Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 173 - Just Because You Can Click On It, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an in game pet code Authenticator, they are back in the store.

What We've Been Doing:

Haven’t been on Aprillian hardly at all. Did do some dual boxing with DK’s in the starting zone. Updated Blog for Aprillian. Used Armory feed to add more infor for both Aprillian & Gål.
Aprillian & Vrishna
So much fun doing random dungeons. (Say’s she)

Gave levels to try to get in to Randoms. Not really sure about how the Random thing works. Ended up with Level 40s with no training, no mounts. (And carpal tunnel)

Did BRD Random, thought was doing upper city, finished and no satchel. Opened ticket on Gål & Nål. (I just let it go) Realized later we were queued for Prison. Gål got a satchel back after 4 or 5 days. Nål got a “We’re looking into it, thanks for your patience” mail.

Actually had to STOP playing ! Was trying to level my two new pallys and Aprillian wanted to .... cough cough sputter sputter ... continue to refer a friend. So get this, I said no, I was tired, and then had to log off ,cause she might see me playing without her. Now I know why she insists on friending EVERY toon I make.



Back in the saddle agin’ EU on 2 wheels. :) ;} :}

Email # A from Xesu

Dear Americans, that one British Guy, and Aprillian:

Dear Jeppy, I am deeply saddened that England lost in the World Cup, but glad that the Americans also lost in the same round. I only hope now that Argentina, Germany, and all the "Upper Tier" teams in the field of 16 also lose, and that a complete underdog wins, that would be amazing.

So, this is what boredom feels like...

I've recently put in my "2 week's notice" of sorts to my raid group, after finding the content all together not fun. I've tried doing some rep grinds, dailies, or extemporaneous questing... to no avail; it seems at about the 2 hour mark of being in game, I find myself flying off in some random direction, and at that point I realize I should just log off. I tried leveling an alt during Midsummer...yeah...the random dungeon finder is terrible, especially if you are a tank. So -- an anecdote is in order.

I get my superawesome tank insta-dungeon going, (Level 17 Bear Tank), and I come in to the instance (RFC) and start buffing. Before I get off 2 buffs, the "Badass" rogue takes off down the opening hallway, hits sprint, and pulls about 10 mobs. He dies, and aggro is transfered to the Healer, who thought they could save him. Riiiiiight.....

I managed to get all of them off the healer relatively quickly. With the Festival Fortitude buff, as well as Gift of the Wild, a stam scroll (Yes, I bring my own to these things, shows how trusting I am of PuGs >.>),enchants of stam/health on my gear and a Elixir of something (Gives stamina), I was near 2k health in bear form. We wind up killing the group, with no one else dying, and the rogue says "Wow, fail tank." and leaves the group. Then, the healer says "Mana" in party chat, so while I'm sitting, letting them drink, the hunter's pet goes off, ping ponging between groups of mobs, for a good 5-6 packs. Pet dies, all the aggro goes to the hunter, and he dies shortly thereafter. He then put oh so nicely in party chat "Lol healz, way to suck at keeping pet aliv, and wow the rouge (Yes, he misspelled Rogue, like a champ) was rite, fail tank fail healz I is out".

The group fell apart shortly after.

So, what is keeping you guys interested in the game currently? Are you feeling the Summer/Pre-Expansion Blues as well?

Thanks for being awesome. For the Bacon!

Email #1 from Zooexhibit

Hello Aprillian, Varishna, Ashayo and the Mighty Mighty Jeppster

I thought after Ashayo mentioned that I purged my level 80 Death Knight, and your subsequent request to know why that I had better write in with several explanations.
First though I think it only fitting to tell the story.

Boinker was a hopelessly depressed and thoroughly depressing female Orc Death Knight much like Eyeore from the Whinnie the Pooh stories. On a sunny day in June she determined that she was done and determined to end her miserable existence. She went to the market and sold off all her possessions that had any value and gave the proceeds to her friend and my bank alt. Those items that had no value she tossed with very little interest off the side of a zepplin into the ocean, keeping only her trusty steed Horsey. Naked she set out for the site she had selected to end her existence. Mounting up in the mists of Tristfal Glade she spurred Horsey into the growing gloom of dusk. The ride was long and very cold especially when she reached the snowy heights of Dun Murough. Ridding up the road towards the gates of Ironforge she spurred Horsey into a frantic gallop. She roared through the gates and up the steps and into Ironforge. At some point guards started chasing her but at her rate of speed they didn't stand a chance. With great haste she flew like the wind and with the last of her strength Horsey leaped high into the air, easily clearing the small wall surrounding the great forge. Oddly Boinker yelled in orcish "Wych this purge is for you!" and then plunged into the lake of molten metal and was seen no more.
Rest in Peace Boinker

Ok why? A much more difficult question.
1. It might be argued by some that since I am working on the "Insane" achievement I was attempting to prove myself worthy of such a lofty title.
C. As Ashayo is such an outstanding Death Knight tank that I snapped and killed her because I just couldn't deal with the pressure of being so inadequate by comparison.
4. As Jeppy has determined I hate Death Knights and was seeking some sort of revenge. This however is completely untrue. I believe Blizzard made a mistake in introducing a "Hero" class that they would just have to nerf into being no more heroic than any other class. I don't like playing a DK, but I have nothing but respect for people who have learned to play them well. I use Ashayo's DK Pud as a shining example of a well played DK.
3. It might have been a full moon and as Tempeste has accused on more than one occasion I might be a vampire and maybe since I had no one to bite I was inspired to violence.
A.Or maybe just maybe it has more to do with the fact that Blizzard allows only 10 characters to be created on any given realm, for those of us who don't dual box that is. Maybe I didn't have room for my level 1 zombie required for the BOE zombie run, and was merely removing a toon that was not liked in favor of doing something that seemed by comparison very fun. I do have 6 other level 80's (2)Druids, a Hunter, a Mage, a Paladin, and my newest a Rogue. I also have a bank toon and several project toons on Jub Jub.

Most likely it was a combination of all those things.

On a final note I was wondering why you people (Aprillian, Varishna, and his Buddha like eminence the very wise Jeppy.) are downright snubbing us commoners on Jub Jub. Do you secretly hate us? Do we smell funny, or look scary? Where were you for the zombie run? Ashayo was podcasting with you and he still made it. It might have made for some funny podcast moments. Have you really sold your souls to Al ea esta buesta buesta (AIE) and are now minions of their Royal Sirs the great Scott and Randy? You spend so little time there that I think even Tempeste has kicked your toons from the guild. I love your show but am downright disgusted, hurt, and dejected by your treatment of those of us who proudly wear our pants on our heads. We would love to see and chat with you all once in awhile.

I would apologize to you for the wall of text but I am really not sorry at all.
Zooexhibit (ZooE)

ps. In the unlikey event that I win the roll (Ashayo secretly hates me) I would love a Panderan Monk.

Email #2 from Mattdiox
Hello CAW crew. It's Mattdiox, the one who likes potatoes in case you forgot.

Only a few minutes after it was released did I start listening to CAW thanks to Aprilllian.
I must say it was as fantastic as always, though I did miss big V's slight dash of awesome he brought to the show.

First off, Jeppy! Anime is the name of the cartoon style, how dare you forget.

Second on, I wanted to give you guys and the listeners a tip for something to drink while playing around in the world of Azeroth or Outland depending on the alt you're playing. It's a smoothie of all things, healthy but fills you with the energy you need to play the hours all us addicted folk play.
The smoothie is simple to make:
You need 2 Bananas
1 Dragon Fruit (Sort of WoW themed now, isn't it?)
And a spoonful of Raspberry Jam or 2 spoonfuls of Honey if you want some extra sweetness.
6 reasonable sized Ice cubs
A cup of milk.
If you're adding strawberries then only have 1 Banana otherwise 2 will overpower the taste of the strawberries.
Blend all this together until it's merely white with small black tiny pips floating around.
This smoothie has:
+4 To dexterity
+5 To awareness
+10 To Yummieness

It's very fantastic if you are a fan of smoothies, if you aren't then you must live off onions.
I hope you enjoy it and what will likely be your first contact with a Dragon Fruit.

Now you guys allow your mailers to send in Audio files and obviously all of them have had someone talking rather than writing an email. But I have decided to do both, but this is a little different. Inside the audio file you will find a song I recorded just for you. It's obvious what the song I parodied is. Sorry about there only being 1 verse and the chorus but if you want me to do the whole thing I am happy to. That is if you like my singing and guitar.

Lots of love, music and potatoes.

P.S Again, I will send you a potatoe.
P.P.S However you got 750 gold from the Midsummer I will never know, I got a lot but it wasn't that much!
P.P.P.S I will use P.S all I want!

Email #3 from Christina

Dear Aprillian, Ashayo, El Jeppy,
Vrishna, and Juuno:

everyone. The lovely Melicilia aka Christina is back. I want to thank
you guys for giving me the opportunity to come back to one of the only
places where I can roflmaopwn paladins with an evil grin on my face. I
have been hiding the past month in a 1950s style nuclear bunker playing
WoW (joke). I have some wonderful news to share with you. I finally got
my druid alt to lv 80! She is still feral tank main spec/ resto offspec.
I have farmed so many normal and heroic dungeons that I had at least 60
triumph badges in my possession before my druid (Meliysa) hit lv 80.
Before my month of WoW ended, I farmed about 300 triumph. I got her a 4
tier 9 feral tank set and a 3 tier 9 resto set. When I return, I will
farm more heroics to purchase the remaining tier 9 resto pants, the 2
lv245 feral and resto idols, the lv245 trinkets, and any remaining gear I
can get hold my hands on before I make my way to ICC 10. Plus, I am
closer to getting my druid her first tier 10 piece! Yay for my baby
druid! All hail Meliysa, Princess of Azeroth! ^_^

and tanking heroics at the same time have its advantages: instant
queue. But it has its disadvantages: noobs and nerd rage. My
question to you is what are your most unforgivable dungeon finder
experiences and how do you do deal with incompetent WoW players in
random dungeons on a daily basis? I think I have seen
it all. Once I healed Normal Forge of Souls and the prot paladin tank
left after the first boss was killed. Why? The boss did not drop his lv
219 tank mace. Why do people do that? Your mission is to complete the
instance. There is no point in leaving in the middle of an instance when
your comrades are left to defend themselves in battle. Coward I say.

there are the dps players that believe that I suck as a tank. Here is
the deal. My druid is my first tanking and healing toon and I will make
mistakes. I have clearly stated this in several instances before we even
started them. But somehow, dps will still try to blame me for their
deaths if they pick aggro from me. For example, I tanked heroic TOC 5
man one day. There was an elemental shaman in my group. He died twice
before we downed the first boss. Now hear me out. Although he died, I
tanked the horde champions and as a group we killed them without
wiping. I repeat without wiping.
He managed to get another person in the group to kick me out. The
shaman kicked me when 1.) its takes forever to find a good
tank to run heroics in the first place 2.) He was an elitist that
believed that a tank in full ICC 25+ gear is God. 3.) He hates to
wipe..... his butt.. 4.) We defeated the boss. If we had wiped, he would
have had a good reason to leave or boot me. But
we did not wipe.

these days want perfect runs. This is an imperfect world with imperfect
people, an imperfect WoW game (true fans know what I mean hence that
lame 24+ hour maintenance period =.= ) and imperfect WoW players. If you
want a perfect heroic Halls of Reflection run, ask your friends and
guildies to take you please. Don’t get pissed when your random LFG group
wipes a couple of times. Skill takes practice and patience, unless you
are Chuck Norris.

enough with my rant. Now to you guys. After I listened to Episodes 171
and 172, I came to a conclusion that Aphillan and Vrishna
are a cute, little old WoW couple that loves the recruit a friend
system, loves Scarlett Monastery Cathedral, and loves to secretly
torture little bunnies! Well Aphillian does. Vrishna is probably an
animal lover/PETA animal rights spy for Blizzard. Keep up the good work
guys! I will be writing back soon! And Happy Fourth of July! For the


aka Melicilia

El Jeppy, I got my “eyes” on you. Juuno knows. Ashayo, you and El-Jeppy
are true altolics and achievement “hordes”. hehe.

Email # 4

Audio Submission from Zebeste pronounced Zeh-bes-tess also Kalano

Email # C from Bidcar
Hallo Vrishna, El Jeppy, Ashayo and Aprillian,

Bidkar, friend of Ben Affleck here. Last week I finished up my RAF and here's how it wound up be it for good or be it for bad.
Leveled a warrior and shaman to 60 on Borean Tundra. Used the levels from them to bump my hunter to 50 and other mage to 37. I also leveled a paladin up to match with the mage, but didn't get around to playing them, so they are now at 39 and 40 respectively. I don't really mind because about 40 is my favorite time in game.

I leveled an Alliance mage, paladin, druid, priest, and a couple of death knight to 60 and beyond. I used their levels to level up a warlock and hunter. I have a bunch of lower level toons from using levels from toons I only leveled a bit.

I leveled a Horde warlock and mage to 60 on Jub Jub. I used their levels to bump a priest that I leveled on there to 49. Perfectly happy with that. Leveling a toon from 50 to 58 goes fast for me.

I missed the first week of the Fire Festival since it coincided with the last week of my RAF. Consequently I hit the festival hard this week. I did the Fire Festival dailies on all my new toons, about 20 toons a day. I really like doing the torch catching, so I still had fun. I could do without the torch tossing for awhile though. Also took a bunch of toons around to the fires in Outland and Northrend. My Borean Tundra druid felled many Alliance toons in Goldshire while doing the fires. They attacked me first after I got fire flagged, I think they thought superior numbers would give them an advantage. Danced with an Alliance druid out by Westfall, good times had by all.

My next toon I'm taking to 80 is my druid on Borean Tundra. I leveled him up from 74 to 77 this week and should get him to 80 pretty quick. He's been around since February 2009 so I should finish him up.

Have a great week!

For the Horde and For the Alliance!

Bidkar and his many alts

Email # 5 from Fayth
Hello Ctrl Alt WoW crew!

It feels like forever since I last wrote! I started playing WoW again after a ... hmm ... seven-ish month absence. A lot has changed! When I stopped playing I was one of my guild's main raid healers and in the top 25 list of best-geared Discipline priests on my server. Now I'm an under-geared nubcake! And I'm liking the super lazy aspects of the new LFG system! One problem with porting to the instance is not being able to find my way back in after a wipe ... Oh well, I'm getting the rust off little by little.

My highlight of the week (thanks to a little tip I heard on Ladies of Leet) was getting 2 Frost Badges on ... my level 72 warrior. Oh, and an awesome dps cape for when I hit 80. Thanks, Ahune! Hopefully it wasn't too bad of an exploit and I'll get myself banned for it. o.O

It's great that you guys are getting so many emails lately, so I will keep this short and sweet. I just wanted to say thanks for the podcast, and I'll write some more "Fayth-spam" later!

I have a question for you guys (and your listeners) if there's time. What is your music/background noise of choice when you're playing WoW?

For the Alliance!
Shout Outs & Thank You

iTunes Review:


Wooohooo! I love Ashayo's rolling skills!

A month of WoW would be awesome.

Also, is there a PayPal account for the show that I could possibly donate to?


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