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Ctrl Alt WoW Episode 182 - Argh It's Stupid Pirate Day

Aprillian, Ashayo, Virshna and Jeppy discuss another week of playing World of Warcraft, Blizzard's great MMORPG. Contest Ongoing send an email to telling us how you play WoW, either as an altaholic or dealing with it in your family life to being placed in a drawing for a month free of WoW or a $10 iTunes Gift Card or an Authenticator.

What We've Been Doing:

Triple boxing the Argent Tournament dailies. Trying to raise money for a hog for Aprillian.

Primordial Saronite - 400g

Used Champion seals to buy Enchanted broom. Sold for 700g A

Can't do the PTR on an account associated with 8 accounts. Blizzard discriminates.

You can jump into a rocket in midair while flying from another mount!

Ran Heroics - Violet Hold / Hall of Reflection

Over "heard" in Trade Chat:

21:53:29 [Rayler]: wts [Primordial Saronite] x4, 450 each or 1700 for all

21:55:59 [Jeantar]: WTS(RAF thing){star}[X-53 Touring Rocket]{star}with a free month for 10k,it's two seats flying mounts.

Getting flowers for chick in lake, only one person needs flowers.

Took Sebastian and Astara to Sen'jin only 1 needs to get frogs. Wants to quad box heroics
Aprillian & Vrishna
Did Mana tombs again. Lokita dinged 75 and things went smoother.
Shaasha dinged, Gål dinged, Elyte dinged
Steamvault FTF

Wand -
It's my job ... to freeze you !

Leesa and Breesa stormin' thru Ashenvale. Found a flight path that Aprillian didn't show me, in Forest Song. Tried to enter Splintertree post .... again. THAT didn't work out too well. Tower of Althalaxx quest. Much easier at 28 than at 21. Hidden shrine. Quest to find the parts of a rod or staff for something. Raene's Cleansing. What was THAT like before 3 point whatever. OMG !

Pirates Day

- Working on heroic Festergut. Putricide throws goo at us. Down (first night)! Won leather hands.
- Working on heroic Rotface - about 16%
- VoA - Nikkto won Black war Mammoth
- Weekly was XT - did it in hard mode for achievement

Crazy Train
- Working on the Lich King. Getting pretty good at having almost just one Raging Spirit into phase 2. Still getting the hang of the timing and dance for grouping up for Val'kyr and spreading out for defile. Second defile giving us some grief - partially because a raging spirit is still up.

Pants on Head - 25 man ICC
- Marrowgar, Deathwhisper (won tanking helm), Heroic Gunship, Saurfang (after wiping because we forgot to put Saurfang back to regular), Festergut (oneshot for 1st time) and Rotface (on last attempt, and won tanking chest)
- Slight dilemma in that I now have 3 pieces of 264 gear, and not sure if that is work breaking my Tier-10 4 piece bonus.

Heroics and Dungeons
- Anomander tanked Oculus for the first time - The Oculus, Heroic: The Oculus, Make it Count (speed run), Emerald Void (no healer) , and I got a blue drake in my bag!!
- Super undergeared DK Tank got heroic HoR! Wiped once during waves and once on gauntlet, but despite pretty mediocre DPS, actually got it done. Great feeling to succeed. Won tanking helm that was a huge upgrade. Got enough frost emblems for 1st tier 10 piece - bought shoulders

- Epic Nexus run finally on my mage. Had a hunter that jumped off the ledge and missed, so he couldn't be rezzed. We kept clearing trash, and he runs back in pulling packs of mobs and yelling "that's for not waiting for me retards" and wipes the group. So naturally, I vote to kick him - first time in a while. We get to the final boss and it seems that a couple of the dps didn't know to move. One died, then another. then the healer. The boss is about 4% now and I'm madly trying to move and fire off spells. At 1% the tank dies and the dragon turns to me. I start casting a firebolt, and it just goes off as she oneshots me - then the firebolt hits and she dies. Completed a dungeon after wiping!

- Pud achievements - Oculus - Emerald Void and Ruby Void together - 5 dps

- Levelled Enchanting last week - last points are easy
- Oracles Report - Jekle got his 2nd reigns. Even learnt this one!

- Hearth for toon in Vashj'ir had been reset to Silvermoon - trying to figure out how to get back there. After going there the long way (there is a FP from UC), found that an NPC in Orgrimmar will port you there.
- Now have to travel to a dungeon entrance before you can use the dungeon finder for it. Had fun getting to Throne of Tides
- Lots of crowd control needed. Struggled to get to first boss in Throne of Tides and couldnt deal with adds during fight.
- Quest guy for MC attunement is gone. Keys are gone - don't need key for shadowforge gate in BRD. Can't jump through window in BRD to shortcut
- Ran BRC and finally downed a cataclysm boss

OCD Beta

Email #A

Greetings JAVA!

I'm starting to think my CAW coffee mug is defective. I've yet to spill my coffee whilst drinking from it. Curse you well-made coffee mug!

Then again, maybe I wouldn't want it to "work as intended" since it holds a ton of coffee. Cleaning up that much coffee wouldn't be all that enjoyable.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to write in and thank each of you for episode 181. I was all frowns and feeling rotten thanks to my sinus cold but after listening to the show while out on route that frown turned upside down.


For the antihistamine!


PS. I have a special message for Holizz from Maiev: It was your fault. Lick it.

Email #1

Hi Ctrl alt Wow crew,
I have been listening to the podcast since episode 133 a few months after really starting to play WOW. What was crazy, I had that copy of WOW early after it's release but couldn't run it properly on my little Mac iBook G3 and so gave up trying to play, stuffed it in the cupboard and left it there! Then 8 years later when I moved, found that copy and installed on my current laptop (HP running XP) sadly couldn't afford the mac book Pro ;(

So since March 2009 I have played a bit of WOW on the Alliance side. Had fun but found that starting with a NE Hunter was slow and I didn't understand the full mechanics to enjoy that toon. I got that alt into a guild but didn't like the style of play on the good side and still struggled to get the most out of it! I did try a couple of other alts on Alli and then got a cheap copy of the full expansion from "Game" @ £20 - cool! BC and WotLK (I am sure El Jeppy will relate to that - what a bargin) This changed my outlook and picked a Blood Elf Lock to focus on (love Elf's from LOTR, so just had to be that race). So since March this year I've played as often as possible to level this toon, it's taken a while but been well worth it - learning new things every step. And just over a week ago got it to 80, what a great feeling. A fresh new 80! ooh such a noob comment LOL

For me the game really got going, when I started to do random runs @ 70 in NR and enjoyed those so much kept doing them nearly every night (when the misses would let me play) Some great runs and others have sucked with people just dropping out, but hey some people are impatient but didn't let it effect my game play.

Now @ 80 I've got the chance to do random Heroics; I have read up on tactics and tried to work with all in the random and in most cases great, with all helping each other out and praise when things work out - especially the healer, who seems to get a lot of grief and in a lot of cases not just (from my limited experience) and my case have saved my bacon numerous times. Love getting the frosties and EoT's, love this new currency to work with...

With the CAW podcast I am now starting to relate to your game play stories and what I am doing in game, it's helping no end - great to have such an insight from you guys.

My next aim once my gear is up to spec is join a raid team. So this leads to my questions.

How do I join a raid team, who should I join and what are raid teams looking for? it seems they are mostly are after tanks and healers and as i am Lock DPS, which is not really valued, where do start? any advice please.

Keep on with the podcast, a great listen, ty.

Kind regards,

Bloodrock, Nordrassil, EU - Blood Elf Warlock

Email #2 Kenan

Hey there CTRL ALT WOW gang, thank you for reading my E-Mail last week made me all giddy like a little school girl when I heard my name. I have a question for you men, women, and Jeppy. What do you think about the, oh dare I say Cataclysm Beta, and PTR now, changes to skills at lower levels. I have tested every class now till at least level 10 in the PTR, sadly still not in the Beta, and I have enjoyed it a lot more then Live.

P.S. Juuno hugs and kisses to you.
P.S.S. Don't lose her she's a gold mine, no a titanium node.
P.S.S.S. I still like the Instance, so I don't want to hurt them.

Email #3 Acaldra

Hello there Ctrl Alt Wowerz!

Acaldra here with a dose of my personal wow action. These past two week have been interesting for myself with school starting up again. As would be expected, my late night raiding has gone way down and my WoW time has dramatically decreased. During these last few weeks, I have played my Death Knight "Acaldro" a lot as it's really a change of pace from healing or tanking on my Paladin. Also, getting upgrades is always fun :) My paladin has reached the point where no more upgrades can be found outside of Heroic ICC 25 so bringing in the DK to my regular 25 as I am saving a lot of gear from being DE'ed. After picking up my 2-piece tier 10.5 and Death Bringer's Will, I have seen a massive dps increase, pushing my numbers over 11k DPS. Well... enough with the egotistical rambles, this week I was wondering this myself and figured you folks may be doing the same. My question is this, Have you decided which toon you will level to 85 first when Cata drops? Or will you level from level 1 first? I am very curious to see people's plans.

That's all for now, sorry for the wall of text,


Email #4 Tempeste
To bring Vrishna up to date, who appears to have been living under a rock ...

Once upon a time Bind on Equip used to use Ozzie Osbourne's Crazy Train music in the show, WAAAAAAY back when, when we were young and naieve ...

Then one day Wemb came up with this amazing idea ... a project ... We would start new toons and record segments while we play ... Wych and I thought about this, and added our own ideas to the pot and so Rox The Horde was born. We began a 6 man team, formed a guild so that we would have a shared bank space and began levelling our way from 1-60 on a pvp server on a horde toon! That guild was called Crazy Train as a link back to our show. Then listeners wanted to join us and Ashayo was well, stalking us, so we created a second guild for people to come and join our guild ... and so Pants on Head was born. When we all hit 80, and we decided to raid, we formed a raid group and as we missed our Crazy Train days, we called this raid group Crazy Train. Crazy Train has had a solid core of great people including your very own Ashayo and are now working on the Lich King!

There endeth the history lessen!

i hope that helps you Vrishna.

Ummm No Mattdiox - No Ghoul Store - I'm looking at you chick dating Matt


Hello all,
hope everyone is doing well.

I have had yet another quiet wow weak but I was able to get some JC dailies and on Moheal by troll priest I was able to get in touch with my inner troll self. The little Troll quest was fun. Oh I have not been able to complete it since the end quest keeps bugging out, so still waiting to see the end of it.

I intend to do some winterhoof playing this weekend and in the coming weeks. I have a Warrior/priest combo but not really into that combo right now. The druid/mage mix is really fun in the later levels, you go in with the mochicken, start some storm or hurricane (what is that spell called anyways?) and than the mage starts the blizzard. On my horde 72 mix I have been able to pull real large groups and down them with enough health left to heal the pair.
I am not aware of any other aoe damage pair that can be as good as that.

My pally/mage is ok but much slower. Maybe hunter/mage but I would really be missing the healing.

On a side note I have my CAW shirt but will need to order another for blizzcon as I ordered a shirt that would fit a mammoth!

Also I will be trying for the tiger mount like everyone else. I just hope I have enough time before they patch it out.

It is opening weekend of football so GO BEARS and yes you will be seeing a lot of football tweets, you are warned! :)

Have a great time in and out of game everyone.



Shout Outs & Thank You
- Gratz to Paranoid raid group for downing the Lich King
- Huge thanks to Tempeste for organising a birthday dinner
- Happy Birthday for 24th Angy!!

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