Monday, October 12, 2009

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 136 - Easing our Brewfest Hangover with a Little Lore

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:


Did my favorite cooking daily on Auruk. Ledgermaine: cook 4 Northern Stews and find a jug of wine.

Took out Relaq, her hearth is in Shat, Scryer's tier. Very empty there.

Tried to do SFK with my level 48 Druid and had no idea what I was doing.

Can't sell damaged items on the AH

Hate the fact that expired recipes sales look the same as a sale

Installed new authenticator app

Wanted to do some new toon summoning for JT, had David create a toon and had Jyz summon his toon and he summoned my toon. Went to get the FP, no Green Exclamation mark. Toon already had FP to Shat from the Portal

Went crazy with RAF with David. Got so focused on getting up before it ran out. We decided to try Scarlet Monastery and died a lot

Running ZF over and over again on non rested XP --Sebastian and Vrishna ding 44

Sat night decided to farm leather in Shimmering Flats after going to Thrallmar to become a Master Skinner - Used triple boxing to summon


- Finally caved in and got Hiide to do Battle for Undercity.

Pants on Head
- Pudendal tanked half of Zul'Aman. Quite a bit tougher than Karazahn.
- Taking out alts and guildies to get the 20 slot bag from ZA
- Pudendal - Tanked UK, Azjol'Nerub at 71
- Gruul's Lair, one shot Mags with 15, and a bunch of people who hadn't done the cube clicking
Dinged 72

Raiding - 10 man

- Onyxia 10 man on Asheal - so of course Warlock head dropped
- Toc 10 man on Asheal. Got the faction champions down again. And cleared the instance again :)
- Ulduar 10 man on Ashayo - did some hard modes, and got as far as Mimiron
- Gods must want my priest to go shadow. Won gloves (2nd piece) of the Shadow set (Zabra's handwraps). Actually better than my healing gloves.

Raiding - 25 man
- DWP Ulduar 25 man - Mimiron down one shot
- Got Hodir down to 7% on 1st try. Got him down on 2nd try.

Special - Venture Bay
When I first encountered Venture Bay, the NPC was an alliance Westfall Brigade defender. So I just assume that was the alliance town in Grizzly Hills and never went back. Deadlyvyv was talking about the sigil he bought with venture bay coins, and it finally dawned on me that I'd missed an entire quest hub - and a daily quest hub at that.

[Grizzled Veteran] - 9 PvP daily quests.
Got 56 coins on first day, and bought a sigil

Which prompted me to find this mysterious log flume ride. It starts with Darok at the Blue Sky Logging grounds.
But when I try to use it, I get "You are busy and cannot use the taxi right now". No, I'm not in combat.

Levelled Ashariss to 67 ; heading to Netherstorm

- Asked Grimrok to prospect a whole bunch of saronite ore to get gems to help me level alchemy. Not only did he do that, but he sent me a whole swag of other gems to help as well. A very generous altaholic - 4 80's just in Pants on Head


Lore Segment - Uldum and Bael Modan


Email #A from Nevik

Greetings Ctrl Alt WoW crew,

It's your friendly neighborhood rogue Nevik weaving some more eviscerates into his weekly rotation. This time I'm going to try some brevity this week as I don't have much of a topic to be verbose with.

Life has been pretty hectic this past week and I don't have a whole lot of in-game happenings to report on. My wife and I got a couple hours in over the weekend and finished off most of the quests left in the Ghostlands. We're now debating between questing in Kalimdor or heading out to the Hillsbrad Foothills.

Barring too much alcohol consumption or Cenarius dying (the Whirlwind battlegroup has been very unstable this week) we're hoping to hit 30 this weekend so I can finally jump back to original tankadin. My wife has even logged in a couple times while I've been at work to explore Undercity and work on her herbalism.

I'm really hoping that we jump into a dungeon or two with other folks as I'm dying to get my tankage on. I've almost always been a DPS fiend and even my DK has been mostly DPS. Well that /was/ true but I've been working fiendshly to gear up my DK for being a tank (he's almost there @531 defense).

When 3.3 is finally dropped into our laps I will be immediately respecing my DK's tank spec to become a dual-wielding tank ... with dual Tankard O'Terrors. The image of tanking with two tankards just seems perfect to me so I made sure to obtain them for my DK.

Other than grinding regular Trial of the Champion on my DK, I spent some time on my rogue for dailies and even dusted off my priest for some time. Should the instance servers continue to act finicky I might be spending more time on my priest. I am feeling that urge to get her to 80 and start pvp'ng with her again.

Well that should be enough weaving for this week, I'm going to go attempt to hop on the PTR.


Email #1 from James

Greets and salutations,

I started playing WOW about 9 months ago. After deciding I liked the game I went looking for some podcasts to listen to on my way to work. Ctrl Alt Wow is best I've found so far. I like hearing real, though eccentric, people talk about playing the game. I am looking forward to the new lore segment. I am an old roleplaying gamer. I got my start with Role Playing games before we had computers. The back story was always an important element to any great gaming experience.

My only problem with the podcast is that my commute each way is about 30 minutes. A 30 minute podcast on WOW would be hard to do. There is too much going on in the game. A 1 hour podcast would be ideal. The 2 hour podcasts are too long, butI simply don't know what you could cut from show to shorten it. I like it all. Maybe I could try to find a longer commute, but that would cut into my playing time.

I have roughly 9 toons on the Kirin Tor server in the USA. I am currently concentrating on SilverDome a level 68 Dwarven Warrior, RubyDome a level 27 dwarven Hunter, and RavenWriter a level 20 Human Mage. The rest are anywhere from level 60 to level 10, there are just not enough hours in the day.

Keep up the good work.

Long Live the Alliance

Email #2 from Thoryx

Hi controlaltwow,

You asked in a recent show how Hunters can keep track of their ammo levels now that we don't need ammo pouches. I also had this problem and decided to do a little research and found the quick and easy solution WITHOUT the need of an addon. The regular WoW ui does it for you. Just drag any of your ammo icons from your bags to an open hot bar space. I did that and quickly discovered that I had 4,000+ bullets in my bags. I was afraid that the basic WoW ui would only count up to 1,000 but that's not the case after all. So there you have it, a quick and easy solution to never running out of ammo unexpectedly. Thanks for a great podcast!

77 Dwarf Hunter on Greymane

Email #3 from -Fayth

I have to apologize, I haven't written for a long time! I even have about three weeks of show archives to check up on! :( Life kinda picked me up by the foot, shook me really hard and then flung me against a wall! o.O But I should have Glanthur's pics sent later this week ... I am *so* sorry it's taken me this long!

Hope you three are doing well, and I look forward to catching up on the podcast!!


Comment #4 from Gnomer

A thought about your forgotten skills.

It was a pain even when respecing at 80...

if you are leveling a toon, as I am currently,especially if it's dual spec, it's a complete nightmare.

I have been using a mod called Learning aid (some info here at an old post of mine:

Use it and you problems will disappear...

Gnomer and Out!

Email #

Shout Outs & Thank You

Thank you #1 from Karen

Hey Ctrl-Alt-Wow Crew,

Karen, here, sending out a belated thank you for the birthday shout out you gave me almost 2 months ago. It really made my day and helped lift my spirits during a trying time.

Hopefully, that stress is behind me and I've adjusted my work-life a bit to decrease the stress and give me more time for the important things in life: family, friends and WoW.

I've had more time to play lately and am getting back into the game. Still only have two 80's. Those two are busily grinding gold and champion's seals at the Argent Tournament and handing out goodies like heirloom items to the next toons in line. I'm working on leveling my resto/boomkin druid, he's become my favorite toon, a tauren whose nickname is Gentle Bin. He enjoys blowing things up and healing in equal amounts.

I'm looking forward to Cataclysm and, yes, most of my guild (4 out of the 5) have already reserved names for our Worgen and our Goblin.

Thanks for creating an awesome podcast every week. Ctrl-Alt-Wow goes to the top of my podcast list whenever it shows up.



Hello all,
hope you are all doing well and sorry for not emailing for the last episode.

In my wowing, on my priest Moheal, on feathermoon (check him out on the armory, he just shinned his tusks :)) I finally made the executive decision to go back to holy so I am dual speced disc and holy and let me tell you, HOLY HEALS!
I missed the holy spec! I had mentioned before, I leveled holy up to 76 and in the time I was disc/shadow spec, I tried and tried to get used to shadow spec but just could not enjoy it. Cannot explain but somethings are meant to be and well some not like shadwo spec!
If you have played holy spec on a priest at level 80 you will know what I am talking about and if you have not played a priest at level 80, let me tell ya!!! It is so fun to throw a renew on a party member and have it be enough to heal them, oh but wait, its even better to flash heal on an avg of 6-8000!!! now that is fun and AWESOME
BUT WAIT there is more
How about when you greater heal (is that what is called?!) for crits of 22-24000!!! OH SNAP Holy moheals!!!!
Yes I enjoy healing is that so wrong :)
Now I wonder how that rates with other purpled out healers? Please let me know if I am below avg or soso healer, just based on the numbers.
For you three and the listeners, please let me know your opinion and how do you grade your healing?

Now I have a question, how do you judge on your performance, when you are healing? I have been trying to grade myself since i have good gear now (as good gear does make it so much easier) and of course try to get better where I can.
I think for a healer a top grade should be given to how the tank or raid heals are going = did the tank die and was it the healers fault? I have to say before I was at fault many many times but lately, like the past 2 weeks, in Onyxia (which we downed in about 3-4 tried, very fun) Ulduar a few times, Naxx and of course Heroics, I would say just a few times I was at fault for losing the tank.
Hey I dont think that is too bad, is it?!

Another way is through recount or any dmg/healing meter and through numbers out at people, like I did above :(
Now I have not posted the heal meter to my groups but for my own personal interest and because I have no other way to see how I am doing, I have been #1 ever since I switched to holy spec!!! isnt that cool! :)
before I would at best be #2 as disc spec.

Well, I think that is enough on mohealing. :)

Because my priest has no dmg spec, I moved my hunter to Feathermoon too, her name was Mochi but I have to change her name and I also dual speced her survival and beast mastery. I will be using my hunter to make some gold as raiding/heroics is not cheap (buying flasks and gemming up your gear is not cheap!).

Well hope you are all well and hope your dental surgery is much better now Aprillian.

Take care all and happy wowing!!!

(oh I was finally able to do For the Horde!!! on moheal yesterday but on a rp server it is not as fun as it is on a pvp server, still fun to get the bear mount :))

Mohammad Ouranos

Thank you #2 from David

Hey guys and gal,

Sorry it took so long to write this, but things have been hectic. I wanted to write and thank you all for your donation to Extra Life. It is much appreciated and rest assured all 24 hours will be played lol. Also I would like to let you know that I will be making hourly updates on my blog on the day of the marathon at I realized today that I was not following Glanthur on Twitter. I remedied that and I am now following each of you. Keep those shows coming and I'll be listening.

Thank You Again
David Davis

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