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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 135 - Last Call Extended by Two Days

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Thinking about the levels Vrishna will have to give. Want it to go to a class I couldn't normally level. Looked at what I had, lots of silly low levels, hunters & warlocks. Saw Shemain, level 17 Shaman. Decided to level her with another higher level alt. Brought out Primall, who used to be a bank alt but leveled with a previous RAF to 58. Was running Shemain to Stonetalon for a Shaman quest, Primall passed the Stable Master in Crossroads and decided to bring out a Wind Serpent. It was level 27 in the Stables, but when she brought it out, it was level 58, cool. (Purplevein put a dead pet in the stables).

Dinged 37 with Vrishna on Sebastian


Ashayo got the 200 tickets, the Autumnal Acorn Ale, and [Brew of the Year]

ToC 10 man
- Got down the faction champs and Lightbane/Darkbane
- Got down Anub'arak and cleared [Call of the Crusade] 10 man
- Won [Perdition] staff

- Won tier shadow priest leggings

Ulduar 10 - hard modes
- 2 towers up on Flame Leviathan
- Kill the heart on XT [Heartbreaker]

Ulduar 25
- Got as far as Mimiron. Bashed on for a few times, but MT kept getting dc/ed

Onyxia 25 man

Guppers - Took Jekle to heal (Won belt in VoA)

Pants on Head!
Pudendal continues to enjoy his foray into tanking. Started off in Northrend and tanked Utgarde Keep and Nexus.

Shadowthrone - Daily Heroic (UK) with PoH, Normal ToC - new head and chest peice

Levelling Alchemy on Ashariss

Questing with Asharis in Blades Edge Mountain. A bit harder with mobs 3 levels higher.

More Coren Direbrew multi-runs


Bladed Edge


Email #1 from Matdiox

Hey guys.
I just thought I'd let you know that I am missing WoW already :3 (How weak willed is that?!?)
Although I miss it I am sticking with Aion cause it is just ..... too ... good!

I love listening to the show and I am currently waiting for that point that I am so out of touch with WoW that you guys will mention something and I will just be like .... "Wuh?"

Lot's of love.
Mattdiox. (The mature english kid ;) )

I found someone that doesn't have Itunes ... I had to throw them out of the village.

Email #A from Kurly

So, I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news...I have tried Aion, and er, um, I ah.....kind of like it. Some wow buds were testing it on beta, and when it went live this past weekend I bought it and have been playing. I am happy to say that its a lot of fun and similar to wow to make it an easy transition, but different enought to make it fun an challenging. I am excited to be playing a cleric that that wear fun fun!
Okay...enough of that. I bit the bullet with my Druid by dumping Feral Cat, and going with boomkin. This after several weeks of mulling it over, pissing and moaning about all the time wasted....blah blah blah....logged on to talentchic...did the deed and jumped horns first into Alterac Valley to see what would happen. As a cat, she was in all Hateful gear, and a boomkin she is in all blues....and her DPS easily blew away cat DPS. Now, I know that this more a ME thing, as I have been one shot by Cats in the past. So I can only assume that boomkin is the way for me. My mouth nearly waters at the thought of what kind of DPS will be doing when I get her in some purples!! Please managing the gear is much easier with boomkin/tree v cat/tree.
So, that being may not be seeing quite as much of me but I will still be around and although Aion may be new and just aint WOW.
Peace and big long hugs and mason jars full of pretty bugs!!
Your bud...Kurly all still doing interviews with listeners??

Email #B Makling

hey guys, makiling here

thanks for picking me for the roll! im sure my co-worker will appreciate a free months worth of wow. as of writing, he has already upgraded his account to burning crusade, and his hunter is lvl 27. we haven't been playing together much, but i try to help him out whenever we're both online. he has been through wailing caverns and had finished most of the quest in the barrens. apparently, doing all the quests in a zone is his thing. i didn't want to give him gold, but i wanted him to have money to buy his first mount, so i suggested he go do gathering profs. i gave him a netherweave bag, and gave him some options: he can use it, or he can sell it in the AH for money to buy a mount and the rising skill. he went and sold the bag for 9g and had enough money to buy all the mounts available to him.

i really enjoyed hearing david's experiences in the game. when you've played as long as we have, the things in game become automatic and unremarkable. raiding becomes a numbers game, and running dungeons become as common an event as driving home. but hearing the experiences of new players, its almost as if i can see the game through their eyes and it makes the game look fresh once more. i get the same feeling when i talk about the game with my coworker. from the graphics to the mechanics, he is loving the game a lot. i really appreciated what you did for david by letting him run the instance first at par with his level before running him with your main. il probably do that with aaron so that he can experience the dungeons while he is at par with his level.

in other news, i got to do sarth 25 with 2 drakes and onyxia 25-man with my mage. we wiped a couple of times on both occasions, but was able to get the achievement for both. i won the gem bag from onyxia, bum am hopeful that the refurbished helm will drop for me someday

the priest i started with aaron is lvl 19, but im keeping him at that level because im planning on making her a priest twink, especially now with the ability to turn off exp gains. i want to experience what the all the fuss is with twinking ;-)

thats it for now,

for the horde! (and for glanthur)

Email #C from Nevik

/* Do not include this email in the weekly drawing */

Greetings again Aprillian, Ashayo, and Glanthur

After listening to the latest podcast I figured I'd share my own RaF experience. First I'll give a brief history to give my story a little bit more flavor. I've been playing WoW since launch and my wife has shown zero interest in joining my exploits in Azeroth.

She's not an anti-gamer as she enjoys puzzle games and assorted cute'sh games, but she does have a brief history with playing Diablo II and she is really looking forward to Diablo III. Yet she didn't share my interest in MMOs.

To her, my obsessive nature with MMOs turned her off to the idea, yet as I found more of a balance in my life with WoW I started to see a tiny interest grow within her. Granted that WoW has held my attention for close to 5 years now, I guess maybe it could just be pure curiousity (she is a psychology student afterall) but she shocked me when she asked about trying the game out.

I got her setup with a trial account and we rolled human warlocks on my sister's former server. Unfortunately I didn't get her trial setup through the RaF program, so I ended up having to send her a new trial and start over so we could make use of the RaF program. Fortunately we only made it to level 6 without it, so restarting wasn't a hard pill to swallow.

With the second trial we again rolled human warlocks as she was still not keen on rolling a "vanilla" horde race. We scorched through the beginning area and hit level 8 within an hour or two. Our second expedition also benefitted from her growing proficiency with movement, but unfortunately we got too busy to continue the journey before the trial ran out.

At that point she seemed indifferent to continuing the experiment, but there was just a shred of interest that gave me enough justification to go out and surprise her with the WoW:Battlechest and continue things proper.

We promptly rolled blood elves on my home server of Cenarius so I could more easily twink her out. This time I decided to create a new baby paladin to better compliment her warlock even though I already had a level 30 paladin. I figured I would just delete the new baby paladin when we dinged 30, and I could pick my old tankadin back up.

Having a better starter experience with the blood elf starting area in terms of quests and aethestic beauty was beginning to draw her in. We blew through the starting area and I could tell that my wife was getting more into playing but we ran into the problem of outleveling the content we were doing.

One really important thing that I discovered, as did Aprillian, is that it is /VITAL/ that your fledgling wow-playing significant other feels like they're contributing and not being taken a long for a ride. By outleveling the quests we were doing, I was killing things far too fast for her to get any enjoyment out of playing a warlock.

So instead of grinding the grey quests out for little reward in-game and out, I made the decision to start skipping them and move into level-appropriate content. For our blood elves this meant moving into the Ghostlands and this held an unexpected surprise for me: mushrooms all over the place. (My wife loves cute mushrooms)

My wife fell in love with the Ghostlands not only because of the mushrooms, but also because we were fighting level-appropriate mobs and her DPS became quite an asset to the quests we were doing. We were able to duo Luzran (a lv21 elite abomination) at level 19 and she felt quite a sense of accomplishment out of that even if she didn't yet completely comprehend the concept of elite mobs.

Unfortunately we work opposite shifts to better accomodate the day-care of our daughter so we haven't had much chance to play together since last weekend. Before we concluded our play session from last weekend we dinged 20 and trained our non-chocobo (that's a Final Fantasy reference Aprillian) mounts and proceeded out to Orgrimmar for Brewfest.

This weekend should prove to give us another opportunity to play together and I think she's on the verge of creating a new toon to play by herself when she gets a chance. I feel that it is just as important for her to explore on her own as it is for me to help guide her, so this bodes well for her acclimation to the game.

Okay, I'm getting a little long-winded so I'll save a detailed update of my own exploits in Azeroth for another day ... but I'll share something in brief, or as a teaser I suppose. I've decided to nurture my growing alt'ism by creating a shaman and sugar-momma death knight on Earthen Ring and joined the illustrious ranks of Alea Iacta Est.

Until then Lok'tar Ogar!

Nevik, Kroven and Schmelzen on Cenarius
Troven and Trovenia on Earthen Ring

PS. Great job Aprillian on pronouncing Schmelzen and glad the phrase "weaving in eviscerates" made you giggle!

Shout Outs & Thank You

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