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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 146 - My Cute Little Red Hat

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 146 - My Cute Little Red Hat

Aprillian, Ashayo and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 1 - Intro 23Dec06

What We've Been Doing:


Ran Defeat the boss encounters in Halls of Stone with Fuskami, Gristlmist, Raiff


Changed cloth Specialization from Shadoweave to Spellweave for 170g - Eternal Fire is 30g, Eternal Shadow less than 10g (edited 12/17/09 - Eternal Shadows went up)

Was in aielfg when a guildie asked if I wanted to do a Random Pug
Innus was awesome. We had some problems with people dropping after a bad wipe. Got a winter's hat from Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom.


Crystalsong carrots show up on mini map for herbalist as logn as you have the quest.

Finally completed [At The Enemy's Gates] thanks to Bubbjob, couldn't get the 3 lt's. Getting the hang of jousting though, keep those shields up

Aprillian cleared out Belfs, didn't upgrade

Aprillian & Vrishna

Vriinya, Prills & Prilly quested in Tanaris a bit. Finished Uldum quest line.

Training and levelling Rogues on RAF


Crazy Train
Gluth - very pleasing to get down after several attempts at controlling the zombie chow
Thaddius - Great to get him down on 2nd try
Spider wing - Hyp crazy dps - 4k. Took down Anub with one insect swarm
Faerlina down with 2 worshippers left
Hilarity ensues with safety dance. Hyp and Grim are big negative nellies!

DwP 10 man
Ashayo won new staff off Anub - Perdition
Onyxia - head (new ring) and bag!
Ignis - weekly raid quest. Speed kill (under 4 minutes. Got it by 1-2 seconds) 3800dps on Ignis fight

ICC 10 man
Lord Marrowgar down! (after a 3% wipe)
Lady Deathwhisper - progress, but losing control of the adds. (5100dps on Deathwhisper. down to 11% mana shield)
Friendly with The Ashen Verdict. Free i251 ring that gets upgraded like Kara

DwP 25 man
Jekle - VoA, Onyxia = won [Stormrage Crown]. Looks rediculous
Weekly raid - Ignis. Remembered at 20% that I didn't have the quest.

Did the new ICC 5 man instances.
Pit of saron - interesting open plan
Halls of Reflection. Got through right to the end and died as Lich King arrived

AIE - 11 mechano hogs and 16 glacial bags

Pants on head - FL in Ulduar

Random heroic - UK.
Annoying bug/behaviour of switching from heroic to normal. Tried H ToC - Defeated by Paletress yet again :(

Started winters veil - ran nexus to get the group hats
Winter's Veil - tough getting 50 kills as a DK. Zooe suggests Wintergrasp, but haven't timed that.


My week can be summed up in 1 word professions. Still focusing on my Alliance side I now have spread over 8 characters all the professions covered. All at 375+ except engineering (212) and Inscription (137).

I seem to be making WoW a single player experience with every move.

To make the most of rest I have given my hunters the week of and started leveling a post 60 paladin team and a mage.

Not sure why but have had an increased amount of gankage especially on the lower teams. I think it is because my playtime has been slipping from off peak to peak.

Not yet started the winters veil stuff and not 100% sure I will bother. I don't seem inspired by holidays and achievements except maybe the mental ones (loremaster, explorer etc)

Had come back for 7 days offers for several dormant accounts and plan to do it when old Grandfather Winter starts chucking out presents.


Email #1 from Makling

hey guys makiling here,

i had just listened to your show, and its really nice to hear that everyone is enjoying the new patch. as of writing, the feast of winters veil has started on our oceanic realm and i myself have started catching up on the achievements that i had missed last year. because if im getting the violet proto-drake, its going to be on my mage. so i went and did the ogrila bombing achievement using some preserved holly from last year, and did the dalaran snowman dancing. i still have to do the cooking achievements, some dungeon farming for the winter hat, and a couple more that requires running around northrend. but the holiday lasts till the new year, so i hope i get the achievement before it ends.

i had just recently done all 3 of the new heroic dungeons. i must say, seeing arthas in the halls of reflection was pretty cool, and the chase at the end of the instance sent my heart pounding as i healed my party members.

by the way, i saw that aprillian did the normal versions of POS and FOS, and i really like your new wand! were you fortunate enough not to die in the instance, or were you lost (like me) in looking for the entrance to the ice crown instances? im finding that this is a common side effect since blizzard started teleporting players to the inside of the dungeon.

ever since my druid dinged 70, i started thinking of what i would do with her heirloom shoulder and chest pieces. that is when i decided to make a new alt: a female troll rogue. but then i started buying heirloom weapons and offhand weapons! i had to stop myself because i felt i was spreading myself too thin across my toons. so i now i have her parked in razor hill, kissing the winter revelers for snowballs and mistletoe while waiting for my druid to ding 80.

thats all from me for now. looking forward to your anniversary show =)


First I want to give a HUGE shout out to these three folks whom I just spent 6+ hours doing random heroic dungeons with:

Beasly (paladin)

Bloodgiver (deathknight)

Mccavity (warlock)

all of the Bloodhoof realm. We completed so many dungeons, so many achievements, and we had a blast doing so. It's a shame they're not on the same realm as I am, and if it weren't for other social ties I would probably have done a realm transfer already (well that is if there weren't BoE's Pants on Head guild either, I'd love to transfer to there too). This new dungeon finder is such a terrific add to the game. There should be a "copy character" feature so I could play on different realms without having to re-level yet another character, or the ability to first choose what character I want to play and then which realm I wish to play it on. Though I don't think that would probably work too well.

Anyway, you all continue to put out an awesome show. I'm so sad to not hear Glanthur around anymore. I hope he doesn't end up like Blade - just leaving without a trace. I'll offer to buy him a few months of WoW time to get him back, maybe throw in a pet or two? Just because he's taking a break from WoW doesn't mean he can take a break from us, right? On the flipside it's great to listen to eljeppy and vrishna (spellings may be in error). Now we just need a show with everyone from Ctrl Alt Wow and BoE. Oh the shenanigans! Throw in those Addicted guys too. Plans for the 200th episode perhaps?

I think you all are due for another small donation too...

Email #2 from Pird

Hey there Fab Four,

Pird here just dropping you a line. Life on Jubi boobie is wonderful. Nothing like a great group of people to make the game even more fun. This week was full of new stuff. With the patch dropping there was loads to do. Loving the new instances and the LFG. Working towards the pug pet, even though I'm told that I'm terrible because I don't do what the others in the group want, but bah it's fun to sit back continue hitting things and watch the whining flow. Oh well thanks for the great show and love the new addtions. Merry Christmas to all and all a good epic drop.


Level 80 Pally Jububu Adodo server

Email #B from Blade

Greetings from the Shadows!

Upon listening to episode 145, I heard Ashayo inquire about the mailbox, auction house and bank in the sewers of Dalaran.
I felt obligated to respond, if only to clarify a fact about them.
They are not new. My friend... they have been down here for quite a long time now... if my memory serves me correctly, patch 3.1 had them installed.
Perhaps he has been in the upper part of the city for too long that he could not see through the shadows... something I would expect from as noble and courageous a soul as Ashayo... whereas I will remain where it is that *I* feel secure... safe in a shroud of darkness, the shadows enveloping me like a protective cloak.

I remain watchful,



Email #C from Nevik

Greetings Ctrl Alt Wow crew,

Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary! While I might have only discovered your podcast relatively recently, you've already made me a lifelong fan. I remember that one of the first shows I listened to Aprillian was having problems with her audio levels and thought to myself "this is rubbish!"

But I stuck with it, (how could anyone not with Ashayo's sultry voice?) and now your podcast is easily one of my favorites. I love you guys and hope you never stop podcasting!


Email # 3 from Bidkar

Subject: Misty Watered Colored Memories

Merry Christmas CtrlAltWow Crew!

Bidkar, mage, Borean Tundra here. I didn't do much on my mage this week. I just ran some of the Winter Veil quests and called it good. My paladin took a rest too. He did hit exalted with the Sons of Hodir, but it was entirely coincidental. I use him to go out there and farm for eternal fire. I just kept turning in the relics of ulduar he picked up each time and ding he got it. He also is now exalted with the Argent Crusade.

My warlock, Allerea, leveled from 61 to 70 in the last two weeks. She's in Dalaran now. I'm just doing the jewelcrafting and cooking dailies on her so she can work on her rested xp. I have spent most of my time this week dancing in Dalaran disguised as a snowman.

My hunter is out to Bloodhoof. If anybody plays on Borean Tundra, I'm that idiot tauren hunter jumping around that lake with his wolf. I think the area around Bloodhoof is the prettiest in the game. I like to go out there just to act stupid now and again. My druid is also working on his rested xp.

I'm done buying the books of Glyph Mastery. My death knight has learned all the books and just has the Northrend research to finish. I forget to do the research most of the time, so it's slow going.

I also hit my anniversary in Wow last week. I now have been playing for one year. I think I'm doing ok. I'm still having alot of fun!

You asked for some of our favorite memories of CtrlAltWow for your anniversary, so here we go.

One that sticks in my mind was Aprillian munching away on some cookies she had just baked and she explained how she buys the dough and just loved the cookies. I have a feeling she has done that more than once. Things like that give the podcast a nice and homey feeling.

A memory I have of Glanthur is when that twit said that he was childish. That was so funny because I thought just the opposite of Glanthur. I always pictured Glanthur as this sophisticated fellow sitting in his library sipping on brandy reading Moliere. Occasionally he breaks out a dwarf hunter just to see how the other half lives. Glanthur took that insult with grace and aplomb. By the way I always pictured Ashayo as Ward Cleaver in a cardigan. He seems so fatherly and patient. Since Tempest always talks about how good looking he is, I kind of evolved him into Hugh Jackman in a cardigan. I always pictured Aprillian as this carefree spirit like Cindy Lauper in the "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" video and still think of her like that, except with dreadlocks(much cooler than orange hair).

My favorite memory of Ashayo is when he gave that great tip about doing the ebonweave at the Maw of Neltharion. I didn't have the skill to make the cloth when he told that tip, but I remembered it when the time came. He always has such sage advice.

Another that sticks with me is a recent event dealing with Vrishna. I love how much he enjoys his Hand of Reckoning. I wish I received that much fun from it.

I also loved it when El Jeppy said how many alts he had. I was struck with awe. El Jeppy is my hero.

That's it for now. Thank you so much for making such a fun podcast.

I hope everybody has a nice Christmas. Aprillian, thank you for all the pictures of Christmas trees you post on Twitter. I love Christmas trees, it's so nice to see so many different ones.

For the Horde and for Glanthur

Bidkar and his alts


Hello everyone and hope everyone is staying warm and having fun in and out of game.

I have been having a great time in wow with the new instances and the new LFG. I still do not know how to look for a pug raid but that is ok I will figure it out :)

I really like the 3 new instances on regular and Heroic; it is allowing my ungeared characters to get some gear to be able to get into heroics and other places.
And of course on my priest healing has been GRRRRREAT!!!! (please read it like the tiger from the kelog commercials :))

Of course it is great when guild runs go well but LFG has been fantastic!
Being paired up with dps that is in the 3k + and tanks that can tank! what a concept!!!!

This past week I missed our guild run of 10-TOC and Onyxia because of work functions :(
Work always seems to get in my wow time, not cool!!!
But its ok they had fun and were able to complete it with little difficulty.

We have a few Shammys (dps and healing ones) that can dps in the 4k's and 5k's!!!
That is incredible !!!
So basically good times in wow for me.

I maybe opening up my 2nd account to do some fun dual boxing, as I really want to get my mage to 80, right now she is at 66
I dont know if I am alone on this but LOVE me some free mage food!!
I still for some reason have some issues running 2 wow's on my laptop, I know there has to be a way I can tweak my video car setting to allow me to do that without minimizing all the video setting in wow and to take off addons.

Ok back to work for Mo, need to place people to work!

Have a great time everyone,
Thank you as always to the Ctrl Alt Wow crew, we love your cast and attitudes.




Shout Outs & Thank You

Thanks from Soladar


This is Solador, and I just listened to the episode and I heard I won!!! Right before the roll I was very upset for I heard that you were rolling and thus knew I would be cheated of my crappy Ashayo roll! Luckly your rolling was just as bad lol.

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  1. I liked the new podcast (as usual). One of my favorite parts was when you all were talking about dingos eating babies. And Ashayo said it's ok, they can just make more. I snorted in the elevator going to work. Thanks guys!