Monday, May 24, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 168 - Oops We've RAF'ed it Again

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator, they are back in the store.

Logo Contest - Win a Celestial Steed courtesy of Juuno.

What We've Been Doing:

Ran Scarlet
Spent frost badges on a new belt for Aprillian. Went from Strip of Remorse to Belt of Omission

Got Aprillian to 60 Champion seals and 200 stonekeeper shards. To buy some Heirlooms. Found out DK's has to be 60 to transfer. My Night Elf DK was close to 60, 2.5 bubbles away.
Aprillian & Vrishna
New RAF - Aprilian Referred AprilWow1
AprillianWow1 Referred VrishnaWow1
VrishnaWow1 Referred AprilWow2


Crazy Train
- Clearing through to Rotface pretty easily now (so 6 out of the 12 bosses). Working on Dreamwalker. Still having the occassional fun wipe at 1% or lower
- Gratz to Zooey who won 4 bits of loot in first 3 bosses

- Been working on Sindragosa. Last week we were consistantly getting her to about 10%. Tried zerg method (ignoring ice blocks), but didn't have DPS
- Solador pulling 23.5k dps on Sindragosa trash
- 16%, <1%, DEAD!
- Had to go back and clear rest of bosses, and now working on the Lich King

Weekly Raid Quests
- Anub'Rekhan in 45 seconds
- Pud/Ashariss - Patchwerk weekly
- Marrowgar has been weekly on Jubei'thos, making it tough to get on alts.

HoS coming up as "random" time after time.
Tried random on Pud - got HoR. Tried but failed. Disbanded and requeued - got HoR. Swapped to alts - got HoR. !!!

Ashariss - Spent about 900 stone keeper shards that were collecting dust to buy 52,000 honor - and upgraded neck item from i200 to i264. Might be meant for PvP, but everything on it is a massive upgrade, even for PvE

Pud - 56k honor and 1700 stone keeper shards. What to do with them?

Ashield - Oracle dailies - the hare gives you a speed boost. Revered with Oracles - bought 1st egg.

AT dialies - the Converted heroes can be pulled 1 at a time even in a pack, as long as they arnt' moving

Pud - [Looking for multitude] - got my perky pug and plenty of pets ach.

Ashariss - Pit of Saron - Engraved Gargoyle Femur - massive staff upgrade. Gave me the [Epic] achievement

Asheal - VOA 10 with Acaldraa

Ashield - HoS. Dings 79

PoH - Pud ICC 25- Exalted with Ashen Verdict. Marrowgar down after a rough start. Won i264 tanking legs


Email #1 from Zakoo

Hey its Zakoo..I love the podcast, you guys bring me many hours of laughter..About a month ago I bought vanilla wow for my girlfriend..In about a week her 30 days will be up, im trying to convince her for me to buy the month for her but she won't allow it. I think she will accept it, if it was a gift. so i come to you if i can compete in you free month of wow. Love the podcast, FOR THE HORDE (ps, i also listen to ctrl alt trek, great job on the podcast)

Email #A from Ma Kee Ling

hey ctrlaltwow crew!

im really happy for all of the mage love that you gave in the last episode :-) you last show was really really funny! i was giggling all throughout my morning commute. i hope you can get molly back in the show again. especially tempeste, her voice sounds really hot ;-)

i havent been doing much in game (aside from leveling my alliance toons via dungeon finder), but i just wanted to chime in and tell you guys that i love you show and i look forward to hearing more every week.

i feel im in a point in the game where factions do not matter as much as when i started playing. the most important thing in game for me now is to have fun, regardless of weather it with my horde or alliance toons. who knew i would end up like this?

thats it from me for now. thank you vrishna for having my back when it comes to pronouncing my name ;-)

for the WoW!

Email #2 from solidratt

hi solidratt here from warsong well i have be lessening for 1 month and find i never get tiered of all your funny banter! i gust wish you made 2 pod-cast a week so i would have more to listen to me and my Friends have a little guild called clan of the moo bear! there is only three of us but we have fun and have Meany alts we love to take are time to go Thur dungeon but find that we all ways run in to that one warrior or death night that just has to run Thur it as fast as possible we will ask them to slow down but that do not so we ask them to slow down or die lol and as all ways They die and say NICE TANKING or NICE HEALING and we just laugh and they leave well it mite be mean but we just want to have fun and not be rushed well i got to go well have fun with your alts solidratt FOR THE FUN !!

Email #3 from Hibblo

Hey Ctrl Alt WoW guys and girl Hibblo here again just emailing you back to let you know the 80's I have are Hibblo 80 paladin and Óren 80 Death Knight but I am more then willing to level my horde paladin instead of being a weirdo looking Dreani, thanks for reading out my last email love the show, Hibblo level 80,Deathwing Server EU

Email #4 from Christina

Dear Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy and Vrishna:

Greetings, my name is Christina Brown. I am a new listener. I heard about your podcast from an acquaintance of mine last week during a 'Ladies of Leet' U-Stream session. I do not know if I should enter the contest since I am a new fan. But if I am not intruding, I would love to tell you some of my WOW story.

I have been playing WOW since January 2008. I have 3 main toons: a lv 80 destro lock main, a lv 80 mutilate rogue, a lv 72 feral tank main/resto offspec druid, and a future, non-existent discipline priest (hopefully by lv 80 she will be discipline pve main/shadow pve off-spec)

You can call me a casual/end-raid gaming kind of gal. I quest. I pvp bgs. I pwn. I pretty much do anything except achievement farming. I find it very time-consuming. I have done TOC, some ulduar, naxx, and barely got around ICC because as of February 4, 2010, I took my break. Since my graduation from college last May, I have been unemployed. I have volunteer work now, but I have yet to land a paying internship or job so I had to leave WOW. Although I have not been on WOW for over three months does not mean I am not aware of the new changes to Cataclysm and the 3.3.1-3.3.3 patches. I even blogged my own Catalysm recommendations. Every week, I go on, WOW forums, and listen to WOW podcasts like Ctrlarlwow for the latest developments.

If I were to win or given a chance to win a month's worth of WOW, I want to come back fresh and ready to roflmaopwn people and end-game content. I would level my feral/resto offspec druid to lv 80, level my druid's enchanting and inscription professions to 450 and possibly start making Darkmoon cards to sell and give to my main toons, level a discipline priest in preparation for Cata, play some bgs, obtain new ICC 10 and 25 gear, and start earning more gold. I would play when I do not have volunteer work every week to keep me happy and busy. So this is my WOW story. I look forward to becoming a fan! FOR THE ALLIANCE! ^_^

Sincerely Yours,

Christina Brown (Blog) (Twitter)

Email #B from Kurly

Hey folks....tis yer old buddy Kurly here!! I hope all has been well!! So, my altaholizim has reached a new high (or ow depending how you look at it). As I have mentioned before my home guild is on Norgannon and me and a core group of 4-6 have a great time running together in our guild Rabid Kittens. I have ten toons in that guild. I decided to turn on my own horde guild for those times when I feel like running alone (usually while I am watching recorded programs on my DVR) so I have a little Horde guild on Ysondre, Living Dead Gurls, with six toons. One of my guild mates in Rabid Kittens decided he was tired of loosing in PVP and rolled a horde guild on Anderhol, so I naturally created toons in his guild to show my support! I have four toons over there.

As all but one of those toons are female I decided to roll all male toons on another server, creating five Horde and five Alliance on Earthen Ring. I was careful to create only one of each class and race, and i level those toons here and there. Every class that can be a tank I am going to roll as a tank, as taking is the one role I have been avoiding.

Um.....thirty toons.


You all are the best!!

Peace and hugs and brightly colored bugs!!



Email #5 from Parxyr

Hello Ctrl+Alt+WoW!

I won't address anyone by name as there have been recent concerns over who gets the nod first in an e-mail intro. :)

I recently stumbled upon your podcast and I just wanted to say thank you for the ongoing saga of open debate and humor over the wonderful world of alts, err, warcraft. You guys add a very welcomed discussion and occasional dysfunction that is light hearted and spirited, and steps away from the elitist conversations that happens on so many other discussions on the topic of WoW. I think that some people manage to forget that at the end of the day this is a game we are playing and not a second job. The game was designed to be fun, and it actually saddens me a bit to know that there are people out there that have simply forgotten this fact.

I did want to respond to a topic covered in a recent episode regarding angst-ridden reactions to potential newb grouping elements in the LFD world we now live in. As someone who started as a Night Elf Hunter then ran through several instances as a follow-along DPS'er DK that has transitioned into the tank role in my recent alt (a mid-70's BElf Prot Pali running around on Alexstraza trying to find the pew-pew button), I'm actually discovering what it means to really run through a dungeon for myself. I'm not the dungeon leader by any stretch of the imagination as I'm trying to re-learn the fights with a controlling and positioning eye rather than a "ooh, look at the shiny" and "keep out of the black spot of death" eye. In that vein, I would hope that people could all just relax for a few short moments and have a sense of patience for those trying on new roles. We were all newb's once, some of us perpetually so as we keep rolling alts and trying different specs. People just take a moment, smell the freshly rotting corpses in the Plaguelands, and have fun already! ;)

By the way, I'm looking forward to my rocket as I'm just now starting up a RAF session with my kids in a second account for the first time. I'm looking forward to the fun, and to teaching them the game as this will undoubtedly be a new style of playing for me.

Please do keep up the good work as this is a refreshing element to my week and it makes my commute just that much more tolerable.



Email #C from Nevik

I will come straight to the point: emus? Really? Emus?!? /sigh

Even after I extend an olive branch on behalf of chocobos everywhere you, Vrishna, decide to up the ante? Chickens are one thing, but tossing the emu card on to the table is something else altogether.

These transgressions from the chocobo-hater can no longer be ignored. Something must be done to curb the misguided hatred Vrishna spews on the podcast. It simply does not befit Ctrl Alt Wow nor Vrishna himself, an otherwise upstanding individual ... (that is if you ignore his incessant interrupting of Sir Jeppy)

We will have to begin Vrishna's rehabilitation from chocobo-hater to chocobo-lover in earnest and as soon as possible, lest more hatred spread to the podcast community.

Yes folks, hatred is contagious and we must put a stop to it! Our dear Cyph-o from the Addicted has recently succumb to this vile mentality of slandering the magnificent name of the chocobo. We cannot allow any more of our beloved podcasters to fall victim to this cycle of hatred! Let us transform Vrishna from a beacon of hatred to that of love, warmth and acceptance.

Let your voices be heard and your message clear to our dear Vrishna. Chocobos are as magnificent as we are in this World of Warcraft and should be treated with love and respect. Isn't that the golden rule, Vrishna? To treat others as you would want to be treated?

Just think how you would feel, Vrishna, if the chocobos slandered you. It wouldn't feel good now, would it? What wrongs have been done unto you, Vrishna, by these beautiful and magestic creatures?

I hope you, Vrishna, take a deep, long look at yourself and realize the err of your ways. Otherwise, my friend, there is a dark road in front of you. One that could possibly involve aversion training not unlike what Alex DeLarge subjected himself to.

I beg of you, Vrishna, to put aside your hatred and pull yourself away from the edge of the cliff, the cliff of hatred. No good can come that. Embrace the chocobo, Vrishna, and they will embrace you.

That is all.


Sent from my mini-iPad

Email #D from Acaldraa

Hey ctrl alt wow crew,

Acaldraa here ready to blabber for a minute or two about my week. So this week has defiantly been an interesting one for me. First off, I went into ICC 10 and downed Festergut, Rotface and Professor in only 3 attempts. Defiantly interesting for me as I ended up tanking Rotface and Professor P. No Phat loots for myself but I got the plague wing achv. This was on Wednesday night. However, monday night, I hopped in an ICC group right before the lockout expired and we powered through it, going 6/12 is just under 1 1/2 hours. Pretty good for a Pug IMO.
In other news, I had a few questions for the hosts;
1) Will you be leveling any professions in the craft fair?
2) If you had to chose one zone to be unaffected by Cata, what would it be?
Lastly, 3) Why are Paladins the best tanks, healers AND dps in the game? It just seems a little unfair? Just saying

Well hope you have an awesome week in-game and out and I cant wait to hear your response,
Alea Iacta Est

P.S. Im sorry... Aprillan. I got you into an ICC 10 and we were rocking through the trash but then my friends laptop at school started to freak out and DC me... Maybe another time or i'll get a Mifi? School wifi can be fail

Email #E from Bidkar

Greeting CtlAltWow crew,

Bidkar the mage here. Not too much to report but here is the rundown.

Allerea, the warlock, is finally exalted with the Kirin Tor. She did it the hard way, earning her way with the cooking daily and a bit of rep from doing the jewelcrafting daily.

The Alliance druid and priest are now 25. I went through most of Auberdine and moved on to Astranaar. I'm not going whine about Astranaar here, but I will just say I did not enjoy the area. I moved the duo over to Darkshire and am much happier there.

My other horde paladin, Lael, is now 29 soon to be 30. She's close to being ready to team up with my other horde mage Jehus. She's been running through Razorfen Kraul, Razorfen Downs and Scarlet Monastery with my 80 paladin. I'm still addicted to Scarlet Monastery. I like to go through and aggro every mob I can find in each area then mow them down.

A bit of CtrlAltGeek. I received my ipad and am enjoying it very much. I think it was money well spent for me. Currently reading quite a bit on it. The ipad is actually easier for me to read with than my Kindle.

Really enjoyed Molly from last week. I added her podcast to my list of must listens.

Have a great week!

For the Horde and For the Alliance,

Bidkar and his many alts

Shout Outs & Thank You

Hello all,
hope everyone is well and you had a great week.

For my wow news, I once again had a few days without RAF :(
Before the weekend is out I will have the pally/mage up to level 55 and I would like to start a few other pairs on other servers.

I did spend a little more time on the level 80s and 70s characters. For my priest, our guild started our own ICC25 last Sunday and we will try to keep it going each week. First time around it was not bad even if we did not get too far. Also my priest ran ICC10 with the guild during the week but not on Friday (we spent a fine Friday out at a sushi bar, do you all like sushi?) oops sorry I will save that question for the Addicted podcast :)

With the raids we are running it seems as though people feel they not getting some of the loot they deserve. Loot drama, maybe but some complaints are valid. I do not have any great suggestions on how to distribute loot. I basically think if, for example, there is a priest loot the priest or clothies roll for it. If I end up losing it, well I lose. Not everyone feels that way and we do need to come up with a loot system (so someone else can complain about that too, just a horrible circle of life, I mean wow!).

The big mo news of the week was on Thursday when I was on my priest and trying to get in a raid to get the weekly question done (Ignis was the quest). Looking in the wonderful chat, there were a few people looking but when I would send them a whisper I would get nothing. Another person replied back asking for my gear score, achievements, and if I know the fight! Yes I ignored him, I mean come on!!!
So I asked again in looking for group, yes what a concept as I see asking for it in trade chat. A few people replied back saying yes I need the weekly; in guild a few said the same. The only thing that made mosense was to put a raid together, yes I dare say I put my first raid together as a raid leader! CRAZY!
We had 10 people in no time, yes crazy! I tell my guildy, who was in a failed attempt at the weekly, not to blame me if this raid fails too.
We get to Ulduar, summon people, get in the instance, and start the trash clear. It is going fast, I mean fast, we are clearing things up like its RFC or Scarlet Monastery.
I say in guild chat "well this is going well" and my other guildies find out I was leading a raid and could not believe it but happy :)
We get to flame leviathan, the big machine boss; he looks like a Zamboni to me. We kill him in no time as well! Loot pops up and I say in raid chat to just please need if you need and DE if you do not need. That is simple enough for me and we were off to the mobs before Ignis. We did wipe on one of the trash because this zerg druid, he or she said they were a zerg druid!, the druid just rushed in and grabbed i groups :) yes in Ulduar, good thing the druid was humbled and we appropriately cleared the trash mobs (I hate calling them that as they are not trash, they are hard but the popular name is trash mobs) and we downed the boss in no time as well.
I really could not believe it that I put that raid together. Even though I really did nothing as raid leader, it was a fun experience which I do not want to experience ever again!
For my job I have to manager people and I do not want to do that out of work, in turn in wow or any other game. Even though I did manage my own guild the first few year of wow, raid leading is not for me.

I told my guild master, raid leader, friend, that I so appreciate how he leads our raids and I do not know how he does it. He does want some other people to step up to lead raids at times so he can just do his tanking or dps but he also enjoys what it entails.

Oh oh I have dragged on again, I hope I can wake anyone that fell asleep.
Hope Ashayo is back and it was great to hear @randysmolly

I will say my goodbyes and have another great week.


From Dan

Hello ctrl alt wow guys and girl

Heatly here

Just wondering if you were going to send me that 1 month free I won a while back, Sorry I havnt written in a while but I have been listening while at work. The reason I'm asking is because I cancelled my account about 2 months ago due to money issues and "prioritys" but then I rememebered I had won that card so I checked my email but I never got it. would love to get back in the game!


Sorry about the spelling I'm running out the door!

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