chasm as raid leader. I marked and everything.

Spent several days levelling with BF on RAF. Fun & frustrating at the same time. Did some sugar daddying, i.e. bags and stuff, scrolls and enchants

SFK - didn't want to be run through, interesting.

Fishing Totem? Some shaman putting down totems in Dal sewers while Epril & Aprillian did fishing dilies - Auruk doesn't get it anymore

Outlevelling quests like crazy.

Purplevein joined me Hellfire Ramparts.


Can't figure out how to stop ram.

Level 26 warrior doesn't have mount, LOL


Vyv got a 2nd Green Proto Drake mount from Oracles!

Raiding - Ulduar 10 man
Mimiron - one second away from winning, but the head died too soon and all 3 parts respawned. :(
Got him down - [The Keepers of Ulduar] achievement
Got Verax down to about 20%

ToC 25 man - Asheal
Northrend Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus down.
Tried faction champions - like a PvP fight. Failed badly! Went to VoA to kick butt.

Pudendal tanked Old Hillsbrad. Couldn't find Don Carlos.
Tanked Shadow Labs - 5 tries on Murmur before we got him. Tough with DK tank - can't charge back in. Tempeste had to attack with a fishing pole because she de'ed her staff.

Dinged 70 on slabs quest hand ins
Kara key chain - Coilfang, Tempest Key (needed a rogue), Black Morass

- Started with [Strange Brew] (9 brews) , and got [It's Happy Hour Somewhere] ( 25 beverages ) in the process
- Brewfest Diet - all available at the brewfest.
- Down with the Dark Iron - Defense Brewfest against the dark iron dwarves.
- Disturbing the Peace - Dance drunk with 3 Brewfest clothes on in Dalaran. Already had them in teh bank.
- Drunken Stupor - Jump off Scryer tier (just to right of lift)
Coren finished it off - 310% Violet Proto-Drake!
Sigurn won Kodo mount

PoH Karazahn - Amazingly easy despite not having high level toons. Pulled three groups of mobs without wiping. Pulled elite packs outside

Morose without wiping. (We did wipe, but only because I took too close a look at Maiden)

Got the new NCP (Pint-sized Elekk) for 100 tokens without doing any ram racing at all. Doing the initial intro quest , killing Coren and doing the Pink Elekks quest is enough.


Email #A from Kurly

Hey was great to hear The Toad last week....and again, my thoughts and prayers to Glanther and his fam's. I spent the majority of my WOW time this weekend leveling my Space Goat warrior. Warriors are one of the classes that I have never managed to level above 20, so I am going to give it serious try on her.
Leveling in Alterac Valley is not all its cracked up to be. Kurliemoo is level 64 now, and is still being three or four shot by those wretched archers that can shoot her from 8 miles away. Also the bad thing about leveling in BG's is no gold. The poor cow has had 5 gold pieces for three levels now!
So, me thinks for next few levels I will keep out in Out Lands, and maybe score a some Ramps runs..Ramp run anybody....anyone.....anyway...and then go back to AV at 67 or so.
Peace and hugs and all the love I can give ya!!

Email #1 from Zebestes

Hey Ctrl Alt WoW crew, Zebestes here!
When I heard Glanthur talking about the lore segment during episode 132, I was ecstatic! With all the people that know absolutely nothing about the lore, it'll be educating the masses! It also got me thinking.... I might be able to help Glanthur-if he wants or needs it- because I'm a bit of a lore nerd and I don't have an active subscription at the moment since days only have 24 hours in them... sigh... Anyway, if G-dawg (gosh I hope Ashayo reads this) wants some help, I'm here!

Zebestes, 80 Boomkin
Alea Iacta Est
Earthen Ring, US

Email #2 from Makling

hey guys, makiling here,

i just wanted to share a tip when doing Dangerously Delicious to avoid being ganked by alliance. if you go to the horde FP in wintergrasp, you will notice a spirit healer on a ledge behind the FP. what you do is you move near the spirit healer to get the spiritual immunity buff and fish from there. you might not reach the water with every swing of your fishing pole, but you can reach it form there and you will definitely be safe form ganking.

i've been leveling my priest, and had recently dinged 68. i've been flying around northrend, and i'm pretty sure i will be dinging form all the flying i've been doing. i cant wait for her to get to 70 so i can get an epic flyer for her as well.

thats all for now, keep up the good work!

Email #3 from Kontiki

Hey CAW crew,

You guys do a fantastic job on the podcast, I only started listening to podcasts a few months ago to alleviate some boredom at work and it’s boiled down to you guys and the BoE crew that I listen to first ;p This email was actually going to be in response to Glanthur’s idea about a lore part of the show but it felt too much like shadey business to write only to him so I thought I’d write you all, seeing as how I’ve been wanting to for a few weeks anyway.

I play a Tauren bear tank slash resto druid on the US Nagrand server and tune in faithfully every week from the sunny east coast of Australia to listen in. In game at the moment I am having a blast on my (atm level 50) troll shammy, healing my way through low level dungeons and kicking ass in BGs as enhance. Recently I completed the Uldum quest chain, which starts at the end of uldaman and sends you back and forth between Tanaris and Thunder Bluff, culminating in a (far too short and abrupt) ending at the gates of Uldum in southern Tanaris. I remember doing this quest the first time on my mage and being in awe the whole time, it remains one of my favourite quest chains in game and I found it doubly interesting in light of the Cataclysm news and Uldum becoming a playable zone, which is one of the things I am most looking forward to.

I think this would be an awesome topic to cover for Glanthur, the lore of Uldum; it’s significance in game at the moment and what role it might play in the future expansion. One thing that intrigued me specifically was that the statue who admits entrance to the gates reveals at some point in the quest text that all the authorization disks to grant entrance are currently given out and no more will be for the time being, I would love to know if there is any more info on who holds these disks or how that might be implemented when the zone opens, I am really hoping it wont be that they simply creak ajar and anyone can just mosey through. Anyway, I was planning on wiki’ing it anyway but if I can mooch off Glanthur’s (brilliant) new idea then I’m all for that ;p

I had to laugh aprillian when you were telling us about David’s escapades in wow, sounded just like me at that level, I was concerned about the most inconsequential things haha, I miss those days of being overwhelmed by everything.

Anyway, I’m at work so I’ll get kicked in the box if they catch me sending illicit emails ;p Keep up the good work guys, Till next time.

PS I found myself getting all defensive when you got that two star review ;p Don’t listen to him, you guys are kick ass.


Email #4 from Xesu

After hearing a priest healer looking for a blog to help him on his healing and DPS, I have found one. Actually, I have one. This is Xesu of Alea Iacta Est, or as Wemb likes to put it: Alea Iacta Oosta boosta essta asta. is my recently made priest blog. Most of the views are from the holy side of things, but, my secondary spec is now Disc, so I can broaden my range of topics. I have gotten a great response from some guildies already, and would love to spread my love of the priest around.
Love the show, keep up the great work!

Email #5 from Zooexhibit

Greetings Cntrl Alt Wow
I would like to say thank you, your podcast helped pull me thru the withdrawls during the week that BOE didn't put out a podcast. I never miss your podcast and would have to say you are my second favorite podcast right behind BOE. I hope you don't mind being in second place.

I think first off I would like to say that person who gave you the 2 star rating, and called Glanthur childish clearly hasn't listened to many of your podcasts. I think perhaps he/she needs to stop dipping into Aprillian's Medication. While all of you rock, Glanthur is the voice of the Alliance and I hope he never converts his Dwarf to the horde. I know I could never change my main to a dirty horde. With that said I do love playing a horde toon in the "Pants on Head" guild, but I can't wait to level another toon so I can kill off my Death Knight. I hate Death Knights! I am currently leveling a Druid, a Paladin, and a Rogue and when one of them reaches 80 I will take great pride in deleting my Death Knight. Do any of you have classes that you just can't stand playing?

I am something of an Altaholic I have 5 level 80's and another 8 toons over level 30, I have never multiboxed and don't think I will start, but if anything tempts me to try it it is your podcast. I have played every class and I would have to say that Druids are my favorite, and Death Knights are my least favorite. What class would each of you say is your favorite class to play?

Finally I would just like to say that Aprillian you need to "come out of the closet"


Email # B from Kurly

'Tis yer faithful bud Kurly here. This may be the second email you get from me this week. Sorry for the over-lap if it is. So I think its time I told you all that the majority of my toons are Alliance. I actually just did a faction change....72 undead lock to a gnome. I do still have my toons on Jelly Bean, but sadly the time difference is finding me out of the loop during most of the POH events. I am, however, not giving up on those toons! I am feeling my Tauren Druid a little more than my DK, though, and I am very ready to roll me some Tauren Pally, and a Goblin Rogue..yay hoo!!!
You also asked what game might tear me away from WOW and that game will be Diablo 3. Diablo was the game that got me into gaming in the first place, and I have been waiting for D3 for ever!! Also, my best wow friends are currently beta testing Aion, and they fully expect me to join them on that game. From everything that I have read up on Aion it seem very similar to WOW, but fear not. Wow is where my heart is, and I cant see anything else tearing my totally away anytime that sad? Lord!
Anywho....thoughts and prayers to Glanthur from me, and a great day/night to you all.
Peace and hugs and tassel ended rugs!

Email #C from Bidkar

Greetings Glanthur, Ashayo and Aprillian.

Bidkar, undead mage on the Borean Tundra server here. This week Bidkar actually did some of his unfinished quests in Storm Peaks plus his dailies. I'm beginning to understand why players express some disinterest in dailies. Bidkar finally is exalted with the Kaluak. Heck will freeze over before I do those quests again on this toon. I picked up the epic fishing pole, the penguin pet and the pattern for the 32 slot herb bag.

The paladin leveled from 70 to 73 the hard way. He keeps getting locked into combat and can't mount, bandage, or drink potions. I tried running all the way across the zone to break combat, that did not work either. The only way I can break combat is to hearth. Trust me after doing that a few times, it gets old. Blizzard only gives me the standard "Game is functioning as intended". I will refrain from saying what I think of that response since Ctrl Alt Wow is not Bind on Equip.

I did find an interesting glitch in the game though. I picked up the "They Grow up So Fast" raptor mount quest while I was in Un'Goro Crater, but didn't do anything with it. While I was at Agmar's Hammer in Northrend I did the quest where you go to the village and kill the bugs by the Azol Nerub. When I killed the bug mobs in the village, it counted as the venom blood from the "They Grow up So Fast" quest. I was splashed 20 times for the Un'Goro quest in Northrend. An interesting glitch to be sure.

I was excited about being a pirate for a day too. I was transformed in Booty Bay and it went fine. Then I ported to Dalaran and rode the taxi to Wymrest. After the taxi ride was done, I lost the pirate costume buff. /Spit on all this game bugging.

I appreciate winning last week, but I want you to keep the prize and give it to someone else. There are more people out there who need it more than I do. It was exciting to win, that was enough for me.

For Glanthur and For the Horde!

Bidkar and his many alts

Email #6 from Lyvlem

Subject: An Exciting Couple of Weeks

Hey Aprillian, Ahsayo, and Glanthur (in alphabetical order),

I just had to tell you what about the last couple of weeks because they have been a lot of fun.

First off, I have been leveling a Paladin, Aversa, for a few months on Earthen Ring. When the 1st rolled around, I filled out the application and hoped to heard back in a week or so. I got an e-mail later that day. I followed the directions and got in the queue. Eventually, Molly (who I knew of because Secondaid had talked about meeting her) invited me in. Guild Chat is just amazing.

Next, I went 5 whole days without playing WoW. That's right, Aprillian, days, not hours. And why would I put myself through such a thing? Because I went to DragonCon. I got to meet and hang out with Tom (Merritt) and Veronica (Belmont), a whole bunch of other podcasters, and meet a whole lot of AIE members. Including Molly, who had made the trip. So we met twice for the first time in the same week.

Finally, I got home and went back to a Draenei Priest, Sceadua, I have been leveling for my Alliance guild. When I got home that Monday, she was level 36. Last night, she went to Outland and dinged 59. My Secrets: Heirlooms, Hearthing in Dalaran with easy access to the portals, and running BGs as often as I could get in (the XP is awezome - especially Alterac Valley). I am looking forward to Cataclysm but I am happy that I had another chance to see the old world zones before the change.

Your POH Guildie,


Email #7 from Steven (Also sent to the Instance)

Hey Guys what's up,

With all this talk like a pirate stuff going on it made me think. When the Goblins become part of the horde. Will horde player still be able to gain rep with the Bloodsail Buccaneers? And if you flip it will the Alliance become friends with them? Will the Bloodsails setup a port in booty bay for the Alliance to go to now?

Email #8 from Turbos

Hey Everybody!!

Sorry for not emailing in quite some time, but don't worry I haven't missed an episode. I've just had a lot of work lately. Anyways in case you don't remember I was dual boxing my rogue and a druid, well, since then I hit level 80 on my rogue and dropped my druid. I plan on rolling a new troll druid when cataclysm comes out. In the druids stead I went back to leveling up my warlock. Man I missed leveling her!

Just a few random comments since it's been a while.

Aprillian you really sounded great on the addicted podcasts and boe (which I have added to my podcast listening regime). Have you guys ever thought of doing a biweekly podcast? What about a show forum? I know there are a lot of us avid CAW fans!

Grats Ashayo on the new mount!!

Glanthur my heart goes out to you, (even though you're alliance) I have been thinking about you and your father alot. My fiance and I went through a hard family time recently and I know how hard it can be. Also, I can't wait for your new lore segment and if you ever need any help at all with anything lore lemme know. I'm happy to help!

Now for the question:
I know none of you have a rogue main, but I thought maybe you or some of the listeners might have some suggestions. Since I'm a new 80 I've been trying to get geared up a bit, but I'm in a guild with just myself, my fiance and her sister, so I'm not really raiding anything anytime soon. In the meantime I have been doing a lot of argent tournament and pvp and I'm in mostly epics (well maybe welfare epics), but I noticed my dps really isn't where it should be around (1600). If you have any suggestions or ideas I'm Turbos on Drak'tharon in the armory.

Well best be getting back to the housework :cough: brewfest :cough:

Thanks again for the mini I keep it by my monitor and think of you guys everytime I play.
Much Love

P.S. Ever think about rocking the Explicit tag?

iTunes Review


Shout Outs & Thank You


@Orkinzi: @CtrlAltWoW wooohooo u mention having a rhino that often for a bm hunter. I tried it out. Omg they r awsome. Loads of damage and keeps Agro.


Hello to our fine hosts and listeners.

As we are hearing and seeing in game the holiday season is kicking off with Brew Fest and even Pirate day yesterday.
But, in someways, I am sad to say I am not really into the holiday stuff, quests this season :(
Perhaps that will change when I start doing some of them and see the few people with their special mounts.

When will the elite over achievers get that mount from all the holiday and achievements they have completed in the last year?

On my priest Moheal, he is almost all purpled out with a min of item level 200 :)
And believe it or not I am starting to open up more to shadow spec. I leveled holy up to level 76 when I went dual spec disc/shadow.
With Shadow spec I am able to take on 5-8 level 80s (non elites of course), dot them with the 2 priest dots and than use my aoe spell to knock one down after another.
It is actually pretty fun :)
And this weekend I was even able to kill elites, level 80 elites!! CRAZY!!!

We are supposed to do Ulduar but 4 hours of raiding!!!
that is the part I do not enjoy; at least I am able to have football on but it gets old for me fast, the waiting around than at the same time when we do succeed, kill a boss or a few, than it is fun and that is what I enjoy and concentrate on.
What do you all do when raiding?
I mean what else do you do?
Yes I am ADD and need to have many things going on, that is just how I have always liked it, so I either have podcasts playing, tv on, etc.
Do you do anything else while raiding?
or even playing wow?

To answers Glanthurs question, I think we should have listeners email in each week and make a comment on what they want to learn about and either you pick one or the topic with the most mentions wins.
If there is a way to put a poll up but perhaps that is too much work to ask for you all to do so the email should work right?

Ok it is wow/football/podcast time :)


I mean for the Horde/Alliance/CtrlAltWow

Thank you as always for your work Ashayo, Aprillian, Glanthur and yes I too like to switch your names around :)


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