Monday, September 7, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 131 - All Hail the Hypknotoad

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Guest Host Hypknotoad from

What We've Been Doing:


Faction Change

Invited myself to be on The Addicted Podcat.

Dailies galore. Dual Boxed fishing with Auruk and Epril

Decided to try to do Wrathgate with Aprillian, Auruk & the 2 DK's

Created an orc hunter, got her to 7 and decided to redesign her.



Paid Faction change - $30
Be logged out for 10-20 mins
Login after successfull, character create screen has a button to change faction. Can change name/sex/look etc.
Can't move server until you do that.

Moved my Level 60 druid - automatically knows all the Outland flight points!

Two more procs on epic gem transmutes - woot!

Missed out on brew of the year except on Jekle. Not sure why - seem to have missed one on Ashayo and Hiide.

Asheal - Heroic : Trial of the Champion
Heroic UP on Asheal - reins of blue proto-drake dropped - Ostira won.
Heroic ToC on Ashayo - spectral kris dagger upgrade

Mega long maintenance - 5pm!

DwP 10 man - ToC Northrend beasts. Closer!

Pudendal ding 65 and 66 in nagrand. Want to DW, but keep getting 2H quest rewards
Need a mod that tells me if gear in my bags is used in an equipment set

Ulduar 25
- FL only. short heals and dps
- Heading to VoA boss - down to 10k and I had to leave
- ToC - Northrend beasts down - at last!
- Lord Jaraxxus ; 3 tries. awesome fight.

Guppers 25 man on Ashayo - glove upgrade

Pants on Head - tanked AQ20 and Ony, ZG, Underbog

Asheal - ToC 5man, CoS daily, Onyxia, BWL Attunement, first 3 bosses



Email #A from Kurly

Hello folks! Kurly here. I have to admit...I tried as hard as I could to listen to the broken episode, but it started to make my dizzy so I had to shut it off.....I didn't get the corrected file until after you had already posted the episode with Wemb,(best wishes to Glanthur and his Pop) so, I may not get to it.
This last week has been all about the podcasts that I listen to(about 7 in all) talking about all of the upcoming changes with Cataclysm and their views and QQ's. I for one and psyched!! My home server, Norgannon, is full so that means toons on new servers!! I think I am going to go with PVP servers as I am find that to be really fun. All of my Horde toon will be on Jelly Beans (the POH server) and I am very much looking forward to a Holly Cow (Tauren Pally) and an Undead Hunter!
The simplification of abilities is very exciting for me as well. I can spend way too much time thinking about the various stats and Item has and what they will do or not do for me, and that kind of sucks the fun out of my WOW.
I am all go for both Goblins and Worgen, but are bummed that that isn't a new class to play. I finally made it through the Wrathgate Chain and had a great time with that fight in the Undercity!! (How can I get that +12000 heals every second buff all the time??) are all awesome!!
Best and hugs

Email #1 from Peter

Hello Aprillian, Ashayo and Glanthur.
I play ally shaman(80),paladin(80),warrior(80),druid(80),warlock(80),priest(74),mage(72), Deathknight (72) Hunter(72) on Argent Dawn-EU,Nagrand-EU and Vashj-EU.
I've sidestepped once and played a undead rogue(70) before litchking was released.
I've been raiding in vanilla, tbc and litch king but right now im gaming more casual, started a few lowlevel chars: rogue, paladin, warlock leveling with my wife (yes i lured her into the game, and now she is hooked)
I love youre show, it's the highlight of my work week, i have the possiblity to listen to it while im working.
I heard about the Murloc marine :), i would really love to add it to my collection of pets, it looks so awesome.
So dont you agree with me that it could fit perfectly in my collection :P
Many thanks for a superb show
Kind Regards,

Email #2 from

Hey podcasters,

Maztar from Jubi here. Another great week in wow(authenticator). I just wanted to drop you a line about the Blizzcon give away. (authenticator) Glanthur needs a pet. He seems do need another one to take care of. (authenticator) Me on the other hand I'm not sure what I would like from your gift bag(authenticator) Any who, I have been on my main Symptomatic on Shadowsong running heroics since the patch. Yes, I'm one of those who is benefitting from the Welfare epics. I know its a bad idea for Hardcore people but with family, work and sports, I don't have time to be Hardcore, unless its diapers and feeding my daughter. The main reason this noob likes the welfare epics is if I have a couple hours open and can raid I will have the gear to do so. I'm sure there will be some laughing from the Hardcore people for this but some times life does come before a game, but hey I love what is going on with the game and will continue to do so. (authenticator) Well hopefully I will log over to see you guys on Jubi at some point. Sorry for the wall of text. Keep on rocking the podcast world. Maztar PoH Rock on Horde. ok glanthur....yeaaaaaaa Alliance.

Email #3 from Flinger

Hi ctrlaltwow crew,
I would like to see a contest that people create a backstory for Grunty. There could be a drawing from all entries or you could pick the one you like best. But I think it might be interesting to hear what people come up with.
Thanks and I love your show.
Flinger, 80 Troll Hunter on Sentinels

Email #4 from Koi

Hey guys! First off I would like to say I love the show and it makes my Monday workdays more enjoyable. Secondly I listened to last weeks podcast and you said send an email to the show about what you should do about grunty.... Well I had a brilliant idea but then April said she was getting one in a few weeks... However my "revised" idea is to maybe use it as bait like the epic flying to hit lvl 80.... Hehe just an idea. Also I wanted tell you guys I was leveling my mage alt and I was trying to find an interesting way to do it because questing was getting sooo boring for me. Well i level from 73-80 in two and a half days doing AV premades, and with all the honor I got I bought lvl 80 pvp gear and epic gems to resell. This was super fun for me and the only negative side to is is that my PVE gear is lacking because of it... Looks like I will be heading to TOC... For the Horde!!


Email #B from Inacan

Hey Podcast rockstarz,

I once won an authenticator from your show and Blizz was out of stock for quite some time.

Glanthur, out of the kindness of his heart shipped me his personal authenticator to me to keep all my friends on Wow from being hacked, stripped of everything they own and forced to work in BRD breaking rocks. They could have had to spent their days being made to farm low level instances for BOE blues to be sold in the AH continuing the vicious cycle of gold selling that plagues our game. Glathur possibly saved them and enabled them to live out glorious, heroic lives killing the evil mobs that lurk in the deepest dungeons of Azeroth.

This, in my humble opinion makes Glanthur a HERO! No hero should have have to walk the lonely paths of Azeroth all alone. A hero's life can be one of solitude and hero's are rarely thanked for their selflessness and sacrifice. I feel that giving Glanthur the code for the pet that was given out to secondaide at Blizzcon this year would help lighten our Hero Glanthur's burden. As a long time listener I think I can speak for most other listeners when I say....We are not as worthy of such a special pet as Glanthur is. His good deeds and good name are cheered in song and story telling not only among the Alliance, but the Horde as well.

Thank you in advance for giving this pet to our celebrated hero.

aka - Ginsue
aka - Doncowleone - Pants On Head druid healer.


Was that over the top?....Sometimes I can't tell. Good luck.

Email #C from Kyle

So some fun ideas on how to give away the blizzcon pet:
1) Give to Glanthur, but that's not as much fun for me.
2) Give to me, but that's not as much fun for everyone else.
3) Hold a contest to see who can level a priest from 1 - 80 the fastest on a PvP server with no RAF. Bonus free month of gametime for leveling entirely in holy and no duel-spec and being the first to get to 80.
4) Hold an auction for charity.
5) Place bets on when Aprillian will ding 80, though keep bets a secret from Aprillian lest she decide to "win" on the day she bet on.
6) Give to the first person to achieve the Insane achievement on a character created within the past couple months.
7) Super Hide & Go Seek, first person to find you wins, able to hide anywhere possible in game.
8) Super Hide & Go Seek part 2, real life edition.
I'm sure I can think up of more fun ideas, but I think the more serious ones would be # 4, and maybe 3 and 7.
Also, Ashayo said a naughty word at 1:06:53. Poor Glanthur's little dwarf ears! Hehe lol.

Email #5 from MCWild

Hey folks at ctrlaltwow.
Awsome show was 130. Listened to it on way to work. Nearly hit car in front of me as I heard my email read out. Mcwild made me laugh. As mc is my initials m- martin and c- Conrad last name wild.

I am martin My main is felland a druid
Wife is sam main is hidihi(pronounced) hi dee hi a priest
I have been lvling a shaman who is now lvl36 and sam (wife) as lvled another priest to lvl 44 we started at same time I quest. she pugs it and bgs while i am at work.

we have for the first time been into toc my god the preistes women hurts. All tho it was funny being killed by van cleef at lvl 80.hopefully trying again tonight.

Seeing As you mention boe cast alot I have started to listen to those as well both u and them are great.

I like my lvl 80s but get more fun from lvling little characters. I even have a palladin named after our first grandson. Who is now lvl61. I have to start another one too as at Xmas our other daughter gave birth to a baby boy too.and as sam pointed out I have not got an alt named after him yet. So what should he be. His name is isaac. What do you suggest. I will let yourselves and listeners choose.
How about making it a competion even.

One of our sons as resubscribed and is playing again. Eagerly looking forward to catalyscm.

Look forward to next show and will watch the road instead of getting excited about hearing name.

Lots of Grtz to apprillian for lvling

Martin aka fellhand.

Email #C from Bloodhuf

Hello ctrl alt wow!
Bloodhuf again. I'll take a wow month please.Update on my Druid, he's level 62 now with herbalism and inscription. I had a few days off from work and leveled like crazy. I wanted to thank ashayo for answering my questions. I'm leveling him as feral and it is awesome. I do everything so quickly and with ease. I might start picking up resto pieces while in northrend to make the switch easier at 80. Thanks guys, Bloodhuf

Email #6 from Starcaller

Hey guys,
Just a quick update from your resident hardcore raider. It's been a busy couple of weeks with the new Coliseum raid content. We made a push in both our 10 and 25-man groups to do as much as we could in Ulduar before the Trial of the Crusader Hardmodes became a factor. In 2 weeks we were able to successfully obtain the Rusted Proto Drake for about 15 of our guildies by completing the Glory of the Ulduar Raider achievement. We also got about 6 folks the key to unlock Algalon on 10-man. On that note, I am happy to say that I can now be properly addressed as Starcaller Facefirst (faceFIRST, not faceFIST April :). That's right...Algalon 10-man has been defeated! What an intense, stressful, rewarding encounter! Even if I disconnected as loot was being rolled on, then also missed the cool RP thing that goes on in Dalaran when you turn in Reply Code Alpha.
On the 25-man front, we downed two more Hardmodes (Iron Council and General Vezax), which puts us at 6/9, and are now working on Freya. The new ilvl 245 gear from ToC sure helps with that. In the in-between time, we are working on the Conqueror of Ulduar title (which is the Immortal achievement of Ulduar), and only have a couple of the easier bosses left on that. We also cleared the 25-man Trial of the Crusader on the first night that Anub'arak was unlocked, and are currently making some attempts on the Hardmodes there.
That same night, after raid, we took a group into the 10-man Hardmode instance and cleared all the way to Anub'arak with 43 of 50 attempts still available, getting 3 more achievements along the way (I am now at about 6700 achievement points). Hopefully soon after I send this we will go in and finsh that off quickly, getting two of the Tribute achievements along with it.
All in all, I am not terribly impressed with the 10 man Hardmodes in comparison to Ulduar (even with current gear we wipe more in Ulduar than ToC), although the 25-man ones seem to be pretty challenging without being impossibly overtuned.
Anyway, I was wondering if Asheyo and Glanthur have stepped into the new raid, and if so, what you think of it. Also, have you thought of any incentive, like the epic flying reward, that would convince Aprillian to reach 80 instead of rotting at 77? I can't help gripping the steering wheel harder as I drive around and hear her listing her toons levels out, and they are always in the low 70s. Level 80 isn't all only raiding! Anyway, I won't waste too much energy on that.
Keep up the good work, and I hope you enjoy the new content (raiding and non-raiding).
Your friend,

Email #D from Kurly

Hey all six of you....I came across this today and thought that I would forward it on to you....seems that an actor has been tentativly cast as Arthas for the WOW Movie!!!
Email #D from Vala

Hello Valathilia Here :D

so let me to start off with another sorry but life has been real busy. but i sure miss talking to you guys lol. so i am now going back to a normal schedule. well this week i got exalted with undercity :) yay for me! but i dont want the undead horses lol the reason i got this rep up was because i am gonna make Vala a draenei female :D no longer will i serve the horde in my priestly ways. oh and i am 18 april just responding back to a couple of podcast ago. lol. but yes so once i switch i can go ahead and get my saber :D i been wanting one of those babies for a while now :D but no longer will i have my cool raptor from the trolls :( instead i get a dumb ram. no offsense to the dwarfs :) i mean really now i cant see my priest riding one of those babies lol.. oh and the new expansion i know i am porbably really really late to talk about it but at first i thought it was gonna kill the game but after talking it over with my friends it seems pretty great :D i am looking foward to being a worgen :) srry april and ashayo i betrayed the horde :( i just cant deal with it anymore lol my love is the alliance now. plus i dnt want a goblin on my team. its bad enough that we got orcs lol
welll love the podcast guys <3 keep p the great work
For the Alliance

Email #7 from Bidkar

Hi Ashayo, Glathur and Aprillian,

Bidkar, level 80 undead mage here. This week the mage just did dailies again. I'm still hoping for the polar bear mount from the Hyldnir daily quest.

I leveled my pally from 60 to 65. He's hanging out in the Terokar forest right now and I plan to move on to Nagrand once I finish there. After Nagrand, I should be able to go to Northrend, woot! My priest is languishing in an inn for awhile building up some rested xp. I leveled my warlock from 20 to 26. My druid merely checked the mail. I want to get the pally to Northrend, so the druid will need to wait. My hunter, Yancy, did some quests then went back for more rested xp building.

This week was a bit bittersweet. The sweet was "The Guild" started up again. I love their show and look forward to every episode. The bitter was the "How I WOW" podcast ended. I learned about this very funny lady April who triple boxed from this podcast, thus leading me to Ctr Alt Wow. I wish Patrick all the best at his new job at Blizzard.

I am sorry that my emails seem a little incoherent at times. Last week's made me cringe. My excuse is that I work about 70-80 hours a week and I write the email at the end of the week, so I am a bit tired and loopy at the time.

Thank-you Glanthur for answering my question last week too. I appreciate it very much.

For the Horde and for Glanthur!

Bidkar and his many alts

P.S. I am planning on dual boxing this week too. You guys make it sound like so much fun I want to try it for a month.

Email #8 from Syn

Hola leaders of the free-altaholics!
Syn here to drop some lines and talk of things happening during my week. I have made some changes on my accounts as of late. I have pulled Synrgy out of and moved to the Gnomeregan server to join some high school friends that is didn't know played the game. Not to fear though, my super sexy DK Synrox is still there to wreck some faces. Shout out to .
During the last week, I have been helping some friends work on their toons. Not just running instances, but working on their abilites and rotations in a raid or instance environment. I think a lot of people in the game do not get much help playing their toons once the reach the level cap. Killing mobs for quests to level and raid trash mobs in Ulduar are a completely different beasts. Helping someone refine their rotation and helping them understand there roles and abilities before going into a pug and getting called a noob is something I pride myself in doing. We completed a lot of heroics and did them quite easily without grabbing all the mobs with an AOE tank and well AOEing them down. Yes we actually did crowd control!
I would love to join you all and talk healing anytime you would like. Having healed everything in the game from Ragefire Chasm to Trials of the Grand Crusader, I think that am qualified to speak on behaif of all of those sexy resto shaman out there. You all rock and I will talk to you soon.
Synrgy Gnomeregan US

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