Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 174 - The Kingslayer Edition

Contest sponsored by NevikJames for a in game pet Wyndrider or Wyveren - submit favorite pet story.

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW, an in game pet, a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

Lich King Tutorial courtesy of Gufoni

What We've Been Doing:

Running Sunken Temple with Elyte 75DK, Shaasha Mage 49 & Tokenita 48

Ran LBRS with Matahorn.

From Blogger Pictures
From Blogger Pictures

Our old buddy Matahorn has come to Winterhoof and joined Ctrl Alt Wow. We got together to do some Instances. At first I thought we’d try Old World stuff. But when the drops were too low, we went to Hellfire Ramparts. Did get this cool Axe for one of my DK’s.
Went back to Hellfire Ramparts.

Lost some levels in RAF! Expired 7/13/10
Aprillian & Vrishna
Following Ashayo’s advice last week we disabled Real ID.
Ran Hellfire Ramparts
RAF (YAY !!!!) ... (AHHHHHHH !!!) ONE MORE TIME !!!


Anomander the DK hit 78 early in the week and started to gear out as tank with intention to tank dungeons till 80. First ever random as (blood) tank - Halls of Stone! I'm cursed!
Ran more with Mollysaint healing, Bobo and Xanar dps'ing and a very lucky pug hunter that won every boss loot in Gundrak, Violet Hold and Drak'tharon Keep.
DPS FoS with Ralff and Molly - tanking and dps pants ; but I have to hit 80 to use.
Hit 79 and queued up for another random - HoS AGAIN!
Dinged 80 at the of CoS
Got the defense chest and bracers made - guy was going to charge 100g for the bracers, then noticed I was in AIE, and did for free.

Dual boxed XT-002 on Ashayo/Asheal - a bit more challenging than Anub

Crazy Train - Got Putricide down to 7% - massive change from previous attempt of not even being able to control the slime. Reset and cleared 6/12

DwP - Back on Lich King, and after a small number of warmup attempts, finally killed and got the Kingslayer title!

Razorscale - weekly : Ashayo&Asheal dualbox

Anomander - HoS (again!!), AN, PoS (Ralff, Molly and Xanar took pity on me) Hard on Molly healing, but we got through and I won the [Tyrannical Beheader]

Levelled cooking - ridiculously easy from 300 now. Skilled up from 400 to 450 with one recipe.

Levelled DK Engineering to 450 - last 5 pts really hard ; ended up making wormhole generators for last 2 pts.

Got the Jeeves recipe pretty quickly from Library Guardians in Storm Peaks, but the fun doesn't stop there. Also need to do a quest to learn the Scrapbot Construction Kit schematic. And you need to know both previous Field Repair Bot Schemetics, and I knew neither. One is a random drop off mobs in Blades Edge Mountain (took multiple clears of all mobs for it to drop), and the other is near Golem Lord Argelmach in BRD - Used Direbrew Remote to get there fast.

Ashariss had enough frost emblems to buy Tier10 shoulders - only one more peice to go for 4 set bonus - not bad since he doesn't raid.

Gold Gold Gold

Mario the Mage spent Thursday mining and did a quick run through Gnomeregan to pick up lil Smoky and Pet Bombling schematics. Got them in one run. Spent the rest of the day farming mats to make several of each and another bike. Profit = 7200 gold :)

Total 9 day profit 17680

Been watching WoWathon 2 ( Fascinating watching people play.


Email #1 from Tryian

Dear Ctrl Alt wow Crew
Tryian here, just to say I Love the show keeps me laughing and not shaking from not been able to play wow when out at work delivering milk in a morning.
My first time emailing in I thought after listening to you guys and also a few other podcasts I should give something back.
And with my bad luck last few weeks given me a good reason to have time to email :0)
The other week my Graphics card decide to burn it self out so I’ve been on onboard graphics for the last week or so.
Now one good thing about wow is that I can still play….well kinder,
Questing on my own fine but dungeons and going in to dalaran and Org forget it.
So my lvl 80 holy Belf paladin has had to take a back seat from getting his frostsy’s but I’m at a point of wanting to raid but I’m in a guild with a small group of friends some still lvling up and getting to 80
So it has to wait.
With the no graphics card this last week or so I’ve gone back to my druid and lvling him up questing now in to out land.
Found myself enjoying lvling again and with a few heirlooms and rested xp its going well, not rushing through so much this time you start to enjoy some the little things they done with the game, even the poop quest in hellfire .
Well hope to soon be back to grinding and doing some the dungeons again but will stick to working on my druid might even try tank with him, I’ve heard its really just 3 buttons so might not be that hard lol.
On a final note I was thinking to maybe try out duel boxing at some point trying out running a 2 man maybe shammy and warrior, but 1 questing I’m wondering is how dose the grant level’s work?
Is it every 2 you make you can give 1 back to any toon? So say I get the 2 toons to 60 I’ll have 30 lvl’s to give on each account?
Thanks if you do read my email out love the show that you all do keep the 3 hours ones going as BOE seem to be a bit sorter these days the 3 hours keep me going for a day at work
Tryian Holy Paladin of Guts and Glory, EU Azjol-Nerub

Email # 2 from Mattdiox

Hello Caw crew, the wonderful Jeppy, the hyper Aprillian, the suave and sultry Ashayo and the sophisticated Virishna.
It's Mattdiox and his trusty love for potatoes. (In a food way, not in some kinda fetishy way. I'm not Irish!)

Before I go on I just wanted to check, with this contest. Am I aloud to write a fictional tale? Because I wasn't too sure if I was just supposed to write about what actually happens in game with my many pets. Because frankly that would be rather dull.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way.
My priest finally hit 70 and has been traipsing around Northrend since 68. Although I don't know why, I was expecting a huge change of pace when I docked at the icy north, but I am sad to say I was looking back with rose tinted spectacles. The quests are a little better story wise but nothing really else has changed. I think once I hit 80 with my priest it will hit the same block of doing the same dull things my Paladin ended up doing.

Maybe I will do a little more and aim for all the best gear in the dungeons because I am not raiding again. I don't want the responsibility that comes with being a raid healer. But I think I will end up rolling another character and making my way to 3 80's .... then 4 .... then 5 ... then oh god when does it end?!?!

By the way, if you are wondering. Yes the super lasers do come in handy thanks to all that strength Ashayo told me to put on my gear.

I pose to thee a query! If you wrote yourself a WoW song -and had all the musical ability and equipment required- what song would you cover?

Just as last time I have submitted an email and an audio submission. Sorry to say it is not the full version of 'How Many Alts' though I am sure 50% of your listeners are screaming with delight and gratefulness. This time I did a little skit for you guys. Hearing that impersonation of a ghoul at the top of all you shows. I tried doing it for fun, upon realizing I wasn't bad. I wrote this for you all to listen to.
If you like it I will do this every week. -insert smiley face here- The weekly happenings of a single Ghoul who runs his own shop in Northrend.

Lots of Love, Music, Potatoes and Ghouly goodness.

Walk Alone Gaming Podcast

P.S Sorry for the wall of Text.
P.P.S Your potatoes are still waiting.
Entry #1 Insert Audio here

Email # A from Christina


I just finished listening with your last podcast. It was pretty amazing! I love that El Jeppy read my email. However, I did not intended to enter the free month of WoW Contest. I was just thanking you guys for the opportunity to play WoW from last time. Taking this WoW card is like stealing candy from a baby, like seriously. I just wanted to say hello. lmao. This is so weird. I honestly want someone else to have it. It is the right thing to do. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Christina aka Melicilia

Email #3 from Mike
Howdy people at ctrlaltwow, my name is Mike but you can find me on Micsha, Ikitsukene, or one of my many other characters on LS.

So I've been hearing friends talking about podcasts for a while and have finally decided to see what they were referring to and discovered your podcast. Not trying to make your heads large or anything yours was just the first that didn't require me to download things and actually loaded without giving me an error message and had been updated within the last 6 months. Anyway, I seem to have digressed here and gotten off my original topic which, of course, is leveling.

I'm not a huge fan of questing. In truth I can't really stand the quest lines from 68-79. I have done them several times and it gets repetitive for me very quickly. So, I decided to spend the extra cash and got my girlfriend an account to do RAF with. She'd played once before on a trial account and had a nasty experience with Warsong Gulch with "shiny people", meaning it was before blizzard had removed the enchant glows from gear pieces so they looked to her to be "shiny people". I was on vent at the time but we weren't dating, nevertheless I enjoyed listening as her boyfriend asked her if she would mind playing a game of capture the flag. It took a while but she eventually agreed and got qued. Not long after, they got the box and spawned into an already playing game. She was told to run north (to the ally flag) and see if she could get the flag. Being as innocent as she used to be, she had no idea what was going on and proceeded to the ally flag room. Fortunately she met no resistance on her way there and got to the flag room unopposed. Unfortunately, she picked up the flag. Her current boyfriend didn't tell her what picking up the flag meant but she ran towards the horde base with the ally flag. Shortly after exiting the tunnel she was startled by her man yelling at her to run as fast as she could and to not look back. Curiosity got the better of her and she stopped and looked back. I had to shove my whole fist into my mouth to stop myself from laughing my ass off over vent (being that I didn't use PTT at the time) as she nearly started to cry screaming "I'm being chased by shiny people HEEEEEEEEEEELP!" Naturally twinks had enchanted their boots with boar's speed and quickly caught up to her. Once they got to her she actually did start crying complaining that she was being raped by shiny people. As you can plainly see it took quite the effort on my part to convince her to run a bg with me on our RAF accounts. Eventually she said ok after I said that no one was shiny anymore and we qued for Alterac Vally at level 58. I was running a prot pally and she was a disc priest. The run went so well that I got my achievement for level 60 and she was a bar from 60. She enjoyed it so much that she refused to do anything other than bgs to level our next characters (her being a paladin and myself being a hunter) but quickly got sick of it because she was holy and couldn't get used to not having her "shiny bubble button", to which I responded that she had several "shiny bubble buttons" and she refused to use them because they weren't on her sexy priest. Anyway after that our RAF ran out and we started leveling in outlands. We weren't getting triple exp anymore and dungeon farming was no where near as fast, duh, and I got her to respec shadow and told her she couldn't go back to disc until she had gotten 1000 gold for dual spec. Tricky and dirty, yes I know, but it was the fastest way to get her and myself to level 70. Shortly after we first set out in northrend her account ran out of time and she stopped playing.

I have a time card now but I don't know if I should use it on her account because she has problems leveling up through anything other than dungeons by using her "shiny bubble button" and wanted to know what other ways (other than power leveling her toon in Icecrown in the Fallen Heros) that I could use to help her with the leveling experience because I have outleveled her with every character other than my bank alt and I can't quest with her. Suggestions?

Your friendly neighborhood resto shammy, Micsha of Laughing Skull.

Last but not least,


PS. The Juraxxus fight annoys me because I WANTED TO PUNT THE GNOME!

Email # 4 from Chol
Hey guys,

Just thought I'd send in a response to your shout-out (unintended I'm sure) in ep 173.

To Aprillian - How YOU doin?

To the rest of you lot...


For the Horde!

Email #B from Nevik
Good Morning JAVA!

Mmm, I could really go for a cup of java right about now. Nevermind the fact that it is almost midnight here on the west coast. But I digress, let's move into something that everyone should find interesting ...

I am back! Yes, that's right folks. *cue triumphant fanfare*

My hiatus from Azeroth has come to an end and I am back stabbing things in the face. No, not with my level 80 rogue, but with a pair of freshly minted rogues. One on Jubbly Bubbly and the other on Winterhoof.

You might think it mad, but I've created these two rogues for a very specific project: to blog about the rogue levelling experience with absolutely no twinkage, heirlooms, or even RaF!

I'll give Aprillian and Jeppy a moment to compose themselves. Breath in through the nose, out through the mouth.

Okay. Better?

Yes I am mad for going about this levelling project the hard way, but I geniunely want to encapsulate the experience to compare and contrast against after the Cataclysm. I haven't levelled a rogue since vanilla and found myself itching to do it again one last time before everything we know about the Old World is turned on it's head.

My homecoming has made very nostalgic and I've decided to fully embrace my inner-alt. I mean, it makes sense to do so now in preparation of the full-blown altaholicism I will be celebrating post-Cataclysm.

Anyhoo, I've yet to get my fledgling dwarf and troll rogues to level 10, but they're rapidly nearing their first talent points. Well, maybe not as rapidly as I would like. It is fairly painful with absolutely no twinkage, especially with as many bone-headed deaths I've suffered when I forget that these rogues don't have all the tools that my main has.

It's been, interesting, to level as a dwarf. I feel this compulsion to RP it up and only play my dwarf rogue with a beer in my hand. That leads me to a very good question: how is it possible for any self-respecting dwarf to stealth? Perhaps my good buddy Rilandune can enlighten us on this mystery, but it will have to go unanswered for now.

For the stabby stab!


Sent from my mini-iPad

Shout Outs & Thank You
Hello all,
hope you are doing well and have been well. I am sorry I did not email last week but I really had little to email in about. I do not think an email with one or two sentences would suffice but still I am sorry.

I have been away from wow for several days the last 2 weeks or so because of work and just playing with my new toys (finally have my iphone 4 and trying to sell my 3gs too).

When Ruby Sanctum came out, what about 2 weeks ago, I was able to get in there with a few guildies and old guildies in their old guild now (how many times can you say guild in a sentence)
We did fairly ok I say for the first try but we did not down the main boss. It was a challenge and I think that made it fun for me. We went to Icc 10 afterwards and I have to say that was fun too. I think the time away from raiding helped a lot.
Our guild still has been slow with many people not playing or now many guildies are moving along to other guilds. It happens and we will just have to deal with it and add more people when we are back to the grind.

I have been playing my druid/mage a bit now and they are 71 now. The poor mage is lagging behind because she does not have heirloom items. I was on the druid/mage (leveling to 71 and beyond) questing in the fjord, you know the howling kind; I was just questing away in the zone. I usually prefer to just quest while dual boxing but for some reason I said to myself, "Mo queue up for random dungeon finder, it is a cool 14g and 30k xp per character." I said to myself, "ok MO lets do it!" And before I knew it my druid got the pop up to join as a healer and of course mage for dps, what else would a mage do!?
It was Utgard Keep already in progress and an 80 tank! I said right a way to give me a min to switch specs and the other 3 said ok. (now I am thinking to myself again, what kind of a bizzarro world! is this!?)
So I catch up to them with my motree and momage tailing behind and the tank starts. After the first mob the tank says to just let him know when I need mana!!! (what in the world is going on here!?) Let me fastforward to save you some time: we finish not one, not two, but 6 runs of UK, Nexus, AN!! I know crazy and after the 3rd run I told them I was playing the druid and mage and I even apologized for taking so much loot on my mage but it was all cloth stuff what was I to do. So end result is, just as in life good things do and can happen. So once again people lets all, me included, make sure we consider both sides of the story, consider the people you are playing with and yes even the alliance :)

Juno's idea of a Ctrl Alt Wow t-shirt is brilliant! I want oh I WANT ONE! How do we go get it rolling?! Please let me know how I may help, hey we can even make coffee mugs! PENs! and so much more!
ok sorry I am sorry for getting excited there but I hope you know your fans do support you, me included. I would love to wear your shirt (well not your shirt, you know what I mean) to blizzcon and I would love to drink my morning coffee at work and have my coworkers ask me "what is ctlr alt wow?" and I can tell them what it means and I can make things up, it will be so much fun!

Lastly I have to I have sinned and have wasted many days of my raf :(
I will salvage the last week of it but I wonder if I can do another RAF when the expansion is out.

Thank you as always and have fun everyone


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