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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 144 - Alliance, Friend or Foe?

Aprillian, Glanthur and Ashayo discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

We talk with Nevik about his guildmate and friend Killdawabbit who recently passed away. His tribute can be fount at:

What We've Been Doing:

Aprillian & Vrishna

Do I still need to bother with my Titansteel CD?

Thanks to Pugcast, I now have 2 new accounts with RAF on them. Actually Vrishna referred me, then I referred another account. Levelled two toons to 20 and then joined one of Virshna's in WC

Alliance in Charred Vale; do they even have quests there?

Power Levelling Prilly & Prills so that Prilly can give levels to Virinya. Took P&P in to 10k to do some quests there. Conquered my fear of heights there.

Hooked up with Virinya and was going to do a dungeon but ended up going to Shimmering Flats and doing all quest on all 3 toons.

Why do Prills & Prilly run slower than Virinya?

Friday, Ashenvale, love it.

Used the in game chat.

In Scarlet Monastary Sun - [Bloody Brass Knuckles] = Unarmed combat?


Found that I didn't have Brilliant Spellthread tailor pattern despite being exalted with Argent Crusade. Check your reps!
Run on Dalaran Cooking Awards in the reward bag continues!

Finished at Mt Hyjal

Black Temple - 3 bosses down

Crazy Train - 10 man Naxx
- Cleared Arachnid and Plague quarters
- epic Safety Dance - 14 min, 18 sec

ToC 10 man, easy mode. Cleared. Onyxia too. 4 seconds off speed kill.

Onyxia , Ulduar 25 - FL, Razorscale, XT, Kologarn

Guppers 25 man Ulduar
- Up to XT - wipe at 6%. Got him 2nd go around.

Hunter dings level 10 - trained a cat

Plenty of tanking practice on Pud, including H DTK, ToC a-plenty, and a frustrating attempt at H HoL.

Revered with Argent Crusade - head tank enchant, mace, JC design


It has been the week of the long knives at Jeppy manor. Many a brave toon has felt the humiliation of being stripped of all their worldy goods and left destitute and naked in whatever town they call home.

This is all part of project what was I thinking! All the gold and stuff has been filtered back to those who will be making it to through to the next round of toon idol.

On Tuesday I spent a wee while on JubJub and the wave of friendliness made me feel so happy. I will definitely be pushing the 3 level 73 DKs upto 80 in the near future (or at least 2 of them)

However my initial focus is going to be on a 2 man NELF hunter team (Karlayne and Farlayne) over on Boulderfist. Currently they are both level 63 and hitting outlands. Flying at 60 has been a real joy. Suffered several serial gankings but am taking it on the chin.

I will move between them and Boulderfist team 2. These are human pallys (Saxxon and Britannic). Currently sat at 64 but still in hellfire.

I still have the RAF itch and have a couple of unactivated accounts but have so far resisted. Not sure how much longer that will last though.


Email #1 from Makling

hey guys, makiling here

i was finally able to listen to your latest episode after what seemed like forever before the podbean servers came up. it was great hearing from jeppy again.

regarding the druid questions from Leralonde, i would really want to help her dps but my druid is still level 67 and have not had all the abilities unlocked. im sure the rotation i have now will change for when i hit 80, so maybe i can talk about that when that happens.

i was able to get the pilgrim title on my mage, and leveled cooking on my priest. i had a ton of stuff happening irl, so i wasnt able to take advantage of the easy cooking levels on all my toons.

but i did get the venomhide ravasaur on my druid so i can finally get rid of the kodo. i like the kodo, but not on taurens. they're too big to properly fit through doors, and although that was funny for a while, it got really annoying really quick.

now that the pilgrims week is over, i can focus on leveling my druid. she's halfway through 67, and hopefully she'll hit northrend soon. i remember not too long ago when i was writing to you that my priest was about to hit northrend. and now my third toon is about the get there too /reminisce

thats all from me for now,

for the horde!

Email #A from Bidkar

Greeting Ashayo, Aprillian and Vrishna(and Glanthur in abstentia)

Bidkar the 80 mage here. I haven't done much in game the last few weeks but here's the big run down. This is a reworking of a previous email that I didn't get off in time before.

I leveled my hunter, Yancy, from 4 to 20. I am surprised by how much I like playing a hunter. I have picked out a wolf for my pet. I named her Lucy after my dog who passed away. The wolf does funny things just like she used to do and the random howl is great. I have a cat named "Ookla", but I basically have the cat just so I can name it "Ookla"(from Thundarr the Barbarian, the coolest cartoon ever!) Leveled up my druid to 37. I want to level him faster just because I really want the druid flight form, it looks so cool.

I leveled my warlock, Allerea, from 27 to 61. I have her "twinked" out in a heirloom shoulders, chest, staff and trinkets. She's sitting in Thrallmar right now working on her rested xp. There is no way I'm going thru Outland on regular xp. The only zones I like are Nagrand and Zangarmarsh and I want to be done by the time I finish Nagrand.

I moved my death knight from Auchindoun to Borean Tundra to be with my mage. She has the inscription skill and I didn't want to level that up again. I guess I'm staying on Borean Tundra. I like Auchindoun better, but I am too much of a wimp for PVP! I had to change her name though. She was named Viha (Finnish for anger) but they said I couldn't use that name so now she is Altheah. She is only level 70 so I take her out to the Sholazar Basin to pick her herbs. Lots of Adder's tongue and lots of neutral mobs, can't beat that! I don't plan on leveling her unless I run out of things to do. I just can't get into that Death Knight groove.

I've been doing dailies on my mage and paladin. I've cut down to doing just the Argent Tournament dailies. I can't take that rep grind anymore. I would rather not play the game than do reputation grinds. The tournament gives me the Champion Seals I can use to buy the heirlooms for my alts. I like the game when I'm leveling my alts and professions and that's how I will be playing for awhile.

Thanks for the follow Ashayo! I didn't think I would like Twitter, but it's kind of fun!

Great show every week, keep up the good work!

For the Horde and For Glanthur!

Bidkar and his many alts.

Email #B from Nevik

Greetings Aprillian, Ashayo, and Vrishna

I'm not sure what happened, but it appears my last email was eaten by the internets, so even though this is now 2 shows late I wanted to wish Aprillian a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on dinging 80! (Has Ashayo bought you a mechano-hog yet?) With that order of business squared away let's get on with the email.

I wanted to once again thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to share and celebrate the life of my friend, Killdawabbit. It hasn't been easy, but the support I've received has been touching and has uplifted my spirits. Killdawabbit will always live on in my heart and his life has inspired me to live life to the fullest.

As you might gather, this past week has not given me much opportunity to log in and play. Instead I've been working hard to finish up the tribute site to honor Killdawabbit. I'll soon be back in-game especially since patch 3.3 is just around the corner.

So until next time, lok'tar ogar!


PS. I promise to keep reminding my wife, Avarynne, to keep writing in.

Email #2 from Patrick

hey guys, this is Patrick (from Bank of America). haven't wrote in a while.

I just moved my level 40 pally from Wyrm' Rest to Earthen Ring !! his name is Pilgander

I am hoping to join AIE, if you will have me back

I am loving the pally

Best Regards

Shout Outs & Thank You


Hello all,
hope your Thanksgiving was a great one and for all people outside of the US hope your past week was great!
Of course I did pig out with a feast in real life however with a real life curse/illness whichever you wish to call it my wow time was pretty much down to just a few log ins in the past week.
I have had this bad cough which turned out to be bronchitis which basically makes you cough your lungs out and in turn gives a nice headache and back pain.
But feeling better today and hope I can get some wow time in this week.

I did part of the Pilgrims bounty, made some of the recipes but that is pretty much it, another seasonal achievement not completed by mo, its a theme, a reoccurring theme but its ok, what is the end achievement for the bounty anyways?
I Had read some tweets about people getting a turkey pet, was that it?

I will keep it short this week as I do not have much else to say about my wow time.
As for non-wow, I briefly tried Star Trek Online, I mean real brief, about 5-10 min :)
It looks ok, very laggy, so it has a long ways to go.

Also me and my brother hooked up the old school sega console and had some fun with that Thursday.
Too bad we dont have an atari I would totally play that as well.

What old school game (s) do you all like?

I may get Diablo II again as I have lost the game or perhaps warcraft III :)

V the show finished its brief 4 episode 2009 season and I liked it a lot, still like it over Flashforward.
I am also a big fan of Lost and 24.

Well that is all Mo wrote, I will have a more interesting email to you next week and will be all healed up to do the healing as I usually do. Just wish sometimes we had a healing potion in real life, Im not kidding!
Tell me you would not drink it when you are getting a sore throat or something.

Have a great week and thank you to Ctrl Alt Wow


Shout out for

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